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Daphne Does Baby Sitting

Written by Daphne :: [Wednesday, 04 January 2006 11:50] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 12 February 2013 11:53]

Daphne Does Baby Sitting


by Daphne Orgone









Joe Walker tried hard to be a good father. But being a single father to two girls was not easy. Even though he hated leaving his girls alone on a Saturday night, there were sometimes when it couldn’t be helped, and tonight’s command performance at a fundraiser was one of those times.


He had his doubts about Daphne’s suitability as a babysitter within two minutes after she’d walked in the door. The first minute he’d spent staring. She was short, a little over five feet with blonde hair and blue eyes, but Joe found himself having a hard time focusing on them. He noticed her chest. How could he not? Even with an enormous cotton sweatshirt on, it stuck out and he could swear he could see the outlines of her nipples. But as his eyes traveled downward, he was confronted with another, equally astounding site. The tights Daphne was wearing seemed painted onto a pair of shapely and yet powerful looking thighs.


“Mr. Walker …” said a girlish voice. Joe’s eyes moved up then, but he couldn’t get his lips to move.


“Dad!!!!!” screamed Emily from behind him.


“Daphne” he said finally, stepping back and opening the door as he tore his eyes off of her and gestured to his girls. “Uh … Emily … Catherine, this is …”


“Daphne” the blonde said sparing just a grin at Joe before stepping past him and walking over the two young girls, both of whom were dressed as princesses.


“Emily … and Catherine, right?” she said grinning. “You girls playing dress up? Got anything I can wear?”


When Joe was ready to leave, Daphne’s sweatshirt was gone, Daphne was already wearing a tiara and sipping make-believe tea with the girls. Joe tried not to even look at the white t-shirt Daphne was wearing.


“Cell phone’s on the frig” he called out, and dinner’s in the oven.


“Got it, Dad” Daphne said smiling. “Don’t worry about us, we’re going to finish tea, eat dinner and then watch.. what was that …?”


“Ashley and Mary-Kate do Dallas” piped in Emily, causing both girls to start giggling hysterically. Daphne laughed too.


* * *


By the time the girls finally were in bed, Daphne was emotionally exhausted, but happy. Daphne flipped on the TV, got herself a soft drink and started to watch T.V, flipping on a Buffy marathon. Before long, Daphne found herself immersed. So immersed in fact, that even with her super hearing, she never heard the French doors on the back porch open. Likewise, Daphne didn’t realize there was someone else in the house until the scene ended, and the sound of a human breathing filtered through the general cacophony.


Juan Feliciano was not expecting anyone to be awake downstairs at midnight when he spotted the light from the TV in the dark living room. He made the mistake of pausing for a moment while he debated. He never saw the girl move. She just appeared in front of him, like a vision, with dazzling blue eyes and even more dazzling set of tits both zeroing in on him.


“Something tells me you’re not the cable guy” Daphne said even as Juan panicked and started to move. Juan hadn’t even made up his mind whether he was going to run or reach for his gun. He felt the pain in his arm at just about the same time he felt a hand on his back where his gun was tucked into his pants. And then the couch was suddenly flying at him. And before he could turn himself over, Daphne did it for him, and planted herself on top of him.


Juan looked up and saw, past and two amazing mountains of flesh straining against white cotton, the face of a young blonde woman with a slightly vacant expression, as if she was deep in thought. He brought his hand up to knock her senseless, but first one, and then the other arm were yanked up over his head and pinned as Daphne leaned over, pressing those incredible breasts against his chest. She was lying on top of him, now, and Juan started squirming.


“Jeez …” Daphne said, “you are really starting to piss me off.”


“Let me … go …” Juan said, but the pain in his hands caused him to yipe.


“Sh …” Daphne said, “keep quiet and I won’t hurt you. The girls are asleep, and if you wake them up again, I’m gonna really be in a pickle. I need this gig.”


“You?” said Juan incredulously.


“Hush …” Daphne said, shifting positions.


Juan almost lost it when he felt her thigh moving over his throbbing erection, but he didn’t say a word.


“Ok …” Daphne said after a long pause. “I’ll let you go on two conditions. One, you promise not to come back; and two, you’re not going to tell a soul you were here tonight, or that you ever met me,



“Wha …?” Juan started to say, but before he could even add the final consonant, he found himself suddenly being lifted off the sofa by a small hand under his chin. Any thoughts of fighting seemed to vanish as he gripped her impossibly strong wrist and futilely tried to loosen the girl’s vice-like grip.


Daphne frowned and then carried him over to the open patio door, tossing him out with a flick of the wrist. She’d just finished straightening the sofa pillows and had sat back down when Joe stepped into the darkened room.


“Did you have any trouble?” he asked as he glanced down at Daphne.


“Not a bit” she said smiling. “At least not anything I couldn’t handle.”


“Super,” said Joe as he dug in his wallet.


“Nah,” Daphne replied as she stood up and smiled at him. “We’ll save the super thing for next time, ok? Tonight we did Princesses.”




The End.

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