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Starfall - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - New supremacy
Time seemed to have slowed down for Alice. She wondered what had just happened as she still felt groggy from the earlier lack of oxygen. She glanced at the big man laying next to the van, then shifting focus to her small hands, wondering to herself, "Did I really just do that?"
Alice let her eyes wander over the rest of her body, or rather what she could see. She still wore the same old rags as earlier, but did her breast really look that full before?  She didn’t detect any other changes before her eyes noticed the body, laying besides her in the grass. Looking closer she quickly realised it was Daniel. She nearly panicked at the sight of his motionless body, but somehow she could sense that he was just unconscious, not dead.
She was just about to check on him closer when she was interrupted by a light sting on her left shoulder. A loud bang followed and time returned abruptly to normal speed. Alice wasn’t sure what had just happened. She looked around, searching for the explosion’s origin.
She froze when she saw Rosetta with her weapon drawn and a smoking trail emerging from the pipe. Her eyes went blank; she had been shot. Lots of thoughts rushed through her head. Chief among them that she was too young to die. As she stood there, confronting her own mortality she realized that she couldn’t feel herself dying. This wasn’t how she imagined being shot felt like. Shouldn’t there be an immense pain now?  Had the bullet missed, and had she been coincidentally bitten by a bug?
Fearing the worst Alice reluctantly examined her shoulder, almost immediately finding the hole in the frayed shirt. It was located at the centre of the shoulder, where she had felt the sting. She forced herself to keep looking under the shirt, fearing to find a wound. But there was no wound to be found. No wound, no blood and no pain.
Another BANG ripped through the night. The bullet now hit her straight in the chest. Not as surprised as the first time, the procedure went a lot faster. She found the hole through the shirt but no wound or blood. The situation started to dawn on her. She was bulletproof.
Alice looked up and saw Rosetta fire a third round. She focused on the gun, her body went into overdrive, and time seemed to slow down once again. Alice could see how the gun sprayed a ball of fire. She saw how the spinning bullet emerged relentlessly, aimed at her heart. Alice was awestruck by the event that unfolded before her. She couldn’t comprehend how slow the bullet moved towards her. She got the crazy idea to try and catch it. Alice reached out her right hand towards the incoming bullet, and when it was close enough she traced it through the air with her thumb and index finger on each end as it slowly moved closer. At half an arm’s length she closed the gap between the fingers and gently gripped the bullet. Alice couldn’t believe what she had just done, she had caught a bullet and not in a deadly way. When the imaginary danger had been dealt with, time jumped back to normal speed. Rosetta stared with her mouth open, not believing what had just happened. Not only was the woman before her still standing after two hits, it looked like she had caught the last bullet.
Alice raised the caught bullet close to her eyes and started to squeeze as she examined what happened as she applied more and more pressure. The bullet quickly gave away and started to compress. When her fingers almost touched she recalled her onlooker. Alice looked up form the mangled bullet. Rosetta stood frozen, mouth open in shock. A malicious smile spread over her face as she flicked the bullet over her shoulder and started walking with determined steps towards the policewoman. "Did you just try to kill me? "
Rosetta felt intimidated by the approaching woman. Unsure what she should do. Her training and instincts took over. She fired round after round at Alice. Alice kept walking, high on the power she felt from being bulletproof and able to crush metal. The bullets initially hit Alice in the torso but as she came closer, and became a bigger target, the bullets started to hit her head. All without effect, not slowing her down the least. She kept walking until Rosetta’s smoking gun touched her forehead. Rosetta’s eyes were wide with fear and had started to tear up in desperation. She had emptied the magazine but kept clicking the trigger hoping to stop the approaching threat. All that could be heard was the clicking from the empty gun.
Alice reached out and grabbed the gun with her left hand while her right hand gripped around Rosetta’s throat. She raised the policewoman until her legs dangled freely while slowly closing her left hand easily crushing the barrel of the gun. She enjoyed the power she had over the helpless policewoman and how easily the gun compressed into liquid metal that oozed between her small fingers. Luckily for Rosetta she had let go of the gun and was trying to bend open Alice’s fingers around her neck. As her feet left the ground Rosetta started to kick for all she was worth at the smaller woman, but since bullets had no effect the kicks were not even felt. Rosetta even tried to scream but Alice’s strong grip muffled all sounds she tried to make. Alice lowered Rosetta’s face close to her own. She stared for a second into the scared woman’s eyes before she rotated her hand so Rosetta faced the pile that used to be her partner. Alice lowly whispered in Rosetta’s ear, "Look closely what I did to your partner…"
Alice let the words sink in before she continued, "Imagine what I could do to someone that tried to kill me! "
Rosetta’s situation dawned on her; she was in the grip of a super maniac that had, most likely, killed her partner. She panicked and her constricted breaths became faster and shallower. Already suffering from lack of air from Alice’s hold, Rosetta’s vision slowly went black. 
