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Turnabout Is Fair Play – Chapters 15-16

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Turnabout Is Fair Play

By Ace191


It seemed to Lois as if Saturday would never come, but finally it did. For some reason, she felt that this date with Superman was going to be different that all the others and she wanted to look her best. She had spent all week packing her bags, bubbling with anticipation to try out her new red three piece suit with matching red hat, but first things first! She had a seven am appointment at the beauty salon for the works. Manicure, Pedicure, Shampoo, cut and style topped off with professionally applied makeup. She made it back to her apartment at 11:15 leaving no time to lose.

Once inside, she quickly slipped out of her clothes taking great care not to damage her nails or upset her hairdo. She stepped into a pair of suntan panty hose and then carefully put on her white silk long sleeve blouse which buttoned in the rear. She pulled up her red mini skirt which stopped just above her knee and then donned a pair of 2 and ¾ inch red pumps. All she had left to do now was to put her jacket and short white gloves on and pin her hat. She was now ready to check herself out in the mirror.

No sooner had she started to gaze at her reflection did the doorbell ring. Showtime she thought as she walked over to the door and opened it. “Why Superman, you are right on time.” she said.

“I wouldn’t want to keep a woman as stunning beautiful as you are waiting, now would I? Are you ready to go?”

“I think so.” she replied as she clutched a matching red purse. “My bags are right there. Where are we going?”

“That’s a secret, but I will tell you that our first stop is going to be my Fortress.” the Man of Steel replied. Superman carefully wrapped her in his indestructible cape and then picked up Lois and her three bags. Stepping out onto her balcony, he said “Here we go.” and then leaped into the sky.


On the way to his Fortress, Superman kept thinking how mad Mxy would be with him when he returned in ninety days. The one edge he had was that he knew how much Mxy valued free will. After having a Super Lois as a lover Mxy would surely want her back. And if she went back to Mxy, there was no telling what he might do to him. He had to make sure that Lois was on his side and would never go back to Mxy. And he had just the plan for it.

“Well Lois, welcome to my humble abode.” the Man of Steel said as he carefully set his precious bundle down and unwrapped her. She looked absolutely stunning, despite the long trip.

“I guess you don’t have an interior decorator, do you?” Lois remarked as she gazed at all the scientific equipment pushed up against barren granite. “This place could really use a woman’s touch.” she added.

“Funny you would say that Lois. For years I have longed to take our relationship to the next level, but I knew that I never could because my enemies would strike at you to get to me. But just recently, I think I have perfected a Super Serum which could give you incredible Super Powers just like mine.”

“Oh Superman, what are you saying?” she asked with a tremble in her voice.

Superman came over to her and took both her hands in his. Knelling on one knee, he looked up and said “If I can do it, I want you to be my girl for all time. Lois Lane, will you marry me?”

“YES, YES, a thousand times YES!” she replied through a veil of joyful tears.

Superman stood up and hugged Lois who was sobbing uncontrollably. “You don’t know how long I have dreamed and prayed for this day.” she just managed to get out.

Superman picked her up in his arms and carried her into a nearly bedroom. “Change out of your clothes and tuck yourself in under the covers.” he said.

Lois did as he requested as Superman left the room. A few moments later, he returned with several items. In one hand he held a blue mini-dress with an “S” shield on the chest with a yellow belt and gold buckle. In the other, a short red cape, red gloves and a pair of flat red Super Boots similar to his all of which he carefully laid out on the chair by her bed. He then sat down on the bed and pulled out a small test tube with a screw on top from the pouch in his cape. “Sit up and drink this Lois.” he said.

Lois did as he requested and laid back down. “This may make you very tired as the formula transforms your body. Don’t try to fight it. Just go to sleep and let it do its work.”

Lois watched the Man of Steel, the Man of her Dreams walk out of the room as a wave of fatigue suddenly swept over her as she closed her eyes and tried to imagine what being a Superwoman with a Supermate would be like.


A few hours later Lois awoke and felt more refreshed than she ever had in her life.

She could hear Superman working in the room next door. Glancing in that direction, she could see him clear as day, right through the granite wall. Good Heavens! His Super Serum must have worked, she thought to herself.

She quickly jumped out of bed and headed over to the chair. She picked up a pair of blue panties and matching bra and slipped into them. Hmm, she said to herself as she wondered just how Superman had figured out exactly was size she was. Wasting no more time she used her new super speed to change into her Superwoman outfit in just a few seconds.

She walked into the room where Superman was working and said, “Well what do you think of the new me?”

“Did the serum work Lois?” he responded.

“I think so.” she said. “But so far, I have only tested my super speed, hearing and vision. Do you mind if I try lifting that old machine over there?”

“Be my guest.” the Man of Steel responded.

Lois slowly walked over to the 10 ton apparatus and causally flicked it up into the air and balanced it on one hand like a waitress with a tray of food. “It feels light as a feather to me.”

