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Finding Each Other

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Finding Each Other


by Darkwing42



Author's Note:

I wrote this because I was tired of reading crappy stories about Caitlin Fairchild. I like women with brains and with great bodies and so she's one of my favorite heroines. I know she's not real, but that's the brain talking not the heart, which doesn't give a damn. So, when I have read fanfics, especially the erotic ones, I got tired of poor character management. Not to mention that Caitlin only seems to have sex in those stories when she's:

  1. A. under mental control
  2. B. chemically transformed into a lust filled nymphomaniac
  3. C. with another woman

Though I don't mind the lesbian stuff so much. One story I read didn't fall under those criteria, but it used phrases like "who's your daddy" and personally I don't like the idea of mentioning family members during sex, thank you very much. So I decided to write a story where Caitlin actually fall in love with someone, then has sex with them, because she wants to, but I wasn't going to write a whole story just for the sex, so I tried to make this as romantic as possible because I actually prefer the idea of sex with love. The poem is Longing by Matthew Arnold. Richard Dawkins because Caitlin already got a book by Carl Sagan in issue 13 so why not Dawkins. If you don't know her Jen is borrowed from Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows. Oh and No Brian isn't my name, I tried to leave the character as undescribed as I could so that guys could put themselves into the story and girls could picture him however they wanted, assuming, of course, that any read it. The sole concession to myself was the eye color and if you want it different just change it. And for anybody who really likes Caitlin I suggest you look up Julie Tawney, she's about as close as you're gonna get to Caitlin in real life, damn shame though that she didn't stick to swimsuit modeling and now is doing porn, no offense but the idea of watching another guy doing something to someone I'm attracted to is a bit repugnant to me, plus I don't want to look at some guy's parts, I want to look at her's ;-) and I think that clothes like swimsuits can look more sexy than just showing someone nude, must be the mystery element to it.

The characters of Gen13 are not mine they belong to DC comics copyright, trademark, yadda yadda.



Caitlin Fairchild finds herself underwater, somehow she doesn't need to breathe. Moving through the water she plays with a dolphin then watches a school of fish swim rapidly by. Suddenly the fish become birds and she finds herself in the air, flying along the high soaring eagle and dancing from cloud top to cloud top. hearing a voice calling her she swoops down to find herself above a waterfall. A shape emerges and fly’s up to meet her. Taking her hand in his, he fly’s with her upward until they have passed through the atmosphere. Increasing in speed they travel towards the sun and then beyond, passing the edge of the galaxy. Finally stopping he reaches out and picks up a spiral galaxy and puts it in her hands, she watches it turn faster and faster until it becomes a flower. She looks around to find herself in a field like she used to play in when she was a child, but this one is filled with more flowers than she has ever seen before. He walks to her and takes her hands in his and kisses her. She feels her body on the ground as he kisses her neck and each time his lips touch her skin the sky grows darker as the stars emerge one by one. He places his hands upon her breasts and gently dances his fingers across her skin. She feels her flesh burn as he kisses each nipple then starts to slowly move downwards till his head is above her hips. She feels his tongue slowly touch places where no one has ever touched her before, then with an almost electric shock she feels like she will explode as his tongue finds her … and Fairchild awakens panting in her sweat soaked bed.

For the past week she's had the same dream, each time waking drenched in sweat and feeling very aroused. Wiping the sweat from her forehead she looks over and sees that she hadn't woken Roxy. Roxy had already started to notice that Caitlin was distracted during the day and having trouble sleeping at night. Caitlin was doing her best to tell Freefall that everything was normal but Roxy Kept asking her what was going on. She didn't want to have to discuss this again with her sister and was happy that Roxy was a sound sleeper.

Caitlin checks the clock and sees that it is 5:30 am so she decides to just get up. As she showers Fairchild thinks about why she is having these dreams and knows that she will see the guy who is the cause when she goes to the library at the local university. Fairchild had discovered twelve weeks ago a club for intellectuals and had joined the same day. As Caitlin spreads the soapy water across her body, feeling a tingle as her fingers move against the nipples of her large breasts which had brought such pleasure when caressed in her dream, she decides to tell him. Caitlin grabs a towel and dries off and starts getting dressed. Her club is meeting today at 10:00 am and she doesn't like to wear anything too revealing. As she picks what to wear she chooses some special underwear to take along which she stuffs into her bag, should things work out as she is hoping, she plans on using them. A heavy sweater and long skirt are what she hopes will make her less conspicuous, she hates it when people stare at ever her since the day she became gen-active so she tries to dress in concealing outfits when she wants to blend in.

Now dressed she walks out of the bedroom to make some breakfast. As she approaches the living room she hears loud voices.

"I am going to wipe the floor with your behind."

"Oh no you're not. I'm laying the smackdown on your candy ass."

Walking into the room she finds Grunge and Bobby playing some video game.

"Hey Cat want to play?" asks Bobby.

"No thanks. Have you both been up all night?"

"Yup. We're going to find out who is the king of Mortal Fighter." says Grunge

"Well enjoy." Caitlin says and proceeds to the kitchen. She normally has to eat a large breakfast to keep her body going because of her gen-active powers, but today she knows if she is going to do what she hopes to then she'll need more than normal. Eggs, Bacon, Steak, Orange Juice, Milk, Pancakes, Waffles and Fruit Salad are her choices today and as she starts making her meal Grunge and Bobby come wandering in noses sniffing the air.



"What about Street Kombat or whatever it was?" asks Caitlin.

"Game later, food now!" replies Grunge.

"If you want some I better get something in return." states Fairchild.

"My body?" asks Grunge.


"Wow, she can really throw an egg fast." exclaims Bobby.

"Well what then?" says Grunge wiping egg from his face.

"You two do my household chores for a week." Fairchild says.

"Never!" shouts Grunge until his stomach loudly disagrees at which point both he and Bobby agree. At this point Sarah walks in.

