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My Turn Now

Written by ace191 :: [Thursday, 21 May 2009 15:24] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 15 May 2014 12:06]

My Turn Now

By Ace191


Kerry looked around at the place. This didn't look like any police station that she had ever seen. It looked much more like a fancy office waiting room like she had seen on those lawyer shows on TV. So why did the Vice Cops bring Roberta, Beth and her here? She knew better than to ask, so she just kept to herself as she pondered her situation.

How did she end up addicted to crystal meth turning tricks for that bastard Billy? It was only three years ago that she was a junior in college engaged to be married. And then Rick got her pregnant, and that summer, left her standing at the alter, just three months before her due date.

Her parents disowned her for getting pregnant out of wedlock. She tried to keep her baby, but after Child Protective Services found out that she was doing crystal meth, they took her little girl away from her and placed her in a foster home.

Roberta had been nursing her second beer at the bar when they had been busted, and it was starting to go right through her. “Office Francola, do you think I could use the ladies room”, she asked.

If you were a lady, I suppose that would be all right,” Vinnie responded. “But since you are not, why don’t you just go use the can. And try not to steal all the towels while you are in there.”

Roberta got up and walked to the ladies room. More out of habit than anything else, she cruised on down to the far handicapped stall and plunked herself down. She heard the door open, as she silently raised up her legs.

Where did Rory get those two losers?” the tall blonde asked the shorter redhead.

Beats me,” she responded “but the rumor is they are going to be our volunteers tomorrow on the X4 device.”

Well, they don’t look like the kind of girls that anyone would miss.” the blonde laughed out loud joined by the redhead as they both walked out together.

Shit, what have those prick cops got us into? This is not good Roberta though to herself. She did her business and walked back outside and rejoined Kerry and Beth.

A few minutes later, a tall man in an Armani suit came out of a steel door and locked it behind him slipping the keys into his right coat pocket. He came over and approached the two officers. “Are these the three girls?” he inquired officer Francola.

Yes they are Mr. Smith. Now girls here is the deal. You can come back here tomorrow and entertain some of Mr. Smith’s special clients, or you can come back to the station with me where we will book you and maybe lose your paperwork for a few days. Now which will it be?”

Beth stood up and immediately answered, “I would love to come back tomorrow and entertain Mr. Smith’s associates.”

Roberta stood up as well and walked over to Mr. Smith. She ran her hand slowly down his silk suit and said, “If your friends dress half as nice as you, count me in as well.”

And what about you?” Vinnie asked Kerry.

Yea, sure, whatever.” she responded.

Very well ladies. We will see you all back here tomorrow at 9 am sharp.”

And I promise they will be here if they know what is good for them.” Officer Francola remarked.

Mr. Smith signaled to the security guard to dim the lights and lock up while he and the police officers escorted the three women outside.

My guests and I are very much looking forward to seeing you three tomorrow morning.”

You can count on us, Mr. Smith.” Roberta said as she took the other girls hands and walked them around the corner.

Turning the corner, Roberta led the threesome into a dark alley. “There is something funny about that Mr. Smith,” she said. “I overheard two women in the ladies room talking about us, and I don’t think they intend for us to entertain anyone. We had better go back there tonight and find out what they are up to.”

And just how do you propose we do that?” Beth asked sarcastically.

With these.” Roberta answered as she held up Mr. Smith’s keys.

A half hour later, the girls returned to the now deserted building. Swiftly and silently, they made their way into the room that Mr. Smith had emerged from. Roberta flipped on the light switch, and all three girls gasped in unison as they looked at the strange chair in the middle of the room.

What the hell is that?” asked Beth to no one in particular.

I don’t know,” answered Roberta, “but look at the size of those shackles!”

Kerry was sizing up the device. It looked like a large heavy duty dentist’s chair with a giant overhead light or projector coming down from the ceiling, but what was it for? Maybe some type of interrogation device?

Wow, what is this thing.” Roberta exclaimed as she then pulled Beth aside and whispered something in her ear.

Looks pretty creepy to me,” Kerry replied. “I suggest we get out of here now and not come back tomorrow.”