She quickly set it down and then tore a large chunk of steel off the top. Two red beams shot out of her eyes and in just seconds, the metal glowed red hot. She quickly shaped the molten material into a heart and tossed it to Superman. “I think you can add super strength, invulnerability and heat vision to the list of my powers.” she said.

Lois quickly leaped into the air and started flying all around the room. “Weeee, this is fun.” she said as she landed next to the Kryptonite vault.

At superspeed she reached into a drawer and pulled out a large chunk of Green K. “Look Superman, just as I suspected this has no effect on me.” she said as she turned to face the man of her dreams.

“Lois, no!” was all the Man of Steel could get out as he grabbed his abdomen while his knees buckled under him.

Realizing what she had done, in an instant Lois put the Green K back in the vault and flew to Superman’s side catching him just before he hit the floor. She scooped him up in her arms and flew him back into the little bedroom and gently laid him on the bed. “Oh Superman, I am so sorry.” she said through tearful eyes. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“It’s ok Lois. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me, but now that you are Super, you will need to very careful what you do with your new powers.”

“I know, it was just that I was so excited … I promise that I will never let that happen again. Are you feeling any better now? Perhaps a quick trip in the sunlight will recharge you, and I know just the place we can go where I can get some practice with my new powers.”

Superman sat up on the side of the bed and as he extended his hand to Lois he said, “Lead the way, Superwoman.”


A few moments later, the Couple of Steel had arrived in a remote part of Alaska. “How about a little game of Baseball?” Lois asked playfully. “You go find a ball and I will make a bat.”

Superman flew off as Lois made her way to a giant tree. Starting at the top, she began karate chopping the branches off as she worked her way down the trunk in a spiral fashion. In just a few seconds she was at the base of the tree where she used a narrow beam of her heat vision to separate it from its stump. A couple of short blasts of her super breath extinguished the fires her heat vision had started.

She grabbed her super bat and flew up in the air just as Superman was returning from the mountain range with a 5 ton granite boulder. “Batter up.” he said.

“Show me what you got.” Lois said as Superman wound up and delivered the 5 ton projectile at high-speed. Lois swung her bat and connected perfectly. A large crack split the air as the boulder reversed its course and headed over a nearby mountain range.” Is that all you got?” Lois asked.

Superman left and then quickly returned with a 50 ton boulder. “Let’s see you hit this one.” he said. He threw the massive rock so fast that a fire tale trailed behind it. Lois swung her bat at incredible speed but it shattered on impact with the massive projectile. Lois dropped her bat and flew down and caught the boulder. “Let’s change this game to fetch.” she said as she fired the boulder over Superman’s head.

Superman quickly retrieved the boulder and said, “Why don’t we try a little dodge ball instead?” as he threw the boulder as hard as he could straight at Lois. Despite the incredible speed that the boulder was traveling at it appeared to be moving in slow motion to Lois. Instead of trying to dodge it, she assumed a power pose and let it hit her square on. Lois didn’t move an inch as the boulder shattered into a million pieces on contact with her invulnerable body. Lois laughed and said to Superman, “I guess you are going to need a bigger ball.”

Superman answered back, “It looks like you are just as Super as me.”

“I am not so sure of that.” Lois responded. “You came to earth as a baby and had superpowers so you never really got to develop your muscles. I have the fully developed muscles of an adult woman and I am now super. Perhaps now would be a good time to find out of which of us is stronger.”

“What do you propose?” Superman asked.

“Perhaps we should try a little arm wrestling if you’re up for it.” she replied.

“This is ridiculous.” Superman said.“ I’m a man and I am twice your size.”

“There is only one way to find out.” Lois said as she landed on a clear spot in a meadow and held out her arm. “And just to make it interesting, the loser has to do the dishes and keep the fortress spotless for the next three months.”

Reluctantly, Superman flew down and grasped her petite hand in his.

“On the count of three.” Lois said, “and don’t hold back on my account. One, two three!”

Superman was shocked as his arm was now halfway down. Subconsciously he had not been using all his strength but now he gave it all he had but he couldn’t budge Lois’ his arm.

Lois was holding Superman’s arm in a halfway position and was not using anywhere near her full strength. “Why don’t you try using both hands?” she asked.

Angrily, Superman grabbed his right hand with his left and started to pull Lois’ arm back. Lois gritted her teeth and gave it everything she had and slowly she was able to bring the man of steel’s arms down. “You lose.” she said triumphantly.

“I guess I must still be weak from the exposure to the Kryptonite earlier this morning.” he said.

“Well, if you’d like a rematch for double or nothing I’m up for any time.” she responded.

Superman turned and slowly walked away feeling dejected. A moment later Lois joined him and said, “Come on now. Wipe that frown away. This is the happiest day of both of our lives. There is a great big world out there that I’m just dying for you to show me.” she said as she took his hand in hers. “And the first place I’d like to see is Hawaii.”