"Good morning everyone, Cat can I have some with you three?" Sarah asks

"Pull up a chair Sarah." said Caitlin.

"Hey! How come she doesn't have to do anything in exchange?" cries Grunge.

"For starters she didn't come in here demanding food and secondly she didn't offer sexual favors in return." States Fairchild.

"If it helps any I would gladly offer my body for some food, Caitli …" Starts Sarah.


"Another super fast egg shot Fairchild! Remind me to never play baseball with you." Admires Bobby.

As the four of them start to eat Sarah says, " There is something different about you Fairchild. You seem more energetic today."

Thinking fast Caitlin says, " I'm just excited about an experiment that I'm going to be working on." Sarah doesn't say anything but Caitlin can see that she suspects something and now as she eats Cat gets nervous. All week she knows that she's been behaving different and while Grunge is too thick headed too notice, Roxy, Sarah, and Bobby have all noticed and asked her what was up, even Lynch has noticed, but he hasn't said anything, just gave her this look in passing. Caitlin doesn't want to have everyone find out that she is attracted to someone, she has never had a relationship before and doesn't know what to say to her friends and most especially she's nervous about telling Roxy, her only recently learned sister.

When she finishes breakfast she tells everyone that she is going to the library early. Passing the bedroom she sees Roxy is starting to awaken but Caitlin is afraid if she stops to say hello, Roxy might start asking her again about what’s going on and Fairchild doesn't want to feel guilty about lying anymore than she already does. On top of that if Grunge ever found out she would never hear the end of it. So with regret she keeps walking by. As she walks out the door and finds a bright sunny day she takes that as a good sign and heads off.

At the library to pass the time and to calm down she reads a book about Quantum Mechanics, then physiology. She keeps thinking about how she feels and what she wants to do, she has never felt this way and wishes that she could tell someone. At 8:30 a second member of her club shows up. Her name is Jen and she is studying engineering, her hope is to get into NASA someday. Jen comes over and sits down.

"Hey there cat, why here so early?

"I didn't want to stay in the house to find out who was the king of mortal fighter or whatever that silly game was."

"Guy's can be such boys, but then I wouldn't get to have fun teasing them if they weren't. I do really love it, watching them get all excited and nervous, there face flushing and there palms sweating. Now Cat one of these days I'm going to have to take you out with me, with the body you have we could break a lot of hearts, if you would only stop dressing like someone out in the frozen tundra. I don't think I have ever seen one person where so many sweaters."

"I guess I just don't feel comfortable showing off like you do, Jen."

"Late bloomer, huh, well I bet you would show Brian a little bit of skin." jen says with a little smile on her lips.

Caitlin catches her breath and starts blushing trying hard to not let her feelings get away from her. "Is it that obvious? I can't seem to stop thinking about him, I'm afraid of ruining our friendship but I keep having dreams about him. You have more experience with romance than I do jen, what do you think?"

"I've seen you two working together and you actually finish each others sentences. If you feel attracted to him you should tell him after all he might feel the same, after that poem he read I wouldn't doubt it any. The two of you do really go well together and who knows, the intellectual types can sometimes be the best in bed 'cause they know how to take their time." Jen finishes with a devils grin.

Fairchild's cheeks start to turn a bright crimson and Jen starts smiling more wickedly and says, "So thats the kind of dreams you're having, eh. Well you should really do something about them after all he might get caught by some other lucky little lady. But seriously you should tell him, if he feels the same way you and him could be having some fun together before nightfall."

"I don't know, I want to but I've never … Would you please not tell anyone."

"Sure on one condition. You promise to give me all the sticky details." And with a wink Jen goes off into labyrinthine depths of the book stacks.

The next member shows up at 8:45 and the next at 9:00. They start trickling in one by one and then Brian shows up. When Caitlin sees him her heart skips a beat. She met Brian 8 weeks ago when they partnered up to try and tackle a problem to create a program for reimann metric tensor analysis for the physics department. The first day she found him to be her intellectual equal and the two teamed up many times afterward. Days later she found while the two of them were working on a difficult science experiment that he was funny and he had made her laugh so hard she had fallen over with her chair. Brian had tried to catch her and had fallen over too, falling on top of her and when the two looked into each others faces they had both burst out laughing. She had grown to think of him as more than a good friend but it wasn't until two weeks ago that she thought of him as anything more. The club had held a poetry reading Thinking back to it she can still remember the words vividly.


Come to me in my dreams, and then

By day I shall be well again.

For then the night will more than pay

The hopeless longing of the day.


Come, as thou cam'st a thousand times,

A messenger from radiant climes,

And smile on thy new world, and be

As kind to others as to me.


Or, as thou never cam'st in sooth,

Come now, and let me dream it truth.

And part my hair, and kiss my brow,

And say My love! why sufferest thou?


Come to me in my dreams, and then

By day I shall be well again.

For then the night will more than pay

The hopeless longing of the day.


He had read this and Caitlin had watched him and line by line she felt more and more strange until she realized that she was attracted to him. After the weeks working together she now noticed things she never saw before in him. When he finished and walked over Caitlin was speechless not wanting to meet his eyes for fear of what he would see. Then a week later she began having dreams about him and day after day she kept feeling more enraptured by him.

As everyone starts gathering around the table she sits down and tries not to get nervous while Brian walks over and sits next to her.

"Hi Cat, I wanted to thank you for helping me out on that analysis of the solar convection cell distribution in relation to magnetic disruptions. You probably saved me a week of work."

"No problem, It was my pleasure to help." Caitlin hopes she doesn't sound anxious, then gets flustered when she see that two seats down Jen is smiling at her while overhearing their conversation. Jen gives Cat a wink and then turns away.

"Is something the matter, Caitlin?" asks Brian.

"Uh, um, no, just preoccupied is all." Replies Caitlin becoming nervous.

"Well, to thank you I would like to take you to lunch if you have nothing planned?"

"I'd like that.".

"Well I guess when the meeting is over we can go check out the diner on campus."

