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Stealing From a Thief – Part 4

Written by Dru1076 :: [Tuesday, 14 June 2005 15:10] Last updated by :: [Friday, 06 June 2014 18:35]

Stealing From a Thief – Part 4

by Dru

Sarah circled her island to see how many men were still around. There were twenty-three unfortunates, all of them discussing ways off the island. Not everyone had seen what happened in the bay. Those who had weren’t talking about escape. They weren’t talking about anything. Three of the islands inhabitants, all of whom Sarah surmised must surely be pirates, cowered in hiding places … three others with the same idea desperately seeking their own.

I’ll deal with you first,” Sarah decided aloud. Dropping down among the trees she stopped over a fallen giant. “What are you doing under there?”

The pirate shivering under the dead tree was so startled he hit his head on the dry bark above him. He hadn’t heard anyone approach. Suddenly the tree that he thought provided some protection was gone, and the confused man was bathed in sunlight.

I can’t see the sense in hiding, little man,” Sarah told him, hovering several feet in the air with the huge trunk balanced on one hand above her head. “But I don’t want to interrupt whatever it is you’re doing.”

Raising his arms, the helpless man tried to take the weight as Sarah lowered the tree back down on top of him. The weight she suspended with one relaxed arm was abundantly more than his thick strong arms could bear, and he screamed shamelessly as he realised what was going to happen. He rolled to avoid certain death but his actions only sped his demise. Sarah saw him trying to get away and released her splintering grip on the heavy tree.

Rocketing up into the clear tropical sky, the awesomely powerful woman sought her next toy. She spotted one dart under a rock outcropping, and swept back down toward him.

Those places are dangerous, you know,” Sarah informed the balled-up man in the small cave.

Go away! I never did anything to you!”

You’re on my island. So you’re my toy.” Sarah smiled, remembering how her parents used to lecture her about pulling the arms off her Barbie dolls. There was no one who could lecture Sarah now if she wanted to break her toys. Her toy was about to make a run for it, but as he flexed his legs to get up, his tormentor placed an exquisite hand on top of the rock outcrop, and closed the cave down on him with a tremendous crash of cracking granite.

Rocketing up once more she looked around to find the next pirate. Not bothering to swoop down to the machine shed she found him, Sarah focused light from her eyes sharply into the centre of its small tin roof. The shed and the area around it burst into flames as her gaze brightened. Circling to find the three other survivors from the beach Sarah checked up on her other playthings. They had gathered at the house in confusion, unaware of the small woman soaring about four thousand feet above them.

She couldn’t find them. Even with her enhanced hearing. The trio hand vanished, and Sarah felt a little embarrassed that she couldn’t see where they were. It was not right, in her opinion, that such pathetically weak creatures should be evade someone so indescribably powerful as she was. But Sarah knew she had only dabbled a little, barely sipping the infinite reservoir that lay at her constant disposal. Closing her eyes, the already amped woman added another ability to her growing list of superpowers. Her pale blues opened, and she gasped. Looking at the house, she could see more detail from twelve thousand feet than the painters had seen half a century ago.

I’ll have to get that seen to,” she mused, deciding the paint was just an awful colour and peeling in a few places as well.

Looking deeper in the tiles, Sarah got a thrill as the terracotta melted away to reveal the first floor. It was empty of people. She pulled back, experimenting with her new visual talent. The tiles reappeared as she knew they would. Knowing that the three she was hunting weren’t in the house, Sarah turned her dramatically improved gaze toward the lush green jungle between the beach and the mountains. Selectively removing objects from her vision, beginning with the trees and boulders, Sarah found a variety of animal life thrived on her little tropical island. It made her proud, but she was still unable to find her targets. The next few moments were spent circling the island examining every square inch. Nothing escaped her attention, not even the mosquitoes. She saw everything on her new island home except for the three particular toys she was looking for.

