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Twice the fun

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The many whispered conversations in the large library reached the 22 year old Jess’s ears as a low, soothing murmur. Her dwindling attention struggled to stay focused on the book her nose was deeply buried in. Finals were quickly approaching and students filled every table in the big university library. Even at the late hour the students tried their best to memorize the last ounce of information their brains could handle.
Jess’s searched for an equation, a calculation she had recently seen. But her search remained fruitless as her eyes, once again, scanned through the page. The last week had been full of long days, filled to the brim with studying. It had taken its toll and now caused every page and formula to merge into an intangible mess in Jess’s head.
Besides her stood a big cup of coffee, close within reach. For the last hour it had been the only thing standing between her and a long nap on the library table.
Jess supported her head with her left hand while her drowsy eyes glanced along the book page. In her right hand she held a marker which periodically tapped against her red hair bun. With each passing moment her eyes felt heavier and heavier as they almost self-acting scanned through yet another page.
Jess jolted awake as her head suddenly slipped from her grasp. Her eyes burst open, wide awake from the feeling of falling. The feeling lasted only a short moment. She leaned back in her chair and adjusted the glasses that rested on her freckly up-turned nose. She felt a yawn approach and stretched her arms backwards as she deeply inhaled. Trying to fight off the sleepiness Jess’s sat up straight in the hard library chair.
Her eyes still felt heavy as she tried to refocus. When her gaze drifted towards the books it lingered on the empty chair across the table. Her thoughts left the long and boring book in front of her as she wondered where her best friend was.
Jess hadn’t seen Tara since their last class for the semester, two days ago. Almost an eternity for the two friends, since they had been practically inseparable since they first met, almost 20 years earlier.
During the last class Tara hadn’t been her usual self. Jess had clearly noticed that something had been off. Tara had been unusually quiet and almost seemed jumpy. It hadn’t helped that she also rushed off as soon as she could. Without giving any explanation, despite Jess’s many questions.
The strange behaviour had gotten Jess worried about her friend. It had kept her wondering what was wrong, but more importantly, what she should do.
During the following days Jess’s numerous calls remained unanswered. Only the, now all too familiar, voice mail had been on the other end. Jess thought back on the night before when she had been about to give up and run over to her friends apartment when the silence finally had been broken. Broken with a short and cryptic text message. A message that didn’t clear any of her questions. It only read "I’m OK, ttyl".
Jess looked back at the desk in front of her, where her pile of books laid spread out. The sight looked nowhere close to as inviting as she imagined her warm and cozy bed. Just the thought of her bed made Jess realize that she wouldn’t get any more work done. Jess started closing and collecting the large academic books. Books that barely fitted into her backpack. She forced the books down as much as she could but still didn’t mange to completely close the zipper. After slipping on her thick winter jacket Jess managed, with some difficulty, to swing the heavy and oversized backpack up on her thin 5’4" frame.
The winter night’s cold air hit Jess as she walked out through the library’s double doors. The chilly air stung in her throat as it searched its way down into her lungs. When she exhaled her eyes followed the white smoke as it dispersed against the dark surroundings. An accustomed sight this far north, since the sun barely broke the horizon during the long and cold December month. Looking down the street, the darkness was only occasionally broken by sparsely placed streets lights. Without a living soul in sight the glum street was peacefully quiet.
Jess pulled down her winter cap and let another breath escape her lips. She once again followed the white smoke as it rose. Looking up, her eyes were met with the black sky. Only the moon’s bright light managed to break through the darkness. Without enough power to actually illuminate her surroundings.
Jess hated it, she wondered how she had ended up in such a godforsaken climate. Once again Tara filled her mind.
3 years ago Tara had decided to study here. And Jess had of course, as usually, complied and followed. Like she always did. Like she would, without hesitation, through the fires of hell. Or in this case, the Arctic winter.
Jess hurried down the street, towards her apartment. Hoping to get there before the temperature dropped too much. Or rather, before the cold found its way within her clothes. Jess quickly exited the campus area. Walking her regular route lead her along a less travelled road, where the narrow path lead her through a nearby forest. 
Between the threes the snow was thicker. It was even topped off with a fresh snow layer, which compressed and crunched loudly with step. The sound echoed eerily through the surrounding trees. Causing Jess to increase her pace, as the desolated path made her imagination run wild. Keeping her wide awake.
Jess glanced over her shoulder. Behind her the dark path still remained peacefully quiet. She tried to persuade herself it was just her imagination playing tricks. 
With all her willpower Jess barely managed to keep herself from running the last bit. Without relaxing she kept her high pace until the warm lights of her apartment complex came into view.
Slightly out of breath Jess walked towards the locked entrance. Her fast pace had kept her warm but as she let herself relax both the cold and fatigue slowly came creeping back.
Jess was about to stick her key into the lock when she heard a voice from the nearby shadows. "Finally…Thought you would never get home! "
"Huh? " Jess looked up in surprise. With squinted eyes she looked out in the dark. In search for the source of the voice.
Jess thought there was a familiar sound to the voice as a wide figure emerged from the shadows. Jess felt unsure, but as the street light fell over the figures face and the long golden hair it became apparent.
"Tara! ? " Jess said. "What are you doing here? "
Even though it was clear that it was Tara who stepped out of the shadows, couldn’t Jess help noticing the slight difference in her facial features. Her slightly chubby cheeks seemed to have disappeared, giving her face a sleeker appearance, without loosing her full red lips. Jess looked at Tara’s bright blue eyes and thought that she looked too healthy to have lost that much weight, even if bedridden by some illness.
It wasn’t the only thing Jess noticed. Tara had also always been the taller of the duo. It wasn’t by much, but with her 5’7" she had been quick to taunt the 3 inches smaller Jess. The girl that stepped out from the shadows looked even bigger than Jess remembered, but she couldn’t really put her finger on what was wrong. Was it her imagination playing tricks again?  Or was her friend really taller?  Maybe it was the thick winter jacket and pants that warped Tara’s proportions. Jess snapped out of her thoughts as Tara answered. "I’ve been trying to get hold of you! "
Jess felt a little hurt by Tara’s recent behaviour and decided to show it. She turned around and lowered her drowsy gaze onto the key, but her attempt to unlock the doorway was prevented by a big yawn. "Really, why didn’t you just call? "
Out of Jess’s field of view Tara slightly blushed as her eyes trailed off. "I…accidentally broke my phone." 
Jess scoffed lightly. She still hadn’t managed to guide her key into the lock. She looked up at Tara with a barely noticeable smile. "You have always been the clumsy one of us! "
"Yeah, clumsy..." Tara said thoughtfully.
Jess’s smile vanished completely as she stared into Tara’s eyes "I’ve been worried! "
"I know, I’m really sorry for that." Tara said, showing her sincerity with a troubled expression.
"What happened?  Why come here now? " Jess asked indifferently.
"You wouldn’t believe me…"
"Try me! "
"Come with me and I promise I will show you…" Tara said, in an attempt to lure Jess with her. Only provoking Jess with her evasiveness.