The meeting gets started and people discuss the current events and the different projects they're working on, all the while Caitlin tries not too keep glancing at Brian. She can't get him out of her mind, his lips smiling, his olive green eyes, how he knows just what to say when she needs a laugh. At the same time she finds that Brian keeps glancing at her and Caitlin is afraid that he is curious as to why she's looking at him. Unable to concentrate on the discussion she tries to just keep quiet as others talk. As the meeting wraps up Brian says he has to go find a book but will be back in a couple minutes. Caitlin stays seated to wait and Jen sits down next to her.

" You know Cat, I think Brian is really attracted to you."

Worried that Jen is just playing with her she asks, "Do you really think so?"

"Oh yeah, he kept glancing at you with this look like he was afraid he would be caught. I say you should strike while the iron's hot because he really is enamored with you. Here you might need some of these." as Jen pushes, to Caitlin's surprise, a fistful of condoms from her purse to Cat's bag. With a wink and a devilish grin Jen gets up and walks off just as Brian starts walking toward Caitlin.


"Lets go."

As they walk to the diner Cat starts to think about what Jen said. Her Heart beats faster every time she remembers Jen saying that Brian is attracted to her. As they reach the diner she makes up her mind to try and make sure that Brian knows how she feels and to hopefully make her dreams, she keeps waking up from, a reality. As they sit down in a booth and order their lunch Brian asks, "How is that research project coming along?"

"Pretty good. I have most of the software bugs ironed out so I'll soon be able to process the chemical data."

"If you need some help I would be happy to come over."

"Its a little hectic at my place right now so I try to do the research at the university."

"Well just call if you need anything. I recently checked out that new bookstore downtown and its really well stocked, I remembered you wanting that book you couldn't find by Richard Dawkins and I found it there so I bought it for you." Reaching down he grabs his bag and pulls the book out and passes it to her. Caitlin picks the book up and looks at the cover then sits it down and says, "Thank you." She then looks out the window.

"Is something the matter Caitlin, you seem distracted."

She thinks knows her chance to tell him. "I have been having vivid dreams lately and I keep thinking about the person in them."

Looking a little nervous, Brian asks, "Anyone that I know?"

"You could say that."

Now looking a little deflated Brian says," Oh."

"You know Brian, Jen told me something earlier. She said that she thinks someone has been looking at me differently." Caitlin says meeting Brian's eyes and watches as he starts to blush.

"Jen said that a certain someone is definitely interested in me." As Caitlin says this Brian's blush turns to a deep red.

Caitlin looks down and says, "And Brian, I think I am seriously interested in that person." Caitlin lifts her head after saying this and looks straight into Brian's eyes. Hoping that she hasn't gone to fast she says, "Tell me do you know who I'm talking about?"

"Caitlin I-I have wanted to say something but I didn't know how to tell you."

"I didn't know what to say either, but for the last two weeks I've felt attracted to you. I've never had any experience in romance so I didn't know how to tell you. You could say I was a late bloomer. I didn't notice that you were interested until Jen spotted it and told me. I'm sorry, if I had known I would have said something rather than let you sit there trying to work up the nerve to tell me. But I also was afraid to tell you how I felt. Then I started having dreams about you and I got more nervous and … I'm babbling aren't I?"

"I wouldn't want to call it that but yes you were. I'm sorry too, that I couldn't get the nerve to say something. i guess we both need more experience with romance."

"We'll just have to learn together."

"These dreams you mentioned, are they pleasant?"

She decides to go all the way when she asks, "I'll answer that with a question, Brian, are you a virgin?"

With a gulp he croaks out, "Yes."

"Same here, I guess we'll just have to do something about that won't we." And after saying that Caitlin smiles at him, just as the food arrives. The two eat in a thick silence and when they are finished and pay the bill, Caitlin takes Brian's arm and asks, " Do you have anything planned today?".

"J-just a bit of unimportant research."

"Then we have plenty of free time." And having said that she gives Brian a deep kiss.

"Caitlin, d-do y-you want to go to y-your house or m-mine?" Brian now very anxious stutters his question.

"Brian, don't be nervous. If you don't feel comfortable we can just wait."

"Caitlin, I-I want to, but its just, I … think I'm in love with you and I don't want you to do this just because you had a dream about it."

Caitlin’s heart swells as she hears him say that and she replies, "I think I am in love with you, too." And with that kisses him squarely on the lips. Breaking the kiss she then says, "That’s why I want to share this with you. If you want to then we'll go to your place."

"Ok, Caitlin. You know, That poem two weeks ago for you. I found it and it summed up how I felt so I wanted to read it for you."

"You read that poem just for me?"

"It was the only way I knew to say how I felt."

"We'll just have to find a way tell communicate without verse." Caitlin pulls Brian to her and takes him by the hand and wraps her arm around his and starts walking towards Brian's Apartment. Brian feels Cat's pulse racing through her hand but it's hard for him to tell since his own pulse is just as quick. Reaching the complex they walk up the stairs and Brian gets his keys out. Unlocking the door Brian feels Caitlin squeeze his hand and he looks at her and sees that she is blushing as she looks into his eyes and leans to kiss him. They walk in together and Caitlin, who has been here before when they worked on a project together, tells Brian to get ready and meet her in the bedroom then heads for the bathroom. Brian walks to his bed ands starts to undress while Caitlin in the bathroom strips and pulls out the lingerie from her bag. She had picked out a few days ago something just to wear for Brian, a red outfit called a "Babydoll" which has a top consisting of strings over the shoulders attached to satin cups to hold the breasts with below that a piece of see-through fabric down to the hips obscuring the G-string bottom. Slipping her long legs through Caitlin pulls the bottom piece up, and then, raising the top up, with her arms in she slowly lets the top fall down to her shoulders. As she straightens the top, trying to make it fit properly over her massive breasts, she feels the satin rub against her nipples which have become erect and sensitive, the sensation makes her tremble with pleasure.

