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The Story of Christina McCallister, Part 2

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The Story of Christina McCallister, Part 2

by 008


Afternoon of June 15, ‘98

Christina was still feeling exhilarated from her brief and incredibly lopsided battle with the security personnel as she casually ran off at an incredible pace. As she ran, Christina glanced down at marvel at her legs – so long and shapely but fueled with inhuman power! Christina again became excited at the thought! She was fast. Faster than anyone who had ever lived. Mind-blowingly fast!!! And it only made her want to go faster. Christina’s lips curled into an evil smile as she clenched her teeth and decided to really pour it on!

As her pace quickened, Chrissy let out a primal scream as her legs began to blur more and more as they propelled her through the landscape at incredible speeds. 50Mph … 60mph … 80mph … 110mph … Christina’s legs were barely visible as they pumped with the fury of two superhumanly charged pistons. As she maxed out at her top speed of close to 130mph, Christina’s hyper-enhanced senses still somehow enabled her to meander through the forest with the grace of a ballerina. Christina beamed as thoughts of the new improved incredible Christina McCallister crept back in her head. She almost had to laugh at the absurdity of it! But it wasn’t absurd or a dream! It was reality with a large helping of superheroine fantasy on the side!

As Christina decided to take a break, she quickly slowed her gait and came to an abrupt halt in a matter of seconds. The incredible feat of slowing down and stopping so quickly in spite of her breakneck velocity was not lost on Chrissy. Neither was the fact that despite running at a pace close to 130mph, running for over 10 mins, and covering close to 40 miles over rugged terrain, she wasn’t even that tired! Sure, she felt slightly winded and that “runner’s high” that would normally accompany a morning jog, but her superhuman trek was hardly normal! “This just keeps getting better and better!” Chrissy marveled aloud to no one in particular.

As she quickly caught her breath, Chrissy realized that for the first time since her treatment, she finally had a chance to sit back and take a good mental inventory of the events that had recently transpired. And with her detailed recount brought those exhilarating images gushing back into her memory in startling clarity. Vivid images of a beautiful blonde girl escaping her cell by tearing her solid steel bonds to shreds with only her hands … images of the blonde goddess plowing through metal walls and barriers like they were paper … images of her taut and beautiful body not even being smudged by a hail of gunfire! The girl was incredible … unstoppable … and it was her!!!

At that moment the realization finally struck Christina that things would never be the same! No, they would be better! MUCH BETTER! A smile that would light up the entire Northeast shone brightly as Christina fantasized what she could now do with this amazing body and what she would do when she got back to civilization. She could have anything she wanted now – fame, fortune … MONEY! The thought of wealth beyond her wildest dreams flashed into her mind.

Any why not?” mused Christina to herself as she thought about it. After recalling what she had done earlier, Chrissy was fairly confident that there was no bank vault in the world that could keep her out.

Christina closed her eyes and savored the fantasy images of her dressed in a sexy mini-skirt turning heads as she strolled past everyone to stand in front of a massive steel reinforced bank vault. With a coy smile she’d do a half glance to make sure she had an audience to see her spread her shapely arms across the metal door and rent it from its solid steel moorings as if she was taking a picture off the wall! Chrissy giggled to herself at the thought knowing that, while a daydream, she knew she probably had the strength and power to do it!

Since awaking from the treatment, everything had been a whirlwind of action to the newly anointed supergirl. She knew she was superstrong but just how strong was she? Just the thought of again demonstrating her strength sent shivers of pleasure through her entire body. She loved being so strong!

Glancing upwards, Chrissy suddenly noticed she was standing next to a huge moss-encrusted boulder. “I wonder …” mused Chrissy as she knew she had to try. Standing in front of the boulder with her hands on her hips, Christina was dwarfed by the granite behemoth. Chrissy took a shallow breath and estimated that the irregular shaped rock which was about 8 feet high and about 5 feet around must have weighed tons! Slowly like a tigress, she approached her prey and placed her hands on the rock. As if it were her lover, Chrissy slowly slid her arms around the rock – her chest now slightly dimpled against the cold surface of the rock.

C’mon, Chrissy! This is gonna be easy! You can do anything!” Chrissy whispered to herself as she took a deep breath and began to lift. In a instant the report of fractured stone resonated thru the forest as Christina’s fingers on each hand pulverized the granite as her digits sank into the solid strata like a jackhammer.

With a slight grunt Chrissy closed her eyes and arched her back in one quick motion. As if it were being lifted by an industrial crane rather than a 23 yr old girl, the massive piece of granite smoothly rose from its centuries-old resting place to come to an intermediate halt on the young supergirl’s chest.

Holy shit! Yessss!” screamed an ecstatic Christina as she tried to compose herself and realize how strong she now was! Here she was, a vision of feminine perfection – 5’9”, 130lbs – but standing here with a 20 ton piece of granite resting on her chest! She was unstoppable!

Chrissy grinned and quickly repositioned her feet as she thrust her head forward and arms upwards. Like a champion weightlifter, Chrissy locked her arms into position as the rock came to a motionless halt – its almost incalculable weight being supported by the slender arms of this young superwoman! Chrissy looked up at the boulder and giggled as she experimentally bent her arms up and down, pressing the rock like an exercise ball above her. “Yep! Strong as five men!” Chrissy laughed as she thought of what Pinchott had originally calculated her new strength levels would be. Chrissy’s shapely arms moved fluidly up and down like supercharged pistons as the moved the rock up and down seamlessly in increments of 2-3 feet.

Despite her incredible display of strength, Chrissy marveled even more at the lack of fatigue she was experiencing. After fifteen repetitions, Chrissy almost felt STRONGER rather than being tired. Thinking that she might be able to do this all day, Christina finally snapped to the realization that she had bigger fish to fry.

Setting the multi-ton boulder down like a bottle of pop, Chrissy needed to do a little research of her own on who those men at the facility were and what their agenda was. Also, she needed to find her way back home. Chris and Lisa were probably worried something had happened to her.

That’s the understatement of the year!” Chrissy joked to herself as she began to dash off and quickly accelerated to 80mph, all the while thinking she couldn’t wait to tell Chris and Lisa all about it!

10 minutes later

Chris Credence struggled against the iron grip being exerted on him. The man holding him in a full nelson had introduced himself earlier as Kevin Gypsy; a bear of a man with tree-trunk arms. Chris would have struggled against him in a contest if he had been fresh. After the exertions of his doomed attempt at escape from this unknown building, he knew he wouldn’t stand a chance. But he also knew that he had to try and resist. Chris was a fighter, a man not capable of surrender. He was also a lover. A lover who had been told by one of his captors that his girlfriend was a fellow prisoner.

As Kevin Gypsy part pushed, part carried him down a narrow, featureless concrete corridor, Chris thrashed about in an unsuccessful bid to wrench himself free. In an anger made all the fiercer by frustration, he screamed at the three other men with him. “Where’s Christina you bastards!”. He was in no position to be making threats, yet he still yelled “If you’ve hurt her, I swear I’ll kill you all!” That brought nothing more than a chuckle from the little man walking at the back of the group.

Jarod Pincott was physically dwarfed by the other men in the party. The noisy man they had captured was nearly a foot taller and almost as much wider than he was. And he, in turn, appeared small beside the Gypsy twins. Pincott considered the prisoners that each of the two colossal men were taking towards the specially prepared holding cell. The man, boyfriend of Christina McCallister, could prove useful in luring his runaway experiment back to him. But the other captive interested him much more. McCallister’s best friend, Lisa Flessenger. A petite red-head with an exceptionally eye-catching figure and a beautiful face. A fascinating girl. One who might also be useful, not so much as bait for her friend, but as a weapon against her. A possible equal.

Pincott’s scientist’s mind suppressed the other thoughts the Flessenger girl inspired. Thoughts of what her extraordinary body would look like without clothes. Thoughts of what it would be like to observe that oh-so-sexy body once it had been infused with almost unlimited strength. To see this stunning, achingly desirable young woman in action as … as a goddess. His goddess …

He was drawn out of his fantasy by the yells of the man Credence. “What have you bastards done with Christina?” he demanded. Pincott laughed at the question.

Smugly, he opined “I think your concern for Miss McCallister’s well-being might be misplaced, Mr. Credence. If I were you I’d be far more worried about my own safety right now.”

You bastards!” This time it was the girl making free with the insult. “So,” thought Pincott, “she has spirit. We’ll take care of that soon enough.”

Lisa felt her nightmare closing in on her. She didn’t know who these people dragging her and her best friend’s boyfriend down the cold corridor were. She didn’t know what the building they were in was, or where it was located. She only knew that she had to get away from both the people and the building. She had seen their violence; experienced it first-hand even. The tone of the threats still being bandied about terrified her. The man making them – she’d heard him being called Pincott – repulsed her. She shuddered to think what he was capable of. As for the gorilla manhandling her, he had to be three times her size and she knew she couldn’t take him on in a fight. He was a big, big man. A big …

Man! So, he had at least one weakness. Lisa’s terror robbed her of the option of hesitation. She had one tiny chance to get free and she knew she had to try and grab it. Now. She lifted her right leg as if taking a step and then smashed the hard heel of her sneaker backwards with every ounce of strength she could muster, slamming it violently into the shin of the man holding her. A yell of angry surprise behind her told her she had made a good contact and suddenly the painful grip on her upper-arms was relaxed a little. This was her opportunity. She threw her body forwards, yanking her arms away from their holds, crying out with the pain and effort of it all.