I suggest we try it out and see how it works, Roberta replied. Any volunteers?”

I volunteer Kerry.” Beth said as she came up behind her and put a choke hold on the much smaller woman.

When Kerry came too, she was strapped in the chair, arms and legs shackled with duct tape over her mouth. She could hear the strange hum of power generators running as she looked up at the menacing projector that was pointed straight at her. Over to her left, she could hear Beth and Roberta talking by a control panel. Roberta had her hand on a large level.

That’s all of them.” Beth said.

Good, now we will give this thing a few minutes to warm up and then see what this lever does.” replied Roberta glancing down at the panel. Next to the lever was a scale marked in increments of ten with a percent. 10 to 70 were in green, 80 and 90 yellow and 100 to 120 were marked in red.

Trembling with fear, Kerry tried to scream as she desperately tugged at the immovable steel.

What’s a matter Kerry?” Beth taunted. “Afraid this ray is going to add some fat to that scrawny little ass of yours?”

Better stand back now.” Roberta commanded, “Time to energized”, as she pulled the lever down into the 10 % position.

The ray came to life and began bathing Kerry in a liquid lighting like bath. The girls could tell that this was a painful process by the look on Kerry’s face and her increased struggles against the unyielding restraints.

Let’s try a little more now.” Roberta said as she brought the lever up to 40%.

Kerry was writhing in agony. It felt like she was being burned, shocked and stepped on by an elephant all at the same time.

Roberta advanced the lever to 70%. Kerry was no longer in control of her body now. Blinded by the ray, in agony, all of her muscles were now contracting involuntarily.

I think we have seen enough.” remarked Roberta. “Time for us to go.”

But what about Kerry?” Beth inquired.

Oh, I don’t think she will tell anyone about what we did here tonight.” Roberta replied as she advanced the lever to the 120% stop and then headed for the door.

The generators began emitting an earsplitting whine as smoke poured out of the panel. Kerry never heard the door close as her two “Friends” left her to die. All she knew was horrific pain as if every molecule in her body was being blown up from the inside. Unable to bear the pain anymore, she mercifully passed out.

When Kerry came too, she was laying on the floor. The chair behind her had been pulled out of the floor. She was no longer confined by the chair, but both heavy restraints were still wrapped tightly around her wrists. The room was a blazing inferno as she stood up on her feet and tried to get her bearings. Her head still spinning, she stumbled towards a heavy steel door that sprung open the instant she touched it. Once outside, her head quickly cleared as she regained her composure.

She heard the wail of sirens behind her and turned to look. Several blocks away she could clearly see both police and fire units heading to her location.

Shit, I have had enough of the cops and their bullshit tonight, she though to herself. I had better get out of here NOW! She turned and started to run, but in less than a heart beat, she was up against the brick wall of a building that had been more than two blocks away. Unable to stop herself in time, she burst right through it. The sirens seemed deafening as she once again turned back to look at the on coming emergency vehicles. They appeared as clear and sharp as if she was standing right next to them, only she was looking at them right through a brick wall!

Super Speed, Super Vision and Invulnerability? This is too good to be true, she thought to herself. Somehow that ray must have given me Superpowers, just like Supergirl’s in the comics!

She had broken into a repair garage filled with cars, truck and tools. She casually walked over to a Ford F350 Super Duty Truck and using her little finger under the trailer hitch, lifted it in the air. A casual flick of her finger sent it tumbling end over end until it crashed into a wall. Wow, I am really, really strong, she said out loud to herself. Let’s see just how strong I am!

She walked over to an unused lift and pulled it up out of the floor and over her head. Standing on her tip toes she became frustrated that she could not reach high enough to take it completely out of the ground. Wait a sec, Supergirl can fly, I wonder if I can too, she pondered. Concentrating on rising in the air, she and the lift moved upwards until it was out of the ground. She twirled the 5 foot diameter 15 foot long solid stainless steel bar as if it were a drum Major’s baton. Quickly tiring of this, she set the lift on the floor upside down and then flew up near the top of the pole. Effortlessly, she put her hands right threw the solid steel and cut off a 3 foot piece.