Caitlin opens the door to the bathroom and bringing her bag walks to the bedroom. She sees that Brian's clothes are in a pile and looks to see him laying down, covered with a sheet, waiting on his bed. Walking over so Brian can get a full view of her she stands by the bed and looks at him.

"My god, Caitlin you're more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. I hope I don't sound too much like a male chauvinist pig but I have always been attracted to large breasts. What with how you dress I never realized that yours were so big"

Caitlin sits down on the side of the bed and takes Brian’s hand in hers and says, "I have always felt self conscious about them, but if you like them … ". With that she raises his hand to her right breast and leaves it there. With a nervous glance at her face he slowly moves his hand against the satin covering her breast and adjusts his body so he can bring his other hand to bear. His fingers slide over the contours of Caitlin's chest, exploring every inch of fabric covered bosom, as she lays back enjoying the sensation. Then Brian moves up and kisses her on the lips and says, "I think its time to take off this top." She slowly pulls the top up and over her head and throws it to the floor, then with a glance at Brian she places her hands on the sides of his head and lowers him down face first to her cleavage and whispers to him, "Please, I want to feel your lips all over my body."

Looking up at her, he moves his hand to her cheek and slowly rubs his fingers down to her neck and says, "Your wish is my command.". He kisses the center of her chest and licks the small beads of sweat there, which causes Caitlin to make a quick intake of air. Moving slowly he kisses and licks up the side of her right breast then before he reaches the areola he starts downward and to the outside of her chest then switches to her left breast and repeats while listening to her quiet moans. Caitlin feels waves of pleasure as each time he moves closer to her erect nipples he leaves her in unfulfilled anticipation, never having thought about the amount of sensations her chest could give, she realizes her vaginal fluids have thoroughly soaked through the fabric of the lingerie bottom. Brian then moves up and kisses Caitlin and sends his tongue probing into her mouth. She can taste the salt from her skin on his lips as she moves her tongue against his. Looking into his eyes, she feels she could fall into them. He breaks the kiss and says to her, "My beautiful, beautiful Caitlin."

Smiling at him she runs her hand against the side of his face and says, "Brian, my love." He grins up at her and begins to again kiss her breasts, then he takes his tongue and licks slowly in a circle a path to her right areola. Tongue outstretched he licks around the areola then moves to the other, coming back to the first he lightly touches the tip of his tongue to her engorged nipple. Fairchild squirms and murmurs in delight. Encircling her areola with his mouth he places the flat of his tongue against her inflamed nipple and then starts to lightly suck at it, at which point Cat begins a low continuous moan.

"Ohhhhooohhhhhhhooohhhhhhhoohhhhooohhhhhoohhhh yes." Brian alternates tonguing her nipple and suckling it then he moves to the other breast. For five minutes Caitlin writhes her body in ecstasy beneath Brian's oral ministrations, then he stops and as she catches her breath she feels him start to move his body. Brian starts again kissing and licking her as he now moves down from the cleavage, rubbing his lips against the skin above her breastbone, then continuing downward. Kissing her belly, Caitlin suddenly begins to laugh.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" Brian asks.

Still giggling Cat says, "No you're doing everything just right, oh wow is it ever right, its just that when you kiss my belly it tickles."

Brian grins devilishly and begins feverishly kissing her stomach, and watches as she wiggles to escape. Sitting up he lifts her right leg and kisses her ankle and moves up her leg kissing her skin all the length. Caitlin can't believe how aroused this is making her, she never thought of her legs as being used for anything more than locomotion and kicking the bad guys. Reaching her hips he looks up and says, "Caitlin, these panties have to go if you want me to go any further." With tears still in her eyes from laughing she nods and sits up and pulls the panties down enough so he can take them the rest of the way. Slowly he begins to slide the panties down Cat's long legs all the while he keeps eye contact with her. When they reach her feet he lets them fall from the bed and putting her legs together, he makes a show of his first viewing of her exposed crotch.

"Time for the great unveiling." He moves to be in a position where he can easily bring his mouth to bear on her privates. Giggling she moves a little to lay back on the pillow and lifts one foot to rub lightly the big toe against his chest, then laying back she slowly spreads open her legs. Looking down Brian sees that she has shaved the hair so her vulva is laid bare to him.

"Caitlin I don't want to repeat myself but you are so beautiful. I haven't ever done this before but I have studied just in case the opportunity arose."

"I have as well." And she knows that he probably like her looked up how to sexually please your lover. She knows this because they both try to learn all they can about something when they want to do it so she's excited to find out what he's learned. To encourage him she says, "Just you wait till I get my turn on you." Then she winks and grins at him.

Caitlin's body has been excreting quite a bit of vaginal fluids and Brian moves his head down and gently licks the blood inflated lips of her sex, tasting her. Looking up he says, "You taste so good." Leaning down again he kisses her inner thigh and moves slowly, rubbing his lips and planting kisses all the way towards her pubic mound. With his lips and tongue he massages the skin around her opening in a spiral, moving inward. Fairchild is in ecstasy as she grips the sides of the bed in anticipation of what she knows is next. With slow movement he licks up and down the lips then with his fingers holding her apart he licks his tongue around the inside her pussy. Moving his tongue touching here and there, then he lightly licks against her clitoris. Caitlin feels like she will lose control from the sensation and is afraid what her gen-active powers might do to Brian so she desperately tries to calm down. He darts away from her clitoris and moves his tongue elsewhere but soon comes back, repeating this dance as Fairchild begins to breathe more rapidly. Caitlin begins to feel her body begin to tense and she does what she can to move her limbs so that she doesn't hurt Brian when she climaxes, and as she finishes moving her legs apart she feels her body convulse as her muscles tighten from her orgasm. Brian feels Caitlin's body shiver as he realizes he has brought her to orgasm, he continues on licking waiting for her tell him if he would stop. Fairchild can't get the words out at first but then says, "Brian that’s good, but I think I need a pause though."