It hurt like hell, but she felt her wrists slipping inside the huge fists that had held them so tightly. A final, agonizing tug and she was free. She’d done it. Her momentum made her stagger forwards half a step as her liberated arms swung down to her sides. She knew she would only have a moment before the big man grabbed her again. This was the moment to take advantage of the one weakness she’d identified earlier. She spun around, her luxurious, straight red hair flying around her head. Without pausing for thought, she kicked out, driving the toe of her shoe as hard as she could into the gorilla’s temporarily undefended groin.

The big man let out a stifled shout and doubled over. Lisa turned to run down the corridor, but he reached out even as he collapsed to his knees, his long arm managing to stretch far enough for him to wrap his huge fingers around her tiny ankle. Lisa tried to pull away from the grip, and felt herself tipping over. She tumbled face first. The man behind her also lost his balance and fell towards her. As Lisa crashed to the ground, he landed by her legs, immediately grabbing her by the hips and pulling her towards him.

Bitch!” he said as he slowly climbed back to his feet, still breathing hard and obviously still hurt by her kick. He lifted her easily onto her feet, her struggles to break free of him proving useless. Roughly, he turned her around to face him and then, not giving her a chance to anticipate his next move, he slapped her full on the side of her face with his giant paw of a hand. She never even got to scream before she was out cold. He continued to drag her unconscious form along the corridor.

You animals!” yelled Chris, frantically trying to escape the hold he was in to come to Lisa’s aid. It was no good. He couldn’t bust loose. The bastard dragging the redhead adjusted his grip on his charge so that he held her with his left arm around her waist, freeing up his right. He used it to make a fist and punch Chris, fiercely, in the belly. Chris saw stars as the air was driven from him. He would have bent double were it not for the man gripping him from behind. Trying to push the pain to the back of his mind, he struggled to draw fresh breaths into his aching body.

Don’t over-do it, Gypsy.” Pincott warned the big man. “I want him to be a worthy prey”

Prey?” thought Chris, “What the hell does that mean?”

They had stopped moving along the corridor, near a small, metal door. Pincott extracted a plastic card from a pocket and swiped it on a reader by the door. There was a loud, echoing clunk as a lock mechanism was released and the little man pushed the creaking door open to reveal a tiny, dark and apparently featureless space. Less of a room and more of a storage cupboard. Chris was thrust violently into the small room. A moment later, Lisa was shoved in after him. Instinctively, he caught her before she could fall. The light suddenly diminished and he realized, too late, that the door was being slammed shut on them. “Hey!” he yelled, but his cry was drowned out by the violent clang of metal door hitting metal doorframe.

They were in the pitch dark. Chris felt the wall behind him, rested his back against it and slowly crouched down, carefully supporting Lisa’s unconscious head all the while. There wasn’t enough room to sit comfortably and hold her, so he did the best he could, cradling her head as he squatted, desperately trying to work out his next move.

Time passed. In the blackness of the cramped space, it was impossible to tell how much. Maybe half-an-hour. Maybe more. Finally, Chris felt Lisa’s head stirring in his arms. Immediately, he sought to reassure her. “It’s OK, Lisa. You’re with me – Chris.”

Aaach..” Lisa groaned. And then “Ouch! My face hurts.” Things were clearly coming back to her. “Chris, where are we?” she asked, anxiously.

We’re in some kind of store-room. I think it’s a make-shift cell.”

Cell? Oh my god, Chris! What’s going on?” Lisa was truly scared. “Did those bastards say that Christina is here?”

I don’t know, Lisa. They might have been lying, trying to trick us. We don’t know who these guys are or what they want. They’re obviously very professional, though – maybe they work for the government, or maybe even someone else’s government. We shouldn’t believe everything they say – it might be some kind of trap.”

Chris, I’m frightened. God, I hope Chrissy’s OK.”

Don’t worry. I’ll look after you. As long as you’re with me, I’ll make sure that nothing happens to you.”

They fell silent. They had both heard the footsteps approaching along the corridor. The steps grew louder until they stopped just outside the little room. With a clank, a small panel in the door was slid open. The light that passed through it was weak, but it still took Chris and Lisa a few moments to adjust their eyes to it. By then, a small metal cylinder had already been pushed through the opening. It hit the floor with a clang. In the half-light, both of them could clearly see the smoke beginning to pour out of the cigar-like object.

Gas!” whispered Chris, urgently. “Cover your mouth and try not to breathe!” The white cloud was rapidly filling the room. Lisa could feel it in her eyes and Chris could too. Something tickled in his nostril. Three seconds later, they were both limp and breathing slowly as though they had succumbed to the deepest of sleeps.

More time passed in which Chris had a restful, dreamless sleep. When he eventually began to climb back towards consciousness, he jolted himself awake. He was still in the tiny room. But now, he was alone. He felt around in the darkness, but there was no sign of Lisa. He called her name three times, but there was no response. “Where have you taken her you bastards?!” he screamed at the door but only silence was returned.

Chris realized that he had no choice now. He had to escape from that room and find Lisa. He had to rescue her and try and find out what the hell was going on. Calmly, methodically, he began running his hands and fingertips over every square inch of his little cell, searching for something – anything – that he could fashion into a weapon.

5 minutes later

Christina bounded through the heavily wooded landscape with the grace of a gazelle and the speed of a cheetah. In a matter of minutes, her pace slowed as she spotted a road through a clearing. With minimal effort Chrissy ran towards the clearing, bounding up and over a six foot high cropping of jagged rocks with little to no effort.

Deserted. That was the perfect word for this highway as Chrissy looked in both directions. Her super-enhanced vision gave no indication of on-coming cars in either direction. But there had to be something along this road eventually – an oncoming car, a pay phone, a convenient store – something where she could find out where she was exactly and how to get home.

Christina took off jogging down the road at a comfortable pace of 55 mph. Despite the lack of any apparent strain on her beautiful face, her legs became a blur as she sped over the worn asphalt. She knew it was only a matter of time before she’d find someone who could help her …

5 minutes later

Bright. Very bright. And white. Her vision was blurred beyond intelligibilty and the intensity of the light hurt her eyes. Was she dead? Had the gas killed her? Lisa forced her eyes open for another second; she thought she could make out more than the last time, maybe even a wall or some other vertical surface, but the glare quickly became too much and she had to shut her eyes once more. After a few moments, she blinked them open again. She had to force her irises to constrict enough to let her take in her surroundings. The shapes were slowly taking on more defined forms. She could definitely see a featureless white wall no more than ten feet away to her left. Above was the source of the brightness; it was too painful to look at directly, but she could tell its shape was geometric so she assumed it had to be artificial.

If there were walls and artificial lights, then she was not in the afterlife. She rolled her head to the other side and saw a second wall on her right. She was in some kind of small room. A blindingly white, under-decorated and overly-lit small room. Her eyes were finally becoming accostumed to the overpowering illumination. She could see corners at the end of the walls now. Lifting her head slightly, she noticed that she was on some kind of bed with a frame made of metallic tubing all the way round it. The room ended only a couple of yards beyond her feet. All the walls were immaculately white and the metal of the bed was brilliantly polished chrome. So clean. So sterile. Like being the first patient in a brand new room in a brand new hospital.

Lisa moved to sit up and found that she couldn’t. Her arms and legs felt fine, but she just didn’t seem to rise. She lifted her head as much as she could and felt something digging into her forearms. When she stretched to look, she could just see, from the corner of her eye, that there was something bound around her wrists. Suddenly panicking, she tried to pull her hands towards her face and this time, she recognized the feeling of a cord tightly wrapped around her beneath each of her hands. She groaned as she fought to free her wrists, cursing when she discovered that there was no sign of give in the bindings.

She attempted to raise her feet, and was not surprised that they also appeared bound. Try as she might to stretch her neck and look, she couldn’t actually see the cord tied around each ankle, but she knew from the way it felt that her lower legs had been secured the same way her arms were. She thought to try and lift her hips and gave up when she was hurt by yet another rope, this one digging into her belly. Scared now, she resolved to make one last, desperate bid to escape. Sweat poured onto her brow as she pulled with her arms and legs and pushed up with her hips until tears welled in her eyes. But her bounds remained fast. She had been very carefully and thoroughly tied down. This was no ordinary hospital.

From behind her head, where she couldn’t look, Lisa heard the sound of a door opening, then the tapping of hard-soled shoes walking on a metallic floor. Someone was approaching her. She tensed, and fear was her overriding emotion. A shadow fell across her face then stretched to cover her neck and chest. From the top of her vision, she saw the tips of someone’s hair, then a forehead, then the rest of the face. A man. Standing behind her head, leaning over her. The features were familiar, but, as they were upside-down, it took a few seconds to reference them with her memories. It came to her in a terrifying jolt. The little man who had been with the two thugs who had twice captured her and Chris – Pincott! As she recognized him, she squirmed futilely against the cords holding her down. He tutted, patronizingly and shook his head like a teacher watching a pupil adding five and five and making eleven.

What do you want with me you bastard?” she demanded, even though she was just as scared of knowing the answer to her question as she was of it remaining a mystery.

