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Lady Jordan - Part 2

Written by jnw550 :: [Friday, 21 February 2003 22:34] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 14 November 2012 03:56]

Lady Jordan Part 2


By: JNW550 (a.k.a. Stoneyman)



“She’s so incredibly lovely!”

“Hmm … maybe, but I’m more interested in the contents of her pocket!”

Jordan Let the clear water splash onto her face and tossed her wet hair back. Her golden skin glistened as water scurried down her bodies smooth curves. The lines of her body flowing into each other like a flickering flame. She smiled as she admired her unearthly beauty in the water’s reflection of herself. She also smiled at hearing the two thugs who were now moving about in the woods behind her. Jordan giggled when she thought about how they weren’t going to find anything. Jordan hardly wore clothes. She never needs to be protected from the elements and the last guy that told her to put them on found out what a beach ball feels like. So did his car. Jordan refilled the bucket and poured water onto her breasts. Her nipples swelled and she moaned in satisfaction. She ignored the clumsy men as they trampled in the woods about the river.

“I can’t find any clothes!”

“Neither can I! There is no way she just walks around naked. It’s not proper for a lady!”

“Me thinks she got them in the water. No matter, a quick arrow will take her and then we’ll take her purse!”

Jordan listened and continued rubbing the water over herself. She heard as something was stretched tight and let loose. The air moved next to her as the arrow swished past her. Jordan took no notice and continued washing herself. Another arrow was notched and let loose. It promptly struck her on the curve of her lower back and bounced away. Jordan twisted around and bit her lip, inspecting the point of impact as if it were a bite, shrugged, and poured more water over herself. The two thugs looked on in surprise as the archer could swear it was a clean hit. She heard them both arguing and turned sideways to them. She moved her hands over her thighs, slowly, and continued up her tummy. Finally she cupped both of her breasts. She giggled again when she attempted to cover herself completely and found it impossible. She was definitely more than a handful! She pinched at her nipples which steamed with the pressure she applied and ran her fingers in her blonde mane. Both men were mesmerized at the site. Yet one’s greed still overcame him, much to Jordan’s delight. He notched another and loosed it. He was sure it struck her! He saw it strike her on her breast. Yet there she stands! Jordan yelped like a little girl and cradled her right breast to her face to see where she had been bitten. Of course, this was for show because there wasn’t a mark to be found on her glistening, wet flesh. One thug looked at the other. Both couldn’t explain what they had seen, but thought it best they make their leave quickly and quietly. Once they turned around Jordan blocked their escape. Both of them staring at her bountiful chest which she proudly presented to them.

“You wouldn’t believe the size of the mosquitoes in this place!” She smiled. She placed her hands on her hips and puckered her lips. the vacuum swept both the men from their feet and they slammed into her body with incredible force. She winked at the little thieves at her feet and circled around them. Both were angered at their humiliation and drew there daggers. Jordan rolled her eyes and looked off into space as they attempted to stab the steely points into her unyielding body. The daggers fell upon her mounds which barely dimpled. When they scraped her shoulders and stomach the blades merely dulled and bent. Finally the thugs let their daggers fall to the ground and stared in fascination at the goddess in front of them.

“Had I known this would be a tickling contest … ” Jordan giggled. The thugs ran away in fear for their lives as Jordan let them go. Her beautiful laughter filled the forest as the two thieves tripped over themselves on their escape.




The villagers greeted Jordan as she returned. Still she was naked, but the villagers seemed to finally be getting accustomed to her state of undress. Jordan smiled at a group of young boys. As she passed, she blew them all a kiss carrying her sweet scent which washed over them in a blanket of warm air. Each one moving their separate ways to take care of their young erections. She approached Luther’s home and peeked inside the open window. She was wet, aroused, and sexy; and Luther was about to be the luckiest man on the planet.

“Hello, Luther … ” she spoke.

