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A New Leaf

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A New Leaf


by Helix111







Chapter 1

Katie Thurman couldn't believe her eyes as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Just two short hours ago she had been a seventeen year old girl trapped in the body of a twelve year old. Now she was a seventeen year old girl trapped in the body of a swimsuit model.


She scanned her eyes upward, drinking in the view of her perfect body. Her previously scrawny legs had acquired a sexy, womanly shape and had also lengthened considerably, increasing her height form a diminutive 5'3" to a statuesque 5'11". Although her hips had widened and her butt had filled out to form a delicious curve of flesh, she could have sworn that her waist had actually got thinner, giving her a classic hourglass figure. Raising her eyes further, she came to her midriff which, like the rest of her body, was firm and taught – not muscled, but certainly the kind of effect that most women would have to spend hours in the gym each week in order to recreate.


The biggest change (literally) was her breasts. Katie glanced over her shoulder at her old 32A bra that lay discarded on her bed. There was no way she would ever get into that again. Earlier, a tape measure had confirmed that her boobs were now 34Es, made all the more impressive by the fact they showed no sign of sagging. They just sat there, high on her chest as if gravity didn't apply to them. They were capped by cute pink nipples – the bull's-eye for which any lover would aim. Katie raised her arms from her side and took hold of her new nipples sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body and into her nether regions. She continued to roll them between thumb and forefinger and resumed her survey from her breasts, up her long neck and to her face.


Her lips had become full and sensuous, her nose was arrow straight and, while her eyes had always been a stunning pale-blue, they seemed to have an added sparkle tonight. Topping her off was a mane of chocolate brown hair that cascaded down past her shoulders, ending at her middle back. She was a little disappointed at the loss of the mole on her left cheek – she had thought it had given her character – but the same process had happened everywhere on her skin.


Every mark had been removed, every blemish erased. Besides, she figured she didn't need character when she looked like this. Yes, any swimsuit would be lucky to be worn by such an amazing body. She was, in a word, perfect.


Katie was awoken from her daydream by a call from the bathroom. "Katie, I'm coming out. Are you decent?" It was Becky. Although they had only met four weeks ago, they had got on brilliantly and Katie considered her one of her best friends. She wondered if she'd have gotten through summer camp without her.


Katie threw on the shorts and t-shirt that she routinely slept in. Neither fit her properly anymore. They had once been comfortably loose but were now almost skin tight, struggling to accommodate Katie's new womanly figure. The 'Hello Kitty' logo was stretched out of all recognition and made to look even more ridiculous by her large nipples poking at the fabric. "I'm ready," she called to her friend.


Katie was blown away when Becky emerged from the bathroom. Becky had been with her two hours ago and had been similarly transformed by the meteor shower; but seeing her in the flesh was still a surreal experience. She had become a towering 6'1" tall with a mass of blonde hair and the biggest pair of baby-blue eyes Katie had ever seen. The rest of her Amazonian body was hidden by her flannel pyjamas but, they had become so tight, they left little to the imagination. Her figure was just as perfect as Katie's. Although Becky had ended up slightly taller than her friend, her breasts were smaller, barely a 34D. Katie couldn't help but think that she had got the better deal, although she would never admit this to her friend.


Becky gestured to the door she had just walked through. "Bathroom's free."


"Thanks." Katie started towards the bathroom but, unaccustomed to her new size, caught Becky's boob with her right arm. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" she remarked in embarrassment. Her cheeks were already turning red so she turned and almost ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She walked to the mirror and exhaled deeply in a bid to relieve her rising stress levels. She was still getting used to the way her ample chest would rise and fall with every breath. So many things had changed so quickly; her physical transformation was only the tip of the iceberg. The way her friends and family would act around her that would be the more important difference.


Take Becky. They had been so close all the way through summer camp. They had spent the nights talking about everything and nothing: school, boys, music, boys, the final series of friends, boys … They had been a couple of like minded girls with everything in common. Now they felt like a couple of grown women (with the bodies to prove it) with nothing in common. Its was as if the evenings events had caused them to retreat into themselves and in just a few hours they had moved light years apart. Katie sighed once more, again becoming mesmerized by the motion of her bust line. At least she would be going home tomorrow.


By the time Katie had come out of the bathroom, Becky was already in bed. "Goodnight Becky" said Katie. There was no response. Apparently the blonde girl was already asleep. Katie crawled into bed and extinguished the lights. She was a little surprised that she seemed to be able to see just as well as when the lights were on. But Katie had other things on her mind. She couldn't help but think what might have been. If she had followed her instincts and stayed in tonight she would still have been the same old Katie in the same prepubescent body. Instead, Becky had convinced her to sneak out of her room to go and look at the meteor shower; the very event that had turned them into the heavenly creatures they now were.


She contemplated how the people in her life would react to her: her best friend Hailey; Jack, the boy who she had had a crush on since tenth grade; the rest of the school … but here present concern was her parents. They were coming to pick her up tomorrow and boy, were they in for a shock.




The morning came all too quickly for Katie's liking. She had gotten up at the crack of dawn following a sleepless night that she had mistakenly attributed to all the worries running through her mind. Apparently, Becky had had a similarly restless night and has also risen early. They spent the morning in an awkward silence3 that was eventually broken by Katie's mobile phone. She spoke quickly and quietly into the receiver and then hung up.


"That was my Dad. He's here to pick me up."


"Well, it's been great getting to know you." Becky got up and approached Katie. The two girls wrapped their arms around each other in a reassuring hug. As their hug tightened, Katie felt an unfamiliar sensation. It was Becky's perfectly ample bosom pushing on her own, much larger, chest. Katie was mildly intrigued by the feeling of her own breasts flattening and moulding themselves around Becky's but suddenly, there was something else. Katie realized that, although many layers of clothing separated her from them, Becky's nipples were erect.


Katie pulled away from her friend in embarrassment. "Bye Becky," she said. Katie turned, picked up her bags and almost ran out of their shared room. In the rush she didn't even notice that she was handling her two, thirty pound suitcases like they were weightless.




"Bye Katie," called Becky, but Katie was already out the door. The blonde hung her head, trying in vain to stop a tear from rolling down her cheek. Why hadn't she said something? Why hadn't she told her how she felt when she'd had the chance? Now she was gone and all Becky had left was the image of Katie walking away from her.


But what an image. Becky doubted anybody looked better from behind, not even her. She slowly slid her hand down her pants. Her parents wouldn't be arriving for another hour. She would have plenty of time.




Katie gazed out of the window as her parents' car sped homeward, eyes glazed over in thought. Her parents were understandably shocked by her new appearance but she had fed them a line about 'having a growth spurt' and they had bought it. After all, it was the most logical explanation. Fortunately for Katie, the most logical explanation is not always the correct one.


Chapter 2


"Shit! It's 8:55! I'm late! Shit!" Katie couldn't believe she was late for the first day of school. Admittedly, she had had a late night, not getting to bed until 4am, but she'd recently found she only needed a couple of hours of sleep and had got up at 6AM feeling as fresh and alert as ever – which made it even more remarkable that she was late.


After getting up, Katie had taken a shower. Although she had started to get used to her new body, it was in the shower that she realized how truly stunning she had become. She would spend minutes at a time watching how the water flowed over the contours of her body; from her shoulders it would either flow over the generous curve of her breasts or take the more direct route down through the valley of her cleavage like a mountain stream. It would then follow the ridges of her midriff and graze her crotch before beginning the long journey down her legs to the shower floor.


Having spent far too long in the shower, she wasted more time choosing what to wear. She was torn between wanting to show off her new body and remaining inconspicuous. She went for a thigh length denim shirt, a pair of calf length suede boots with a slight heel and finished off with a more conservative sweater. She checked her outfit was perfect and looked at her clock to see how much time she had left. It was 8:55 …


"Mom, can you drive me to school?"

Katie's Mom shrugged. "I thought you walked to school nowadays."

"But I'm really late!"

"Then maybe you should run."

Katie exhaled angrily. She'd noticed her Mom was acting more and more mean lately. She had no idea it was because she was jealous of the veritable supermodel that had just moved in with them.


Katie stood on her driveway and checked her watch. 8:56. One mile. Four minutes. She knew it was possible, but could she do it? She started to jog down the pavement. She had never been much of an athlete and this had been her previous top speed. But she felt no tiredness, no pain in her legs, so she accelerated. Still no discomfort. She sped up again into a full sprint. Still nothing. In fact, she felt like she could run like this all day. She ran even faster – the trees lining the road flew past her at an astonishing speed and her hair flapped around in the wind.