Floating back to the ground, she focused her eyes on the chunk of steel which quickly became red hot and then molten metal. Working at super speed, she quickly molded the metal into a giant bowling ball. She had no trouble locating the finger holes exactly where she wanted them as the metal was not match for her dainty digits.

Spying a rival pimp’s Escalade parked across the street, she gave the ball a slight flick of her wrist which sent it crashing through the brick wall, through the Cadillac and into the building across the street.

This is just way too cool, she thought to herself and she planed out her next move and in an instant, she had flown through the roof and was streaking upwards into the night sky. Two red hot metal shackles came streaking downwards crashing through the hoods of two police cruisers bring them to an immediate halt.

After a brief flight, Kerry streaked downwards through the roof of a near by mall. Gathering up the things she wanted from the first store, she walked though the wall into the adjoining shoe store and picked up a pair of red knee high boots with 5 inch heels. She jumped up to the display window and a quick flick of her index finger shattered the glass which she then leisurely flew through. She slowly flew down the concourse looking at all the beautiful things that until now would have been completely out of her reach.

And there it was. The stuck-up store that wouldn’t even let her inside, Needless Markup! She landed softly outside as she gazed at all the furs and jewelry on display. Let’s try to see anyone keep me out now, she chuckled to herself. Not wanting to trigger any alarms, she used her heat vision like a laser to make a large circular cut in the glass. She pushed it inside and caught it before it broke and then she gently set it down. Gathering up her already acquired treasures, she quickly flew though the store picking out several others. Expensive bath soaps and shampoos, a luxurious bath robe, several pairs of Hanes Her Way suntan panty hose, along with a massive hair drier and combs.

She quickly walked back to the employee lounge where she torn off her old clothes and in one quick blast of her heat vision, reduced them to elemental carbon. She picked out a bar of soap and matching shampoo and stepped into the shower. The fragrance was rich and exotic, like nothing she had ever used before. She began lathering her now full brunette hair that fell to her mid back. Just running her fingers through her thick rich mane was getting her excited. She rinsed out the shampoo, and then picked up the bar of soap. Starting slowly, she washed her feet and then began deliberately running the bar up her beautiful left leg. Crossing her knee, she altered the bar’s course to cover her left inner thigh then across her crotch and down her right inner thigh. Changing course, she brought in back around her perfectly formed, incredibly firm posterior. Switching hands now, she brought the bar up over her washboard abs as she circled her belly button several times before heading higher still. Under her rib cage the smooth sweet smelling bar rose until it began circling her firm proud 34 DD left breast. Around and around it went until she passed it across to her other hand as she began orbiting her right breast. She then passed the bar over her small, but extremely defined deltoids, biceps and triceps and finally grabbed it with both hands. Working up a large lather, she then brought both hands up to her face and applied the slick substance over her flawless, smooth as silk skin.

She washed the soap off, turned off the water and then spun for a few seconds at super speed. Almost all of the water had left her incredible body as she donned her new robe, picked up her hair dryer and comb and headed for a mirror. Playfully, she began drying and combing her hair. It was the most beautiful she had ever seen, putting to shame all the girls in every hair commercial combined. After several minutes, she grew tired of this and then took off her robe and slipped into the suntan panty hose and boots while admiring her figure in the mirror. She then put on a gorgeous laced bra and then the one piece Supergirl costume she had taken from the store earlier. Admiring herself in the mirror she thought no comic book superheroine has ever looked this good!

Slowly, she sauntered back to the front of the store, her skirt moving to and fro in rhythm with her hips swaying side to side. At the front of the store, she sat down at the cosmetics counter and decided to complete her makeover.

Ace mall cop Paul Blart was just finishing up his third doughnut of the evening. I can’t believe that idiot Freddy called in sick making me work a double tonight he thought to himself. Oh well, any job worth doing is worth doing well, and nothing is going to go wrong here on my watch. He got up from his chair and set out on his Segway Scooter to make his rounds.

Arriving at Needless Markup, he briefly noticed the hole cut though the glass before his eyes locked on to the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Quietly stepping through the hole, he took out his nightstick and began slapping it against his other hand as he managed to get out in his most authoritarian voice, “The mall’s closed now. What are you doing her?”