"We have been friends for what?  20 years?  I think I can handle whatever bomb you wanna drop on me! "
"A million years couldn’t prepare you…" Tara said seriously.
Jess stared angrily at the composed Tara. Unsure if she would scream out her anger or just go to bed. The uneasy silence felt almost tangible before Tara decided to break it. She leaned her head slightly to the right and pleaded. "Follow me home and I’ll clear up all the questions you might have. Promise! "
Jess took a deep breath, wondering how she could say no to those puppy eyes. She had never been good at saying no, especially to Tara and her - sometimes crazy - whims. Which often caused them to end up in trouble, more often than Jess wanted to admit. And now she once more felt how she quickly was losing this bout. In a last attempt Jess looked down on the key in her hand. "Can’t you wait for a few hours?  I need to sleep! "
Tara shook her head slightly and simply stated. "No! "
Despite the fact that Jess didn’t like Tara’s secrecy, she still gave up with a loud sigh. "It better be important…"
"Oh, you won’t be disappointed! " Tara said as she turned around and started the walk towards her apartment. Causing her mischievous smile to remained hidden to Jess.
The two girls walked in silence towards Tara’s apartment. A silence that plagued Jess more than Tara. With all the unanswered questions filling Jess’s head, she was fighting a loosing battle with her silent treatment. Which, at this point, only remained because she didn’t know where to start. She had been promised all answers but Tara didn’t seem eager to tell them.
Jess kept an eye on Tara, who seemed deeply submerged in her own thoughts, while they walked away from the illuminated apartments. Tara’s face hid more and more behind a veil of shadows as the light dimmed, clouding her thoughts even more.
Jess was about to speak up when a chunk of snow fell from a tree ahead of them. Jess stared intently at the spot and noticed a dark figure emerge from between the trees. Dim lights in the distance made the figure cast a long, barely visible shadow. Nearly reaching the two friends.
Jess immediately slowed her pace and gave her friend a worried look. An unanswered look as Tara continued with unfailing steps. Seemingly untroubled by the dark form.
The distance between the two girls grew slightly as Jess’s steps got more and more uncertain the closer they got. Closing in on the figure it became clear that Tara couldn’t have missed it. But also that she completely ignored it.
The distance between the two girls and the dark figure steadily decreased, until only a few steps remained. The moon’s weak light shone enough to lighten the facial features on the sneaking shadow. His rugged look was easily recognizable. Greg! 
Both of the girls knew him, all to well. He was the worst kind of creep. Notorious for that reason. A left over Neanderthal, keeping their ancient ideas about flirting. Someone Jess really didn’t want to meet along this dark path.
Tara was just a few steps away from Greg when she snapped out of her thoughts and looked over her shoulder. Noticing that Jess had fallen behind. Even in the dark environment Jess’s qualms about meeting Greg was clearly visible.
Tara stopped her walk and confidentially turned sideways. Allowing her to face both Jess and Greg simultaneous. She reached out her right hand, offering it to the quickly approaching Jess, who nearly ran the last few steps. Jess grabbed Tara’s hand hard and pressed herself against Tara’s body, almost hiding behind her confident friend, without taking her suspicious eyes off Greg.
Greg closed in, slowly circling around Tara, while eyeing her from top to toe. "What are two pretty girls like you doing out here? "
The night stayed silent, as the only response was Tara’s angry stare. Clearly showing that she hadn’t time for this and didn’t want any of his crap.
Jess pressed herself against Tara’s body with her eyes wide open. Her gaze quickly darted between Tara and Greg, unsure what her friend was up to. She couldn’t understand how her friend could be so confident and not scared like herself. 
Greg walked slowly around the standing couple. Letting the hidden Jess enter his view more and more with each step. The girls’ eyes followed him closely as he circled like a hungry shark. Despite their vigilant eyes did he manage to, before one of them could react, give Jess a slap on her ass. Not letting go before he had cupped a feel. "Maybe you wanna follow me home, babe! "
Jess looked speechlessly at Greg’s hand. She stood motionless by the initial shock of his audacity. Barely registering Tara’s yell: "Get your filthy hands off her! " In the corner of her eye Jess saw how Tara planted her hands on Greg’s chest and pushed. Her surprise at the slap was nothing compared to the shock when Greg’s feet lifted from the ground. The event took only a few moments but played out before Jess’s eyes in slow motion.
Her gaze followed Greg as he slowly flew 40 feet in a low arc, before tumbling down on the path, with each impact sending snow cascading down around him.
Jess’s mouth was stuck wide open in amazement, as she stared at the motionless lump that now laid down the path. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. Her frantic stare turned to Tara, who returned a similar surprised expression, but Tara’s reaction was more panicked than amazed. Tara quickly scanned around them, searching for witnesses, but she could only see the dark forest that remained silent, unaffected by the recent display.
Before the speechless Jess managed to formulate a sentence had Tara grabbed her hand and started running towards her apartment. Jess was forcefully dragged along, with her hand locked in the firm grip.
As Jess was dragged along the dark path, she managed to throw a quick glance over her shoulder. Even though Greg was a jerk she felt relieved when she saw him raised up on his fours, but still struggling to catch his breath. 
The quick glance caused Jess to miss a step, causing her to stumble forward. Luckily her next step hit its mark and saved her from a certain fall. Even though she had saved her stumble a feeling still lingered. Deep down, beneath her panicked thoughts, she felt that her fall probably wouldn’t have slowed Tara down. The stumble went unnoticed by Tara, who kept running at an unfailing pace. 
Jess struggled under her heavy backpack, despite her reasonable good shape had Tara’s steady pace quickly exhausted her. The adrenaline that rushed into her system by Tara’s display had initially helped her, but the longer the run lasted the more her aching legs and lungs came to mind. Jess wanted to scream to Tara to slow down, but her heavy breathing efficiently prevented her from speaking up.
Tara didn’t slow down until they finally reached her apartments doorstep. There Tara immediately released Jess’s hand, which allowed Jess to slump forward. Jess caught herself against her knees, while she tried to catch her breath.
Jess looked up at Tara with huge eyes. Still unable to utter a word between her deep inhales. She just stared at her friend, who seemed unaffected by the recent run. Jess watched in silence as Tara reached towards her and grabbed the heavy backpack on her back. Tara grabbed the handle and lifted the backpack with her completely outstretched arm, while she silently mumbled "Let me help you with that."
Jess felt how the weight was lifted from her back as Tara raised her arm. The backpack felt weightless for a brief second before the straps started pulling her upwards. Jess almost panicked as she felt her feet slowly, but steadily, lift from the ground. Her fear was short lived as she quickly managed to squirm free from the straps grip and dropped back to the ground.
Relieved from her burden and practically forced upright Jess managed to stand with a straight back. She looked doubtful at Tara, amazed by the ease she handled Jess’s heavy backpack and the fact that Jess’s short air trip seemed to have gone unnoticed. Jess’s breaths had calmed down enough to let her speak and she didn’t spare a moment. "WHAT WAS THAT? "
Tara looked at Jess, her embarrassment was evident, but Jess thought she saw a small hint of a smile. "Sorry, I really lost it with his advances."
