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The Artifact

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The Artifact

Liz stared at the open box with curious excitement. She was sitting in the middle of her bed. The object lay there unwrapped. It had taken months to acquire it and the day was finally here. She had moved into her apartment on the second floor of a low rise building in a nondescript suburb a year ago. She was only 19, yet had spent nearly 2 years of her time in backroom deals and internet research in order to find out if the legends were true. The transaction had finally gone through last month, just enough to smuggle it out of Ethiopia. She spent the family money discreetly, the modest car and home made sure she wouldn't be noticed.

It looked simple enough, a worn old stone cube barely 5 inches long. Across each side were carvings that appeared to be thousands of years old. On one side a primitive female stick figure stood alone in a barren landscape. In the next side were two figures standing next to each other. The stick figure from the first carving stood on the left. On the right however, was a much more detailed figure of a woman. She appeared to be nude with fully formed arms, legs, and large ample breasts. In the middle was a star shaped object separating the two figures. Liz knew the carvings confirmed this was what she was looking for. She quickly glanced at the other sides. In one the stick woman stood amongst tall pyramids and stone pillars. In the next picture, the fully formed woman stood twice as tall as the first figure, the ruins were crumbling and the pieces lay at the woman's feet.

“This is it, I know it,” said Liz as she grabbed the cube and stood up. She walked to the mirror on her closet door. She looked at herself holding the cube. She stood only 5' 3”in her beat up old white sneakersand had light, untanned skin. She had short blonde hair that barely reached her neck, and had pretty features with blue eyes. She knew there were better looking girls out there but was not completely unsatisfied with her somewhat plain looks. She was wearing a small pair of gym shorts and red tank top that left her midriff bare. Her body was skinny and petite with no real curves to speak of and she was never happy with her shape, particularly her small boobs, and was jealous of some of the other women she saw at the gym and back in high school. She held the object with both hands ,near her flat stomach.

“So, what secrets do you really hold?”

She held it for a minute, feeling the ancient stone surface.

“Ow!”, she cut her hand on one of the chipped edges, “Sharper than it looks”

A tiny trickle of blood ran down her fingers onto the stone's surface. It seemed to disappear as it was absorbed into the rock. “That's odd … ummm … is it working …?” she murmurred to herself. A warm feeling suddenly washed over her.

“Uhh, I knew it was real all along … ,”

She closed her eyes letting the sensation roll through her body, from her stomach to her head, down her bare legs into her feet. It felt good, real good. The feeling started to get warmer and felt more intense.

“Ummm … this is amazing … uh.” It continued to intensify as she felt herself getting aroused. A tingling sensation ran across her fingers and toes as the warmth began to concentrate in her shorts.

“Ummmmm … yes … , I wasn't expecting … this … much,”

She let her left hand off the stone and ran it across her inner thigh. Opening her eyes she was shocked to see that had stuck to her right hand, and was beginning melt like it was made of butter rather than stone.

“Whoah …” she said as the feeling became more intense. The liquified cube ran down her arm like mercury, and began to disappear into her skin. Her eyes widened but she didn't get scared. Instead she felt warm power begin to surge through every fiber of her body. It pulsed through her abdomen into her lower body, sending waves of pleasure she had never felt before.

“YES! YES! I NEED MORE … SHIT!”. The intense feeling rang through her as it began increase even further. She was now on the floor writhing in ecstasy as she felt a climax coming. The pleasure was greater than most humans had experienced in their entire lives, yet it continued to intensify.

“AHHHH … YESSSS … UHHH …” she screamed as the most amazing orgasm in her life, or any other woman's, ripped thorugh her. She reached into her shorts and touched herself, her muscles tensed and her legs quivered.



She recovered from the mind numbing sensation after a few minutes of lying on the floor, mouth open. Breathing heavily she stood up,

“Unbelievable …” she said alone, running her hands up and down her arms. Her mind racing, she seemed to look no different. She ran to the mirror and stared into her own eyes. She looked no different, yet felt better than she had in her whole life. She was still as skinny and pale as ever, yet the tingling continued to rush through her, heart pounding. She was now covered in sweat but felt as if she had just been injected with caffeine.

“It's incredible! I feel like I'm on fire! So much energy … such power … If only I looked as good as I felt.” As soon as she thought it, she felt even more electrified, the incredible feeling shot through her once again. She tossed her head back and began to pant. She stared at her reflection once again as the warmth began to heat up. She imagined herself a new and improved woman, her skin began to darken into a bronze glow, her eyes brightened and face became ever more perfect.

“Yess … I want to be perfect! Feel perfect …”

She moaned as her silky smooth skin was wrapped in the invisible glow.

“Better than anyone … yes … ummmm … uhhh …”

Her shorts stretched as her hips began to widen and her butt became rounder and more firm.

