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How Karla Sofen became Moonstone

Written by koopa :: [Friday, 08 February 2013 13:40] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 12 February 2013 09:58]


By Koopz

Karla Sofen aka Moonstone is a fictional character created by Marvel. All rights remain solely with MARVEL COMICS. Please note that this is my first attempt to write a story in English. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Karla Sofen had always had a deep desire for greatness and power.
She grew up in a million-dollar mansion frequented by rich people. She wasn't there because she was the scion of famous old money. She was there because she was the daughter of the live-in servants... Growing around powerful people teach her to survive among powerful people.
Although she could have been modeling as a living, she used her razor-sharp intelligence to take advantage of any situation. Karla became a manipulator, using her smarts to convince people. All of the person around her would be subjected to her obsessive desire to manipulate and control them. She particularly loved to tease men with her magnificent body and deny them any satisfaction.
After her father died, she knew that she could not achieve anything without higher education levels. She then pushed her mother into working overtime to put her through the best colleges. She wanted all the finer things of life but she had no intention of working hard herself to make it happened. Karla saw her doctoral training in psychology as her path toward increasing her natural abilities even further.
She met and studied with Dr. Faustus during college, thanks to his teachings she learned some advanced techniques, one called "Voice Control" which will came in quite handy in a future situation. At the same time, she started a private psychological counseling practice. Being essentially a predator, her goal was not to fully heal but to make her clients dependent on her ministrations, walking a thin line between making them feel increasingly better yet never actually curing them. But, even though it allows her to live comfortably, this was not enough, Karla craves more, more influence, more power. She truly wanted to secure her place at the top of the food chain. That's when she learned about the existence of the Moonstone. A mysterious rock taken from the Blue Area of the Moon charged with unknown energy.  An alien artifact invested with the might of the godlike "Watchers" enabling the possessor to gain superhuman powers.

As soon as she discovered its existence, the stone and its powers became an obsession.  She excelled in the psychiatric field but she lacks physical power and the stone was the answer to her frustration. Karla craved power, pure physical power, the power to intimidate, the power to cause fear; the power to do whatever she wanted. For months, Karla had been plotting a way to get the moonstone. She learned that the current owner of the moonstone was Lloyd Bloch, an agent of the second Secret Empire. He was defeated by Captain America and then locked down into The Vault, a highly secured jail. The prison was made of adamantium and titanium steel, with a thick layer of vibranium to neutralize the energy abilities and kinetic powers many of the residents possessed. This basement, heavily guarded at every checkpoint, was the maximum-security wing of the “Vault”. Dr Sofen had to use all of her psychiatric credentials to gain access to the prison cell of Bloch. She felt a little excitement at the prospect of what she was planning.

Karla discovered early on that her feminine assets were as valuable as her psychiatric knowledge in order to get men to do what she wanted and quickly after she arrived Dr Karla Sofen was already the "sweet heart" of the prison. A few smiles and small talks here and there allows her to obtain a private session with Lloyd Bloch.

“Lloyd Boch, codenamed Moonstone," the Guardsman stated, handing Dr. Sofen the police records.

"What's his current state?"

"He was tortured and seems to be completely broken. Cap brought him here, said he was a danger to himself and others."

"Your Government would be very grateful if you could cure him. It cost us a fortune to keep him in this special cell."

"I'll do my BEST warden" she said with a knowing smile.

As the warden leaves her in front of Boch’s cell, Karla presses her eyes shut and takes a deep breath. She had everything settled. She had butterflies in the stomach and her privates were throbbing in anticipation. If all worked according to her plan, then she would be unstoppable.

"Mr. Bloch?" Dr. Sofen began gently as she strode confidently into the cell.

The man inside the padded and reinforced cell was sitting on the floor, his eyes seems completely lost as he barely noticed the entrance. He slowly turned to regard her, his eyes widening as he saw her for the first time. Her stunning figure did make an impression on him.

"W-who are you?" He asked.

"Dr. Karla Sofen." she said with a calculated smile.

Shaking out her long blonde hair, she sat down in front of him.  Being a talented manipulator, even before earning her degree in psychology she knew she could wrap him around her finger, with a little... incentive.

Lloyd did not budge, his eyes still locked on to her. Her incredibly well-endowed body, from her full, buxom chest, her impossibly thin waist, and her long shapely legs, captivated him.

