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Constantine's Portal – Part 2

Written by Dru1076 :: [Wednesday, 19 October 2005 08:49] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 25 May 2014 12:24]

Constantine’s Portal – Part 2

by Dru

This was not the first time Constantine had been here. He had tried for a long time to find connection to a world without a human population. But each world he stumbled across seemed to be an alternative reality rather than a new universe, so in the end he gave up hope and started looking for the worst civilisation imaginable. The world he chose was dominated by ruthless warlords, and engulfed in global warfare. It had seemed the most logical choice at the time but now that he had been dragged along for the ride he wished he had chosen one of the many versions of paradise he had found.

The girl once known as Mary-Jane Johansson, on the other hand, could not be happier. From the hill on which the portal had opened upon, she regarded her new playground with absolute delight.

Oh Constantine! This is perfect!”

Below them sprawled a massive city. The last time Constantine had seen it the people had been on the verge of civil war. Now the streets were strewn with wrecked cars and everywhere he looked he saw evidence of violent conflict. Deep within the smoking chaos of damaged buildings he could hear constant gunfire, and every few moments there were ground-shaking explosions. Above the city there hovered hundreds of armoured weapon-platforms that were fighting each other for air-superiority. It was clear the fighting had been going on for some time, and he knew from previous visits that neither side had any real advantage over the other. As he took in the urban battlefield, Constantine suddenly found himself in terrible agony.

Look at your Goddess when she speaks, Mortal!”

Constantine’s head rebuilt itself and he looked up the mind-numbing vision of raw female sexuality that was his Goddess.

You think you had it bad?” she asked him. “You think I was such a tyrant it was worth getting rid of me?”

I wanted to be free.”

You have no idea how easy I was on all of you, Constantine.”

Looking away from him she turned her attention to the city.

Observe the power of your Goddess.”

She widened her stance, proudly stretched her whole spine and started to breath in deeply as she slowly raised and strained her arms. Constantine grabbed the ground as air rushed into her mouth with increasing force. The roar was deafened, and though his hair whipped violently at his face Constantine could not take his eyes from the transformation taking place before him. Mary-Jane’s entire body was changing. The subtle tone of her incredibly feminine physique gradually became an obscene overture of strength and power. Constantine was horrified to realise she was also getting taller as well as broader.

A loud crash turned his attention back to the city. All the flying tanks were caught up in the tremendous turbulence the growing goddess produced. Rather than fighting each other they were now fighting the wind that dragged them toward the hill overlooking the city. There was another loud explosion as a second tank ploughed into a building.

Mary-Jane stopped inhaling and the wind subsided. Looking down at herself she smiled. She looked at Constantine and, carefully gauging his reaction, she stretched and flexed her body making her freshly formed muscles dance for him.

What do you think?”

Constantine cried out and covered his ears as her words knocked him back to the ground.

What’s wrong?”

You’re voice! It’s too loud!”

I’d almost forgotten about that,” she whispered. The soundwaves of even her softest vocalisation rattled every fibre of Constantine’s being. “It’s been a long time since I summoned this much power. You have no idea how powerful I am when I look like this.”

As Mary-Jane hovered up off the ground, Constantine found himself thrown down the hill by the excessive force required to lift her enlarged physique. As the wounds from his tumble healed he watched the Goddess fly slowly out over the city. The buildings beneath her was destroyed as she passed over them, her violent wake sending debris flying in all directions. She came to a halt over the centre of the city, and waited for a reaction.

The swarm of hover-tanks broke off from their fighting as they became aware of the damage this new arrival to the battlefield was doing. Their advanced optical technology allowed commanders to get a good look at the near-naked young woman carving a wide canyon of desolation in the already battle-weary city. By the time she had stopped six tanks had her in their sights. They were given the order to fire, and did so.

The high-tech targeting systems did their job efficiently, and not a single projectile missed the target. The Goddess relaxed her feminine muscles and tried to feel as much of the effects as possible as explosion after thundering explosion engulfed her body. She shook her head in disappointment. Their weapons were far inferior to those now used on her home-world. The smoke cleared from the last explosion to reveal the Goddess massaging her abdomen with one hand and a breast with the other.

Is that all you have?” Her cool question causing whomped through the city shattering windows and shaking the hover-tanks around like leaves in the breeze.

