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Dark Supergirl Part 03

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A Dark SuperGirl Arises - Part Three

By Shadar and Tex Beethoven

(Revision: 14)

(Originally drafted in 1995 for the Aurora Universe. Updated in 2012.)


Chapter Eight

  "Absolute power is absolutely corrupting."  

I thought of Kara again, suddenly feeling guilty that I'd let this get away from me without calling her. I was putting pride ahead of duty, ahead even of the lives of the people of this world. Kara was trained as a warrior and her mind was likely closeted and hardened enough to deter Mandi's mind-fuck. But it was too late now. Mandi was flying at more than Mach 5 as she pushed a brilliantly glowing cone of superheated air ahead of her. She was also pushing my flight power to its limit. 

I came close to losing sight of her when she dove behind some hills and then down into the Mission District of SF. Fortunately, Tachyons go through anything, and after a moment I picked her up again as she flew low over San Francisco, her hypersonic shockwave flipping cars over like mere toys as she left a narrow trail of total destruction in her wake.  She flew directly toward a building, and I thought for a fraction of a second that she was going to fly into it at hypersonic speed — which would be worse than a bomb — but at the last possible moment she slowed from hypersonic to subsonic before sending bricks and mortar and steel and shattered glass flying in all directions as she smashed a body-sized hole in the outer wall. Violent flashes of heat vision stabbed outward from shattered windows, each flash blazing as brightly as a lightning bolt.   

I cried out in horror. People were dying in that building and it was my fault.  I forgot all about Mark and Deb as I raced to the damaged balcony and launched myself into the sky, the force of my leap ripping what was left of the balcony off the building. I broke Mach 4 before it hit the ground, but flew higher than Mandi as I followed her narrow pathway to the hole in the wall of that building. I blasted through the same hole, still moving at nearly the Mach as I suddenly found myself in a large room with pallets full of plasticized burlap bags. I smashed into one pallet as I tried to stop, and lost my footing as several bags exploded to fill the air with white powder. I landed hard on my back as I inhaled a lungful of powder. While drugs barely affect me when I'm super, I had no idea how much of this massive lungful of coke would get into my bloodstream.

I coughed as much of it up as I could while surveying the grisly remains of what had been several dozen men. Their bodies were splattered across the far wall of the warehouse. Some had been burned to the point of being no more than smoking skeletons, but in most cases, Mandi had simply used her newfound strength to punch and kick. A number of foreheads had deep holes in them that matched her stiletto heels, while other men had their ribs complete stove in along one side as if they'd been hit by a speeding train. A few had heads that were turned completely around, their necks horribly broken. Worst of all was what appeared to be a handful of the bodies that were little more than pieces of meat embedded in red gore, all of it smeared along the walls. I'd seen that before after a Primal attack -- Mandi had delivered supersonic kicks and punches to those victims, and the shockwave around her hands for feet had expanded the power of her blow. Their bodies had simply exploded into pink foam that was filled with shattered pieces of bone. 

The bile rose from my stomach as I lay there, horrified by the incredible expanse of blood and guts. I had no idea why she'd wipe out a drug distribution operation like this, but she'd clearly killed everyone in the building. Turning as I rose back to my feet, I was about to jump back into the air and fly out the hole in the wall to search for her when I heard the click of several weapons.

"This is the police," a loud, strong male voice demanded. "Put your hands on your head and turn around slowly!"

I froze. Not from fear -- their guns could hardly injure me -- but because they likely had me on their helmet cameras. There was no sense destroying my carefully crafted civilian identity if I didn't have to. Already their cameras would be sending my face to their databases as they searched for my name. If I did anything unnatural, everyone would soon know that Sharon Best, Marketing Director at Excel Technologies, was some kind of ET. I would have to do the kind of disappearing act I hated, and would likely wind up having to wear a disguise when I surfaced under another identity. I hated disguises.