Her shoulders followed and her breasts began to swell. She didn't have a bra underneath her tank top as the fabric stretched, nipples hardened. She went from an A to a C cup in a few seconds and she now had perfect proportions.

“More … make me better …”

Her thin, bony arms swelled and went from scrawny to toned, her abs became a perfectly shaped six-pack. Her legs became lean, and her thighs were now shapely and firm.

“Uhhhh … yeah … much better …”, she streteched arms and saw herself getting taller.

Her arms reached out longer and her legs began to grow longer. Her clothes became skin tight as she saw her reflection rise higher. Her shorts rose up revealing more of her hips, her top strained and the straps pulled taught. Her feet felt constrained as her shoes became too small and tight.

“Yes … taller … sexier … stronger …”

Power rushed into her new lean muscles as they hardened greater than steel and her shoe laces snapped as the tightness in her feet stopped. She stood up on her tip toes and tore the seams of her sneakers, stepping out of their tattered remains.

“Hehe … that's better.” In the mirror stood her model of perfection, a new Liz. She was now 5'11”, with the perfect body only others could dream of, with a shapely, slender, athletic build.

“I knew it was true. I can make myself as amazing as I want! Improve myself as much as I want. I feel like I can do anything now!”

Liz walked over to her solid oak dresser, bent her knees and grabbed it. She strained as it rose up half an inch. The warm glow rushed into her arms and she wished herself 10 times stronger. The strain eased and the tall dresser shot up in her arms as she stood straight. It collided with the ceiling sending bits of wood and plaster raining down.

“Oops, gave myself a bit of a boost,” she thought, smiling at her handiwork.

“Ummmm … feels awesome,” she wandered over to the iron bedpost that she had stubbed her toe on so many time before and gave it a little kick. Her foot hit it with a clang but she felt no pain, instead the post was bent slightly and the bed moved across the floor several inches, scratching the hardwood,

“Haha, I could definitely use some more of this …”

Liz bit her lip as she became even more aroused thinking about what her newfound ability could do.

“Stronger, more perfect … I can be better …”

She grabbed the ironwork of her headboard and squeezed. The metal loudly screached as it slowly bent.

“More …” she let the gates open a bit wider inside of her as the power flowed out, she felt even more incredible every passing milisecond. The iron groaned as it bent further, finally snapping like a twig in her little hand.

“Hmmm … so much energy, so much power!” she arched her back and grew until she was an even 6 feet tall. She opened her eyes once again to experience the world like she hadn't before.

She could see everything, from the tiniest speck of dust all the way down to the molecular structure of the objects around her. She could hear conversations from across the hall and around the neighborhood, filtering out each noise as far it could travel.

“Wow, it's almost overwhelming,” she wandered over to the hallway and leaned on the wall with her hand still delirious from the rush. There was a loud crack as plaster and wood began to split. It felt like paper to her as she accidentally applied hundreds of pounds of force. She wondered how strong she had made herself, or how much further she could go. The very thought of it made her wet with anticipation.

She walked further to the kitchen, each step sending vibrations throughout the apartment shaking the walls and furniture.

“I didn't get heavier … I'm just stepping too hard,” she thought to herself. With every single muscle enhanced, every single action she took became amplified. She reached for refrigerator door and pulled. It was wrenched from it's hinges sending bottles spilling across the room. Dropping the weightless door she backed into the counter behind her, the young girl's impossibly toned ass ramming into the wood and granite surface. She felt it splinter as if she had just bumped into a pile of toothpicks. The super hard granite cracked into pieces and crumbled onto the kitchen floor.

Liz smiled with a newfound feeling of power. She grew ecstatic with the feeling nothing could stand in her way or make her do something she didn't please.

“I must've made myself thousands of times stronger than normal … I can never have enough … I need more …”

She moaned at the thought of increasing her own strength as she pleased, no longer caring what happened to her cardboard apartment. She rushed more power into her body until she was five thousand times stronger than her normal self.

“Ummm … UHHHHH … YES!!! I love this fucking power!!”

She crushed the remaining bits of countertop with her legs as she walked back towards her bedroom window, swaying her sexy hips as she brushed the living room couch across the room with a flick of her wrist. Floorboards creaked and snapped as her long, unrestrained legs pressed with hundreds of pounds of force.

She reached the window and shoved both hands into the wall surrounding it, tearing a 10 foot wide hole to the outside world. Bricks, wood, and pieces of steel support came crashing down to the courtyard below.

She leapt gracefully down one story to the path below; bricks and plaster were crushed beneath her feet as Liz began marching to the parking lot across the apartment's courtyard. Liz stretched her left arm out and knocked over several small lampposts that lined the walkway. She casually kicked an iron bench with tremendous force, ripping it from its concrete foundation and sending it careening into a parked SUV 20 feet away.

