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The Immigrant

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The Immigrant

by Dru


At first she had been greeted with suspicion, her arrival heralded by a series of natural disasters. It was these calamities, as she had explained, that had seen the aliens deploy a representative for the first time to Earth. “Only when a population is in need of help can one of us visit it,” she had told the world during her first press conference so many years ago. “There are strict moral codes, and ancient laws that govern all citizens of my planet. Just as your own world has laws.”

Her first appearance had been at an earthquake in Japan. Then she had shown up two days later to stop floodwaters in Angola. But the press never got a good image of her until a hostage situation arose in a small American town. It there that the media got their first footage of the alien visitor as she calmly allowed the mad gunman to unload his semi-automatic rifle and exhaust his shotgun before she used the weapons to tie his hands and feet. The short film of the beautiful young woman bouncing bullets off her body, and over-powering a much larger man with terrifying ease caused a world-wide sensation. Everybody wanted to know just who this strange, and clearly super-human woman was. And why was she wearing a bikini?

A fire in Cairo, a crippled plane over the Alps, another earthquake, and a volcanic eruption all came over the following three days. At each event she was there. Each time she displayed superhuman abilities so powerful that people started to fear this unknown helper. Nobody should be that strong … nobody should be able to defy gravity so gracefully unassisted … nobody should be so beautiful.

It was the bad press that prompted her to give the public the information they wanted. Her name was Riana, and she had crossed the Milky-Way to get to Earth. She was an envoy of the Aruvian empire, and her mission to was ensure the survival of the human race. When asked to produce a spaceship she hovered up off the floor, put her hands on her hips and told the gathered press that they were looking at it.

Though she made every effort to make people comfortable with her presence, it wasn’t easy for Riana to find acceptance. The fact was that she was just too powerful, too beautiful, and too frightening. People were envious of her abilities, and suspicious of her motives. It was twenty years before she was finally thanked for her selfless assistance of those in mortal peril. The UN voted to officially acknowledge her contribution to humanity at a special function in New York’s Central Park.

The crowd that gathered on the day was a very mixed bag. There were some who came just for the music, and some that came to cheer for their beautiful hero. And there were some who wanted let the world know what they thought of this arrogant goody-two-shoes alien. Mostly comprised of religious groups, these protesters were in the majority and the goodwill of the day was marred by their constant chanting. But despite their presence, Riana was clearly enjoying her day in the park.

The time came for the speeches, and the guest of honor sat and listened attentively as speaker after speaker delivered a narrative of gratitude to her. By the time the last speaker was leading an applause in her honor, Riana was positively beaming with pride and happiness. She wiped a tear of joy from her eye as the master of ceremonies returned to the center of the stage and called upon the President of the United States to wrap up the function and pass things over to the entertainment.

Thank you, Malcolm. I just wanna say what a wonderful job you’ve done today. He’s been a wonderful M.C., hasn’t he, folks? And this should be a wonderful day because we’re here after all to thank one very wonderful lady: Riana, our ‘super’ hero. And what a hero she is.”

Let’s not forget that just six hours ago this woman was towing an oil-tanker to safety in the North Sea. There may have been only a few men on that ship, but those men are back in port, alive and safe. Back in port when they should be dead. How many lives have been brought back to port by this wonderful lady? How many souls walk the Earth now that would otherwise by lost to mother nature’s wrath? How many children still bring joy to their parents hearts that would, if not for this wonderful lady, would surely be dead? Her work has spanned so many political and ideological borders that the true number of lives she has saved over the last two decades will never be known. And that’s why we are here today.” The wily old political leader turned a quick glance toward the rowdy protesters. “At least, that’s why most of us are here.”

We asked Riana to come here today so we could thank her on behalf of the thousands she has rescued. We want to thank her on behalf of the parents whose children are safe, and on behalf of the children those children will now be able to have in the future. The future that is possible for them only because of this wonderful lady.

But even though there have been so many voices raised to thank her, an equal number have been raised in protest. She’s not human, they say. She’s an alien, they say. She can’t be trusted … they say. Well I’ve had enough of what they say. Here’s what I say: She’s more human than some. If you can’t trust someone who uses only for the benefit of others the frighteningly potent abilities she possesses, for others and not for her own personal gain, then you can’t trust anyone. And as for the alien complaint … well we’re going to do something about that right now. And so I’d like to ask Riana to come here and join me.”

Riana rose and crossed the stage. Dressed in long green velvet she was a dazzlingly elegant vision of all a woman could ever hope to be. The President hoped that no-one noticed the raging erection she had inspired. He’d had no idea being near Riana would have such an overwhelming effect on him or he would never have agreed to appear. He quickly got to business.

Please raise your hand,” he requested. “And place your right hand over your heart.” When she had done so the President proceeded to lead her in a solemn oath of loyalty. When finished, he smiled at her warmly. “Riana of Aruvia, you are now an official citizen of the planet Earth.”