Katie stopped running as she approached her school, literally skidding to a halt. She checked her watch; it read 8:58! She'd made it with minutes to spare! A voice in the back of her head told her she had been too fast, superhumanly fast, but she ignored it. She had to get to registration.




Hailey Thompson scanned the classroom anxiously. She had spent the summer at home, working in her Dad's office; yet, in that time, she had not heard a single word from her best friend. And now, as registration was about to begin, Katie was nowhere to be seen. She had thoughts that maybe her friend had become badly ill, or moved to another part of the country, or died …


Her disheartening train of thought was interrupted by the sight of a tall, beautiful woman walking into the room. Half of the guys in the room greeted her with a mixture of howls and wolf whistles; the other half just stared in awe. The woman just smiled coyly. Hailey assumed she was a student teacher or some such. But then she sauntered to the back of the class and sat down at one of the desks. Hailey was incredulous. She couldn't be a high school student! She had to be at least twenty. No teenager could have a body like that!


Hailey stopped staring and faced the front. Roll-call began soon after.






Why wasn't Katie here? She was a complete bookworm. There was no way she'd miss school unless there was a really good reason. Maybe there was something wrong after all.


"Here," responded Hailey, slumping in her chair, sure that the next person would be absent.




Hailey sat up in surprise. She looked over her shoulder to see who was impersonating her best friend. She couldn't believe what she saw. It was the gorgeous woman who had just walked in. That wasn't Katie! Sure the hair and eyes were the right colour but the body certainly wasn't familiar.


The brunette was oblivious to Hailey's visual interrogation. She had been busy rooting through her backpack but now she looked up and fixed Hailey with an intense gaze. Hailey was mortified that she had been caught staring, yet she was unable to look away from those pale-blue eyes. Just when Hailey thought the woman was going to tell her to f************k off she smiled broadly, her eyes instantly warming, and raised her hand in greeting as if they were friends. Realization hit Hailey hard. There was something familiar about that smile.


It seemed impossible, but the Goddess sitting at the back of the class was Katie Thurman.




Hailey was sitting at her usual cafeteria table, waiting for Katie to arrive. All her previous attempts to talk to her that day had failed. She had tried to speak with her after registration but had been blocked by a throng of adoring males. She had tried again at recess but Katie was again surrounded by men. Hailey had thought they resembled a pack of wolves with Katie being a firm, juicy cut of prime meat … who was about to be eaten alive.


Despite her earlier failures, the pair had eaten lunch together for the last three years and Hailey was sure her friend would continue the tradition. Eventually Katie entered the cafeteria, clutching her lunch-box. She strode towards their usual table, her long legs taking powerful strides. Her hips swayed seductively from side to side as she walked and her breasts jiggled around inside her sweater. This raised a cheer from the football teams table, causing Katie to quicken her pace further; she was clearly uncomfortable with all the attention.




Jack was standing in the lunch line when Katie walked in. He fought back an erection yet he couldn't draw his eyes away from her sublime form. The football players cheered as she walked by. Jack pondered the irony of the situation. He had had a crush on Katie for two years. He had fantasized about her blossoming into a beautiful young woman but, now that she had, she had elevated completely out of his league.


Depressed, Jack walked over to join the two girls who were busy discussing their respective summers. "Hi Hailey. Hi Katie." Hailey was shocked. "You recognize her!"

"Erm … yeah. Well no. I mean …" Jack looked down at Katie's beautiful blue eyes. I t took all of his self control not to stare at the inch of cleavage visible at the top of Katie's sweater.

"There's a rumour going round that you'd … changed over the summer."

"Well, I had a growth spurt."

"At least that's what she's telling us."

"You look great," Jack gushed.

"Thanks but listen, I don't want to dwell on this. Let's just get back to normal OK?"

Hailey nodded. "Hey, you should come over to my house this evening so we can catch up properly."

"Oh, I can't tonight. I've got rowing tryouts."

Not for the first time today, Hailey was astonished. "You're going to the rowing tryouts?!"

"Yeah. So what?"

"Don't get me wrong Kat but you've never been very athletic."

Hailey was right. But ever since the meteor shower, Katie hadn't felt even remotely tired and her run this morning showed her just how athletic she had become. "All the more reason for a change."




Jack watched Katie intently as she walked away from the table to go to one of her advanced classes. Hailey on the other hand was watching Jack; he was kind, sweet, funny and reasonably good looking. She'd always thought they would make a good couple, but Hailey was an old fashioned girl and, for all his good qualities, Jack was cripplingly shy and refused to make any kind of move. The trouble was that now the new improved Katie had come along, she was all but invisible.


Hailey had always been jealous of Katie's mind, but now she was jealous of her body as well and she was not happy.


Chapter 3


"This is the tryout for the women's 1st VIII boat. Today I will be testing your stamina, strength and commitment. If you fail to complete a task I give you, you will not make the team. If you complain about a task I give you, you will not make the team. Am I making myself clear!?"


There was a murmur of acknowledgement from the congregation of girls. Katie felt the apprehension. Coach Briers had a reputation for being a hard task master. There were even rumours that he had made some girls run crying from the gym, but she had never believed them until now.


"The first exercise is the bench press. The bar has been loaded with 80 lbs. I want ten reps." There was another murmur from the crowd. Katie had no idea whether it was a lot but from the reaction of her peers, she guessed that it was. Katie looked on as girl after girl attempted the task. Some succeeded; others failed; one girl couldn't even do a single rep.


Eventually, it was Katie's turn and it was with some trepidation that she lay on the bench. She looked up and grasped the bar. Taking a deep breath to prepare herself for the task ahead, she lifted the bar off its support.


Katie was completely unprepared for the experience. The bar felt like … nothing. It was almost completely weightless to her. If she hadn't been looking straight at it, she would have sworn it wasn't even there! She started her reps. One, two three, four; Katie was amazed. She had done four reps in as many seconds and had found it incredibly easy. Five, six, seven. She couldn't suppress a smile. Even Maggie Brewster, a 6'2" amazon of a woman had been struggling at this point. Katie felt like she could do another three thousand reps, let alone the three required. She finished the remaining reps and jumped up from the bench, feeling more energized than when she sat down. The group of prospective rowers looked at her with a mix of puzzlement and disbelief. Even Coach Briers was impressed. "Nice going, Thurman!"


The broad smile returned to Katie's face. "I guess I'm stronger than I look."




So far, Katie had not found the try-outs very trying. The girls had done a trivial assault course as well as several other exercises in the weights room. As she and the other girls exited the gymnasium, she hoped the next exercise would be a bit more difficult.


It wasn't. Just a simple two mile run around the sports filed. The group set off but Katie took an early lead after only a few seconds. She looked back over her shoulder. The pack was starting to struggle despite only being twenty seconds into the race; such was the effort required to keep up with Katie's blistering pace. Katie on the other hand, felt like she was out for a gentle stroll. She desperately wanted to open up, accelerate to her top speed and complete the race before the others had completed a single lap. But that would raise questions she didn't want to answer, so she slowed up, allowing the pack to catch her, and completed the race at what she considered a snail's pace.


Katie and the other girls finished the race and returned inside. The others were sweating profusely, breathing heavily and looked about ready to collapse. Katie was beginning to realize how different she really was – the Coach's try-out hadn't tested her in the least. She needed to find the full extent of her abilities. Fortunately, she had a plan.




Using the school sports facilities after hours was strictly forbidden, but anyone who knew the security guard's habits would have no problem outsmarting him. Every night at 6PM he would do a sweep of the sports hall to make sure nobody was inside, and then lock the external doors, leaving all the internal ones open. All you had to do was lay low (say, in a stall in the girl's toilets) and you would have unrestricted access to the school's sports facilities late at night.


The weights room was really just an ordinary room with exercise machines in it. Still, it contained more than enough metal to test the strength of even the most hulking football player. As Katie surveyed the room, she wondered if it would be able to properly test her.


The bench press bar was still loaded with 80lbs, the weight Katie had earlier found trivial. "OK, let's take this slow." She started to load up the bar with more discs, not noticing that she could lift them with only a finger. "160lbs," she said to herself, trying to alleviate her apprehension.


