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My First Time

Written by JKap :: [Friday, 28 July 2006 09:44] Last updated by :: [Friday, 15 February 2013 08:53]

My First Time

by JKap


Chills like icewater down my spine. The ignition firing. I'd only stepped out for a moment to use the ATM. Crap!!! I'd left the door unlocked, windows down. The keys were just dangling there. How could I have been such an idiot!?!

I spun around, eyes wide in panic, watching helplessly as my car sped away.

"NO!!!" I couldn't lose that car. It was my life! And my laptop inside … with everything on it! Crap!!!

My heart jumped, a surge of adrenaline kicking in, and I took off in pursuit.

My heels flew off as I launched into a sprint. Muscles I hadn't used since college track seven years ago came springing back to life. I watched the thief calmly maneuver through traffic. Bastard! I didn't know what I'd do if I caught him. He could've had a gun for all I knew. But I didn't care. I wasn't even thinking. I just knew I wasn't going down without a fight!

Churning my legs harder, clenching my fists, I rounded the corner. A block away I could see him switching lanes. The freeway exit just four blocks down. I was really panting … but I couldn't let him get away. I just couldn't. I bit down, nostrils flaring, and called on every last ounce of strength, pushing myself to the absolute limit.

And that's when it happened …

A sensation deep withing my chest. My heart contracting tightly … but not releasing! My legs buckled and I stumbled to a stop. Panic attack? Hyperventilation?

Inside my chest, I could feel a warmth I'd never felt before. And it was quickly growing warmer. A totally unfamiliar sensation. Yet strangely … relaxing.

And then, before I could think, my heart released itself from its contraction - sending a burst of energy through my veins. My muscles seized up, head thrown back, chest raised to the sky - as my body suddenly surged with so much power that it literally cast a blinding light down the nighttime street.

I couldn't comprehend what was going on. Everything was moving so quickly. I suddenly felt more alive than I'd ever dreamed possible. Streams of bright super-intense color flashed before my eyes. My heart leapt, my skin tingled luxuriously, and I could feel arcs of electricity tickling their way up and down my body.

I longed to savor the amazing sensations … but almost instantly, the bright light had disappeared. I was left standing, fists clenched out to my sides, a puff of steam evaporating to reveal my now supercharged body to the world. I saw my reflection in a mirrored storefront window, the last of the tiny multicolored sparks dancing along my skin. Almost all of my clothing had been burned away in the explosion – though strangely, the few articles that had been pressed tightly against me (namely my bra and my panties), remained perfectly in tact.

I blinked in disbelief. My jaw hung open as my hand went up – fingers tracing across my face. "Is that … me?" I asked the question aloud, not believing my eyes. My hair had grown all the way to my butt, and was darker, more lustrous, and shinier than any advertisement. My lashes had bloomed, framing a pair of luminous green eyes. My nose … my lips … my cheekbones … my complexion. I still looked like me … sort of … only I'd been … perfected!

I eventually managed to move my gaze further down, away from my exquisitely delicate facial features - to stare at my body's reflection. And it was like a dream come true. Gone was the pitifully skinny figure I'd timidly hidden behind baggy clothes since adolescence. Now I was beholding the most perfectly-shaped female physique I'd ever dreamed possible!

I just couldn't take it all in fast enough! All over, I could see incredibly well-defined (yet surprisingly compact) muscles activating just beneath the surface. My thighs had thickened. My shoulders – broad, yet still so soft and elegant. I'd grown a taller as well – my torso long and lean, my legs going on for miles. I'd been only about 5'2 or so before, but now... 5'8? 5'10? Incredible!

I gently relaxed my arms, my hands falling to the side. I just couldn't stop staring! My abs had blossomed into a perfect six-pack. My waist had slimmed, my hips spread just slightly. I spun and placed my hand on my ass to squeeze what had to be the healthiest, most juicy butt on the planet! The way it puffed out, stretching my panties to their limit. Hell yeah!

Another quick spin and I stuck my chest out proudly, two beautifully large and perky tits squishing out from all sides of my comically small bra. 'C?' 'D?''DD?' I had no idea … but I sure knew the 'A' I had on wasn't gonna work anymore. "My God, LOOK at them..." Both of my hands went up, fingers pressing their way beneath the black satin of my bra to push and tug at my incredible mounds. "So big and firm! Like I've always dreamed!"

After what seemed like ages, I shook my head to snap to attention. Remembering that my car was about to be lost for good – I squinted my eyes, my vision zooming three blocks down the road to fix onto the whites of the thief's eyes in my rear view mirror.

And it was at that moment that I understood what had happened to me. I didn't know how. I didn't know why. But I didn't care …

A sly smile crossed my lips, one eyebrow arched. Taking a deep breath, I willed my lithe body into the still night air and took off in pursuit, laughing mischievously. "This is going to be fun."

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