Riana’s jaw dropped to reveal her annoyingly perfect teeth. Her stunned reaction drew a bigger smile from the President, who started clapping. Riana didn’t move for a few minutes. This was a surprising development, and not at all expected. For a moment she could not believe what she had heard, but there was no mistake. They had made her a citizen of their world. According to the law and tradition of their planet, she was now an Earthling. She had heard of this happening before. Other Aruvian envoys had been granted citizenship by the worlds they had been sent to. It was rare, and not something that Riana had ever hoped or dreamed for.

The real reason that Riana had been sent to Earth was not something she was proud of. She was wasn’t on any mission of peace. The truth was that Riana’s time working on Earth, using her frighteningly potent abilities for the benefit of others, was punishment for abusing them at home. She had been caught abusing one of her classmates in a brutal act of sexual violence, and the matter had been brought to the attention of the Aruvian justice system. The magistrate was merciful, and only sentenced her to six-hundred years of off-world community service. So she had been deployed to Earth, slaving away under the constant supervision of authorities at home. One wrong move and she would end up in prison … and as Aruvian prisons make Nazi concentration camps look like health-spas, Riana had no intention of letting that happen. Now she knew it never would.

The president offered her the microphone and stepped back to allow her to address the crowd. She smiled at him, but didn’t take the microphone.

Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?” she asked him, speaking so quietly only he could hear.

The President smiled right back. “I’ve just made it so none of those fools down there can call you an alien anymore. You’re one of us now. I hope you don’t mind.”

I couldn’t be happier. It’s the most wonderful thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

Tell them, my dear. The crowd wants to know what you think of being an Earthling.”

She smiled sweetly at the President as he held the microphone out once more. “Thank you, but I don’t need it.” When she faced and addressed the crowd, the President nearly fell over in shock. Maintaining his composure as best he could, he covered his ears and edged away from the painfully loud words Riana’s voice casually boomed into the audience.

I can’t thank all of you enough for this. It’s just lovely to know how much some of you love me. I never knew that having you patheticaly fragile little primitives grovel and suck-up to me would warm me up inside so much. Nobody’s ever said such nice things about me in my whole life.”

There was a murmur of confused disapproval as she paused a moment to think. Those voices already protesting her presence were now far louder than ever before.

I have worked hard for this. Every minute of the day for the last twenty years I’ve been flying around this pretty little backwater saving you insignificant worms from the deaths that are inevitable anyway. And up until a few moments ago I thought I’d keep on doing that for another five centuries. Now that I’m one of you, a citizen of Earth, I can do whatever I want.” Her smile broadened and she took a deep breath that unseated the front three rows. Riana peered over the confused crowd with a look of sheer contempt, her gaze settling upon the rowdier than ever protestors. “And the first thing I’ll do is take care of you lot. I can’t believe the nerve of you, standing there insulting me on a day that is meant to be in my honor. Ever since I got here you’ve been winging about me, when all I’ve done is help you disgusting little parasites.”

Go home!” a fresh chant started up from the ranks, the angry people crying out in full force.

Go home?” she asked, regarding the roped-off mob of unhappy humans with a big smile and drowning out their combined voices with her own deafening words. “But this is my home. You just made it my home, and I can’t thank you enough. I do promise, however, to be gracious and undemanding ruler …”

Now hold it right there!” the President angrily snapped. “We aren’t making you queen. Your a citizen, that’s all. I thought it would be a good gesture …”

And it was.”

You have a funny way of thanking people.”

Riana giggled. “I like you. You can be my number-one pet human …”

Pet human? I’m not going to be any pet, sweetheart. What’s the hell’s gotten into you?”

Freedom. You see, by making me an Earthling you’ve placed me under the jurisdiction of your planets legal system. And as Aruvia does not recognize dual citizenship, you’ve also removed me from the jurisdiction of their legal system. So now I’m no longer Aruvian, and no longer have to follow or acknowledge Aruvian law, I’m free to do whatever I want to … as an Earthling. And as your legal system isn’t backed up by anything that could so much as mess up my hair, I hardly think your legal system is anything for me to worry about.”

The President gifted her with a blank look. “What are you saying?”

Let me demonstrate.”

Riana turned her head toward the loudest protestors, and unleashed a searing blast of radiation from her eyes. Everyone who did not quickly look away or cover their faces were blinded by the bright beams that Riana’s calm gaze produced. The air was suddenly thick with the sickening smell of vaporized human flesh, and the crowd erupted into a screaming panic.

The head of security realized that the President and the entire UN delegation were suddenly at risk of being killed by the very person they had come to thank, and started ordering his men into action. While the super-human girl continued to incinerate the terrified mob, the security team evacuated the UN representatives and pulled the blinded President off the stage. They then set about trying to stop the girl.

But she’s bullet-proof!” one special-agent objected at his order to open fire on Riana.

We only have to distract her! Now start shooting before she kills the whole crowd!”

Bullets started streaming into Riana from all angles. As they each pinged ineffectively off her body, the accurate shots tore pieces of her dress away, slowing revealing the bikini that was famous (infamous among Muslim nations) throughout the world. She ignored them a moment and continued to sweep her murderous gaze through the mob, seeming to enjoy making those who had spent the day insulting her pay for their disrespect, but Riana soon stopped to put her hands on her hips and turn her body to face the largest concentration of agents. They were gathered on the bandstand among discarded musical instruments, emptying and reloading their pistols until finally they had no more clips to slap home.