"Let her go! "
Still holding Rosetta unconscious body by the neck, Alice nonchalantly turned to see who spoke. Standing by the roadside was Meteora. She had her hands on her waist in an intimidating power pose. Her appearance radiated dominance, something she had learned deterred most criminals. Alice wasn’t an exception; she quickly obeyed and let Rosetta’s body fall to the ground. The impact was enough to wake her up and she started to disoriented crawl away as fast as she could. 
"I was just having some fun. After all, she tried to kill me." Alice said, trying to defend her actions.
"Looks like that was justified, if you did that to her partner" Meteora said, slowly advancing and glancing at the mess on the neighbours driveway.
"He had it coming, he was a bastard!  He nearly killed me and im pretty sure he did that to Daniel!"
Meteora was now standing at arm’s length. "You are lucky he is still alive, but you are still going to jail."
Meteora grabbed one of Alice’s arms and pulled. Alice didn’t move, which caused Meteora to increase her efforts, exerting more force than ever before, but with no results. Alice easily stood her ground and defyingly said, "Looks like you can’t make me." 
Meteora realized that for the first time her opponent was stronger than her. She released Alice and quickly backed up a few steps. She reached into her suit and grabbed a pill. Alice swiftly closed the distance between them when she realized what was happening. She grabbed Meteora by her throat with a single hand, as her other hand stopped the pill from reaching Meteora’s mouth. Alice redirected Meteora’s hand towards her own mouth. Meteora struggled with all her might but it was to no use against the stronger woman. Alice wrapped her lips around Meteora’s fingers, seductively sucking the pill from Meteora’s grip and quickly swallowed it. She released Meteora’s hand when she felt the pill’s effect. A warmth that spread throughout her core and radiated into every limb. Improving her features and removing any imperfections in its wake. Alice closed her eyes as the warmth intensified, her pleasure rose to an almost orgasmic release. She could feel how the fabric of her clothes moved over her skin as her muscles toned. A small moan escaped her lips and her legs almost gave away as the last changes were applied. The warmth flowed, like a warm veil, over her skin; further enhancing her invulnerability. Alice was completely in her own world of pleasure, detached from what happened around her. She let out a joyful, "OOOH…That feelt sooo GOOD! " as her eyes burst open. Her amber eye’s shone in the dark night, with slowly fading intensity as the transformation died out.
The first thing she noticed with her enhanced vision was that Meteora’s struggles to get free had, during the transformation, changed to a struggle for her life. Alice grip had completely shut off her airways and Meteora threw punches and kicks for all she was worth, trying to get free. Alice hadn’t increased her efforts to contain Meteora, but with the increased strength she now possessed her grip exerted a much higher force. Alice released the struggling heroine onto the lawn. Meteora collapsed as her legs didn’t carry her after the lack of air. She lay coughing and massaging her sore neck while Alice took a few steps back, bathing in her own power. She marvelled over how far she could see as she focused on the skyscrapers down town. They were at least 3 miles away, and she could easily spy through the windows. As only a few boring cleaners were seen through the windows Alice shifted her focus to her figure. She ran her hands along her curves, caressing her perfect skin and the hard muscles beneath.
Meteora quickly regained her strength and saw that Alice was occupied in her self-absorbed admiration. Meteora took her chance. She quickly stood up and ran full speed, aiming to tackle Alice. Alice easily noticed Meteoras pitiful attempt and with her increased reaction time she had no problem to counter the attack. She answered Meteora’s attack with a hard backhand that connected with her face. A thunderous explosion was heard in the dark night as the impact sent the heroine tumbling into the street. Meteora was knocked unconscious by the hard blow and skid several feet making a deep rift in the asphalt, slowly grinding to a halt when her body was submerged below ground level, only her limp arms and legs visible above the rift.