“OH! You startled me, dear.” He jumped. Jordan’s arousal was not lost on him. Although, he had seen it many times since the arrival of the unstoppable goddess. Jordan walked through the wall and the stone work crumbled around her thighs. Luther had never gotten used to her power. Never had beheld such beauty and strength in one perfect woman. She seductively floated to him, her feet inches from the floor. Jordan pressed her breasts into Luther’s face and he nearly lost it at her touch. He felt an electric pulse move softly through him as she pushed him to the opposite wall. Luther suckled her steel hard nipples. Jordan’s wet lips slid along his thigh and she lowered herself to stand. Her breasts heaved as she breathed, nearly lifting him from his feet each time. Jordan tossed her head back and reached down to feel Luther’s solid, throbbing cock in her hands. He grew larger at her gentle touch. Jordan moaned softly and Luther came on her thigh at the sound of her voice. She licked his ear and whispered her intentions to him and in seconds he was hard again. Jordan slide the tip of his dick along her slick labia and smiled at him. Luther felt he was about to explode again and Jordan impaled herself on his member. Her control was unearthly as she service his cock with a skill beyond Aphrodite. Everything about Jordan was beyond the will of the gods. Luther began seeing flashes of light in his head as she slide over him faster and faster. She gasped and her nails dug grooves into the stone behind Luther. She felt him about to cum again and held him fast with her muscles. She swung him around still inside her and walked about the room. The slide of her pussy lips together on his manhood was nearly more than he could bear, yet she held him still. Jordan placed her hands on her hips and lifted both of them from the ground. Luther beat at her breasts and shoulders begging to be released and Jordan moaned loudly at his efforts. She ran her hands through her hair and placed a hand on his shoulder. Luther’s knuckles were bruised and battered from his failed assault. Jordan leaned slightly back and suddenly spun Luther inside her. His body spun in circles as Jordan screamed in delight. Her juicy pussy lips spasming as Luther yelled and exploded inside the goddess. Jordan felt him fill her up and a warm rush passed through her. Luther came again and again as he spun helpless to stop himself. A final scream from Jordan blasted a hole into the thatched roof as she orgasmed and then collapsed to the ground. Luther collapsed on top of her and eventually, when their breathing slowed, he snuggled into Jordan’s breasts. Jordan admired how cute he looked and wrapped her protective arms around her mortal lover.




“We have sent word!”

“Great! Did you tell them it was army attacking from the north?” Jordan raised her eyes.

“I did, my love. At first they wouldn’t believe it, but when I told them that barbarians were tired of the taxing of there villages, the king was too eager to swat them down. I told him this would easy, as it was a ‘small’ army.” The messenger smiled knowingly at Lady Jordan.

Jordan chuckled at that, “They’ll wish it was a small army!”

Lady Jordan did the whole town’s chores, allowing them a day to relax and they wished her good luck. She had said her good-byes to Luther and allowed him to taste her pussy one last time before she took on the king’s armies. Luther sat dazed when he finished as her overwhelming flavor took over his mind for a while. She smiled and patted him on the head on her way out. Jordan streaked away over the horizon toward the south. The towns’ people watched as she left. In the far distance, another mountain split apart.




The field was covered in tight formations of soldiers dressed in their battle garments. A standard flew high above each one representing which unit they belong. Archers, hundreds of them, stood before her. To her right a formation of heavy horse cavalry. To her left and front, behind the archers, were the foot soldiers who wielded pikes and shields. Jordan looked around her from her hilltop. She stood naked to the king’s armies and called out to them. All the men covered their ears from the rumbling sound of her melodious voice.

“IS THIS ALL?!” She spoke.

Moments passed and two horsemen rode out to meet her. Both wore armor more decorated then the rest. Apparently these were important people. Some things never change.

“Lady! What are you doing?! Your witchery is unwelcome in this kingdom! We could have you arrested. Now, please, take leave of here! There is a battle awaiting us!”

“I’ll never get used to the way you people speak.” Jordan shook her head. “Look if you want a battle, little man. I’m right here!” She smiled.

The king had never seen such beauty bestowed to a woman before. Such a supple breast, such a taught and lithe body, not a wrinkle or blemished was to be found. Her eyes were blue with tiny flecks of gold and amber. He seemed to be lost for a moment when he finally regained his composure. He drew his sword and ordered two archers forward. With a downward stroke of his sword the archers loosed their arrows into the Lady Jordan. Jordan watched the king as both found there easy target. One for each nipple. The arrows broke and bounced away to the ground. Jordan giggled at the king whose jaw now touch his chest.

