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What if The Invisible Woman Went From Invisible to Invincible?

Written by thewisewatcher :: [Sunday, 01 June 2003 18:20] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 26 April 2014 14:27]

I am the Wise Watcher and for years I have observed the myriad dimensions throughout all of existence.

Earth has always been a peculiar world because of the ability of its people to become endowed with otherworldly powers of untold proportions.

Throughout many of your dimensions, there is a group of superheroes known as the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards, his wife Susan Richards, her brother Johnny Storm and pilot Benjamin Grimm. These brave young explorers flew into space and were bombarded by radioactive cosmic rays altering their cellular structure and endowing them with amazing powers and transforming them into Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and the Thing, collectively known as the Fantastic Four. However, what if they were to be exposed to rays the likes of which they have never seen before? What would the result be? Ask no further as the Wise Watcher presents to you:


What if The Invisible Woman Went From Invisible to Invincible?


The Negative Zone. A universe solely composed of anti-matter. In such an environment, not many things of Earth can be fit to survive. For much of what can be considered centuries, there exist regions that have yet to be traveled to … UNTIL NOW.

Blazing at light speed through these uncharted channels is a silver, streamlined, miniature space-jet with a number 4 insignia fit on each wing. The lone passenger was Susan Richards, the Invisible Woman, whom was talking to her husband Reed, better known as Mister Fantastic. “Looks like you have done it again Reed, this mini is taking all of the punishment that the Negative Zone can dish out.”

“Thank you Sue, although I do wish you would have reconsidered embarking on this mission. The specifications of this 'mini', as you so delicately call it, allow it to only be suitable for one passenger. If not for Ben’s staggering injuries at the hands of the Hulk, I would never dream of subjecting you to the possible risks of test flying …”

“Reed, calm down darling I’ll be fine” Sue immediately interjected. “Since this is only a one-seater, you made me put on enough protective equipment that makes me think I was the one going one-on-one with The Hulk, not Ben.”

Reed quipped sarcastically: “Sue, you know I am only citing caution for my wife. Besides I am sure you will be careful because after all, Franklin needs a mother and for all that I can do, I cannot raise our newborn son alone.”

Sue thought back to months ago and the pain she endured giving birth to Franklin. That was an adventure in itself, since Reed and the others had to journey into The Negative Zone, in order to obtain the Anti-Matter rod that aided with her pregnancy. She relished at the chance to explore it, now that she finally gave birth. The only thing upsetting about her pregnancy was its effect on her figure. Her once lithe, young body has now amassed cellulite and wrinkles. She no longer saw the pretty young girl in the mirror, but a grizzled woman, who had to work long hours in the gym to look aesthetically appealing, but to no avail. However, being the proud woman she is, she continued on and tried to work out with dreams of, one day, having the body she used to.

While contemplating on the current state of her appearance, she quickly regained her focus, when the cockpit of the mini-jet sounded off an alarm and the computerized voice of the guidance system alerted: “WARNING, WARNING, unknown concentration of radioactive atmosphere approaching, HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS EMMINENT”

Reed’s image quickly appeared on the center screen shouting: “SUE!? SUE?! There appears to be a cloud of …”

“YES Reed I know. I know.” Sue interjected hastily, “I don’t think I am going to have enough time to maneuver around it Reed, I just hope the radiation shield you installed on this one isn’t like the last one.” she quipped jokingly

Trying to keep calm, Reed uttered: “Just engage the auto-pilot on the hyper-space transport module and the moment you pass through the cloud, it will pilot you straight back to headquarters.”

“Lucky me that I have such an intelligent husband to design such a thing, I love you Reed.”

“Love you too S …” Reed’s message went dead as Sue began to pass through the storm.

She took a moment to reflect on how intelligent her husband is and how much she wished she could take more involvement in his scientific work by being as intelligent as he is. She then reflects on how she wished she looked as beautiful as she was the day the met in college, if not MORE. “So many things that I still want to do, I just hope I can get through all of this to do it all, here goes nothing.” She activated the auto-pilot and passed through the exact center of the cloud, which glowed bright orange.

Back at FF headquarters, Johnny Storm – Susan Richard’s brother – known to the world as the Human Torch flied into Reed’s lab, after hearing on communicator of his sister’s predicament, and immediately asked: “Reed, where is Sue?”