Pincott’s eyebrows rose, as if he was surprised to be asked such a thing. “What do I want with you?” he echoed. “Oh, nothing much, Lisa. I just want to transform you into the ultimate weapon: a flawless fighting machine. A perfect soldier, if you will; unstoppable and completely, absolutely loyal. To me.”

You’re crazy! I’ll die before I’ll be loyal to you, asshole!” Lisa hissed. Pincott started to laugh. Furious, and frustrated that she couldn’t hit out at him, she did the only thing she could do. She collected as much saliva as she could on the tip of her tongue and spat it, straight upwards, into his left eye. Immediately he stopped laughing, wiping his face with the sleeve of his white lab-coat.

I have a feeling,” he said, still cleaning the spittle from his face, “that the next time we speak, you will be a good deal more civil to me.”

Lisa responded by yelling. “Let me go, you pig!”

Oh no, I can’t do that.” Pincott answered as if he had considered her request and found it to be morally unacceptable. “But I can give you a little something to make everything feel better.” From the breast pocket of his white overall, he extracted a capped syringe. Lisa could see a small amount of green liquid inside it. The little man removed the cap from the needle and squirted a tiny bit of liquid from it in readiness for insertion.

Get that away from me!” Lisa screamed in genuine terror. She fought with the ropes tieing her down as if she was possessed, but all her effort was wasted. She could see Pincot clutching the syringe in his fist, bringing it closer and closer to her. “No! No! No!” she cried, but her words were as useless as her struggles. The needle pierced her wrist and then, horrifyingly, she felt its contents being forced into her vein.

Now then,” Pincott announced in smug triumph, “let’s see what we can do about that uncooperative attitude of yours.” Lisa was about to unleash a string of expletives, but his face looming over her suddenly became blurred and then it began to spin, along with the room all around her and then … She blacked out.

5 minutes later

After jogging for about 10 minutes and seeing absolutely nothing, Chrissy wondered if she was EVER going to get back home.

As she turned a corner, she noticed a dilapidated service station in the distance about 200 meters ahead. As she slowed her gait to a more discreet 10 miles per hour, Chrissy approached the station and walked up to the main garage where she noticed two men sitting playing checkers, the ground underneath their chairs completely littered with Budweiser cans.

Christina peered in, her supersenses immediately picking up the foul stench of stale beer tainted with the indistinguishable scent of body odor.

As she stepped into full view, her silhouette was perfectly framed by the sunlight backlighting her. She looked like angel as she slowly walked sexily towards the two men, them ogling her every move.

As she walked up, she noticed her surroundings as she scanned the room with subtle glances, each image in startling clarity thanks to her improved vision – the symmetrical ridges on the checkers, the tire tread pattern on the Ford Fairmont elevated on the hydrolic lift, the serial number of the engine block resting on the ground, even the questionable discolored stains on the Miss Gear Shaft 1997 calendar that hung next to the bathroom door.

The two men were also taking notice, albeit in less minute details, as the young goddess sauntered up to them. Her hair was blond, almost like spun silk as it dripped over her shoulders. Her face was that out of one of those fashion magazines, or even better, the Miss Gear Shaft Calendar! She was wearing a button down shirt that was torn and tattered and barely reached the top of her thighs. Despite the large size of the shirt, her flawless chest filled it out impeccably, tenting out the cotton fabric and revealing her ample cleavage. Her legs were flawless as well – sleek and tanned perfectly to a golden brown hue. Thay seemed to start from the ground and go on forever.

As Chrissy stood in front of the men, she smiled sweetly. “Can you guys help me? I’m kinda lost.”

Both men were almost catatonic at she spoke and then simply looked at each other and started to laugh.

Umm, excuse me? Can you help me?” Chrissy stated again with a little more directness in her voice.

As the men stood in their chairs, the smaller of the men casually reached back and flipped a switch. A sudden rattling sound permeated the garage as Chrissy whirled her head to see the garage door descending down – locking her in the garage with the two men. “Oh great!” Chrissy thought to herself as she rolled her eyes.

As she turned to face the men, the larger of the two finally broke silence, his words punctuated by the foul scent of beer as he spoke. “Oh yeah, baby! I think we can help you if you help us!”

Chrissy could not believe this! All she wanted to do was get directions, and she stumbles onto some drunk assholes who are looking for a score with anything non-inflatable! She knew she could wipe the floor with these guys with one hand tied behind her back if she wanted to – she wouldn’t even break a sweat!

Listen, guys, as really appealing as your offer sounds, I’m gonna pass. Now are you gonna help me or not?” said Chrissy with utmost confidence as she put her hands on her hips.

The large man walked up to her, pausing for a momentary burp, and stood in front of her smiling. Suddenly with a quick motion – quick to him – the man reached up to yank Christina’s head by her long hair.

Christina had to suppress a giggle at the sight of this guy trying to force her head down. She held her body steadfast and just glanced up at him with a bored look on her face as he struggled futilely. Chrissy knew that this guy would have an easier time trying to move a redwood than her superhard little body. This only excited Chrissy further and fueled her desire to show her strength to these idiots.

Placing a hand on the man’s chest, Chrissy gave him a shove, sending him flying backwards to skid along the pavement where he crashed noisily against the rolling toolbox, causing the crescent wrench resting on top to bounce off and strike him on the head.

Ouch! You crazy bitch!” said the man, brandishing the wrench in his hand and standing up threateningly. Similarly, the smaller man reached into his pocket and pulled out a switchblade. The two men looked at each other with a confused glance, frozen for a moment on what to do and understandably concerned and bewildered by Chrissy’s brief show of strength and her almost lack of interest at her apparent predicament.

Ok, guys, stop! Please!” said Chrissy laughing as she held her palm out. “Before you make a big mistake, I wanna show you something that I think you might find interesting.”

The men continued to scan back and forth at each other and Chrissy as she slowly walked over to the 500lb engine block resting on the floor. With the precision and sexiness of a stripper, Christina walked around the other side of the block and bent at the waist, resting her hands on the engine block and giving the men a full-view of her spectacular cleavage.

Now …” said Chrissy in a seductive tone, raising her eyebrows slightly. “We can do it your way or MY way!” Suddenly an sinister grin crept on her face as the sound of moaning metal seemed to come from her direction.

Both men looked in horror at the sight of this beautiful young girl slowly clenching her hands to seemingly crush the solid steel engine casing.

Not even paying attention to the men now, Chrissy smiled wildly as her fingers dug into the hardened steel like ten hot knives going thru a solid block of butter. As soon as she got a got hold on both ends, Chrissy raised up the solid engine block to hold it in front of her like a laundry basket.

The men could only stare in amazement at the strength of this young woman. A swimsuit body with the strength of a hundred bodybuilders. The larger man, completely disoriented, dropped his wrench without noticing as his eyes locked on Christina.

Now baby, lemme show what this body can really do!” Christina purred as her arms tensed slightly. In an instant, the now familiar sound of metal screaming in protest could be heard as Christina’s gorgeous arms began to compress the engine block in front of the men.

Oh yeah, Chrissy! So strong!” moaned Chrissy aloud as she shut her eyes and reveled in the sound of the destruction. Pistons crinkled, hoses snapped, metal screeched, and fluids spewed out in futile protest as Christina’s continued her assault. “YES!” Christina shouted as she double her efforts, feeling the power flow through her like hot lava, making her stronger with each passing nanosecond.

Christina screamed in orgasmic delight as the solid steel casing rubbed against her hardened nipples underneath her shirt and continued compressing like a nerf ball under her mighty grip. Shards and parts of the engine rained sporadically down on the hard concrete floor, the sound of them hitting the floor being drowned out by Christina’s primal screams.

Finally, Christina’s hands impossibly met in the center of her chest, completely severing the engine block and causing it to thud noisily back to the ground in two mangled pieces.

Chrissy’s chest heaved as she panted for a moment and looked up at the two men gripped now with utter fear and amazement.

After a moment or two, Chrissy raked her hands through her hair to sweep it back over her shoulders once again. Taking a deep breath to compose herself, Christina looked back at the men and spoke calmly.

Now … where exactly am I? How do I get out of here? And gimme the GODDAMN keys to your truck before I rip your fucking heads off!!

As the smaller man fainted in fear, the larger man nervously fumbled thru his pockets looking for the keys. “Yes ma’am!” he said as he threw the keys over to Chrissy.

10 minutes later

Pincott, the sleeve of his coat still stained with Lisa’s spit, was admitted into the Superior’s presence.

I understand you have separated the Flessenger girl from the other prisoner and initiated the loyalty process. Is that correct, Pincott?”

Yes sir. I have injected her with a compound that will completely destroy all memories of her past up until the present moment. When she awakes, her mind will be a blank slate. As we will be the first to, so to speak, write on that slate, we can convince her that the very reason for her existence is to serve us. Knowing nothing else, she will have no reason to doubt this.”

Are you certain that this compound will have the effect you intend?”

Quite certain.”

If you are so sure of its effects, why did you not use it with the McAllister girl?”

I … I didn’t consider it necessary. McAllister was supposed to gain the strength of five men, not five million. I didn’t think that-”

You didn’t think!” the Superior roared in interruption. “I pay you to think, Pincott. If you were so wrong with the treatment you gave the first girl, how can I have any confidence in the compound you have used on Flessenger?”

