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The Supergirl Phenomenon 2.0: Prison Break

Written by brad328 :: [Wednesday, 19 October 2005 19:50] Last updated by :: [Monday, 20 May 2013 16:03]

The Supergirl Phenomenon 2.0: Prison Break


by BW







Author's Note: This story was inspired by “The Supergirl Phenomenon” by Steve the Z and the FOX television show “Prison Break”. I know, not that original …

Editor's Note: Brad later retconned this story – alongside Home Invasion and Conspiracy Theory – in a single long story called A Marvel To Behold. We have reseeded all the versions for completion sake, but A Marvel to Behold should be considered the only "official canon"





“There’s no way I’m getting out of here” said John, also known as inmate 31872, to his wife who also is his legal counsel


“Don’t say that, there’s still a chance,” Melinda said. “We still have an appeal with the federal court and there’s the Supreme Court. You can’t give up now.”


“Mel, they’ve fast tracked the appeal process. You know the system. There’s no way, one year from when they arrested me for the murder of the governor’s brother that I can be on Death Row waiting to be executed in 30 days. Something’s going on, that’s bigger than both of us. And whoever it is, they don’t want me sticking around.”


“I’m not giving up on you John. I know you didn’t do this and I’m going to do whatever it takes to get you back home.”


“It’s going to take a miracle to save me Mel” John said despondently. “Go home and get some rest.”


Melinda got up and left the visiting area as John was escorted away in shackles by the guards.


Back at home, Melinda was sitting at her desk, poring over papers regarding her husband’s case.


“He’s right. Whoever is behind this is way more powerful than me. I wish there was something more I could do!” she exclaimed.


Then there was a flash of light. Muscles started expanding on her petite frame. Her clothes were getting tighter. Her chest began to get larger, popping the buttons on her blouse.


“What just happened?” she wondered, as she took off her glasses. She looked down at her body, muscles bulging as her clothes were straining to nearly the breaking point. Her scarlet tresses cascaded down her shoulders, freed from the bun they were in earlier. She pulled open her blouse revealing a blue spandex top with a yellow lightning bolt across the chest.




She shrugged off the rest of the blouse and exposed the rest of the costume and the red cape with yellow trim. She took off her skirt, revealing a blue mini-skirt and yellow belt. She also had red high-heeled boots on. She examined herself in the mirror and flexed her arm, causing the bicep to bulge under the spandex.


“I think my wish has been granted.” she said, smiling.


Leaping out of the window, Melinda streaked through the night sky towards the prison. She landed near the front gate.


“Maybe I should use a quieter approach.” she thought.


She leapt over the gate and landed in the yard and she started to make her way to the maximum security wing of the prison. Being slightly careless though, she failed to escape the view of the spotlights from the watchtowers. The alarm’s squeal pierced the quiet evening.


“Well, there goes the element of surprise.”


She grabbed the large metal door to the prison and lifted it off its hinges. Throwing all caution, and the door, to the side she ran inside only to find a group of guards trained on her with pistols. At the sight of this, she started to say “holy sh…but the guards took advantage of this moment of indecision. They fired off many shots, looking to stop this superwoman who’s broken in. But the bullets bounced off her chest and washboard abs. The guards stood with their mouths agape and she decided to turn the tables on them. She used her super lungs and blew the guards across the prison,

knocking them out.


She then made her way over to John’s cell, isolated from the rest of the prisoners because the warden felt he was too dangerous of a criminal. The alarm had wakened him from his sleep and even though the commotion was far away, he could still hear it. He was surprised when he made his way to the metal bars that he saw his wife … well, his wife with a body like a fitness model wearing a knock-off of a Captain Marvel costume.


“Mel” John said stunned. “What is going on? What happened to you?”


“Something wonderful,” she beamed, “I’ve come to get you out.”


She then grabbed the metal bars and using her super-strength bent them open.


“Holy crap!” he exclaimed, “But, now what? There are more guards coming and while you may not get hurt, I’m not exactly Superman you know.”


She examined the cell and walked over to the far wall. She reached back and unleashed a punch that created a gaping hole in the concrete.


“Then we make our exit.” she said. She grabbed him in her arms and flew out of the prison.


John held onto his now super wife. “Melinda, thank you. But now what do we do?”


“Find the real killer.” she said as they flew through the night sky.



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