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by Anterion

No, no … please … let me go.”

Quiet human! You serve master soon. Don’t make noise!” the orcish brute grunted as he threw Sebia into the room. “There clothes and pretty things. Put them on. Master want pretty slave girl.”

The door slammed shut and Sebia was alone in the room. Obviously the treasure room, as she noticed. There were lots of chests full of gold and jewelry and wardrobes with beautiful clothes. Piles of stuff that the Wizard’s orcs had stolen when they had raided the traveling roads through the mountains around the dungeon, were scattered all over the rough stone floor.

Sebia and her family had been one of the unfortunate travelers that the orcs had ambushed. Her parents and brothers had been killed and she had been taken as a slave for the orcs’ master, a wizard named Konzaroth. Her beauty and her youth saved her from a quick death, yet she wasn’t sure of that was something good.

She had cried all the way when the brute had pushed and carried her through several levels of the dungeon, where they passed laboratories, cages with hideous creatures, some of them not even from this plane of existence.

Now, her tears had dried but she still was frightened and sad about her family, but she has always been a courageous girl, so she was beginning to think about her situation.

Let’s see. I’ve got three options. First, I can become the wizard’s slave, no not option. Second I can hide and try to escape silently. Last, I could try to fight my way out.” She looked down at her slender girlish body. She had held a sword only once in her life when her older brother showed her a few swings on evening. It was way too heavy for her, so they gave it up.

Looks like hiding.” She searched the room for a good hiding place but found none. Even the stupid orc would find her in the wardrobe or behind the door, because those were the only places she could find.

Then I’m going to fight. I wonder if I can find some equipment around here.” She began searching through the piles of gold and items, checked the chests for anything that could help her.

After a little while she had found a small dagger, and a chain mail that must have been made for a small elf or an halfling. Still, it was very heavy for her frail body and loose around her body.

I need a belt.” she thought. There was none in the wardrobes, but somewhere underneath a pile of armor pieces she found a wide belt with a nicely decorated buckle. “That’ll do.” she thought as she wrapped the surprisingly flexible belt around her waist and began fumbling with the buckle. “I, uh, just that damn chain-mail wasn’t, hnn uh, so …” *click*, “… heav … y? Woooahhhh!!”

In the same second that the belt snapped shut, Sebia felt a surge of feelings run through her body and the armor suddenly felt light as a feather on her shoulders. “Wow. What was that? That’s so … “ she tried to jump a little bit to measure the weight. She shot up and nearly knocked her head against the high ceiling as she soared upward. Despite the heavy weight of her armor she landed lightly on her feet.

That … That’s magic. It has made me light. Now I gotta get out of here.”

She put the dagger into the belt and tried the door. It was a large heavy wooden door made of oak. She couldn’t remember if the orc had locked it or not. She turned the handle and began to push. “That’s going to be hard, better I push a bit.” she tought and began to push.

The noise of metal bending and stone bursting told her that the had been indeed locked, yet, her little push overpowered heavy wood, solid stone and cast iron as the door’s heavy locking mechanism surrendered. The door swung open.

Sebia was speechless as she watched the debris of stone and wood on the floor, but slowly, a thought formed in her mind.

That magic hasn’t made me light, it has made strong!!!!!”

She looked at the dagger she had chosen as a weapon and smiled. “I need something bigger now I guess. Now to get out of here.”

A little bit later, somewhere in the dungeon, Gorugh, the orc leader, returned to Konzaroth’s sanctum. “Girl soon ready, master.”

Good, good,” the elderly wizard said while he was working on his latest creation. “The should be some pretty nice dresses for her in the guest’s room.”

The orc’s eyes suddenly grew wide. “Guest’s room, master? I sure you ordered Gorugh to bring girl to ‘chest room’.”

What? You absolute fool. The chest room contains all my magic treasures. Every single piece of clothes or equipment there is magical. Get her out of there immediately.”

Yes, master.” Gorugh answered while he was already halfway through the door.

Wait, take that ‘Dispel magic’ scroll with you. You might need it.” Konzaroth called after him and pointed towards a scroll on a table.

Gorugh came back, fetched the scroll. He had recently learned to read the wizards scroll labels. As well as an orc could learn it at all. This time, he wouldn’t disappoint his master. Those who did usually suffered a fate worse than death.

He was halfway to the chest room, when one of guard orcs came towards him. He looked awful as if had been hit by some ogre fists.

What happened?” Gorugh grunted in orcish.

The human girl. She’s escaped.”

What? How?”

She broke down the room’s door and is now searching for the exit. On her way, she has defeated our troops with bare hands. She’s invulnerable.” He showed his broken mace to Gorugh. “I attacked her from behind and hit her head. Look what happened.”

She must have found something magic, as the master feared. We’ve got to get her.” Both ran.

Sebia couldn’t stop laughing as she trashed her way through the dungeons defenses, be it guard orc or traps. More than one orc had tried to stop her. She had either punched them to oblivion or had picked them up, twirled them above her head and threw them down the corridors into arriving reinforcements.

The traps had been fun as well. Since she had found out that nothing seemed to hurt her, she had stopped trying to avoid hidden switches. No, now she tried not to miss one. Spears shot from inside the walls bounced of her body, huge blocks of rock that came down from the ceiling did she stop with one hand over head, while she suppressed a yawn with her other.

