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A Royal Visit

Written by Musclebound :: [Thursday, 15 December 2005 14:16] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 06 April 2013 15:19]

A Royal Visit


by Musclebound



One cold night on the east coast of the United States a radar tracking station located two small but fast moving objects passing over the City of New York. The objects were plotted as moving at 25 000 miles per hour. The ‘Star Wars’ missile batteries engaged the fast moving objects and were easily evaded. After out manoeuvring several dozen missiles the objects changed course over the state of New Jersey.


Two air force jets were scrambled in an effort to find these mysterious objects and the National Guard units in the vicinity of the landing area were dispatched post haste.


Leroy Gale was driving home from a night out at the town bar when in the distance his headlights picked up two figures standing in the middle of the mountain track. As his Ford pickup approached the figures he could see that they were female and about six feet high and very well built. Both the blonde and the redhead were broad shouldered with a fair degree of muscular development and quite startling despite the snowy conditions were completely naked.


Both women stood rigid in the middle of the road which caused Leroy to drive to one side of them. Stopping his pick-up alongside these strange women the angry driver wound down his window and cursed “What are you stupid fucking bitches trying to do?”


There was no answer from both of the tall beauties. Leroy could not help himself but notice the perfect features of these incredibly beautiful women. There were no imperfections on their bodies at all; they could not possibly be real.


Somewhat stunned at their manner, appearance and lack of clothing Leroy tried once again at communicating with them “What are you girls doing on this road without clothes, aren’t you cold?”


Still there was no answer as both women stared at him intently with a strange menacing look. Thoroughly unnerved the frightened driver hit the accelerator and although the vehicle picked up speed quickly the redhead was faster and had moved at lightening pace to be in front of the pickup which hit the woman and came to a shuddering halt. The force of the two ton vehicle seemed to be as effective as a feather as the woman did not move one inch and seemed to be completely unhurt.


The blond moved to the side of his pick-up and with a shrieking sound had sunk her hands into the door and was now tearing the metal apart as if it was made of wet paper. Effortlessly the steel tore apart at her touch and soon the two pieces were compacted so tightly that under extreme pressure the steel became molten and dripped down onto the blonde’s feet. Horrified Leroy looked down as the red hot liquid melted the snow around her feet. Smiling the blonde climbed into the cab of the pick-up pushing the frightened male driver into the middle of the cab. Just then the other door bulged inwards and split as the redhead effortlessly climbed into the other side of the cab. Both seats collapsed under the weight of these women. Leroy was wedged between the awesome muscular bodies of the two women as the blonde started driving the pick-up down the track.


The redhead turned on the radio and both women sat there in stony silence and listened to the talk back show playing at that time. After about ten minutes of listening to the radio the superior intelligence of these women allowed them to converse quite fluently in English.


The blonde spoke up “My name is Princess Silenus and my companion here is Princess Ariadne. We are royal princesses on our home planet.”


“Two million years ago we destroyed the dominant male half of our species when we gained super powers. Today there are super males like us who live as our equals, but the greater portion of their sex who tried to oppose us are now living as our pets and have to beg for their existence. We have allowed small colonies of friendly males to live in peace in their own communities. We have landed on your planet because we are angry that you fired weapons at us and now we are going to have some fun.”


Leroy sits there in silence wedged between two quite well developed females. If it wasn’t for their display of strength he would have thought that he was in the company of two escaped mental patients.


Princess Ariadne speaks to Princess Silenus in some strange language which Leroy cannot understand. To which Silenus replies in English “I can hear them Bec, there are soldiers ahead.”


At last Leroy finds the words to speak “I can’t hear anything. Are you stupid bitches crazy?”


Silenus reaches down and rips through Leroy’s pants and squeezes the male’s cock making him double up in pain “I did not give you permission to speak you pathetic male. As all of our senses and abilities are trillions of times superior to you, we can see, hear and do things which you cannot even imagine.”


