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Stealing From a Thief – Part 1

Written by Dru1076 :: [Tuesday, 14 June 2005 14:43] Last updated by :: [Friday, 06 June 2014 18:19]

Stealing From a Thief – Part 1

By Dru

Recognised as one of the most brilliant men in the world, multi-millionaire Evan Malcolm was a true genius. But no one would have given the open respect he received in public if they had known how he made his money. As a young man Evan had been very fit and active, and during a long hike into the bush near his Wollongong home he discovered his first archaeological treasure. In the creek bed he had laboriously followed he saw stones that looked like squashed bricks. They were nearly flat, the largest about a foot long, and on both sides there were a mysterious grooves running up the centre. Taking several home, Evan Malcolm worked out that these funny rocks were very valuable indeed. For what he had were sharpening stones.

Taking one to Sydney, and carefully seeking a buyer, he managed to sell the artefact for seven thousand dollars. Being more careful, and seeking an auction house with his seven grand, Evan made his first two-hundred grand.

Now hooked on the idea of treasure hunting, Evan found an archaeologist to be his partner and set off on a trip to South America. Evan used the other guys knowledge, and the other guy used Evan’s limited funds.

Nearly broke, the pair caught a story about a cave that was so feared by the locals because of a legend hundreds of years old. It was said to be haunted, by some to be the mouth of hell. Braving this superstitious warning, the pair entered the cave haggard, and came out millionaires. The cave, they believed, had been the home of thieves. Just like Ali Baba’s cave.

The story never made the papers, because that would have led to all sorts of legal trouble, and maybe loose him the lot. So he instead made a deal with his friend. They agreed to get all the magnificent treasure back Australia by boat.

As the years passed, the fortune grew. Evan’s true genius became evident as he started legal treasure hunting, and took on a public profile. He got the brilliant idea of just filming his adventures into ancient cities, instead of stealing everything of value. He held the camera, and his mate the archaeology dude did the talking.

But all that time, through a hundred documentaries, Evan still had his gold-fever. And whenever the pair had time off, they would take to the mountains chasing one fairy-tale after another.

And that’s how they found the mysterious little temple at Angkor. In the dense jungle, right where the satellite image said it was, they discovered something that would change Evan Malcolm forever. They found a hall of books and scrolls, and a small room of treasures. The whole lot went back to Evan’s mansion for a looking over. The first translations came in months later, and when Malcolm read the script, his jaw dropped. He had found the key to accessing the raw energy of the universe. Evan realised the potential of this, and as soon as he read that first hint of what lay in the books he had found, he fired all his translators and hired tutor to teach him how to read this strange archaic language.

Dropping out of general society, Evan sat back in his mansion and studiously translated scroll after scroll, tome after tome of ancient knowledge. His wife left him, and then he was left only with his butler and the maid.

Sarah Randall didn’t like working for the crabby Mr. Malcolm at first. He was eccentric, and quite hard to get along with. But when she had read a little of what he working on she started to enjoy things a lot more. Sarah wasn’t a stupid person, and could understand the papers almost as well as her boss. He needed to translate them all before he could use this knowledge, otherwise he might destroy himself. So Sarah worked hard during the day while Mr. Malcolm was in his study or down in the basement foundry. But whenever she got the chance, which was usually during dinner while he ate her magnificent cooking, the scheming cleaner read the latest information on Evan’s fascinating project.

Finally, after seven years of the secluded lifestyle, Evan Malcolm finished the last scroll and cried as he realised why the men of Angkor had hidden this powerful knowledge away in the depth of the jungle temple. He picked up the phone and hit the speed-dial to his pilot.

“Yea?” Henry Wellington, the millionaire’s pilot, answered on the other end.

“Henry. Get over here and pick me up, I gotta go to a really good bar.”

“I’ll be cleared for take off before she’s fuelled up, Mister Malcolm.” Click-uk

It was perfect. Having darted off in his Bell 430, Evan Malcolm had left Sarah with all the free access to his research that she needed. As she read his latest piece of translation, she was overjoyed to see the reason for his sudden departure. He had completed the last piece of the puzzle, but unfortunately there was a warning at the bottom of the scroll saying that only a female could gain access to the “Power of the Stars” in the way described in these scrolls. It reminded the reader of the second temple at Ankgor, one long ago ransacked and destroyed, containing the male scrolls and requirements.

