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Lady Jordan - Part 1

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Lady Jordan


By JNW550 (a.k.a. Stoneyman)



The villagers had seen many fantastic things before. Dragons plagued the land and trolls had been seen ravaging the small surrounding towns. Tonight they had seen a glowing streak move across the night sky. Moments before the very curtain of night opened to spit out the object as if it were too hot.

Always curious Luther gathered a few men and set out from the village to see what could be seen of the falling fire. After half a day’s ride, Luther and his party encountered a incredible site. He had seen many fantastic things before, but nothing like this. A large portion of earth, big enough for two adult dragons, had been rent usunder. He presumed an impact from that high up might cause this kind destruction. The trees that had been in the epicenter were no more than dust and ashes and the surrounding vegetation smoldered, too. The crater was deep. Solid boulders had been split and now slowly crumbled and smoked. In the center of the great hole was an angel. At least Luther proclaimed her an angel after he had staked his claim at being the first to see her. No one argued, Luther seemed to be only one brave enough. Slowly and cautiously, Luther approached the dirty yet unmistakably beautiful creature. There she lay, naked as the day she was born. Her form full and soft. Large breast sat atop her chest as if they were an offering to any man who dared look. Her shaven pussy perfect and smooth. Her lips parted and Luther crept closer. The angel bellowed as a snore thundered in the men’s ears.





“Wha … What do you want?”

“Milady, please awaken.”

“Beavers and ducks! Mphrmphrgluh … ”

Luther had spent the better part of an hour attempting to wake the angel. He soon realized that she was far beyond human when he found himself flying in a long arc through the window of his cottage. The woman’s breast had bumped him in the chest. He gathered himself after catching his breath back and rushed back into his cottage. He had hoped no one saw what happened. A different approach was needed. Luther grabbed a nearby axe and turned the blade to him. He began to poke at her hip rapidly.

“Please, Milady. Wake up! We have much to discuss!”

“HMMM!” Jordan slowly opened her eyes slightly. A man. An axe in his hands. Another thug trying to kill her. “Oh man, look buddy,” she said as she turned to her back and pointed at her jiggling breasts, “go ahead and have at it. Just try to keep it in this area so you don’t hurt yourself.”

Surely she didn’t expect him to strike her! Luther was confused beyond reason. He continued his assault on her tanned hip.

“Oh for the luv a … peasant?” Jordan had finally come fully awake. She shot up into a sitting position. Luther nearly had a heart attack. Never had he seen such perfect beauty. Never had the gods themselves created such a delight to the senses. He began to shake and the axe dropped to the floor. Jordan simply looked dumbfounded.

“Say, uh, peasant-guy. Where exactly am I?”

“Y … you are in the village of Corinth.”

“Better question. WHEN am I?”

“The year is 1487, Lady … ”

“Jordan, my name is Jordan. 1487, huh! Why that … of all the rotten … I’ll KILL ‘EM!” The house shook at those last words. Jordan quickly covered her mouth with a girlish ‘oops’. Luther stepped back as she began to pace the floor with her head down mumbling something about ‘dimensions’ and ‘bad guys’. It seemed to him that she was very deep in her thoughts because she began pacing faster and faster until she was a mere blur in front of his eyes. Her naked form then seemed to split into two people as she paced faster, still deep in thought. A few seconds later she stopped. The stone floor smoldered red hot under her seemingly delicate feet. She wasn’t bothered in the slightest.

“Ok! … what’s your name?”

“Luther, Lady Jordan.”

“Luther, I need to find a way back to my time … dimension … whatever. Do you know anyone or anything with that capability?” She approached him thoughtfully. Luther began back pedaling in fear. Jordan quickly surmised she would have to use her ‘charms’ to get information from him.