There was nothing more I could do here. Mandi was gone. Her own people would be looking for her, along with the humans, not to mention me, and that would drive her under the radar. I had to go after her the same way, and the best way to do that was to play innocent here. Once the cops examined the bodies, they'd conclude I wasn't remotely capable of this kind of damage. Only one publically known woman was -- SuperFemme. She wasn't going to be happy getting blamed for this. She was still angry with me after I let everyone think she'd torn apart that bank vault door last year. 

Our Prime Directive said we were here to protect Earth from the Arions and not to interfere in purely human affairs. I was here to enforce that Directive, yet here I was, becoming the worst violator. I had to eliminate Mandi before word of this got back to Velor. Kara had to either remain ignorant or help me cover it up. Which was unlikely in either case now.  

In contrast, the cops were going to be easy to handle. They'd chalk me up to some bimbo that got left behind. Which given I was nude and covered in cocaine was more accurate than I wanted to think.  "Don't shoot," I said in a weak and scared-sounding voice as I stood up to turn and face them, my hands over my head. 

The cops' eyes moved down my naked, cocaine-coated body before quickly moving back to my face, their eyes narrowing suspiciously, but they were pros. I quickly made up a story — something I’m getting quite good at doing.

"I was in the bathroom,” I cried, struggling to produce real tears, “trying to clean up after they, you know, ganged up on me. That's when I heard the screams. Horrible, horrible screams. Then I ran back out here and saw… saw this, I… I didn’t know what to do!"  I dropped back to my knees and vomited. I’m not that great of an actress, but given the mangled bodies all around me, it wasn’t hard to feel nauseous.  

One of the cops, the one with the kind face, holstered his gun before wrapping a blanket around my shaking shoulders. He held me tightly as I concentrated on relaxing every muscle, trying to make myself as soft as possible. I leaned heavily against him as he guided me out the front door and away from the carnage. Once outside, he sat me down on a curb and began asking me questions. I answered a few, but mostly I just stared blankly off in space, pretending to be in shock. In reality, I was scanning the air over San Francisco looking for Mandi. Where the hell had she gone? 

I was still looking around while trying to act terrified and horrified and shocky when the cop surprised me by putting handcuffs on me. He called it Protective Custody and said it was only until they could sort things out. He was smart enough to observe that I was looking for any excuse to disappear. 

I gave them my name and information about where I'd been staying in Monterey, but otherwise continued my story about not having seen anything.  They wanted me to help identity the dead drug dealers given a lot of them were going to be hard to ID from the remains. Plus the Assistant DA wanted to talk to me. I told them they'd been gang-raping me. That I had closed my eyes, pretending it wasn't happening. They were just men. All kinds of men. Violent men.

I strugled to look scared and hurt, but given there weren't any bruises on me, I worried that they weren't going to buy my story. I just hoped to hell that Mark and Deb had the quickness of mind to confirm that I'd been abducted when the cops came to interview them. They both had experience in covering for me, so unless the cops were really skilled, their leading questions would give Mark and Deb enough clues. 

My plan was to slip out of the police station through a bathroom window or whatever, but they led me toward a holding cell. I used an invisible frequency of heat vision to blind any cameras before I reached the cell, wiping out any video of record of my being placed here.  Thankfully, given my state of undress, they put me in an isolated cell along with a package containing a prison uniform. Someone would come and take me to the showers soon. I just sat in the single chair, completely covered in the blanket, waiting until the cops locked the cell door and left. There were no other prisoners or cops in sight. 

Moving quickly now, I shed the blanketand grabbed the thick steel bars. I easily bent them outward, but I had to go slow to keep the steel from squealing. Once the hole was big enough, I slipped through, and very carefully bent the bars back the way they'd been, making sure they were perfectly straight. I bent the steel out from around the door lock, opened the door and then bent the steel back to make it look as if the door hadn't been properly closed when they locked it. I took the blanket with me. When they found me gone with the cell door locked but the door open and no evidence that I’d ever been in there, they'd assume some cop had screwed up. 