“Haha, its so easy, I've never felt this good in my life! But I can always use a little more …”

Liz started breathing heavier as she became aroused further with the sight of her incredible strength. She grabbed another lamppost and crushed it in her hands, mangling the steel like a giant noodle. She now had a bottomless pit of desire and could only will herself stronger. Warm energy tingled her perfect skin, orgasmic waves of it radiated through her body far more pleasurable than sex. Her heaving breasts threatening to tear through her straining top. Her strength doubled, and then tripled yet again. She curled her toes in ecstasy as the concrete crumbled beneath her feet. Her legs quivered as she felt an oncoming climax, she shuffled forward to the parking lot unknowingly tearing two trenches several inches deep with her feet. Liz finally came in the middle of the lot, screaming with pleasure no girl had ever felt.Her body soared past 600,000 times human strength. Her voice echoed for 2 miles as car and apartment windows shattered in the shockwave of sound. The few confused onlookers who saw Liz through their windows covered their ears with their mouths locked open. The concrete surface crumbled further as her legs pressed deeper into the ground, tremors shook the entire neighborhood. Her tank top snapped off as she improved her amazonian figure yet again, increasing her height to 6'3”. Her already small gym shorts were brought to the breaking point as they fluttered to the ground, leaving the superhuman Liz completely nude.

She quickly recovered and stood up straight in the middle of a 7 foot wide crater, her uncovered body covered in sweat not from exhaustion but arousal. She slowly ran her hands down her statuesque body brushing off bits of dust and rock. It was lightyears beyond her old bony flat chested self. She looked like a genetically perfect fitness model. Liz felt her super-firm D-cup bust and smiled with glee.


Liz looked around surprised at the carnage she caused without effort. She kicked her feet around the crater.

“It feels like sand … everything's so fragile!”

She enjoyed the feeling of rock crumbling between her toes.

“Well, I don't think my old clothes will fit me now,”

She decided to head to a store in town for some quick shopping.


The blonde amazon lightly stepped out the crater, her tanned skin steaming from the intense heat of her little moment. She casually sauntered over to her green Toyota sedan, it's windows already broken. As carefully as she could, she unlocked the door and lifted the door handle, making sure not to snap it off. She was so familiar with driving the old thing, but now she had to treat it as if it were made of tissue paper. Touching the roof of the car as she prepared to get in, a small dent formed at her fingertips even though she thought she hadn't applied any pressure. She knew she had to learn to hold back her now immense strength or else she would never touch anything again. As soon as her super sensitive skin felt the surface, she stopped trying to grab it or apply pressure that a normal human would find appropriate. With that in mind she pushed the seat back to accomadate her new and improved frame. There was a snap as the mechanism was permanently damaged.

“Oopsie, looks like this thing won't last too much longer in my hands,”

She slipped her nude self into the sedan and realized she had no way to start it. Thinking quickly, she simply stuck her finger into the ingnition. There was a snap as the metal instantly tore open. Liz dug into the car's steering column and hot wired, recalling the trick her cousin taught her years ago. The engine came to life and she carefully put it into gear taking care not to break the shifter. She lightly tapped the gas with her bare foot, but instead she inadvertently floored it.

“Whoo-hooh!” she yelled in joy as the vehicle spun out of the lot at high speed and slid onto the street. Liz had no intention of slowing down as she raced through the streets, passing some oncoming fire trucks that were responding to the light “earthquakes” she had just made. Zigging through traffic with her new reflexes, she made her way to the boutique across town. Distracted by the joyride, her hands squeezed the steering wheel until it was half an inch thick where she was holding it. She finally let her foot off the gas to realize that it been stuck in that position. This posed a problem as her destination was coming up fast. She instinctively slammed on the brakes, her foot continued down through the brake pedal and shot through the floor of the car. It went further down until her long legs made contact with the tarmac rushing below. The car suddenly jerked as her foot tore through the street kicking up debris with it. The car slowed dramatically from 110 mph to 20 and violently came to a stop near the shop's entrance.

“Well, fuck it. Guess I don't need this thing at all,”

The young girl casually tore the steering wheel of it's column and tossed out the window. It hit a brick wall and was mangled out of shape. Liz stepped out of the car, but this time she showed none of the care she had taken when she got in.Rather than exit the car like a normal person would, she decided to step “through” it.

She put the palm of her left hand on the door and gave it a gentle push, tearing it off and sending it careening into a parked car. She began to stand up, pressing her head against the roof. It pressed right through the sheet metal followed by her shoulders and her large, pert, tits. She felt no resistance as her tall body tore through the top of the Toyota as if it were a big tin can. The jagged steel edges were dulled as her impenetrable bare skin scraped past. She turned to her left, brushing aside the metal body creating her own exit. Her legs tore through floor of the vehicle as she made her way towards the shop entrance.