After twenty four hours of following the sun around the earth on their incredible world tour, Lois and Kal returned to the fortress. “Can you give me a few minutes Kal? I would like to freshen up and take care of a couple of things.”

“Sure Lois. I really should take a little break to check my monitors.”


Emerging from her room a few minutes later, Lois approached Superman and said,

“Since I’m stronger than you and invulnerable to kryptonite, I have decided to call myself Ultrawoman. Well, what you think of my new uniform?”

“You look stunning in it.” Superman said with his head hanging slightly low.

Lois slowly walked over to him and put her arms on his shoulders. She floated up in the air until her eyes were just below his. “You have been so wonderful to me today that now there is something very special that I would like to do for you.” she said as she closed her eyes and brought her lips up to his.

Superman felt her moist lips touching his. Her tongue started dancing over his. He could feel her perky super breasts gently touching his chest as he felt compelled to hold her tight. This was the moment he had been waiting for all his life. He carried her into the little bedroom and laid her on the bed and began kissing her neck. He gently cupped her breast in his hand while slowly working his way up her neck to her ear lobe. He saw that special smile start to develop on Lois’s face and he knew that she was enjoying this as much as he was. “Roll over for me Big Blue.” she asked.

Superman was now laying on his back while Lois hovered over him kissing his lips. Her firm breasts were just touching his chest as Superman grabbed her incredible buns of steel and tried to pull her down closer on top of him, but Lois didn’t budge. His desires were becoming painfully strong as Lois broke off her kiss as she pulled the Man of Steel’s shirt up. She started making circles on his chest with her hands while kissing his nipples. Slowly she was working her way down to his abdomen.

Now Superman was feeling a pain in his loins that he never experienced before. Lois was fully aware of his state as she pulled his pants down and gently touched the tip of his now erect shaft with her fingers. Flying up into a vertical position she slowly lowered herself down taking in the Man of Steel’s titanium hard member fully inside her. The sensation was unbelievable as he gazed upward at the indescribably beautiful Super Female who was now about to make his day.

Slowly Lois started thrusting up and down gently increasing her pace as she watched the Man of Steel’s arousal increase. Abruptly, she stopped with her super vagina clamping down hard on his rod of steel. Superman felt a terrible pain coupled with desire and tried desperately to continue thrusting but his member was no match for her vagina of steel. He watched helplessly as Lois arched her back and put her hands behind her head thrusting out her now super rack and suddenly he knew exactly what he needed to do. Using his hands he began to squeeze both of Lois’ breasts. A warm smile came over her face as she once again began thrusting. Superman thought he was going to burst when she again stopped thrusting and leaned over him with her nipples just inches from his chest. The walls of Lois’ super pleasure palace started to rhythmically contract and the sensation was almost too great for the man of steel to bear. He tried feebly to push her off but his arms were no match for her incredible super thighs. Helpless now all he could do was to put his hands on her buns of steel and pull her towards him with all his strength. Suddenly, in a flood of delight his release came. Not only had he never experienced anything like this, he’d never even imagined something this incredible was possible. No wonder Mxy was so found of Lois!

Right after Superman came Lois released her grip on his pelvis and straightened out her legs. She put them between his as her super vagina tightened up making it impossible for the Man of Steel to withdraw his member. Lois basked in the most incredible afterglow of her life while her body molded to his.

Kal was still gasping for breath with his heart racing as he felt Lois’ vagina tighten on his member. Why had he waited so long to give her superpowers? Why had he deprived himself of this incredible pleasure? He made a vow right then and there that he would never allow any other man possess her.

After Superman had recovered Lois looked up at him and said, “How about a nice thank you back and butt rub?”

Kal reached down with his hands and began gently massaging Lois lower back in a rhythmic manner. He slowly worked his way down to her incredible buns of steel. Even using all of his incredible super strength he could barely make a dent in them. Lois was in ecstasy as she could feel Clark’s member deep inside of her while he massaged her posterior. This was a moment that she never wanted to have end.


Lois shifted her position and gently tightened her legs around the Man of Steel. After several days of nonstop lovemaking he had finally exhausted himself and collapsed on top of her. She pondered all that had happened in the last few months.

What was it that Ronald Reagan once asked, she thought as she raised her arms up over her head? “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Let’s see.

Of his own free will, the man of my dreams has endowed me with fabulous superpowers superior to his and has asked for my hand in marriage. He is an incredible super lover who can pleasure me like no other male in the universe. And anytime I want I can put him in his place by exposing him to kryptonite traps or by having “Mxy” place him in terrible predicaments that only my Ultra Powers and wits can extricate him from.

And if I ever get tired of all of that, I can always use my unlimited magic powers to explore countless other solar systems and dimensions.

So am I better off now than I was four years ago?

HELL YES, Mr. President, HELL YES!

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