The display of power and dominance brings a smile to Ariadne’s face and great rise in her body temperature as she becomes sexually excited.


Leroy gasps. “My god what is happening to you? Your body is radiating incredible heat!”


Princess Ariadne replies “You don’t want to be near me when I want sex. You would not survive me or what comes out of my body when I am excited.”


Princess Silenus slips a finger into Ariadne’s moistening pussy and thereby increasing the body temperature of her poor sexually frustrated mate. Leroy’s skin is subjected to incredible temperature as both women continue to play with each other. The dripping juice from Ariadne’s enflamed pussy is starting to melt the floor of the pickup, much to Leroy’s horror.


“What are you fucking bitches doing to my truck! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! You cannot melt steel like this.” Exclaims the shocked male.


An army road block comes into view as Silenus stretches out her legs and pushes through the fire wall and crushes the engine like it was made of putty. The truck lurches to a stop and the soldiers charge forward. Ariadne bursts through the engine compartment as the nervous soldiers open fire on her invulnerable body. Standing there as the ineffective bullets splatter against her body Ariadne says. “Come on Britt let’s have some fun.”


Leroy crawls out of the truck and croaks “Kill the bitches; they’re some kind of aliens.”


Both of the stunning women move slowly towards the firing soldiers and are peppered with bullets from the rapidly firing guns.


Silenus grabs one of the guns and places the barrel in her mouth. Biting off the barrel the blonde’s inviting tongue applies trillions of tons of pressure to the steel reducing its physical form to a superheated liquid which she then dribbles onto the snow. The hot liquid melts the snow is a sizzling hiss.


Silenus shouts. “Get down on your knees and worship us you pathetic creatures for we are GODS!”


To Leroy’s dismay the stunned soldiers obey the blonde Goddess’s command and drop to their knees. The scene is too much for Ariadne who knocks Silenus to the ground and proceeds to make vigorous love to her companion. The awesome pounding of the goddesses shake the eastern United States for hundreds of miles and the spurting love juices melt the snow and blast a deep crater into the ground.


The frightened humans move back from the writhing immortals and are shocked when Ariadne emits a loud pleasurable scream and melts every piece of matter for five square miles to the west of the little group of mortals. The humans are terrified at the display of such incredible power, nothing is spared, trees, rocks and at least seven feet of the ground is all melted to a pool of superheated goo.


After enjoying hundreds of organisms the mighty gods calm down and another show of power is displayed for the completely demoralised mortals. Silenus levitates off the ground, inhales her mighty lungs and sucks everything for one hundred square miles into her mouth. The matter is compressed to the size of chewing gum and must weigh millions if not billions of tons. With both goddesses floating above the ground the immense piece of earth is tossed like a feather between the two women. Ariadne places the small piece of highly dense matter into her mouth and starts chewing and soon the solid material is reduced to a liquid which expands to an incredible volume as it is exposed to the lower atmospheric pressure.


Millions of gallons of this super hot liquid matter spurts out of Ariadne’s mouth burning everything in sight. The torrent roars down the mountain consuming everything until it starts to cool and takes on the physical form of a solid lava flow.


Every mortal who witnessed this display thinks that there is no hope for the earth against such raw power, nothing the human race had invented for war would stand a chance against these unbelievably powerful women.


After such a display of power the beauties fly off into the black sky and head back to New York. Landing on a deserted back street on Manhattan the goddesses spy the back wall of a dress shop. Walking into the solid brick wall Silenus cracks the wall with incredible ease and pushes her awesome body through the crumbling brickwork. Inside the shop the girls start trying on various outfits fully aware that the so-called silent alarm has been activated. Smashing open the cash box the goddesses help themselves to several thousand dollars.


