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Deep Down Inside - Part 22 - Fall and Never Get Hurt

Written by circes_cup :: [Wednesday, 03 April 2013 05:11] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 03 April 2013 08:30]


Warning: This is adult literature.  If you’re not of a legal age to read this stuff, don’t.

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction.  No semblance between the characters described here and real individuals -- living or dead -- is implied or intended.


Part 22 - Fall and Never Get Hurt

"Are you sure we can't use it for just a few minutes?  After you're done?"  Kim pouted.  

Across the bulletproof glass, the penitentiary guard's face contorted in confusion.  "No.  Absolutely not.  It's an electric chair.  It's for killing people, not for playing around."


"I can give you access to that wing only if you're on the observation list for the scheduled execution.  And it's observation only.  No one is allowed in the execution chamber itself."  The guard eyed her visitors warily from behind the bullet-proof glass.

"The execution, you mean, of the guy who probably isn't even guilty."  Kim looked at the guard critically as Vicky nodded in agreement.

"It's not my place to decide whether he's innocent or guilty."

"Great," Vicky fumed. "So, we want to do something harmless and the answer is 'no'.  But Texas wants to do something harmful and you can't even lift a finger."

The temperature in the room seemed to drop a few degrees at that comment.

"Are we even at the right entrance?"  Vicky asked.  "I mean, if we went to a visitor entrance, would they let us in there?"

"This is a high security compound," the guard replied dispassionately.  "There is only one entrance, and you're looking at it."

"sssssoookaaaay," Tammy slurred, slumped against Vicky.  "aaaalllll be fine."

"No you won't," Kim replied adamantly as the three left the building.  "You need to be replenished.  And anything a supergirl needs, a supergirl gets."

The three walked -- or in Tammy's case, stumbled -- across the street and turned to face the imposing prison compound from the outside.  They lowered Tammy onto a bench -- there was a bus stop right in front of the prison entrance -- and appraised the edifice that confronted them.

"So, you're suggesting we invade this thing?" Vicky asked Kim.  Concrete walls climbed several stories into the air, and were topped by guard towers with machine guns.  Louisa, of course, had recently made short work of a prison in Pakistan, but there was something more intimidating about seeing a complex like this in person-- particularly a first rate American facility.  If they invaded, it would be a slugfest.  "Doing this feels a little bit weird," Vicky admitted.

Kim did not reply, but Vicky's superhuman ears picked up a slight sigh of exasperation.

"You created these bodies," Kim responded.  "You, more than anyone, shouldn't fear their limits."

"I guess.  But it would be ugly.  And there's also the PR factor.  After what Tammy did with the cruise ship, the world loves us.  Do we really want to ruin everyone's opinion of us?"

Kim regarded her friend critically.  

"Come with me for a moment," Kim instructed, extending her hand as she began to float skyward.

Leaving Tammy sprawled across the bus bench, Vicky followed her other friend uncertainly into the sky.

About a thousand feet of air were below their feet before Kim stopped.  

Vicky felt a squeeze on her hand, and then felt herself being swung around like a salsa dancer.  The world spun briefly before Vicky felt the encircling warmth of her partner's embrace.  Kim was holding her from behind, arms wrapped firmly around Vicky's torso.

"Look around you," Kim instructed as she rested her chin on Vicky's shoulder.

Vicky gazed as the vast expanse of the earth below them.  From here, the curvature of the horizon line was easily visible.

Kim continued.  "Remember what you said on top of the basketball gym.  So many people down there.  And you are stronger than thousands of them put together.  Nothing on earth can stop you."

Kim rested a hand on Vicky's breast, and her nipple instantly awoke, stiffening into a granite-like pebble.  Vicky and Kim had enjoyed each other's company the night of the latter girl's transformation, but that had been weeks ago.  It had been too long...

"This incredible body of yours..." Kim squeezed her for emphasis " invincible.  Have you forgotten the rest of what you said on top of that gym?"