What does it look like I am doing? Why, I am finishing my makeover of course.”

Well, I am afraid that I am going to have to ask you to leave now. You can come back at 9 AM when the mall opens.”

Kerry briefly paused and turned to look at Paul. She put her lips together and gently blew in his direction. The gale force wind blew Paul off his feet and slammed him into the glass. She put down her lipstick, and stood up assuming the classic fists on hips power pose. “Don’t make me come over there. If you do, I promise I will throw you right through that window Mr. Rent-A-Cop, and I will leave when I am good and ready buster, and not a second before.” she snarled.

He had taken a sworn oath to protect the mall and all its customers, but maybe just this one time he would back off. “OK,” he said, “but just be sure to pay for anything you take.”

You really are clueless.” Kerry said as she sat back down and resumed applying her lipstick. After trying several different types of cosmetics, she was finally satisfied with her new look. She slowly flew upwards and using her heat vision and super breath almost simultaneously, she created a large opening in the roof that she cautiously flew through taking great care not to muss up her hair or makeup. She wanted to look her best where she was going next.

Stopping to hover a few hundred feet above the store, she scanned the city with her super vision until she found the person that she was looking for. Slowly, she flew in his direction as she formulated a plan savoring every juicy detail.

Landing unseen just around the corner from the alley Billy was in, she started walking towards him.

It’s about time you got here bitch! Where’s my money, and you had better have plenty of it.” he yelled.

It wasn’t a good night Billy. Me, Roberta and Beth got busted by the cops. But afterward, I met this funny little man in a wizard’s suit and he said if I gave him a freebee, he would give me what I needed. Isn’t this costume great”, she said as she spun around twice for him. “I think I look really cute in it.”

Furious, Billy drew back his left hand and back-slapped her as hard as he could. “You moron! I don’t care how you look, only how much money you make. Ow, my hand! What the fuck!”

Kerry raised her hand to her face and touched the spot where Billy had hit her. “You hit me as hard as you could and I barely felt it. Maybe that funny little man was right. This costume is just what I need. It’s made me invulnerable just like Supergirl! I wonder what other things I can do!”

Billy wasn’t listening to anything this bimbo said. He had already made a fistand pulled backed his R arm to deck her when he noticed Kerry putting her lips together. In an instant, he had crashed into the brick wall behind him and slumped to the ground.

Wow, I’ve got super breath just like Supergirl! I wonder if I am really strong as well?”

Billy watched as Kerry walked toward him. “Now wait a…” but that was all he could get out before Kerry locked her right hand around his throat and was lifting him up off the ground. Desperately, he reached down into his pants and pulled out his snub nosed .38 revolver.

Kerry watched Billy as he appeared to be moving in slow motion. She waited until he almost had the gun pointed at her before she grabbed his right hand with her left in a vice like grip and then pushed the gun back into his abdomen pointing it up towards his left lung. Billy screamed as she slowly tightened her grip breaking every bone in his hand. Kerry reached up and pulled the trigger discharging a round through his abdomen and into his lung just missing his heart. She held onto the gun as she let him drop to ground landing upright against the brick wall.

Didn’t your mommy ever teach that if you play with guns, someone might get hurt?” she asked mockingly as she causally crushed the weapon and with a backhand toss, sent it flying towards outer space. The mangled weapon almost instantly became a red hot molten mass as it streaked skyward.

Focusing her heat vision at his legs, she severed them just below the hips and then turned them to ash.

SHIT!!!!” Billy screamed. “What did you do that for?”

Just making sure that you never hook any other girls on drugs to get them to do your bidding and now for your arms,” she said as they both dropped from below his shoulders and were instantly turned into ash as well. “I bet as much as you are hurting right now, you can still feel this.” as she put the toe of her boot on his balls and stepped down.

Billy let out a deafening scream and Kerry turned and slowly walked away. “You are not going to leave me here like this.” he shouted.

Kerry stopped and turned back to look at him. “Heavens no.” she said.