She was about to sit down but paused. Earlier, she had barely felt 80lbs of weight. Doubling this was hardly likely to provide a challenge. The rational part of her mind wanted to play it safe and stick with 160. But the irrational part had a different message. It told her she was a superhuman ubergirl and that she should load up the bar with all the available weight and laugh as she effortlessly lifted it. The irrational part won. She eagerly put plate after plate onto the bar until it could accommodate no more. When she had finished, it weighed an impressive 420lbs.


Katie lay down and looked up at the bar. Surely this wasn't possible. It defied all logic. Human being couldn't lift this much! But then again, humans couldn't do two-minute miles. No, she was a supergirl and it was time to prove it. Quicker than a human eye could follow, she reached up, grabbed the bar and did twenty reps in a matter of seconds, her ultra powerful arms pumping like steam pistons. The experience was truly awesome. It was as if she were a volcano with molten lava pouring through her veins. Unbelievable power, just barely contained in the body of a young girl.


Katie stopped doing reps. There was no point; if she waited until she got tired she would be here all night. Looking up, she noted how the ends of the bar drooped under the enormous weight on them, like the branches of a tree after a heavy downpour. She giggled as she realized she was testing the equipment more than it was testing her …


Katie shifted her hand positions and sat up. With her left hand in the middle of the bar she started to perform some curls – still difficult but still no real challenge. With every rep, her body weight shifted, causing her breasts and cleavage to vibrate ever so slightly. Katie wondered what Jack would think if he could see her now; a swimsuit model lifting the weight of two grown men.


Katie slid her free hand down her gym shorts and inside her panties. As she teased her outer lips, she conjured up images of herself picking up two of the football players that had degraded her earlier in the cafeteria and just carrying them around like a purse. Her fingers probed deeper and she gently stroked her clit. She could probably pick up the entire football team if she had a platform for them to stand on! Her self-inflicted teasing of her clitoris had created a river of juices from her pussy. Soon, she could hold back no longer. She jammed three fingers into her eager cunt and began to pump; in, out, in, out, in, out. Katie wondered how much force her delicate fingers were exerting on her most sensitive of regions. Enough to bend steel? Certainly. Enough to break diamond? Maybe. Either way, the fact she hadn't injured herself during this furious masturbation session meant that she was night on invulnerable; it was an inevitable conclusion. This realization spurred Katie on and her wanking accelerated. Soon her hand was moving faster than any dick could, attached as it would be to a regular human man. Yes, she was super. She was a Goddess …


Katie climaxed like the crescendo of a symphony. She felt as if the lava in her veins has moved to between her legs where it had erupted, spewing molten cum on her hand and down her legs. In her orgasmic bliss, Katie had missed the <<Thud, thud>> and the sudden reduction in the weight her left hand was supporting. But as the waves of pleasure subsided, she realized what she had done. In her excitement, she had gripped the bar too hard and cut it in half with her bare fingers. But that could wait. She was on an endorphin high and would deal with the mangled equipment when she came down.




Soon enough, Katie left the sports hall, less than half an hour after her unplanned workout had begun. She had stacked the steel plates that had been loaded onto the bench press bar in a neat pile in the corner of the weights room. That just left the bar itself, both halves of which were safely stashed in her backpack. Better for someone to think the bar had been misplaced or stolen than to find it on the floor of the weights room, having been apparently torn in half.


As Katie crossed the teacher's car park she felt both exhilarated and disappointed. On the one hand, she had proved to herself that she did indeed have super-strength and, apparently, invulnerability. But on the other hand, she had come here tonight to test the extent of her abilities but had left sorely disappointed. Just as she was beginning to think nothing in the world could challenge her strength, she passed by the principal's car and realized her greatest challenge was staring her in the face.


Principal Bennett's silver BMW was a two ton behemoth of a car. Katie had always thought it symbolized the principal's mid-life crisis. Sure, it wasn't a red Ferrari, but it was as close as you could get on a teacher's salary.


Katie didn't even bother to take off her backpack. She bent over and grasped the rear bumper. Taking a final breath to steady her nerves, she slowly lifted the back of the car. Katie smiled; although she instantly knew that she would be able to lift the car, for the first time tonight she felt meaningful resistance, which meant she had a chance of finding out how strong she really was.


Katie hoisted the back axle above her head and extended her arms, the front of the car resting on the front bumper. She removed her right hand and placed it on her hip. She was now supporting the entire car with one slender arm. "I am a Goddess," she said to herself as she mentally prepared for her most amazing test of strength yet. She squatted down and, with her free hand, reached as far forward on the car's chassis as she could. Then, with a thrust from her shapely, super-powered thighs she raised the car; first up onto her shoulders and then up onto her hands. Katie thought she must have resembled an Olympic power lifter, except for two important differences: she was lifting ten times the world record and, unlike the record holder, was still well within her comfort zone. Katie likened the weight to about half a bag of sugar, which meant she was over 4000 times stronger than she used to be. She was truly a super-girl.


Katie was holding aloft a European prestige sedan but had no idea what to do with it. It seemed a shame to just put it down. She recalled the trips she and her mother would take to the mall. Her Mom would often forget where they had parked and spend ages looking for it. Katie could almost hear her mother's voice: "I swear people come in and move all the cars around while we're shopping." With a wicked grin on her face, Katie sauntered to the other end of the car park, carrying the two ton BMW overhead.


Katie was about to place the car neatly in a parking bay when she heard something. A voice. Principal Bennett's voice! She panicked, dropped the car, and sprinted for home. Fuelled by adrenaline, she made it in just thirty seconds, smashing her record from that morning. In the brief time it took to reach home, Katie pondered her day. She had become the centre of attention for every male in the school, virtually guaranteed herself a place on the rowing team and, to cap it off had discovered she possessed strength, speed, stamina and resilience that were almost beyond comprehension. Who knew what tomorrow would bring?




He watched as Katie ran down the beach towards him. She was wearing a skimpy pink bikini that left virtually nothing to the imagination. Whenever her foot planted her titanic would wobble, threatening to slip out of the bikini meagre cups.


She had just emerged from the sea; her hair was soaking wet and clung to her neck and shoulders. The water was clearly cold since her nipples were diamond hard and trying to cut their way out of their polyester prison. As Katie drew nearer, he could see she was biting her plump bottom lip as she gazed at him. She wanted him and he desperately wanted her.


<<Brrr, brrr, brrr>>. Jack silenced the alarm with a slap. He had a sense of guilt in his mind and an uncomfortable wet feeling in his crotch. Now he had to go to school and talk to literally the girl of his dreams.




Katie had slept even less the previous night than usual. She doubted she'd gotten more than about half an hour and, for the first time in weeks, didn't wake up feeling refreshed. As she took her morning shower, she again found herself fixated on her body; not on her perfect breasts or long legs, but instead on the incredible power she now realized was contained within.


She could barely believe that she had curled over 400 lbs with a single hand, but it was the rest of her behaviour that night that bothered her. Masturbating in the weights room, tearing a lifting bar in half, dropping the principal's car! It didn't seem like her. It was almost as if using her strength had had an erotic effect on her. It wasn't that she hadn't known what she was doing; she just hadn't cared.


Katie exited the shower and shuddered, but not because of the cold. She didn't like losing control at the best of times, but the thought of losing it with the power she now wielded was terrifying. What if she ended up hurting someone she cared about; Jack, her parents, Hailey?


As Katie walked to school, she tried not to think about the exploits of the previous night. But when she arrived at school the images and memories came flooding back. There, in the car park was the principal's car, right where she'd left it. No, right where she'd dropped it. The silver BMW was wrecked: the windows were shattered; the bodywork was dented and deformed and the entire vehicle had an unusual slant; a consequence of the fall from seven feet in the air which had wrecked the suspension.


"Hey, Katie." Hailey's cheerful greeting awoke Katie from her daydream. "Wow, what happened to Bennett's car? It looks like a hurricane hit it."


Yeah, Hurricane Katie had rolled in and casually destroyed the vehicle. She wondered what she could have done if she'd actually meant to demolish it. She could probably tear the bodywork off like it was tinfoil or puncture the tires by poking her little finger through them. She could almost see herself systematically dismantling the car and was shocked. Deep down, she almost wanted to do all the things.


"I don't know," Katie responded to Hailey's original question.

"Well, I'm glad I'm not around whoever did this."

Hailey turned and walked off to registration oblivious to the fact that it was her best friend that had caused the destruction. She would be appalled if she ever found out what she'd done; what she was.


