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Secret Weapon

Written by ace191 :: [Wednesday, 07 December 2005 15:00] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 15 May 2014 12:01]

Secret Weapon

by Ace191


“But Superman, when are you ever going to let me reveal myself to the public and operate in the open?”

“After all the mistakes you made on Terra filling in for Marvel Maid (Ed note: as told in Action 273) you are lucky that I don’t expose you to Gold Kryptonite right now to protect everyone from your Super Blunders. Just think of how close you came to killing all those people on that Tanker.”

Oh and YOU never made any mistakes when you were Superboy Kara thought to herself.

“I am so sorry Superman. I will try my best to better earn your trust.”

But the bottom line Kara is that your big fat male ego can’t stand the thought of sharing any glory or credit with a mere girl.

“Say Superman, I have an idea. Instead of doing nightly secret patrols, I could instead spend time at the fortress studying all of the records of your super missions and methods so that I could learn from all your experiences.”

Superman grinned at his young pretty cousin. Ah yes, you can learn at the feet of the master, a perfect place for you. “Sounds like a great idea to me Kara.”

I thought it would appeal to your super male chauvinist ego. “I’m so excited. I can wait to get started tonight.” but not on what you think.


Supergirl flew off to the Fortress with a mile wide grin on her face. Take my powers from me, well we will just see about that!

No matter how many times she flew up to the giant yellow key, she always thought the same thing. Typical for a guy to use a giant phallic symbol to ram into a crevice to open a “Fortress”. At times she almost wished she could read Superman’s mind as he opened the door but then decided that it would probably be too gross for her tastes.

Once inside, she continued to plan out her strategy. Time to find out everything there is to know about Superman. His behavior, his thinking, all his research, every project or experiment he has ever done, every individual he has ever had scientific contact with as well as all the records of Krypton and his total case files.

The night went quickly and it was time for her to fly back to the orphanage before she was missed. Dawn was just breaking as she swooped down to fly into her room unseen when her super vision and hearing picked up a young girl crying to her mother. “There’s Fluffy and she’s caught up in the tree! How will we ever get her down!”

Supergirl thought to herself well I guess there is always time for one little “rescue”. She quickly located Superman still asleep in his bed. Great she thought. A quick shot of heat vision and a puff of super breath and the branch snapped. The cat and the little girl shrieked in unison as it tumbled onto her and then ran away.

Mission accomplished gleamed Supergirl as she sped into her room unseen.


After several nights of reviewing all of Superman’s mission and feats she was ready to look at what she really wanted to see, Superman’s experiments. He had recorded them all in Kryptonese code, but as she spoke Kryptonese as her native language, deciphering it was not difficult. She had to chuckle to herself as the great Superman wrote at about a 4th grade level. She could not help giggling at all his grammatical and verb tense errors.

So what if he is a slow “D” student at language she thought, it’s the data and the results that she was interested in.

He seemed overly concerned with finding an antidote or some type of protection from kryptonite. The vast majority of his experiments revolved around this lethal element. Deep down inside he must really be insecure or he would not be so preoccupied with it.

Unfortunately, all his data always led to the same two endpoints. Loss of super powers or damage to the Y chromosome with loss of cell functions and sometimes even death.

A slight grin started to appear on Supergirl’s face. She still had the problems of losing her Superpowers, but she was beginning to see a possible way where by she could become immune to kryptonite without any ill effects. As she was a female, she had no Y chromosome to damage. By changing just a few steps in the process, she felt confident that she could become immune to the deadly substance.

But the device that intrigued her the most was the one that had once transferred Superman’s powers to Jimmy Olsen. Originally, it had been built by Luthor to steal Superman’s powers (Ed note: as told in Jimmy Olsen # 50 “The Super Life of Jimmy Olsen”) but Professor Potter had tried to modify it to give Jimmy Olsen temporary Super Powers for his Birthday, but it wound up almost costing Superman Permanent loss of his Powers. Now here was a machine that Kara could really use!

It was actually fairly simple and kryptonite based. No wonder Superman was so obsessed with becoming immune to kryptonite. At super speed, she built an improved model that was also carefully camouflaged. Flying home that night, she knew that it would be the last time that she would ever have to conceal herself.


The next day, the seconds passed like hours. Finally it was evening and everyone at the orphanage had gone to bed. She swiftly changed into her Super Costume and located Superman flying high over Metropolis.