Pincott’s throat was dry but his palms were damp with sweat. He felt afraid, and with good cause. Very few men had managed to displease the Superior and stay alive afterwards. But at least he could fall back on his science. He knew his field. “The.. the treatment I gave Flessenger has been tested before … What we used on McAllister is an entirely new development, never previously tried. We couldn’t foresee the.. um … extreme results it produced.” An agonising few moments passed during which Pincott desperately tried to deduce the Superior’s verdict on his explanation. But if he had reached a decision, he kept any trace of it from his face.

How long until you expect Flessenger to regain consciousness?”

Um..” Pincott checked his watch. “About quarter of an hour.”

And how quickly after that will you be able to establish her total loyalty and verify it beyond doubt?”

It should be a matter of minutes.”

Good. Proceed with the plan. Once you are certain that she will remain obedient, move on to Stage 2. I don’t want any delays.”

Yes, sir.”

You may go now.”

Thank you, sir.” Pincott turned to leave. He’d taken only a couple of steps towards the door when the Superior called out to him.

Oh, and Pincott?”

Yes, sir?” he asked, turning around once more.

No more misfires. I won’t accept another failure from you.”

Yes, sir.”

Well, don’t stand there. Get on with it!” This time, he almost jogged to the door. The sense of relief as he closed it behind him was huge.

20 minutes earlier

The twenty minute ride in the man’s Chevy was uneventful and difficult for Christina to sit through. She could have run the same distance is half the time, but Chrissy wanted to keep a somewhat low-profile and not draw the suspicion that a drop-dead gorgeous superwoman running at 100mph would probably attract.

Chrissy promptly parked the truck outside her apartment and then whisked up the interior staircase. With a couple of paces, Chrissy came to the front door of her fourth floor apartment, not even noticing how she bounded up four flights of stairs in about ten seconds with no sign of fatigue whatsoever. Any normal physical activity was almost inconsequential to her amazing abilities.

Chrissy paused for a second as she reached for the door handle and instinctively made a motion as if to grab her keys from her purse. Remembering suddenly that her keys and wallet were now in the possession of that lunatic, Pincott, Chrissy cursed to herself.

Oh well, the ‘super’ will get around to this if I ask I suppose! Chrissy said, almost choking in laughter over the irony of the statement. “Now this is how a REAL super does it!” whispered Christina to herself as she put two fingers on the doorknob plate and gave a simple push.

On cue, the wood door frame crackled and splintered, unable to withstand Christina’s casual poke. As the bolt torn through the splintered wood and the door casually swung open, Chrissy grinned at the sight of the door jamb – it looked like a crowbar had been used to force the entry. She’d tell that to the building superintendent. Little would he suspect that the door had been forced open by two of her slender digits!

As Chrissy stepped inside her apartment, she went immediately in her bedroom to sit on the side of her bed, taking note that everything appeared as she left it this morning and nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

Ordinary? Ha!” said Chrissy speaking to the reflection staring back at her in the full-length mirror. As she stood up and walked closer to the mirror, she looked over her body in full view for the first time since the experiment.

No, I wouldn’t say ordinary at all..” said Chrissy as she did a series of half-turns in front of the mirror. She was still the image of a startling beauty that she had always been as she took inventory from head to toe: silky blond hair enveloping her flawless face, firm and supple breasts, toned arms, a smooth flat tummy, and sleek, toned legs. Chrissy smiled at the reflection as her eyes traveled down her body. She was beautiful, but that wasn’t all!

As her eyes traveled back up, the thoughts of what this body could now do flooded back into her head. Sleek, toned legs – legs that could run faster than any car. A smooth flat tummy – that could withstand and not even flinch at the impact of an oncoming jeep. Toned arms – that were now strong enough to rip through solid steel like wet tissue paper. Firm and supple breasts – that could repel bullets without leaving the slightest scratch. Her flawless face – still so beautiful and now filled with an array of super-senses.

The thought of it all made Chrissy shudder as she continued to study every nuance of her body in the full-length mirror. As she stared at a reflection of total feminine perfection, she traced her open palms down her sides – slowly undulating over every contour of her silky smooth flesh. She cooed softly to herself as she closed her eyes and began to fantasize …

5 minutes later

She felt herself awakening and opened her eyes. Quickly, she noted that she was in a small, featureless, white room. It felt in some way familiar, but she couldn’t think why. The trawl through her memory prompted her to try and piece together the events that lead up to her being in that room. She was surprised to discover that she could not remember anything. At all. As much as she concentrated her mind, she couldn’t seem to find a single scrap of information in it. No memories of anything she had done, or anywhere she had been. She realized, with a sudden jolt, that she couldn’t even recall her own name. “Who am I?” she thought, in confused panic.

The girl tried to sit up and discovered that she was unable to do so. She desperately sought a memory of why that was. But she failed to find one. She couldn’t even recall a time when she could use her limbs. All she could come up with was theories: maybe, she’d been in some kind of terrible accident and was waking up in hospital, her mind stripped by amnesia. It was the only explanation that fit. She decided to test it. If this was, indeed, a hospital, there would be doctors and nurses nearby.

Hello?” she said. Her voice sounded a little croaky and she felt phlegm moving in her throat so she cleared it and tried again. “Hello?” that sounded much better.

An instant later, she heard footsteps and then a short man in a white coat was leaning over her. Possibly because he wasn’t wearing a stethoscope around his neck, he seemed more like a lab technician than a doctor. There was also something strangely familiar about him, as if she had met him before somewhere, or perhaps she even knew him well. Was he her family doctor perhaps? He was smiling down on her. She couldn’t explain it, but the man seemed to evoke a strong feeling within her … Platonic love? Brotherly love? Surely, she thought, looking at him, I could never have been attracted to him. What else might the feeling be? Could it be negative? Fear? Hate? But her brain refused to help out.

The man spoke. “Hello, Lisa.”

Lisa? My name is Lisa?” At last, some information. Something that might open the gates to a stampede of memories in her mind. She ran the two syllables around her head, “Lisa … Lisa … Lisa …” but nothing happened.

Yes that’s right.” the man said, gently. “Your name is Lisa.”

Where am I?” she asked. I could just as aptly have been “Who am I?”

You’re at home, Lisa. At home with me.” he said. This plain white room was part of her home? And, obviously, she was supposed to know this man.

Who … who are you?” she asked, frowning.

My name is Jarod. Jarod Pincott.” he said, adding in the same matter-of-fact tone of voice “I am your master.” Master? The word struck her as strange, as if it was alien to her. Yet this man – Jarod – had uttered it as if it were completely normal.

My … master?” she queried.

He didn’t hesitate for an instant as he reassured her. “Yes, Lisa. I am your master. You belong to me. Your only purpose for living is to follow my instructions. You want nothing from existence but to see me pleased. That is who you are. Do you understand?” She did comprehend the words, but their implication troubled her. She paused, waiting, but nothing, nothing at all leapt from her brain to contradict his statements. And Jarod seemed so certain of what he was saying. So it had to be the truth.

Yes. I understand.” she said. “I am Lisa. You are my master. My only purpose is to follow your instructions. I live for you.” As she said those words, she felt herself immediately more at ease. It was as if having her purpose so indisputably defined had lifted the burden of confusion. She knew what she was all about. And it was simple and comprehensible. Her empty mind liked that.

The man smiled broadly at her, and she felt glad to have pleased him. That was her reason for being, after all. He turned his face from her and spoke, addressing a third person in the room whom she hadn’t noticed until then. “Gipsy, untie her.” A huge man with massive shoulders and arms stepped into her field of vision. She felt she had definitely met him somewhere before, too. “Maybe Jarod is also his master” she thought. The big man bent over her and started working on a knotted rope that was fastened around her wrist. So that was why she hadn’t been able to move before! As Gipsy moved around her to unfasten her other arm and then each of her legs in turn, she wondered why she had been so well secured. Had it been done because Jarod, her master, had wished it, and, as her purpose was to serve him, she had acquiesced?

The ropes fell away, but she saw no need to move, so stayed lying precisely where she was. Jarod looked down at her. “Why haven’t you stood up, Lisa?” he asked. The question took her by surprise and it took her a moment to think of the answer.

Because you haven’t asked me to.”

You have no wish of your own to stand?” Jarod inquired.

I have no wish of my own. My purpose is to serve you.” the statement came so easily from her. The world seemed so much less confusing now. Everything was so clear, so easy to understand.

Very good, Lisa.” Jarod seemed pleased. That made her pleased, too. “You may stand up now.” he told her. Immediately, she stood up. It was a simple action; Jarod wanted her to do it, so she did. She stood still, her arms by her sides. She was waiting to find out what he wanted her to do next.

Take off your clothes.” Another easy to follow instruction. She obeyed at once.

Pincott stared as the girl began removing her clothes as he had ordered. As more and more of her stunning body was revealed to him, his jaw fell open. His eyes grew ever wider and he could feel the blood pumping ever more insistently through his veins. She pulled off her top. Her stomach was flat with the barest hint of tight abdominal muscles beneath the inviting surface. Her navel compact, deep and dark. Her arms were long, and beautifully toned, their slender curves the epitome of femininity. Her shoulders were smooth and round. She was wearing a plain white bra that was well and truly filled by her two full round breasts. The two mounds fell very slightly when she reached behind her back and unclasped the bra, but they were still magnificently erotic. Each was crowned by a large, proud, pink nipple surrounded by an equally light-coloured, perfectly-proportioned areola. Pincott stared at them, hungrily.

