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A What if Tale of When Youth Goes Pop!!!!!!

Written by thewisewatcher :: [Sunday, 01 June 2003 11:57] Last updated by ::

I am The Wise Watcher and it has always been my keen interest to observe the planet Earth because of it’s many obscurities and marvels.

In your world, a man by the name of Bruce Banner would be caught in the middle of a gamma bomb, a powerful radioactive creation of his own ingenious design. However, because of Banner’s many years of suppressed rage and emotions, he did not meet his end in the wake of the bomb. Instead, the gamma energy triggered a release of his inner most demons as he transformed into a creature known as the Hulk, the most powerful creature to walk the Earth. It is this circumstance that causes Banner to live like a nomad, under a slew of assumed identities because of the governments constant need to exploit the Hulk’s awesome power. Since Banner’s metamorphosis results from his feeling psychological stress, he has inadvertently changed into the Hulk many times since, and has caused large amounts of damage to his surroundings. Realizing the destruction he unintentionally causes, he heads to California to seek legal counsel from his cousin Jennifer Walters. The method he uses to get there is to be under the auspices of a technological expert for the stage effects of a teen music idol. Fate brings them to a situation both familiar and unfamiliar. So with the stage being set The Wise Watcher presents:

A What If Tale Featuring The Incredible Hulk!

The scene is the Forum in Los Angeles, California. The Britney Snow's tour is making its final stop in America before traveling to the first of its 22 international stops. The stagehands are going through their final preparations of all of the props and stages. The dancers are going through their routines. The manager of the show is shouting instructions to everyone on the stage as two people observe from seats in the crowd. One is Britney Snow, teenage pop princess. The other is the technological adviser for the tour, Bruce Sanders.

“God, life can be such a drag sometimes, don’t you think Bruce?”

“Why on Earth would you think a thing like that kid?!?” he turns and asks perplexed.

She answers while eating her favorite candy: “Well, don’t get me wrong, being a star is great, it’s just that even with a great job like this, there are still drawbacks.”

“Ah, you're still worried about that guy from Boston, huh? Not to worry kid, I am sure the police have finally caught him. And, if they haven’t, just look at all of the security here, not even the president has this much. And even if they can’t, then I won’t let anything happen to you!”

She says: “Even so, it still kinda freaks me out to be in such an open area. When I first met about this the guy, he scared me so much that I wanted to just run away from the world and hide. But ever since I met you in Boston I have been feeling safe. That’s why I asked you if you wanted to remain with me through the tour. I still don’t know how you were able to beat that guy, he beat up 11 of my security guards.”

Bruce says: “I was just upset that a poor little girl like you looked like she was going to suffer, being chased into that alley and all. I guess my anger really helped me out on that one.”

Eating more candy, she says: “FIRST OF ALL, I AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL. AND YOU, GET ANGRY? Yea right, I have never seen you get miffed even once. You are amazing. I hope I can control my temper like you one day. Oh wait, where are my manners, would you like some gummy bears? One of the perks of being me: I tell them I only want one type and then they give me bowls full of it. I love the green ones, I think they taste the best, try it!”

Bruce coyly answers: “No thanks, I don’t care for the green ones”

Britney says: “Suit yourself. I am gonna start getting ready for the show. Last one, then it’s off to Asia. Are you sure you won’t reconsider and stay with me throughout the rest of the tour? I can really use a smart guy like you. You are the anchor through this rough time I am go through with that guy, the tour, and even growing up. You seem to know what it’s like to have people treat you differently just because of who you are.”

Bruce answers: “Sorry kid, I need to visit my cousin while I am here. She is going to help me sort out a few things. But before I leave, we’ll get together and eat some junk food just …”

“No green gummy bears, I know, I know.” Britney says interrupting Bruce, “I’ll see you later Sanders”

With Britney leaving Bruce alone, he wonders if Britney would trust a man whose real name she doesn’t even know. Because his real name is not Bruce Sanders, but Bruce Banner. He was a scientist years ago, but ever since he was caught in the heart of his own gamma bomb, he became the personification of all of the monsters inside him. That monster’s name is the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk possesses abilities that are so powerful; everyone he comes in contact with seeks to exploit them for their own personal gain. That is why he is always on the run from all the monsters of the world until he can find a cure for the monster within him. He travels like a nomad under assumed identities so people can never recognize him and equivocate that Banner and the Hulk are the same man.