“Damn shame, Mr. Malcolm,” Sarah gloated, taking the box of translations and grabbing the basement key she headed straight for room where Evan had built the machine that he had hoped would make him the supreme being on Earth.

Looking a the slab Evan had built, and the pyramid frame that surrounded it, Sarah felt a little excitement at the prospect of what she was planning. If this worked as the scrolls described, then Sarah would be unstoppable. Touching the strange metal and feeling the static the unusual substance gathered lift her hairs, she lay down on the slab and closed her eyes.

Whispering the words, Sarah began the incantation that would connect her with the machine, concentrating as the scrolls instructed. She felt the metal warm up underneath her, and there was a flash of brilliant light on the side of her eyelids. Sarah was connected with the stream of energy that flowed through the universe. She followed the stream back to its source, and there Sarah found what the scrolls had described as the Great Core. It didn’t exist in our dimension, but from it Sarah’s universe was born, and she could see the countless streams that led to other universes. Awed by this, looking at the framework of the universe, Sarah tapped into that ultimate energy source made a direct link with it, bypassing her link with the milky-way, and making a new branch. The scrolls had warned never to do this, as many had died trying, but Sarah was unafraid, she knew what she wanted.

Now having enough energy to power a universe at her fingertips, Sarah drew a little into her body. She felt a funny sort of electric shock, and then a jolt as her body started to grow, filling out to accommodate the raw energy her muscles grew to immense size. Not wanting to look like a body-builder, Sarah stopped drawing in power and concentrated on condensing what she had. In this exercise she learned a lot about manipulating this powerful energy.

“Give me a bit more …”

She grew again as power filled her body, then her bulging muscles shrank at her command to a more acceptable size. Using the power to fine tune her body, giving herself senses as powerful as her body was strong, Sarah progressed to a greater plane of awareness and knew that she had just nibbled at the boggling potential. Opening her eyes, she jumped down and instantly felt the difference. Her density was now greater than that of hard granite, and the floor cracked under her huge mass. Looking at her body, Sarah was amazed at how she looked. She’d always been overweight, but now she had the body of a fitness model. Each movement was testimony to how much better her new body was, she felt so light on her feet. Walking toward the door, she reached out to open it and broke the handle off.

“Looks like Evan was right about everything,” she observed. Pushing her finger into the door handle mechanism she twisted it and opened the door. Walking up the stairs, Sarah discovered her first error. As she put a little of her immense weight on the first step, the three-inch hardwood snapped and Sarah tripped forward to crash through the wood and sprawl on the broken stone floor.

“I’m gonna have to do some more tuning.”

Sarah went back into the foundry where the pyramid covered slab lay waiting. Climbing back onto the slab, the powerful girl lay back down and re-establish contact with the energy stream. Tracing it back she sought knowledge, and found there were were many who travelled the framework who could answer her questions. A flood of information came over her, and in the blink of an eye she understood the many complications caused by the changes in her body. So Sarah applied this knowledge and reduced her weight to a more level, while at the same time maintaining the density and strength of her body.

As the happy young woman was about to continue, she heard a helicopter in the distance. Her boss was coming back! For just a second she felt an instinctive fear, terrified of what the horrible old man could do. Then she laughed, and let the power of a million suns flow through her body and back into the stream. “Oh my,” she moaned, recovering from the biggest rush she had felt Sarah found her feet and came back to reality.

Moving so fast that the butler, good old Max, wasn’t blown of his feet until she had disappeared around the corner. Stopping in front of her bedroom door she went in and got dressed. Her expanding body had destroyed her clothes, and now she got into a little black outfit that she hadn’t worn for years.

The chopper landed outside, and several men came running into the house. Even over the noise of the helicopter Sarah could clearly make out their words as they walked toward to the house.

“Let’s not talk about that,” someone was saying. “We have to see his stuff.”

“If you want unusual metals, this is really something else.”

Sarah waited, listening to Evan curse as he discovered the broken stairs. She waited while the group clumsily made their way don into the basement.

“This better be worth all the fucking trouble.”