“Oh, Luther,” Jordan raised her blue eyes at him along with her body, “please help me. I’m so very lost and I need to get home.” In that moment she looked very child like yet seductive. Jordan pressed her large breast into him and caressed is hair. Her breasts hadn’t given yet and Luther was beginning to feel pain lurch through his body. Jordan could feel her nipples swelling against him and she smiled sweetly at Luther. She could feel his frail body give way beneath her unstoppable tits. She gently breathed her warm scent across his face and he shivered.

“I … I’m sorry, Lady. I’m so scared and your body is like steel. I … I can’t spe … speak.”

“Dammit! I just can’t be that mean.” Jordan let out a small sigh and released Luther from his prison of flesh. She considered for a moment and then gave the small man a sideways glance. If she going to be stuck here awhile, she may as well have a little fun.

“Ok, Luther, this is what I’ll do! I’ll give you three wishes. Anything you want I will grant you, but for a price. Find me someone who can send me home.” She picked up a small ingot of steel and placed it on her tongue. Jordan curled her tongue into her mouth and began to chew at the soft steel. Once it was to her liking, a metallic sliver began to protrude from her lips cooling as her saliva evaporated from the red-hot metal. Jordan gathered her hair up over her head and secured the mass of silken waves with the metal pin she had made. She stood before Luther and placed her hands on her rounded hips.

“Alrighty then! What is first?” She gleamed showing a perfect row of teeth framed by a perfect set of lips that adorned a flawless face of a teenage girl.




“Witch! She’s a witch!” An angry group of men had gathered outside of Luther’s small home. Each one raised a fist to smite the powerful princess. Their chants of witch and freak rose to a deafening clamor. A few of them raised implements not usually made for use as weapons. Axes, hammers, and scythes waved about in the air in the arms of the crazed den of men. The leader called to Jordan pointing accusingly at her as a judge might. Bitch fell from his lips. Jordan was content on ignoring them, but she would have none of it anymore.

“Excuse me? For a moment I thought he said, ‘bitch’,” said Jordan. She emerged from the house in all her beautiful naked glory and an awed silence passed through the mob. Whispers moved through the crowd and Jordan bathed in welcome but normal reaction to her otherworldly beauty. The leader’s rage seemed to get the better of him and he spoke out.

“Leave us, unclean bitch of the devil.” He shook his axe at her.

“That’s twice,” she thought to herself. She crossed her arms under her breasts presenting them to her audience. Her perfect round flesh lifted high on her chest and she regarded them daringly. “Why don’t you make me.”

“So shall it be, woman!” the man screamed. He lifted large axe over his head. Jordan smiled and watched as the axe flashed down to her chest. A loud ‘clank’ could be heard as the axe stopped it’s movement downward. The crowd look in awe at the superhuman girl as the axe was embedded into her cleavage with no apparent notice on Jordan’s face. The man immediately released the weapon and tended to his aching hands. The blade remained lodged there between her tits. Jordan looked down at herself with a smirk and raised her head to the crowd.

“Aww, did that hurt, mister? Here you can have back if you like.” Jordan adjusted herself a bit and a slight squeal was heard from her chest. She placed her hands on her hips as the large man grabbed the handle and attempted to retrieve his axe from her pert, young breasts. He soon realized, much to his disbelief, that the axe was stuck! He used is great weight to try and pry it loose yet the axe remained unmoving. He was astonished. He then braced himself with his feet on her thighs, but the large weapon was motionless. Three men then grasped the handle as Jordan giggled girlishly. Her giggle, of course, shook the handle from their grip. Finally, Jordan decided to let them have it and relaxed completely. All three men stumbled backward onto their rear ends’, humiliated. They inspected the axe and saw how two perfect round indentations had been pressed into the steel. The axe edge itself now razor sharp. Another man rushed at her from the side with his immense mallet. Jordan pressed her hands to her breasts and raised them to expose her stomach to him. The mighty wooded mallet struck her and split into pieces against her body. Jordan look over to her right as another was attempting to sneak in behind with a scythe. She seemed to be in two places at once and then was standing behind him. Jordan snapped the blade from the end and pushed him sliding along the ground for several yards. The sharp blade was placed across her left nipple. She started from one end and ran the razor steel across her nipple. A screaming cacophony made the villagers cover their ears as Jordan bit her lip and her eyes glazed over. She reveled in the great power she had over everything around her. Once finished she examined the steel and showed the men how it was now flattened and dull. Using her nipple again she etch her name into the side of it and handed it back to them.

