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Stealing From a Thief – Part 3

Written by Dru1076 :: [Tuesday, 14 June 2005 14:51] Last updated by :: [Friday, 06 June 2014 18:33]

Stealing From a Thief – Part 3

By Dru

The sun had just dropped below the mountains when Sarah emerged from the secluded building she had called home for the last eight long years. The first thing she wanted to do was find a new place to call home. Briefly considering the Polar Regions she ruled them out, and decided to find a tropical island to call her own. It would be the perfect way to test her herself out.

Lifting from the lush lawn, she rose slowly up past the treetops to brush her toes on the highest leaves before slowly accelerating up into the darkening sky. The white dress that she wore was holding up well to the buffeting, but slowed her down a great deal. Flying leisurely along, her arms spread out wide, Sarah followed the sun.

“Why not two homes?” she asked herself, liking the idea of always having a place in the sun. So Sarah flew over her homeland and soon caught up with the sun, watching the landscape change far below her from the green of the coast until she zoomed along over the sands of dry desert. She saw different kinds of deserts, until she crossed the coast of Western Australia about and hour later. Mapping her path as she went, so she could find her way back to Evan, Sarah began to form a mental picture of the world. Noting things like towns, rivers and lakes, the red desert from the rocky desert. These landmarks were perfect to help her navigate.

She kept going out over the ocean, using her powerful eyesight to pierce the rolling swell and map the ocean floor far beneath. Cruising far above the clouds she could see patches of rain and thunderstorms below her. Finding an island that looked suitable, Sarah touched down on a little island about seventy miles off the coast of Africa. The island was not very big, and she could see that somebody had built a beautiful house there that ideal for her. Standing on at the bottom of the front steps, Sarah fixed her dress, which had held up but had been blown about all over the place, then walked up to the door. Tapping a knuckle very lightly on the door she nearly splintered the thick oak with her overwhelming strength. She knocked a little more carefully a few more times.

“Hello! Anybody home?” she called out, listening for footsteps. She heard more than she had expected. It seemed a lot of people lived in this large house.

As the door opened, Sarah was confronted by a group of well-armed men. About twelve of them, all bearing guns at her, crouched menacingly in the room inside. They were hiding, though they couldn’t hide from her no matter how dark and cluttered a room.

“What the hell are doing?” she asked curiously, walking into the room and looking around at the unusually well armed group.

“Holy shit, man,” one of them gulped, his eyes drinking in the flawlessly full curves of her super-powerful body.

“I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman …”

“Thank you,” Sarah replied, fully aware of the foul scent they were putting into the air, she heard one of them grunt. He stepped forward and tried to drag her by the arm, the others gaping as he failed to move her into the house.

“Why don’t you wait on there big boy,” Sarah suggested, pulling her arm back and jerking it free of him. He was strong, and trying to hold on he ended up catapulted across the room to kill one of his mates and break his spine.

They were still reluctant to shoot such a gorgeous woman, their fingers hesitant on the triggers.

“I need this place. It’s so perfect, except for you. You guys have got to go.”

“Who the hell do you think you are!”

The man who questioned her died as she tested her flash-vision on human flesh for the first time. She watched him melt as the focused light from her eyes traversed his body from head to toe. When she turned off the beams in her eyes all that remained of hi was a pile of ash and an outline of him on wall. A man the size a front-line offensive player charged at her. She head butted him as came into range, and he slammed dead and broken into the floor.

Now the gunmen didn’t hesitate to open fire at their implausible attacker. The bullets streamed in, hitting her and bouncing off again. Each one took with it a little of her dress, so Sarah used her super-speed to block them with her hands until the helpless gunmen ran out of ammo.

“Look at my dress! It’s ruined!” The men bolted deep into the house, looking for more ammo. “Go on, you pussies! Run away! But there’s nowhere to hide from me.”

Jumping into the air, Sarah flew through the roof up the next level.

“Oops,” she thought, hovering over a big hole in her floor. “I better not do that anymore. I’m going to ruin my own house!”

Hover four inches off the floor, Sarah cleaned her house of its former occupants. Checking each room and dumping anyone she saw out the window, she went right through the house until she found the man had up until a few minutes ago had owned the place.

He was dressed differently, and had a fancier gun than anyone else. He also had no idea how useless it was to try using it, though he soon found out as round after round from his nickel plated colt “You’re quite the handsome fella, ain’t you?” she asked, standing before the rich stranger with a hand through a hole in her dress fondling her breast. “And I haven’t had an orgasm in years.” Lifting him under the chin with just a finger, Sarah floated into a bedroom. He grabbed at her arm and wriggled, but she held him with a relaxed arm and roughly ripped his leather outfit form his body.

“Bit on the chubby side, aren’t you fat-boy?” she asked, squeezing a handful of his gut to make him cry in pain. “How about you do me a little favour, Feeb.”

She dumped him on the bed and hopped on beside him, laying back and spreading her long, shapely legs with inhuman flexibility. Grabbing a handful of hair, she dragged his whole weight and put his face in her crotch. He got the idea, massaging her thoroughly with his tongue. Enjoying his administrations, Sarah let a hand wander up and down her electrified body and relaxed her painful hold on his hair, finally letting him go when he seemed to really get into it.

“Your pretty good at this,” she told him as his tongue flicked over her most sensitive areas. But as soon as her slave discovered his freedom, he moved to escape the deadly beauty. Sarah’s movement was much faster than he could have perceived possible, her hand halting him so suddenly that he fell back onto her solid body. “I haven’t finished with you yet, get back to your job.” She squeezed his arm in her grip gradually harder until he obeyed and put his mouth on her genitals again.