"Dr. Sofen... I..."

You can call me Karla. She cooed softly. She pulled out of her bag a mask and discreetly a small bottle of gas.

"What's with the nose-cozy Doctor?"

"I always wear it, it's a mandatory tool during my session." She then discreetly sprayed Bloch with her hallucinogenic gas.

"So tell me Lloyd, why are you here?" Karla said smoothly, adjusting her voice's cadence, setting him at ease. Calming him and trying to get him to trust her.

“Captain America, Falcon… they locked me in here….” He suddenly starts to feel dizzy and disoriented.

"A-are you…with them?"  Feeling weak, he clung to the table in front of him for support.

"No, I'm here to help you," she said soothingly.

“I-I’m not feeling well...” He was feeling woozy, his face turned into a white-sick color.

“What wrong Mr. Bloch? Is it the effect of the Moonstone manifesting?"

Karla's smile widened, she saw worry creep into Boch's eyes. She ran a finger along the table as her hand comes closer to him. He shivered at her touch.

“So, tell me about the stone Mr. Bloch...” Her velvet and honey voice sent a warm chill up his spine. The gas burned his psyche like acid.

Lloyd shifted uncomfortably in his chair and Karla knew his mind was starting to bend. She had seen his eyebrow twitch when she had said “stone” and she smiled slightly as she studied him.

Bloch starts to gyrate is head as he starts to feel dizzy, eyes closed.

“The stone," she said insistently. "Where did it come from?"

"I dunno..., I found it… It was in a museum p-please h-help me…”

“Don’t you knew that the Moonstone was CURSED?” Her voice taking on a piercing, authoritative tone.

Bloch sang out loud, his eyes rolling up to look at the ceiling. «No-no no, got to get it off, got to get it off!" The potent gas was gradually eroding his very sanity.

The doctor lowered her voice to a sensual almost cat-like purr.  "I can help you," her eyes shining brightly. "I can free you of the pain…"

“Dr. Sofen’s expression turns predatory as her eyes became fixated on the now glowing appearing and vanishing gold rock inside Bloch's body.

"No-o-o-o-o!" Bloch insisted, hysterics creeping into his voice again. "Pain won't come off! I can't let it go!"

"The Moonstone has made you a monster! Reject it!" she placed a mirror in front of him, the hallucinogenic gas fully effective now. He saw his face looking at an ugly loathsome-type of monster.

"G-get it away from me, a-away f-from me!" His mind no longer capable of rational thought.

“But OF COURSE!” Karla Sofen smiled in the darkness of the room. It was a sinister, wicked grin.

"Give it to ME; let me free you from this evil." The moonstone suddenly appears in his right hand as he collects and resigns himself to her desire.

Her eyes lit up like the lights of a Christmas tree. This was IT she thought, all these months of deceit cunning and planning were finally coming to fruition.

She eagerly grabs the rock from his hand and immediately pressed the stone against her chest to draw it within her body.  She feels it melt away and pass into the pores of her youthful skin. She laughed with a low, almost maniac chuckle; her plan has worked, she could feel it - what she had stolen, was sweeping into the center of her body establishing a link with her nervous system. Immediately after it did so, a surge of pure pleasure rushed through the woman as the stone began to pour its magic into her inviting body.
"Hmmmm... YES!" she exclaimed cocking her head slightly, her long blond hair trickling in a cascade as she shivered with ecstasy.

Only orgasm came close to the sheer throbbing joy her body experienced as her once feeble form was infused with the wonderful might of the Kree rock. The various pieces of fine clothing she were wearing simply disintegrated as the moonstone power was merging with her more-than willing body.

"hmmmmmm…Ohhh dear!"

Unable to contain herself, Karla released a powerful moan, soaking in what was happening to her. Every wrinkle and imperfection in her skin slowly disappeared, each follicle of hair below her eyebrows vanishing until her skin was totally smooth and silky to the touch. Every of her features grew more subtle, her beauty enhancing exponentially: her teeth became perfectly straight and snow white, her lips turned fuller and redder, her face tingled with new energy. Her blond hair was vibrant with vitality and had even grown a few inches.

"Mmmmmmm, yesssss" Karla breathed out, as she licked her lips, her body eagerly absorbing the power of the stone at the horror of the previous owner.