“Anyone else?” she asked. “Now are you going to behave or do I have to raise my VOICE!” Everyone of the 7 men tumbled end over end as the sonic concussion sent them flying 50 yards into the cropped fields. Jordan brushed herself off and turned back to Luther. “Now where were we?”

“Th … that was … ”

“Amazing, yes I know.” Jordan said matter-of-factually. “Look, I really want to help you, but I gotta get moving here. So what’ll it be?”

“Well … there is this giant who comes back every new moon and … ” Luther began.

“Say no more.” Jordan smiled. Jordan looked up into the dusk sky and saw a big beautiful moon hanging there.

Jordan spent the next couple of hours helping out where she could, which was everywhere. Luther had mentioned how the villagers had planned to move their orchard two miles in the distance to more fertile ground. However, the trees were heavy and could take them days to move. Jordan had him show her where to aim and uprooted the first tree with her throwing hand. With a little smile and a gentle toss, the tree went sailing over the two mile distance and landed with the roots embedded into the ground. She turned to Luther whose mouth was hanging open. “Like that?” she asked. All he could do was shake his head up and down. Jordan loved the way people reacted to her immense power. She smiled at him and then became smear of flesh and golden hair as each and every tree in a square mile was uprooted and sent on its way. Literally one following the next was ‘planted’ in semi-neat rows two miles away. When she was done she appeared next to Luther and gave him a big kiss on the cheek giggling like a young schoolgirl. Oh, how she loved her power!

Next, Luther approached the villagers. He figured while she was here, he should help the town. Jordan was beginning to really like Luther and watched him with a sparkle in her eye as he spoke to the other peasants. He hadn’t once asked for sexual favor and that was what she was expecting from him. Maybe he’ll get lucky anyway. The peasants, however, were going to get lucky in a different way. The large mountain in the distance made it hard to keep crops healthy. They weren’t getting the sunlight they needed. Jordan winks at them and leaped into the far distance. Miles were covered in mere seconds when she arrived at the base of the immense land mass. It was easily the size of her own dimension’s Mt. Everest, which she has jumped over on a couple of occasions. Jordan walked forward into the solid rock her body burrowing a woman sized hole deeper into the center of it. Her movement was unhindered by the dense earth around her. Her body carved into stone without give as she walked as you or I would walk further into the mountain. She quickly found the center and moved her arms up to the side of her breasts facing outward. A gentle push split the large mountain in two pieces down the center. Large boulders spilled down onto her head and succumbed to her hard body. Some bounced away from her breasts or shoulders as others simply crumbled around her. Jordan laughed out loud as she moved the mountain with incredible ease. Villagers looked on as they saw now two separate mountains slowly moving away from each other. The ground quaked underneath them. When the space got too wide for her outstretched arms, she simply pushed each side separately until there was at least a half mile between them. On one side she was forced to move the rest of the mountain range a bit to make room. She bumped the other side with her hip which moved it another 200 meters. When done, she dusted her hands off again and proudly admired her handy work.

“Hmph, easier than thought it would be! I just wish I had muscles to show it, sometimes.” (Jordan winks at TC, breaking the fourth wall!)

She arrived back at the village to a hero’s welcome. Even the mob from earlier in the day applauded her. To her amusement a group tried to pick up her naked body to lift her. She laughed as six men were unable to budge her.

“Awww, it was nothing!” Jordan smiled.