He remembers when he met Britney Snow four months ago. They met in Boston as she completed the second stop on her tour. Being the renowned star that she is, she was traveling through quiet streets in her tour bus on a snowy day when she had to stop because of a man laying on the road. The man said his name was Melvin and needed to get out of the cold. Out of the kindness of her heart, she wanted to help, but upon reaching Britney, he brutally attacked all of her security leaving her to his mercy. Screaming, she ran into a dark alley, where she tripped and was knocked unconscious.

Melvin was about to have his hands on her when Banner came onto the scene. He asked him not to touch her and when Melvin attacked him, he clearly had the upper hand, since he was bigger and stronger. But by enraging Bruce, he put him through a mind-boggling transformation that turns feeble Banner into a super-powerful monster. In mid transformation, he threw Melvin into a wall where he was hurt so badly that he immediately fled. Banner then calmed himself down to the point where he did not transform and attended to Britney. Grateful for saving her life, she offered Bruce a job. Banner, who gave the fake identity of Bruce Sanders, accepted the job with the condition of his having anonymity throughout his stay with the tour. He said that he would part ways with them in Los Angeles where he would seek the legal council of his cousin Jennifer Walters. In return, he helped design new effects for her tour that made it one of the most successful ones in history. Even though they paid him well, he treasured the relationship he had with Britney. Even though they were different, Britney still developed a crush on him after he saved her life. That being aside, he still thought that she was beautiful and would develop to become a fine young woman one da …

“Excuse me sir, do you know where I can find Erica Gold?” is what Bruce hears after his thoughts were interrupted by a young man holding a bouquet of flowers.

Bruce says: “Yeah, she is the lead dancer on stage, why are you her boyfriend?”

“Yea, I am trying to surprise her, she doesn’t know that I am here.” he says.

Bruce answers him with: “Well, now’s your chance kid, good luck!”

With that being said, Bruce goes to work on tonight’s show then preparing his things to leave. The boy approaches Erica and taps her on the shoulder, where she turns around and says: “Hi, do I know you?”

The boy answers: “Bouquet sent for you. This is the first of it, the rest of the gifts are in my delivery van.”

Erica frantically answers: “OH MY GOD, I have a secret admirer!” Erica shows the dancers the bouquet she received as she then tells the rest of the crew she will be right back after she retrieves the rest of her gifts.

With that she follows the boy to the loading dock, where in a secluded corner she asks, “Where are my gifts?”

“RIGHT HERE.” the boy yells as he hits her in the face with a right cross. She then falls to the floor. He walks to her head and focuses for a moment, and then suddenly his eyes glow red and his appearance changes. It changes to that of a five foot eleven, bald, pale white complexion and thin build. It is the form of Britney’s stalker Milton.

“There, that’s better. To think that you got to dance with MY Britney all of this time. Well, that’s going to change. It didn’t take me long to ditch the cops. They are busy looking for some 240-pound, blonde hair, blue-eyed guy in Boston. That’s one of the advantages of being a mutant. It gives me weird powers like … (Milton’s shape begins to change as he changes his appearance to that of Erica) … altering my appearance. With having this form now, I won’t have any kind of problem getting to Britney and this time I will make sure that I have her. After all, we were meant to be together.” Milton’s eyes glow red again as he begins to walk towards the stage.

Half an hour till the show begins, people start to pile into the Forum for tonight’s concert. Security is shuffling everywhere to assure that it will be safe in the large auditorium tonight. Bruce and Britney begin to talk about the show “… and when the third song comes on, there are going to be purple and white lights coming from the back of you.”