When the girls have picked out their various outfits they are placed inside a box and then they smash their way out into the main street where they are confronted by two police cars and a very bright spot light. Ordered to lie on the ground the women steadily approach the police who challenge them three times to stop. Ignoring these pathetic figures who think they can give orders Ariadne walks to the nearest car and with a flick on her hand sends the bonnet on a trip to another galaxy. Reaching down the bombshell wrenches the six-cylinder engine from its mounts with no effort at all. With an awful wail the engine block gives way to the goddess’s unlimited strength, crumpling and tearing as its structural integrity is destroyed. The cylinder head starts to bend and it becomes separated as the pistons are forced out by the compressed cylinders. The cast iron block cracks and is shattered by the incredible pressure. Closer and closer Ariadne forces her hands together and the pressure is increased which in turn increases the temperature of the succumbing steel until it no longer resembles an engine and is being transformed by trillions of tons of force to a superheated liquid. The syrup drips out of her hands and onto the pavement. Rebecca lifts the shell of the car and crushes it to the size of a beach ball which startles the police and causes them to start shooting their weapons in shear panic. The bullets splatter or bounce harmlessly off the goddesses invincible bodies. Ariadne throws the steel beach ball at the tarred pavement where it explodes with tremendous force shaking the whole island. The police are blown hundreds of feet down the road and the other police car is shattered into thousands of pieces.


Completely unhurt by the explosion the goddesses put on some cloths and casually walked away from the destruction.


They find a hotel to their liking and they walk into the office to completely startle the night receptionists with their incredible beauty. The jealous female sullenly hands them a room key and cattily denigrates Silenus’s bulging muscles. In response Silenus picks up the steel desk bell and crushes it to boiling syrup which she drips into her mouth. With a triumphant smile Princess Silenus says “I sure you could not do that with your pathetic excuse for a body.”


The actions left the receptionists speechless and reinforced the negative view she held for her fat body. Two million years ago these women were enhanced by genetic material passed to them by Silenus’s sister who was turned into a god by a serum which had been designed to turn ordinary mortals into ruthless fighting machines. The serum was designed change their personalities into ruthless hunters who were to destroy anyone who challenged them. And now the ruthless natures of both women would not let the humiliation end; they heard the women’s boyfriend in the back office and called out to him. When the fat guy appeared he was completely mesmerised by their extreme beauty. Knowing that they had him under their complete control both beauties took turns to fondle his stiffening manhood and each gave him long, deep and wet French Kisses.


After completely dominating the poor slob who ejaculated over the front counter to the sensual strokes of Ariadne both goddesses turned and slowly started to walk up the stairs letting the fat girl see their long and powerful legs, all the way up to their bare backsides as the skimpy mini skirts concealed virtually nothing.


Once in the room Silenus tried to sit on the bed and as it was never made to take her super dense body it is crushed to matchwood.


Silenus says “I forget the furniture was not designed for us on Earth.”


Says Ariadne who is quit busy admiring her stunningly beautiful face and omnipotent body in the mirror “Yes it’s all pathetic like these mortals. Can you imagine after three thousand years they are still as helpless as they were before and at the mercy of so many things? They have no power, and no physical beauty compared to us. But then we are Gods and they are not.”


Ariadne flexes her mighty biceps and turns to flex her powerful back for the lusting stares of her equally beautiful mate. Silenus walks over and starts to lick the powerful muscles on the red head’s thick arms and broad shoulders.


Silenus says “Her Majesty commissioned us to provide an updated aerial survey of the Earth. We were to land if we were attacked and make contact with the humans. I must ask you to curb you natural dominant instincts until we are provoked. We will let these humans capture us and take us to their base. And if they try to humiliate us, we will go along with them and let them experiment on us and show them our true power.”


Ariadne’s nipples are swelling at the thought of exposing herself to the humans and defeating every attempt of their puny weapons and science to destroy her.


Dripping sizzling pussy juice Ariadne sensually licks Silenus’s swelling clit and breathlessly exclaims “Oh Britt that would be the best present you could give me. It will be so depressing for them when they find that there is nothing in the universe that can defeat us.”