It was at that moment, on a mild September morning, that Katie Thurman vowed never to use her powers again. It was a promise she would keep for a very long time …


Chapter 4


"You're watching Channel 12, 24 hour local news. I'm Diane Rawlins. We're crossing live now to Tim Caudwell in the Channel 12 news chopper, above highway 41. Tim?"


The quiet hum of the studio was replaced by the repetitive beat of the Channel 12 helicopter. An image of a highway littered with mangled vehicles appeared on the screen. "Thanks Diane. You're looking at one of the worst multi-vehicle pile-ups this city had ever seen. We don't know exactly what happened, but the accident has involved a fuel tanker, an articulated lorry and several cars."


"Do we have any idea of the number of casualties?"


"Not yet Diane. I think it's likely that there have been some fatalities, but from here I can see that many are still alive; trapped in their cars, trying desperately to escape. The cruel twist of fate is that the tanker was damaged in the crash and is haemorrhaging fuel onto the tarmac. This section of road could explode at any time."


"What about the emergency services Tim?"


"Well Diane, the fire department is on its way but the scale of the accident is so huge, I doubt they'll be able to rescue all these trapped motorists. At this stage, WonderGirl is their only hope …" As if on cue, a blur appeared in the middle of the picture and rapidly crystallized into the form of a young woman. WonderGirl had arrived.


The on-board cameraman instinctively adjusted his equipment to get a tight shot on WonderGirl. Caudwell felt the familiar stiffening in his crotch that he always experienced when he saw her. He couldn't believe that some people actually denied she was the most beautiful woman on the planet. She was wearing the same outfit she always did: black, knee high boots; a blue denim skirt that came down to her mid thigh; a pink t-shirt and a short denim jacket. Finishing off her outfit was that silver masquerade mask to protect her identity.


People had different view as to WonderGirl's best feature, but for Caudwell it was her breasts. He'd always loved the way that pink top was stretched to accommodate her impressive bust line, so much so that the bottom of her t-shirt was pulled upwards, revealing her navel and a thin sliver of her ripped abdomen. Although her breasts were large, they showed absolutely no sign of sagging – they pertly on her ribcage, jiggling ever so slightly as she moved. Caudwell often thought that most of the negative reaction to WonderGirl was from women who were jealous of the fact that they didn't have even one hundredth of her beauty.


"Erm, Tim. What's happening?"


Caudwell was snapped out of his erotic day-dream by the impatient anchorwoman. Just the sound of her voice made him lose his erection. "Diane, WonderGirl has arrived." Caudwell heard the slight grunt of disappointment from Diane but carried on regardless. "She's moving over to one of the cars. Oh my God! She just ripped one of the doors off and tossed it over her shoulder! The passenger's getting out and running but I think the driver is still trapped. OK, WonderGirl just hopped onto the hood of the car. She's ripping the roof off like it's tinfoil! Now she's bending over? What's she do … was that the steering wheel?! Diane, I think WonderGirl has just ripped out the steering column. It must have been pinning the driver because now she's able to lift the driver out with a single hand and carry him to safety!"


"Tim, are the driver and passenger OK?"


Caudwell saw through the blatant attempt to diver attention away from the beautiful Goddess down below. "We can't quite tell from here Diane, but they seem to be. They're both transfixed by the spectacle were witnessing here. WonderGirl has just picked up an SUV and is carrying the family inside to safety. This is truly the most amazing show of strength we've seen from the ubergirl to date!"




Katie stood in the bathroom waiting for the tub to fill up. She caught sight of herself in the mirror and turned to look directly at her reflection. It had been over two years since the meteor shower that had given here this body, but she still hadn't gotten used to it. She'd often see herself in the mirror and be surprised at how beautiful she was. That wasn't narcissism, it was an inescapable fact. Over the last two years her breasts hadn't sagged by even a millimetre, she hadn't put on a single pound and her skin hadn't acquired even a single blemish.

Katie stopped admiring herself and dipped one long leg into the water. It was hot; hot enough to scald a normal person yet Katie found it quite comfortable. Sometimes she thought the only pleasure she had left was a hot, relaxing bath, especially since Jack had dumped her. Katie fought back the tears over her failed relationship with her high school sweetheart. Instead, she lay down in the bath, submerging as much of herself under the bubbles as possible, letting the water gently caress her body. As Katie lay in the bath, she listened to her T.V. which she could hear as clearly as if it were in the same room rather than on the other side of her apartment.

"You're watching Channel 12, 24 hour local news. I'm Diane Rawlins. 3 people are dead this evening and several more are critically injured following a multi-car pileup on highway 41 when a gas tanker collided with an articulated truck. WonderGirl was there to help with the rescue, although it is now believed that many of the injuries were as a direct result of her assistance. This raises the question, should this have-a-go hero really be meddling in …" Katie tuned out the rest of the news report and, depressed, sank further into the bath. At times like this, she could help but recall the event that had put her life onto this track.

It was late in her senior year at high school. As captain of the rowing team, she had organized a night out to a local club to celebrate a successful season. It had been a good night; everyone had enjoyed themselves – some more than others. Maggie was the worst; despite her imposing stature, she turned out to be a complete lightweight. By the end of the evening she was very, very drunk and had somehow become separated from the group. As the only girl who was still sober (a result of her superhuman body), she alone realized Maggie was missing. Katie searched the club from top to bottom but to no avail. It was only when she went outside to call Maggie on her cell phone that she heard her distinctive ring tone coming from a nearby alley.

Katie went to investigate and, sure enough, found Maggie. The 6'2" redhead was backed up against the wall; some guy was pinning her there with one and groping her breasts with the other. All Maggie could do was cry.


Katie's blood boiled. Her mind was filled with images of the ways she could teach him a lesson he'd never forget, but she held back. She recalled the vow she had made to herself over six months ago. She hadn't used her powers at all in that time for fear of harming her family and friends. But now she was looking on as one of those friends was being assaulted. She had to act.


In the blink of an eye, she ran up behind the man, grabbed his collar and flung him across the alley. The man hit the wall hard and was knocked out cold by the subsequent six foot fall to the ground. Katie was about to continue her lesson but stopped – there was no point in beating up an unconscious man.


Katie graded a sponge and starting soaping her legs. She always shuddered when she thought about the events of that night. She had come so close to her whole life unravelling Fortunately, Maggie was too drunk to remember what had happened – but if she'd had seen Katie throwing the guy around like a rag doll it would have created a rumour that would have spread like wildfire, burning her relationships to ashes as it spread.


But ever since that night, Katie had been left with a burning desire to help people in need. But how to do that while still protecting those closest to her? The solution was so obvious she was embarrassed it took her so long to figure it out. She needed a secret identity. The outfit she had been wearing that night in the club became her costume – she simply added a silver masquerade mask bought from a costume shop to protect her identity and that was it. WonderGirl (the media's name, not hers) had been born.


Katie had initially found becoming WonderGirl tremendously liberating. As Katherine Thurman she was just a regular college student, but as WonderGirl she was a super-strong, super-fast, invulnerable ubergirl who could do almost anything she wanted. But now, being WonderGirl felt more like a millstone around her neck. No matter what she did, the media attacked her. When she stayed away from an accident, they asked why she hadn't been there to lend a hand. If she tried to help, they said she was an incompetent meddler.


But worst of all, being WonderGirl was starting to affect her life as Katie Thurman. She spent so much time helping others she was failing her classes, had lost her bar-tending job and had lost the love of her life. Katie fought back the tears once again.


Katie raised herself out of the bath, the water cascading off the front of her breasts like some divine waterfall. She stepped out of the bath, dried her hair and wrapped a towel around herself. She started to brush her hair but was interrupted by a knock at the door. She skipped across her apartment to answer it; she rarely seemed to get visitors these days. She'd been too busy saving the world to make many friends at university and relished the change to chat with someone outside a lecture or tutorial. She did wonder how the visitor had gotten past the front door of her apartment block without being buzzed in, but when she opened the door, all was revealed.



Chapter 5


"Oh my God! Becky! What are you doing here?" The statuesque blonde stood in the doorway with a broad smile on her face. She looked Katie up and down, quietly enjoying the view of her half naked body.


"Is this a bad time?"

"No, it's so good to see you." Katie took a step forward and hugged Becky. This time, she was so pleased to see her friend that she didn't notice their breasts were pushed up against each other.

"What are you doing here?"

"I thought I'd drop by and catch up with WonderGirl."

Katie's eyes widened in shock. She grabbed Becky's arm and yanked her inside. "How did you know?" she asked exasperated.