“Purple, Britney asks, why not GREEN?” she asks tauntingly.

“I hate that color” Bruce says under his breath, “So after tonight, let’s get together and have some ice cream and candy one more time before I head out, okay kid?”

“Sounds great Bruce, now I gotta go, I see Erica, we have to go over some last minute steps before the show. See you later”

With that Bruce concentrates on preparing the lights so that the show can start in fifteen minutes time. Britney heads to the levitating platform underneath the stage where Erica is and asks: “Hey Erica, I need to practice some of the steps with you now, so we are in synch for some of the dance numbers tonight.”

Erica, who seems awestruck talking to Britney at first, says: “Wow Britney, you look amazing. So cute, so HOT.”

“Erica, are you feeling all right? What’s the matter with you?” Britney asks in a concerned tone.

“Nothing Erica says.” She begins drawing her hands through her hair, “I just think that it’s amazing that someone so beautiful as you has no one special in her life right now. But who else would be worthy of that beautiful face, that perfect hair, and the rest of that young supple body” Erica then begins to touch Britney’s chest and Britney backs away.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I am calling security”

“NO, NO don’t do that love, you're mine, they won’t let me be away from you anymore.” Erica yells and as she does, Britney’s mind goes back. Back four months ago to where she was in Boston on a cold winter’s night and she took a poor heavyset boy into her tour bus. She remembers on how once he saw her; he went into a rage saying the same thing Erica just said.

With fear in her voice she calls: “M … M … Milton?”

With that, Milton changes back to his true, skinny, bald form and say: “Baby, you remember me! Now I can show you what I really look like. You and I are going to be together forever, give me a kiss.”

Britney yells, “I’m not giving you anything, NOW GET AWAY FROM ME!” she punches him in the face as the lights go on and the show begins. The platform levitates to the top and the crowd sees Britney and Milton on stage.

Milton, with a deranged look on his face, takes a long silver knife out from his back pocket and yells: “If I can’t have you now, then let’s have each other in DEATH.”

He then stabs Britney in the stomach and by doing so, horrifies the entire coliseum. Immediately, seven huge guards run to the stage and subdue Eric. Bruce, just now noticing the events, runs to Britney’s side. He immediately motions for a medical team to come. When they come, they all put her on a stretcher and take her to the hospital. With the paparazzi noticing it is Britney Snow being loaded into the ambulance, a number of them and fans rush into their cars to follow it. Bruce loads her into the ambulance and he and the EMT get in the back as they begin to rush to the hospital. The police devote to divert the paparazzi away from the ambulance, leaving it without an escort to get Britney to the hospital in time.

“DON’T WORRY KID YOU’RE GOING TO BE FINE” Bruce frantically says as the EMT gives her a thorough examination.

“She’s losing a lot of blood, we have to get her blood soon or we are going to lose her.” The technician checks to see if they have type B-positive, but inadvertently it was not stocked in the ambulance.

Bruce then says: “B-positive? That’s my blood type. Can you give her some of my blood?”

The technician says, “She needs a lot, it might make you kind of weak, but if you are willing, let’s do it!” She draws six pints of Bruce’s blood, leaving him somewhat disoriented. She then injects it into Britney’s blood stream.

He looks at her thinking everything is going to be all right when suddenly the ambulance makes a sudden stop. The EMT asks what’s going on where the driver responds: “Some movie is being filmed and there are a bunch of fans in the way roaming the streets.”

One of those fans walks by and manages to peer into the back window of the ambulance and notices that Britney is laying on a stretcher in the ambulance and yells: “OH $#!%, IT’S BRITNEY SNOW, SHE IS IN THE AMBULANCE” A huge crowd of people begin rocking the ambulance back and forth as a melee ensues to get to her.

The EMT in the back of the ambulance hits her head against the wall and passes out. This leaves Bruce motioning back and forth, still dizzy from the blood he gave. The motioning seems to be going faster as he sees Britney lying on the stretcher. He begins to be frustrated by the situation as a warm feeling comes over him and bows his head down. Writhing in pain his blood starts to boil and as it does, he lifts his head and his eyes turn green.