I had no doubt they'd find me later, a work or at home if nothing else, but I'd simply claim that I'd been in shock and had walked out the front door after finding that my cell door was unlocked. They'd have a hard time believing that a naked woman in a blanket had walked through the building and out the door without being seen, but their blinded cameras would confuse them. Cops were dependent on surveillance images to validate everything these days. 

But for this story to work, I had to actually get out of the station without being seen. That would have been impossible for a normal woman but I had my flight power. I glued myself to the high ceiling of the hallways as slid my way toward the front of the station, freezing up among the air ducts and plumbing whenever someone came near. I stashed my blanket on top of one of the ducts as I dropped down to enter the station's locker room. Nobody was changing given it was mid-shift. Scanning the lockers with my Tachyon vision, I found some female street clothing that was close to my size. Inserting my fingernail into the lock, I twisted it to shatter the lock mechanism. 

Moments later I was walking down the hallway toward the front door, dressed in slightly baggy jeans and a long sweater, my hair tied up like a cop's, acting as I'd done this a hundred times before. I invisibly burned out every camera along the way, catching them before they captured me. Thankfully, nobody challenged me as I walked out the front door and down the steps. Turning left, I ducked into the first alleyway. 

The second I was out of view, I bent down and leapt upward, using muscle strength alone to clear the twenty story buildings on either side of me with a single bound. Once I was clear, I fired up my volatai and accelerated straight upward at supersonic speed, climbing ten miles high over the Santa Cruz Mountains before arcing back down over Monterey Bay.  

Dropping below the Mach before I fell into the thick thick marine layer that clung to the ground, I found the hotel parking lot filled with flashing red and blue lights. Two people being being carried out of the hotel on stretchers. My heart froze as I identified Deb and Mark. They were both breathing, but they looked like they were in bad shape, their faces covered in bruises, their clothing torn. 

Mandi had come back for them, damn it. And given they were alive, she was still fucking with my head, trying to distract me from chasing her. It was working. I couldn’t walk onto the scene looking like this — my borrowed clothing was hanging in tatters from my rapid flight — so I flew around to the darkened side of the building and landed on the balcony of the penthouse next to mine. My room was full of cops, but a former model who was now free lancing as an escort was asleep the arms of her client.  Human men like this one, ugly and fat, could only get a woman as hot as this escort by paying her. A lot. 

I silently snapped the lock and floated through the window, never touching the floor as I borrowed her tight jeans and fake fur top and her medium heel sandals.  Nothing fit exactly, but close enough. I even borrowed her jewelry and bright lipstick too. Too bright a shade for me, but I was trying to be her now. My hair was full and floaty thanks to my being super,  but I managed to brush it over one eye the way the owner of these clothes had worn hers. Satisfied, I took the elevator down to the center of the brightly lit lobby, and stepped to walk on the crunchy leaves that the indoor trees had dropped. Several of the cops turned to watch me approach. 

Given I was supposed to be a high class whore, I turned on the attitude and walk. The manager nodded to me as I paused by the front desk, obviously assuming I was the woman he'd let into the client's room. If the disguise worked on him, it would work on the cops.

A group of them were gathered by the front door. Turning, several of them noticed me. The Sergeant leaned closer and whispered to his men: "Her name is Victoria Sanchez. She's a pro. Top shelf. Supposedly asks ten grand a night. She's got protection."

I'd learned long ago that cops know everything about hookers. Especially the high class ones. A lot of them provide service in kind to cops for protection. Clearly Victoria played that game.

I paused near the front desk as the cops turned back to their official discussions. My sensitive hearing overheard one of them relating that a witness had told him about a woman with long black hair. A real looker they claimed. Like a supermodel, but dressed in a weird black and orange outfit that looked like she was still in high school but with stilettos that belonged in a sex club. She was also in way better shape than any school girl. Had to be an exotic dancer or something the witness had claimed.

I listened until the cops were done talking and the Sergeant in charge walked out the door. I followed and quickly caught up to him to hook my arm through his and pull him forcefully into the shadows. 