"What did I say?"

"You told us the world is our playground.  And you were right.  Machine guns are nothing to us.  Steel walls are like tissue paper.  That prison -- we could take it with our eyes closed."

"Mmmmmm," Vicky replied with growing delight..

Kim's whisper in her ear was breathy.  "Now, let go."

Vicky felt Kim tuck her bare feet underneath Vicky's own -- like a parent teaching a child to walk.  Vicky glanced downward.  Beyond her wiggling toes lay the prison complex, a thousand feet below.  "What do you mean, 'let go'?"

"I want you to stop flying," Kim explained.  "Relax and let me support you."

Kim's arms shifted slightly and strengthened their snuggling embrace.  Vicky felt her friend's mammoth breasts bearing gently into her back, exuding an enveloping warmth that spread nearly shoulder to shoulder.

"OK," replied Vicky, uncertainly.

As Kim had requested, Vicky let her flight forces diminish, and was left with only the nauseating feeling of standing on the unstable platform comprised of the tops of her friend's feet.  Wind whipped through the spaces between Vicky's bare toes, with only a stomach-churning void below.  

"This feels really wierd," Vicky said unsteadily.  "I know I've got nothing to be scared of, but it's strange to be this high, perched on your tiny little feet, with my flight powers off."

"I know."  Kim's sensual whisper emitted an unflinching confidence.  "That's the point.  Trust the immense power you have.  You can fall and never get hurt."

Vicky breathed.  "I know."

"You know it, but you're not living it.  We talk about invading a prison and you're worried about how ugly the fight might get, about getting in trouble, the media, Jared, blah blah blah."

Vicky didn't reply.  The wind spoke in her place, gusting unsteadily.

"Here," Kim continued.  "Keep your flight powers off, and close your eyes too."  Kim released her embrace of Vicky's torso, and placed her hands on Vicky's hips, like a ballet dancer preparing to lift a ballerina.

Vicky closed her eyes.  The chaotic wind whipped through her hair.  Only the tips of Kim's fingers on her hips held her vertical.  Only the tips of Kim's toes kept her from plummeting to the earth.

"This is your new mantra," Kim whispered.  "I can fall and never get hurt."

"I can fall and never get hurt."

"Now take it to the next level.  I can fall and never get hurt.  I can screw shit up and yet I will always, always come out aces."

"I can fall and never get hurt.  I can screw shit up and always, always come out aces.  What does mean?"

"It means you have fun, and let other people worry about the consequences.  Say we invade that prison and break a bunch of shit.  So what?  The media will report whatever we tell them to report.  The government will cover up whatever we tell them to cover up.  The world will believe whatever you want it to believe."

"I can screw shit up and always, always come out aces," Vicky replied, praticing.

"It gets better," Kim continued.  "The three of us are at your beck and call.  We'd move mountains for you.  Use us.  Just call one of us and send us into action, and we'll do everything for you.  We can have a perfect cover-up done and tied in a pretty little bow while you're sipping cosmopolitans and in getting laid Phoenix.  You can leave a national disaster area down there and still be the media's darling and every high school boy's wet dream.  You're the master puppeteer-- the holder of all the strings, the epitome of power."

Vicky cooed contentedly as Kim's hot breath ran along the base of her neck.  

Kim's whisper was like velvet and silk.  "You ... are... the ....most ... powerful...girl... on... earth."

"Oooh" Vicky responded, half recognition, half involuntary sigh.  "You sure know how to turn a girl on.  So you're mine to command today?"


"And all I have to do is have fun and not worry about the consequences?"

"The world revolves around you.  Fall as far as you want, and never get hurt.  Fuck stuff up, and never pay the price."

Vicky took several deep breaths, trying to get her senses under control.  

"Are you ready to enjoy yourself?" Kim asked.

Vicky took one last deep breath.  "Yes.  Finally, yes.  A thousand times, yes.  Give me your hand."

Kim extended her hand out in front of Vicky.

