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Dark Supergirl Part 04

Written by shadar :: [Monday, 28 January 2013 12:46] Last updated by :: [Monday, 28 January 2013 16:26]


A Dark SuperGirl Arises - Part Four

By Shadar and Tex Beethoven

(Revision: 14)

(Originally drafted in 1995 for the Aurora Universe. Updated in 2012.)


Chapter Ten


The shocking explosion of Mandi's overpressure wave as she broke the Mach knocked people from their feet and broke windows in the neighboring buildings. As before, she climbed just above the treetops as she flew down the coast toward Vandenburg AFB. Entering the region known as Big Sur, she skimmed the tops of the tall cliffs as they fell down to the ocean, her entire body tingling with pleasure as she shattered the windows of the spectacular homes that perched along the coast. Just because she could.

She was already thinking ahead to her meeting with the Protector. Sharon Best, being an ordinary Velorian, hadn't been nearly strong enough to challenge the combined powers of her body and mind. Now that she had combined a Velorian body with her own unique mental powers, she was more powerful than the hated Primes, and she had a Velorian's ability to fly. She'd heard rumors of Kella-Primes, a mating of Prime and Betan, but those hybrids had never been as successful as what had just happened to her. That made her wonder if there was more to Sharon Best than she knew.

Mandi pushed her wondering thoughts into the back of her mind as she thought ahead to her immediate mission. She'd read two men's minds back at the resort, both of them Air Force officers, and had learned that a major rocket launch was due to happen today at Vandenburg AFB. It was important for her to draw the Protector from hiding, and a major disaster might just do that. SuperFemme, or maybe even her young daughter. It would put the supposedly hidden Velorians back into the public eye so she could destroy them while all the world watched.

A wild surge of excitement filled her as she contemplated killing them in the most humiliating and public way. Which given her Arion heart, made her feel all that much hornier. She began to wonder what an orgasm would feel like while flying at Mach 6, her body encased in the glowing plasma of her ionization field. 

What would be louder to those bastard Frails down on the ground? 

Her cry of ecstasy, driven by pleasures far greater than any those weaklings would ever know?  

Or perhaps merely her hypersonic sonic boom?

Either way, it would terrify those scurrying mice-men. Those primitive humans who were so easy to slaughter.


The Monterrey Hospital ICU

I blinked my eyes open as a strong light filled my vision. It was so bright that I couldn't focus at first, but after a few seconds an image of ceiling tiles came into sharp focus. A few of the tiles were blocked by the very concerned face of a man wearing a white coat. He was leaning over me while shining a light in my eyes. Turning my head to the side, I quickly discerned that I was in a hospital bed, with a doctor and several nurses by my side.

"What… what… how did I…?"

My voice sounded terrible, scratchy and high-pitched. I started to sit up only to find that I couldn't. My wrists and ankles were fastened with layers of strong chains to some huge bolts in the concrete floor. Obviously they'd seen what I had done while fighting Mandi.  

A quick glance at my chart said I'd been checked in as Victoria Sanchez. That was the good news.  Far better that they believed I was an alien who'd been pretending to be a professional escort than to connect me with Sharon Best. It would take them some time to sort that out, given that the real Victoria was going to be amused when officials started claiming she was an super-powered alien. That would make for an interesting news story at first. Her former clients would be amazing and thrilled and then probably worried that they'd be revealed.

It wouldn't take long for that story to be debunked, but with any luck Victoria would be smart enough to improve her business by wearing a Supergirl costume to bed or whatever. I owed her at least that for stealing her clothing. And who knew, perhaps her fifteen minutes of fame might change her life. 

Another man, tall, with dark hair and brown eyes leaned down, his voice was just loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. "Take it easy, lady. You're in a hospital in Santa Cruz. You were brought here after a battle down the bay a ways. That raven-haired ubergirl damn near killed you like she did all those others."

Then he paused to lean closer, his lips touching my ear as he whispered very softly. "Sharon, it's me, Tom. I was over in Monterey when I heard what was happening up here, something about two superwomen fighting. Knowing you were around here somewhere, it didn't take a detective to figure out that one of them was you. And when the police report said that the 'blond superwoman' had been knocked out and was being transported here, I came as fast as I could."

Turning to look up at him, our faces only inches apart, his words brought it all back to me. Damn it. Tom and I weren't supposed to ever meet. It was part of our agreement. Emails only.

I found myself staring into his warm eyes as he began whispering again. "You should just try to pretend to fall asleep, Sharon. Once you appear to be out, I'll try to get everyone out of the room long enough for you to break free and fly out the window or whatever you do. So far, they think you are Victoria somebody. I managed to delete any picts they took of you. I'll get the hospital surveillance tapes as well before I go. Then I'll see what I can do with any footage SFPD has."

I wanted to kiss him. It felt so nice to have him taking care of me this way. A man I'd never met. 

I dropped my head back onto the pillow and closed my eyes and pretended to drift off, only to have the events of the last day catch up to me. I felt myself falling into a hazy dream where everything is fantastic but you know its real. Strangely, my thoughts focused back on Mark. Back to the time when we were lovers. Back to=o the months when we had been so happy together. 

Until I drove him away. 

I cringed as I remembered the way I'd taken to flying around the house instead of walking, floating in mid-air while watching TV, even insisting that he watch me work out in that old warehouse that I had rented and had filled with those massive lead weights. I wanted him to watch me as I slowly curled ten-ton dumbbells in each hand. For warmup. Then I'd move on to the massive hundred-ton weights that truly tested me. I watched as his initial fascination with my powers turned to intimidation as I proved just how superior I was in every way. 