"Hmmmm, I've been waiting for this moment forever.”  Her voice trailed off as her expression of intense pleasure intensified.

The energy emitted by the stone in the center of her body swirl around each of her muscle groups, tightening sinew, enforcing muscle fibers, reshaping flesh to greater levels of density and definition. Her whole body began to pulsate, contract, and stretch slightly expanding in size, her entire musculature slowly grew in density. Strong, supple, curvy feminine muscle became denser and denser; packing more and more strength and power into her. Her body wasn't getting any larger, but her muscles were becoming more pronounced, more powerful, while keeping her perfect feminine looks. As the magic of the stone continue to spread throughout her body, she exhaled deeply slowly relishing in the sensations.

"Oh yes! MORE!"

Her beautiful calves flared out into diamond while her gluteal muscles pump up until they were two perfect globes of hard, perfect flesh. Her abdominal muscles slowly stood out until they formed a clearly defined 6-pack. Her breasts were simply impossible. Huge firm round orbs that seemed to defy gravity and were actually pushing upwards. A throaty moan escapes her lips as the magic gently passed through her love muscles. Her privates contracting pleasurably as her pelvic area received the same wonderful treatment.

"Ohhhhh YES! YES! YES!" She screamed, totally enraptured, lost in the erotic excitement of her empowerment.

When the lights faded, she was fully encased into a skin-tight gold outfit that looked like a second skin. Her new outfit left nothing to the imagination, from her excited nipples to the subtle fold of her smooth vagina. Unbeknown to her, the intensity of the transfer was so great that it even granted her the ability to absorb the Moonstone armor into her own bodily tissue.

A savage, joyful smile lit up her gorgeous features, reviling in the feeling of super-strength that energized her frame. Her body was magnificent to behold.  Beautifully proportioned, she had the body of a dedicated female athlete while keeping her form impossibly sexy. Her well-toned female form rippling beneath the golden outfit. Her breasts standing out in youthful defiance of gravity. Her spectacular glutes appeared to be even rounder and sexier than before. Trim waist that flared magnificently into shapely hips and legs.

She then walked seductively around her desk displaying a mischievous grin, her eyes locked onto the man whom she stole the power.

“So much POWER.” She licked her lips as his eyes widen in absolute terror, her cold, predatory gaze upon him.

She stalked him against the wall of his cell, pushing her newly enhanced frame into his now unpowered, weak, soft body. His eyes roving up and down her body, unable to comprehend the sheer physical perfection in front of him. She radiated beauty, power and sexiness.
She moved her lips around to his ear and whispered into it, her hot breath driving him wild with lust.

“Do you know what it’s like to sit upon a throne of power?" Her beautiful lips parted in a wide smile accented by her perfect, snow white teeth.

“I feel the unbridled power of the moonstone coursing inside of me, the might of the Watchers swelling, pulsating, growing, permeating my tissues, my organs, my muscles...” Her left hand moved to her chest while her right hand lightly tickles her nether region. The smooth texture of the costume felt incredible against her body.

“How could you even think about renouncing to it?” smiling down at him, but not a pleasant smile, a cruel, arrogant smile.

“W-what y-you...” His wild, frightened, aroused and confused mind had no control as he got lost in all the intricate details of her amazing body.

She pinned him against the wall squeezing and crushing his chest against her now nearly indestructible one, bringing his ribs to their breaking point. Karla pulled her right arm back and set her hand into a fist. With a wide grin, she delivered a deafening blow to Lloyd's mid-section instantly turning his stomach muscles into mush.

“O-OOOMMPH!!” Lloyd was weeping with pain. He felt like he had been struck by a truck.
Karla could feel his body trembling underneath her and she savored the look of fear and confusion in his eyes. His world had been destroyed in just a few short minutes.

Her attention went back to the outside. Every detail of her plan had worked wonderfully. Karla left the cell changing her costume, a mere thought had transformed her skin-tight outfit into a set of normal clothes.

Bloch lay in a near-fetal position, grunting in pain, gazing with open mouth without being able to utter a sound. Clearly the trauma he suffered will prevent him of ever remembering her visit.

She walked past some guards, turning heads as she did so, complete and utter confidence radiating from every pore of her perfect body. The world was going to meet the new Moonstone!

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