"Who… what the hell…?" he started to say as he tried to pull away from me, his hand going for his gun. Then he got a good look at me and relaxed. "Well, hello Victoria," he smiled. 

"There is a woman out there who you can't arrest," I said as I breathed pheromones his way. "You can't even stop her with your bullets. Get your men out of here. Right now. I'll deal with her."

"How in the hell do you know…?" he started to ask, only to pause as he inhaled my warm honey scent. His skin darkened and his heart started to pound in his chest as he became totally aroused. I leaned closer, making sure he got a whole dose. 

"She can do what I can do." 

"And you do exactly…?" he started to ask.

"This." I slowly jammed my fingers into the granite facade of the building and tore off a big handful of rock. I lifted my hand in front his face and sl0wly crushed it to powder. "She will use these same powers to kill you and your men. Think SuperFemme, but bad to the bone. Get your men out of here."

His mouth fell open as he watched me brush my hands off. I spun around and walked quickly toward the ambulance, hoping I hadn't overdone it. I needed the Sergeant to act, not just to stare at my ass.

 I kneeled down at Deb's side while giving her a quick scan with my Tachyon vision. She had a slight brain concussion and her face was badly bruised but I didn't see anything broken. "Jesus, babe, are you Ok? Who did this to you?"

Deb blinked her left eye open to stare up into mine. Her other eye was too puffy to open. "That bitch. Mandi," she choked as a thin film of blood covered her lips. "Is Mark OK?"

I scanned deeper. Her organs looked OK but she had some blood in her left lung. Despite her fragile-looking beauty, a bulldozer could run over Deb without breaking anything.  Mandi had really pounded on her. 

Looking across at the other stretcher, I saw that Mark was in far worse shape. He had a half dozen broken bones and his spleen was ruptured. He had a fractured skull. One pupil was blown. He looked bad. 

"You're both going to be fine, babe," I lied. "But I gotta go and stop that bitch."

"Kick her ass… for me," Deb said weakly. 

I clenched my suppressed fists in rage as I stood up. The Sergeant I'd just talked to was walking rapidly toward a small group of cops on the other side of the parking lot while talking into his radio. He was almost to them when two dazzling beams of pure energy lanced across the parking lot to intersect him, their glare brighter than an arc welder. The beams blasted two half-dollar-sized holes through the Sergeant's chest before setting a police cruiser on fire behind him.

"Mandi…NO!" I screamed. 

I was too late. She flicked her eyes back and forth as she used her heat vision to cleanly lop the Sergeant's head from his shoulders. His severed head hit the pavement with a hollow thud like a coconut. 

I followed the beams backward through the hole she'd just burned in the fog to find Mandi standing just outside the darkened end of the parking lot. She stood with her arms crossed, the tattered remains of her orange mesh top partially melted. Turning, she started to glare at the other cops.  

I didn't have time to think as I threw myself into her field of view a microsecond before the rest of the cops were incinerated. The super-excited photons struck my borrowed faux-fur, blasting it to atoms as the intense energy heated my chest from tan to red-hot to white-hot in milliseconds. My hair rose above my head as it spiraled in the violent heat and the waistband of my jeans ignited into bright flames as she swept her gaze downward. As opposed to an ordinary human, the cells of my body do not vaporize or burn, but every molecule of moisture from every orifice of my body started making rude noises as it turned into live steam. The contents of my stomach and intestines boiled violently, forcing me to lean over as I violently retched up boiling bile. I gagged while slowly falling to my knees. Now Mandi's heat vision focused on my head, and my blonde hair lit up like some kind of ersatz Christmas tree angel, that glowing hair falling into the bubbling nastiness that was splattered across the ground in front of me as I emptied the rest of my stomach onto the melting asphalt.

