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by Whitepaw






This sucks.


Sam sat sprawled across the ragged couch in his aging underwear. The dim light of the tiny apartment set on the spread of want ads, collection threats, beer bottles, and spent top ramen cups.


"Oh please." Supergirl's radiant face spread across his tiny TV screen on some random interview. "I'm not even looking right now." And she flew off.


The TV clicked off and the remote bounced off a wall.


It's not fair!


Sam's nub fists writhed over the worn couch.


The hammering on the door didn't help his heart


"Sam!" It was the old shrew of his landlady. "Got a package here come for you, trade you even for the rent!"


Ben swung the door open angrily, gripping the doorframe instead of her neck. "I'll have the rent by Friday. Withholding mail's a federal offense."


"You better." She turned a hip in her bathrobe and tossed him the small brown-wrapped box. "Sheriff'll be here Saturday."


The building rattled in another liner's heavy jet wash overhead. The thought he saw the flicker of a red cape –


It was a rock. A rock with as much return address as the box it came in. It wasn't even the lump of coal he'd expect. It did however glow emerald when he reached for –


Supergirl blinked as the world rushed in on her. She had to squint to keep the flood of her senses at arm's length.


"Supergirl, you ok?" The airport fireman leapt off the running boards as the fire truck rumbled to a halt.


"Oh … um … " She bit her lip and gently lowered the huge airplane to the ground. The wide body liner felt like a basket of laundry to her. "Yeah, I'm fine."


"Well thanks for – "


HOLEE CRAP! She shot through oceans of Caribbean thunderheads like running through so many sprinklers, yelping in pleasure when cracking bolts of lightning splashed over her body. Ass, legs, hips BOOBS, arms-it all felt so bullet hard, so spring-loaded. She ran her hands over curve after curve in-oh! She unclenched her chest and shuddered as her breasts swelled out to their full size. She felt the power surge back from them as they stretched the S out to near breaking. And-her legs fluttered together, delightfully free and breeze – WOW. She wasn't wearing any – a sheet of pink lightning ripped from her crotch, curled over her skin like fire, twanging her spine straight and her toes clenched.


Oh fuck.


The crackle of it reverberated like thunder off the sea below. An instant later she skimmed the waves, plowing her breasts through them like a ripcord up the Atlantic to split through icebergs. A breath later and she eyed Earth like a snow globe from above. Saltwater froze and popped from her costume and skin as she drifted, scanning below.


She saw himself, a mere speck in a meaningless tantrum so far below.


Now THIS is fair –


She landed like a hammer strike at the edge of the Justice Plaza; an acre of splintered flagstone spider webbed around her … a flagpole missing.


"Holy – " Robin tumbled to his feet, bird-arang in hand. "That ain't right."


Black Canary stood and let loose with a –


Supergirl blew a scouring sweep of wind across the plaza, entraining broken flagstone and debris that slammed off Black Canary's shockwave for a moment before breaking over and slamming half the plaza into the hall's North wing. The bird-arang sliced through her S as she caught it blade-wise between her enormous breasts. Her top gave way like split bailing wire.


"That's enough." Superman hovered at the breech, Wonder Woman at his side.


"Uhgh." Supergirl gave a twist as she stood, breaking off the heavy gauge galvanized steel flagpole at the knees like so much taffy wadded up inside her. Steel screeched and popped inside her as she rolled her body mercilessly. "Hardly."


A blink later Wonder Woman yelped naked. Supergirl pulled up Wonder Woman's armored bra as halfway up as it would stretch on her. "I'm just getting started." She pinned Wonder Woman to the ground by the wrists, licked her lips and began disgorging a hissing-hot mashed steel –


"I said ENOUGH!" Superman gripped her from behind, but as the Amazon armor glowed with a twinkle in Supergirl's eye-couldn't budge her. A flip later and she held him helpless in her inanely strong arms against his every struggle. She took him by the back of the skull in a tongue-diving kiss as her free hand gripped him hard well below the belt.


With hundreds of pounds of steel still crushed into her she mounted him like a motorcycle, handle barred him by the wrists forcing him to cup her as she jack hammered him into her already diamond-forging crotch.


"Stttttopppp-pppppplease … " Superman winced at the strain as she used him like a paddle to stir the molten cauldron within her. His wrists started to crackle at her grip as she fractured his pelvis like so much peanut brittle.


The Hall of Justice crumbled around them in the storm of shockwaves.


"AHHGH!" She felt the power drain from her like a flushing toilet as the crater glowed green from the rock Batman brought to the party. Flesh burned within her as she plopped out a huge steaming ingot of leaden steel. She gripped it in anger and flung the diamond-hard lump of metal at Batman like a battleship round. It caught him by the cape and plunged him into the wreckage.


She heaved a slab of fallen concrete off him and smashed her foot through his wrist. A kick later and the green rock of his left for orbit. "What to do with you?" She swooned as her breasts once again filled out to crackling against the armor she'd stolen.


Batman flipped open a medallion.


Sam blinked, little TV heavy in his arms, braced to chuck it out the dirty window.


Supergirl's hair wafted in the breeze of his open door, her arms crossed over Amazon armor.


"Hello Sam."

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