The cashier had heard what sounded like a car accident followed by the sounds of crunching metal. He moved towards the windows to take a look, but was stopped in his tracks by the sight of a tall naked blonde walking towards the front door. There was a creaking sound as she grabbed the door handle, squishing it in her little hand. The clerk's mouth hung open as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walked past him totally nude towards the racks of women's clothing behind him.

Liz ran her hand through her short hair eyeing the wide assortment of clothes around her. She grabbed a pair of short denim cut-offs and slipped them on. They were extremely short, only just covering her hips with frayed edges. They wrapped around her perfectly shaped ass like a second skin. She put on a blue string bikini top that stretch tightly across her large breasts.

“Well, how do I look now?”

The cashier was speechless.

“In any case, I'll be back for more stuff to wear later,”

“M-Miss you forgot to pay for-for-for that!”

“Hmm, I don't think so. You see …”

Liz slammed her hand into the wood counter and it exploded into pieces with a loud crash sending the man ducking for cover.

“ … I could just wipe this store off the map,but I won't yet. I like your selection,”

Liz walked out into the street, ignoring the door and going straight through the storefront window as if it wasn't there. The plate glass shattered instantly as the amazon casually strolled through it. The shards bounced off her skin and harmlessly crunched underfoot.

She walked down the street without regard to other obstacles, like the line of parking meters running down the length of the block. She powered into the meters digging her toes into the concrete to gain traction. Each one snapped like a twig as it slammed into her toned body, slamming into the ground with a PANG. Her arms brushed against parked cars, sending them sliding across the street with dents where she had “lightly” impacted them.

Liz loved her new power and was eager to test herself, but wanted to go beyond that. She wanted to show off her improvements. She decided to jog down to her best friend Jill's house nearly 10 miles from the store to deliver the news in person. The super girl took off, jogging down the sidewalk. Buildings and streets whizzed by as her bare feet pounded the pavement, leaving chunks of concrete and asphalt behind her. She tore through signposts and traffic signals, knocking them down like bits of plastic. Bystanders felt a gust of air as they saw a female figure zoom by blowing away paper and setting off car alarms. Even though she was moving with such speed, Liz found she could easily focus on everything around her. The world seemed to slow down as her eyes followed antson grassy lawns, individual threads on people's clothing, and the texture of each leaf on a tree. She turned onto the highway, easily outrunning cars and weaving through traffic with unprecedented agility. Bits of asphalt tumbled in her wake hitting bumpers and windshields. She could hear the passengers in each car talk in bewilderment about the strange blur moving past them.

“I'm not even trying!” she thought. “I wonder what happens if I actually run!”

She quickened her pace a bit more. The blur was now impossible to distinguish and left a shockwave of air that nearly pushed drivers out of control.


Jill heard a loud knock and hurried to answer the door. She had dark hair in a ponytail and was 5' 6” in her heels, wearing a white t-shirt and light colored pants that stopped below her knees. She was the same age as Liz and had similar good looks the last time she met with her friend. She was completely unprepared for what she saw when she opened that door. A blonde amazon stood in the doorway with one hand on her hips, barely dressed in a bikini top and super-tight shorts, that looked like Liz.

“Hey girl!”

But it couldn't be her, she thought, she was too tall, her body too perfect. Her face was so familiar yet was far prettier than she remembered.

“Don't give me that look! It's me, Liz!”

“I … d-don't … what?”

“Like my new makeover? I think it suits me much better than my old look,”

Jill was shocked and confused. Liz used to be her height, but now her friend's cleavage wasat eye level, she could only look up at her smiling face as she let herself into the house.

“Is it really you? I can't believe it”

“Oh it's me! Just a little … better”

“But how?”

“Bit of a long story, basically it's the artifact I was telling you about months ago. It's power is real! I can now improve myself however I wish!”

“Holy shit … is that what happened? I still can't believe it!”

“Sure you can, this is living proof!” Liz blinked, changing her eyes from blue to green to brown and back again.

“No way …”

“Oh yeah, it's real! And it's so much better than I thought it would be … you can't even conceive of it …”

“Wow, you look-you look … amazing! Like some kind of supermodel/athlete,”

“'Super' is definitely right! I used the artifact to give myself what I've always wanted. A body that's better than any normal woman's in every single way.”

“Obviously, guy's will be drooling after you non-stop with you looking like that. You headed to the beach or something?”

“No need to cover up this new body, girl. I'm as tall and sexy as I ever wanted to be and I won't hide it. And my looks aren't all that's changed!”

“What do you mean?”

“EVERYTHING is better now! I can hear your heartbeat across the room, your neighbor's heartbeat, ALL your neighbor's heart's beating. I can hear their conversations too. Their whispers, their every breath. I can hear the bees buzzing down in Mullen Park.”