"So did I…but I would barely be able to budge him. Surely not send him flying 100 feet." Jess exclaimed loudly, clearly exaggerating Greg’s flight.
Tara was about to correct Jess, but her vivid expression made it clear the distance wasn’t the important part.
"Actually…I held back." Tara said. There was unmistakeably a smile on her face now. "A bit surprised of the result nonetheless…"
"ARE YOU SERIOUS? " Jess almost screamed, her eyes as big as saucers.
"Well I guess that the cat is out of the bag! " Tara said. Her nervousness shone through with the uncertain smile. Deep down Tara feared her best friends reaction and this was far from the gentle revelation she had planned and imagined.
"What?  That you somehow got superpowers? "
Tara lightly laughed. "That might be to push it. I’m far from Supergirl."
"Certainly didn’t look that far from where I stood! " Jess said seriously, she had calmed down a bit from the initial shock and managed to speak in a regular conversation volume.
Tara’s smile eased up and her cheeks gained a red hue at the compliment. She felt a bit relieved that Jess, at least so far, showed a manageable reaction. However, her nervousness was buried shallowly. This wasn’t the revelation Tara’s biggest qualms were about. It wasn’t the secret that had held her locked into her apartment for the last days. It wasn’t the quickly approaching revelation.
Jess’s breathing had completely calmed down, which let her finally collect her thoughts. "Is this why you were so nervous... you know, last time, in class? "
Tara looked into Jess’s eyes and nodded lightly, but her eyes betrayed her hidden secrecy. She quickly broke the eye contact and unlocked the apartment door. "Let’s go inside."
Jess didn’t move. Despite Tara’s best efforts had Jess seen the brief gleam in her friend’s eyes. She stared at her, now super powered, best friend’s back. Super powered, a thing she had kept hidden for the last days.
"Why? " Jess whispered, slightly hurt. "Why didn’t you tell me?  Isn’t this something you would share with your best friend? "
Tara released the door handle and turned to face her friend. "At first I wasn’t sure if it was a gift or a curse..."
"What do you mean? " Jess said, wondering what negative effect the strength to toss every undesired creep over 100 feet could possibly have.
"Well, it came with a... side effect." Tara said, carefully choosing her words.
"What? " Jess scoffed. Thinking of every crazy comic book scientist she knew that, by a failed experiment, had gained super strength. 
"You got scales or tentacles? " Jess said, as she blew up her cheeks and flung her arms around in her best squid impression. A quick smile was seen in Tara’s otherwise serious expression. However her reserved reaction at Jess’s goofy impression got Jess worried. Her flinging arms slowly died down as she suspected that she might have hit a nerve. Tara turned to her apartment door while she said. "Not really, but it took some time getting used to..."
Tara opened her apartment door and walked into the narrow hallway. She flipped a switch which let a single light bulb, hanging from the ceiling, illuminate the messy hallway. Guided by the light Tara stepped over some clothes laying spread out on the floor, allowing Jess to enter.
Jess, took a single step into the hallway, which was as far as there was room for her. She removed her thick gloves and winter cap and tossed them up on a nearby shelf. The shelf hung above a number of clothes hooks, all more or less completely filled with various winter garments.
"So, here we are. Now lets see what all this fuzz is about. I bet it can’t be that bad…" Jess said as she removed her jacket. Her thoughts constantly wondering what side effect her friend could have meant. She turned to the coat hanger and with her second try found a hook where her jacket stayed suspended.
"Well, you tell me! " Tara said while she slipped out of her winter jacket. Jess let her eyes wander, from her suspended jacket, through the hallway, towards her friend. Tara casually dropped her jacket to the floor as Jess’s gaze fell upon her.
Jess couldn’t believe her eyes. The jacket wasn’t thick, instead it was her friend that had completely filled it. Tara stood silent in a worn green t-shirt, which was distorted into an unintentional deep v-neck and left little to the imagination. The fabric was stretched tight over her wide chest, straining to contain Tara’s prominent braless breasts, which threatened to break free at the smallest motion.
Jess let her eyes wander down the too small t-shirt which only reached half way down over Tara’s stomach, where her well defined six-pack instead continued downwards.
Tara’s six-pack looked confined by her narrow waist that flared out into wide hips. Wide hips that were snugly contained in a pair of black yoga pants. The black pants looked painted on Tara’s muscular legs that held her up like marble pillars, steadily placed on the wooden hallway floor.
Jess questioned herself, she could have sworn her friend had worn thick winter pants earlier. But in the clear hallway light, those baggy pants had probably been Tara’s tree trunk thighs.
Jess suddenly understood why Tara hadn’t joined her in the well lit library. Her Amazonian physique would definitely have put her at the centre of everyone’s attention. A position she knew the shy Tara wouldn’t want to be in.
Tara felt uncomfortable on the receiving end of the never-ending stare from her friend. She raised her hand to play with her shoulder long golden hair, a thing she usually did when embarrassed. Unintentionally her motion slightly flexed her already big biceps, giving Jess more to gawk at. Biceps that now easily dwarfed Jess’s thighs. The seams in Tara’s t-shirt screamed in protest as the expanding muscles pressed the sleeve wide open, rapidly nearing the tearing point.
"Please say something! " Tara pleaded.
"Damn..." Jess exclaimed and forgot to shut her mouth as she kept staring at her friend in disbelief. She had previously never devoted a single thought towards muscle-bound females, but with the sight before her she had no choice.
Jess had, ever since they both hit puberty, been a bit jealous of Tara’s more voluptuous curves. Now a painful sting of envy coursed through Jess at the sight of Tara’s impressive Amazonian curves, which had further enhanced her already luscious feminine characteristics. Leaving one of the most beautiful bodies Jess had ever seen standing before her. 
It wasn’t exactly the response Tara had hoped for. "Could you please say something more than ’Damn’? "
"Gosh...I..I... just WOW! " Jess stammered out.
Tara couldn’t help but release a light laugh, no more than a nervous giggle, at Jess’s speechlessness. She lowered her right hand that had brushed through her hair and stretched it out in front of her.
Tara twisted and turned her arm while she let her gaze wander down from her broad shoulder, over her huge biceps and along her thick forearm. "I guess it is a bit much to take in..." 
Jess stood in-situ, speechlessly staring, as Tara looked up from her self admiration; or rather fact statement.
"This is what I was afraid of... That you would think I have become some kind of freak! " Tara said, her voice cracked as her tears wasn’t far from flowing down her cheek.
The accusation snapped Jess back into reality.
"FREAK?  A…Are you kidding me?  You have the most perfect body I have ever seen! " Jess exclaimed while pointing her hand at Tara.
Concealed by her hand, wiping away an early tear, Tara’s face shone up as her anxiety fell from her shoulders. "You really mean that? "
"Of course I do!  Have I ever lied to you? "
Tara took a quick step forward, closing the distance between them in the narrow hallway. Jess noticed that she had to tilt her head more than usual to see Tara’s smile, which confirmed her previously suspicious that her friend had also gained a couple of inches. Tara’s huge figure filled Jess’s view for a brief second before she felt Tara’s huge arms embracing her, pressing their bodies close together. 