Sarah massaged her body as he brought her a series of orgasms over the next hour. Sex with her enhanced senses was a hell of a lot better than anything she had experienced before. After her twelfth orgasm, she pushed him off the bed and floated into the empty air to fix her tattered clothes a little.

“Since this was your place, I guess you can stay here. But I own this island now. It’s mine and I don’t care if you’re unhappy with the situation. You’ve no way to change it.” She licked her lips and touched herself sensuously. “I guess I better deal with all your violent friends.”

Jim had lived in Europe for most his life, but thanks to the heartless nature of his character he had proven him to all the wrong people, and was now one of the most feared men in the industry. Deals that went wrong with Jim always seemed to increase Jim’s profits, one of his favourite moves when his funds were low was to perform the classic, ‘I’ll take the money AND the drugs, fuck you very much …” and did the rest of his talking with an Uzi. Though lately shotguns seemed to the go.

After watching this bizarre woman, who could have been no older than twenty-five by his guess, bounce the full clips of eleven guns he was the first to run. What had that crazy chick done to Frank with her eyes? It was fatal, and Jim wasn’t going to die on this stinking island. No way, he was a


Being lifted up by the glamorous brunette and dumped out the window like a bothersome rat made him wonder if he would survive. But the fall from the first floor window left lighter bruises than the ones forming on his arm where she had gripped him.

“What the hell are we going to do, Jim?” one of the guards, a Portuguese thug demanded.

“We get the hell out of this place. I don’t know who’s behind this, or what this is about, but I do know where the fucking boats are.” And that’s just where he was heading, just as fast as his legs could carry him.

“Boats, huh?” Sarah asked quietly, standing in the open window and looking out over the chaos of panicking men far below. “Let’s have a look at your boats.” Raising her head to look for a dockyard she found her vision blocked by dense jungle and hills, so having no choice she flew out the window and went up over the landscape to find these boats she had heard about. The boats turned out to anchored in a sheltered bay nearby. A small freighter, and what must be her oral slaves yacht, gently bobbed on the swell. Looking down to find Jim running through the jungle with his best men in tow, she smiled and accelerated down to dive cleanly into bay.

Jim lead those who could keep up over the rise, and grinned as he saw the bosses’ boat. Running down the hill, he heard a sharp splash that reminded him a little of an explosion. But looking about he saw nothing, and so continued on his way.

“Look at that!”

Someone behind him cried out, and Jim’s head snapped up, and his eyes fell upon a chilling sight. The cargo vessel, containing a full three months work was, going down head first into the water. He stopped in his tracks, and crouched down to watch it slip under the surface.

“What are we going to do?”

“Let’s get to that other boat as fast as we can.”

“I think it’s coming to us boss …”

And so it was. But there something was wrong...and it took a moment to figure out what it was. Then he realised that he couldn’t hear the powerful thirty-foot cruisers engine at all. He continued to watch as it beached itself, and his jaw dropped to his chest-hairs when he saw the brunette, the ruined dress flapping against her body, flew up out of the water to hover thirty feet over the surface with her arms crossed.

It had been easy for Sarah to punch a hole in the thick skin of the cargo ship, and once she had a grip on the edge of her small puncture she started peeling strip out of the front of the hull. Getting both hands on the hull, Sarah pulled the strip down ripped a gaping hole in the hull.

Surfacing and watching the ship sink for a moment, Sarah dove under again to get a much more interesting view of the ship going down. Heading over to the smaller ship, she made straight for the anchor chain. Each link was long as her foot and made of very strong steel. But as Sarah grabbed it and pulled her hands apart the strength of the steel wasn’t able to stop her from stretching and finally breaking the chain. Surfacing behind the drifting cruiser, and putting her hands wide apart on the stern, Sarah pushed it over to the beach. Rising up out of the water she crossed her arms and wondered where the hell Jim and his mates had been held up. There were several small boat turned over the beach here, so the unfriendly men would have to come here first.

Scanning the jungle, her keen eyes soon picked them out from the jungle backdrop. Jim was at the lead just as Sarah thought he would be. He was looking straight at her, his eye’s confused and distant. He was hypnotised by her, so it seemed, and as Sarah floated gracefully over to land one foot after the other square in front of her quivering opponent his eyes never left hers.

“You guys want the boat?” she asked rhetorically, “I just thought I’d bring it over to you. But don’t leave until everyone’s on, okay?”

Someone in the jungle behind Jim took a well-aimed shot at Sarah’s forehead. Hopping up, she caught it in her mouth and smiled at them with the hot bullet between her teeth. Flicking it with her tongue she sent it flying into the chest of the sharp-shooter and watched it tear a hole straight through his throat. She’d been aiming at his forehead, but it did the job...breaking his neck and killing him instantly.

Taking off again, Sarah went straight up eighty-thousand feet, and hovered there to watch them board the boat. Making a quick map of the east African coast to kill a little time, noting every building and road, river and ditch within two hundred miles of the coastline. Returning to her little island in the sun, she found that Jim had left without waiting for all the men to join him.

“Well. That can’t go unpunished,” she mused, hurtling down toward the escaping ship. Circling around it she spotted Jim at the wheel and moved in. Smashing through the windows next to him, she righted herself and landed on her feet. Jim went for his gun but Sarah moved closer and grabbed it with left hand to squeeze the barrel closed.

“I thought I told you to wait for the others. If you boys can’t play together, I’ll have to take away your toys.”

Letting go of the gun, Sarah suddenly seemed to get shorter as the floor buckled noisily under her feet. She applied a fraction more pressure, and rammed through three steel decks and the tough outer hull to allow a geyser of saltwater into the doomed ship. Flying through the water she speared through the propeller and circled back to snap the rudder off.

Now for you guys.” Flying toward the island, Sarah saw plenty of cleaning up to do on her new home.

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