His shirt starts to rip as he grows. Huge amounts of muscle begin forming all over his body as his skin and hair go from their normal color, to obscure shades of green. His speech turns to incoherent grunting as the ambulance begins to rock itself harder than what the crowd was doing. The crowd stops when they hear the noise and back up. The ambulance then stops for a moment until suddenly a huge green hand punches through the roof and the Incredible Hulk burst through holding Britney Snow in his large left hand. The onlooking crowd begins to panic as he looks to the sky and then jumps upward and out of site. As he does, the driver of the ambulance rushes to the back and notices his partner on the floor and then gives a worried look to the sky.

The Hulk quickly covers the distance between the starting point and the hospital. He walks Britney to the ambulance and empty stretcher waiting outside the hospital. The behemoth gently lays her down on it. As he places her in, his eyes concentrate on her, giving her a sad look as he realizes this will be the last time he is going to see her again. Banner’s subconscious is yearning for the Hulk to leave soon as his sudden appearance will cause military convoys to be there soon. He gently waves his hand across her face, crouches down and then takes off when medical personnel attend to Britney.

The next day’s headlines read that the skinny bald attacker was still be searched for, and that the Hulk was responsible for ambushing the ambulance and the disappearance of Bruce Sanders, Britney Snow’s creative consultant for her tour. The blood transfusion that Bruce gave her saved her life, but had her sleep for most of the day as she laid resting after the savage attack her body and psyche were put through.

The time then strikes 3 o’clock in the morning. The police are in the middle of changing shifts for the day. Since the attack on Britney is a police investigation, they do not allow any of her own guards to collaborate and stand watch since they do not want any outside intervention to screw up the investigation. The policeman for the next shift arrives and talks briefly with the previous officer, and then is left alone outside of Britney Snow’s door. He looks around to make sure that no one is observing him and due to the late hour, they do not. He slowly opens the door and goes inside and locks it from the other end.

A whispering voice then calls out: “Britney? Britney? Wake up Britney.”

She slowly opens her eyes. She sees her friend Bruce Sanders staring back at her. A faint smile comes over her face as she says: “Bruce, I knew you would be here. I was so terrified when I was alone with Milton. I knew when you were riding with me in the ambulance that I would be all right. I even saw the EMT giving me some of your blood before I passed out. That’s twice that you’ve saved me, I don’t know how to ever repay you.”

Bruce replies with “Hey, it’s okay Britney, I just wanted to make sure you are okay.”

Britney sighs: “Yeah, I was really nervous, all of a sudden that creepy guy just changed before my …” Britney remembers how Milton changed right in front of her. She doesn’t know how he did it, but she can never be too cautious, regardless of whom she is talking to.

“You know, I just realized something Bruce, how do I know that it’s really you?”

“Britney, what are you talking about! Of course it’s me. I was with you all of that time in the ambulance. You know that you can always trust me.”

Britney is almost going to let down her guard when she realizes that Bruce called her Britney two times. He usually calls her “kid” and hardly ever calls her Britney. To test her theory she says: “You know, you’re right! I am just being overly cautious. I should relax. Maybe have some candy.” she reaches over and opens the gummy bear packet that her mother left on her table for her earlier, “Here have a green one, I remember you telling me that they were your favorite.”

Bruce reaches for it and says “Aw, thanks Britney, you remembered my favorite color.”

With that, a wide-eyed look comes to Britney’s face. She knows that it isn’t Bruce because of the many stable habits that he doesn’t show. She says: “YOU’RE NOT BRUCE. YOU’RE MILTON!!!!!!”