“Ooow,” she pouted, “now kiss it and make it better.” Jordan bite her bottom lip.

“VERY WELL, witch! I’ll have at you! Nobody makes a mockery of me!”

“I’m so happy to hear that!” Jordan cupped her breasts and then lifted her hair to let it fall behind her back. She began to get wet and anxious.

The king wasted no time and immediately raised the banner that set the archers. Lady Jordan shifted her weight from one foot to the next anxiously and placed her fisted hands on her hips. The command was given and a hundred-plus arrows lighted into the sky. Jordan couldn’t hold back her smile and tilted her head back. She watched as the bone and stone tipped arrows completed their high arch and lazily descended onto her body. Her impervious skin repelled the tiny arrows without her notice. Some bounded off her soft tits and others broke on her tummy. One or two passed through her legs, glancing her wet labia and a few others pecked at her face and shoulders. Unfortunately she was a small target so not all the arrows had found the mark. All around her feet little sticks protruded from the dirt while others lay broken a few feet away. Jordan brought her chin down and raised her arm in front of her body. Her wicked grin widened as she began moving it in a circle, her palm facing outward. The archers stood confused as they felt a light breeze slowly building from nowhere. Nothing in the clear day had indicated that such a wind would blow through, but it strengthened and grew stronger by the second. Jordan’s hand blurred as she moved it fast enough to create a funnel of hurricane winds that tossed the whole formation of archers about like flower petals. The foot soldiers behind them had already moved to join their sister unit to the ultra powerful woman. Each one doubted their ability to stop her. Lady Jordan promptly stopped her small feat and lowered her arm, waiting for the army’s next futile effort. Her wait was short as an enraged king order his foot soldiers to converge on her. The large formation began running to her. The superwoman decided she didn’t want to wait for their slow advance and moved to them. In her forward movement, she seem to disappear and reappear in front of the first line of armored men. The front few ran into her immovable figure and dozens of men behind them all smashed into her fall over each other. Jordan chuckled. Once they regained their feet, they stood mesmerized. Jordan let her pheromones loose into the air and it had caught the undivided attention of several hundred men. She leaned forward, her breasts coming to rest on the tower shield of the man standing before her. She shield’s metal crumbled under her tits until she was face to face with him.


The ground exploded beneath the formation as the concussion flattened them in a wide arc around her. Only a few men were still conscious and they stabbed at her back with their steel pikes. Jordan swept her golden strands over her shoulders and let them tap at her rear end and lower back. The slow curve of her back and tanned and bare rear barely dimpled. The pikes didn’t fair so well. The tips, once sharp, now were flat and dull.

“MMMnnnn … a little lower, boys.” she lazily said.

Lady Jordan wiggled her soft hips and looked over her shoulder at the young men who had long since gave up trying to hurt the unhurtable. She turned around pressed herself into the crowd who tried to push back. The shield man looked up and saw the two dents of her breasts crinkling the pathetic metal. Jordan laughed as dozens of men tried to push against her unstoppable advance. Finally, they scattered, running scared wildly over the hilltop. She blew them a good bye kiss over her palm which tossed a few off into the sky. Jordan hugged herself with glee and looked to the horsemen. She walked in their direction and mischievously grinned at the king who watched on. A few feet away, she stopped and spun in place like a drill and lowered herself into the earth. The ground rumbled and quaked under the hooves of the horses. Some tossed their load and trotted aimlessly in circles. The king watched in amazement as a large, 1000 foot by 1000 foot portion of the ground lifted from one side and flipped over to bury the hundreds of horsemen under the weight of a few hundred tons. The ground broke on a path directly to the king and his military adviser. The destruction stopped in front of them and Jordan rose from the ground covered with mud. Her naked body still somehow a vision of incredible power and sexiness. The king rousted his horse and he took off in a hurry to his castle. Jordan shook herself hypersonically and burned away the dirt in a bright flash. She floated up into the sky and walked through the air to follow.



Ok, ok, it’s three parts! I’m having a little trouble with it. *sigh*

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