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by Whitepaw







"She's not the girl next door." He paused in his straight jacket, eyes glazing over for words. "She is a soaring lead guitar solo in the speed metal cacophony that swirls around her, a white swan adrift serenely in a hurricane, a taste of ice cream in your spoonful of curry – "


"How was breakfast this morning, Zed?" The lab-coated doctor leaned against the cell's padded walls, flipping over sheets in a thick file.


"Oatmeal." Zed rolled his eyes. "Is there any other way to describe it?" He scooted into a corner. "I honestly don't know if she can cook, but I assure you she could come up with something better than that."


"She's not here, Zed."


"Tsk." Zed turned away. "As if you could stop her. She's got that whole faster than a speeding – more powerful than a something-or-other thing. Ever stop to consider what ALL THAT really means?"


The dark-skinned doctor shrugged in his white lab coat. "Bag of chips?"


Zed muttered between his lips. "You mock me."


"No Zed." The doctor closed the file with a snap. "You're the only one telling jokes here. Super Girl has never been known to stalk anybody for more than a minute, and never without her reasons."


"But she does stalk – "


"Super villains, Zed." The doctor sunk wearily on his haunches. "You're an elevator repairman. You're just the same as me to someone like her, Zed: nobody. You have no powers at all, and didn't even graduate from high school. You live with your sister and your beagle, drive a Ford, shop at Safeway … "


"Don't you get it?"


"Get what, Zed."


"I'm perfect for her!" Zed leapt to his bare feet. "She could do anything she wanted to me and nobody would believe me, or even care!"




"Damn it Doc!" Zed squirmed to his knees in tears. "My life's in danger! She could kill me in here, doc." Zed sobbed. "And walk away. She visits me all the time. I'm too scared to breathe – "


"Zed, we lock the door from both sides and there's never any evidence of tampering. Sam's on watch at your door and has been for the last two weeks, and he hasn't seen anybody but me come or go. There's no evidence of anybody breaking into or out of the facility on any of our surveillance cameras – "


"It … doesn't … matter."


"I'm disappointed in you Zed." The doctor stood and turned to leave. "We'd hoped that a little rest here with us would help you clear things up."


"She wont … leave me … alone … She thinks I'm Captain Marvel!"


"I'm going to prescribe a few things that should help you sleep, Zed." The doctor scribbled a bit. "And something that should help you rebalance your paranoia."


"It's not about me, doc." Zed rolled over on his face, delirious. "She does whatever she wants. It won't matter. SHE's crazy, not me!"


"Group in half an hour, Zed. We could really use your help with Jesus."


"That idiot doesn't even know which end of the spoon to flick oatmeal with."


"Well, perhaps you could help in more constructive ways." The doctor closed and locked the cell door behind him. "Think about it."


"Sam." The doctor patted the bear of a military policeman at the door.


"Dr. Jameson."


"All clear?"


"As glass, sir."


"Silly … " She stepped from the cell's shadows. "I don't want to kill you."


He trembled in cold sweat as her top peeled off her like discarding a surgical glove.


"And I hope you don't consider this … "She gave herself a firm wiggle as she knelt down to him. " … torture."


He shrugged in his straight jacket, visibly drooling.


She winked and the straight jacket was neatly folded on the bed.


He fell on her, mouth first, hands everywhere.


"Do you remember?"


" … no."


"It will come, my love." She leaned back and spread her legs for him. She might as well have been cast in bronze for all the shoving her around he was able to do.


"Go on … it's ok. I won't hurt you"


Dr. Jameson looked up from his desk at his hanging lab coat and the sound of jingling keys. "You're wasting your time."


"I'm going to break through to him." Super Girl straightened her top. "No matter what it is you've done. He's still Captain Marvel. I can feel it!"


"Zed has always been Zed. Your presence is only aggravating his condition. But I do respect your discretion with the rest of the staff."


"And your office is lead lined because?"


"It was in the disclosures. They used lead-based paint before 1978. We don't have the funds to properly dispose of it."


"Hmph. I'm going to find out what you did to him, and when I do – " And she was gone.


Dr. Jameson clacked quietly on his keyboard. "Patient Z shows fatigue, but is stable and unharmed for the time being."


"The poor bastard should be so lucky. And Patient S?"


"Responding nicely. Patient M still isolated?"


"You do your job, let us do ours."


"Yes sir."

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