She didn’t seem to mind or even to notice his ogling as she unfastened her jeans. She bent over to pull the waistband down over her knees, affording Pincott with an unobstructed view of her pendant, jiggling breasts. He did just enough to prevent his dripping tongue rolling out of his mouth as she stepped out of her trousers. When she stood straight again, he admired her slender, wonderfully shapely legs. Then she started to wriggle out of her knickers, revealing perfect thighs and a neat, inviting patch of pubic hair that tapered, like an arrow pointing the way to her sex. To study her vagina and her rear, he would have needed to move, and he was too aware of the presence of the Gipsy twin to have been so unsubtle. There would be time for that later, he thought, and then realized that later could actually be now.

As the girl stood up straight once more, Pincott took one more slow glance at her. Completely naked, her glorious, sexy body fully displayed with her arms hanging free, she displayed no trace of any discomfort or embarrassment at being so exposed in front of two men. She certainly didn’t have anything she needed to be ashamed of, but nevertheless, her ease with the situation was remarkable. What else would she not feel uncomfortable with? Pincott determined that the girl had proven herself not to be a security risk anymore. He reasoned that he no longer required the presence of the hired muscle. In truth, he was more concerned about the chance to be alone with her than about any possible escape attempt.

You may leave now, Gipsy.” Pincott instructed. “Tell Jericho to prepare a new secure bed in the treatment room.”

Scott Gipsy did not move. “Are you sure you don’t want me to stick around here in case there’s any trouble?” he questioned, his eyes firmly glued to the stunning nude body in front of him.

That will be all, Gipsy.” Pincott said, his voice carrying a strongly insistent tone. When he didn’t get an immediate reaction, he shouted “Go! I want that secure bed ready in five minutes.” Finally, after shooting another four or five glances at the girl’s chest, the big man turned and headed through the door.

Lisa watched him go, confused. She couldn’t understand why the one called “Gipsy” had questioned Jarod’s instructions. Why would anyone dispute what Jarod wanted them to do? “I would never do that.” she thought as she stood perfectly still in front of her master. She was aware that the man in the white coat was staring at her body intently. She hoped it was pleasing to him. Finally, he spoke to her. “You will be a fitting recipient of the honor of becoming my greatest achievement.” he pronounced, smiling. She felt proud.


Less than a hundred yards away, Chris was still scrabbling frantically around in his pitch dark cell. Convinced he had run his fingertips over every last square inch of wall and floor, he was about to give up when his hand brush against something hard. Immediately his palms sought it out. A round, metallic thing, it seemed to run along a length of one wall about two inches from the ground. He figured it had to be a pipe of some kind. He tried to dig his fingers into the tiny gap between it and the wall behind, but he couldn’t. A length of the pipe would make a weapon of sorts, if only he could get it loose. He began to stamp on the thing, trying everything he could to dislodge and break it. Finally, he succeeded in snapping the metal, breaking the pipe in two.

A spray of cold water immediately erupted from the busted tube, soaking Chris’s feet and legs in no time. As he bent down to try and break off the loose section of pipe, the gushing liquid blasted his face, forcing him to stand for a moment and cough up the water that he’d accidentally swallowed. Mouth and eyes closed he ducked down again and resumed his task. Trying to ignore the constant splashing against his head. With all his strength, he managed to bend a section of pipe into a right angle. It was hard work, but he succeeded in knocking it straight again. After that, the metal became increasingly weak and it was easier and easier to wrench the thing bent and straight over and over until finally, it gave way and came loose. Chris was left holding an eighteen-inch long section of metal tubing.

It was only then that he realized that his shoes were now completely submerged. The water pouring out of the ruptured pipe was slowly beginning to fill the little room. He couldn’t see anything in the dark, but he prayed that some of the liquid was finding its way under the door. That was his only chance. That someone would notice the growing puddle and open the door. When they did, he would be ready. He stood against a wall to one side of the barred entrance, broken length of metal tubing held high over his head, poised to slam down onto the skull of whoever came through the door first.


Back in the white room, Lisa was still standing perfectly straight. Her gorgeous face was lifted but her eyes were staring blankly at the wall. Pincott stood behind her, his arms around her shoulders as his hands reaching around her, cupping her generous orbs, the soft, heavy flesh overfilling his hands. He ran his palms all over her, feeling her delightful nipples brushing against them and taking in the perfect roundness of each wonderful breast. He bent his head towards her neck, his nose touching the back of her silky red hair and inhaled deeply, taking her delicious scent into his lungs. Other than the sporadic blinking of her eyes, the girl’s face showed no reaction to his attentions, her blank stare unchanging as he continued to run his hands all over her chest.

A sharp knock on the door made Pincott jump back guiltily, pulling his hands away from Lisa. In neither her face nor her body was there any acknowledgement either of the sudden bang on the door or of the withdrawal of Pincott’s hands. She remained completely unmoving throughout. He, however, needed a few moments to compose himself before calling out “Who is it?”

It’s me – Jericho.” answered a gruff voice. “Your treatment table is ready.”

One moment please, Mr. Jericho.” Pincott turned away from the door he was addressing and leaned towards Lisa so that he could whisper into her ear quietly enough not to be heard by anyone outside the room. “Put your clothes on, Lisa.” Having been still for so long, she had no trouble becoming immediately mobile and busied herself noiselessly and efficiently in the task of gathering up her discarded clothes and then putting them on. Knickers first, then bra, then jeans and finally her top. When she was done, she stopped moving. Her hands rested at her sides and she stared straight ahead once again. Pincott walked to the door and opened it. “Follow me, Lisa.” he said. The girl began to walk after him, staying two paces behind as he stepped out into the corridor.

As they walked, Jericho turned and looked at Lisa and then at Pincott. “I hope you know what you’re doing, Pincott. The second table is no stronger than the first and you know what happened to that. Not to mention the walls which are completely useless as security now. Or did you expect me to rebuild a twenty-inch thick steel barrier inside two hours?”

Relax, Jess.” Pincott replied. “We’ll have no trouble with this subject. She’s completely under my control. Watch this.” He twisted his neck to address the redhead following behind.

Lisa! Stop walking.” he commanded. As soon as he had spoken, she stopped mid-stride, standing perfectly still.

Lie down on the ground.” Pincott ordered. Lisa dropped to the floor and stretched out on it until she was flat on her back.

Now get up and continue following me.” She obeyed him perfectly once again.

Very impressive.” said Jericho as the party resumed its journey. “I just hope for all our sakes that you haven’t made another miscalculation.”


The water in the tiny cell was up to Chris’ knees now. At least the noise had abated, now that the level was well above the ruptured pipe. But it was still loud enough to drown out the sound of approaching footsteps. It was only when he heard the electric lock of the door clunking open that he realized someone had noticed the liquid pouring out from under the door. A short, stocky man with a shaven head and almost no neck swung open the door, only to shout “What the f-” as a two foot high wave burst out onto him. He didn’t get to complete his question as Chris had already smashed his piece of broken pipe down onto the back of his skull, a blow that knocked him out cold instantly.

Despite having been cooped up in such a tiny space for hours, Chris was already springing into action when the guard’s body splashed down onto the puddle-covered floor. He checked the corridor outside in both directions and then leapt onto the fallen man to check his pockets for weapons. Inside the guard’s jacket, he found just what he was looking for. The revolver felt reassuring in Chris’ hand as he pulled it out and checked the chamber. It was loaded. He kept it in his grasp as he looked both ways at the corridor once more, chose right over left and sprinted off in that direction.


Pincott and Jericho lead Lisa into a large room that seemed to have been built entirely out of metal. The walls, the floor and the ceiling were all made of steel. She noticed that an explosion must have taken place in the room because one wall had been almost completely destroyed. She could see just how thick the metal was from the cross-section on view where the blast or whatever had torn completely through it. It had to be nearly two feet thick! In the centre of the room was what looked like a hospital bed, with some kind of mattress but no sheets. Pincott walked over to the bed and Lisa trailed him, remaining the same distance behind him all the way. When he stopped, she stopped.

Take off your clothes.” Jarod instructed her, and as her only purpose was to serve him, she instantly obeyed, removing her garments one by one and dropping them on the floor by her feet until she stood, utterly naked, her arms by her sides, facing her master.

Lie down on the bed.” She walked over to the bed, climbed onto it and lay on her back with her eyes fully open, staring vacantly at the shiny metal ceiling as Jarod spoke. “Place your hands and feet on the rests, Lisa.” he commanded. She hadn’t noticed the curved metal platforms for her limbs, but now she duly re-arranged herself to comply. It wasn’t uncomfortable. Her master leaned over her and stared into her eyes. “How would you like to become the perfect warrior, Lisa?” he asked her. “Do you want to be as strong as a thousand men and completely unstoppable?”

Lisa struggled with the enormity of the question. It seemed impossible. And then she realized that the answer was actually very easy. “Yes, if that is what you want.” she said, no trace of emotion or warmth in her voice.

Pincott smiled and turned away from her, calling out, as though speaking to the air “Jericho! Activate the restraints.” With a loud click of finality, two-inch think steel bounds locked shut over each of her wrists and ankles. A further strap, equally as dense shot out seemingly from nowhere, closing tightly across her chest. The cold metal touched her bare nipples, but even that failed to provoke a reaction from her. After all, Jarod had requested the restraints, so the restraints had to be a good thing. Two more chunky steel bounds appeared from the side of the bed and wrapped around her, one over her waist and the other over her knees, fastening themselves as they reached the other side of her body.