Becky sighed at Katie's naivety. "Well, firstly, you look exactly like WonderGirl. Secondly, I figured that apart form me, you were the only other person on the planet that could do those things."

"You mean … you've got superpowers too?"

"Uh huh."

"So it was the meteor shower!"


Katie's shock turned to joy. She had always known that the meteor impact had been responsible for her abilities, but Beck and she had parted on such bad terms, she had never phoned her friend up to see if she had them too. Katie had felt so isolated over the last two years but now Becky was here, she finally had someone to talk to about her powers. For the first time in years, Katie didn't feel alone.




The pair spent most of the evening catching up and eating takeaway pizza. Becky was about to move to New York to start a modelling contract. Katie wasn't particularly surprised. Becky made perfect model material: tall, thin, big but not huge breasts and stunningly beautiful.


As the evening progressed, the topic of the conversation inevitably turned towards men. "So are you seeing anyone special?" Becky asked between mouthfuls of pizza. Katie hung her head. She knew she would start crying if she talked about Jack, but since Becky had asked, it didn't seem like she had much of a choice.

"There was someone. His name was Jack. I've known him since high school. We went out for about a year but …" Katie was sobbing gently now but struggled on, "… he dumped me two weeks ago."

Becky almost choked on her pizza. "He dumped you!?"

"Yeah. He goes to college back home, so it was a long distance relationship anyway but I spend so much free time trying to help people … that just made it harder, you know?"


Becky finally swallowed her mouthful of pizza. "I still don't get it. He dumped you?!"


"Why?! I mean you're gorgeous, smart and you've got superpowers."

"Well, he doesn't know that."

"Why not?"

"Because I didn't tell him."

"Why not?"

Katie had asked herself the same question many times over the past year. She'd told herself it was to protect her secret identity, protect her friends and family and most importantly of all, protect him. Yet, right here and now, in the presence of Becky, those reasons seemed meaningless.


Becky could see Katie's distress. "All, I'm saying is if you'd have told him who you were he probably would have understood why you couldn't devote as much time to the relationship as you'd like. He might not have broken up with you. Maybe he'd have fallen in love with you even more."

"Do you really think so?"

"Yeah! You save people's lives! That's an amazing turn on. Plus, you could totally kick his arse." Beck leaned back into her chair and took anther enormous bite of pizza. "And trust me, for most guys, that's an even bigger turn on …"




The two supergirls chatted for another three hours. The tension that had existed between them at their last meeting had evaporated as if it never existed. They talked about everything they could think of but, eventually, the conversation turned to more mundane matters.


"So how did you get here?" asked Katie, inanely.

Becky started at this question. She leaned forward and fixed Katie with a gaze from her beautiful blue eyes. A smile crept across her face. "I didn't think you knew."

"Knew what?"

"I knew it!" Becky's smile grew as she stood up. "Does your building have roof access?"

"Erm, yeah. But the door's always locked."

Becky grabbed Katie's arm and pulled her up out of her chair. "Come on, I've got to show you something."




Katie looked over the city at the millions of twinkling lights. She had never realized how beautiful it was at night. But then again, she'd never been on the roof of her apartment building at 11pm. Becky had dragged her out of her living room, up six flights of stairs and ripped the roof access door off its hinges; all to show her something special. But even from this vantage point and with her supervision, she couldn't see anything.


The wind picked up and caused her hair to blow around wildly. Katie wrapped her arms around herself. It was just a reflex – although she didn't feel the cold anymore, she still associated a high wind with uncomfortable cold.


Katie stood with her back to Becky. She was actually pretty pissed off with her. She didn't appreciate being dragged out of her apartment late at night and now she was going to have to pay to get the roof door repaired. "What exactly am I supposed to be looking at?" asked Katie.


Katie turned 180 degrees and was blown away. There was Becky, all 6'1" of her, floating three feet off the ground.


Katie just stood there, transfixed by what she was witnessing. Becky slowly floated over to her until she was barely a foot away from the voluptuous brunette. The blonde girl gently touched down with a knowing smile on her face. Katie could only stand in silence, open mouthed.


"Katie, I know this is a lot to take in."

"You … you … can fly!"

"We can fly."


"Katie – everything that's special about us; our strength, out speed, even our good looks – they're all a direct result of that meteor impact. This is no different."

"What! No, this is different!"

"It's not. Just think of it as a power you haven't learned to use yet. I can show you how to use it."


Katie could barely believe what Becky was saying. She had just walked back into her life and seemingly done the impossible. Katie's instinct was to run; to get as far away from Becky as was humanly (or inhumanly) possible. She fought back the instinct thought, because, mixed in with her fear, the thought of discovering another superpower aroused her. She couldn't pass up this opportunity. Her look of fear turned to one of determination as she uttered a simple command.


"Teach me."


Chapter 6


Katie was a fast learner. In just thirty minutes she had learned how to do a variety of gravity defying feats, from hovering in mid-air and floating around the roof to performing a dizzying array of aerial spins and cartwheels. Becky was pretty surprised at her progress – she had taken weeks to learn how to do those things – but she put this down to Katie having a good teacher. After all, no one had taught her how to fly.


Katie was having the time of her life. She couldn't believe that just an hour ago she thought she had to walk everywhere she went. Right now she couldn't see herself wanting to walk anywhere again. Whenever she used her speed or strength, she felt an erotic surge of heat like there was fire in her veins. Flying was different. It filled her with contented and relaxing warmth.


After a while Katie got bored with simple tricks. She floated over to Becky, until there were a couple of feet between them, both horizontally and vertically. "I think I've got the hang of this. Let's move on to something else."

"I think you should take it slow. You don't want to run before you can walk."

"I can walk and run and hover. I want to try something else."

"Katie …"

"Oh come on! You said you were leaving tomorrow to start your modelling contract. I want to learn to fly properly before you go. Please."


Becky hesitated. It had taken her an entire month from learning she had the ability to fly to actually being able to do it reliably without flying into things or hitting the ground. But then again, Katie was learning so fast … Becky smiled a lopsided, almost sinister grin. Maybe an embarrassing failure would stop Katie from being so cocky. Becky levitated a few feet to bring herself level with Katie. "You really want a proper flying lesson?" Katie nodded eagerly. "Then let's go."


Becky rotated slowly in mid-air, adopted a more streamlined horizontal posture and gently accelerated away from Katie. The brunette adopted a similar pose and flew off alongside her companion. It wasn't until they'd cleared the apartment roof that it really hit Katie. She was flying! She was fucking flying! She was actually getting nervous. Up till now, she'd only been a few feet above the apartment's rooftop. Now she was looking straight down at the city streets, with nothing below her but concrete.


Becky recognized the look of concern of Katie's face. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah, it's just that … I've always been afraid of heights."

"Relax. Even a fall from this height would leave a mark on your body."


And what a body it was. Becky had had 'complicated' feelings for Katie from the moment they'd met, but these had only been compounded on the night of the meteor shower when the object of her desire had been transformed into the sexiest and most beautiful woman on the planet. Becky knew that she herself was beautiful; her tall stature long legs and fine features had allowed her to win a modelling contract within a week of joining the modelling agency; but Katie was something else. Her big breasts, her thin waist, her wide hips and full arse; Katie was how a woman was supposed to look and how every woman on the planet wanted to look. That was the real reason for the public's negative reaction towards her. Women were infuriated that their boyfriend's would rather wank over a picture of WonderGirl than have sex with them.


Becky had tried to ignore her feeling for Katie but it was no use. The real reason she had flown across the country was just to see her in the flesh again. Teaching Katie the full extent of her powers was nothing more than a convenient cover story.


Becky had intended to really put Katie through her paces in this, her maiden flight, but she couldn't be so cruel to the woman she loved. Instead, Becky just performed a few simple straight sections and banked turns before signalling to Katie to set down in a nearby forest clearing. Becky landed with the gently touching down and transferring easily into a walking gait. Katie on the other hand landed like a brick. She hit the ground hard, fell off balance and tumbled over several times before being stopped by a thick tree trunk.


"Nice landing," quipped Becky.

"Very funny." Katie stood up, dusted herself off and looked around the clearing. "Erm … Becky. Why are we in a forest?"

"I need to show you something."


"Let's just say that if you liked flying, you're going to love this!"


Katie was confused. She walked over to stand next to Becky, who was staring into the distance as if looking for something. Katie tried to trace her eye line but couldn't see anything other than trees and bushes. She turned back to look at Becky. "Becks, I don't see anyth …" Katie couldn't believe what she was seeing. Becky's eyes, normally a vibrant blue, were glowing green. "What the hell?!"