“I’d thought you would like it.” Says Silenus as she spies their unbelievably hot love juices starting to burn through the floor.


As both goddesses become sexually aroused their juices start to spurt out and burn the floor weakening its structural strength. The floor collapses and both beauties fall through successive floors as the whole wing of the hotel is destroyed by the unstoppable flow of the super hot love juices. Soon all that is left is a three foot deep boiling pool of syrup in which the two naked women are standing. The horrified night receptionist rings the police as she peers through her office window at the devastation.


Soon a vehicle pulls into the car park but it is not the expected police car but an air force car. Two officers emerge with drawn guns and demand that the two women surrender immediately.


Silenus shouts “Don’t hurt us. We will come with you. Just don’t hurt us.”


Trying hard to keep a straight face Ariadne finds here lover’s timid little show quite amusing. The farce continues where both women are ordered into the back of the car and their extreme weight crushes down and breaks the rear axle.


Joking, Ariadne gets out and picks up the car, saying. “Your poor little car is broken; here I will carry it for you.”


Startled at her strength one of the officers tells her to put the car down before anyone sees them and that they will radio for a bigger truck.


To which Ariadne admonishes them by saying. “Don’t tell me you big brave men are afraid of other people seeing a couple of strong and powerful women.”


Both women are, verbally, quite a handful and the officers are pleased when the truck finally arrives.


By sunrise the goddesses have been transferred to a plane which is fast approaching a secrete base in the Nevada Desert. The plane taxied to a deserted hanger and the goddesses were walked quickly to a lift and in great secrecy were transported down about two thousand feet into the earth. Both women were seated in specially reinforced chairs and faced an audience of the President, the Joint Chiefs, the directors of the CIA and FBI as well as numerous scientists.


The President opened by saying. “Who are you and where do you come from?”


Princess Silenus replied “We are royal princesses from the planet Hibernia. My sister is the Queen. My name is Princess Silenus and my companion is here is Princess Ariadne.”


The President (mockingly): “Oh gentleman we have some royal aliens.”


Princess Silenus: “I would like you to address each of us as ‘Your Royal Highness’. We are Princesses and as such deserve some respect.”


The President: “Don’t throw your royal ass’s around here and demand us to bow down to you.”


Princess Ariadne (getting bored): “Britt, I don’t want to put up with this crap any more, lets get to the fun part.”


Princess Silenus: “Yes we are royalty and we expect better treatment.”


The President: “We used to have a royal family but we fought a war and broke away from a country called England.”


Princess Silenus: “I absorbed your history and all you did was transfer power from one person to another.”


The President (getting angry): “Enough of your lectures, why are you here?”


Princess Silenus: “I must say this is a good welcome! You send messages into the universe to greet other life forms and when we arrive we are fired at and met by soldiers.”


Princess Ariadne: “Mr. President, do you really want to know who we are? We are the rulers of the Universe. There is no higher power than us. WE ARE GODS! Mr. President. Our strength is limitless. If you were to compact the entire universe into a small cube I could lift the entire mass with one finger. There is nothing that can destroy us, I could fly through your sun and not feel any heat at all. All your little pop gun weapons are totally ineffective against us, even your atomic bombs. I have survived the blast from a 450 000 megaton atomic bomb. It gave me a good orgasm, I must admit.”


“You might remember us from Greek legends, Mr. President, WE ARE THE GREEK GODS! We lived on Earth for thousands of your years.”


The Chief of Staff: “This is all lies and rubbish. You are lying it is impossible. I don’t believe you are gods, Greek or otherwise. No one has unlimited strength and it is impossible for matter to be indestructible. No one could build a bomb that powerful and even if it was constructed you could not possibly survive the blast.”