“H-how? That's--incredible … wait, the park is a mile away,”

“Yes, but I can see it down the road from your window. I can see them above the flowers near the benches. I see each one clear as day if I focus, I can even see the little hairs on their legs.”

Jill gave a little gasp. “B-but it's impossible for a human to see and hear like that … right?”

“I made it possible. You should brush a bit better, Jilly, I can see a whole bunch of germs on those teeth.”

Jill covered her mouth and was more shocked than when she opened the door. Could she really see microscopic bacteria from 5 feet away?

“Umm … wow-I don't know … What other … 'stuff' can you do now?”

Liz giggled at Jill's amazement.

“Well, I have gotten a bit stronger”

“I'll say. If I hadn't seen you on a weekly basis I would've sworn you spent a year in Pilates class.”

“I'm not just fitter looking, I'm a LOT stronger”

“By … how much do you mean exactly?”

“I'm one million times stronger than I was before,”

Jill stared at the super girl across from her. How was this possible, she thought.

“But … no way …”

“And it feels amazing too, the strength to do anything. It's like a thousand orgasms at once, and that's just the tip of the iceberg! I can improve my powers as I wish …”

Jill watched as Liz closed her eyes and tilted her head back for a moment as she tapped into the limitless well of energy inside her. Her breasts swelled and her muscles seemed to pulse. Whatever was happening Liz was enjoying it greatly, she had a wide smile across her beautiful face.

“Ummmm … yes … I just doubled my strength,”

“Wh-what? But you don't look any different …”

“I can look however I want to look, no restraints for me. Don't believe what I'm capable of?”

Jill was confused and excited at the same time. She couldn't really imagine a person 2 million times stronger then herself standing next to her.

Liz turned to the fireplace nearby. She poked her index finger into the brick wall surrounding it. It instantly punched through as far as she could extend her finger, as if it wasn't even there. She then carved her name in flowing script using her fingernail across the surface of the brick.

Jill simply stared blinking when Liz suddenly disappeared and a gust of wind rushed through the room.

“Over here!”, she heard her friend from the kitchen. Jill rushed towards the sound.

“How did you--”

“I'm faster too,” Liz opened the freezer door, snapping it off in the process.

“Oops, sorry! This stuff takes a lot of getting used to you know! I'll get you a new one. Should be easy since I won't need money ever again.”

She grabbed an unopened bottle of vodka, popped the cap, and chugged every single drop.

“Yumm! Don't seem to get a buzz though, that stuff probably won't work on me anymore,”

Liz could barely drink without puking before, but now it felt like water to her. She snapped her hand shut, shattering the glass bottle.

“Wow … I-uh … What do you mean you don't need money? You mean you're gonna steal stuff?”

“I can take what I want. Rules and laws aren't for me now. After all who's gonna stop me? Police? The army?” Liz took a long knife off the counter and plunged it into her abs. Jill gasped for a moment, expecting blood. The blade snapped into pieces like a toothpick against a tank.

“Relax, Jill! Nothing can hurt me now. Knives, bullets, blah blah blah”


Liz loved the look on her friend's face as she realized the nature of her powers. Not only had she made herself look perfect, she was now unstoppable. The feeling of limitless energy coarsing through her super body filled her with pleasure unknown to humans. The house shook for just a moment as she quivered.

But it wasn't enough just to tell Jill.

“Why don't we hang out somewhere. I think it's time we have some REAL fun.”

“I think we should talk about th-”

“Don't be such a wimp! It'll be fun! Just meet me at the railyard near the industrial park in Wentworth,”

“That's like 90 miles away. Why on earth …”

“I can wait, just be there!” Liz remarked with a smile. It was hard to turn her down, by now Jill was so astounding she couldn't wait to find out more about Liz's shocking change. That and the fact that going against her didn't seem possible. Her stature was beautiful like a Greek scuplture but imposing at the same time especially compared with her own slight frame. Even her voice filled the room like it was being amplified.

Liz turned and left the house in an instant, causing Jill to jump as a gust of air rushed through.


Liz knew it would take her friend some time to get there the “human” way. She was once again out in fresh air, strolling through a backyard in Jill's neighborhood. She took a deep breath, reveling in her new self and causing her top to stretch to it's limit. Nearby trees swayed towards her as wind rushed across several blocks. Rooftop antennae bended and twisted in the vacuum caused by the girl's powerful lungs. She let out a little sigh, forcing bits of leaves and debris to fly in the other direction again. Branches were torn and flung away along with bits of rooftop and picket fence.

“Oops,” said Liz covering her mouth half-heartedly. “That's a neat little trick.”

