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Romance, Interrupted

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Romance, Interrupted


by BW










“When you said you were taking me somewhere romantic for Valentine’s Day I had hoped that it was Paris or Rome … not Niagara Falls.” Melinda said.


“Come on Mel, this is great. It’s majestic, a true miracle of nature. You know, they say that Niagara is for lovers.” John responded.


“If it’s about money, I could fly us anywhere in the world. Brazil is wonderful this time of year, much better than upstate New York … in the middle of February …” she said.


“Give it a chance, you might like it.” John said.


They walked along the viewing area as the people were taking in the sights. A small child played alongside the railing as his mother was talking on a cell phone. The child climbed to the other side of the rail and held on with one hand, switching between right and left.


“Mommy, mommy, look at me.” the boy said, desperate for attention.


“That’s great Jimmy.” the mother said disinterested, looking in another direction.


Jimmy continued this game until his hand slipped and he started falling. The child’s scream snapped the mother out of her trance and drew Melinda’s attention.


“I’ll be right back honey.” she said, dashing off towards a nearby restroom.


At super-speed she ripped off her conservative attire, exposing her form-fitting costume. The scarlet haired superheroine was a blur as she flew down towards the falling child. She caught him in her arms, saving him from the jagged rocks and rushing water below. Landing back on the viewing area, she handed the child to his hysterical mother.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” the mother said, tears in her eyes.


”No problem,” Mindy Marvel said, “Just remember to pay more attention to your children”.


Mindy flew away and, after changing back, caught up with John.


“Well, I guess I don’t get a total day off.” Melinda said.


“Yeah, at least it wasn’t something big like an alien invasion,” he replied. “We had better check into our hotel. I told the clerk we’re newlyweds, so he gave us the honeymoon suite at 50 percent off. Just play along.”


“I told you if it’s a money thing …” Melinda said as they walked to the hotel.


Later on that day


“Oh man, this room is sweet Mel.” John exclaimed. “Fireplace, heart-shaped Jacuzzi tub, free mini bar. And here’s the best part.”


He puts a quarter in a slot and the bed starts to rotate.


“A rotating heart-shaped bed,” Melinda said sarcastically. “That just screams class.”


“You need to get ready Mel, our dinner reservation is at 6 p.m.” John said.


Melinda went into the bathroom as John turned on the television.


“Channel 4 breaking news, a massive ten car pileup on the bridge has backed up traffic. Reports say that a bus is hanging off the edge. Rescue crews are trying to get the people out as fast as they can.” a reporter said.


“Mel, did you hear that?” John asked.


Melinda walked out of the bathroom not in her black dress but the blue and gold of Mindy Marvel. Her muscles bulged under the spandex as her crimson cape flowed behind.


”I heard … I guess dinner will have to wait.” she said. “I’m really sorry John.”


“I know, it’s just part of your job.” he replied.


She opened up the window and took off into the sky. Moments later she arrived at the scene. She saw the bus teetered precariously on the bridge as the crews were unloading the passengers. But they weren’t quick enough as gravity took advantage and started to pull the vehicle down towards the river below. Mindy grabbed the bumper and, using her super strength, pulled the bus back onto the pavement. She was about to leave when an EMT raced towards her.



“Mindy Marvel, I’m glad to see you.” the EMT said. “There’s a pregnant lady trapped in a car and we can’t get her out!”


Mindy made her way towards the crumpled vehicle. The driver’s side was pinned up against another car and the passenger side door was smashed in. She grabbed the edges of the warped door and ripped it off its hinges. Throwing the door aside, she pulled the seatbelt out of its socket and scooped the woman up. Mindy raced from the vehicle as it exploded in flames and placed the pregnant woman on a stretcher to get treatment. Seeing that the worst was over, she flew away.



Much later that night


Mindy landed on the balcony and walked through the sliding glass door into the hotel suite. The bed was adorned with rose petals. Candles, nearly burnt out, were lit all around the room. The sounds of Nat “King” Cole’s signature hit “Unforgettable” played on the stereo. And sleeping in a loveseat was John, his tuxedo wrinkled and disheveled. Mindy nudged him awake.


“Hey you.” she said.


“Hey honey, how was did your night go?” he asked groggily.


“Busy … after the accident there was a bank robbery, a high speed chase, a train derailment, and an alien invasion.” she replied.


“An alien invasion?” he inquired.


“Well it was three escaped mental patients with toy guns, but they were really convincing.” Mindy said. “I guess your romantic night didn’t go as you planned.”


“It’s alright. It’s the price I pay for being married to a superwoman, right?” he said sheepishly.


“Well, I have something for you.” she said, grabbing him by the hand and leading him to the balcony. She held him close and propelled them into the twilight. They flew to the falls, which were illuminated in a rainbow of colors. They hovered over the spectacle as they held each other tight.


“I think this night turned out better than I had expected.” he said.


“You’re right John, this is beautiful. I’m glad you brought me here.” Mindy said.


Their lips met and they kissed passionately as fireworks lit up the night sky.


“Happy Valentine’s Day John.” Mindy said.


“Happy Valentine’s Day Mel.” he said as they kissed again.

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