For the thousandth time, I wished I was a Protector like Kara. I'd once used my full heat vision on Jaime, and she'd just stood there, sucking up all the energy as it turned her on. The same heat vision Mandi was using on me.  Fortunately, my eyes aren’t as powerful as a Protector's, and Mandi's eyes fizzled out after a few seconds. I wiped my steaming lips with the back of my hand as I rose back to my feet. Icky wet, vomit-soaked hair was plastered across my face.  Mandi just stood there in front of me, feet apart, her hands on her hips as two small curls of smoke rose from her vaporized mascera. The asphalt was melting around me as the paint and plastic on the cars closest to me caught fire, windows shattering. My skin felt stretched thin, the membranes of my mouth and throat brittle and scratchy. I could actually feel the liquid Orgone boiling inside my white-hot boobs. I grimaced at the dry scraping discomfort between my legs — my vagina was as as dry as the Sahara. I wanted nothing more than to dive into the ocean and absorb the salty water everywhere imaginable as it cooled me off, but instead, I flew toward Mandi. I had to take her down before she could use her heat vision on anyone else.

I’d almost made it to her when I suddenly forget how to fly. I crashed into the pavement to skid on my face, my nose digging a groove in the asphalt. I came to a stop  between her feet as she blasted my head again with her heat vision. I started shuddering and jerking like I was having a seizure -- she was heating my brain past the point where the synapses could work properly. 

I tried to get back to my feet, but I was shaking so badly that I couldn't even get onto my hands and knees. It was all I could do to stare down at Mandi's perfectly manicured toes as I saw the asphalt melting into a pool around me. That's when I heard the sound of gunfire, and bullets began slapping into Mandi’s skin. Some pinged from muscle and bone, but others thumped to the ground next to me as her boobs blunted their energy. A badly aimed bullet plowed up my back to slam into the back of my head, slamming my face back down into the molten asphalt. 

"So, Sharon my dear," Mandi said as she ignored the bullets, "you are truly dedicated to helping these pathetically weak humans, aren't you? Don't you know that this entire planet is targeted for elimination. You and your pitiful chronicles and your useless Protector are far too late to alert these insignificant ape men to the danger that approaches."

Her heat vision sputtered out again, given me a moment of respite. I struggled to regain control of my limbs as my superheated brain struggled to decipher her words. I wanted to talk, to reason with her, but my mouth was so dry that my tongue was stuck against the roof of my mouth.  She reached down to grab a handful of my hair and jerked me to my feet, my melting shoes dripping plastic as my feet dangled in thin air. My brain was still too hot to command my body. 

She took advantage of my weakness to swing me helplessly around her, faster and faster before using me as a club to flatten several parked cars. She smashed me into them again and again before finally tossing me all the way across the parking lot. I plowered through both sides of a truck before landing on top of a police car, crushing it. 

Rolling to the far side of the cruiser, I managed to tumble into a small spray of water that came from a damaged fire hydrant. My mind began to clear as the cold water washed over me, but I neeed more. I gathered all my concentration to dig my fingers into the cast iron of the hydrant, and once again proved that my muscles are harder than any steel made on Earth. The hydrant gave off a horrible groaning sound as I tore it in half to release a torrent of gloriously cool water. I leaned my head into the powerful stream, and then my chest, my superheated boobs sizzling and squeeling as water struck white-hot skin. I had to get my brain and spinal column below the threshold for normal synaptic responses -- a thousand degrees Celsius in my case. 

Not that I should have been here in the first place. This wasn't the kind of work I was trained for. I wasn't a fucking Protector or warrior. I was a Scribe, just a simple writer. I was the person who was supposed to keep track of what was happening, to chronicle the exploits of the Protectors for the Journals. I wasn't supposed to be fighting a Protector's battles. I had absolutely no training for this. 

Still, I had to try. Mandi was my responsibility. She'd stolen my DNA and my abilities and I was going to stop her if it was the last thing I ever did. Spinning around as I heard a new noise, I pulled the wet hair from my face just in time to see Mandi grabbing one end of the ambulance that Deb and Mark were now inside. She jerked it off the ground, powerful muscles flexing across her lean body as the ambulance's frame creaked and groaned as she  lifted it into the air and balanced it on one hand like it was a Styrofoam prop.  The dozen or so cops and firemen standing around froze as they gawked at her superhuman feat. 