She turned to her destination. Rather than run there she thought of another method she could try. She bent her legs and crouched low towards the ground. Swiftly she sprang up pushing off the ground with her feet. The blonde shot into the air like a rocket, reaching a few thousand feet into the air. Liz felt thrilled with the view, the world below her seemed tiny and fragile as it now felt to her. She eyed her destination easily as she began to sink back towards the earth. She didn't wince a bit as her body slammed into the ground in an abandoned lot in a gloomy part of the city. She was impervious to the force of the shockwave that radiated across the area, shattering the concrete below and forming a deep crater in the ground. Nearby buildings shook violently shattering bricks and windows. Parked cars hopped into the air a few inches. The superwoman leapt out of the crater gracefully and took a running leap over the street. She sailed over the roofs of a dozen buildings and landed blocks away with a small THUD, kicking up bits of concrete. She casually walks across the avenue ahead of her, swaying her hips. Liz ignores the 18-wheeler barreling down the road towards her. The driver sees the tall blonde wander into his path and slams on the brakes. The truck slams into Liz's tanned flesh, but she braces herself and slides across the roadway. She remains standing and stops herself by tearing gouges into the asphalt with her toes. The truck's front end is smashed out of shape as if it had just hit a steel post. The driver looks up, shaken and stunned by the sight of a girl standing unphased by the impact from his enormous rig. He remains frozen as Liz walks toward him with a look of lust in her eyes. Not only is she unharmed he thought, but she has the best body he's ever seen.

She reaches out with both hands and grabbed both sides of the beat up cab. She squeezes with little effort, compressing the steel until it presses against the engine, like it was foam and getting a secure grip on it. The trucker sits terrified as the cab slowly begins to rise. The trailer groans and snaps off violently as the truck tilts upward at a sharp angle. Liz holds the massive thing aloft as it were weightless. She smiles at the driver as she looks up into the cab held in her girly arms. The driver squirms in his seatbelt and opens the door, afraid to leap the 10 feet down to the ground. Liz gives the truck a little shake as the cab violently shudders. The trucker slips out and hits the ground painfully.

“You should be careful with this toy, you could break something”

The man looks up in shock as the barely dressed young amazon holds the 10 ton cab in arms, the back end sticking straight up into the air. He feels the ground shake loudly as he lies on the street. Liz wanders down the road, the full weight of the vehicle being sent down to her two delicate feet.


Holes are punched into the tarmac as the young girl's footsteps resonate through the earth. She marches toward a row of cars. Windows burst and steel crumples as they're crushed underfoot. Liz giggles as she walks back into the middle of the road.

“See ya!”

She gives the truck a quick toss into the air and gives it a swift karate kick with her shapely bare leg. An enormous BOOM sounds in the air as the mass is sent careening into sky with explosive force. Bits of parts are sent flying across the neighborhood as the truck disappears into the distance. Liz turned around and leapt over several buildings, hungry for more.

Jill sits nervously in the driver's seat, on her way to meet up with Liz. She switches on the radio, still finding the day hard to believe.

“Sounds of explosions continue all across the city today as our top story continues to unfold. Police and fire officials are seemingly bewildered by strange tremors and frequent reports of property destruction. There appear to be conflicting reports wether or not this was a small earthquake. It appears officials also received several calls about some sort of tornado or wind storms causing damage to cars, homes, lampposts, and other structures. We now go live to Gene Smith who's on one of the scenes on Casman Street.”

“Yes Gina, if this is a storm then it's unlike any that I've ever seen. Weather reports confirm no storm activity in the region all day, and clear skies have been visible to anyone who's been outside today. But the destruction on the street behind me is clearly evident. Nearly all the lamposts on one side of the street appear to be ripped out of the ground or twisted violently out of shape. Parked cars looked like they've been rammed by a truck or some tremendously powerful vehicle, many of them appear to have been pushed into the middle of the street or flipped over entirely. Witnesses I've spoken to said they saw no such vehicle, and this only happened not one hour ago. One witness said that he was working in the back room of his bookstore when he felt these tremors a few seconds apart shaking his building just enough for him to notice. Then he heard some loud crashing and ran outside to see what it was. What he said next was something a lot of other people have been telling me, a huge gust of wind nearly pushed him onto the ground followed by more loud noises. When he got up he saw what I see behind me no--”

Jill switches the station in amazement. Liz's change was not going to be a quiet incident.

“Incidents of explosion reported all across the city. In Bayville, loud booms were reported by residents. Police report pieces of steel debris, some embedded into the concrete walls of surrounding buildings, but no sign of the source. They also report large potholes and chunks of concrete torn out of the pavement in a pattern similar to other cases reported across the city.”

Jill pulled into the railyard several minutes later. It looked like it hadn't been used in months, trains sitting empty waiting for cargo. The factory appeared to be closed as well, and Jill wondered what the point was meeting at this place in the middle of nowhere. She was nervous but utterly fascinated at what Liz had now become capable of.