Luther’s third wish was soon to be granted. The ground shook. Everyone looked about and immediately knew what was happening. People began to scatter as a large head poked above the forest trees. The giant had come wielding a large metal hammer. He rose to his full height of 20 feet and roared. Jordan stood in the town square patiently while checking her nails. The giant stomped his feet and growled at the little people scattering about. He then was dumbfounded. In the middle of the square a small naked woman was leaning against the well. Ragnar stomped up the little woman and roared at her. Jordan looked over her shoulder and waved her hand under her nose.

“Wow, your breath STINKS!” She found herself face to face with the giant whose breath kicked up the dust on the ground. Jordan grabbed the huge metal nose ring and pulled him into her chest. A resounding THUD shuddered the giant and he rocked on his heels. He rubbed his sore nose and looked at the little woman in amazement. He could’ve swore his nose hit her bosom! Ragnar was humiliated and angered.

“What sort of woman are you?!” he thundered. “No matter, you will die under my hammer!” Ragnar swung his mighty metal hammer over his head. The thing was the size of his huge head and weight many tons by itself. With a giants strength behind it, he could topple mountains. Lady Jordan sauntered to the middle of the square and looked up the giant.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” she warned.

“BAH!!” said Ragnar as the hammer came down onto Jordan. The air whistled as the mallet passed through it. The hammer came to a quick stop above the ground. The giant looked perplexed again as he was expecting a cloud of dust and a cracked ground beneath his feet. Although, the little woman wasn’t anywhere to be found. He got to his knees to look closer and gasped in shock. There under the weight of his weapon was the small girl. Jordan held his hammer over her head and stifled a little yawn to show how useless his strike had been. Ragnar rose up angered pressed his giant weight on top of the hammer trying to squish little Jordan. Jordan laughed out loud and began pressing him and the large hammer up and down with her one arm. Jordan smiled and thought about how hilarious the sight must be. Jordan raised her other hand to remove her left arm and lifted the giant and the hammer on her finger and wiggled the little digit around. Ragnar, shaken, not stirred, fell to the ground with a quake. Jordan shook her head at the pathetic sight. She then walked over to the well and set the massive hammer down with a thud. All the dust had made her feel a bit grimy so she lifted a bucket of water to the edge and bathed her naked skin clean. The cold water streamed down her perfect curves and flowed over her like it was meant to be there. While Lady Jordan was bent over the edge of the well, Ragnar rose up. He lifted his gigantic foot and brought down upon her backside. He hit her with the full force of his immense weight and strength and then immediately recoiled grasping at his boot and hopping around. Jordan only rolled her eyes and stifled a small giggle, pointing at the ridiculous looking giant. She dusted the large boot print off her perfect rear and then brought her palm to her chin. Her pursed lips released a hurricane wind that lifted the giant in long, high arc. He landed with a rumble 100 yards away and left an imprint in the ground of his body. Jordan picked up his hammer and rushed to the giant’s side. The speed of her movement deformed the hammer slightly, but she didn’t care. She had other plans for its use.

“I told you,” she whispered into his ear. The giant attempt to take his hammer back but Jordan’s grip thwarted the giant’s strength. “As if!” she giggled.

“Listen,” she spoke while she worked. “I know that it’s much” - CREEAK- “easier to come pick on” -CRUNK- “these people what with your” -EEARK- she giggled again, “STRENGTH and all. But I just can’t” -WUNK- “allow you to continue, ok?” -SCREEEUNK! The giant watched on as little Lady Jordan shaped his hammer into a giant paddle. “Time for your spanking, young man!”

The villagers would speak forever about how a small supergirl took the mighty Ragnar in her arms and paddled his rear with his own hammer. The giant ran off into the night scared and was never heard from again. Lady Jordan gave the town a small show of her power by reshaping the metal, which later turned out to be magical, into a small hand-sized statue of her. So dense was the statue that no person could lift it. Thus a legend is born.

“So Luther, where is this castle I need to take on?” she asked.


Next: Castle Siege!!!

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