My usual approach when there were this many witnesses was to slip away before anyone got a close look at me -- but not today. Besides, everyone would think I was that hooker, Victoria. I didn't envy her the attention she was going to get, but I pushed those worries away as I dove forward to grab for the ambulance. Mandi saw me coming and leaned back to toss the ambulance into the sky like a javelin thrower. Gasping, I leaped from the ground, the remnants of my smoking jeans leaving a trail of smoke behind me as I caught the now falling ambulance a few hundred feet above the hotel. I dug my fingers into the rusty steel of the frame to get a good grip as I flew it outside the circle of light to land it on the beach. 

Satisfied Deb and Mark were safe for the moment, I clenching my fists and spun around to deal with Mandi, onto to be cut down as she tackled me at fantastic speed. We flew backward two hundred yards before crashing into a mound of rocks. She spread her bare legs and straddled my face to crush her thighs against my skull with hundreds of thousands of pounds of force, painfully grinding her pubic bone into my nose as my skull bent inward and my sight grew dim, my cranial pressure rising off the charts as my eyes bulged from their sockets. 

I'd spent my entire life learning to hold back my strength, fearing my powers among humans, but Mandi had no such restraints. She used every ounce of my birthright against me. Her steel thighs slowly crushed the life out of me, the sounds and sensations of the world slowly fading away as my arms and legs began to shake wildly as my body convulsed once again, this time from the pressures building inside my brain. 

The last thing I heard before the blackness washed over me was Mandi laughing.


Chapter Nine

 "Ubergirl Power"


Fortunately, the murderous bitch was too busy squeezing the life from the blonde chick to pay any attention to them.  Like everyone else, he'd seen the fleeting images of SuperFemme in the skies, and like most cops, he knew something about her super-powers, but he’d never dreamed he’d actually see her. Or that she had sisters. Or that one of them could have killed his Sergeant the way this raven-haired bitch had. 

Still, he had a job to do. He took one step toward the two superwomen, his shotgun shaking in his hand, only to have an overwhelmingly powerful headache explode inside his brain. 

Mandi concentrated all her mental power on sending a surge of psychic energy into Sharon’s mind, attempting to permanently scramble her synapses, to wipe her brain clean. To turn her into a newborn child. She'd done this before to both humans and to Arion males who had tried to rape her, which was common enough behavior aboard Arion warships.  But to her dismay, she was barely able to muster enough energy to leave a surface impression. Frustrated, she decided to temporarily distract the Velorian by reorienting her thoughts so that she would focus on her former male lover instead of her current female one. Smiling cruelly, she knew Sharon would begin to doubt herself and her love and her sexual preferences. She would wonder where her true loyalties lay, wondering who she really loved, wondering even at her own true sexual nature. 

Confusion and misdirection had always been her best tools.

Dropping Sharon's limp body to the ground, Mandi turned around to face the cops, who were all holding their heads in agony. They were close enough to suffer the fringe fields from the mind-fuck she'd try to put on Sharon. 

They recovered quickly and began to fire on her, each powerful impact sending an excited tingle through her body. Her nipples rew erect and hard as more and more of the orange mesh of her top was shot away. These weren't very powerful bullets — they wouldn't even have seriously injured her even before her enhancement — but now that she was super, the tingly impacts merely turned her on. She felt as if she was living out that scene in the desert that she'd earlier ripped from Sharon’s mind. 

Sharon had been right, at least about one thing: it felt incredible to be this invulnerable. This strong. To see the shocked look on the men's faces as she put her hands on her hips and shook her naked boobs at them, inviting their bullets to dimple and rebound harmlessly from softness. She remembered all the times those damnable Primes had taken advantage of her on the ship, raping her for days as they took advantage of her weaker status. It had started with a group of Arion Marines when she was only thirteen. That gang rape had lasted a week and had nearly broken her. Since then, she’d been kicked around and abused by most of the Primes she met. Those were her people, her race, but to them she was just a pretty face and an inviting body. Given she came from a poor family and the weakest class of Arions, they'd seen her only as someone to exploit. They were now just as much her enemy as this fair-haired Velorian.

