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David and Ceres

Written by Ordo Cabaal Templarus :: [Thursday, 30 March 2006 16:07] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 14 February 2013 15:12]

David and Ceres


by Ordo Cabaal Templarus








David leaned against the small seating room wall, eyes shut and head lowered, quietly listening to the chatter just beyond the simple wooden door. The smell of bread and the chatter of its occupants were therapeutic to him.


He needed it; the past month at the Galactic College had been quite like attending junior high with injections of tropical skin diseases.


There was her of course, but he could hardly call their relationship a model of sweethearts, more akin to an inevitable Romeo to an immortal Juliet, and the Romeo was disposable.


Ceres certainly wasn’t human, she certainly wasn’t mortal, nor did she fly around in a black suit or a blue t-top and red skirt.


She was something else.


When she entered, it was like being caught in the high tide, at her complete mercy. He knew, belatedly that this was but a mote of her presence. It took substantial will just to look into her eyes and away from the ground. It took even more of his strength to not look at the top of her magnificent, inhuman chest.


“Are you well, my Aier? You look ill at ease.” She smiled down at him, from just above his head, hovering gracefully above the ground. She was dressed to kill, elegantly and regally. His eyes snapped back into focus as she softened her presence.


“Not at all, just slightly overwhelmed. It’s passed.”


“Has it?” She grinned down from him, still towering above him, but now her feet were touching the ground. She licked her lips, and her red eyes sparkled with even more intensity. “There it is again, that same look like a prey animal, like cattle to the lioness. How proper of you.”


“Well, I feel honored.” He gave her a small smirk. “The last guy that I met said that you compared him to a …” Her lips smothered his; her perfect breasts purring through her silk gown, he could feel their texture from behind his black t-shirt, finer and softer than velvet. He adamantly put a hand over her back, and his other at her side.


“A Bread-house?” She pulled away from him, tipping her head. “You must be older than you look.” David gave her a small smile.


“You like it, then? Let us order.”




The occupants continued chatting as David had entered, and when Ceres entered, some had been smart and looked sooner than later. In the end, the room returned to normal as the two sat down after ordering their dinners.


David’s eyes turned distant for a moment when he looked at Ceres’ long, pointed ear with the small earring on it. He rubbed his face.


“Are you alright.” He eyes softened with worry. “You are getting that look again.”


“Your … never mind. It’s unimportant.”


“What, you don’t like my ears? They're a very important part of my image.” Her face smiled but her eyes and her presence spike-hammered into him.




“I hear your heartbeat from a mile away, I can feel the electricity running through your brain. Something troubles you, about me?” She leaned forward, her eyes imploring.


“Your earring is a memento of your family.” His breathing was short. “You broke … ughhh …” His hand tightened in her grip. “You broke from them after they took it’s companion from you.”


“W-what else?” She touched his chin, held it. His eyes now bored into hers with such icy omniscience that even she could not, dared not look away.


“Blood. Mortal blood, human remains covering your soles, your palms, your joy incriminated you.” He was no longer in control, the intensity of her presence forcing his sight to peel open the layers of her past.


“They were trespassers, they were. Invaders. You had to protect your younger sister, both then and the time afterward. Your mind … you were happy as you walked through the forest, stepping on them like ants.” His lips were blue, his voice like a grinding stone.


“Focus, listen to me, David. Look at me.” She held his head closer to hers, kissed his freezing lips, trying to get him out of the seizure.


“You … no … mustn’t … you did anyway. You … enough. Enough.” He steadied himself, just as soon as the buzzer to their table went off.




Ceres had been staring at him, whilst he hungrily ate his BLT. She read his body like an open book.


“You going to eat?” He said, with his usual calm.


“No. David, what are you?”


“What are you, to have lived so long …?”


“I am a Cosmos Eldar, of royal blood, if you are wondering. But I don’t really know you. You humans are alike to me, but are all Terrans like you? Can see into people’s pasts?”


“Most don’t need to know, and I apologize.”


“I was not insulted David. Just worried that I should lose you to that … gift of yours, and basket cases are useless to me.” She leaned forward. “I should have told you; we have not really become friends. Merely acquaintances. I want to know more of humans, which is why I am not letting you out of my grasp. Why I let none of you out of my grasp. I don’t want to tighten it more than I need to and lose someone who hasn’t served his potential yet.” His eyes had never left hers, now they hardened.


“It is alright, David. You are mine, and I may be harsh, but I do not hurt wantonly when I can merely ask. Such a thing will shorten your purpose, little mortal. I’ll ask kindly. What are you?”


“I … am a apprentice Watchman. That is all.”


“What is …?”


“That. Is. All. Today. Please.” The rest of the night passed in silence.

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