She reaches for the nurses call button but Bruce’s hand stops her. His eyes glow red and then he changes to Milton’s usual skinny bald form. He then covers her mouth and says: “It wasn’t hard for me to escape the police. No one can keep me away from you if I keep changing. Now, give me a ki- ARGH”

Britney bites his hand and pushes him away. She falls to the floor of her bed and begins to crawl towards the door. Milton then climbs on top of her and covers her mouth, as she still tries to continue towards the door. Fear and rage begin to fill within her. She doesn’t know what she is going to do. Her head swirls and goes down, almost as if she is going to pass out. She becomes more docile as Milton begins to smile. Suddenly a warm feeling comes over her as her body temperature begins to rise. She raises her head as her body trembles. She feels disoriented and her mind swirls until suddenly, her eyes turn green.

All of a sudden, Milton can feel Britney’s heartbeat since it begins beating like a jackhammer. He has his hand wrapped around her head to keep her from screaming when, all of a sudden, he realizes that her hair, which was a medium length, became a lot longer, and felt like strands of pure silk. He was thinking it was just his imagination until he notices that he used to be a lot taller than the 5’2” pop princess. Used to being the emphatic term as she was growing underneath him to at least 5’6”. Something felt terribly wrong there. She was growing, and to Milton’s ever-growing misfortune, that wasn’t all.

All of a sudden, her back becomes more emphatically arch-shaped, which helps accentuate the womanly curves she is developing. Sitting on her buttocks, Milton notices it is beginning to rise up, as it takes a huge turn, forming the biggest, most symmetrical pair of rock hard butt-cheeks ever created.

As Britney is going through this amazing transformation, her mindset is changing too. She knows that her body is undergoing change, but she is happy. She fells like all of the inhibitions of being a girl are over, because of the power that is swelling within her. It is as if a nuclear reactor is exploding from her heart and filling her body with a never-ending supply of super mutating energy. First she fells her arms tone up, losing all fat from them and developing womanly, yet developed, shoulders. She fells her abdominal muscles rearrange and tighten. She used to reveal baby fat when dancing in some of her outfits, but now, it is replaced by a ridged set of abdominal muscles like something out of a woman’s fitness catalog. She fells her legs tone up as they became longer and shapelier, like a cross between a marathon runner and a panty-hose model. Another transformation that is occurring is her face, where her eyes and nose and cheekbones took on distinct shapes to make her appear that she is older. The final transformation to Britney’s body is to her bust, which was still developing due to her recently going through puberty. Her chest then expands to such a degree that it is lifting her body off the ground. She goes from a B to D cup as if they were being pumped up like deflated basketballs.

Milton, who is confused, apparently is turned on by the metamorphosis, because Britney grows to such a degree that the length of her hospital gown barely covers her crotch area. He is almost going to have a look, until Britney notices. She fells the huge amounts of strength within her young, hard body as she begins to rise with Milton still on top of her, he is still taller but not by as much this time. Britney grabs his hand from her mouth and squeezes until a sickening crack gives out of Milton’s mouth as he is howling in pain. Before he can scream though, Britney covers HIS mouth this time. She whispers to Milton: “Now you are going to know what it’s like to be afraid.”

She takes her hand and wraps it around his throat and lifts him in the air with one hand. She begins to squeeze his neck as Milton – confused at how she suddenly became so strong – says under duress: “Milton pleads “Puh … puh … PLEASE, le … lemme go, you're KILLING ME!!!”

The thought registered with Britney. She doesn’t want to be a killer. So she lets go of her grip on Milton and he falls to the floor. He begins whimpering and says in a low voice :“Thank you, oh thank you, YOU STUPID BITCH”

With that, he transforms his head into that of a cobra’s and lunges at Britney’s neck. He bites deep into her flesh, before his fangs breaks into 9 pieces. Britney, with an enraged look, backhands Milton with such force that he flights out of the wall of the hospital at break-neck velocity, landing on the concrete 3 blocks away.

After noticing that the hospital staff is about to enter through the locked door, Britney knows that she can’t be seen with this amazing new body and not be barraged by questions. She climbs down the fire escape of the hospital and runs like a marathon runner, only faster. No one can make out her face since she is moving at such a blur. She runs outside of town till she reachs the desert of the west coast.