Brian stops and crawls forward to lay next to her and asks, "How was I?".

"Very good." She just lays there in a haze, then looks over and kisses him. "Give me a minute and we can continue." Caitlin starts trying to slow her breathing and once she has it under control she sits up and leans down for her bag and pulls out one of the condoms Jen gave her. For some reason she is not surprised to find they are cherry flavored. She sits back up and reveals the condom to Brian. He says, "You brought some, I guess that’s good since the ones my brother gave me are a little old."

"We can consider this a present from Jen. Now lay back since its my turn." Caitlin grins at the expression that crosses his face. She moves down the bed so she can easily reach his hips, and takes the condom out of its wrapper. Grasping his penis she places the condom on its head and slowly unrolls it down the length. She wants to give him as much pleasure as he did so she takes his penis in her hand and lowers her head to kiss the head, then with her tongue she licks the length of it. Brian can't believe the sensations his body is experiencing as his heart starts to race and his skin feels like its on fire. Caitlin now takes his penis in her mouth and applies a light sucking pressure as she moves the tip around, careful not to hit it against her teeth. Her tongue continues to rub against the tip and length as she feels his body start to tremble, she takes her hand and starts to fondle his testicles. His breathing becomes ragged as she feels his penis start to throb and he starts to moan. Caitlin can feel his penis pulsate and finds the tip of the condom now is swelling. Sitting up she moves up she moves up and lays on her side next to him.

"Now, how was I?".

"Stellar." He says as his chest quickly rises and falls. Looking over at her he raises his hand and brushes the hair from her in front of her face and tenderly runs his fingers down her cheek. She turns and moves her body against his, pressing her chest against his side as she begins kissing his shoulder. After his shoulder she moves her kissing to his chest, then up his neck and meeting his lips. Two minutes of tonsil hockey later she reaches down and grab another condom and replaces the used one with a fresh one on his penis. Licking the length of it she brings him to erection again, then lifting herself on top of him she positions her hips over his. Taking his penis in her hand she slides the tip into her opening and leans down to kiss him again, rising up she starts to rock her body. He moves his hands to her hips as she moves her body back and forth, Caitlin though lifts his hands to her breasts. Taking the message Brian starts to massage her breasts and raises himself up to kiss them, at which point she lets out a murmur of approval and tilting her head back closes her eyes. Still gyrating her hips she presses forward and embraces him, peppering him with kisses. He start to lightly move his hips against hers, as she picks up the pace, sitting back up, she begins to bounce her body upon him. Caitlin and Brian both begin to let out low sounds of pleasure as they both move closer to orgasm. Caitlin again moves his hands to her chest as she finds the swaying of her breasts is distracting her.

Brian's body tenses up as he moans and climaxes, and Caitlin quickens her pace to bring herself to orgasm. With a jolt she feels her body stiffen and she arches her back as her body sends waves of pleasure through her with her orgasm. Falling forward she lands on Brian’s chest and lays atop him, their skin sweaty and aflame from their passion. She rolls off of him and lays next to him, both of them breathing rapidly. Three minutes they lay there in silence then she leans over and lays her head on his shoulder and they embrace, wrapping their arms around each other to lay for a half hour just holding each other.

Caitlin asks, "What are you thinking about?".

"As weird as it may sound, my mother."


"Let me explain. When I was twelve my family went a amusement park because my brother was about to go college. Mom was somehow, despite her and dad both working, able to arrange a day for all of us to go. We had such fun going on all the rides, I got so tired out that I slept till noon the next day. Then two weeks later mom was killed when a drunk driver ran a red light.".

"Oh my god, Brian I'm so sorry."

"Its not your fault so don't feel sorry. After that my brother wanted to get a job rather than go to college but dad wouldn't hear it, he said 'your mother would have wanted you to go no matter what'. Dad started working even more hours, which is why I am good with computers since I spent most of my time alone at home on one, and my brother got a job anyway to help pay college tuition. When I look back I remember that day at the amusement park as the happiest day of my life until I met you. Now I feel guilty that I'm that today is the happiest.".

Leaning over and holding him tightly she says, " Oh Brian, you don't have to feel guilty. No one ever said you can't have more than one happiest days of your life."

"I guess you're right, you know my mother told me to listen to women. They're always right.".

"Sounds like she was a smart woman.".

"She was."

"Don't feel too bad though, I never knew my mom and until recently thought my father was dead. My aunt and uncle raised me from a baby. You can at least remember your mother so she's kind of still with you in a way."

"I'm sorry Caitlin, I didn't know."

"Looks like we're both in the habit of apologizing for stuff we didn't do."

Patting her chest and saying in a game show host like voice, "All this and brains too.". Caitlin laughs and moves her head down to lightly bite his left nipple.

"Yowwch. Watch it, those are sensitive.".

"After the tongue lashing you gave mine who could forgot.".

"I didn't hear any complaints from you.".

At this Caitlin pinches his other nipple.

"Yow, I think you left a bruise.".

"Where? Here?." And she pinches his left nipple.

"That's it, I'm tickling your stomach again.".

"No!" Caitlin tries to quickly get away, but the sheets get tangled and they both tumble on to the floor. As they look at each other they begin laughing and don't stop until Brian leans over and kisses her. The two of them continue to kiss for a minute then get up and Caitlin sits down. Brian goes and gets them both a drink. A hour later they made love again, and now more comfortable with each others bodies they explored every inch of skin. Finally too tired out to continue, Caitlin takes a shower and gets dressed. Kissing Brian on the way out they make plans to go out the next day. Walking home she feels so tired out but happier than she has ever been.

When she opens the door at home she finds that someone has been waiting for her. Lynch steps forward to greet her, a serious look on his face. Worried that she has stayed out past curfew checks the clock but it is only eight.

"Um, hello Mr. Lynch. Something wrong?"