She was almost getting frustrating when she spotted the entrance to a tunnel not far from the beach. Darting into the darkness, her eyes adjusting without a blink, Sarah slowed down as she moved up the passageway. Already she could hear them. Looking ahead through the many walls of the winding excavation, she was impressed with the scope of the operation at work here. The enterprising pirates had somehow managed to get hold of a Nazi U-boat. They had it stashed in a natural cavern, tied to a wharf with thick moorings


By the time Sarah had wound her way leisurely into the cavern, two of the men were below deck and the other untying the bow. The last one on deck looked up as he threw the rope, his eyes widening as he noticed her floating there naked.

You guys were hard to find,” she told him, running a hand up the side of her face.

Without saying anything, the modern buccaneer turned and ran for the hatch. But before he took his second step his indomitable assailant zoomed down to stop with her feet inches from the submarine. He tried to stop, but it all happened too fast. Ploughing into her he felt no give at all in her clean generous curves. He hit her with all his momentum, having had only time enough to raise his arms. Their chests collided, quickly followed by the rest. Wherever his body impacted hers he felt great pain, as though he had just run into inch thick cell bars. Finally his flesh stopped flattening against the floating woman, and the pirate went down in an awkward bundle. He was surprised to discover the steel deck seemed to be easier on him than when he impacted her breasts.

Going somewhere?” Sarah asked, aware that the submarine was moving. The fools were trying to get away, even though she was capable of finding them anywhere on Earth now without moving from the spot. Turning to find the other two, she saw them jumping from station to station in the control room. Something tapped on her head, as if someone had struck her with a long feather. Turning around she took another of the best her toy could manage with his boathook right in the stomach.

Is it hot in here?,” she asked conversationally, “Or is it just you?”

As it turned out, it wasn’t just him. Focusing both eyes on his chest, Sarah pulled her mental trigger and released her heat vision on the violent sea-faring criminal. What Sarah had not taken into account was the recent changes she had made to her visual capabilities. The blast obliterated her intended target in an instant, and before Sarah blinked the beams away the tremendous heat had done a helluva lot more to the surrounding area. The submarine melted like a chocolate sculpture put in a microwave, until the molten metal flamed in the suddenly boiling water. As these flames licked Sarah’s lower body deliciously, she looked in wonder at the walls. The stone was now glazed over, and she knew it wasn’t just the thick steam creating an illusion. She watched as the support beams in the tunnel buckled as they burned, finally weakened too much as the they fell away. A moment later, almost the entire length of tunnel collapsed.

Taking pride in the fact that she had been trying to leave the submarine undamaged, Sarah left the cave. Not the way she had come in, or the way the submarine had intended to go out. She made her own way, as she knew she always would in life from now on. The bedrock above her offered very little resistance as she ploughed through the cold stone on her way to the surface. Looking through the rock above Sarah saw that she was right under the mountain. Rather than dive through the side, Sarah put on more speed and burst through the rock until she entered the open sky in an explosion of boulders and dust.

Circling high above them in wide arcs, Sarah contemplated how to deal with her playthings. They were scattered all over the place. As she picked them out, finding even more than she had the first time, she noticed that someone seemed to have taken charge, and was now talking to a few of his fellows in Sarah’s new house. Stopping to hover motionless in the high altitude winds, the owner of the island far below got a good look at the man who now led the pirates. Someone who thought he owned her house. She plummeted to an instant halt two feet over the lawn, and made her way toward the open door of her new home. The men nearby scattered as soon as she appeared, terrified of what they had heard or seen this flying woman do.

Yes,” she approved, “Run along now.” It delighted Sarah to see these huge intimidating killers fleeing from her. But when she appeared in the doorway, she didn’t allow the pirate leader to run very far before she stopped him with a very careful hand placed on his shoulder. “Where are you going, brave leader?” she asked menacingly. “I’ve got something for you.”