Jericho’s disembodied, electronically carried voice filled the room “She’s secure. As secure as the last one.”

Thank you, Jericho.” Pincott replied, wandering over to a small, free-standing cupboard-like box. Opening it, he reached in and carefully removed a syringe from a selection housed in a rack. He walked back over to Lisa, holding the needle aloft. This time, she did not struggle; she didn’t even make a sound when he approached to inject her. She flinched, but barely noticeably as he plunged the point into her and emptied the liquid contained in the syringe into her bloodstream.


Chris crept around yet another corner in the maze-like building and froze. In the corridor ahead, a man was standing guard over a door, facing away. Determined to seize his opportunity, Chris crept agonizingly slowly, step by silent step towards the guard. As soon as he was close enough, he reached up, pressing the barrel of the revolver he’d stolen hard against the man’s temple. “Make a sound and you’re dead. Understand?” Chris hissed. The guard nodded to show his comprehension.

There was a red-haired girl being kept prisoner with me.” Chris said, keeping his voice low. “Where is she now?”

I swear I don’t know.” Chris released the gun’s safety. The guard began to tremble violently. “I wish I knew but I don’t.” he wailed. Chris removed the gun from his forehead, and then smashed the butt of it down on the back of his head. He crumpled at Chris’ feet in a useless heap. Swooping down on him, Chris extracted a pistol from his waist band and then set off once again down the corridor, better armed but still no nearer to finding Lisa.


I hope you have come with good news, Pincott.” The Superior’s greeting was as intimidatory as any Pincott had ever heard.

The Flessenger girl’s loyalty was shown to be complete and she has been injected with Stage 2.” Pincott announced, knowing that directness was the best approach. “We will need to thoroughly test the effectiveness of the treatment when she wakes up.”

I will provide you with a dozen men and four jeeps. We’ve already suffered a significant loss to our …” the Superior paused, taking his time to pick the right word, “ … resources thanks to your first test subject. I cannot spare any more than that. I trust that eight shooters and four engines will suffice for your needs.”

Yes, Sir.”

By the way, Pincott. I hear that our other guest, Mr. Credence, has once again decided to leave his quarters. I have given orders that he is to be kept within the premises but left unharmed. He is a most uncooperative gentleman, but he will provide an ideal secondary test for Ms. Flessenger. If she survives my little army, we’ll see if she can hunt down and destroy her best friend’s lover.”

An excellent idea, sir.”

Well, let’s hope that all goes well, Pincott. I have already instructed my men to see to it that McAllister finds out we are holding her boyfriend and her pal. When she shows up looking for them, I want Flessenger ready to meet her. And kill her.”

10 minutes earlier


Chrissy snapped her eyes open from her daydream as she was startled by the sound of an unfamiliar ring tone that seemed to came from the other room. At first, she thought her superhearing had possibly picked up the sound of a neighbor next door.


Or even four blocks over!” joked Chrissy, musing aloud to the possible range of her new super-senses.

Ring! Ring! Ring!”

As the ringing persisted, Chrissy began to realize that the sound was coming from inside her apartment.


Chrissy walked into the kitchen and quickly spotted the source of the sound – an unfamiliar black cell phone lying in stark contrast on her uncluttered, white granite countertop.


Chrissy thought for a moment and knew the cell phone was not here when she left earlier this morning. And it definitely wasn’t hers. Or Chris or Lisa’s. Unless one of them got a new phone and were here earlier looking for her …

Gingerly, Chrissy picked up the phone and flipped it open. “Hello?”

Hello, Christina …” replied the unforgettable voice of Pincott, sending an eerie chill down Christina’s back. Christina’s heart raced with a combination of fear and unbridled rage, recalling in vivid details the events of earlier this morning and what Pincott had done to her against her will.

Christina? Ms. McCallister? Are you there?” asked Pincott in an almost condescending tone.

Yes, I’m here you bastard!” replied Christina. “What the hell do you want?”

Well, you left so quickly without saying good-bye, my Dear!” said Pincott with a chortle. “Perhaps you’d like to come back and visit us? That is if you can remember …”

Christina quickly interrupted “Oh, I remember where you guys are! And so will the police in a little while – and the FBI, and the CIA, and anyone else I call!”

Oh, I don’t think you’d want to do that, Christina!”

Oh, why not, Dr. Spock?”

Because unless you come down here in the next forty minutes – by yourself – I’m afraid your boyfriend and your best friend … well … Let’s just say you’d probably be better bringing a dentist with their records to help identify them!”

Chris?!? Lisa?!?” shrieked Chrissy in a panicked state.

Yes, wonderful kids! Though I dunno for how much longer”

You’re lying!” said Chrissy, trying to feel Pincott out for more info in an effort to flush out his bluff.

No, I’m not.” Said Pincott matter-of-factly. “And you know it too, deep down inside! But if you wanna waste time following up and making sure, fine by me. But remember, you have LESS than forty minutes now and even with your new superhuman speed, I’d hate to think they died, quite gruesomely by the way, cause you were wasting time.”

Chrissy took a deep breath to compose her herself, trying to quell the fear she felt for Chris and Lisa. She had been in that situation only hours before and knew what it felt like. While Chris was brave and had an inner strength, she shuddered at the thought of Lisa being in the hands of this madman. “I’ll be there! And when I get there, you better ---“

Click. Chrissy’s bold threat was not even received as Pincott smugly hung up in mid sentence. Christina was enraged! Her eyes began to tear and her blood boiled at the thought of her friends in the hand of this guy. Without thought, Chrissy unconsciously clenched her fist, crushing the cell phone in a hail of broken plastic and mangled circuitry.

25 minutes later

She opened her eyes. She felt like she’d been asleep for a while and was now waking up after a long, pleasant rest. The light above her was very bright and unforgiving, but her pupils adjusted to it rapidly, and she felt no discomfort looking around. She was in a large room, with metallic walls. Something dramatic had happened to one of those walls as a huge gap appeared to have been torn in it. Thinking about how she’d gotten there, she found that her mind was a complete blank. She scanned her memories. Something surfaced from deep within her subconscious; a name … Carl. No. Kyle. No … Chris! There was something significant about that name. She was pretty sure it was someone else’s name, someone important to her, but she couldn’t say why or put a face to the memory. Was she supposed to do something? Like find this “Chris” maybe …

Maybe, whoever Chris was, he or she was nearby. She was suffering no lasting effects of being asleep; in fact, she felt completely refreshed. She started to raise herself up and found that her arms and legs and body were all strapped to the bed on which she was lying. That didn’t seem right. For a moment, she panicked at her predicament, desperately attempting to pull at least her right arm free. She was a little surprised to see the thick restraint around her wrist tearing open as she tugged against it. It looked, for all the world, as if the bound was made of steel, and it made a loud, metallic groan as it broke, but the material felt far too soft against her skin to actually be steel. Besides, ripping through thick metal could never have been so easy.

Experimentally, she lifted her other arm and found that the shackle around it gave way just as effortlessly and just as noisily. Both her hands were now free. She tried lifting both her legs and with an excruciatingly loud scream, another pair of steel-looking cuffs stretched and tore apart. It was confusing. The bounds looked so much like metal, yet she ripped through them as though they were no tougher than molten cheese. Feeling the thick strap across her chest, she experimentally tried to push her upper body against it.

She experienced a thrilling sensation as her large breasts momentarily flattened very slightly against the cold metal and then, wonderfully, the strap began to groan and stretch. Closing her eyes, and moaning softly, she thrust her chest upwards and was treated to the fantastic feeling of the thick band tearing completely free. It fell to the floor and landed with a clang so loud it made her jump. From the noise the bar had made hitting the ground, it had to be made of steel. Yet she’d torn apart a two-inch thick chunk of it, merely by pressing her breasts against it. She brought her hand up to her chest, experimentally touching her flesh, amazed at how firm and smooth she felt. The caress of her own fingers sent an immediate wave of arousal through her being; her lips parted slightly and she exhaled heavily. Had her body always felt so … so … good?

Confused, she sat up, completely forgetting about the last metal bar that was secured tightly across her stomach. The big, heavy chunk of steel, which would normally have been more than sufficient to hold an elephant in place, didn’t even slow down her movement. As she rose up, her flat belly pushed the metal aside as if it were wet cardboard. With a scream it ripped off its mounting, tumbling off the bed and crashing to the floor with another echoing clang. Totally free of restraints now she glanced down at the pieces of twisted, torn metal on the ground. Had she really just brushed aside all that steel? She raided her memories once again, trying to see if she could recall being strong … Really strong.

Nothing came to her that suggested she should be able to rip thick steel with her hands – or with her body. There was something else bubbling up in her mind, though. Names …. The first one, “Lisa” she recognised as her own. As that memory returned, so did another. Another name. Again, she knew it had a great meaning to her. Like a mountain taking shape on the horizon as an early morning mist cleared, she recalled the name. Pinfold … no, Pinman … Pincott. That was it. Jarod Pincott. Yes, she remembered it now. Suddenly everything was clear in her mind. Jarod was her master. Her only purpose was to follow his instructions. The confusion was lifting. In a sudden flash, she remembered Jarod telling her he would be making her as strong as a thousand men. That had been Jarod’s will, and it had happened. She understood. She was strong now.