Alice walked over to the edge and took a quick look at the unconscious heroine. After brushing away Meteora’s hair Alice determined that she probably would be okay as the only visible damage was her reddening cheek. Alice walked over where Daniel was laying, bent down and gently stroke away his hair from his face before she gently picked him up. When she stood up the white pill-jar almost shone against the dark lawn, laying close to her feet. Alice quickly bent down and slipped it into one of her pockets. She could hear police sirens quickly approaching as she carefully ran with Daniel in her arms toward their apartment.
Daniel awoke with a hammering headache. The first thing that met his eyes was Alice’s big smile. She was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. It looked like she radiated beauty but he discarded that to an effect of his pulsating headache. She carefully stroke his forehead with a wet cloth.
"What happened? " Daniel managed to ask; even though his jaw exploded with pain when he tried to talk.
"You got knocked out, don’t worry. Everything will be okay." Alice said, trying to reassure him.
Daniel suddenly remembered the earlier events. "How come we aren’t in jail?"
"I will tell you later, but first try this pill."
Daniel didn’t question, hoping it was a strong painkiller. He managed to swallow the pill at the fourth try, the first tries were aborted by the immense pain. "What was in that pill?"
"You will soon notice." Alice answered with an big smile, anticipating a transformation like her own. 
Daniel tried to keep his mouth closed, but fought a loosing battle against a yawn. "I feel really tired, I think I will sleep a while longer."
Alice sat dumbfounded as Daniel closed his eyes and almost instantly fell asleep. This was far from the reaction she had expected. She started to question herself; were the pills really the source of her amazing transformation?  She was sure of it…The power she had felt when taking the third pill was no imagination. But it was evident that the pill didn’t have the same effect on Daniel.
With Daniel deep asleep, Alice stood up from his side on the sofa and walked into the kitchen for a glass of water. She gently picked up a glass while she continued to think of reasons why Daniel hadn’t transformed. She reached for the tap and was surprised when the glass suddenly exploded in her hand. Sending glass fragments all over the kitchen floor. Alice sighed and whispered to herself, "I really need to learn how to control these powers…Before someone innocent gets hurt."
Alice checked in on Daniel again. He was still deep asleep, unaware of the glass incident. No trace of any super transformation. He would probably never notice if she went out and had some fun, trying out her newly acquired powers a little more thoroughly. She gently kissed Daniel on his forehead before she quietly walked out of the apartment and carefully closed the door, laughing lightly when she saw the dents in the handle she previously made on her way in.
Walking out from the big apartment complex Alice took in a deep breath. The first calm, deep breath since her transformation. She marvelled over all the scents she could distinguish. Everything from the stench from the trash laying by the side of the road to the lingering smell from the hamburger joint down the next block that had been closed for a couple hours. Lost for a moment in the scents that filled the city she tried to concentrate on the task at hand, learning to control her strength.
Alice started wondering what would be the best way to test her newly acquired powers. The first thing that came to her mind was the forest, located at the outskirts of the city. Probably the best and safest place to start. She didn’t know exactly how far away it was, but she was pretty sure it was at least 10 miles of city streets. Even longer if she would run to the big lake, located further into the forest.
Alice recalled how she had seen Meteora travel on the news. The heroine usually jumped from rooftop to rooftop to easily avoid traffic and civilians. The streets were nearly abandoned this time of the night, but Alice couldn’t keep herself from giving it a try. She took aim at a red five story apartment building not far down the street and jumped. Having underestimated her own strength she soared high over the intended target. The jump had been enough for a ten story building. Overshooting her target, Alice realized she would land hard on the street, on the other side of the building. Her landing was anything but perfect. She came down hard, tumbling down the road. Eventually the young woman stopped, sitting on the asphalt. She looked back on the marks along the asphalt, thankful that she was nearly invulnerable. She quietly laughed at how bad it had gone and thought that roof jumping was a lot harder than it had looked on TV. Without being discouraged, Alice stood up and brushed some small asphalt pieces from her clothes and took aim on the next target. Another five story building, a bit further down the street. She reassessed how much strength she needed and took another leap.