“I don’t know what the hell happened here. Someone might’ve stolen it.”

Sarah wandered down when she was sure everyone was inside the lab, listened to them discuss the sale of her slab. As far as Sarah was concerned, this slab was hers and hers alone. Hoping down from the top step, Sarah landed gracefully in the doorway, gaining everyone’s attention.

Evan was holding a piece of her maid uniform, and was clearly pissed off. That pleased Sarah, who was really looking forward to her first performance as a super-human. Evan Malcolm was not a safe man.

“What the fuck have you been doing? Did you use this?”

“Hello everyone,” Sarah greeted them, “I’m Sarah and you’re not going to believe this …” She walked in, her arms outstretched wide as she passed through the narrow doorway. Tearing great chunks of ten inch sandstone wall without faltering, she grabbed one of the buyers by the shirt and hoisted him into the air. Taking the back of another she took her first victims out of the room and jumped back up to the top of the stairs.

“Wait here a second,” she ordered, before leaping to the bottom again. Sarah had to trap her little hoard of prisoners. Grabbing the stairs, she assessed the strength of the iron construction, and found it weak as play-doe. Pushing outward she destroyed the whole staircase in one movement.

“Don’t go anywhere fellas.”

Back at the top of the stairs she found the other two had already gone. She ran after them, and jumped over their heads to land in front of them and slam them into he ground.

“Where were you guys going? Aren’t you going to stay and find out how strong I am?”

Not wanting to chase them all over the place, Sarah took one and lifted him easily by the leg with her single hand.

“If you’re going to run, I’ve got to stop you somehow,” she explained to her victim, crushing her hand around his leg until he screamed she felt the bone shatter. Dropping the crippled man, Sarah took the next one and hoisted by the chin so easily his bladder control failed. Her grip on his chin was inescapable, and the casual angle of her arm made it clear how light she found him.

“You know,” she told him conversationally, “I feel even better than I thought I would.” Her free hand wandered his body, tearing its way through his expensive clothes. “You feel all soft and goey,” she continued, rotating her thumb on his jawbone and grinding the bone.

He lashed out with his feet, grasping her her arm with both his hands and trying to hoist himself up. His kicks were hurting his feet more than Sarah. Letting him go, she let him attack just to see if he could hurt her. Sarah was simply stunned at how ineffective his blows were against her invulnerable body, his every punch and kick connecting forcefully with her steely flesh.

“Nothing personal, I’ve just got to know.” Sarah curiously punch the aggressive business man in the chest, she heard his body break from her blow, and watched as he sailed across the basement to slam into the far wall so hard blood started oozing from opening in his body before he slid to the floor dead.

“Please!” the man with the broken leg begged her, “I don’t even know you …”

The helpless man found himself dangling once more from her outstretched hand. “I need to see how powerful I am, and you can help me.”

Gripping him by the shoulder, Sarah grasped his arm with her other hand and gently started to pull on it, gradually increasing the tension. With sickening ease the joint gave way and the muscles tore from his shoulder with a horrible, yet most interesting noise. The man howled in pain, but Sarah was not finished. Flipping him upside down she took his good leg, and carefully removed his foot.

“I can’t believe how fragile you are!” letting him and go and pushing him up against the wall, Sarah leaned forward and gave him a kiss. Her lips found his and her tongue parted them, then broke his healthy white teeth to pieces as rudely inspected the inside of his mouth like a steel ball.

“Peezz, hon’n who nuh’n mo … more …” he tried to say.

“Oh shut up, you pathetic thing!” putting her hand on his face, Sarah was amazed how effortlessly she squashed his head against the wall. “Hercules eat my sweat!” she called, heading back toward the basement and jumping down to the trapped men.

While she had been gone, Evan Malcolm had been busy. The expensive furnace he had installed all those years ago to make the slab was now destroying it.

“NO!!” she cried, “You can’t”

“I have!” Evan told her bitterly. “You contact with the Source is broken.” The confident millionaire turned to his surviving companions. “You can shoot her now, she’s quite powerless without my slab.” Looking back at naked Sarah, he had to smile. “I hope you enjoyed your little trip down powerful lane, but this is where the story ends.”

The two men with Evan had their guns out and shot Sarah several times right in the chest …

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