Vicky giggled.  "Are those grain silos down there, next to the prison?"

"Seems so."  The eleven silos were each ten stories tall -- monoliths that stood proudly above the plains they served.

"What if they had a huge accident down there?"  Vicky giggled slowly pointing her friend's hand downward.

"You mean, like, an accident where everything exploded?"  Kim's voice was full of anticipation as she slowly extended her index finger.  "A huge fireball?"  


An involuntary moan escaped Kim's lips as a blinding bolt off electricity leapt off the end of her finger.  The writhing, cackling string of white light was as thick as a tree trunk.  It tore mercilessly into the first grain silo, causing it to glow red hot for a brief moment before transforming it into a 10-story-tall fireball.  A deep BOOM belatedly found its way up from below.

"Was that hard?"  Vicky asked.

"Ridiculously easy," her friends voice rasped, nearly lost in the experience.

A loud cackle announced the resumption of the merciless attack, cutting the second and third silos in half, vertically, and producing enormous fireballs in their place.  Kim menacingly opened the palm of her hand, and several additional bolts of energy shot out, each several times larger than the first.  The eight remaining silos were reduced to shreds almost instantly in the other-worldly assault, a series of gut-churning BOOMs emerging from the ground below.

Kim closed her deadly hand and wrapped her arm back around her friend's torso.  "Done, as you commanded."

Vicky smiled.  "Good girl.  That should be plenty to distract the prison guards.  Now we retrieve Tammy and sneak in -- to get what we came for."

"OK!"  Kim chirped.  She pointed to the prison's front entrance.  "Should we barricade that front door -- give ourselves a little undisturbed privacy?"

"Sure.  Maybe prop a chair under the doorknob?"

"No," Kim grinned.  "I was thinking of something a little bit bigger."





Vicky admired the sway of Kim's hips as she sauntered toward the buses parked outside the prison entrance.  Her cutoff jean shorts showed off her pert, rounded ass.  The yellow tube top left her athletic midriff and shoulders bare, and was strained to its limits to cover her boisterous cleavage.

Kim picked up the empty bus almost casually.  Vicky enjoyed watching the fibrous steel of her muscles dance across her taut body as one end of the bus rose silently into the air.   

"Give me a hand," Kim suggested.

Vicky grabbed a second bus by the front wheel well and exerted upwards.  The ungainly vehicle creaked as the wheels rose off the ground.  But it felt about as heavy as a toy vehicle -- the weight of an eighteen-inch-long plastic bus that a child would play with, except that this toy read "Texas Department of Corrections" on the side.

"One, two three!"  Kim exclaimed.  She brought her bus down like a fly swatter on a table, landing in front of the prison entrance with a powerful CRASH.  The vehicle landed upside down, the roof instantly collapsing with a CRUNCH.  Each and every window blew out in a dramatic spray of broken glass.  

"My turn!"  Vicky replied, bringing her vehicle down on top of the first.  Hers landed on its side, and with equal momentum, eliciting a voluminous BOOM.  The chassis collapsed under the sheer force of the impact, leaving the vehicle looking more like a dish rag that an metal-framed vehicle.  Vicky clapped the dust off her her hands.  Her supercharged muscles had found the task almost too easy.

With the entrance now blocked by a pile of two large buses, Vicky knew that the girls would have plenty of time with the electric chair and only a handful of guards inside the facility.

"Itzzz pahrty time," Tammy slurred as Kim picked her up and followed Vicky into the air.

Vicky stifled an old instinct to wince as she descended feet-first through the skylight, her bare legs smashing thorough layers of glass.

Kim, with Tammy slung over her shoulder, descended alongside.  Their four feet made a crunching sound as they landed on the floor of the penitentiary, shards of glass crunching under their bare soles.  They were in a cell block -- three stories of prison cells stacked above.  Male convicts shouted in stupefaction at their aerial arrival and in even more stupefaction at their exceptional good looks.