Lisa swung her legs off the bed and stood up beside it. She felt extremely light, as though each movement of her body was completely effortless. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, rather it was exhilarating. Her chest still tingled where she had pressed it into the thick steel and especially where she had stroked it with her hands afterwards. She felt aroused, and without giving it great thought, she bent down and picked up one of the broken metal restraints that had fallen to the ground. It seemed as if it wasn’t heavy enough to be solid steel as she lifted it, but she put this down to her new strength.

Experimentally, she squeezed her fist around one end of the two-inch thick chunk. The thing certainly sounded like metal, groaning as her delicate fingers pressed into it. It was as though the bar were made of soft clay as it moulded itself around her hand, bending and yielding to her. The sight of the metal deforming in her grasp touched something deep inside her; something primitive. As she continued to squeeze, her mouth opened slightly and she started to breathe more rapidly. She concentrated on the steel as it now, incredibly, started to melt and ooze between her fingers. She wasn’t even using all her strength! She didn’t notice the way her nipples hardened and swelled as she beheld her own power. But she did realize the growing hunger within her. A need to use her new strength to satisfy her increasing yearnings.

She looked around the room, unsure of what to do next. Her only purpose was to serve Jarod, she knew that. But if Jarod wasn’t there to tell her what he wanted her to do, she had no purpose. The burning within her was her only guide as she wandered over to the most damaged of the thick steel walls. A huge opening had been torn in the metal in a rough, diamond-like shape, almost as if the wall had been ripped apart from the middle by some tremendous force. Lisa ran her fingertips over the hard, jagged edges of the damaged steel. It felt hard enough beneath her touch, yet when she experimentally pressed a little harder, her digits sank into the material with ease.

She placed her palm flat on the metal and pushed. The steel resisted her at first, but it could not hold out for long. With a moan of defeat, it gave way, remoulding itself around her feminine hand, surrendering to her vastly superior strength. The way the metal seemed to try and fight against her, only to be defeated without great effort on her part excited Lisa enormously. Losing herself in ever more intense sensations of lust, she began using her fingers to tear fist-sized chunks of steel out of the damaged wall. She held one of those lumps up in front of her face, closing her hand over it and squeezing, watching the metal compress, hearing it scream in protest and then, as she tightened her fist, staring in awe as it turned to liquid. The molten steel ran between her fingers, and over her hand. Inside her palm, the remaining metal became so hot, it started to vaporize.

Wow,” she thought as a trickle of liquid steel dribbled out of her hand onto the floor. “I must be so, incredibly strong!” Unthinkingly, she brought her palms up to cup her large, proud breasts, not even aware as the last traces of steel in her hand were crushed out of existence against her firm round mound. She felt so good as she threw her head back, a low moan escaping from her open lips as her fingers massaged her chest with many times the strength she had used to tear apart steel. The urgent, sexual need inside her grew. She wanted to feel more of her strength, to feel the power of her body.

Barely looking what she was doing, Lisa walked over to an undamaged section of steel wall and, placing her hands at her sides, leant forwards to press her hungry body against the ultra-strong partition. She loved the way the metal felt against her. She tingled in delight as she felt the steel resist her. Pressing harder with her body, her passion was inflamed to new heights by the sound of the metal crying out in futile protest beneath her. That seemed to trigger the release of a new wave of strength inside her. She screamed in pure pleasure as suddenly, the two-foot-thick steel block could no longer hold out and began to collapse inwards, yielding everywhere her body pushed against it.

Lisa closed her eyes and surrendered to the orgasm that had been threatening to tear through her for the past few minutes. She lost all connection with reality for a few seconds as the intensity of the eruption from within her core ripped through her, making her cry out in delight and sheer, physical ecstasy. “Aaaaahhhh” she screamed, sweat beading on her forehead and all over her body, making it shine as it sunk deeper and deeper into the solid steel wall, the force of her release amplifying her strength still further, the metal standing no chance against her slender, sexy form. The feel of the wall simply yielding to accommodate her was incredible, and it prolonged her orgasm until she thought she would pass out.

She didn’t lose consciousness, however. Instead, she actually regained control over herself. Breathing heavily as the waves of pleasure started to subside within her, she opened her eyes and took a step back from the wall. She was treated to the sight of a perfect impression of the front of her body carved deep into the steel. It was as though the metal was one half of a mould for making clones of her. At its deepest – where her hardened nipples had pressed into the wall – the bottom of the depression was eighteen inches inside the metal. She felt awesome knowing that she had caused such impressive damage with nothing but her body … and her strength. As she observed her likeness cast in steel, one of her hands rose to squeeze a nipple and the other found its way between her legs. Within seconds, she was on the verge of another orgasm.

Up in the observation room, Jess Jericho gesticulated wildly at the bank of close-circuit television monitors in front of him. His other hand was grabbing a fistful of his own hair, as he made no effort to hide his desperation. “What have you done Pincott!” he shouted as he pointed at one particular screen that showed a petite red-haired girl standing beside a perfect imprint of herself in steel. “She’s destroying the place! Why didn’t you give her a smaller dose than the last one! She’ll ruin everything!”

Pincott considered the picture, his mind distracted by the way the young woman was taking a break from ‘destroying the place’ to masturbate. Clearly exercising her phenomenal strength had stimulated her sexually. He found the whole scene utterly fascinating in a deeply personal, intimate way. But he certainly wasn’t about to reveal that. “Pull yourself together, Jericho!” he chided. “I expect a more professional attitude from you.” He leant forward and pushed a button on the console in front of him, holding it down whilst he spoke into a microphone mounted on the desk.

Lisa, this is Jarod Pincott, your master.” The sound of Jarod’s words coming from loudspeakers in the room made Lisa instantly snap out of her reverie, remove her hands from her body and turn to face the source of her master’s voice. She awaited his instructions.

Lisa, return to the bed please and lie down.” Without any hesitation, the stunningly beautiful, completely nude and unfathomably powerful redhead obeyed the command. As soon as she lay down on the bed, Jerold spoke over the intercom once more. “Excellent, Lisa.” he commented. “I see you are ready for your first tests. Although, I think we can safely assume that you have passed the strength examination.” Lisa remained motionless on the bed, her eyes staring at the ceiling. Her body was still filled with untapped sexual energy, but she resisted the urge to resume her previous ministrations. After all, she was waiting to hear what Jarod wanted from her next, and her only purpose was to serve him, not herself.

After a couple of minutes, Pincott entered the treatment room. He couldn’t help picking up one of the discarded mangled pieces of steel shackle that littered the floor. Holding it up – he needed both hands to lift it – he glanced from the twisted metal to the petite girl who had caused it to be that way. “How are you feeling, Lisa?” he asked.

I’m fine.” she replied, her voice flat and free of emotion.

We need to conduct some tests, Lisa, to ensure that the serum has taken successfully.” He walked over to the wall where she had left the remarkable impression of the front of her body. Almost absent-mindedly, he began tracing a finger around the inside of one of the two bowl-like indents her breasts had made. “We can skip the tests to find out if you are stronger than before,” he said, more for his own benefit than hers, “however there are some other effects which we need to examine.” He turned away from the wall, and shouted towards the door through which he’d entered.

Howser!” A young man entered the room, pushing a large contraption in front of himself. Lisa recognized it immediately as an exercise treadmill – the kind that can be found in any gym. “Is it set to maximum resistance?” Pincott asked the new arrival. The question was answered by an affirmative nod. “Good.” he said. “Lisa, get on the machine.” At once she climbed down from the bed and walked over to stand on the treadmill. “Start jogging.” he ordered.

Lisa started to jog on the treadmill. Pincott glanced at the digital readout by the hand-hold. It read 10mph. “A little faster, Lisa.” The girl sped up. Immediately the number on the display changed to 18mph. “Faster.” She started to run at an increased speed. Pincott noted that she was now doing 33 miles per hour. Her lovely face showed no sign of any strain, so he instructed her to accelerate. It was getting hard now to see her legs moving. After he told her to speed up one more time they became little more than a blur. By then, the speedometer read 58mph. Lisa still looked quite comfortable. He instructed her to hold her current speed, to see how quickly she would tire. After nearly quarter of an hour, she was no closer to exhaustion than she had been when she first climbed onto the treadmill.

Pincott was anxious to move on and decided that the tests of her endurance and stamina could wait. But he was curious. Before telling her to get off the conveyor, he commanded her to run as fast as she could. The number on the display started to increase rapidly. He watched as “75” flashed up then “92”. Unfortunately, the thing could only show two digits. Lisa was still accelerating, although the machine displayed her speed as “EE mph”. Pincott noticed the smell of burning rubber about three seconds before there was a loud crack and the treadmill broke. Loose bits of conveyor flew around the room as the base machine itself snapped into four uneven pieces. The girl continued to run on the spot, bits of treadmill being crushed to dust beneath her bare feet. “You may stop now.” he told her. She went from being a blur to completely stationary in less than a second.

Pincott swallowed hard. She wasn’t even out of breath! “Let’s move on to the next test.” he said. Then he called out “We’re ready for you now, Mr. Jericho.” A few moments later, Jericho entered the room, carrying a large handgun in his right hand. He stopped walking when he was about ten feet from Lisa and raised the pistol, pointing it at her. She recoiled instinctively from the weapon, edging slowly backwards, shooting nervous glances at the man holding it and at her master.