This city has a strict ordinance against littering and I would never deface a nice alley like this with a piece of trash like you!” Before Billy could answer, one final blast of heat vision turned him to ash. A quick puff of super breath scattered the ashes as Kerry flew skyward.

Hmmm,” she pondered to herself. “There is no way a Supergirl like me is going to live in a shithole like I have been and I know just where I would like to live now.” she said as a sly grin came over her face.

Flying high above the city at a leisurely pace towards her destination, Kerry was distracted as her super hearing picked up the sirens of several emergency vehicles. Turning her head to look at where they were coming from, she saw flames and a large plume of smoke emanating from a high rise complex in Harlem. More out of curiosity than anything else, she changed her course to get a better look at it, being careful to approach it from the upwind side so as not to get any soot on her uniform or in her hair.

Arriving in front of the building, she could see three girls aged 4-8 years old panic stricken at a window that was well above the reach of the ladder company. Down on the ground, the firemen had set up a large air bag and they along with the girl’s frantic mother were trying desperately to coax the girls into jumping, but the girls were too terrified to move.

Kerry thought back to the terrible pain she had suffered when CPS had taken her daughter from her. Oh well, I am already here. This shouldn’t take more than a minute anyway, and it really does look like a job for Supergirl!

Swooping down to the girl’s window, Kerry could not help but hear all the commotion going down on the ground that her appearance had caused. Putting that aside, she said to the girls “Are you all ready for a quick flight to your mom courtesy of Air Supergirl?” Before even giving the kids a chance to answer, she swept them up in her arms as they all screamed and grabbed a hold of her for dear life. As soon as she started her gentle descent, the flashes started popping while everyone starting oohing and awing. The only time Kerry had even seen so many flashes going off at once was on TV on the red carpet at movie premiers.

On reaching the ground, Kerry gave the two littlest ones to their mother and handed the oldest to the Fire Captain. The flashes were literally non-stop. The mother came over to her in tears and said, “I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough!”

The captain regaining his composure asked, “Do you have a name Miss?”

Why yes,” she responded. “You can call me Supergirl.”

Kerry was enjoying immensely all of the attention she was getting. She turned her head towards the cameramen and flashed a big smile as she slowly ascended back into the night sky. The flashes continued long after she was well out of range. Wow, that was really something she thought to herself. It was like I was Anne Hathaway or something! I could get used to that kind of treatment!

Heading back towards her original destination, Central Park, she began scouting penthouses with a view that looked like they were not in use. She found one that she particularly liked. It had a great view of the park, and in many closets were beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories that looked to be about her size. Yes this one will do nicely she thought to herself as she landed on the balcony and sliced through the sliding glass door lock with her heat vision.

Walking in the closet of the master bedroom, a beautiful gold silk robe with matching teddy and diamond studded slippers caught her eye. She carefully changed out of her super outfit and hung it up with care. It had served her well tonight. She changed into the teddy and brought the robe and slippers out to a chair in the bedroom. She peeled back the down comforter which revealed luxurious satin sheets. She quickly slid into bed and for the first time in a long while felt completely relaxed. Ah, this is so much more my style she thought as she quickly slipped off into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Kerry was awakened to the sounds of someone in the kitchen. Glancing that direction with her x-ray vision, she spotted a handsome well dressed man in his mid thirties, very fit, and almost a dead ringer for Daniel Craig, right down to the intensely blue eyes.

Quickly donning the rob and slippers, she walked into the kitchen. “Good morning” she said with a smile on her face.

And just who are you?” the man inquired with a thick English accent.

A house guest.” she answered innocently.

Well ma’am, I am Jonathan Thompson, butler for Mrs. and Mr. Rothschild, the owners of this flat, and I happen to know that they are away on holiday in Italy. If they had invited any guests, I am sure that they would have informed me.”

Walking over to him as seductively as possible, Kerry stopped just short of touching him. She put both hands on his shoulders and she could tell that Jonathan was very uncomfortable with this. Slowly licking her lips, she said, “You are my butler now, Mr. Bond.” as she closed her eyes and planted a big wet super kiss directly on his lips.

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