Becky just smiled. "Watch this." Suddenly two thin beams of energy shot out of Becky's eyes and hit a nearby tree. They burned through it almost instantly, emerging on the other side. Becky scanned the beams across, completely severing the trunk of the mighty oak. There was a creaking sound as the tree first swayed and then fell towards the two teenagers. Instinctively, Katie used her super-speed to scamper out of the way of the falling tree. Becky held her ground, raised both hands above her head and caught the trunk as if it were merely a small branch. Becky held the pose for a second or two. Katie was struck by the imagery of this; Becky was a mighty amazon who could take on nature and beat it hands down.


"That's what I call 'Beam Mode'. " Becky bent her legs and arms slightly and then uncoiled, heaving the tree trunk skyward. When it reached the apex of its trajectory (around sixty feet off the ground), Becky's eyes again glowed green. A split second later, a concentrated pulse of green light fired out. It struck the middle of the trunk, causing an impressive explosion that cleaved the trunk into several pieces which rained down onto the forest. "And that's what I call 'Pulse Mode'."


Katie was amazed by the destructive power that Becky had just demonstrated. But then again, tonight was turning out to be a night for revelations. "How do I do that?"

"Well, erm … just pick a tree."

"Got one."

"OK, to do Beam Mode, just concentrate really hard on a really tiny spot, no bigger than a …"

Becky was cut off by the two beams emerging from Katie's eyes. At first Becky thought that the other had missed, but Katie moved the beams in such a way as to methodically and very deliberately sever every one of the tree's branches.


"How was that?"

"Good. Now to do Pulse Mode, just widen your focus a bit."

Although Becky was ready for Katie's test, she wasn't prepared for the magnitude of it. Instead of just breaking the tree into a few pieces, it literally seemed to explode from the inside, showering the girls bark and leaving the stench of sap in the air.


Katie looked extremely pleased with herself. Becky however, was incredulous. "That was amazing!"


"No, I mean, that was really amazing!"

"The student becomes the teacher, eh?"


Becky had had enough. Katie was getting more and more big headed and now it was time to put her in her place. "Let's play a game," she suggested. Becky's eyes flashed green just before she unleashed a bolt of energy at Katie, knocking her to the ground and leaving a black patch on her t-shirt. "You're it!"




Katie ran through the forest in pursuit of her quarry. There was no way she was going to let Becky escape. But try as she might, she was losing ground – fast. Having to weave around trees, duck under branches and jump over bushes was slowing the progress of both girls but Becky was far more experienced with her powers and moved with an agility Katie simply couldn't match.


Katie unleashed a few energy pulses at Becky but they failed to reach her target, instead impacting on the intervening trees. Becky was almost out of sight now, so Katie tried a different tactic. She gave up avoiding the flora and ran directly at Becky. She ran straight through bramble, the thorns ripping her jeans but leaving her shapely legs unscathed. She ran head first into a low hanging branch, snapping the bow like it was made of balsa wood rather than oak. Her left shoulder clipped a tree, taking a football sized chunk out of it. Her right shoulder clipped another tree more heavily, causing the entire trunk to topple over. A one-hundred year old tree casually knocked over by the teenage ubergirl.


Katie couldn't care less since she was finally gaining on Becky. She reckoned she was only about ten seconds from catching up with the (quite literally) supermodel up ahead. But for some reason, Becky appeared to have stopped in a clearing up ahead. Katie reached her in less than a second and skidded to a halt at the edge of the clearing.


"What's wrong? Are you tired already?!" asked Katie.

"Not at all, I'm just giving you a chance to catch up."

"Well, your loss. Katie's eyes flashed green as she fired off another energy pulse, but for some reason, it hit a tree branch, blowing it into hundreds of pieces. Katie initially thought she had missed but then realised she had been bang on target. It was just that her target had moved; Becky had taken off skyward just before the pulse had hit her beautiful body.


Katie started to grin; she was so glad that she was able to hang out with her without the cloud of awkwardness between them. But there was something else. They were being more … playful than before. Katie found it a fascinating new dimension to their relationship. Katie took to the air. But she couldn't think about that now. She had a game to win.


When she reached an altitude of about fifty feet she stopped, hovered in mid-air and scanned the horizon for her target. Becky was already half a kilometre away. Katie set off in pursuit. Katie closed the distance between them rapidly. She was able to get close enough to take some pot-shots at Becky. She unleashed several bursts of energy at her; casting a green light over the countryside below. Normally she would have hated the thought of causing such a spectacle in case it gave away her secret identity, but now, she really didn't care. Besides, she was flying at 200 mph, over 100 feet above the ground, in the dead of night. It wasn't like anyone was going to identify her. Katie fired another three bolts of energy at her friend.




1000 feet ahead, Becky was doing her best to avoid the pulses her fellow supergirl was launching at her. Despite only learning the trick five minutes ago, Katie's aim was already excellent and improving fast. Becky banked left to avoid one pulse and turned hard to the right to avoid the second, but the third was dead on target, hitting her squarely in the back. For the first time in years, Becky felt a twinge of pain.


Becky needed to regain the advantage. She slammed on the brakes, coming to a complete stop in a fraction of a second. Katie couldn't react in time and flew straight past her. From there it was a simple matter for Becky to nail her with a blast of energy.


Now Becky set off once again, this time flying straight upwards. Perhaps some cloud cover would give her the advantage she needed.




Katie was caught completely off guard by Becky's manoeuvre. One second she had tagged the blonde only to be tagged straight back, as signalled by the warmth in her lower back where the energy bolt had hit her.


Katie once again scanned the horizon for Becky, but his time she couldn't see her. Thinking the blonde teenager had landed, Katie was about to start searching the landscape for her when a low rumble caught her attention. Katie looked up and saw Becky flying vertically upwards and heading for the clouds. Katie took a moment to appreciate that Becky had crossed the sound barrier before setting off in pursuit, causing a second sonic boom as she went.


Soon enough, Katie was once again flying horizontally, chasing Becky through a fog of storm clouds. They were so dense that even her super enhanced vision was failing her. Whenever she caught a glimpse of Becky, she would fire off a blast of energy; illuminating the cloud with green light and causing it to glow with an ethereal quality. But her shots were well wide of their mark and missed Becky entirely. However, Katie soon came up with another strategy.




Becky glanced around, trying to locate Katie. The brunette had stopped firing energy pulses a few seconds ago but Becky couldn't see her through the cloud cover. Was she still in pursuit? Had she given up?


To make matters worse, being in the cloud was really messing up Becky's super-hearing. Normally she could stand in the middle of a crowded mall and listen to every conversation going on around her as well as tell how far away the speakers were and in what direction. But in the cloud the air was heavy with droplets of water. Although Becky could hear the sound of Katie's turbulence as she flew through the air, she had no idea where she was.


Becky decided to just fly away from Katie's last known position as fast as she could. As she flew on, she could swear she could see a human figure congealing out of the mist. Becky realised what was happening, but too late. Katie's pulse of laser vision hit her hard in the midriff, causing her to double over in pain. She fell out of the sky towards the earth below. Becky managed to recover before hitting the ground, coming to a halt a few hundred feet in the air. Katie was already hovering beside her, looking concerned.

"Are you OK?"

"Yeah. You just took me by surprise, that's all."

"Are you hurt?"

"I'll be OK. Come on, lets get back to your place. You win."


Chapter 7


The flight back to Katie's apartment was largely uneventful. The clouds they had been flying through had finally unleashed its load of rain on them, soaking them to the core.


Both girls were lost in thought on the way back. Katie couldn't believe what had happened over the last hour. She had learned to fly and how to unleash powerful blasts of laser vision from her eyes. But more than that, she felt like she had really been put through her paces as a supergirl. Nothing over the last few years had really tested her; Becky had been her first real challenge. She had gone up against her friend and beaten her easily. Katie had never felt so powerful in her life.


Becky on the other hand was in turmoil. She couldn't figure out how Katie had become so powerful. Her friend was stronger, faster and more talented than she could ever hope to be. Maybe Katie had been closer to the meteor when it hit the ground over two years ago and absorbed more of its power. Maybe her physiology was just more receptive to its alien energy.


The pair landed on the roof of Katie's building and made their way downstairs to her apartment in silence. It was only once they were inside that they realised how wet they were.