Did she really do all the things that she heard on the radio? What else could it be?

Liz's superhuman legs powered through the landscape with blinding speed. To her everything was frozen in place as she blitzed through the countryside after a few hours of fun in the city. Signs, highway railing, chainlink fences, brick walls, and trees were torn, ripped and crushed against her indestructible body. With her senses, she reveled in every millisecond of it, turned on immensely as she tore through the scenery in slow motion. Moving at thousands of miles per hour, she reached the industrial complex in moments.

“Uhhhhhmmmm, yeah. That's fast,”

She hadn't exerted herself in the least, in fact she felt even better now then when she started running. The railyard in front of her was paved with gravel and Liz loved the feeling of it beneath her feet. The blonde casually grinded her foot against the ground, turning the gravel into sand.

Liz could hear Jill's car pull in across the yard. Just in time, she thought. The super girl decided to take the most direct route. The chainlink fence ahead of her was no match as she brushed her feminine hands through it, tearing it like it was a spider's web. She briskly walked through and decided to let go and stop holding back her strength. The gravel crumbled with each step she made as her unrestrained legs pounded the ground. A long train of boxcars was lined up ahead of her. She reached for the bottom of one of the cars and grabbed it with one hand. The steel crumbled like clay in her hands even though she didn't feel herself exerting much force. She stretched her hands upwards in a one swift motion. The train car rose off the tracks quickly, groaning and cracking at the incredible stress. The ends of two other cars attached at each end shot up with it. The car flew up and out of Liz's hand rising several feet above her before crashing back to the ground behind her in an enormous cacophany of sound, sending dust all around. The car landed on its side completely derailing the train, tilting and pushing several other cars off the tracks. Liz was completely turned on by the feeling of the enormous object helplessly tossed aside by her little arm. She was surprised how weightless the thing felt against her incredible strength. She walked forward into the tracks themselves. Rather then stepping over the rails, her right foot slammed against the iron. Her toes didn't even bend as the rail was twisted and ripped out of the ground. Liz felt no resistance as ties were snapped and several feet of train track were torn apart like spaghetti. The invincible 19 year old powered her way towards a flat bed carriage on the tracks ahead. Her feet dug deep into the gravel to brace herself as she grabbed the car. The steel crumpled and molded into her small hands. Her arms slowly spread apart as the massive object was torn apart. Liz simply walked into the wreckage, her huge breasts pressing into the metal crushing and deforming the twisted car, pushing the train off the tracks. Her legs tore through the rest of the steel carriage, crushing it against her thighs. Jagged steel edges scraped harmlessly against her flawless, smooth skin.


Yet another cloud of dust and debris exploded near the horizon as Jill ducked for cover. The ground trembled furiously every few seconds. Jill looked out over a concrete barrier and saw two train cars fly 20 feet up into the air and come crashing into the ground. Another loud bang and a tanker flew off the tracks with a massive dent in it's side. Jill suddenly felt a huge gust of wind and more vibrations. A female figure emerged from the dust a few feet away.

“Uhhh … ummm … uhh …” Liz stood glistening in the sun, sweating and panting. Her denim shorts were even more worn with a few holes and small tears and her top continued to strain with a few holes as well. “Such … power!”

“W-wow, tired?”

“Are you kidding me? I'll never feel tired again. I've never felt this horny in my life!”

Jill was a bit embarassed as Liz's ultra-hard nipples stuck out from her bikini.

“Huhhh … hmmm … You couldn't imagine how it feels, a thousand orgasms a second …”

“Liz? Why would you do all this? The stuff on the radio …”

“Just a little fun! All that soft concrete in steel is so tempting. All this strength has gotten me pretty damn excited, I had try out this body!”

She looked down and saw she was covered in dust.

“Oops …” She became a blur as she vibrated at supersonic speeds, shedding the dust off her tanned skin.

“Uhhh … so … fucking … FAAST”

Liz started to vibrate again, this time even faster. She moaned as huge waves of pleasure rolled through her as the girl's fingers ran over her hard nipples at incredible speed. Vibrations ran through her feet into the ground.

Jill felt it in her bones, ringing through the earth. The whole trainyard vibrated as bits of metal and glass buzzed with high frequency. She stared in awe at the 6' 3” blur in front of her.

Liz stopped in an instant.

“FUUUCCkkk … ssooOOoo … GOOOOD … need mOOORE”

The superwoman looked at Jill. She knew she couldn't hold back for her safety.

“Hmm … be right … back,” she said through her panting breath.

Liz suddenly disappeared in a puff of dust, but Jill was surprised to see her clothes remained on the ground.