Princess Silenus: “They were constructed by the stupid males on my planet. One single bomb exploded outside our bodies and it destroyed thousands of square miles of our former country, killed millions of people and if it was not for my sister the superheated blast wave would have killed the entire mortal population of my planet. Another thing MR. PRESIDENT! the four of us that were present slid one bomb each up inside our bodies and exploded it. The bomb had no effect on us for we cannot be killed!! We are so powerful that one concentrated blast from my mouth is capable of destroying a whole galaxy. Just think of that power, billions and billions of stars destroyed. I could disintegrate this whole planet of yours by stamping my foot or just blowing a concentrated kiss.”




Ariadne is sitting there slowly steaming decides to lift her arm and without effort easily breaks the thick super-hard titanium steel straps holding down her arms. Tapping her foot on the ground Ariadne shakes the whole complex and the ground for hundreds of miles.




The President (shocked); How did you do that? Those straps are unbreakable and by tapping your toes … it is not possible … you don’t have that kind of power.


Princess Ariadne: “That little demonstration is only a fraction of our power. Yet you still do not believe us. I will demonstrate some more of our powers.”




Ariadne turns her head and looks at a robot standing in the corner of the room. Concentrating the redheaded god emits a high pitched scream and the metal of the robot starts to change to a liquid. The robot sinks down into an ever growing pool of boiling liquid. Slack jawed the assembled humans are stunned at the awe inspiring sight. The steaming gray liquid starts to run and soon follows a path to the feet of the President. The room heats up as Ariadne becomes sexually excited by her display of power.




Princess Ariadne; There gentleman is some more proof of our abilities. You may notice the heat radiating from my body I am becoming aroused and if you do not back away from me I will burn your bodies. You see our very presence near you will corrode and wither your pathetic bodies.


Clearly shaken, the assembled group quickly starts talking to each other. In a fraction of a second thick steel doors drop quickly and isolate the two women from the outside world. Various doors open in the roof and small pipes and what appear to be gun barrels appear.


Clearly amused Ariadne says “I think we have got ourselves into trouble. Do you think they will hurt us with their big bad weapons?”


“I have to admit we know how to piss people off.” Smirks Silenus.


Suddenly a yellow liquid sprays out of a tube and covers the women with its sweet smell. Silenus wipes her hand over the substance and excitedly licks it off and swallows the material. Ariadne says unbelieving. “It’s nearly the same biological weapon the males used on us millions of years ago. It tastes the same and it will have the same effect. TOTALLY USELESS!”


The women are bombarded in succession by intense radiation, various poisonous gases, high voltage electricity, fire, water to drown them, even the air was removed from the room and all these efforts were totally ineffective.


An aperture in the wall opens behind Silenus’s neck and robot arm appears with a spinning drill. The toughened metal drill shatters in many pieces when it tries to penetrate Silenus’s neck. Ariadne laughs at the pathetic attempt to remove DNA from the indestructible goddess’s neck.


With effortless ease Ariadne stands up breaking the numerous titanium steel straps securing her legs to the chair. The straps offered no resistance and Ariadne didn’t even feel that they were there.


Walking to the door Silenus pushed her fingers into the face hardened armoured door, the nickel-steel cracked and split as easily as wet tissue paper as the goddess tore the steel apart to the sounds high-pitched shrieking. Suddenly as the pathetic door tore open a flood of molten steel poured into the room engulfing both women. The facility had an electric steel making furnace whose job was to pour molten steel into the air cavity between the experiment rooms and the outer base to prevent any alien nasties from escaping. Swimming through the 1500°F liquid both women jump and burst through the twenty foot thick reinforced concrete ceiling as if it was dry sand.


Standing in a hallway dripping molten steel Ariadne laughed spitting steel at the concrete wall and blowing a sizeable hole through it. Walking over to Ariadne, Silenus started sensually kissing her mate and transferred a mouth full of liquid steel to her girlfriend. Ariadne swallowed the superheated liquid with a sensual “yummm.”