She moved closer, tilting her head and clearly planning to kiss him. He turned his head away and struggled to escape. She enjoyed his attempts for a while, until she sensed him begin to weaken after a few minutes of adrenaline fuelled wrestling. He had given it his best, and it was all downhill from here as far he was concerned.

Do have any idea how great sex would be with me?” she asked, the fingertips of her other hand touching on his jaw. Overpowering his straining neck, they alone were sufficient to force his eyes to line up with hers.

Let me go, you monster!” he cried, sounding funny because he couldn’t move his mouth properly.

Monster? Look at me, Captain! I’ve got to be the sexiest woman on Earth. You should be begging me to fuck your brains out.”

Let me go!” he repeated. “You’re not a woman!”

Oh?” Sarah asked, tilting her head. “Then what am I?”

I don’t know what you are but you’re no fucking woman!”

Stop shouting,” she chiding, squeezing his jaw a tiny bit to make his scream much louder than he had ever yelled during their short conversation. “You don’t think I’m a woman? Well, let me show you a few things about beautiful women, asshole.”

Closing eyes, Sarah accessed her infinite power source and experimented once again on her physical form. Using the energy at her command, she made herself more attractive. She’d read all sorts of magazines, and had learned almost everything there was to know about manipulating men. Now she put that knowledge to practical use in enhancing her desirability. When she was done, the man in her grasp took an all new approach to struggling. Looking at him with mischievous smile, she raised an eyebrow and lifted him away from her body even as tried eagerly to get closer to her.

Instead of struggling with what little he had left to escape the clearly superhuman woman, the would-be top-dog of the diminishing band reached for her. His hands were all over her breasts, then her sides, then her breasts, and her shoulders … never staying anywhere long. The legs he wrapped around her were not nearly strong enough to stop her to pushing him away.

Does this mean you think I’m a woman now?”

He quivered as she spoke, and moaned shamelessly thanks to intoxicating pleasure her freshly improved voice drowned his senses in. The sound of her words soothed his ears while the carefully orchestrated vibrations it produced played havoc in his shorts. He tried to tell her that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, that he would battle any man for the right to be hers, that he had to have her right here and now. Unable to speak through the sensory overload Sarah had turned herself into, he tried to let her know another way. But even though he was so much larger than she was, the woman prevented him from getting her down.

No,” she told him, not letting him get closer or pull away.

He tried more fervently, growing more frustrated with each moment she held him off. The harder he tried, the larger her smile grew. Other than that, the anger that entered his movements did nothing. Gazing into her deep glistening eyes he pleaded with his brow as he continued his attempts to get nearer. Her amused expression devastated his self-esteem. She wasn’t taking him seriously. Despite the despair he felt grip his chest in that moment of realisation, the man maintained an aching longing for her sensual flesh.

What makes you think I’d be interested, after that comment you made before?” she asked, giving him another taste of her super-seductive voice. She leaned in, and he vainly tried to kiss her as she poured a gentle waft of her breath over his face. He suddenly stopped trying to kiss her, and his legs tensed and went limp as his eyes rolled so far back in head Sarah thought he’d do himself damage. He cried out, and his body sagged. No-one had even heard of an ejaculation the equal to what he had just experienced, and in its wake the pirate felt completely drained of both energy and fluid. But as he regained his senses and rolled his eyes back to the front of his head, the poor man discovered the awesome sexual power Sarah now possessed. First the sight of her perfect skin sent a flash of arousal through his exhausted system, then the breath he was forced to take as a result fired him up like old cedar in a blast furnace. Then he realised there was no hope for him. Aching without having been touched by her, his burned for her once more. Every muscle in his body fired back up, running on what was left of his reserves.

Wow!” Sarah declared in self-admiration. “Are you up again already?” She released him, and drifted back a few feet. She noticed that the split second she had spent fiddling with the tone and range of her voice had paid off. He tried to cover his ears, but it was too late. Her words drew another explosion from him, one that toppled him to the ground and tortured him for several


Please! Don’t do that again …”

Do what?” she asked curiously, smirking as he grabbed himself and rolled away from her. “I haven’t done anything.”