Reed replied: “She will be arriving any moment now Johnny. I just hope my design structure was sound and she was able to make it through okay.”

“Me too, brother-in law. Me too.” Johnny said under his breath.

At that moment, the portal for The Negative Zone opened and the transport module made it’s way through. The exterior – made of an adamantium alloy – suffered from slight burn marks. While the Human Torch absorbed the heat of the vessel into his body, Reed rushed to open the hatch of the module and lift Sue out. He noticed that her helmet was filled with smoke and, after placing her on the floor near the craft, he proceeded to undo the latches of her helmet while crying out her name: “SUE, SUE?”

He then heard her coughing and sighed in relief that she is alive. He removed her helmet. “Sue, I am so relieved that you …”

He stopped and remained dead silent. After Johnny Storm absorbed the excess heat of the space-craft, he runs to Reed and asks “Sue, are you …” he remained silent.

Sue looked back at them “What’s the matter you two, what is it, what’s the matter?”

“Sue,” Reed stammered, “you, you …”

With her usually articulate husband at a loss for words, Susan Richards got up and looked into one of Reed’s highly polished inventions in order to take a look at herself.

The reflection she got back was of pure perfection. Her original short blonde hair had become a healthy and lively dirty blonde head of hair that ran to the middle of her back. Her eyes, which were always blue, looked like light blue auroras shining in distant galaxy skies. Her cheekbones were lifted higher and her lips looked like they had a collagen injection, being full and having a natural gloss to them. Her nose was much shapelier, just the perfect shape. What was also intriguing was that her face looked like she had been sunbathing in the Bermuda for hours, having the perfect tan. Sue stared into the reflection for 2 minutes before beginning to utter what Reed was trying to tell her earlier.

“Sue, you look so different. You look even more radiant than the day we first met!”

“I feel younger too. I feel different all over. I wonder what else is different.” Thinking about how she wanted a better body, or rather, the best body, before she went into the storm. Stripping down in front of Reed and Johnny to her unstable molecule sports bra and shorts, what she saw left the jaw of everyone in the room down.

She was noticing from the beginning how her arms, which used to be very difficult for her to tone, now were tight and lean and, just to test it, she curled her arm and a softball size bicep came poking out. She then noticed her legs, which were long, firm and didn’t have a single blemish on them. She also noticed that her legs were connected to the tightest, most taunt butt ever seen. It was hovering in the air, not too small, but just the right size to make Reed think of more than just test tubes and experiments. Her abs were showing and, after her pregnancy, that was her worst feature of all, but now she had a cut, ripped six pack. Her favorite part of her transformation were her breasts, which before were 34 B, but have now gone to a busty 34 D. She couldn’t help but become aroused after looking over every square inch of her body, which was perfectly tanned and toned from head to toe.

Johnny said: “Damn sis, you look just like those playboy twins I dated yesterday. And I thought their bodies were perfect!!! I have been on enough dates to tell that you have a 36-22-38 bod goin' on.”

Reed then interrupted: “It stands to reason that the storm in the Negative Zone is responsible for the change in your appearance, but the scientific discovery would be as to why. I would think that the answer is …”

Sue nonchalantly responded: “Reed, the answer is in our restructured altered states due to cosmic rays. Over time, our entire physiology have absorbed the intense concentration of the rays that give us our powers. When we combine our now unique biochemistry with the unstable properties of the exponentially powerful radioactivity of cosmic rays in The Negative Zone, it results in a …”

“Sue, what’s the matter, you were able to make this deduction much faster and more accurate than I could. How on Earth do you know about advanced nuclear biochemistry?”

Sue’s mind was racing, she thought back to the radioactive cloud in anti-matter, and how she first wished to be even more beautiful than she was years ago and right now, looks like the most heavenly woman this side of Asgard. Then she wished she could be smart like her husband, so they could share one of his passionate interest together and, just moments ago, had an IQ that would make Einstein look like Homer Simpson. Her only conclusion could be …


“HULK SMASH!!!!!” Those were the words uttered from the bottom floor of their building right before the Hulk laid a devastating blow on its foundation. “HULK LOOK FOR ROCK MAN. HE CALL HULK UGLY. NOW HULK SMASH.”


“Apparently The Hulk is looking for Ben, but he is still recuperating, we are going to have to draw him to a deserted area to contain him” Reed then gestured to Sue, “Sue, I need you to put him in a temporary force field.”