The height she gained would have been perfect for the last jump. The problem was that she missed taking into account that this building stood further away, causing her to descend towards the building’s wall. Bracing herself she hit the building’s wall hard and continued through, shaking the whole house. Alice rose inside the building’s stairwell, coughing from the debris flying around from the destroyed wall. She had missed the roof by only a floor and now stood on the last stairs going to the roof top. Alice walked up the last steps and gave the top most door a slight push, destroying the small padlock that kept it locked. She emerged onto the roof, still coughing from the small dust particles. Alice looked down towards the hole in the wall only a few feet under the roof and felt a bit ashamed. It was only luck she hadn’t crashed into someone’s bedroom, which could have seriously injured someone or even killed some innocent, sleeping citizen. Alice quickly closed the door to hide the destruction and tried to shut out the thoughts of accidentally killing someone. The thing she had set out to avoid.
At least she now stood on a rooftop. Alice started to question herself as she looked out over the city. Re-evaluating if this really was something for her. She decided to at least try to jump to another roof when she had made it this far. This time she carefully assessed the distance to her third target, yet another five story building. This time an empty business building. 
Alice deeply inhaled, let go of all the doubts, and took the leap. As soon as she left the roof she felt that the jump was perfectly assessed. Her trajectory would land her nicely on the roof. Everything seemed perfect until Alice reached her highest point and started to slowly rotate. She tumbled through the air until she, for her first time, hit her target. Alice’s near invulnerable body crashed hard on the roof, which miraculously held. Her tumbling in the air transformed to rolling along the roof. She managed to grind to a halt just before going over the roof’s edge. Alice laid on her back, staring up at the black sky, downbeat by another failure. She took a deep breath, slowly exhaling, trying to relax. Once again she rose to her feet. This time she didn’t have to brush asphalt or dust from her clothes, instead a number of antennas that had wrapped around her when she rolled over the roof. She easily bent the thin steel rods away from her small limbs and threw them in a pile on the roof.
This third failure made her decide that it probably was safer, both for Dystropia Bay’s citizens and buildings, if she gave up on the idea of jumping towards the forest and just ran. She leapt over the ledge falling the 60 feet towards the ground and landed for the first time on her feet, spreading small cracks in the alley from her dainty soles.
She casually walked out of the alley and took aim towards the forest. When she had her bearing she speed up her walk to a light jog. Alice started with a pace that would easily win a 100 meters Olympian final, without even trying. Her head was filled with her jumping failures, in an attempt to force them out of her mind she concentrated on her running and her speed quickly increased. Her speed jumped into the three digit range, which still came effortless to her. Houses, cars and even blocks swished past her and quickly disappeared in her wake. Alice slowed down her acceleration as she approached the sound barrier, for the city’s sake. At her speed the windows still shook when she passed and she exited the city’s limits in mere seconds.
When she emerged from the lit city and entered the pitch black forest her eyes instantly adjusted to the dark environment. Alice lost her breath, not by running, but by the star filled sky that spread out before her as she left the light polluted city. Her enhanced vision made the sight extra spectacular. Alice barely slowed down while she admired the sky, which caused her to notice lake Dystropia’s fast approach a bit late.
The young woman tried to stop, only to skid in the soft sand. Her feet dug deeper and deeper into the sand as her speed slowly reduced. The closer she got, the more she prepared herself for an inevitable bath. Digging down her feet even further she managed to stop just as she reached the waters edge. She remained seated, looking out over the dark, calm surface. Looking into the water she, for the first time since her transformation, saw her own reflection. She barely recognized herself as she looked ten years younger, or rather how she wished she had looked at that age. She had never had problem with her appearance but the reflection that stared back at her was heavenly.
To convince herself it was indeed her own reflection Alice slowly raised her hand and touched her face, to her delight the reflection moved with her. After a while of inspecting her beautiful face she managed to brake her stare and again concentrate on the task at hand. She rose and started walking along the shoreline, gazing across the quarter mile wide bay wondering what she could do now. Casually strolling along the beach, a strangely familiar feeling spread from her feet. She could feel sand flow around her toes. A quick look showed the simple explanation; She was barefoot. Looking back, tracking her resent movements, she spotted two small smoking piles of what used to be her shoes in the rift where she had skid to a stop. As the need for shoes had disappeared, she casually shrugged her shoulders at the loss and continued her walk along the beach. Enjoying the feeling of sand on her feet.