It should have been hard, Vicky giggled to herself, to find the execution chamber.  But Vicky's x-ray eyes gave her an instant, three-dimensional blueprint of the entire complex.  

"Freeze!  Who let you in here?"

"No one did," Vicky replied over her shoulder to the two guards that rushed up the hallway from behind, their weapons drawn.  

"Freeze now, or we'll blow you away!"

"No," Vicky objected, pivoting towards them.  "It's the other way around.  WE'RE the ones that are going to blow YOU away."

Vicky inhaled deeply, compressing the air in her lungs to a millionth of its normal volume.  The building seemed almost to groan at the immense vacuum force to which it was subjected.  Above them, the entirety of the skylight caved in, the glass showering down around them.  Prisoners in nearby cells were were dragged out of bed and pinned against the bars of their cells as the air inside was drawn out.  A series of soft thuds was the only indication that the prisoners were fainting by the dozen.

Turning to the stunned wardens, Vicky pursed her pouty, glossy lips.  And then she blew.

A torrential wind blasted down the hallway, yanking bulletin boards off walls, overturning mop buckets and fanning their water out in wide sprays.  A hideous howling noise consumed the building as winds well in excess of a Category 5 hurricane blasted down the hallway.  The two wardens were lifted off their feet and sent tumbling down the narrow corridor from which they had emerged, dropping out of view as they careened down a flight of stairs.  They would be nursing sprains and perhaps even concussions for some time.

"Cool!" Kim exclaimed, Tammy's tousled hair now polluting her view.

A smirk crossed Vicky's face as she resumed her casual walk toward the execution chamber.  Steel gates separated one section of the prison from the other, but Vicky swept these aside like they were no more than lace curtain.  

Kim was right, Vicky thought.  Being super wasn't just about being strong.  It was about being free.  The prison would be a mess by the time they were done.  But it was somebody else's mess.  All she had to do was play.

And play Vicky did.  She simply reveled unmatched power.  The door to the execution wing was thick steel -- perhaps one hundred pounds of metal -- which slid on rollers.  Steel used to seem hard to me, Vicky remembered, as she piled her fist into it like a battering ram.  Being superior was becoming easy, natural.

The door rumbled on its tracks as Vicky slid it open.  Once inside, the door squealed on its tracks as she slammed it closed.  A calamitous BOOM resonated throughout the wing as the door collided at breakneck speed with its housing.  This was followed by a CRUNCH as she effortlessly pressed the door and the housing together, forming a steel sandwich that only hours with a blowtorch could separate.

Vicky had never laid eyes on an execution scene before.  It was haunting.  The chair sat in the center of the room -- a draconian thing with leather straps and metal diodes on the armrests and the headrest.  An audience chamber was separated from the execution area by plexiglass, but there was no audience.  

Perhaps this condemned man didn't have anyone.  He was facing death alone.

Also in the room were two guards.

"Don't shoot," Vicky implored.

It fell on deaf ears.  A cloud of lead was soon emanating from the shotgun held by one of the guards.  Vicky felt a spatter of buckshot on her face, which felt no more damaging than being hit with confetti.  

Vicky formed her thumb and index finger into the shape of a gun, and pointed it slightly away from the attacking guard.  A massive beam shot out of her finger, tearing a car-sized hole in the wall behind him with a tumultuous BOOM.  When the dust settled, Vicky realized that, without intending to, her effortless blast had also eliminated two additional walls behind the first.  Such was the greatness of her power: it looked as if someone had fired an artillery shell.  

"Drop it," she ordered.  Both guards knew it was the most deadly gun they would ever face.

They complied.

Vicky turned to face the condemned, still strapped in.

"You're pardoned," Vicky declared.  "And we need your chair."

"I...... whaa....."

Vicky giggled.  The male shock and confusion thing was so entertaining.

She and Kim slipped their fingers under the thick leather straps and severed them like they were no stronger than cobwebs.