NO!” he was under spell again already, even though his last effort had failed to produce any fluids. The first time had been so thorough he had nothing in reserve. He couldn’t see her now but he could still smell her, taste her on his tongue. And with every word she threatened to force another eruption. Then he heard something else. He was no sonar operator, but the doomed pirate knew straight away what was making this new delicious sensory delight. It was the sound of the deadly woman running her hands over her invulnerable flesh with more force than a hundred men cramming against her could have managed. His head snapped around, and the man looked up at her again, his eyes blank as the images they absorbed went directly to his inner-animal. His sanity was almost gone, the pain instantly off his priority list. He got up on his knees and tried to tackle her.

Enjoying her little game, Sarah allowed the man to have his way with her. Only she wasn’t about to let him push her around. She stood her ground, ceasing the selfish massage of her torso and running her fingers into her long healthy hair. Hearing a sound behind her, Sarah turned to look through the wall. Outside the other men were beginning display signs of Sarah’s influence over them. The atmosphere around the house was now suffused with her delicious scent. That was sufficient to get the pirates over their fear. They were looking for something, but none of them knew were to start the search, or even what they were looking for. Delighted to realise how deeply she affected them, Sarah regarded the man who was rubbing his open mouth all over her stomach and breasts. Putting her hand on his forehead, she pushed him away. His hands continued grope and he still made disgusting noises of greedy lust. His wide eyes retained their unceasing triangular course as she placed her other hand on his lower abdomen. Deciding against a smart remark, since that would only bring him pleasure, Sarah hoisted him up and threw him into the wall. Passing through the bricks he sailed towards the sea. If not for the tall trees, he would have made it.

Reminding herself not to throw things in the house, Sarah strode confidently out onto the untidy lawn. The confused mob of modern pirates wandering aimlessly around the unweeded gardens stopped moving about as one by one the violent men spied the source of the appetising scent. She just stood there for a while, allowing their wide eyes to glare at her. There was a time when Sarah wouldn’t have liked so many dishevelled and drooling unshaven men staring at her as greedily as these pirates were. But that time was in the past. Rather than feeling vulnerable and frightened, Sarah revelled in an all new level of self-confidence. After hovering in a stone-melting inferno, an inferno she was accountable for, Sarah knew there wasn’t a thing any of them could do to her while so much raw power imbued in her body.

One of the pirates jumped her from behind and struggled desperately to trip her over his leg and get on the ground. The others moved forward when they saw him. But they stopped when she turned her head and blew her assailant a little kiss. His head rocked back with such ferocious force the vertebrae separated with an unpleasant snap. The skull landed in the forest, and a moment later the macabre remains slid from unmoved shoulders.

Deciding to keep the rest of her playthings alive for the moment.

Okay, that’s enough!” she declared, putting her hands on her hips and watching the entire crowd drop to the long grass. Realising she would be unable to give them orders while her voice carried so much sexual energy, Sarah made a quick adjustment. While she was at it, Sarah added a different tone. A commanding tone.

Get up,” she ordered. Her command was obeyed, even by those who had passed out. They didn’t wake up, but did stand. Smiling, Sarah realised she may have gone a little overboard again. “Hop on one foot,” she suggested, almost laughing at them as they each lifted a foot and began lumping up down. “Lift your other foot.” She did laugh this time, as the idiots tried to follow her orders and all ended up rolling on the ground. “I’m leaving now, for a while. I want the lawn mowed before I get back.”

Hovering up a few feet into the air, she watched them head for the machine shed. Which was nothing now but a few large chunks of slag. Leaving them to find their own way of getting the job done with no equipment at all, Sarah flashed through the sound barrier headed west. Having secured a home for herself on both sides of the world, she decided it was time to begin her new job. Conquering the entire world take time. Though Sarah felt confident she could do it in ten minutes if she wanted to, she decided not to rush things.

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