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This Is a Job For?

Written by ace191 :: [Wednesday, 04 January 2006 22:45] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 15 May 2014 11:59]

This is a Job For?

By Ace191


Susan Parker looked down at the dirt floor. Why didn't she just take her mother's advice and go to college on a track scholarship? But no, being the eldest of 4 girls she had to follow in her father's footsteps and become a Marine. Now her legs were chained to a pipe while her hands were bound in front of her. She tried to tune out the tortured screams of her squad mates as they were being beaten and raped by their captors. Nine of them had been taken alive after 3 IED's had gone off and taken out their HumVees.

It was a little quieter now as she heard footsteps coming into her room. The dirty, smelly insurgent unlocked the chain binding her to the pipe and then grabbed her hair while pulling her to her feet. She was taken to a room with several other rebels and thrown on the ground. Their commander was sitting on a chair with his pants down while another soldier thrust her head towards his groin. “Do it now,” he shouted.

“Never,” she screamed and she momentarily twisted free of his grasp. She thought back to the day she shipped out and her nutty next door neighbor who had given her an “amulet of protection” and had assured her that it would keep her safe. Some great job it had done! She grabbed it and shouted in disgust, “Now would be a good time to start working!”

No sooner had she said that than she heard a loud crack and felt a terrible sharp pain on her back followed by a bone crushing kick to her ribs. A soldier with a pistol again yelled at her, “Do it now!”

“Noooo,” she screamed back. Two more cracks of the whip and two more kicks followed in rapid succession. The soldier with the pistol said again, “Do it or I will shoot you in the head!”

“Then shoot me,” Sue answered through her tears.

“Go ahead and shoot the bitch,” the commander ordered.

Sue watched as the solider cocked the revolver and squeezed off the shot.

She had heard that at times like this your whole life flashed before you but never in slow motion. She saw the bullet come out of the barrel and slowly move towards her head. She felt a light tap as it then fell to the floor.

The puzzled soldier then fired off three more rounds in rapid succession as Sue felt more light taps. She stood up and instinctively brought her hands to her head to feel where she had been struck as the ropes binding her wrists gave way like wet paper. She looked at her fingers but was shocked to see no blood on them. Another nervous soldier leveled his AK-47 at her and emptied his clip. Sue felt multiple light taps on her chest, legs and arms, but strangely, there were no holes in her uniform. Two soldiers made a break for the door but in an instant, Sue got there first.

“What’s your hurry boys?” joked Sue as she picked them up by their throats and flung them across the room into the concrete wall on the far side. Two other men charged her but she effortlessly crushed their skulls together as they fell lifeless to the floor. The man who had first shot her stood frozen staring at her with his mouth open still holding his pistol. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you that it is not nice to play with guns?” lectured Sue as she crushed his hand and pistol with one gentle squeeze.

She turned to the commander who was now standing and said “So you wanted one of these, well here you go.” She took a large breath in and exhaled sending the Commander flying. His mangled corpse left a large blood stain on the wall where he hit it.

It was a warm October night in Baghdad as Sue raced back to her barracks.

She arrived in seconds and quickly donned a present her sister had sent her as a joke. Three bounds later she stood back in the courtyard of the compound she had just left. She walked across to the steel door behind which her squad mates were being held. One swift kick from a red high heeled boot sent the door flying inward decapitating a guard. Three others turned to look at the doorway where a blond American woman was standing. All of them recognized the red “S” on her chest as they took in her short red skirt, bare midriff, blue leotard and red cape. Two of them opened up with their AK-47’s as Sue just smiled with her hands on her hips.

“This looks like another job for SUPERGIRL!” Before they could move, Sue raced over to them and dragged them by their hands into the main holding area where she threw them on the floor. She snapped the lock on the cell door freeing her squad mates, but two were too badly injured to walk.

She gently picked up the two Soldiers and said “Relax, Sarge, I’ve got you now.” She set the two soldiers down by the front door and then sprinted back to place the insurgents into the cage, twisting the bars effortlessly to imprison them inside.

She sped back to the courtyard and stepped out ahead of the group only to be met with a hail of gunfire from two towers. In one bound, a red and blue clad figure flew up to the first tower and tossed the solider over the wall. Sue leapt to the second tower but both men abandoned their posts and jumped out before she landed.

Returning to her friends she picked up the wounded solders and led the group out to safety.

Sarge turned and asked Sue, “So what are you going to do now, Supergirl?”

“Clean this mess up in a hurry so that we can all go home for Christmas.”

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