"Caitlin, come with me." He leads her to his office and has her sit down but remains standing. He starts, "Caitlin, I know that you been infatuated with someone for awhile now, I've seen enough women in love to see the signs. There is no problem with that, you don't need my approval, but I just want to ask why you didn't take your cell phone."

Caitlin breathes in quickly realizing that she forgot the phone this morning. Lynch has told them that they must be able to be reached in an emergency. She says, "I completely forgot, is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine, for now. I got a tip that some nutcase SPB has been seen in the area and I tried to contact everyone to let you know, then Anna came in carrying your phone. I know, Caitlin that you're still adjusting to your transformation but I rely on you to keep your head together. You can't just space out because of some crush."

"How can you say what I'm feeling!" Caitlin now upset, violently retorts. Lynch looks at her and visibly transforms, appearing to age twenty years in an instant.

"Caitlin, I don't mean to say that your attraction is any less than you feel, it's just that you have always been the one I can count on and I fear that you haven't thought everything through. You risk you're life every time you face some crook or super powered whacko and if you hesitated one moment too long you could be killed or the others could be. All of you are still kids, and you should be able to do the things that kids do, but you have abilities that set you apart from the crowd. Remember that there are individuals out there a thousand times more powerful than anyone you've faced so far. You need to be ready to face them someday. I need the team to start a training regimen tomorrow so be ready at eight am."

Caitlin looks down and says, "I have plans for tomorrow.".

"We are only training for two hours so if its not later than that you'll have to reschedule.".

Fairchild stands up and starts walking towards the door until Lynch says, "Oh and Caitlin, I hope you were practicing safe sex.".

Her face turns a bright red as she looks back at Lynch.

"How did . . .".

"As I said, I've seen enough women in love. Now tell me, have you told him about your powers?".

"No I haven't.".

"Do you trust him enough to tell him?".

"I trust him completely.".

"Just think it through, by telling him you could be putting him at risk. Although he could be at risk already should anyone see you two together and know who you are. I had someone once who I was in love with but I could never tell her, the risk I would have put her under was too much for me to consider. I worried that this could happen someday to all you kids, at least with Roxanne and Grunge can share the risk together. Just think about this okay.".

"I will Mr. Lynch, and thank you for caring.".

"No problem Caitlin.".

As she walks out of his office the thought that she could be putting Brian at risk runs through her head. She has had crushes before, particularly that superhero from Metropolis, but never has she felt that she was fully in love. She thinks about her dreams for the future, she's wanted to someday get married, have some children and live a normal life. She knows that she can't have a average everyday life but she wants to think that she could someday not need to fight crime. She had started to daydream that Brian and her would be able to go and have the life she's wanted, maybe the two of them could start a software company and then marry and etcetera, etcetera. But now all she can think of is what would happen if she caused him to get hurt. Feeling worried she doesn't notice the shoes on the floor and stumbles. Falling forward she suddenly stops in midair and looks over to see Roxy, hands stretched out, using her powers to stop Cat's descent.

"Thank you Roxy. I didn't expect to find a shoe along the hall."

"Yah, Anna is at the store and Grunge just took his shoes off where ever. So where have you been, Mr. L was looking for you."

"Roxy I need to talk to you, can we go somewhere private?".

"Sure." and the two of them go to the room they share. Walking behind Roxy, Caitlin closes the door and sits on her bed and draws her knees up, wrapping her arms around them. Concerned Roxy sit down next to her and says, "What's the matter?".

"I met someone at the club I go to a while back and we both ended up falling in love with each other."

"But Cat, that’s great. So that’s why you've been acting weird lately, but if you're upset … What did he do dump you?".

"No. That’s not it. I didn't know he loved me until today and we went and … well you know. But when I got back Mr. Lynch talked to me and he said I could be putting Brian at risk. I can't stand the thought that I could cause him to get hurt.".

"Well maybe you should tell him about your powers and let him choose. Now wait a minute, are you implying you had sex?".

"If I tell him it could put him at risk. I feel so scared now."

"Lets go back a minute here, and answer my question. Are you saying you are no longer a virgin?"

"How do you deal with the thought that you could lose Grunge, Roxy?".

"I think I have a unanswered question here.".

"Jeeze Roxy, yes, I had sex. That’s not important right now, I want to know how you deal with the thought that you could lose the one you love."

"I guess I don't think about it, you know. Its like we just rush into battle together and we are there for each other. You must have really fallen for this guy, is he the one who you have been working with on those projects?".

"Yes, I met him eight weeks ago and I had come to think of him as much of a friend as you guys, then I heard him read this poem and I found myself attracted to him. You know Jen from the university?".

"That blonde who likes to play with men’s minds?".

"She talked to me and she could tell how I felt, and she watched and saw that Brian was attracted to me too. I didn't tell you but I've been having these dreams about him. When I found out how he felt I wanted to share my dream with him. But now I can't help but feel that it was a mistake, what if some lunatic hurt him because of me?".

"Cat, you don't choose love. you're going to have to tell him and let him decide."

"Roxy , I love you." and leaning over she hugs her sister. Roxy looks up and sees that there are tears in Caitlin’s eyes and puts her arms around her sister and says, "It'll be all right Cat, you'll see.".


"Would I lie to my sister? Now you better get yourself together, you don't want everyone to see you all upset at dinner, do you.".

Caitlin dries her eyes and walks to the bathroom. Now feeling better she goes to the dining room where Anna now back from the store is setting the table. As everyone comes to dinner they start talking but Cat just sits quietly. Once in a while a question would come cats way but Roxy played interference for her. Finishing dinner Cat stand up and walks past Roxy and whispers a thanks and heads to the bedroom. She feels physically and emotionally exhausted and when she lays down she quickly falls asleep.

Tonight her dream changes. As she swims through the sea, predators are in the distance. As she flies amongst the clouds shapes at the edge of vision keep taunting her. In space she watches as the farthest stars explode and fade to black. And in the field she sees at the horizon a ring of smoke.