One trap had been especially fun. As she had triggered the trap, heavy chains had shot from the walls and had wrapped themselves around her slender body, almost engulfing her completely. A few seconds later some orcs had come around the corner, glad to see how well their master’s constructions worked.

Their evil grin had faded when they heard a childish giggle from inside the cocoon of thick chain links. Then, as if was as easy as discarding a thin spider’s web, Sebia burst free from the steely confinement just by spreading her arms. The thick steel links exploded from her body, flying like missiles trough the air knocking out every orc on their way.

Gorugh and his companion ran through the corridors. Following Serbia’s trail was easy. Knocked down orcs, destroyed traps, broken down doors and bend steel bars marked her way.

There’s no way we can stop her. No human girl is that strong. That’s witchcraft.” the guard orc said.

That’s why the master gave me that scroll. It’ll help.”

You can use that?”

Yes, all I have to do is to unroll it and let it face towards her. But we need some way to hold her still until the scroll works.”

But how?”

Karak! He can do that. You get some of the others and lure her to his lair. I’ll get everything ready.”


Both dashed off in different directions.

At that moment, Sebia was busy trying to find her way out of the dungeon. So many doors, crossways and stairs. As she turned around the corner she encountered another bunch of orcs. They all looked as if they had crossed paths with Sebia already. Each of them were bruised and battered. Have face lit up a little bit. More toys.

It, she.” One of the orcs screamed. “Flee. Get away. Outside” another one shouted and the whole group ran away.

Outside?” Sebia wondered. “Good idea.” She ran after them. She felt that she could run way faster than them, but she just wanted to follow.

Is she following us?” the leader asked, now in orcish. “Yes, but she keeps her distance.” another one answered.

Good, just as Gorugh wanted. We’re in luck that she didn’t wondered why we would yell in panic in human language. Karak’s lair isn’t far. Run!”

Suddenly, the orcs disappeared behind a turn and a door was slammed shut.

Tsk. Tsk. Will they ever learn?” Sebia thought. She didn’t even slow down as she crashed into and right through the oaken door.

The orcs were gone and Sebia found herself inside a huge room. She couldn’t see the far side of the room and the ceiling was at least 50 feet high. Several corridors led away from the room to each side.

Hm, they must have escaped that way. But where’s the exit, eh. HEY!”

Something grabbed her and lifted Sebia off the floor. As she looked down, she saw that it was a giant pair of hands, each finger as thick as her legs. She was turned around a looked into the face of a storm giant. The huge monster had an ugly smile on her face.

So, that little bug has caused so much trouble, eh? Gorugh. Come out here! I got her.” the giant called, his foul breath nearly took Sebia’s breath away.

Again, she tried to free herself by spreading her arms, confident in her newfound strength. The wooden doors, the steel bars, the adamant chains, nothing had stopped her but this giant’s hands proofed to be too much for her. Now, she panicked, but the giant only laughed.

From one of the pathways Gorugh stepped into the room. His master’s scroll in his hand. He grinned. His master would be proud, and maybe, whatever had made this girl so strong, he would present to Gorugh? He unrolled the scroll and held it towards Sebia.

Back in his sanctuary Konzaroth worked on his experiments. An improved timestop spell. To achieve that he wanted to cast an timestop spell upon a timestop spell using the first spell itself.

For that he had created a special spell on scroll behind him. He grabbed the scroll and was about to unroll it but then he read the label: “Dispel Magic”.


In Karak’s lair the scroll took effect. Rushed, as he had been, Gorugh had fetched the ‘Double Magic’ scroll. A spell, that reinvoked an existing spell and caused it to affect it’s previous target once again.

In short, the magic chain armor Sebia wore made her invulnerable body invulnerable to the second power and the belt now caused her near giant strength to surpass anything giant beyond titanic.

Sebia’s arms shot outwards, sending Karak’s arms backwards with such force that he was sent crashing into wall, embedding him almost halfway into the wall. Sebia had felt great before, now she felt absolutely invincible, her body almost radiating with strength.

Gorugh was staring at her now, his mouth open wide. Sebia smiled at him. “I have no idea what you did, but thanks.” she looked at Karak’s unconscious body and at a small window in the ceiling that showed some daylight.

It will get pretty noisy here in a few minutes. Either you leave now, or I’ll make you.” she said. Gorugh fled.

Somewhere in the mountains in a small dale the ground suddenly quaked. Birds flew away, animals left the area in panic. Once, twice more the ground shook and then it broke open and the body of a beaten up storm giant flew out of it, traveled further several hundred feet into the air until it came crashing down somewhere beside the hole it had made, causing the ground to shake once more.

A few moments later, a second body shot from the hole, this time it was the one of a young human girl that now wielded the power of a thousand titans in her muscles. She could be heard laughing as her jump easily carried her two hundred feet above the ground. She landed next to giant.

Patting the side of his huge leg, she smiled. “Thanks big guy. It’s always nice of a gentleman to open the door for a lady. See ya.”

She walked off into the mountains. She would be back for the wizard later, once she had explored the extent of her new strength properly. A few minutes later, she disappeared between the trees.

From inside the hole one could hear a yell. “Gooorugh!!!!”


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