"Oh my God! Were soaked!" exclaimed Katie.

"Yeah," replied Becky, still lost in thought.

"I mean look at me. My clothes are just sticking to me."


Becky couldn't help but look Katie up and down. Her hair was dripping wet, turned almost black in colour, and stuck to her neck and shoulders. Her jeans were clinging to her thighs and her powder blue t-shirt had turned slightly transparent with the water and hugged the curve of her breasts; Katie's pink areolas were clearly visible and her erect nipples tented the shirt, as if trying to cut through the flimsy fabric.


Becky was overcome with passion. Katie was the most beautiful woman on the planet and now she was unquestionably the most powerful one too. Becky approached Katie, took her face in her hands and kissed her deeply.


Katie was shocked. One of her best friends was kissing her. She stood like a statue for a few seconds, unsure of what to do. The more logical part of her brain told her to stop this at once as it was going to ruin her friendship with Becky. But another, more reckless part, told her to embrace the moment. Katie had always found using her powers an incredible turn on. She had used them more in the last hour than she had in the previous two years and was amazingly horny. The more reckless part won and she eagerly returned Becky's kiss.


Becky was overjoyed that Katie was actually returning her affection. Without breaking the kiss, she grabbed Katie's shirt and ripped it off her. Becky took as much of her boobs as she could in each hand and squeezed. They were amazing; soft yet firm, big yet pert. Becky had waited more than two years to have Katie in this way. Her boobs alone were worth the wait.


Becky eventually broke the kiss to take off her own shirt. Katie was a little shocked; she had never seen another woman's breasts in the flesh before. Becky's were a fine example of a pair of boobs, although Katie thought that hers were a lot nicer.


The pair stood opposite each other for a few seconds, drinking in the views of each others topless bodies. Katie moved first. She strode towards Becky and kissed her passionately, running her fingers through her straw blonde hair. It felt so good to release herself in this way. If she had done that to Jack she would have broken his neck or crushed his skull. Becky was the only person in the world who she could be this rough with.


Katie broke the kiss and grinned.

"What's wrong?" asked Becky. Suddenly Katie grabbed Becky's arm, spun around and flung her across the room. Becky hit the wall (cracking the plaster in the process) and bounced off, but she didn't hit the floor; instead she just floated there. "You'll pay for that." Becky darted across the room and knocked Katie to the floor. The two play wrestled for a bit but it was Becky who literally came out on top. She frantically undid Katie's sopping wet jeans and removed them along with her panties.


Becky spread Katie's legs and started to lick her pussy. Her crotch was cold on account of the recent downpour but Becky was determined to change that. Becky started slowly at first but got progressively quicker; soon her tongue was moving so fast it would have been a blur to any normal human observer.


Katie was squirming under Becky's ministration. She knew Becky was pleasuring her in a way no other person could. Sex with Jack seemed so tame by comparison. Even when he'd been 'rough' with her, she'd known that she was completely safe; there was no way he could have hurt her. Becky however had more strength in her tongue than Jack had in his entire body. The licking she was receiving from that super-powered tongue became too much and Katie came hard, her pussy showering Becky beautiful face with cum. At that moment, Katie knew she could never go back to Jack.


Katie sat up, intending to repay Becky, but the blonde pushed her back down. "You won our little game earlier. This is your reward." Becky wiped Katie's cum off her face with her index and middle fingers before licking it seductively off. Next, she slid these two fingers into Katie's sopping wet pussy. She worked them in and out; again starting off slowly but soon accelerating to inhuman speeds. Katie screwed her eyes shut, arched her back and moaned in pleasure. But Becky had one final flourish. Two thin beams of energy shot out of her eyes and struck Katie's clit. Katie screamed in pure ecstasy. Waves of unimaginable bliss emanated from her crotch and washed over her very being. She came continuously for about two minutes, leaving a wet patch the size of a car tyre on the living room carpet.




The two young supergirls fucked each other continuously for the next two hours. They were able to get into positions impossible for a normal couple. First, Becky sat on Katie's shoulders while Katie ate her out. Then, Becky did a handstand as they ate each other out. Becky held this position for over an hour without getting even slightly tired. But most impressively was when they fingered each other while floating in mid-air.


When they had finished they lay naked on the floor; not exhausted, just satisfied. Katie was the first to break the silence. "Becky?"


"How did you learn to do all these things? I mean, flying, firing laser beams from your eyes. How did you realise that was all possible?"

"Well … it's a long story."

"So tell me the short version."

"OK. A few weeks after I got back from summer camp, I got hit by a car."

"Oh my God!"

"Its OK. The car came off worse. Obviously. But from that day things just started falling into place." Katie looked quizzical so Becky tried to explain. "Well, like … I used to do gymnastics but after summer camp I realised I could train for hours without getting tired and I could do routines I could never do before. When I got run over, I realised why. I realised I had superpowers. From then on I just started experimenting – seeing what else I could do. The rest is history."


Katie finally understood; the reason that Becky had discovered all these amazing powers and she hadn't. Fear. It was fear that had stopped her telling all her loved ones about her gifts and it was fear that had stopped her from experimenting with her powers. As she lay on the floor, Katie made a new vow. Never again was she going to be afraid of herself or what she could do. She also vowed to tell her friends and family who she really was. And she knew exactly who she wanted to tell first.


Chapter 8


Jack woke up with a start; the sound of someone knocking at his door had invaded his sleep. He checked the bedside clock. 3:01! Who could be calling at this hour?! Jack got up quietly, trying not to wake his slumbering girlfriend, and went to answer the door.


"Katie!" He shouted in surprise. His ex-girlfriend was the last person he'd been expecting to see, especially at three o'clock in the morning and especially dressed so scantily. All she had on was a t-shirt, a tiny denim jacket, an even tinier denim skirt and a rather intimidating pair of black boots.


"Can I come in?"

"Yeah sure," he stuttered, ushering her inside. Jack had forgotten how beautiful Katie was. She looked great in any outfit (at least since her growth spurt just before their senior year), but she looked absolutely amazing in what she was currently wearing. Strangely, he was currently attracted to her thighs; it was probably the way her short skirt rested across them, drawing ones eyes towards them. Jack noticed how firm they were; they looked hard enough to crush granite. Little did Jack know that they actually could.


Jack's friends had told him he was crazy to dump such a fit bird like Katie, but Jack saw the situation differently. What was the use in going out with a gorgeous girl if you never saw her? Besides, Katie never seemed to make any effort to see him at weekends or during vacations – she'd always come up with some excuse to get out of it. It was this that had convinced him that Katie was sleeping with other men at college (and with a body like hers, she wouldn't find willing males in short supply), so he'd ended it with her. In retrospect it was the right thing to do. The girl sleeping in his bed right now was testament to that.


"Jack. I need to tell you something."


"It's really important. I wanted you to know first."

"Katie, we've known each other for ages. You can tell me anything."

"Well, this might freak you out a bit."

"I promise it won't."

"Fine. " She paused for effect. "I'm WonderGirl."


"I'm WonderGirl. You know; super-strong, super-fast, rescues people from accidents … like car crashes."


Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing. What Katie was saying was impossible but as soon as she'd said it, things started to make sense; why she'd never had any time for him, how she'd managed to become captain to the rowing team. He couldn't believe he'd never notice the physical similarities between Katie and WonderGirl. He finally noticed that Katie was wearing WonderGirl's outfit.


"FUCK! How did you get so strong? How long have been like this?"

"Since the last year of High School. It happened went away to summer camp. I sneaked out of my room one night to look at a meteor shower. It was so beautiful. But one if the meteors came down near where I was standing and it changed me. There must have been something in that meteor that gave me all these powers. " Katie decided not to tell Jack that Becky had also been there that night and had also been enhanced to superhuman levels. Just because she wanted to go public with her abilities didn't necessarily mean that Becky wanted to as well.


"What's going on out here?" Katie and Jack both turned to look at the girl who had just come out of the bedroom. It was Hailey. "Katie. Hi." Hailey was suddenly shy and tried to shield her half naked body from Katie's icy gaze.


Katie was speechless. Her whole life seemed to be crashing down around her. Her best friend was sleeping with her ex, only two weeks after they had broken up! Come to think of it, they could have been fucking each other for weeks, months even. Katie fumed at the thought.


"How long has this been going on?" demanded Katie.

Jack answered. "A couple of weeks, that's all."

"Were you seeing her while we were together?"