The training is hard and intense. The team is exhausted and hit the showers. Caitlin dries off and gets dressed, walks to the living room and seeing no one around she calls Brian. They decide to meet at the art gallery, so she tells everyone she’s going and grabs her cell phone and walks out. At the gallery the two of them spend hours walking arm in arm. They explore the gallery together and she leans her head against his shoulder, feeling very happy. As they check out the featured exhibit she sees a painting that makes her feel sad because it reminds her that she has to tell him something. Leaving the gallery she stops on the steps and says, "Can we go somewhere private, I have to tell you something.".

"There's a secluded spot behind the gallery with a bench for when they have outdoor exhibits."

Walking to the bench Caitlin looks around and seeing no one she sits down next to him.

"I need to tell you about something important. Have you heard of Gen¹³?".

"You mean that superhero team that is supposed to be here in California?".

"Yes that’s the one. Well … I'm a member.".

"You aren't joking are you?".

Reaching down she picks up a rock about six inches across and crushes it with her bare hand.

"But Caitlin how … what happened … how are you . . .?".

"Apparently my father, along with others were exposed to something by the government. They gained powers but the powers were unstable. The program was shut down until someone got the idea that the projects offspring might be worth something, at which point my father and some of the others tried to hide us kids. I was only a baby at the time but I understand that when the government took a couple of the children they were met with fierce resistance from some of the parents. Some people died and so they shut the project down to avoid the public learning. The parents were afraid so they sent their children to live with foster families, I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle. But recently some woman named Ivana decided to start up the program and tricked us into going there, where we were exposed to conditions to manifest our powers. My friends and I escaped with the help of a former member of Gen 12 named Jack Lynch. Now we try to use our powers to help people. I felt I had to tell you because there could be a risk for you to be with me, I didn't realize it until Mr. Lynch pointed it out. I love you but I'm worried that you'll get hurt because of me."

"Wow Caitlin, I'm stunned. I love you too, and I want to be with you no matter what the danger." He leans over and kisses her. Feeling better she returns the kiss and they sit there kissing for the next five minutes.

The next few days go by quickly as Cat trains in the morning then goes out with Brian in the afternoon to evening. They go to dozens of places and even make love some more times. Fairchild is finally convinced to bring him over to the house and introduce to everyone. She is very happy to find he gets along perfectly with all her friends, from playing video games with Grunge, too discussing environmental issues with Sarah. Lynch even finds himself liking him. Caitlin feels so delighted she is beaming and finds herself humming love songs most of the time now.

The rest of the group convince the two of them to go to a night club with them. As they walk in and begin to dance Cat feels her body move to the music as she looks at Brian. After ten minutes they go to the bar for a drink getting just sodas, Grunge comes over and asks, "So Brian, you and Cat been doing it yet? I gotta know what’s it like with her.".

Looking quickly at Cat he says, "Its indescribable." Then grins at the look on Grudge’s face

Suddenly Caitlin’s cell phone vibrates, she looks at the text message and starts to move toward the door, the rest of the team doing the same. Brian starts to follow and Cat looks back and says, "Brian, this is too dangerous for you to come, maybe you should go home." Feeling upset she jogs out and pulls from a bag her flashsuit arm bracelet, turning it and feeling the cool night air now on her exposed legs. Roxy uses her powers to pick Caitlin and Grunge up as Sarah and Bobby both take to the air with them. apparently a group of gunmen along with one SPB have attacked police station while members of their group rob a bank.

"Sarah, Bobby, you two deal with the bank while Grunge, Roxy and me will help the police."

Splitting up, Fairchild hopes everything will go okay, as they come up on the police station to find a shootout going on. She looks to see that there is one individual standing doing nothing, but as she watches she notices the bullets just bounce off him. This must be the SPB, so she tells Grunge to go help the police as she and Roxy confronts the guy.

"So there are some do-gooders around here after all, I was starting to get bored." After saying that he stretches his arms out and telekinetically lifts a car and tosses it towards Caitlin. Catching it she knows it won't do any good to throw it back, after all he lifted it in the first place, so she looks at Roxy and mouths two. Roxy knows the signal means to disorient the foe enough for close combat, so she lifts every small object she can manage and sends it swirling around the guy, while sending three objects at a time at to collide with him. Caitlin moves in and as she gets to the edge of the whirlwind she gets knocked from behind by a mailbox, sending her into the swirling debris. Roxy immediately drops the objects and tries to lift the villain off the ground but panics when a car flys toward her.

"This is the best this town can offer?" He starts walking forward when Caitlin who he thought was out of the fight grabs his leg and snaps the bone in two. He folds like a accordion and Caitlin grabs his neck and wraps her arms in a sleeper hold and turns the lights out for the guy. Standing up she looks to see that Roxy's alright, she caught the car before it was too late, but then she sees the gunmen turn and start firing towards them. Roxy drops flat to avoid the bullets as Caitlin starts running to attack them, bullets bouncing off her body, stinging but no permanent damage, when she hears a cry. Looking back she sees a woman kneeling and crying over a man, and she hears a voice crying, "my husband's been shot.".

Caitlin freezes as all the worry she had comes back to her in a flash, not noticing even the bullets striking her. She hears Roxy call out but it sounds very distant. Falling to her knees she starts to shake and she feels very cold. The bullets stop and she hears running footsteps, as Roxy reaches her she puts her arms around Caitlin.

"It's okay Cat, its all over.". Looking down Roxy sees tears landing on the pavement and hugs Fairchild tighter.

Getting home Anna checks Caitlin and says that she’s in shock and wants her to stay in the infirmary tonight. Lynch walks in and sits down next to her.

"Do you want to talk about it?".

Staring straight up she just says, "No.".

"I thought you might like to know that Brian has called. He heard what happened on the news and is worried about you.".

"Could you bring me the phone and give me some privacy.".


Bringing the phone he then walks out and closes the door. She dials Brian's number and before the first ring ends he picks up.

"Caitlin is it you?".


"I've been so worried, I was afraid something awful might have happened. Are you okay?".