A few orders were given, and the ground forces brought other weapons to bear on the bizarre target. The air was suddenly dense with anti-tank fire. The Goddess resisted the urge to laugh, knowing that doing so would end her game all too quickly. She allowed the duper-dense projectiles the chance to pierce her flesh, patiently waiting for them to run out of ammunition. At the rate they fired, it didn’t take long.

Many mouths had popped open when the target still remained. Mary-Jane could feel their fear. They were beginning to understand. Studying the area with her mind, she found that images of her were being sent to the leaders of both militarises, as she had hoped. Every tank and every soldier were equipped with small cameras. Picking one that had a good clear shot of her, she smiled at the lenses. There cries of shock and surprise as every other camera violently shorted out. An instant later Mary-Jane had altered the camera so that it beamed her smiling face to every screen on the planet capable of displaying an image.

As your world is clearly governed by the most the powerful military force, I would like to introduce your new leader. Me. From this day forth I shall be your Queen, and your Goddess. So bow down. Worship me, and follow my commands: for if you do not, I will lay waste to your planet, and none shall ever know that you race ever existed.”

Mary-Jane stretched out her left arm, and bent it so her open palm faced the sky. Her other hand pointed at her bicep as it swelled up.


Her sweet smile widened and she snap-flexed her bicep into it full glory, allowing the boggling forces she toyed with to play through the city.

Constantine could only see a small speck that was his Goddess. He knew exactly where she was because for the last few minutes the small speck had been the centre of a hundred or more massive fireballs. He was nearly so surprised as everyone else when the fires subsided and the speck had survived. But he was as terrified as everyone else when a massive shockwave suddenly burst from the speck and shot out in a perfect sphere in all directions. With horror Constantine watched as the sphere continued to grow. Everything the almost invisible wall of energy touched was reduced to base particles as it tore mercilessly though the city, undoing hundreds of years of engineering in an instant. Just as the wall of destruction loomed over the hill on which he stood, it mysteriously stopped. Unfortunately for Constantine, the wave of debris did not. He was buried beneath several million tones of stone and steel, no piece of which was larger than his finger, and did not see the sphere retreat back into the floating speck and vanish.

Happy with her casual demonstration, Mary-Jane relaxed. Letting out a long slow breath she reduced herself to her natural size and looked about for Constantine. She found him in several pieced three hundred feet under the wall of the crater that had just moments ago been an elaborate city. Pointing her lips she aimed a stream of air and carefully blasted the new hillside away until she exposed her deeply buried toy. Floating down she landed next to him and employed her mind to reassemble his ruined body.

His eyes fluttered open, and widened as his mind came to grips with the beauty of the relaxed woman before him.

I think that will get their attention. Don’t you?”

Why did you do that?”

They shot at me first.”

But they can’t hurt you …”

I don’t know why your upset with me. I mean, it’s not my fault, is it?”

There must have been millions of people in that city …”

Two million four-hundred-and-twelve-thousand-six-hundred-and-three to be exact. Most of them left years ago. And they’d all still be shooting at each-other if it weren’t for you. You must have known when you gave me the portal that this place was going to be mine. What did you expect? Dominating planets is what I do, Constantine. Bending intelligent life to my will is like studying the mechanics of universe is to you. You knew the suffering I would bring here. It was your choice to give this universe to me.”

Knowing she was right, Constantine changed the line of argument.

You claim that you long for death. What chance did you give those creatures to kill you?”

Laughing, Mary-Jane reached down and grasped Constantine in her crippling fingers and launched into the air so fast his neck and collarbones snapped. She waited for him to heal, holding him easily out at arms length nine thousand feet in the air.

See that?” she asked, pointing toward the horizon with her free hand. “That’s why I wiped out this city. How else do I get them to fight me?”

There was a massive cloud of silvery objects high above the clouds to the east. Though he had never seen one before, Constantine knew instantly that it was an armada.

And over there too,” she gladly informed him, spinning him around to see a similar silver cloud from the southwest. “If they had time to think they wouldn’t attack me. If they were calm, and smart, they would be sending diplomats. Representatives of peace. Men of intelligence and compromise. But their hurting, Constantine. They’re pissed and they’re right to be. I just wiped out a whole city, and now they want revenge. They’re not stopping to think. They’re ignoring the fact that I just showed them I can desolate their planet with a small flex of my arm. They’re concentrating on the fact that I deserve to be punished.”

Constantine was amazed by the two massive clouds of armed forces growing larger as they raced to the ruined city. He was wondering how such large armada’s could be so quickly on the move when his Goddess spoke again.