Far below the surface of the earth the goddesses can hear the engines starting on Air Force One and Silenus suggests to Ariadne that it would be fun to disable the aircraft. With a mighty jump Ariadne bursts through two thousand feet of reinforced concrete, steel and earth and blasts up onto the runway. Strutting towards the plane the beautiful redhead is hit by thousands of machine gun bullets as guards desperately try to keep her away from the plane. Looking contemptuously at the pathetic flying machine the goddess kicks off the front wheels which causes the nose to hit the tarmac with a resounding bang.


Ariadne starts to roll up the aircraft as the pilots flee for their lives. The metal wails and shrieks in agony as it is ripped, crushed, torn and compacted into a dense ball of matter. Ariadne effortlessly rolls the monster plane into a football size piece of metal. Holding the ball at chest height the goddess applies trillions of tons of pressure and squeezes the ball to boiling syrup which she then drips over her mighty 40 inch DD boobs.


Silenus blasts through the pathetic structure of the base and up into the sky where she spies a flight of F-14B Tomcat fighters and decides to have fun with them. The tomcats have sighted the goddess and turn in pursuit. Silenus watches with absolute glee as a batch of air to air missiles are launched. The goddess’s insatiable pussy has become wet in anticipation of being hit by these impotent little toys. The ten missiles explode and are as effective as rain drops hitting Silenus’s skin. Screaming in delight the goddess launches herself at the speed of light and passes one unfortunate fighter which is caught in the great rush of superheated air. The shockwave and extreme air temperature disintegrates the plane into thousands of pieces. Turning and slowing down to 500 000 miles per hour Silenus charges head-on at another plane and blasts right through the fuselage turning the plane into a massive fireball.


Flying alongside a retreating tomcat the goddess starts playing with her engorged nipples and dripping pussy but the pilot is too frightened to be turned on by her display. Scorned by his lack of interest Silenus spits at the plane and blows holes through the fuselage. The pilot hits the ejection button and blasts off to safety. The goddess blows a kiss at the plane and propels it to a distant galaxy which is completely destroyed as a result. Reeling from the effects of a massive organism Silenus thinks of the smashed galaxy and says to her self “They don’t call us gods for nothing.”


Spying the President being hustled into a waiting helicopter Ariadne blasts back underground and finds a super hard titanium door, wrenches it out of its housing and smashes her way back to the surface. The helicopter is airborne and starting to flee when the goddess inhales and the mighty suction of her lungs drags the helicopter back to the ground only four feet in front of her powerful body. Extending one arm Ariadne shatters the rotor blades sending pieces in all directions. The goddess presses her immense boobs against the metal side of the helicopter. With loud ‘pops’ her protruding nipples piece the flimsy metal which is also being inexorably pushed back by the forward thrust of her invincible boobs. The weak steel cannot take the pressure and splits with an audible tearing sound.


Bullets are splattering against the goddess’s invulnerable body as she smashes, bends and tears her way into the large helicopter. Knocking the secret service agents out of the way Ariadne picks up the President like a little puppy and tears her way out of the other side of the helicopter.


Carrying the President to a large concrete tower the goddess tears strips off the titanium door as easily as tearing newspaper and pushes one end into the solid concrete while backing the screaming President against the wall. Effortlessly Ariadne bends the super strong titanium around the cursing mortal and the pushes the other end into the concrete. Securing the President with three other straps Ariadne heads back underground with a shuddering blast.


Smashing some of the base to rubble Ariadne meets up with Silenus and both princesses walk down the corridor to the nuclear reactor. A feeble ten foot thick armoured door blocked their passage temporarily and was pulled out of its housing by Silenus. The door groaned as it was subjected to immense pressure and the brittle face hardened armour cracked and split as the door buckled. Applying ten million trillion tons of force the blonde goddess crushed the door to a small dense ball without feeling any effort at all. The relentless strength of the young women superheated the ball to a plasma gas and soon it was floating through the corridors of the base.