For a few moments she tried, and tried, and tried her hardest until she told Reed: “I don’t know why, but I can’t make a force field, and I tried to turn invisible, BUT NOW I CAN’T.”

Reed answered: “This is a problem. We will have to address it later. For now, we have to engage the Hulk before he harms any innocent bystanders.” Mister Fantastic then became a rubber ball and leapt from their penthouse in Four Freedom Plaza to the street below.

At that same time, Johnny Storm yelled “FLAME ON” becoming The Human Torch and flied into battle.

Susan Richards grabbed her unstable molecule uniform, which was designed to fit her tightly, due to it’s unique design. She couldn’t help but take a moment to notice how it hugged every single inch of her nubile body. She began to with her timeless beauty of a face, connected to her chest housing a playboy centerfold bust. She traced a finger down her ridged abdomen to her hips, which flared in to opposite directions and were the front of her firm symmetrical ass, which seemed two sizes too small for her uniform to handle. She broke her concentration from the awe of her appearance with the earth-moving sounds of the battle raging below. She got into the fantasticar and raced towards the scene.

En route to the carnage at the construction site, where Reed and Johnny forced the Hulk into battle, she observed from the air that they had been knocked unconscious. Before she could think of anything else, a large girder was tossed into the fantasticar, knocking her out of it, just before it crashed. Luckily for Sue, she managed to land on Reed’s unconscious body which is soft and pliant.


With that being said, the behemoth charged straight at Sue but, in the meantime she thought to herself “(Think Sue. He is huge, you need to rely on you being smaller. I have to be fast enough for him not to touch me till I can devise a plan, if only I was as fast as guys like Spider-Man or Daredevil)”

The Hulk charged but, all of a sudden, the Invisible Woman jumped almost twenty-five feet in the air, somersaulting over the giant and being well over twenty feet away. The Hulk couldn’t believe it and neither could she. He charged her again, but this time she dodged right, then flipped to her left, until she finally rolled through his legs and flipped ten times at blinding speed, before turning to face the creature once again. Infuriated, the Hulk pounded the floor, knocking her off her feet with her head facing up. It was then that her theory was correct as she says to herself: “With that display there, my theory has proven itself correct. It began with my physical transformation into the personification of my aesthetic desires, to my increased mental capacity, to my increase in agility and dexterity. It seems that The Negative Zone energy in combination with my cosmic radiation soaked cells allow me to enhance my attributes in any way I desire.” She continued, “If that is the case, then I think it’s about time someone taught this behemoth a lesson. So I will pass on being super-intelligent, because I want to really show this giant who he is messing with for attacking Ben, Johnny and, most importantly, Reed. So, I wish I were ten times stronger than Hulk and Ben put together.”

With that being thought she kicked herself upwards, without using her hands, and dared the most powerful being on Earth to come charging at her. Even with the design of the unstable molecule uniform being resistant to tear, the sudden infusion of power caused slight rips throughout her costume due to the increase in raw power. The brute raised his right fist ready to land it at her head, instead all that happened was the Hulk’s huge fist being stopped dead in its tracks by her comparatively tiny hand. The Hulk pushed on, confused because no one was ever able to do such a thing to him. Sue began to apply a slight pressure and sharp cracking sounds began to come out of his hand, as the beast began to whelp in pain. His howls made her feel unbelievably powerful, as she landed a blow to his stomach that reeled his head down. She followed with rapid kicks and punches to his head faster than the eye could see, dazing the giant until the Hulk became enraged and, at full power, took his unbroken hand and landed it straight into Sue’s face. Then he followed with a flurry of punches so powerful that the unstable molecules within Sue’s uniform unravel, leaving her wearing only her unstable molecule bra and panties. She didn’t attempt to block as a sickening sound of cracking bone reverberated throughout the area, as hitting her far harder body broke the Hulk’s hands. She took her right hand around his throat, dwarfing as it may be, she lifted the 800-pound monster into the air with one hand, taunting him by saying “Look who’s the strongest now, eh big guy.”

Then she tossed him fifty feet in the air and on the way down landed an uppercut into his jaw that sent him flying out of the city. She putted her hands over her eyes to track his flight as he went flying over the horizon. Amazed at her handiwork, she smiled realizing she had just beaten the most powerful creature to walk the face of the Earth.

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