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An Evening With the Last Daughter of Krypton

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An Evening With the Last Daughter of Krypton


by AK






"Do me a date," she challenged, crossing her arms across her chest and watching him through slitted eyes.




"Hmmm." Her eyes flicked to the window and the night sky outside before returning to him. "Somewhere on the West Coast, about this time of year."


"Okay. How about Seattle?" He grew thoughtful. Lacing his fingers together behind his head. he stared up at the ceiling for a moment before turning back to her. "Superwoman, would you care to have dinner with me this evening?"


"I'd love to, Mr. Lane." She took a step toward him, stopped, and looked down at her blue-and-red clothes. "But I can't go like this." She smoothed out the hem of her short red skirt. "What should I wear?"


"Let's see …" Pursing his lips, he studied his would-be dinner companion, scanning her gorgeous body from head to toe. "Something like that blue velvet dress we saw today, with sandals. Not a lot of jewelry, but maybe a matching velvet ribbon around your throat." His gaze dropped from her throat to her long shapely legs. "Oh, and that dress definitely calls for nylons and a garter belt. Panty hose would be too plebeian."


"Nylons and a garter belt?" She walked toward him, hips swaying suggestively. "Is that all I should wear under it?"


He gave her a sideways glance as she settled onto the couch beside him. "Surprise me. At any rate, we'll drive down into Seattle. They've got the best seafood in the world there. I think for tonight … the old Edgewater Inn. Not superglamorous, but it's got great attitude. It's also got this great St. Michelle Riesling for a house wine. Then an Alaskan shrimp cocktail, baked salmon with sage dressing and rice pilaf, and maybe a piece of cheesecake, after."


"Yum. Then where?"


"Your choice. There's always a couple of good shows in town."


"Could we go dancing?"


"Sure, name your poison."


"Slow, and somewhere there would be some good jazz."


"Jazz? Let's see …"


Superwoman smiled and rose from the couch, floating across the room to the sound system. As Louis considered, she scanned the CDs on the rack and slipped a mellow jazz instrumental into the player.


"Okay," he said after a moment. "For good jazz in Seattle, our best bet would be to do some club-hopping around Pioneer Square. They've got some neat little hole-in-the-wall clubs down there, if you know where to look."


"Sounds like fun." She floated back across to his side and, as he unlaced his hands, settled into the crook of his arm.


"Yeah, we can dance some and do a little brandy and get mellow."


"I'd like that. And I think that about twelve-thirty would be right."


"Right for what?"


"For surprising you." She lowered her voice seductively. "You've gotten three or four drinks into me, and while you're holding me close out in a dark corner of the dance floor, I'll whisper in your ear that I've got nothing on under my dress."


"Oh … kay." He swallowed a couple of times to get a suddenly dry throat working again. "After that, maybe a little walk to watch the city lights and to get our heads clear. And then a moonlight drive."


"Oh? Where to?"


"I thought maybe up to Deception Pass."


"Isn't that quite a drive?"


"The freeway will be clear that time of night. We can get out there almost as fast as you could fly me. We'll park at the observation point at the head of that big old bridge over the Passage. We can talk and listen to a little music till the sun comes up."


One graceful eyebrow rose. "Just talk and music?"


His lips quirked up. "Well, there's always the back seat."


Her other eyebrow rose as she considered the idea. "That might be interesting. But you're liable to lose the damage deposit on the rental."


"Stay with the fantasy here. Don't interrupt, this is getting good. So we'll take a blanket out on the beach. Now, just as it's getting to be dawn, we'll walk out to the middle of the bridge and watch the sun rise while the tide turns through the passage."


"Yes …" she said dreamily. "That would work. But remember? No underwear. That could get a little chilly."


"You, cold? Don't get too carried away."


"I was thinking about you."


"How do you know whether I'm wearing …?" he began, then caught sight of her twinkling eyes. "Of course! You've been peeking, haven't you?"


"So I've been a bad girl. Okay, what's next?"


He reached across his body with his free hand and took up her hand.


Lifting it to his lips, he gently kissed her palm. "What's next is a little beach resort a ways farther west toward Oak Harbor. It's quiet and old-fashioned, but the cabins are nice and they have a room service that can do a pretty good breakfast in bed."


The sensual shiver rippling down her spine brought her out of her reverie. "I think it's just about time we broke this off," she said, reclaiming her hand.


"We're just getting to the good stuff."


She smiled wryly. "I know. That's why we better stop right here." She rose to her feet. "You have to go to work in the morning, and I should make another patrol tonight."

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