Walking into the reactor room they soon see the encased objects of their sexual desire. Fortunately they are two reactors and the thought of using them as super powered dildos has moistened their insatiable pussies. Both Silenus and Ariadne inhale and suck a reactor into their mouths compacting it the correct size and then both women lay in the sixty nine position and insert the nuclear dildo into each other’s pussy with their mouths. The compressed eight inch reactors bring wails of pleasure as they are pushed further and further into their wet love holes. The ten thousand degree pussy juice and their powerful muscles crush the reactors to liquid causing an immense explosion which sends waves of pleasure through their bodies. The remains of the reactor and deadly radiation bubble out and contaminate vast areas of the base. Anxious to destroy the base the goddesses violently smash the base to rubble causing parts of the surface to collapse into the ruined base.


Back on the surface both women are standing in a forest of exploding shells as four M2A2 Abrams main battle tanks engage them in a fierce artillery barrage. The 120 mm armour piecing and high explosive shells are quite ineffective as they exploded harmlessly on the bodies of the invincible goddesses. Selecting a tank each the beauties start ripping the hardened armour apart as if it was tissue paper. Groaning the tanks split down the middle and all the internal parts tumble out on to the ground. The scrap steel is shredded into thousands of tiny bits of metal as both women tear the tanks to pieces in a frenzy too fast for the human eye to observe.


Ariadne picks up a retreating tank and flies up to a great altitude and flings the tank to the east where it lands on Washington and destroys the city in a thunderous blast. The shockwaves shake the whole planet.


Silenus walks to the surviving tank and ties the 120 mm smooth bore gun into a pretty bow and picks up the fighting vehicle and squashes it into a concrete building. The heavy steel of the tank is reduced to a plasma gas and is blown away.


In a two-pronged attack Ariadne heads to Boston where she melts the entire city after producing a high pitched scream. Every thing imaginable has been reduced to boiling liquid. Satisfied the goddess heads to New York to watch her mate in action.


Silenus heads low towards Manhattan and accelerates to the speed of light. Smashing headfirst the blonde god drives through row after row of mighty skyscrapers. The massive blast wave following Silenus destroys every structure in existence and the fast passage has superheated the air to colossal temperature. All of the devastated remains of the city burst into flames, nothing is spared.


With soldiers desperately trying to free the Commander in Chief he is kept informed of the developing attacks. Shocked at the devastation the imprisoned President screams at Silenus “If you were my daughter I would fuck you up the arse and humiliate you, you fucking bitch.”


Not knowing that Silenus was the victim of brutal incest long ago the President has signed the death warrant for the Earth. Enraged beyond belief Silenus slams her foot into the ground and knocks the Earth off its axis. A massive seismic wave travels around the globe destroying every structure that existed on the planet. Every city is reduced to dust and a huge five mile wide fissure opens up through Central Europe swallowing the remains of whole cities. The Pacific Ocean empties its basin and begins its relentless surge westwards. The massive thirty thousand foot high wall of water sweeps over every continent destroying all in its path.


Massive cracks appear all over the planet as sea water and molten magma mix causing thundering explosions in the centre of the planet. Great chunks are blown off into space as Silenus holds the sobbing President as they fly up into the air to escape the crumpling Earth. Saliva has appeared at the corners of Ariadne’s mouth as hunting and sexual instincts are aroused by the destruction. Joining in on the carnage Ariadne blows a sweet kiss at the moon shattering it into millions of pieces. Turning her attention to the sun Ariadne obliterates the star and in turn destroys Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and even poor little Pluto.


In the black atmosphere of a dead solar system the President sobs “THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE, NO CREATURE CAN BE AS POWERFUL AS YOU. SUCH POWER IS NOT POSSIBLE!! …”


AT 2.10 AM the President is awaken from a terrible nightmare by the ringing of the Red Phone. A disciplined voice on the phone tells the anxious President that two small fast moving objects have been detected flying into the Earth’s atmosphere from space and are now moving across New York City.


“Let them go, General, For God’s sake let them go!” Says the President …




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