Alice’s earlier failed attempts still gnawed in the back of her mind. In an attempt to redeem herself she took aim on a rocky part on the other side of the bay. She knelt deep before she sprang upwards, flying high over the water. The high flight resulted in a hard landing, right on her target. The impact scattered the stones in all directions forming a small crater. The perfect jump reinforced her slightly damaged confidence from earlier. After climbing out of the shallow crater, Alice walked with lighter, happier steps over the rocks. Her bare feet unaffected by the sharp stones.
Walking over the rock bed Alice couldn’t resist the urge to skip a stone. A pastime she had loved as a little girl at her parents lake cabin. She scanned the ground around her feet, searching for a flat rock that was suitable to skip. She quickly found a flat stone that she picked up and threw. Her old technique didn’t work as it had done in her childhood; Aiming parallel with the water and hoping gravity would fix the rest. Instead, when she now threw the rock, it kept flying across the lake and made a small crater when it landed, digging deep into the ground. Alice raised her hand covering a big smile caused of the unexpected result. Instantly deciding to try it again. Once again she scanned the ground for a suitable stone. This time she didn’t pick up a flat stone. Instead she picked up a bigger, almost round rock. The rock completely filled her hand, without her new found strength she would have struggled to even pick it up. Now it felt nearly weightless. She grabbed the stone with both her hands and moved them in opposite directions. After a quick loud crack the stone divided in half. She dropped one half; From the other piece she started breaking off smaller pieces from the edges making the rock edges razor sharp. Each piece she broke off, she crushed between her fingers. Leaving only dust before she broke another piece. When she was satisfied with her handiwork she held a thin stone disk with razor sharp edges. This time she took aim on a big tree on the other side of the bay and threw her home made saw blade. After a fast flight across the water the rock hit the middle of the thick tree, causing the tree to nearly explode and send splinters flying as it toppled over. The big tree knocked over smaller trees as it came down. Alice watched amazed from across the other side. Her eyes picked up each detail despite the quarter mile distance. As the last tree hit the ground Alice did a small pirouette with her right fist in the air, yelling, "STRIKE! "
As she spun she noticed that the rising sun had begun lighting up the dark sky. Realising that she had been out for quite some time she decided to run home. Which would be an easier task before too many people filled the streets. Looking back the way she came, she decided to try another method across the water. Alice tensed her whole body and felt how time slowed down around her. She dug down her right foot and pressed away, making a small toe impression on the stone she stood on, trying to gain as much speed she could before the water. Her left foot was the first that connected with the calm water and, as she expected, it was raised before it had time to sink. If anyone had stood on the shore, watching, all they would have seen was a wall of water cascading down in Alice’s wake. She continued towards the city completely dry in a barely subsonic speed, happy that her last experiment had worked.
Alice felt good about her small improvements as she returned from her escapades. She was still one of the few citizens out as she slowed down to a human paced walk, closing in on the apartment complex. She could only see two other guys walking down the street. They looked to have a good time, hollering and play fighting while they walked. Probably on their way home from a bar at this early hour.
When Alice reached the third floor, their apartments floor, she noticed that their door stood slightly ajar. The door also appeared a bit more broken than what she remembered when she left. Thinking that Daniel had finally experienced the fantastic transformation she rushed in. To her horror she was met by her worst nightmare. The apartment was in a mess, it looked like a tornado had gone trough; but worst was that Daniel laid badly beaten on the floor by the sofa, in a pool of his own blood. He was barely alive as Alice rushed to his side and knelt besides him. She gently raised him up, holding him in her arms when he tried to say something; He barely had enough strength to move his lips. Alice gently hushed him with her index finger over his mouth.
"I’ll get you help! " Alice said and once again picked him up. With Daniel in her arms, she ran as fast as she dared towards the closest hospital.
The hospital was located only 4 blocks away, the short distance was covered faster than any car would have managed. She came crashing through the emergency doors, shielding Daniel with her own body. Being met by an empty corridor, Alice carefully set Daniel down on the first bed she saw, yelling for help. When Alice heard people running to their aid she left Daniel’s side and staggered outside, knowing she could do no more. She knew that he would get the best possible care, since this was the hospital she had previously worked at. Despite her super human strength her legs barely carried her outside. She looked down on her shirt, which had changed to a red colour from Daniels blood. She dropped down on her knees on the dimly lit parking lot and looked up at the slowly illuminating sky, releasing a primal scream of anger and agony. Her amber eyes were fiery with vengeance because she knew who had done this.

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