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Written by ace191 :: [Thursday, 30 March 2006 23:36] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 15 May 2014 12:00]


by Ace 191


He wondered why she asked him to meet her on the outskirts of town with his ice skates. There was no place to skate anywhere nearby. He heard a noise behind him and turned to look just in time to see her red cape float down and touch her perfect posterior as she landed.

“Ready for our date?” she asked.

“Sure am,” he said. “What do you have in mind?”

“Why, ice skating of course, but not here, silly.”

With his skates around his neck, she lifted both of them into the air and flew to the north. He tried hard not to let his gaze drift towards her incredible breasts. Her uniform was so smooth, soft and shear and clung to her like a second skin. Hard to believe that not even an atom bomb could damage it any more than it could her. A beautiful smile adorned her face as they flew through the chilly air. From the tips of her long red fingernails to the 4 inch spike heels on her boots, she was every bit a Supergirl! As his ears, fingers and nose went numb, he tried to imagine what it would be like to be completely invulnerable to the cold even dressed in such a skimpy, shear outfit. After a chilly flight that ended just in time, they landed in a snowy meadow near a small cabin.

“I don’t see anywhere here that we can skate,” he said.

“Just give me a minute or two.”

He watched in awe as she effortlessly tossed several large boulders out of the meadow into the forest. She then pulled up a seventy-five foot tree and striped the branches off in just a few seconds. Flying low, she made several passes over the little meadow using the tree trunk to plow, level and compact the snow. When her amazing task was completed, Linda casually tossed the tree aside and it landed with a crash a quarter mile deep in the forest. She then flew over the compacted snow melting the area in front of her with her heat vision while simultaneously freezing the area just below with her super breath. Within minutes, she had created for them a very private skating rink.

Linda flew over to the little cabin and when she returned, she was without her cape and had her skates on.

‘I think my uniform makes a great ice skating outfit. What do you think, Doug?”

Starting at her skates, Doug slowly starting scanning upwards. Her skates were covered with red boot covers rising almost to her knees which gave way to her shimmery tights which ran up to her little red miniskirt which just covered her cute little butt.

Her blue leotard dove in sharply to her tiny waist and then exploded outwards, clinging tightly to her magnificent chest. It broke open to expose her beautiful neck, angelic face and long golden curls.

Why don’t you put on your skates and come out and join me?” she said.

Sitting down on a log, Doug tried to put on his skates while simultaneously watching this beautiful maiden glide across the ice, warming up, with quadruple axles, Salchows and toe loops. He could not take his eyes off her as she skated backwards with the breeze blowing her little skirt up to her waist revealing that incredible rear! He watched as she jumped and held her legs in a spread eagle for what seemed like forever. God he was getting excited just watching what her unbelievable super body could do. Finally ready, Doug hit the ice.

He skated out to the center of the rink where she was waiting for him. He put her left hand in his with his right hand on her waist which she quickly covered with hers. How badly he wanted to move that hand down just a few inches. They made several laps before Doug took her to the middle of the rink and said “Watch this!”.

He skated out to the edge and then came back towards her at full speed. At the last possible moment he stopped, covering her with ice from her boots to her skirt.

Big mistake, Mister,” she said.

She quickly skated away and returned at blinding speed.

Before he could move, he was covered in ice from head to toe. It was in his ears, his nose, down his shirt and pants. It was as if he had stepped in front of a snow making machine.

Time to go for a little spin, Doug,” as she took his hand and started to pull him around the rink slowly increasing her speed. Hanging on for dear life, the wind chill factor was starting to get too him as he began to shiver.

Ready for a little whip, Dougie?” And with that, she sent him spinning across the ice on his ass. A little touch of heat vision sent him sliding through one long freezing puddle.

Doug finally came to a stop on the edge of the rink in a small snow bank. Before, he had just been cold but now he was freezing and shivering uncontrollably. There was no part of him now that was not covered with snow or ice. His legs were so cold that he could hardy move them, let alone stand.

It looks like we need to warm you up, Frosty,” Linda said as she gently lifted him off the ice and flew him towards the little cabin. Once inside, a quick glance from her big beautiful blue eyes brought the fireplace roaring to life. “Let’s get you out of those wet things,” Linda said as she quickly stripped off his soaked freezing clothes and tucked him into bed under the soft down comforter.

He watched her beautiful rear sway back and forth as she walked into the kitchen. In a moment, she walked back towards him carrying a mug in each hand.

What will it be, Dougie, cocoa, tea or me?”

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