She’d finally turned the tables on her oppressors when she was sixteen, right after she went through her Rites. She had no idea where her strange mental powers came from, but she had no qualms about using her new power to attack the minds of anyone who assaulted her. She'd fought fire with fire by implanting a pathological fear of orgasm in their minds. Just the thought of getting aroused made them tremble and cry out in fear. They weren't going to take advantage of any more young Betan girls.

Now, with Sharon’s physical powers added to her mental ones, she would never be a victim again. Yet strangely, she was having more and more difficulty influencing the minds around her. She'd completely failed to wipe Sharon's mind. And now, focusing her thoughts on the cops who were shooting at her, she attempted to get them to turn their guns on themselves, but succeeded only in confusing them enough so that they stopped shooting at her. They pointed their guns at each other, but their self restraint was sufficient to keep them from firing. Struggle as she might, she couldn’t overpower their deepest fears and prohibitions.

That terrified her  — she'd never had such difficulties before. Clearly, her mind was now a blend of her own and Sharon's, and the Velorian hadn't been wired for this kind of mental power. Sharon's  brain was no different than a pathetic human's.  In her eyes, just another air-headed blonde. 

Yet she'd had the body of a Prima Velorian, the ultimate class of Velorian society. A class system based solely on genetics. Yet this stupid blonde had spent her life hiding her power. What an idiot. She'd had the power of a mighty Prime but she lived like a human. Insane. Power was to be used. 

Mandi smiled at that thought as she walked toward the closest cop. He struggled to reload his shotgun, barely managing to cram a round into the chamber before firing on her from point-blank range. The 00-shot splattered against her chest, with one piece bouncing off her hard sternum to plow back into his shoulder, knocking the shotgun from his hands. Mandi amused herself by picking the shotgun up and jamming the half-inch wide muzzle against her boob, driving one engorged nipple inside the hot barrel before she pulled the trigger. The shotgun exploded to rip most of the cop’s face away. 

Turning, she grabbed the blouse of a female cop and pulled her close while jerking the hapless woman's  gun from her hand. The woman screamed in terror as Mandi buried her gun against the woman's breast before firing it again and again, the 10mm rounds splattering blood and flesh from the exit wounds in her back. Disgusted by her weakness, Mandi dropped the dead woman and turned to face the men again. 

They were staring down in horror at their female companion, eyes glazed over in shock.

“You humans are so weak and useless,” she declared.  "You all will die soon enough, but I should put you out of your misery now."

The men's eyes lifted and turned toward her, their faces filled iwth fear. "Don’t you look at me that way." The men continued to stare, unable to look away. "I told you not to look at me!" Mandi grabbed one of their Glocks and angrily fired on them, enjoying the wet slapping sound the bullets made when they hit their soft, weak flesh, firing until the Glock's slide finally locked open. Squeezing the empty gun in her hand, she deformed the steel like soft putty before she tossed the mangled remains a mile a mile out into the bay. Turning around, she faced the remaining cops, who were shaking with fear but holding their ground. 

"So, you are the brave men who are supposed to protect these people. To 'Serve and Protect' just like it’s written on the side of your car. You aren't doing your jobs very well today, now are you?"

One of the men looked down at Mandi's bare chest, and she flashed across the grass to stand face to face with him, her body moving too quickly to track with the naked eye. She began shouting like a Marine drill sergeant in the throws of PMS. 

"So, you like staring at my tits do you? Who gave you the fucking permission to stare at me this way? You think I'm going to let you touch them, don't you? You couldn't impress a woman like me if you used a bulldozer. You aren't real men, you’re just soft bags of pasty flesh, bags of pulp ready to pop open at the slightest touch. You're just meat for the slaughter. And yet, despite knowing that I will kill you for it, you still look at me. Do you truly wish so much for me to kill you?"