The hug completely enclosed the much smaller Jess. Snugly trapping her arms against her own body, while her face got buried deep between Tara’s breasts. "I knew I could rely on you! "
A muffled cry for help was Jess’s only answer. Causing Tara to immediately release her tight embrace and take a step back. The released Jess gasped for air, grateful to have free airways again. Tara stood frightened a step away, her hand hovered awkwardly in the air between them. She felt unsure if she would dare touch her nearly choked friend. "I’m so sorry, I’m not used to my new strength" Tara said. Her face was plagued by a mixed expression of guilt and concern. Jess had regained her normal breathing and managed a crooked smiled up at her friend. "I’m fine. No need for a guilt trip."
A relieved sigh escaped Tara’s lips at Jess’s unharmed state. "I will be more careful. Promise! "
"You better be, those things could kill someone! " Jess said while she teasingly glanced at Tara’s chest. Tara quickly crossed her arms, trying to cover as much as she could, without much success.
Jess started laughing, maybe from the recent lack of oxygen, the absurdity of the situation or Tara’s futile tries to hide her deadly weapons. Tara joined in, relieved that her best friend seemed to accept her new appearance and appeared unharmed after her accidentally rough hug.
As their laughter slowly died down Jess thoughtfully looked up and down Tara’s impressive stature, comparing the image before her eyes to the memory of her slightly chubby friend. Jess slightly shook her head as their eyes met. "I just can’t believe that this is real."
Tara flashed Jess a smile before she brought up her left arm into an impressing biceps pose.
"I assure you…These are real!  More than real if you count the strength in them…" Tara said as she tried to make an imprint with her right index finger. Tara made a quick nod towards her arm, inviting Jess. "Feel it, if you don’t believe me."
Jess took an uncertain step forward. Her eyes transfixed on Tara’s bulging biceps. Standing up straight, Tara’s arm rose above Jess’s head, forcing Jess to reach up with her small hand. She traced her fingers along Tara’s triceps, then up along her biceps side until she grazed the big peak. They felt real all right.
Putting all her effort into it Jess couldn’t dent the rock hard muscle that lay just beneath the soft skin. Even when she hung her whole body weight, neither Tara or her arm budged an inch.
Tara smiled down on her friend and her fascination. "Impressive, huh?  Well these I’m even more proud of! "
Tara brought down her arm, letting Jess’s feet touch the ground again. Jess took a step back and watched how Tara reached down and tugged the bottom of her shirt. Jess stood transfixed, wondering how high Tara would pull the shirt.
Tara only lifted it slightly, revealing her whole flat stomach. Flat, with the exceptions of the deep ridges of her 8-pack. Jess let out a sigh consisting of equal parts relief and built up anticipation, based on how much Tara would reveal.
Tara tensed her abs and hunched slightly forward. By pressing down her breasts, as much as she could, she allowed herself to see how Jess’s fingers ran over her smooth skin. Feeling their way over their definition and only lightly grazing the underlying hardness. To Jess her friend’s abs could just as easily been chiselled from solid granite.
Tara had always felt comfortable in Jess’s company. Mainly because Jess never cared what someone else thought, which efficiently suppressed Tara’s distorted body image whenever they were together. This time Jess’s soothing effect was no different. For the first time Tara felt that her transformation was accepted and, more than anything, that everything would turn out all right. Something she had doubted ever since she had first noticed her transformation.
Feeling relaxed Tara decided to tease Jess, with what she knew was Jess’s weak spot.
"I saw where your eyes lingered…I assure you they are as real as the rest." Tara said, waking Jess from her daydreaming. Jess cheeks reddened in shame as she pulled back her hand and looked away. Without denying that Tara’s breast had drawn her eyes to them.
Tara released her shirt. Letting it drop down, the seams threatened to tear as her breasts also fell into their perky posture.
Tara had always had bigger breasts than Jess’s borderline B-cups. Ever since they developed, had Tara’s full D-cups drawn more attention than she felt comfortable with. Causing her to often hide under thick sweaters whenever she went out. Even though the sweaters had been large on her then, there was only hopes and dreams that they could hide her new form.
Tara fought to keep a straight face as she cupped her left breast though her t-shirt and lifted it slightly. By Jess’s estimation, Tara’s transformation had filled out her chest even more and easily moved her up to the next letter.
"These are truly fantastic…Almost gravity defying." Tara said while she bent forward, giving Jess a close up view of her assets. Tara released her hold and thrust out her chest, letting her breast slightly jiggle before it returned into its raindrop shape. Provoking a response from Jess.
Jess self-consciously looked down at her own, almost flat, chest. She couldn’t deny that the sheer size of Tara’s chest enthralled her, or how much their gravity defying shape intrigued her. Still, her brain screamed in protest while her hand reached out and gently stroked its way down from Tara’s shoulder.
Jess’s hand slid under Tara’s breast, where she carefully cupped the soft flesh in her hand and let her hand gently close. Tara’s breast overflowed Jess’s small hand at the soft squeeze.
"Soft yet so …firm." Jess mumbled to herself.
"Don’t forget sensitive! " Tara said, adding a seductive bite to her lower lip, which blossomed into a huge smile when Jess’s surprised eyes looked up.
Jess was ripped from her daydream and stared at Tara’s smirk. She quickly released her grip and fumbled a step back, with blushing cheeks. "Oooh, sorry got a bit carried away…"
Tara rose to her full height and teasingly looked down at Jess’s minuscule figure. "Maybe I shouldn’t have teased you."
"Tease me as much as you like. I still think this is awesome! " Jess defyingly said with her mouth pouting and arms crossed.
After the display an awkward silence filled the space between the two friends. Jess, being the more embarrassed, looked around the hallway for an escape. As her gaze fell through an adjacent door she spotted Tara’s dinner table, the thick oak table gave Jess an idea.
With a small jump, over the messiest part of the hallway floor, Jess managed to make her way to the kitchen.
"Come on, I want to test those new muscles of yours." Jess said while she walked with confident steps towards the table.
Tara stood still, quizzically following Jess with her eyes. Wondering what her friend now was up to.
Jess stopped at one end of the table and placed her arm on it, elbow down. Ready for an arm wrestle. She looked at the still dumbfounded Tara and asked "Afraid you will loose? "
Tara sighed deeply as she strode, surprisingly gracefully for her size, towards the opposite table end. "I don’t think you heard me... I am a LOT stronger! " 
Nonetheless Tara played along and positioned herself on the opposite side. Slightly shaking the table as she carefully placed down her elbow. She couldn’t hide her amused smile as she offered her right hand to Jess. Jess wasted no time and gripped Tara’s hand.
"321GO! " Jess quickly exclaimed and immediately started pushing with all her might, into Tara’s unyielding grip. Jess’s efforts were easily held at bay, which only increased her energetic tries. As Jess reached up with her other hand, Tara faked a yawn and sat herself down, the chair groaned slightly. "Let me know when you put some muscle into it! "
Jess slid around one of the table’s corners, allowing her to pull Tara’s hand against her. Jess even lifted her right foot and placed it against the tables edge, allowing her to push with her legs. But still without results. 