"You owe us," Kim announced lightly, as the man teetered to his feet uncertainly, rubbing his wrists.  "Or maybe you don't.  I read the articles; they never should have convicted you in the first place."

"I can't thank you enough."

"Someday, we might find a way that you can," Kim responded.

The prisoner did not leave.  No one was getting in or out of that room without the assistance of the girls.  Vicky's mangling of the steel door made sure of that.

Kim lowered her blond friend into the electric chair.  Tammy settled into the chair contentedly, a sloppy smile on her face and a look of expectation in her eyes.  She ran her fingers greedily over the electrodes.

"How do you turn on the juice?"  Vicky asked the remaining guard.

"I can't let you do that.  You'd kill her."

Vicky thought about that as she picked his gun up off the floor.  For all he knows, the electricity would indeed kill her.  He's an officer of the law.  He can't help people kill each other, even the ones that are invading his prison.

"That took guts for you to say that," Vicky affirmed.  "I just turned your wall into a window and you're still doing your job, protecting the innocent civilian.  I'm impressed."

He didn't respond, but instead eyed her fearfully.

"Don't worry about her," Vicky reassured.  "She's pretty hard to break."  Vicky pointed the gun at Tammy's torso and squeezed the trigger.  The sound was defeaning in the small, cinderblock-walled room.  BANG BANG BANG BANG.  The feel of the pistol's recoil was a reminder of the horrific damage it was designed to inflict.

"Stauhhhp."  Tammy's words were slurred in her exhaustion.  "Tha' ticklezzzz."

The blond girl shifted in the chair.  The first four slugs tumbled uselessly off of her unmarred skin and hit the floor with metallic pings.

BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG.  Click.  Click.  The clip was empty.

"Yuh suck."  Tammy rolled her head toward Vicky.  "Yuuuurrr suuuch a teeeezzz."

Vicky turned back to the guard.  "See?  I appreciate your concern, but it's misplaced.  Now, if you don't mind," she purred, "fire that sucker up."

Vicky followed that statement with a withering smile.  To the extent he might have been suicidal enough to continue contradicting her, that smile was enough to burn his willpower to the ground.  

He reached for the massive lever switch.

When the switch was thrown, a menacing buzzing sound pervaded the room.  Vicky had expected lightening, as if it were a cheap Frankenstein film.  Instead, the only thing to watch was Tammy's mouth, which first pursed itself into a delighted "o", before transforming in to a delirious smile.  

Thousands of watts were coursing blissfully through her.  Tammy dug her fingernails into the wooden armrests, causing an audible crack as the armrests were reduced to splinters.  Her head thrashed playfully about as she sought out the diodes located in the headrest.  An ear-to-ear smile settled across her face, and a slight moan could be heard underneath the persistent cackle of electricity.

An hour later, the three girls were ascending skyward.  Tammy had been replenished to only a limited degree -- like replacing a flat tire with a temporary "doughnut".   She would need more later, but at least it was something.  Her ear-to-ear smile had not diminished.

Vicky waved a hand below her.  Their barricade of mangled busses exploded in a hundred-foot-wide fireball, sending scraps of metal and burning bits of seat foam hurtling through the air.  A BOOM sound arrived several seconds later.

Vicky slowed to face Kim, a thankful look in her eyes.  "I've been thinking about it.  You were right.  Our strength is more than muscles and bolts of ligthening.  We can can steer people any way that we choose.  We're the puppeteers, and the world is the puppet."

"That's my girl," Kim giggled giving her a quick hug.  "And the three of us are your loyal servants."

Newfound confidence beamed from Vicky's face.  "Go out and re-shape the facts.  The prison was never attacked.  It was a lightning storm.  The governor saw the storm and was reminded of heaven's wrath.  He decided the pardon the falsely condemned at the 11th hour, but with the storm, he couldn't get a message through in time.  Luckily, we supergirls were there to save the day."

"So, we didn't attack anything.  We saved the day," Kim giggled as she flew backwards away from the others.  "It will be done."

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