“Oh Superman. Studying all your methods and adventures was the smartest thing that I have ever done. I know when you see all that I have learned that you will introduce me to the world and let me operate in the open.”

“Now Kara, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It takes years of training to master super powers.”

Almost in tears, Supergirl said “Won’t you please come with me to the fortress tonight? I have worked so hard and I want to show you all the progress I have made.”

Superman looked at her and knew that most likely she would never be able to handle super powers on her own, but he was a little curious to see what she had learned from him. “I guess I can spare a few minutes from my Super Patrol tonight to see how you are coming along.”

“I promise you will not be disappointed.” Supergirl said.

They flew off together and as usual, he picked up the big key and unlocked the door.

“I have made a movie to demonstrate to you what I have learned.”

Superman sat down on the new couch and Supergirl sat on a chair. She reached over and turned the projector on as Superman felt an all too familiar weakness as beams of energy started to drain from him into the couch. He looked at Kara who was now flexing her toes and arching her back in her chair as if she was in ecstasy. The whole process was over in just a few seconds.

“What a rush!” said Supergirl.

Superman was dazed for a moment and then said “What … what have you done?” he asked.

Supergirl stood up and arched her back thrusting out her chest feeling more powerful than she ever had in her life. “Just showing you what I have learned the past few weeks, and what I have learned, is how to transfer your powers to me.”

Superman tried to fly up but crashed to floor. Supergirl slowly walked over to him and said “I guess you should have used your Gold Kryptonite when you had the chance.”

“Supergirl, you must transfer my powers back immediately. The Earth needs protecting and only someone with experience like me can do it!”

“Don’t you really mean that if you don’t get your powers back within 8 hrs, you will be a normal male for the rest of your life Clark?” Supergirl chuckled.

How could she know that? And then it dawned on him what she had really been doing these past few weeks?

“And don’t worry Clark, because not only am I going to see that you don’t get your powers back within 8 hrs, I am going to see to it that you never get your powers back! But there is one more thing that you can do for me, take off your suit! Super material is just so hard to come by and I have a feeling from now on that I am going to need a much larger wardrobe.”

“Now Kara, be reasonable.”

“You will address me as Supergirl, is that clear Clark.”

Before he could answer she grabbed him in her vise like grip and flew him into the next room. In an instant, he was naked inside a cage he had used to keep exotic animals in while she held his uniform in her grasp. He watched her walk over to a statue of his father Jor-El. She decapitated it and threw the green garments at him.

“In case you get cold, these should keep you warm. Now I have work to do and places to see.”

A few minutes later she returned. “Well what do you think of the new me?”

He looked her over head to toe and a frown appeared on his face. “You look like a cheap slut undeserving to wear the great ‘S’ shield.”

Supergirl was dressed in 4 inch spike high heeled boots that came to her knees. She was wearing a low cut, skin tight, long sleeved leotard that left very little including her nipples to the imagination. Her skirt, if you could call it that covered next to nothing to and her long elbow length gloves and short cape that came down even with her skirt gave her an incredibly sexy appearance.

“That’s your opinion; we will see what the boys in Hollywood think. You may not like my looks, but I assure you from a power standpoint I am more deserving to wear the shield that you ever were. Lead is now like clear glass to my eyes and I suspect I now have the strength of 10 to 100 Kryptonian men.”

In a flash she was gone. His heart sunk as he knew that in all probability, he would be a normal man for the rest of his life while the Earth would be at the mercy of an extremely powerful and evil super female. He had to come up with a way to strip her of her powers even if he would be unable to regain his. The hours passed and he finally fell asleep on the hard cage floor.


“Good Morning Sleepy Head. How are you feeling today? It’s been about 12 hours so I am guessing not very super! I thought you might like to wake up so you can watch your own heroic death.”

Supergirl brought a TV to the cage and turned it on.

“We are coming to you live from Downtown Metropolis where an enemy spacecraft is destroying the city. Everyone is asking the same question, WHERE IS SUPERMAN?”

Just then a familiar red and blue streak rushed up towards the ship. Just before reaching it, there was a tremendous green explosion as the red and blue streak rocketed towards the earth striking a road way and leaving a long deep crater. The TV newscast was interrupted by an ugly green man who said “People of Earth, I have killed your so called super champion. Obey my every command and I will spare your planet. Resist and I will destroy it.” As he finished his last word, a fist with a blue sleeved arm burst out of Brainiac’s chest. An agonizing look appeared on his face as machinery and electronics spewed from his wound.