Tara tried to look as mildly amused as she could, while Jess’s face reddened from her strain. A task harder than holding back her friend who practically hung from her hand.
"Finished playing around? " Tara casually asked, bending her hand slightly. The slight movement resulted in Jess’s loss of footing. In panic Jess released Tara’s hand and tumbled to the floor.
Tara could only watch, in slow motion, how her friend disappeared over the table’s edge, since she was to slow to catch her. Instead the worried Tara jumped up, accidentally knocking her chair over in the process. She leaned over the table and peeked over the edge at the heap on the floor.
Jess practically sprang up, to a standing position, surprising the concerned Tara. "This is so COOL! "
Tara couldn’t help but smile at her friends enthusiasm. Jess seemed as enthusiastic as before but Tara had to ask, it was quite a fall after all. "Are you OK? "
"Mmhm" Jess said while she grimaced and rubbed her head a few times, which caused Tara to ask the obvious follow up question. "You sure? "
"Yeah, it’s all good…Luckily my head saved my fall! "
"Good that you didn’t injure anything important! " Tara teased. "And not to diminish your…optimistic tries, but that wasn’t really that hard."
"What?  I gave it all I had! "
"I noticed! " Tara said amused, while she looked around the room, searching for a way to show her friend, for something that could actually challenge her. She found what she looked for sitting on the stove.
Tara walked around the table, headed straight for Jess, with an anticipating smile. She came to a halt only inches apart, where she towered over the small redhead.
Using her extra length Tara leaned over Jess and produced an old cast iron pan from the stove behind her.
"Maybe this will do." Tara said as she placed the pan, upside down, in her extended palm. Tara placed her right index finger at the centre of the pan, to hold it down as she slowly started to close her grip.
The iron started to groan as Tara’s fingers slowly forced the pan to fold. The more she closed her grip the more pronounced the outlines of her fingers showed through the thick iron pan. Her fingers made quick work of the pan as it doubled over, without her showing much effort.
Tara removed her right finger just as she made her last push, completely doubling the pan over. But she wasn’t finished. She repositioned her grip on the bent pan, flattening it further in the process. Using both hands she gripped the bent pan’s edge and slowly moved her hands in different directions. Which made the iron groan like never before.
Tara clenched her teeth as her biceps swelled in her efforts against the hard material, but she was quickly rewarded as a small tear formed between her hands. After the first crack emerged the pan showed less resistance and quickly parted, leaving Tara standing with half a pan in each hand and a small bead of sweat travelling down her brow. Jess stood speechless at the display. Her bruised head was long forgotten and her gaze firmly fixed on the half frying pan, now no more than iron junk. "What I wouldn’t do to have that strength! "
Tara looked down on her friend with a questioning look. "What would you do? "
"Absolutely anything! " Jess blurted out without thinking.
Tara looked down on Jess with a raised eyebrow as she handed over one half of the pan. "Maybe, just maybe…you are ready to find out my last secret…How I got this strong! "
Jess’s eyes shone up as she took the metal piece in her small hands. "I would love to! "
Jess looked down on the destroyed pan. From where the pans centre should have been, centimetre thick grooves radiated out towards the edges. The ragged edges, where the iron couldn’t be bent any more and had simply been pulled apart. Jess let her finger run along the razor sharp edge and immediately retracted her finger. "I…It’s still hot! "
"Of course it is…Are you coming? "
Jess looked up, but couldn’t find Tara in the kitchen. She looked towards the doorway and found only Tara’s head peeking in from the hallway. Jess couldn’t understand how she could have missed Tara leaving the room. At her current size Jess had never thought sneaking was an option, but she remembered how she had seen Tara move in the apartment. There was an unmistakable lightness to her steps, which made her look almost weightless.
Jess hurried after Tara through the doorway while she thought of Tara’s display, trying to imagine what could have made her that big and strong. She imagined and dismissed every fictional device, potion or magic that she could think of, without coming up with a satisfying solution about how her friend had turned into a blond goddess.
As Jess entered the hallway she once again couldn’t see Tara. She stood unmoving and sighed as she looked along the hall. A short second later Tara’s head peak out from a door at the end of the hallway. Jess knew, from before, that it was her bedroom.
"Coming? " Tara impatiently asked.
"Why the rush? " Jess laughingly said and blinked, enough time for Tara to disappear from Jess’s view again.
"I thought you wanted it…" Tara said as she placed her hands on Jess’s shoulders. Jess would have jumped in surprise if Tara’s hands hadn’t pinned her to the floor.
"Wha…what…how? " Jess stammered, as she turned to face Tara.
"Let’s say I’m also a bit faster than before! " Tara said with a huge smile.
"Thanks for catching me then…" Jess sarcastically added and scratched her head.
"Sorry, but my reactions aren’t much better than before." Tara laughed and slid her hand down to Jess’s back. She gave Jess a slight push. "Now, chop chop!" 
Tara guided Jess down the corridor, only to sneak past her as they reached its end. Jess followed close behind through the doorway, only to feel her right pinky toe hit a big box that stood on floor. She looked down ready to scream in pain but was happy to see the cardboard box move slightly. She quietly thanked her lucky star that it was empty. 
As she looked closer on the box she could read ’Twice the fun’, which was largely printed on the side. Below ’The Powercompany Inc.’ was printed in a smaller font. Making both lines equally long. Other than that the brown cardboard box lacked other markings and logos. 
Jess looked questioning towards Tara who stood besides her bed. But Jess’s gaze didn’t remain on Tara as she immediately noticed and recognized the black saddle like object standing by Tara’s feet.
" that a... a SYBIAN? " Jess blurted out. Not really believing her eyes and too surprised to hide the fact that she knew perfectly well what it was.
Tara nodded slightly ashamed. She had been intrigued by the device ever since she first had stumbled over a porn video displaying its power, but at its steep cost it hadn’t been an imaginable purchase for a student like herself. Something which had changed by a special offer no more than a week earlier.
"So that is the…thing that gave you all of…that" Jess almost shouted out while she pointed from the Sybian to her friends body.
"Mhmm" Tara nodded agreeing.
"How? "
"Your guess is as good as mine." Tara said while she shrugged her broad shoulders.
Jess scratched her head, obviously trying to think the situation through. "Where did you get it from?"
"I got a gift coupon in the mail and just a few clicks later I had it ordered. I can tell you I had some real anxiety the following morning!" Tara said in a easy manner, despite that it held more truth than she wanted to admit.
"Tried contacting the company? "
"Don’t you think I have tried that?  It is as they have vanished from the face of earth, website gone and every phone numbers is shut down! "
"Really strange, got any manual? " 
"What would that say?  Sit down and enjoy yourself? "
"Come on, I’m trying to figure this out! "
"No, no manual. Only the Sybian was inside the box."
The box!  Jess spun around and looked at the box again. "Do you think the name has any meaning?  Maybe doubling your strength each time? "
Tara thought for a while, to let the new idea sink in. The more she thought about it the more plausible it seemed.