I’d like to keep you up here to watch all the fun, but I can’t let loose if I have you hanging off me.” Without further explanation, she opened her hand and Constantine found himself plummeting toward the crater far below. Floating above the crater Mary-Jane waited patiently to see which flying army would arrive first. She spotted a long-range missile just as Constantine crumpled into the top of the crater wall. The long streamlined rocket bore high into the air as it arced gently toward her. Studying the warhead Mary-Jane discovered her new home was armed with some strange new weapon she had not seen before. Accessing her deep subconscious she instantly grasped the idea behind the interesting configuration.

I wonder …” she mused, curious as to whether this atom-splitter would provide her with her long-desired death. The ever present smile on her face vanished as this was the first time she had been uncertain of anything in a very long while. Then it returned for the same reason. Behind the first missile she saw the whole south-western fleet open fire as they entered into range. Counting the hail she was not surprised to see several more of the large missiles like the one that was about to strike.

Constantine rolled over, his bones still knitting themselves back together, and looked up through the clouds to where he imagined his tormentor must be. He could hear the two approaching forces, and noted with a little fear that they had already fired their first salvos. His jaw dropped and a deep shiver ran down his spine as now the two armadas were near enough for him to get an idea of their numbers. Never in his whole life had he contemplated such a vast military force. Now he could see two of them and they were bearing down him with the full might of their firepower on display. As he rose to his feet his eyes caught a glimpse of a rocket through the clouds. It was right above him when it released the horror of its payload.

Mary-Jane watched in fascination as the device within the warhead was activated. As she had calculated, there was a violently bright flash of light, the radiation from which washed instantly over the floating woman. Mary moaned in pleasure as the incredible heat washed over her body, reminding her of swimming through a star. Then she was hit by a tremendous shockwave and engulfed in an inferno as the air around her ignited in flame. Powerful as the explosion was, Mary had seen greater weapons before. The blast failed to move her a single inch, her relaxed body produced enough casual energy to hold her in place as she allowed the violent forces of the strange weapon played over her sensitive flesh.

She barely had enough to whisper to herself “That was good …” when there was another blast of equal magnitude. Mary-Jane withdrew all her awareness deep into her body, allowing her hands to wander freely as she experienced every impact, every explosion and every joyful tickle the two battle-fleets could bring to bear on her.

For the next three hours Mary kept her eyes clothed and wafted through a series of cautiously contained orgasms as the full military might of a race that had had many thousands of years to develop their formidable weapons. When she finally opened her eyes the two fleets had formed fronts on either side of their invincible enemy, and squadron after squadron of small fighter craft poured out from the larger floating fortresses.

Impressive,” she observed, surprised by the determination of these fools to hurt her. Allowing the fast machines to fly circles around her, blasting uselessly away at her with their energy weapons, Mary-Jane searched the eastern front for their most senior officer. She giggled when she found him. He was just sitting their with his mouth open, a small thread of saliva stretching toward his uniform. None of his fellow officers to mind his state of stunned incomprehension. They were clearly just as shaken by the events they were witnessing, and none of them seemed to have anything to say to the desperate pleas that chocked their communications. Pleas the likes of “Request to disengage!” and “General?! General Ehrat? Respond please …”

The first twenty or so fatalities were in the form of friendly-fire incidents or careless pilot error before the Goddess decided she could not allow them to go unpunished for their ignorance any longer. With speed that made the many energy blasts seem stagnant, Mary-Jane shot forward toward the eastern fleet and more specifically its commander’s flying fortress. She careful to plan her course so that she passed through as many thick-hulled battle machines as possible, dragging her arms loose behind her and stretching her chin forward she used her face to break the surface of plate after plate of carefully forged armour, her speed and incomprehensible body-mass reduced every ship she hit into a ball of billowing flameless debris. She stopped inches away from the ship the drooling general was slumped in, and reached out to run a hand over the silvery finish of the polished armour. Pressing the fingers of one hand easily into the dense material she tore a chunk free and placed it in her mouth. Squishing it around with her tongue she found the strange metal had a flavour she’d not experienced before. She moved forward, slowly pressing her whole body into the thick armour until the weaker metal succumbed to her superior flesh and parted with a most rewarding shriek and groan of protest.

