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Home Invasion

Written by brad328 :: [Monday, 23 January 2006 19:03] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 01 January 2013 21:10]

Home Invasion


by BW





Editor's Note: Brad later retconned this story – alongside Prison Break and Conspiracy Theory – in a single long story called A Marvel To Behold. We have reseeded all the versions for completion sake, but A Marvel to Behold should be considered the only "official canon"





“Mel, you know we can’t go home.” he said.


“Then we’ll go to our cabin in the woods. That should buy us time.” she responded.


Minutes later, they touched down in front of their cabin. John walked up to the door and grabbed the handle.


“Damn, it’s locked.” John said.


“Oh honey,” Mindy replied. “Sometimes things need a woman’s touch”.


She grabbed the doorknob and it squealed and deformed in her grip.


“See, no problem." she smiled as they walked inside. John flipped on the light switch and they sat on the couch.


“So Mel,” he said, gesturing at her new look. “How did this happen?”


“I don’t know John.” she said. “Call it a wish, magic, or divine intervention. All I know is that I know have the power to clear your name and bring those responsible to justice.”


“It’s just a lot to take in. I was in solitary a few hours ago and now I’m sitting here, in the middle of the woods, talking to a superheroine." John said.


“I’m the same Melinda that you fell in love with.” she said. “Except I’m more powerful than a locomotive and can leap tall buildings in a single bound. I’ve always wanted to help people. Now I have another way to do it.”


“Mel … you’ve always been super to me” John responded.


John and Melinda embraced and they started kissing passionately. John swept Melinda in his arms.


“I think it’s time I carry you someplace.” he said as they headed to the bedroom.



The next morning


John was enjoying a cup of coffee as he heard the voice from the bedroom.


“John … I look ridiculous!”


“Oh come on honey.” he said. “It’s better than that Halloween costume”.


Melinda walked into the kitchen. John tried not to laugh as he saw his wife in jeans and a cowboy shirt.


“Not one word or I’ll throw you to the next town.” Melinda retorted.


“I’m sorry honey. I forgot the only clothing here was from that square dance years ago … it looks like Garth Brooks threw up on you. Didn’t you have a hat?” John asked.


Melinda grabbed John by the shoulders and lifted him in the air, his head touching the ceiling.


“No … I didn’t.” Melinda responded. “The coffee smells good. What’s for breakfast?”


“Stale bread and non-dairy creamer” John said as Melinda set him down.


“That’s okay. I need to get back home to get some clothes and the papers from your trial. I’ll be back soon.” she said.


“What should I do?” he asked.


“Clean up around here, it’s filthy.” Melinda said.


Melinda walked out of the front door, leapt in the air and soared through the morning sky. She arrived at their residence and walked through the back towards the study. She gathered the documents and put them in her briefcase. Melinda walked to the bedroom and she noticed a blinking light on the answering machine.


“Melinda Crane? I have information that will help your case. Meet me at the Gateway parking garage 2 a.m.” a mysterious voice said.


“I’d better get …” she said before a hand muffled her voice.


“You’re getting nothing” the man said. She was spun around to see a large man wearing a black suit and sunglasses.


“Who are you?” she asked.


“I’m the problem solver.” the man said.


The man proceeded to tape her mouth. He forced her into the chair nearby and tied her up.


“Now, don’t go anywhere” he said.


He left the room and closed the door. Melinda’s blue eyes burned with red-hot rage. Her muscles bulged under her clothes. The top buttons of her shirt popped off as her chest swelled and pressed forward, exposing blue and gold spandex. Her powerful arms snapped the ropes. She got up from the chair, took the tape off of her mouth, grabbed her shirt, and pulled it open revealing her costume. The man came back minutes later and was stunned at the sight. The demure lawyer was gone, replaced by a powerful superheroine. Mindy stood confidently, hands on her hips as the crimson cape flowed behind.


“Where’s the lawyer?” he asked angrily.


“She’s safe … although I can’t say the same for you” she said.


“We’ll see about that” the man said as he went to grab her. She grabbed his arms and flipped him over her head into the wall behind her, smashing things on the table.


“Damn” she thought. “I really liked that lamp”.


The man slowly got up. “That was lucky, probably some martial arts move. Let’s see how you deal with this.” He swung wildly. She caught his fist and squeezed. The sounds of his cracking bones and screams of pain filled the room.


“Who sent you here?” she demanded.


“Fuck you!” he said, pulling out a gun with his good hand.


“Such foul language” Mindy said, grabbing the gun with lightning speed. “Let me show you something.”


Her red polished fingernails dug into the metal as she crushed the weapon with her super strength. Grabbing him by the collar, she lifted him into the air, and threw him to the ground. Mindy drove her powerful leg towards him, trapping him under her gold high-heeled boot. “I’m going to ask again nicely … who sent you?”


“I don’t know anything!” he screamed.


“Wrong answer” she said as she grabbed him by the ankle and moved towards the window. She took off into the sky and landed on top of the Vandalay building, dangling him over the side.


“Now, if you don’t give me answers, it’s going to get messy” she demanded.


“I-I’m Jack Bauer, I do security for Petromerica. This was my first assignment. They said she stole patents. Please don’t drop me!” he pleaded.


Mindy Marvel flew over to the police station. She ripped a metal bar from the nearby bike rack, placed Jack against a light pole and bent the bar around him. Mindy then flew back home, changed, grabbed the phone, and called John.


“John … I think we have the break we’re looking for.”

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