Our lovemaking had changed too. I was now the assertive one, physically overpowering him and making him love me in any fashion and at any time that I wished, his body helplessly writhing within my far stronger arms and legs as he struggled futilely to please me. Despite the fact that I still wore my gold when we became intimate, I was still stronger than him. I grew bolder, making him make love to me in locations where he knew it was not totally private. An exhibitionist part of my nature emerged that I had not even known I possessed.

The sad part is that is that I knew all along that Mark would not tolerate such behavior forever. He had too much pride for that. Any man would. It was my way of forcing the issue: of getting him to break up with me, so that this time it would not be me who walked out the door. And it was proof, as if I had needed any, that I am all too human deep inside. Despite my abilities and my super body, I am no better than anyone else who lives on Earth. 

And far worse than some.

My only excuse is that my Ples'tathy was upon me, and I was no longer truly sane. Its a curse we Velorians go through from time to time. Some kind of left-over from the things the Galen did to us to make us into Procreators. 

But like always, my Ples'tathy eventually burned itself out and I returned to focus on my two jobs. Tom had become my confidant now, if only via emails and phone calls. I resumed writing my blog about the exploits of the former and current Protectors of Earth. He teased me, saying that I certainly didn’t write like a supergirl. But his comments had recently become more complimentary as my writing skills had grown more competent, both of us thankful that people like Tex and Tom had come along, or others like Lee and Steve and Janissa and Mike and Craig and Sam and the sisters Imurill and Crystal and even Michael. Dear friends and special people who were so eager to help me relate my travels through the other dimensions in the journals of what the innocent believed was fictional writing.

Despite the damage I'd done to our relationship, Mark finally saw the vulnerable and creative side of me, the side he'd never known I possessed. A part of me had emerged that the artist in him could understand. 

I'd always been kind of dry and dull compared to his actor friends, just the pretty, athletic blonde who was so much into her career and who disappeared at the strangest times without explanation, and who always grew quieter as their boisterous parties grew louder. The woman who didn't do drugs or drink or screw around at his parties, a woman who seemed to be holding on too tightly while she spent her time being the perfect hostess, seemingly never enjoying herself as much as his guests did. 

That had not been a good time for me, for I'd just learned that the Arions had established a timetable for subverting and conquering Earth, hoping to bring Earth into their dark Empire without drawing undue attention from our Galen masters. The dark forces I have written so much about were now mobilizing in ways that will profoundly affect Earth's future in the coming years. The corruption of social norms, of governments and politicians, combined with their plans to destabilize the economies of Earth. Their timetable was set for twenty years after the Millennium. They hoped to collapse Western civilization around them as they prepared the way. Their agents had deeply penetrated most News organizations along with many corporations and all the governments of North America and Europe. Conflict and intolerance and mistrust were the seeds they sewed.

If they were successful, the people of Earth would soon be begging for someone to save them from their own destruction. They had no idea that the Arions were pulling the strings as they laid waste to Earth's cultures. As they attempted to spoil everything that made humans honorable and decent. 

The United States, as the greatest military and economic power, had been in the center of the Arion's crosshairs since the 1960's. Their campaign to destroy America was succeeding brilliantly. In another decade or two they would own us.

Unless we Velorians stopped them, and did it without drawing attention from the Galen ourselves. We were the Enlightenment, and our light does not easily dim.


Beyond the orbit of the planet Pluto…

Approaching the Sol system at nearly a quarter of the speed of light, Kara Zaver'el saw the first tentative rays of warmth streaming out from the star that she now called home. Growing larger by the minute, Sol grew from just another undistinguished yellow star into a round ball of energizing warmth that the residents of this solar system called The Sun. It was the source of all life and of nearly all energies. The radiations from its nuclear furnace made her invulnerable body feel so special and so strong.

Arcing sunward past Jupiter, still moving at nearly 25% the speed of light, she headed through the orbits of the inner planets. It took her only fifteen minutes to travel halfway from Mars to Earth at her speed, that mid-point being her calculated turnaround point. Doing a slow somersault, she flew feet first toward the rapidly growing blue orb that she knew was Earth. Catching up to it from behind its orbit, she flexed every muscle in her body as she poured all her power through the Volatai organs in her chest. Decelerating at several hundred G's, her tiny skirt clung to her shapely thighs as if it was painted on. At the same time, her breasts began glowing incandescently, a bright blue light shining up from under the tight top of her costume to light the bit "S" on her chest as she expended hundreds of millions of watts of Orgone energy as she reduced her speed.

She was moving at less than a million miles per hour as she crossed the orbit of the Earth's moon, slowing to merely 100,000 miles per hour by the time she reached Earth's atmosphere, her body blazing with white-heat as she aero-braked, leaving a blindingly bright, ionized trail across the Pacific that briefly disrupted several forms of radio communications over the region. She was still moving at Mach 4 when she dove into the deep Pacific, the shockwave around her perfect diver's form sending water and steam flying thousands of feet into the air. Deep beneath the surface now, she luxuriated in the delightful feel of warm, salty water. It always amazed her how special this blue water planet was whenever she returned from distant stars and planets. 

She flew deep underwater until her skin cooled, and then rose to briefly play with a pod of bottle-nose dolphins, their antics making her laugh as she challenged them to swim faster that she could. They butted her with their noses as they played, and she molded her body to theirs to hold them tightly with her arms and legs while lifting several of them above the water for long moments to let them experience the joy of flight. Their excited chirps sounded like laughter when she released them to dive back into the sea. 

Now that she was cooled and cleansed, she left her briny friends behind to fly just above the waves while heading toward the Northern California coastline of Big Sur, keeping her speed just below the Mach. Earth's sweet air blew through her long hair and between her bare legs until her cape and skirt began to flutter as they dried. 

She was thrilled to be home again.

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