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Crazy About You

Written by ultragirl :: [Wednesday, 05 October 2005 14:21] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 01 January 2013 13:29]

Crazy About You


by Ultragirl




Looking at my own reflection when suddenly it changes.

Violently, it changes …

The world is a scary place now that you’ve woken up the demon

in me.”

-Disturbed, 2000



David turned the key to his Audi feeling the comfortable vibration of the engine under his seat. The blue and red panel brightened along the dash. A sleek back exterior reflected the city lights like black water as he drove the late, empty streets. He thought about the woman he met tonight. Insanity came to mind. He had to be insane to turn down a woman of such exquisite beauty.


She had been so … silent … after they had spoken. She never said a word after David had told her that he didn’t want a relationship at the moment. He explained how he’d just gotten out of a relationship. He explained, thoughtfully, that he found her very beautiful and charming; but, right now, he wasn’t looking for someone to be with. He swears to himself that it was the hardest thing to do. He had been sitting across from arguably the most powerful woman on Earth.


She looked so blank. There was nothing. After he’d said what he wanted to say, she merely looked at him. Her blue eyes seemed to shift from bright and alive to dull and empty. Yet, her expression never moved. She said “yes” only when he asked if she understood how he felt. She answered him with the same when he asked if she was okay. She merely sat. “She looked incredible,” he admitted to himself. Her blue evening dress covered her naked skin beneath. When the public was fortunate to catch a glimpse beneath her costume, the media had a field day. When confronted about the indecency of her costume, she claimed it a custom of her home planet. All was forgiven. Nothing changed. Being the most powerful being on the planet had its perks.


All her contours and perfection’s were there for the world to see. He remembered how the dress slid across her bottom as he followed her to their table. She must’ve known he was watching. You can never hide from some one like her. She knows what men want. She knows what they desire from her. She listens to them.


The simple motion of sitting she made into a dance. She turned on her toes, though she seemed to float, and leaned more than necessary when taking her seat. Thick, golden hair fell over her back like a waterfall of honey. Walking to his own seat, she would look up at him with a smile as if she were admiring the way he walked. She watched every move he made and responded to it. Blue silk slid over her nipples, which were obvious through the shimmering gown. She didn’t care. She loved the world to see her. She wanted him, and she knew he wanted her.


He didn’t however. Not now, at least. Although, the opportunity has passed him he imagines. He turned onto the freeway that ran along the bay. The city’s lights danced across the water like a spreading flashfire. The stars provided no light as distant clouds gathered over the water. With the windows down, he could smell the coming storm.


The large gates of his estate quietly opened welcoming their master into its wrought iron arms. Lightening leaped through the clouds over his home. As large as it was, it seemed small under the thundering of Mother Nature’s voice. Another flash illuminates the façade of the playboy’s mansion.


“I’m tired. I’m seeing things,” he dismisses. He saw her. He saw something of her. His mind was guilty. The sight of her on the roof, wet and alone, naked, was his guilty feelings about her. The relationship never made fruition. A few dates and she seemed ready to settle down. He remembered the earthmoving sex from their second meeting. He allowed himself a smile. It closed the west wing of his house for several days afterwards. Was it a mistake?


“No. I did the right thing. For me and my safety.” He said aloud. He’d heard the stories of her former lovers disappearing at the hands of her enemies. She’d had many, or so the rumor was. Though she’d proven that no standing army, or multitude of them, could compete against her, she was unable to keep her lover’s alive. It seemed that even the supermen couldn’t survive her. No one questioned it. America’s sweetheart? No way. Simply, it was a part of being with her. She had enemies. Her enemies were to blame. Being around her was dangerous.


The maw of his garage opened wide. He slid his car through the opening and turned the engine off. A sound startled him. Something moved beside him. He sighed inward. The tips of his fingers tingled from the rush.


“Get a grip. Huh?”


Approaching the entryway he noticed how crooked it seemed. Certainly not straight. He scanned over the edges first looking at the hinges. The door hinges were mangled and recessed into the wood of the frame. While fishing for his cell, he looked over the rest of the precariously blocked portal. Small imperfections were pressed into the door itself. Four of them in a parallel pattern pressed into the door and looked like the remains of a child’s playdough.


“Yes.” He held for the dispatcher on the line. Another rush of wind startled him. He turned around. The blue dress was there. On the cold floor behind him, a puddle of dark, wet blue sent him reeling back in to the door. No longer able to hold, he fell through onto his back.


“Hello? Hello?!”


“What is your location?”


“530 Brittany Bay Blvd. There’s been a break in. No, I haven’t been inside. I just got home. Yeah. A couple of minutes ago. I’m not sure. Thank you.”


David wiped the sweat from his forehead still lying on the floor of his kitchen. Slowly he rolled over, getting to his feet. “Stupid man.”


“Wha-? Go away! Get out of my house!”


Clumsily he reached into one of the many drawers lining the island stove. Drawer after drawer flung open looking for a suitable weapon. He wielded the large knife out in front of him blindly poking into the darkness. There was no sound but his ragged breath. His heart pounded inside of his head. “Coward!”


“Damn it! What do you want?” His knife stopped in his grip nearly causing him to lose control of it. He poked again feeling a soft resistance. Lightening provided the momentary illumination of her. The knife was no longer in his hand. She bit the end off and spat at the wall.


“Sara? What is this about?” He relaxed a bit, though his mind told him he had no reason to. She was still achingly beautiful, even in the near dark. She was wet, naked, and vulnerable. He softened at the site of her eyes. She seemed hurt and lost. He looked at her concerned.


“Aren’t I pretty?”


“God, yes.”


She appeared in front of him. He never saw her actually move. His breath caught in his throat. She placed a hand on his chest. “Then why did you leave me?”


“Because.” He hesitated to answer. “You’re dangerous to be around. I can’t be with you, Sara. I can’t.”


“The night we made love. The night you brought me home. You said you loved me,” she cried in desperation. Her body shook with tears.


“You asked me too.”


Her hands went limp to her sides. Hurt washed over her face. Then, the very thing that made America adore her, the vulnerable innocence, despite her enormous power, sank from her eyes. Something changed. She was looking through him. He could feel his nerve endings itch. She looked at the meat and organs that made up the structure of his body. Her head cocked sideways. Her eyes shimmered brighter. All the molecules moving about inside of him became clear to her. He was no different. She watched his stomach churning tonight’s meal. His lungs filled in changing volumes before her. Her eyes moved down his abdomen to look at his naked sac. She saw he erection hard in his pants. No different.


“NO!” She screamed.


His back slammed into the wall behind him pounding all the air from his body. So many things broke inside him; he numbed to it all. Too much pain at once, his brain shut it out. Another wall opened up behind him. Wood, piping, drywall, floor. She floated through each new hole. Blood poured from his ears. His heart was loud in his head. One capable eye opened. Through waves of searing discomfort he reached up with his remaining good arm to his nightstand. The gun wavered and was heavy in his hand.


“You can’t deny me, David. No man can deny me.”


Refusals spit from the end of the barrel. None of them made any difference. Her fingers pinched the barrel closed. Blackness washed over David. The only safety he believed was left came to take him. He heard sirens in the distance. An angel’s arms wrapped around him and lifted him like a small baby. Her skin was soft and warm and safe. She breathed into his ear. He felt his body floating.


“Don’t deny me, David. Don’t be afraid, darling. I love you.”

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