Is that any way to treat your Queen? Look at what you did to my dress.” She leaned her head back arched her spine with her hands still on her hips, and used the complete control she had over her Aruvian body to flare her body-temperature. There was a blinding white flash and the remnants of her dress burst into flame and fell through the fresh fiery hole that had appeared in the stage where her feet had been resting. When the special-agents could see again she was hovering over the molten gap with her flawless body displayed to devastating effect. As the men tried to shake their heads clear, Riana gently puckered her lips. The next instant there was a sound not unlike a force-five tornado, and a visible jet-stream formed from her mouth. Those she targeted had little time to realize what she was doing before their bodies were shattered by an incredibly fast-moving wall of air. The bandstand collapsed instantly, and the debris flew with the already dead men into the park. Riana kept blowing, tearing up trees and destroying the carefully crafted landscape with nothing more than her breath. As the pieces of bandstand slammed into an apartment building at the edge of the park she stopped and watched the several dozen trees, and the bodies of the men who dared shoot at someone with her boggling physical powers, tear the building apart.

Looking around with a satisfied and somewhat smug expression on her face, bullets still pinging off of her glamorously curvaceous body, she saw that the crowd was fleeing in panic and the security team had all the UN delegates on their way into the city. Standing in the midst of the chaos, Riana took a deep breath and smiled with her entire being. As she pondered whether to kill the rest of the disrespectful humans or let them go, six attack-chopper flew into her line of vision.

I wonder if their foolish enough?” she thought aloud, amused that they dreamed such inadequate machines could stop her. Regarding them with justified arrogant amusement, she was sure they would at least try. While she waited for them, she took out some of foolish men who still thought it wise to shoot her with their insultingly meager weapons. Listening for the next gun-blast, she caught the bullet behind her lower back and flicked it back at the gunman who’d fired it. The small piece of lead was traveling so fast as it re-entered the barrel that gun exploded with extreme force in the agent’s hand, knocking him back violently in three gory pieces. Catching another bullet inches from her upper-arm she repeated the trick with more force and the gunman thrown deep into the park. Several more men died before the attack choppers drew near enough to open fire. As they made their first pass the Apache’s delivered a devastating load of rockets and lead onto the stage, engulfing Riana in a churning fireball laying waste to the whole structure.

The target hovered steadily as rocket after rocket ploughed into her. Riana luxuriated in the pleasurable warmth of the flames and caresses of shrapnel, finally left to hover with her hands still unconsciously massaging her breasts above the fiery ruin of the temporary venue. She hoped they would do that again, and the obscenely powerful Aruvian was not disappointed. Accepting a second pass of missiles and armor-piercing cannon rounds with unrestrained enjoyment she started to get turned on, though her growing arousal had more to do with the hand that had slipped into her briefs than the desperate human weapons.

As they made their third pass Riana decided she was bored with them. She allowed them to fill the air around her with fire once more, and then as they passed overhead she flew up from the flames and darted into their midst. They reacted instantly, the formation breaking up under the barked commanders of the wing leader. But it was too late for them. Crossing her arms, she shook her head at them as tore away from her before spinning on the spot so fast her movement created a vortex in the atmosphere around her. To increase the effect of her vortex, Riana started to inhale. All six choppers were instantly caught and drawn back to her by the powerful forces she easily whipped up. She stopped in time to relax and enjoy the impacts, noting that the air around her continued to churn even as she moved back toward the dispersing crowd.

Laughing at the people who had been insulting her all morning, finding the cries of terror and pain far more enjoyable than their taunts, Riana decided she’d had enough fun here. Floating up high into the atmosphere she turned slowly and looked at the world in a whole new way. Suddenly the planet she had been sentenced to didn’t seem so ugly or backward … or at least it’s ugliness and backwardness didn’t matter anymore. It didn’t matter anymore because he planet known as Earth was no longer her prison. It was her home. She was an Earthling, she could do whatever she wanted on Earth, and a million ideas raced through her mind at once.

Studying her fellow Earthlings drew a grin across her face. She was so superior to them it was embarrassing really. Thinking about the things most of them had said about her over the last twenty years made her grin fade though. She had helped and saved over three million people, and yet it had taken all this time to get any kind of official ‘thank you’. And then she thought about the way they had spent the morning making speeches about her and it made her smile so much her cheeks glowed and her eyes sparkled. Riana decided that humans weren’t so bad after all. Sure they could be hurtful, spiteful creatures at times, but when they wanted to be they could be downright charming and sweet. All she had to do was show them how magnificent she was, and make them understand how fantastic it felt to be her, make them all see how lovable she was … and they could all get along fine.

But the first thing she knew she had to do was find a palace for herself. For the last twenty years she had called a small cave deep under the Atlantic her home, part of her punishment being the limitation of creature comforts. Now she free to take residence anywhere she liked, the thought of never going back to that awful wet hovel set her streaking across the sky with joy.

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