“NEEEEEED FUCKING MORE!” she screamed as she stopped little over a second later and 6 miles away near a factory building . Her voice boomed loud enough to be heard by Jill clearly. Her skin temperature rose to over 200 degrees as she caressed herself at hypersonic speeds. The super girl's moans rocked the nearby factory to its foundations as windows shattered and objects fell off shelves. Her now nude body shook in ecstasy as she gave herself what she wanted most.


Her cries rang out for miles as the now familiar feeling, more intense than ever, shot incalculable amounts of power through her muscles, organs, and bones. Her body remained as feminine and flawless as ever while her powers grew immensly. She spread her legs apart slightly causing huge cracks to form in the rock beneath her. The superwoman's voice sent a shockwave that ripped apart the brick walls of the factory and sent boulders rolling.

The earth crumbled beneath her dainty feet, creating a 20 foot wide sinkhole. What was left of the factory was obliterated by the shockwave of her voice.

Moments later, Liz recovered from her excitement. She thought she had known strength before, but this time the feeling in her body dwarfed anything she had felt before. She walked over to a boulder and touched it with one finger. Strangely, her finger passed through it as if it were a clump of sand but there was no debris or cracks. She picked a piece of steel junk from the ground, but felt no resistance at all as it turned into a glob of putty in her hands. Liz smiled and ran back towards Jill. As she approached her she noticed something strange a mile away. Jill stared at the horizon completely frozen. She wasn't blinking or moving in the slightest. Liz quickly realized she was moving at super speed even when she thought she was standing still.

Looks like I'll have to adjust to this again, she thought to herself. With that thought everything returned to normal as she stood a mile from Jill. The boulder she had touched disintegrated in cloud of dust, the glob of steel melted into red hot liquid, and each of her footprints exploded in a fiery cloud of dust behind her.

Jill stood helplessly as another shockwave of hot air nearly blew her to the ground. She wouldn't have believed it was happening if she hadn't seen it herself.

Liz reappeared in the blink of an eye.

Jill opened her eyes to see Liz standing totally nude in front of her. She looked even taller than before, nearly 7 feet tall. Her tits had grown bigger than ever and her body looked even fitter.

“What was THAT? An earthquake?”

“I know right? One hell of a trip! A girl has needs,” said Liz as she stood defiantly naked with one hand on her hips.

Jill tried not to notice but couldn't help but admire the perfection of her figure. She knew no woman could match it, including herself.

“I don't know what happened, it sounded like a bomb went off. What did you do?”

“I got what I needed … then went a bit further. Now I'm over TEN BILLION times stronger than human,”

Jill gasped.

“Ccan-can you do that?”

Liz reached down and began to touch herself.

“Mmph, fifteen billion … Mmmph twenty billion … UNNGH THIRTY BILLIONNNN, FORTY, SEVENTY … AH … OH … YEAH … 120, 140, 180,”

Jill swore she saw little bolts of electricity flash on Liz's body. The ground began to convulse as the superwoman rhythmically stroked herself with two fingers. Her free hand traced her curved outline, caressing her moist skin. Her fingertips ran across her nipples. The earth shook again as the sound of two mountains grinding against each other filled the air.

She was getting bigger.

“UUH … two hundred ten billion … TWOOOO FIFTYY … Three fifty … FOUR HUNDRED SEVENTY!”

Jill gave her a wider berth, the quaking was so violent she could no longer stand still. The sky shifted as the wind began circling around Her

Her tits were like beachballs now. Seven feet tall, eight feet, her power had no bounds anymore. Her whole body swelled in proportion. Her shadow grew longer.

Nine foot, ten foot. Her bare feet arched sinking into the hard stone.

Liz's voice sounded like it was coming from everywhere.

“MMM UNN … 675, 750, 820, 950 … mmm, mmm, NNN, NNNNNNMMMM, UUUUGGG, AHHGG, ONE TRILLION … keeeep counting baby …”

Her hips bucked with each pulse of pleasure. The ground crumbled as Jill kept moving away. Twelve feet, Fourteen feet. She was holding herself back so Jill could see. Every twitch of her body sent the world reeling. Every breath of air from her nostrils was like a typhoon

The titanic teenager licked her lips, erotically feeling up her planet-bursting tits.

“Mmmnnn, being big totally rules …”

Her enormous chest heaved as she breathed in. She slowly stretched to 16 feet tall.

Jill just gaped in silence for a few seconds thinking about the awesome sight before her.

“Just imagine, my little pinky finger holds more power than every star you can in the sky combined,”

Jill knew everything Liz said was true. After all she saw, she didn't need any more evidence.

“Of course, it's beyond your capacity to imagine. I'm now the most powerful force there is or ever will be,”

The ground began to shake again and knocked Jill to the ground. She looked up to see Liz tapping her toes.

“Hmmm, now where should I go …”

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