Before he could utter a word, a super hand decapitated his head and two blistering beams of heat vision reduced it to molten. Metal.

“People of Earth, I am Superman’s cousin, Supergirl. Superman has kept my existence a secret just in case something like this ever happened. Though he is gone, you will still have a Super Hero to watch over and protect you.”

Supergirl flew his ship down to Metropolis Park and activated its force shield so that people could see but not enter it. Flash bulbs were popping and questions were flying but Supergirl just rose into the air and majestically flew off.

“Well Clark, what did you think of your death? Try to look on the bright side; at least you went out a hero. You must be tired from sitting in that cage all night. Why don’t your come with me to my new Malibu Mansion and relax for a while?”


In a little more that a moment, he was at a beautiful beach home in the Malibu Colony.

“Please excuse the mess Clark as I am still redecorating. Why don’t your take a shower and a shave? There is plenty of food in the fridges and I still have a little shopping to do so I will re-join you later.”

Tired and sore, Clark went to the bathroom and took one look at the built it Jacuzzi tub. After an un-super night on the hard cage floor, he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

He filled the tub, turned on the jets and laid down in it. God it felt great! Being super all his life, he always felt good, but he had never before experienced the sensation of painful stiffness giving way to warm vibrating water jets massaging every part of his body.

“Honey, I’m home.” shouted Supergirl. Clark got up out of the tub and put a towel around himself and joined Supergirl in the living room. He was shocked by what he saw.

“Is that the Mona Lisa and Sunflowers by Van Gough?”

“Why of course they are silly. Don’t your think that the world’s most beautiful and powerful female DESERVES to surround herself with the world’s prettiest and finest things? If I don’t deserve them, then who does?”

Clark could not believe the way her new powers and the loss of his were going to her head. Nothing to do at this point but play along.

“Don’t worry about going into work. I stopped by the Planet and told everyone who you really were and why you will no longer be coming in. But not to worry Clark as I have a new job for you. You are going to be my butler. And if you have any thoughts about not trying your best or leaving, remember, I know who all your friends are and it would be such a shame if anything happened to that nice boy Jimmy Olsen or that cute little Lois Lane.”

Clark had to play it cool, but he was coming up with a plan to put Supergirl to sleep and then he wound pounce and exact his revenge.

The days passed quickly as Clark began counting them down to the day he would get even with that little bitch. Supergirl liked to dress formally for dinner every Friday night and then go out on the town, but this Friday, she was going to get the surprise of her young life.

As usual, she descended the stairs looking stunning in her black formal evening gown. Clark pulled out her usual chair at the head of the table with her back to the kitchen and pushed it in for her.

“I have a special surprise for you tonight Supergirl. Orange duck. Shall I have the staff serve it now, or would you like a soup or a salad first?”

“Have them bring it out now please Clark.”

“As you wish Supergirl.”

The kitchen door opened and in one hand the red and blue clad sever had the orange duck. In the other, Wonder Woman was holding a Kryptonite mace which she cracked over Supergirl’s head sending her tumbling to the floor. “Ow” screamed Supergirl.

“Strike her again quickly Wonder Woman before she recovers. You must kill her if the planet is to be saved” said Clark.

Wonder Woman struck another mighty blow this time to her left shoulder and Supergirl again cried out in pain. “Please stop this and I will do anything that you ask.”

“Don’t listen to her Wonder Woman, you must destroy her now for it you don’t, you know that she will destroy you.”

Wonder Woman hated the thought of taking another’s life, but she knew what Clark was saying was true.

“I am very sorry to have to do this to you Supergirl, but it is the only way to save the world from you.”

Supergirl was lying helpless on the floor as Wonder Woman grasped the mace with both hands and lifted it over her head. She then swung it down with all he super strength to strike a death blow to Supergirl’s head. At the last possible instant, Supergirl reached up and grabbed the mace with her left had just before it would have hit her head. She casually stood up and then crushed it against her right breast and then let the tortured kryptonite fall to the floor.

“The look on your face is priceless Clark, yours too Diana.”

In an instant, Supergirl put her left hand behind Diana’s right shoulder and then drove a super right fist into her left breast. The pain was paralyzing, but before Diana could even scream Supergirl had driven her left Super fist into Diana’s right breast. Instinctively, Diana reached for her magic lasso.

