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Pre-Date Jitters

Written by mikeyfreedom :: [Thursday, 30 March 2006 15:59] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 14 February 2013 15:07]

Pre-Date Jitters


by Mikey Freedom












"Stop stressing out, girl. The red dress is fine."


Cassandra sat back and sighed, watching her best friend Sharon pacing around the room getting all bothered. They'd known each other since childhood and she had never seen Sharon this agitated. It's not like this was a first date or anything.


"It's got to be perfect, Cassie. Tonight's the night I just know it. Mark's been acting all coy around me lately. Hell, he's even putting up with all of my trips to the bathroom."


"You really think he's going to pop the question? I know you guys have been joined at the hip the last few months …"


Sharon stopped, for the first time that evening. Memories of the past few weeks flooded her mind, a ghost of a smile crossing her delicate features.


“… but he doesn't even know the real you."


The smile vanished.


"I … I want to tell him … really I do … I will, when I’m ready …"


Sharon rushed into her bedroom, reappearing seconds later in a flowing blue gown. One look in the mirror confirmed her new look, and whole new feelings of unreadiness. Frowning, she slumped onto the couch. Cassandra couldn't believe it. She'd seen her best friend stop bullets with nothing but her chest, outrun a train at full power, and defy gravity with a ballerina’s grace.


"All these things I can do … all these powers … and I can't even get ready for a date!!!!”


Cassie put an arm around her. She could see the internal struggle going on inside Sharon.


“Well maybe, the problem is just that you’re not being true to yourself … true to who you are. I mean, you’ve been acting constipated around him the number of times you’ve got to excuse yourself because there’s a natural disaster or an emergency somewhere in the world. But he’s stuck with you.”


“It’s my job, Cass. I have the power, not you …”


It was Cassie’s turn to be aroused by memory … the fateful night when the two of them had found the mysterious glowing “rock”, which had bathed the two of them in white light. It had deemed Sharon to be more worthy, as since that day, she was able to do the whole “tall buildings, single bound”, “faster than a locomotive” and of course the “stronger than steel” routine.


“… and therefore I’ve been given the responsibility to protect those in need. I can’t just turn it off when it suits me … I can’t ignore someone calling for help. I can’t watch the TV and see a disaster somewhere and say, “no, I’m busy”. I swore to myself that I would be there, whenever, wherever my powers are needed … speaking of which”, Sharon trailed off, straining her super-hearing on a nearby source.


Cassie frowned as she could now hear the distant wail of police sirens, and was not surprised as Sharon jumped up off the sofa, eyes already twinkling. Sharon mentally allowed the light from her eyes to expand over her body, her evening wear fading, becoming liquid as it flowed over her and took on a new hue. By the time she had crossed to the window, the costume of Starlight had formed around her. With a graceful leap, Starlight flew out of the window and out over the city. Below her, she could see the police cars chasing a black sports car. A flash came from the side of the car as the tire on the overexerted sports car blew out. The car began to swerve erratically.


Seeing the danger, Starlight swooped down to street level giving chase, and at once saw the danger. The car was headed into the park, and a playground full of children. The car was out of control, and the police couldn’t stop it. It was up to her, The air blurred around her, as she accelerated to speeds no human eye could follow. Reaching her target, she dug her hands into the bumper of the sports car like it was butter. Planting her white boots on the tarmac, she allowed the car to drag her along the road as she dug in, her muscles straining to slow down the vehicle. The driver, panicking, hit the accelerator, smoke billowing from the tires as they struggled and ultimately failed to overcome the force of Starlight, as she pulled the car to a stop. Even as the car stopped, she jumped around to the driver’s door, ripping it off its hinges and pulling the driver out. Tearing the seatbelt out, her hands became a whirlwind as she wrapped it around the hands of the driver, bonding him as the pursuing police cars arrived. Satisfied with her work, she gave the police a glance to say that everything was under control, before leaping into the air.


A minute later, Cassandra was interrupted from dinner by the blinding light of Starlight as she flew in the window, mid-transformation as the evening gown of Sharon Walker reappeared. An anxious look at the clock told Sharon that she was going to be late. Another anxious look in the mirror … this wasn’t right. This wasn’t her … she began to cry. Cassandra ran over and consoled her.


“See I told you Sharon that you were holding back … Listen to me … Do you trust Mark?”


Sharon didn’t even blink “Yes, of course”


“Do you love him?”


“With all my heart.


“Then, Sharon, you know what to do. Be true to yourself, and be true to him.”


Sharon smiled, her path now clear. The light returned.


Mark Atkins checked his appearance for the 150th time tonight. This night had to be special. And for the 150th time he checked to make sure he had the ring in his pocket.He’d waited for this moment for so long, and it had to be done right.


“Mark … sorry I’m late …”


Mark looked out onto the balcony as Sharon landed, with Starlight’s costume in place minus her silver eye-mask. Without breaking stride, Sharon walked up and took Mark into a passionate embrace.


“… but I think dinner can wait …”

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