"Brian I think we should stop seeing each other, goodbye.". She hangs up the phone and lays back as tears start to spill down her face.

The next day Lynch says she doesn't have to participate in training so she goes to her bed and just goes to sleep, waking at four in the afternoon. For a week she is quiet and emotionless, mostly reading all day. The others do their best to get her involved in something but she just doesn't want to do anything. Roxy tells her that she's there if Caitlin wants to talk but Fairchild doesn't want to talk about it. The next week she starts joining the training sessions in the morning. Ten days after that night Lynch suddenly calls them all in.

"Sad to say this but the police have bungled another case. That SPB you fought has escaped and he's pissed. I want everyone ready at a moments notice to go into battle.".

Feeling angry Caitlin throws herself into training. She sees this villain as the one who took her chance at love away and she is going to make him pay. For two days she trains like never before, the team gets worried about her but decides its better to train than to be lost in misery. The next day while they were training they received a call from Lynch to get suited up, the villain is attacking the university campus.

Arriving at the campus they find the students panicking. Pushing their way through the crowd they see the villain in the air flinging cars through the buildings upper stories, screaming, "Where are you gen13. I'm here to kill you.".

Sarah calls down a lightning bolt but it just cascades off the telekinetic force field he has around his body, the same happening with Bobby's flame blasts. The villain send out a force wave and sends them flying while Caitlin uproots a tree and hits him from behind, sending him into the brickwork of the building.

"You were the one that beat me before, girly. Just you wait and see what I'm going to do to you."

Grunge runs forward, having turned himself to stone, and moves to strike when he is flung back and, changing quickly, collides with Roxy. Fairchild feels her body being squeezed and lifted up as the villain limps forward saying, "Do you know the doctors couldn't use anesthetic when they set my leg, it would have interfered with the neural inhibitor they used on me. I'm going to break every bone in your body then throw you to the ground from ten thousand feet up." Smiling he tightens the grip on Fairchild. She doesn't think she can take much more when she hears a sound and falls backward. Looking up she sees Brian standing behind the villain, now on his knees holding his head with a baseball bat in his hands.

"I'm not about to stand by while a beautiful girl gets killed." he says.

"You're gonna pay for thinking with the wrong head." The villain having trouble controlling his powers sends Brian flying into a wall, then causes the wall to begin crumbling. Fairchild screams, "No! Brian." as the wall falls down. Tears streaming down her cheeks she runs and starts too dig when her hair is grabbed from behind.

"So he was someone special to you, well don't worry you'll be with him soon."

With all the rage she feels she tries to channel it into one punch and says, "You bastard." Her fist connects squarely with his face and he flies backward into the wall on the other side of the courtyard, sliding down to the ground motionless. Caitlin goes back to frantically digging through the rubble as the rest of the team hurries to help. Unearthing Brian Fairchild feels no pulse and begins CPR, she calls for Sarah.

"Sarah I need you to try use your powers like a defibrillator for his heart."

"But Cat, I don't have the skill to control the amount yet. Too much or too little could … ."

"if you don't he's going to die, please Sarah you have to try." Leaning back from his chest she rips open his shirt. Sarah moves forward and places her hands on his chest and sends a jolt into him.

Caitlin feels his wrist and now feels a weak pulse. Suddenly Jen appears, "Caitlin I thought that was you. You have to get out of here, the police are coming."

"I'm not leaving Brian again." states Fairchild.

"I'll stay with him okay. That guy over there is dead and you don't want the police to think it was you so go.

Hesitantly Caitlin goes with the others. All day long she worries about Brian with Lynch trying to get information on his condition for her. She finds out he is alive but in a coma, and Lynch is able to get her allowed to see him. Walking into the room she sees him laying there his body covered in bandages and tubes sticking out of him. Caitlin sits down next to his bed and gently takes his hand, and begins to cry. Lynch knocks and walks in, walks to her and says, "I have it arranged so you can come here whenever you want."

"Thank you."

"Now Caitlin I want to tell you something. Remember I told you how I once was in love with a woman and I didn't do anything because I didn't want to chance putting her at risk?"


"Well Brian here risked his life and saved you, so I think he's let you know that he's willing to face whatever he has to, to be with you. I'm going to go home now, call Anna when you want her to get you."

He walks out and Caitlin leans over and brushes the hair to side of Brian's face. She stays there all day and when the doctor comes in and says its time to go he sees how much she cares for him and lets her stay, hoping that maybe she can be a anchor for Brian to come back from his coma with. Caitlin falls to sleep and dreams of fire, the symbol for passion yet it destroys what it touches, she feels herself falling into flames. Then a hand reaches out and takes hers, pulling her from the fiery pit. She looks up to see a face she knows smiling at her, then she starts to wake up realizing something is touching her. Opening her eyes she see that Brian's hand is holding hers, and she lifts her head to see that his eyes are now open. She sits there for a minute looking into his eyes before she gets the doctor.

Two weeks later Brian is released from the hospital and Caitlin pushes his wheel chair to a shady spot with a bench. As she sits down she asks, "So when are they going to get you out of this chair?"

"They want me to wait a couple weeks more before trying to walk."

"Brian, I wanted to thank you for saving me. I'm sorry that I stopped seeing you but I got so scared that you would be hurt because of me and I couldn't stand the thought of it."

"I knew that was probably the reason, but I couldn't stand back and watch while that asshole killed you. I didn't care that I might be killed, I just couldn't let him hurt you."

"You know if we start going out again it could mean we'll face this threat again."

"I know, I don't care. I love you and I want to be with you no matter what." and after saying that Caitlin kisses him, not wanting to break it she holds on as long as she can then breaks for air.

"Well then, a little incentive for when you get healed." and she starts whispering in his ear what she has in store for him and his face becomes cherry red.

"I think I need a change of shorts now."

Standing up she takes the handles and wheels him back, with the promise of what’s to come when he gets better she figures he'll be a fast healer.

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