“Looking for this.” Supergirl asked mockingly. “I am afraid that compared to me, you are just a little to slow on the draw.” as Supergirl wound the Lasso up and tucked it neatly into the secret pouch of her cape. A gentle tap of her finger against Wonder Woman’s jaw was enough to send her to the floor out cold.

Clark’s jaw was wide open. How could this be happening?

“You seem to forget that I am a female and, unlike you, I have no Y chromosome. After studying your experiments, it wasn’t too difficult to make myself immune to all forms of kryptonite. I don’t think that Diana is going to be needing any of her toys any longer.” as Supergirl quickly striped her of her tiara, bracelets, magic girdle and the rest of her uniform. “Since I am quite sure that this little episode was your idea Clark, I am afraid that I am going to have to punish you severely, but for right now, I suggest you take our princess here up to one of the guest bedrooms and nurse her back to health as if you own life depends on it which I assure you that it does.”


Within a few weeks, Diana was up and around and doing well.

“Your career as Wonder Woman is of course over, but I have another one for you.” said Supergirl. “You are going to be my new upstairs French Maid and personal assistant.”

“Whatever pleases you Supergirl.” Diana said. She never wanted to be hit by Supergirl again.

“I have an important dinner guest coming this Friday, so I expect all of my staff to be on your best behavior as I wish to make a very favorable impression.”

Clark wondered to himself who would be that important to Supergirl that she would care about what kind of impression that she made.


That Friday at 4 PM sharp the doorbell rang. Clark answered it and his jaw dropped when he saw who it was. “Lois, you are the new Wonder Maiden?”

“Please excuse my rude staff Wonder Maiden.” Supergirl said. “Mr. Kent, it is never a butler’s place to get familiar with one of my guests.”

“Oh that’s alright Supergirl. I know myself just how hard it is to get good help these days.” Wonder Maiden said.

Clark could not take his eyes off of Lois. While not quite as big or tall as Diana, she still looked fabulous in the suit and the thought of how much power she now possessed aroused him. Oh why had he not taken advantage of her when he was the one with the Super Powers? It was pretty clear to him now that she would have no use for a common butler like him now.

The two superwomen sat down to dinner and began eating their salads.

“So what is it like being the CEO of Wayne Industries.” Supergirl asked to Wonder Maiden.

“It’s a lot more fun than hiding behind dumpsters on cold nights for hours, waiting for one low life to meet another.”

“Did you have any trouble getting the job.” Supergirl inquired.

“No, I just used the same hostile takeover strategy that you employed with Lexcorp to get that CEO position.”

“And has Bruce learned from which side to serve yet?”

The woman laughed and then Lois asked Kara what she had planed for the night.

“Well, you know how the guys are always asking who they would take, Betty or Wilma, Ginger or Mary Ann? I thought tonight you and I would play the same game only with Brad or Vince?”

“I am definitely a Brad fan.” answered Lois.

“That’s good because tonight I have the hots for Vince and I know where they both will be.” answered Supergirl.

“You don’t think that Jen or Angelina will mind do you.” Lois asked coyly.

“As if they are any competition for us.” giggled Supergirl.

“Diana, did you lay out the outfits I asked for?”

“Yes, Supergirl.”

“Come on upstairs Lois. I think that we have a little time to go shopping on Rodeo Drive before the party starts.”

The two superwomen flew upstairs into one of the guest bedrooms. There they each put on identical suntan pantyhose, with $600 dollar black, Italian leather, spike high heeled boots. Supergirl put on a short hip hugging black leather miniskirt with a leopard skin top. While Lois put on a waisted black leather mini skirt that stopped 4 inches above her knees. Her top was a beautiful gold, long sleeved, silk blouse that buttoned in the rear with a heart shaped gold necklace on a thin gold chain that hung just between her breasts. She looked incredibly sexy and feminine. Then both put on and zipped up their form fitting black leather jackets.

“Don’t you just love leather Lois. It is perfect for short slow flights like this as it holds up well and yet still looks incredible when you arrive at your destination.”


“Yes, Supergirl?”

“Make up the two playrooms complete with shrimp, wine, cold milk and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and don’t wait up for us.”

“At once Supergirl” answered Diana as she watched the two superwoman pick up their black leather purses and quickly rise from the balcony into the night sky, as she wished desperately that she too could go along with them tonight.

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