She is deep in the desert during the night. She makes her way to an abandoned cabin in the middle of the desert, where she changes from her hospital gown, into clothes that were originally too big for her, but now, she stretches the bust and backsides of them to their utmost limits. She looks in the mirror at her amazing new body wondering just what on Earth happened to her. So she decides to head outside to test herself.

She walks deep into the desert, to a desolate area to test herself. She felt a constant need to utilize the amazing enhancements bestowed upon her. The strength she felt was intoxicating, where she almost had to use it. She finds a large boulder, which must have weighed at least 10 tons. She rubs it with her soft fingers before digging into it. She then lifts it above her head as if it were a beach ball. She begins to squeeze the boulder above her head as she hears a crushing noise right before it shatters into dust.

She waves her hair back and dusts herself off before feeling something odd. A piece of the crushed boulder landed in between her huge breasts so she digs her hand in and takes the rock out. She gives it a slight squeeze and it too turns to dust crumbling due to her incredible might. She looks at her dust filled hands. “Damn, I can’t believe it, It’s like I’m as strong as that Hulk guy. Kinda like a She-Hulk only I’m not green and HUGE. My body SURE did a lot of growing though.” She says while looking back at her super-perfect posterior. “Let’s see just what kind of She-Hulk I am.”

She finds another boulder that is smaller than the first one. She kneels underneath and takes it in her dainty left hand. She lifts it up and tosses it lightly in the air like a handball before she rests it in her palm. “It still feels pretty light.” She rolls the boulder over to her index finger as she says, “It still feels like a ping pong ball.”

Frustrated at how light it weights to her, she puts it back in her palm and motions like she is a quarter back and yells: “Hut. Hut. Hike” she motions left, then right. She suddenly heaves it back and launches it into the air. It goes sailing for over a thousand feet before it lands in a small body of water near by.

“Hmm, I read in articles of how the Hulk can jump really high. I wonder how high I can jump?”

With saying that, she coils her legs and jumps high up in the air like a shapely rocket. She travels higher and faster as she startles a flock of birds. She then begins to fall down backwards. A jubilant smile comes to her face, until she turns around and realizes she is heading straight for that body of water. She lands in it and sinks right to the bottom. The impact at falling at such a height doesn’t even leave a scratch on her, as she stays underwater for a few minutes. Even though her powerful lungs needed no air, she went up for air by jumping out of the water and onto the nearby dock, where she dried herself in the sun while pondering the events of what she has just been able to do.

“Wow, it’s so cool that I am fully developed now. It’s even cooler that I am so POWERFUL. It’s like how I have wanted to be my whole life. I always wanted to be beautiful, which girl doesn’t? And I always wanted to be independent and strong like my heroes when I was a girl. But now I am stronger than anyone and anything!” She makes a small bicep out of her left arm and wonders, “I wonder if all of this power will ever go away.” With that, a wave of energy comes over Britney as her eyes flash green.

The intense feeling spread all over her body and as weird as it sounds, went straight into her mind. She suddenly realized that the transformation is permanent. She could never go back to the way she was before, even if she wanted to. A coy smile formed on her face as she looked at her reflection in the mirror and thinks: “Who the heck would want to!”

She thought about what to do with these powers for now. She figured that she would return to music for a while. She would use these amazing physical features to be every man’s dream and every woman’s envy. The media will probably assume that she had surgery during the time she vanished from the hospital, and that this whole thing with Milton was publicity stunt. She thinks to herself: “As long as she knows the truth, she doesn’t really have to worry. With that, she jumps far over the lake and heads back to town.

She quickly adjusts to life back on the tour, answering questions along the way about her disappearance, and avoids questions about her suddenly ravishing appearance. She hires several investigators to look for Bruce, with hopes of finding him, but they will not find Bruce Sanders because they have yet to realize that he never existed. To pay homage to her friend, she dedicates a song to him that is based on her sudden transformation from pop princess to pop powerhouse titled “It’s Not Easy Seeing Green”

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