"No … I swear. We …"



Katie felt an unstoppable surge of anger rising up inside her and her eyes glowed an emerald green. She knew that one immense blast of her newly discovered laser vision could destroy the entire building, along with Hailey and Jack. But that would be too quick. At the last moment, Katie spun around and fired at the apartment wall instead. The luminescent green pulses ploughed through the wall, leaving a ten foot hole. They ripped through another three buildings on the block before finally running out of power.


Hailey freaked out and ran for the door. Katie caught her with a backhand slap, knocking her unconscious against the wall. Then she turned her attention to Jack. He stood motionless, petrified by the Goddess standing before him. With a few well aimed beams of energy, Katie removed all of Jack's clothes which fell to the floor in a crumpled heap. She grabbed him by the hair and bent him over so that his arse was facing her. Next, she leaned down to whisper in his ear. "Know this Jack. You can screw whoever you like, but you'll always belong to me." She stood up and used her laser vision again, slowly and methodically tattooing the word 'Katie' onto his left butt-cheek in charred flesh.


Hailey was woken up by Jack's screams. She was clearly terrified, but Katie had a final parting gift for both of them. She took them by the throat, one in each hand, and lifted them off the ground. "I want you two to remember one thing. I'm the most powerful creature on this planet and you've really pissed me off." Katie's calm voice made the threat even more chilling. She dropped the two betrayers and flew off into the night sky, out through the hole she had so casually blasted in the wall a few moments ago.




Becky was bored. Katie had left to 'pay someone a visit', but that was over fifteen minutes ago and Becky had nothing to do. She'd found boredom was an inescapable consequence of being super. Everything around her seemed so insignificant that she quickly got tired of it. Right now, she was laying naked on Katie's couch, reading a magazine article on WonderGirl she'd found on the coffee table.


The phone rang, but Becky ignored it and let the machine answer.

"Becky. It's Katie. Pick up." In less than one tenth of a second, Becky got up, sprinted across the living room and answered the call.

"Hey lover, what's up?"

"Meet me downtown in sixty seconds." There was a click on the line, signalling Katie had hung up. Becky was taken aback by her friend's brevity, but was nevertheless intrigued.


Sixty seconds was barely enough time for a normal person to get their pants on, let alone get across town; but for Becky, it was plenty of time. In five seconds she had gotten dressed, in another five she was on the roof and in a further ten she was hovering 500 feet above the city centre.


The difficult part was locating Katie. Becky was surprised how many women were on the streets at this time of night (though a moment later she realised why) and any one of them could be Katie. Fortunately, her lover made the search easier by looking skyward. Becky immediately picked Katie out of the crowd; there was no way she could mistake that beautiful face. Oddly, she was standing in the middle of a deserted street. Becky shot downwards towards her position, coming to a dead stop an inch above the road before gently touching down.


"What took you so long?" asked Katie playfully.

"Hey, I've still got twenty seconds to spare."

"If I hadn't looked up, you'd never had made it."

"Maybe. How did your meeting with your friend go?"

"Not well, and now I need to blow off steam. That's why I brought you here. I want to play a game."


Katie turned away from her friend and strode towards the sidewalk, swaying her sexy arse she went. She approached a parked car and lifted it above her head with incredible ease. The car creaked slightly, its chassis not designed for being handled in such a way by such a strong girl.

"Have you ever heard of clay pigeon shooting?" asked Katie.

"Yeah sure." A beaming smile spread across Becky's face. She knew exactly what Katie was planning. "Pull!"


Katie threw the car down the street at a 45 degree angle to the horizon. It followed a ballistic trajectory for a while before Becky unleashed a devastating blast of laser vision at it. The impact ignited the car's fuel tank, causing debris to rain down on the road below. A few seconds later the bulk of the car, now a flaming wreck, came crashing to the ground.


Katie jumped up and down like an excited schoolgirl. "My turn!" With this, Becky picked up a second car and waited for the signal. "Pull!" The vehicle arced through the air and at the top of its trajectory, Katie fired a colossal blast of energy at it. The resulting explosion obliterated the car and blew out all the windows within a two block radius. The car was reduced to tens of thousands of pieces, each no bigger than a fist and each red hot. Katie felt her crotch getting wet. She had never caused such a spectacle in public before and it felt great.




Tim Caudwell strode into the Channel 12 news studio. He hated being called into work in the middle of the night, but that was life as a journalist. Besides, the executive producer himself had called him in tonight, which meant this was important. When he reached the tenth floor, he was astounded; he had never seen the news room in such a state of activity. Something big was going down. He hurried into the EP's office.


"Caudwell. Good."

"What's going on boss?"

"Were getting reports of serious vandalism downtown."

That was it?! There was always vandalism going on downtown in the dead of night. But maybe this was something special. "Is there a riot or something?"

"Not exactly. It appears that a couple of girls are causing the damage. According to eyewitnesses, they've got powers similar to WonderGirl" Caudwell's ears pricked up. There were three of them.

This was possibly the best news of his life. "Caudwell; I need you in the chopper, covering this as it happens. I want a scoop on this. Don't let me down."


Caudwell had no intention of doing so.




The area around Katie and Becky looked more than a war-zone than a city street. It was littered with flaming wrecks of cars, all the windows of the surrounding buildings were shattered and there were huge craters in the tarmac. Clay pigeon shooting with cars had only held their attention for five minutes; after that they just started attacking stationary cars – either blowing them up with laser vision or just ripping them to pieces with their bare hands. But now they had calmed down a bit and were playing a game of catch with a station wagon.


"Wow. Look at this place," commented Katie.

"I know," replied Becky. "Do you think we're going to get into trouble?"

"I'm not sure what that means anymore."

"How so?" asked Becky, tossing the station wagon to her friend.

Katie caught it with consummate ease.

"Well, I mean, when you're a kid, being 'in trouble' means your parents are angry and you have to face the consequences. Sure people are going to be mad at us, but it's not like they can do anything about it." Katie tossed the car back to Becky. "Maybe that's what it really means to be a supergirl; never having to face the consequences of what you've done."




Caudwell's knuckles were white as he gripped the side of the helicopter's passenger seat. His initial excitement over the appearance of two brand new superwomen had been replaced by absolute terror.


The streets below him were ablaze. Two young girls were standing in the middle of it, apparently playing catch with an SUV. It was clear they either had no concept of what they'd done, or they simply didn't care. But most worrying of all, one of the girls, a voluptuous brunette, bore a striking resemblance to WonderGirl; she was even wearing the same outfit. If that girl was indeed WonderGirl, it meant there was no one on the planet capable of stopping these two young women. That was a chilling thought.




Katie and Becky had initially planned to ignore the news chopper; but now it was hovering above them, filming them, and they were getting pissed off. "That's it," said Becky. "I'm taking them out." Her eyes glowed green as she prepared to launch a blast of laser vision.


"No wait!" commanded Katie. "I want to take care of them myself."

Katie recognised the insignia on the side of the chopper. It was Channel 12. For the last year, Channel 12 had covered everything WonderGirl had done and usually criticized her for doing it. She'd had enough. She wanted to send a message to the producers at Channel 12, and the whole world for that matter, to get off her case. This was the perfect opportunity.


Katie took to the air and hovered a few feet in front of the chopper. She recognised the man in the passenger seat as Tim Caudwell; the look on his face was priceless. He'd never seen WonderGirl do this before! She thrust her shoulders back and her chest forward, stretching her famous pink t-shirt to the limit. Then she slowly edged towards the helicopter's blades. The crew of the chopper knew what she was planning and were frantic; but Katie didn't care. The four rotors slammed into her chest, slashing her shirt but leaving her wonderful breasts unscathed. The helicopter spun wildly out of control and fell to the ground, smashing against the tarmac. Katie looked down at the wreckage she had caused. The crew were all dead but, as she had hoped, the camera was still working.




"You're watching Channel 12, 24 hour local news. I'm Diane Rawlins. We're crossing live now to Tim Caudwell in the Channel 12 news chopper, high above downtown. Tim?" The picture changed but instead of showing an image of the city centre, it showed the face of a stunningly beautiful girl. "Who are you? Where's Tim?" she demanded.


"Tim's dead, Diane. To answer your first question, my name's Katie Thurman. I'm also WonderGirl, or at least I used to be. After a year of being constantly criticized whenever I try to help people, I've had enough. From now on, I'm going to do what I want, when I want and to whomever I want."


"You could say I've turned over a new leaf, and there isn't anyone in the world that can stop me."




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