Mary-Jane entered the fortress right where the most soldiers could be found. They watched and heard the outer-wall … which they knew was over three feet thick … bend steadily until it burst to

reveal the most radiantly sexual young woman any man on their world had ever seen. She gave then little time to bask in the glory of her heart-rending beauty before she floated to her first victim and backhanded him into oblivion. The shrapnel he became killed another five men, and every soldier with a gun suddenly had it in his hand.

Put down your guns, and You will be free to worship me,” she told them, her incredibly seductive voice filled with temptation.

Die, Bitch!”

The man who spoke blasted away with renewed vigour, his actions giving those who saw him more determination in their attacks as well.

Shrugging shoulders, satisfied that she had given than every opportunity to live, she lazily puckered her lips and the soldiers were thrown against the wall by her warm breath. They hit with just enough force to shatter every bone in their bodies without breaking their skin.

A door opened and more men flooded in. Mary ignored them as they opened fire on her, and strutted confidently through the hail of bullets toward the far wall. The internal structure offered much less resistance than the armour plate, and she passed though it without showing any signs that it was there at all. The same thing happened over and over again until she stepped calmly into the general’s presence.

Whose army is this?”

One of the officers rose quickly to his feet.

This is the Army of the Republic, Commanded by General Ashwald Ehrat …”

Mary-Jane smiled warmly, slowly approaching the man who spoke.


Looking at the next closest man she calmly reached up and flicked the speaker behind the ear. The back of head exploded and the dead man slumped to the floor.

Whose army is this?”

Shocked into action by the death before him, General Ehrat rose to his feet with his sidearm in hand. “This army is mine.”

Mary smiled evilly, allowing the utter contempt she felt for him dance on her face. “Wrong,” Her hand moved and another man fell dead. Ehrat fired. A sharp rapport from his pistol released a bullet that sprang off her chest to shatter a nearby monitor. He fired again and again, watching each bullet bounce of her naked flesh as though she were a steel pillar.

She asked again, “Whose army is this?”

I have told you. Now you will tell me who you are.”

Showing no sign she had even heard his demand, or that she found her game boring, she killed another man, moving in beside him so quickly he was already falling over when her finger destroyed the back of his skull.

Wrong again. This army was yours. But now that you are going to obey every word I say, and fawn over me like the helpless puppy you are, the army that was yours is now mine.”

Who are you?”Ehrat demanded, stunned by her arrogance.

I am your Goddess, General Ehrat. Now come here.”

A stream of guards suddenly poured into the room, to the obvious relief of the general. They surrounded her and he gave the order to kill. But they didn’t fire. Instead they dropped to their knees and moaned as Mary crushed their minds. They started chanting softly at her whim, and she looked over their bobbing heads to watch the general.

Will you obey me, General? I am far more powerful than you. Far more powerful than your army. Far more powerful than your whole fucking race, no matter which way you measure me up. Will you love me, Ashwald?”

He answered very slowly with deliberate calm. “I will not.”

Oh yes you will,” Mary happily informed him. “You will adore me.”

The general stood straighter and waited for her next move. He was about to insult her for her underestimation of his honour when one of her eyebrows raised and he felt something weigh upon

his mind. He shook his head, blinking several times before looking back at his Goddess, his eyes brimming with tears of joy.

Oh Great and Powerful One! What a joy it is that you have chosen my army to be yours! May I touch you … please?”

Of course you must touch me, General. You can’t live if you don’t touch me, can you?”

He fell over his men and crashed into her, his face bruising instantly on her steely flesh. The change was so complete that Mary cursed herself for over doing it. She allowed him to slobber all over her stomach and thighs, and gave her toy his first command.

You will deploy my entire infantry force to the surface. I’m horny and it’s been centuries since I really felt this alive.” She gently stroked his face. “Understand? Your goddess wants to fuck her men. And you will order them to the surface so that I can do it without destroying more of the armada.”

I will deploy every unit, my Goddess.”

Good. Now get off me, you disgusting worm, before you make me sick.”

Horrified to displease her, Ehrat fell back.

Get to it, needle-dick. Oh, and make sure my airborne thingy’s keep attacking me. They are so cute.”

Launching herself through the ceiling, Mary-Jane blasted through thirty-two decks and erupted from the elaborate floating fortress into the open air. She was instantly the target of an intense barrage that traced her slow course over the armada. She counted the ships of her new fleet, her first acquired property in this new dimension, and was pleased. If she got the most out of them, and moved slow, the party she was planning might last a week. Arcing high over the fleet she poured on a little speed and headed toward the other, equally large armada.

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