"That would make me…2.4..8..." Tara discreetly counted on her fingers before exclaiming "512 times stronger! "
The number sounded high to Jess; but as she had just witnessed, and still held evidence of in her hand, Tara had ripped an iron pan into two, which made the numbers funnily seemed likely. Jess quickly did the same calculation, backwards in her head.
"9 times…You’ve been busy! " Jess said with a teasing smile.
"I got a bit carried away" Tara said ashamed, avoiding eye contact. "It’s a bit addicting…"
"You don’t say? " Jess teased as she walked past Tara, while she very obviously scrutinized her from top to toe. Continuing past Tara, further into the room, Jess noticed how dark the bedroom actually was. The bright hallway light reached only a few feet through the door. While on the other side a pair of closed black curtains efficiently shut out any outside light. Leaving only a small desk lamp desperately struggling to lighten the room.
Jess gaze wandered from the paper filled desk to the undone bed which was overflowed with, what looked to be, Tara’s entire wardrobe.
"Not just the usual mess in here…" Jess said over her shoulder as she bent over and picked up a circuit board from the remains of Tara’s crushed cellphone.
"It was harder than I thought to find something that still fitted." Tara excused herself as she turned to face Jess. "And there was some problems adjusting…"
Jess carefully put down the broken phone and thoughtfully looked at the machine.
Deep in thoughts Jess didn’t notice Tara who sneaked up on her side.
"So, want to try it? " Tara asked, hitting Jess from the blue. Not just with the question, Tara had added a light elbow that sent Jess tumbling to her side, landing among the clothes piles on the bed.
Jess rose to a seated position among the clothes. It was the question she had hoped for, but somehow felt completely unprepared for. 
"To be like you? " Jess asked, her confused expression changed to a grin as she made up her mind "I would love to! "
"Great, I will be in the living room if you have any questions." Tara said as she turned around and headed for the hallway.
"Umm" Jess almost whispered towards Jess’s broad back.
"Yes? " Tara replied as she stopped and turned her head to Jess.
"You…you don’t have to leave…Imeanitwouldfeelsaferifyouwerearound! " Jess blurted out, while her eyes looked everywhere except at Tara.
"Of course! " Tara said with her excitement shining through. Tara spun around and walked back to her bed. Standing by the bedside she looked down on Jess with a comforting smile and placed her hands on Jess’s shoulders. "No worries, this is perfectly safe! "
Jess took a deep breath. "So…where do we start? " 
"Well getting you out of your pants would be a good start" Tara responded and removed her hands.
"Seriously? " Jess exclaimed.
"Well, what did you expect? " Tara lightly laughed.
Jess lowly grunted as she rolled off the opposite side of the bed. Where she stood up, with her back turned towards Tara. She undid her tight black jeans and slid them off, slightly jumping on one foot while the first leg got stuck.
"Want some help? " Tara asked as she sat herself down besides the Sybian.
"Ha Ha, very funny! " Jess sarcastically responded as she stepped out of the second leg.
"Just checking! "
Jess’s panties came off easier than the jeans. Leaving her lower body nude. She walked towards the machine with her shirt stretched as far down as her arms reached. Trying to cover as much as she could.
"Don’t be so shy, not the first time I see you naked."
"Well it certainly is the first time in a situation like this! " Jess exclaimed embarrassed.
Jess’s uncertain steps left her standing besides the machine. On the other side Tara sat waiting, holding the controller. As Jess stood unmoving before the machine, Tara sought eye contact and then clearly motioned with her eyes for Jess to take her seat. But Jess’s discomfort left her immobile.
"Maybe if you looked away? " Jess said lowly, regretting for a second that she had asked Tara to stay.
"Such a prude…" Tara scoffed lightly as she turned her head away.
With Tara looking away Jess positioned herself over the Sybian. She got down on one knee before she slowly lowered herself unto the machine.
As soon as Jess’s both knees touched the floor Tara turned back. Tara couldn’t hid her excitement as she eagerly asked. "Ready for the ride of your life? "
Jess bit her lip, too nervous to utter a word. She looked into Tara’s eyes - which almost shone from excitement, and nodded quick and lightly - before she let her blank stare return down into the floor, awaiting the machines magic.
Tara couldn’t help but notice Jess’s obviously tense posture. She felt almost obliged to tease her friend in such an awkward position. "Are you SURE? "
Jess looked up at Tara’s teasing smile, forgetting for a short moment the recent changes. Her playful shove would have made a bigger impact on a brick wall.
The sudden stop of Jess’s hand instead got herself off balance causing her to almost topple over onto the floor. Just barely saving herself in the last second by catching herself against the floor. 
Jess pushed herself upright again while Tara covered her mouth, trying to suffocate her laughter.
"Just start the damn thing! " Jess said visibly more relaxed. Even though she sent Tara a mischievous stare while she repositioned herself. Deep down wishing and hoping that she soon could get even.
Tara switched on the machine without further warning. A low humming noise rose as the machine started its magic. 
Instantly Jess let out a gasp in surprise as the Sybian’s vibrations meet her pussy. The new pleasant sensation grew in strength as Tara kept turning the knob, raising the number on the dial which slowly increased the machines intensity.
The scale, which had a MAX marking at 10, quickly rose as Tara increased the machines power. 1...2...3 quickly passed while Jess tightly gripped the Sybian for support as her breathing rapidly increased.
Jess’s initial discomfort on the sterile machine instantly vanished as Tara flipped the switch. Now she was completely concentrated on the pleasure that was rapidly building from her loins.
Jess sat, with closed eyes, in her own world. Her deep concentration on the rising pleasure made her completely unaware of her surroundings. Even unaware of her own deep moans which came in unison with her rhythmic grinding.
Tara sat stunned, almost enthralled, by her friends enthusiasm and already quite powerful moans. She didn’t really know what she had expected, but this was nowhere near it. She certainly hadn’t expected to feel herself getting turned on by Jess’s intoxicating bliss.
Tara rolled unto her knees and slowly crawled around Jess, where she came to a rest. Her movement was unnoticed by Jess until she felt Tara’s hand on her thigh. Jess shuddered at the sudden touch, but relaxed as the caress slowly crept along her thigh, further and further up.
Tara leaned forward and lowered her head, allowing her mouth to come close to Jess’s left ear. In the process pressing her firm breasts into Jess’s back. Jess eased into Tara’s embrace as Tara softly whispered. Almost nibbling on Jess’s ear with each syllable. "Let go of all control! "
Jess’s barely heard the soft voice, but she clearly felt each of Tara’s kisses as she moved her head along Jess’s neckline.
Tara’s warm breath graze Jess’s right ear as her soothing voice spoke again. This time almost commanding. "Cum for me! " 
To emphasize her demand Tara turned the knob another mark. Setting it to 4.
Jess’s eyes burst open as her first orgasm erupted within. Her grip on the machine tightened while her arched back forced her deeper into Tara’s embrace. Unable to restrain herself Jess screamed out in ecstasy. She could feel how her body drew an unexplainable power from the machine.