The young cop was so terrified that he couldn't turn away, his eyes staying locked on the most perfect boobs he'd ever seen. They were flawless despite all the bullets they'd fired at her. Try as he might, he couldn't look away.

Mandi leaned forward challengingly, tracing one engorged nipple along the front of the man's uniform, popping several buttons from his shirt. He stared down at her with his mouth open, now able to see everything. And then he felt his hands rising. He couldn't help himself. He watched his hands move like they were someone elses as they wrapped around her firm tits to hold her with all his strength.

Mandi put her hands on her hips and glared at the transfixed man as he fondled her, yet was barely able to dimple her softest flesh. She remembered all the times those Primes had grabbed her this way back on the Mother Ship, how they had squeezed and twisted her breasts until they were bruised and raw as they pleased themselves. Yet this human’s touch was feathery, delicate, just enough to make her nipples tingle.  Just enough to make her want more. More than this man could possibly give her.  

"So, you like the way I feel, do you Mr. Officer of the Peace? How would you like to feel more of them? To feel me pressing them so tightly against your chest? To feel my heart beating against yours?"

Mandi stepped forward to trap the man against the side of a police car. She kept her hands on her hips as she leaned further forward, trapping the man’s hands tightly between their chests, the pressure building painfully as her breasts flattened only slightly as he struggled to breathe. He tried to push her back, his arms straining as he used all his adrenaline-augmented strength against those too-firm mounds, but she just kept pushing harder and harder, her hard nipples digging painfully into the palms of his hands. His ribs began to bend inward, almost to the breaking point, his lips turning blue from lack of oxygen as his eyes rolling in his head. Knowing he was about to pass out, Mandi took a deep breathe and crushed him against the side of a patrol car, the window shattering behind him as his bones snapped. The crunch of tearing cartilage and the snap of ribs thrilled her as the man's wide-open pupils froze forever as he drowned in his own blood, his chest now crushed into the mirror image of hers.  

It thrilled her to no end to kill with the same boobs that those arrogant Primes had so abused. God it felt so good to be a Velorian! To be able to use any part of her body to destroy these weak human apes. 

She casually lifted the crushed police cruiser over her head with her left arm, holding it there as one of the cops shined his flashlight on her chest, her blue eyes glowing as she stared into his mind, feeling the desire, the lust, the sick longing to touch her. The car felt weightless in her hand as his eyes devoured her. As he wanted her. 



She put an end to his desire by kicking out to bury her stiletto heel three-inches deep in his  forehead, and then lifted her leg high over her head as he dangled from her heel, body convulsing as he died. With a flick of her long leg, she tossed him ten stories upward to crash down onto the roof of the hotel. She followed that by tossing the crushed police cruiser to crash into the hotel entrance. Smiling in satisfaction, she ran her hands through her hair while releasing the fragrant pheromones that every Velorian possessed, the scent going straight to the pleasure centers of remaining cop's minds. 

They stared at her in slack-jawed wonder as she walked closer, their eyes flicking between her glowing eyes and her dramatic chest. Without even realizing what she was going to do, she grabbed the backs of their heads and pulled their faces to herself, mounding her softness against their hard chins and noses and cheekbones as she pulled their faces tighter and tighter against herself until their bones shattered and their skulls popped. The sharp edges of broken bone and hot gushing blood teased her tingling nipples. 

Disgusted with their weakness even as she thrilled ever more to her new power, she loved her new ability to take any life she wished. Dropping the bodies, she ran her bloodly hands down her hard thighs, thrilling to the steely curves of her perfect quads, exhaulting in their slender shapeliness and their power. She was panting with self-desire as she reached her fingers inward to touch her sex, bending low at the same time to leap into the air, those fantastic muscles launching her at 100G’s. 

The dead two cops were sucked a hundred feet off the ground from the suction of her slipstream, falling like limps sacks to land in the middle of a group of horrified bystanders from the hotel. 

Their screams faded as her own filled the night air as she pleasured herself with bloody fingers while soaring through the night sky over Monterey.

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