The warmth that spread out into her body, emanating from her pussy, was something more than she had ever experienced. As it spread, it filled and lingered in every muscle in its path.
As the orgasm slowly subsided Jess’s body contracted and finally slumped forward, collapsing on top of the machine. She lay there completely spent, trying to recover with deep and slow breaths. 
Jess’s ecstatic mind slowly recovered as the euphoric sensation steadily decreased. Allowing her to, once again, hear the Sybian’s humming. Her numb body still not registering its persisting throbbing.
Jess tried to slip off the machine, but found that Tara’s strong hands held her firmly in place. Jess was about to protest, when she was hit by a second orgasm. She shrieked loudly, first from shock, but as the surprise ebbed, pleasure. Her wild jerk into an upright position untied her hair bun, which allowed her hair to cascade down as a fiery waterfall.
The warmth that lingered in her muscles had changed into a scorching heat. Into a feeling too intense to distinguish from pain or pleasure. Trying to stay conscious Jess focused on Tara’s hands, which lingering firmly on her hip, acting as her only contact with reality. 
Tara held Jess’s waist in a firm grip. She felt Jess’s muscles pulsate beneath the skin as Jess’s second scream erupted. For each pulse toning and growing, forcing Jess’s entire form to expand slightly.
In turn Jess felt how Tara’s hands moved slightly along her waist as her stomach toned and her hips broadened. The heat also burned throughout her legs which steadily slid along the machine as she shot up half an inch.
The burn died down as sudden as it had appeared. Leaving only a mild soreness throughout Jess’s body. It felt like her muscles had got a thorough workout. Leaving Jess strangely refreshed, and twice as strong.
The dark room slowly came into Jess’s view as her mind returned into reality. The Sybian kept working beneath her, keeping her at an constantly high aroused state.
Jess tried to suppress the Sybian’s grinding, while she quickly looked down, searching for enhancements. The air went out of her when she couldn’t see the changes she had hoped for. She was nowhere near Tara’s size. Only thanks to her skinny figure could the improvements be seen. She still found some joy that her muscles had gained a definition that hadn’t been there before, but more than anything, a burning hunger for more.
Jess carefully ran her right hand along her flat stomach, tracing the first signs of a six pack. Her fingers continued upwards and felt their way over her bust, which to her increasing delight seemed fuller than before.
"Pretty awesome, right? " Tara cooed from behind Jess.
"Mmmhmmmm" Was all Jess could answer, slightly wiggling her hips. Feeling if Tara would release her.
"Can’t let you off yet…I need you bigger! " Tara said with a smile as she turned the controller knob another step. Setting it on 5, half way to MAX. Jess let out another moan through her clenched teeth as she no longer could ignore the vibrations that travelled through her. It was as if the pleasure she had tried to suppress had steadily built up, only to now release. Only one moan escaped her lips before she sat leaning against the machine for support. Jess rapidly panted, as the now familiar warmth spread throughout her body. The warmth felt cooler this time around, almost like her body welcomed the surge of energy that erupted from the machine.
Jess braced herself for the second wave, which she didn’t needed to wait long for. A brief tingling sensation marked the transition from the soothing warmth to the scorching heat, when her cells went into overdrive, remodelling her inner structure to accommodate the rush of raw power.
Jess leaned herself into Tara’s arms, while she indulged in the overpowering sensations. Closely pressed against Tara’s body Jess felt her pulsating muscles expand. The changes felt bigger this time, like the muscles knew what they should do. 
Jess felt the bottom of her shirt slowly rise as she lengthened another half inch. Her growing breasts forced her shirt even higher as the fabric stretched tight across her chest. Also her sleeves neared their tearing point as her swelling biceps steadily filled them. 
Jess though that Tara had been right, the feeling was addictive. Even more than addictive, it was truly intoxicating. She no longer felt a desire to slip off the machine, instead her wider legs now held the machine in a firm grip.
As Jess’s second transformation subsided it became clear that her shirt was dangerously near its tearing point. Threatening to split open at a too deep breath. Tara could clearly hear it on Jess’s short, constricted breaths and the seams tearing with her smallest movement.
Tara let her right hand leave its waist position and move up along Jess’s torso. Before Jess realized what was about to happen, had Tara sneaked her hand to Jess’s neckline. With a quick jerk Tara tore the shirt completely off, exposing Jess’s naked pert breasts.
Jess squealed in surprise and quickly raised her arms to cover her exposed bust. Her touch sent shivers through her body as her hands covered her erect nipples that pointed proudly from her larger breasts. The still grinding Sybian hadn’t let her high arousal lessen. Efficiently keeping her at a constant near orgasmic state. Her hands quickly forgot that they were trying to cover her bare breasts and instead started fondling them. Jess was lost in her pleasure and could no longer control her basic urges.
Tara pressed Jess’s body against her own, flattening her large breasts against Jess’s back, while she let her hands feel their way down Jess’s stomach and continue along her thighs. Massaging their way forth over Jess’s improved body.
"I have never been able to stay on more than one…transformation" Tara lowly confessed as she let her right hand sneak its way up along Jess’s body. While using her left hand to turn the knob another mark, setting it on 6.
There was a small delay before the Sybian’s humming increased, marking its amplified efforts. Jess rose from Tara’s embrace and once again braced herself against the machine. Allowing Tara’s right hands to replace Jess’s, in their previous fondle of her breasts.
Jess twitched from the sensation that rose from below and let out another moan. Tara didn’t let Jess adapt to the new pleasure state. She instead turned the knob another mark, forcing Jess’s arousal to new peaks. Instantly heard in Jess’s moans, witch increased in unison with the Sybian.
Tara quickly released the controller, which bounced out of reach, and let her left hand caress its way down Jess’s stomach. Moving down to caress the outer parts of Jess’s wet pussy.
The Sybian, together with Tara’s massage of Jess’s erogenous zones, forced Jess to shake from her fifth orgasm. Followed by the awaited warmth that once again spread throughout her body. This time without pause before the second wave hit. Making it the most powerful. Jess tried to scream from the pleasure, but couldn’t produce a sound since her body convulsed involuntarily.
Jess grew, while still shaking from the orgasm. Transforming her toned abdomen into a firm six pack, while her whole frame expanded further. Forcing Tara’s embrace outwards. Tara was still bigger, but Jess was quickly closing in.
Tara felt how Jess’s breasts grew in her grasp, starting to overfill her right hand. While her left hand stroked upwards, letting her fingers play over Jess’s six pack.
Jess leaned forward, supporting herself against the Sybian with a tight grip as her most intense orgasm slowly died down. Her heavy breaths barely helped her recovery.
"I…I can’t…Take it any more! " Jess whimpered.
Jess’s pleading made Tara concerned, for the first time, about what she currently forced her friend through. She found that she had completely lost herself on getting Jess to her own size.
Tara reached for the controller and found it laying out of reach. She released her grip from Jess and crawled a foot to the side, all it took to reach it. She sat herself up and was about to turn off the machine when she felt Jess’s hand around her wrist. Gripping with surprising force.
"No, don’t stop! " Jess moaned in a brief moment of clarity. Her desire for the body and power Tara possessed had overpowered her physical exhaustion and forced away the short moment of weakness.
"Give me all it got! "
Tara held the knob in a steady grip, while she looked doubtful at her friend, trying to assess how she should proceed. Jess’s clear eyes lacked Tara’s uncertainty, which in the end made Tara decide to follow Jess’s wish.
Tara slowly turned the knob, which after a loud click pointed at 8, after another loud click, 9. Tara kept turning the knob to the MAX setting, and then continued all the way until it stopped at the backside of 1.
The machine’s humming erupted into a roar as it jumped into maximum intensity. Causing Jess to scream out as she bucked from the pleasure.
" much...POWER" Jess managed to cry out between her rapid breaths. While Tara sat stunned and watched Jess tremble from the raw energy that now, instead of short waves, continuously surged into her. Relentlessly keeping her locked in an orgasmic spasm. Tara watched the surging power spread throughout Jess’s body, almost radiating through her skin. Efficiently keeping her from inhaling, causing her scream to slowly die out. Leaving her locked in a silent scream towards the bedroom ceiling.
The high power load strained the apartments electrical system, forcing it to work at maximum capacity and steadily near its inevitable overload. Which it eventually did, submerging the room in total darkness and silence. Allowing Jess a brief relief.
Released from the machines clutches Jess immediately drew a deep breath, but got interrupted as the warmth in her muscles started their transformation. Jess’s whole figure expanded slightly in the dark. The transformation was quickly over, but just as it died out the power suddenly came on again, causing the room to light up again and jump-start the machine. 
The machine worked for only a brief moment, before the power died out again, causing the course of events to repeat themselves. Over and over again.
The machine worked at maximum capacity until it overloaded, not only Jess’s senses but also the apartments electrics. The built up power then released and transformed Jess’s body, only to repeat as the light turned on again, in an increasingly faster succession.
The light flickered on and off, like a strobe light. Giving Tara only short glimpses on Jess’s expanding frame. During the short moments of light Tara could see how the power rippled through Jess’s expanding muscles as Jess sat locked in an seemingly constant inhale. 
Tara sat amazed and stared at Jess, who got noticeable bigger every time the desk lamp flickered. Jess was barraged by a stream of never ending orgasms, getting exponentially stronger each time and soon passed even Tara’s size.
The machine creaked under Jess’s expanding form, about to give up when the power finally died down for the last time. Leaving the apartment engulfed in darkness.
Jess, released from the machines grip, tensed her legs in one last spasm that crumpled the machine between them. Causing her huge form to topple over and connect with the floor with a loud thud.
The loud shattering noise and Jess’s loud thud woke Tara from her stunned stare. She couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed. The remaining silence got Tara worried, was Jess OK? .
Tara scrambled to her feet and hastily made her way into the hallway. Guided by a small glimmer from the kitchen she ran through the hall towards the kitchen doorway. In her haste she slightly misjudged the turn into the kitchen, which made her connect her shoulder to the door frame. The collision sent splinters flying but didn’t slow Tara down.
The splinters hadn’t landed by the time Tara had dived to the drawer next to the stove, where she kept her matches. Rattling through the drawer she quickly found the small matchstick box. She grabbed it tightly and headed towards her kitchen table, where her candlestick stood. Tara concentrated on the fragile match, careful not to break it, as she carefully slid it along the striking surface. To her relief it light up on the first try.
She guided her hand towards the candlestick but came to a standstill, staring out through the kitchen window. Outside the window, as far as she could see, laid the whole city in darkness, powerless. Only the moon light shone.
Tara awoke from her stare as the flame burnt its way to her fingertips. She shook her head clear and lightened another match, with which she quickly lightened the candlestick. She doubtingly gazed out the window a last time before she hurried back to Jess. A little slower than before, allowing the candle to survive the journey.
While Tara rushed to the kitchen laid Jess still on her side, gasping for breath in a hazy post-orgasmic bliss. Her last spasms slowly died down as the last huge orgasm faded. Back in control over her body Jess let her hands run down along her new improved figure. Allowing her hands to eventually end up resting on her wet, still throbbing, pussy, where her slightest touch sent shivers though her body.
Guided by the candlestick’s light Tara came rushing back into the bedroom. She was met by Jess’s huge back facing her. She sighed from relief when she saw it expanding for each calm breath that Jess took.
Tara kneed by Jess’s side and placed the candlestick on the floor. She grabbed hold of Jess’s shoulder and with a light jerk turned her over onto her back.
"Are you OK? " Tara worryingly asked as she leaned over Jess’s body.
Jess laid peacefully on her back with her eyes closed, her magnificent chest slowly rose by each calm breath. The flickering light played over Jess’s massive curves and reflected the thin layer of sweat that covered her body. Her fiery red hair laid spread out in a perfect half circle on the floor, framing her serene face.
A smile slowly spread across Jess’s face a moment before her eyes burst open, emitting a fiery shimmer in the candlelight.
"Oh, I’m better than OK, I feel…super! " Jess said, the last word came out only as a soft whisper, immediately followed by a wide grin as the realization truly sank in.
"You had me a bit worried there." Tara said as she leaned back in relief.
"Sorry about the Sybian" Jess said while she looked at the scattered remains. "Maybe got a bit out of hand there at the end…"
"A bit?  Understatement of the year! " Tara said with a laugh. "About the Sybian it was probably for the best…I mean have you looked at yourself? "
Jess looked down but noticed that her view was obstructed by her new huge breasts that laid spread over her chest. She lets her gaze travel up to her shoulder and foallow her stretched arm. A sight she never could have imagined before.
"You don’t look that big now! " Jess said as she let her hand reach out towards Tara. Before Tara had reacted had Jess grabbed Tara’s ass and pressed their hips together.
Jess’s new 6’8" now dwarfed Tara’s 6’1" which caused Tara’s face to plunge in between Jess’s breasts. The reversed situation made Jess chuckle, the light laugh effortlessly shook Tara. "I guess the roles are reversed! "
"Don’t let it go to your head" Tara said as she pressed herself up.
Tara saw a quick naughty glimmer in Jess’s eyes before her face sported a huge grin. "I think it is too late! "
Jess let her other hand brush it’s way up through Tara’s golden hair, as it searched its way around Tara’s neck. With her hands in a steady grip around Tara’s body Jess pulled Tara into a tight hug, guiding Tara’s luscious lips towards her own.
Tara tried to resist Jess’s hold, but her efforts seemed unnoticed as Jess guided their lips together. Tara’s reluctance slowly died down as Jess used her tongue to explore Tara’s mouth. 
Tara got drawn into the moment and let one of her hands fondle Jess’s breasts, while the other slid under Jess’s head and increased the force of the kiss. Enough to melt metal between their lips but still only a fraction of what Jess now was capable of.
Jess stared into Tara’s eyes as she broke the kiss. "Thank you! "
"For what? " Tara asked a bit confused.
"The best gift ever! "


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