Be calm, Lisa.” Pincott instructed her. “Stand still.” Immediately, she obeyed. The fear was still evident in her eyes, and she kept looking from the gun to Pincott and back again, but she did not move. “Now turn and face Mr. Jericho.” Despite her understandable nervousness, there was no procrastination as she turned her body so that she was face to face with the man holding the pistol. “Whenever you’re ready, Jericho.” the little man said.

Jericho squeezed the gun’s trigger. The bang of the shot firing was followed by a loud Ping! Something hit the floor a few yards from the girl’s feet. “Jesus …” muttered Jericho. Lisa brought her hand up to her face, and touched the top of her cheek. There was no mark on her skin where she touched; no blemish to mar her flawless complexion. She took her hand away and both men stared at her. Pincott walked over and bent down, picking up the bullet that had bounced from her face. He examined it and then handed it to the shooter. “It looks like it hit solid steel!” Jericho exclaimed as he studied the squashed shot.

Try it again,” Pincott invited. This time, Jericho aimed for the girl’s neck. The ricochet was slightly less high pitch and the bullet travelled less far from her before coming to ground. Otherwise the result was identical. A crushed bullet and an unmarked Lisa. “One more.” requested the scientist. Jericho went lower this time, looking for her heart. There was a much duller clang as the shot rebounded off her body, and both men saw her big left breast bounce very slightly when it was hit. But the bullet failed to scratch even the soft flesh of her chest.

Oh my God!” exclaimed Jericho as he realised the implication of it all. He took a couple of steps forward, halving the distance between himself and his target and fired for a fourth time, aiming at her stomach. There was a loud ping, but it was Jericho who doubled over. The bullet had bounced from Lisa’s harder than steel abdomen and struck him in the belly hard enough to wind him. It took him a few moments to catch his breath and stand up again. He continued to rub the point of impact on his stomach for quite a while after that. Lisa stood still all the while, her arms loose by her sides.

Thank you, Mr. Jericho. That will be all for now.” Pincott pronounced. Jericho just stared at the perfect beauty of the unharmed nude girl he had shot four times. “I said that will be all, Jericho!” Pincott insisted. The larger man finally came to his senses, and started to walk out of the room, shaking his head in amazement all the way.

As soon as they were alone, Pincott turned to Lisa. Smiling, he told her “I think you’re ready for the next little test, Lisa. Follow me.” She followed him out of the room. Her face was expressionless, but she was thinking about how good she had felt when Jericho’s bullet had bounced off her breast.

15 minutes earlier

Christina dusted the bits of the crushed plastic casing from her hands, as she tried to calm herself.

She thought that Pincott could be bluffing, but realized he knew that she could find out if he was. That quickly led her to the conclusion that he probably did have them. Besides, he knew he was capable of that kind of treachery and would stoop to any means of achieving his goals – whatever they were.

Chrissy knew what she had to do. It was most certainly a trap, but she had to risk it. As she clenched her fist and could feel the power ebb through her, she wondered what Pincott was up to? He had seen how she escaped and that nothing in his arsenal even slowed her down. She waded through his security forces like toy soldiers! Just the thought of it, made Chrissy smile and reinforce her confidence.

Chrissy looked at her watch and saw she had about thirty-four minutes to get there. No form of normal transportation could get her there in time at this hour. “But I’m FAR from normal!” Chrissy said as her hands caressed her beautiful legs. Superpowerful legs that she knew could get in to the facility in time.

Chrissy suddenly bolted for the door and approached the railing at the top of the top of the winding staircase and placed her hand on the wooden railing. Chrissy has wanted to keep her abilities hidden from anyone till she was ready, but this was different. She knew she did not have the luxury of being discreet. And if she had to take some impromptu shortcuts, so be it.

Without thought and with a short hop, Chrissy vaulted over the railing and fell like a stone as she descended past four stories of stairs to land like a cat on the ground floor and walked very business-like outside, completely ignoring the mail carrier who stood aghast in the lobby looking up where she had leaped from.

A quick glance at her watch indicated she had thirty-three minutes now. “Ok, Chrissy! It’s time to really open up!” said Christina to herself as she took a deep breath.

As she took off, Chrissy was a superhuman blur to anyone who may have seen her. And if they did, they didn’t see her for long! She was moving so fast everything else seemed to moving in slow motion. She could easily weave in and out of traffic and up onto sidewalks without the slightest difficulty or thought. She felt exhilarated!

Chrissy became absorbed in the thought that she was running faster than anyone ever before! As she looked down, she became lost in thought over the power she possessed and became practically hypnotized watching her legs churn at superhuman speed.

Mmmmm!” Chrissy sighed to herself, lost in thought, not looking where she was going.

Even with her superhuman reflexes, Chrissy could not avoid the flatbed tractor trailer that was crossing the intersection ahead of her.

Oh shi-” mouthed Chrissy to herself as she impacted the metal trailer at close to 90 mph. Similar collisions would have left the trailer in tact and the impacting vehicle crushed like a soda can. But her body was FAR harder than any Detroit-manufactured vehicle – and far faster too! Chrissy’s superhard body plowed through the center of the trailer severing it in two perfect pieces as easily as a runner breaking the ribbon at a finished line.

As Chrissy continued racing from the scene, the driver and onlookers could only shake their heads in bewilderment, wondering how his trailer spontaneously split apart like that!

Oops, sorry!” giggled Chrissy as she turned her shoulder, now several blocks from the accident.

Chrissy felt momentarily ashamed and embarrassed that she was getting aroused once again by her power when her friends were in serious jeopardy. Christina ran with renewed resolve with the thought of her friends’ predicament burning indelibly inside her head. This only made her go faster. Faster than ever before.

As Chrissy zoomed past the city landscape to the onramp of Interstate 675 she began to pour it on. 120 miles per hour. 150 mile per hour. 190 miles per hour – and still accelerating!

Chrissy knew that it was only a matter of time before she was at the facility to rescue her friends and finish what she started!


For five minutes, Jarod had lead her through the labyrinthine corridors of the strange building he had told her was “home”. They stopped briefly in a supply room of some kind where he had handed her a pair of cycle-shorts and a sleeve-less khaki buttoned-shirt and instructed her to get dressed. The shorts were tight, hugging her thighs and her pert rear. The shirt was no better. The top three buttons could not be fastened as her large chest held the two halves of it apart. A generous amount of deep, firm cleavage showed beneath her neck. After that, she followed him for another few minutes until they arrived at a large, closed, metallic door.

Her master leant in to speak to her. “Lisa. It’s time for your next test.” He fished out a small white object from his pocket. “Stand still.” he ordered, as he reached over and pushed one end of the object into her right ear. “This is a receiver.” he explained. “With it, you will be able to hear me during the bat-“ he stopped himself mid-word, choosing a different one instead “um … test. Now, I am going to leave you here. Wait for my instructions.” She did not move as he disappeared from sight around a corner.

Pincott walked up to the hastily-arranged observation area. It was just an unused room on the third floor that had been chosen because it had a large window which looked out over the huge yard below. When Pincott entered the room, Jericho was already waiting for him. In his hand, he held a small black box with a large red button in the centre.

My men are ready.” the big man said, by way of a greeting.

So is my girl.” Pincott smiled, but Jericho didn’t return the gesture. “Is that the door release?” he asked, with a nod in the direction of the box Jericho was holding. He got an affirmative grunt as a reply. The scientist looked out of the window to the scene below. As the Superior had promised, he counted four jeeps against the far wall down there. Each contained a driver in the front and one man in the back. The four passengers stood by heavy-duty machine-guns that were mounted in the rear of the vehicles. Next to each jeep was a man on foot. Pincott could just about make out the automatic weapons that each of this quartet was carrying. It looked like quite a party. It never occurred to think of the twelve men he looked at as anything more than subjects in an experiment. His experiment.

Shall we begin, Mr. Jericho?” The big man nodded his assent. Pincott removed a small device from his coat pocket and brought it up in front of his mouth. He spoke into it. “Lisa, this is Jarod Pincott. In a moment, the door in front of you will open. When it does, start walking out into the yard.” He glanced over at Jericho and nodded. Jericho pressed the button on the box in his hand and then placed the contraption in his pocket.


Lisa was still standing exactly as Pincott had left her, in front of the large door. She was waiting, patiently, for her master’s instructions. When the tiny speaker in her right ear crackled into life, she bristled to attention. She recognized Jarod’s voice without needing him to verify his name, and she hung on his every word. Soon enough, the door began to slide slowly open, just as he had said it would. As soon as the gap was wide enough for her to fit through, she strolled out into the big open space beyond. She noticed the men immediately and spotted their weapons. She understood that her master wished to test her against this small army. “If that is what he wants,” she thought, “then it’s what I want.”

Lisa felt a little apprehensive approaching twelve heavily-armed men, but any fear was overruled by her need to fulfil her purpose to serve Jarod Pincott. She continued to walk towards the group, until the familiar voice in her ear ordered her to stop. “Whatever else happens,” it instructed her once she had halted, “do not move until I tell you to.” She stood motionless in the middle of the big yard, staring straight ahead at the four jeeps.

The four men who were not in the vehicles jogged forward towards her, moving in a parallel line across the yard. When they were about twenty yards from her, they ceased running and crouched down on the concrete ground. Lisa watched as they raised their large, terrifying-looking guns to firing position. The sight of the four long barrels pointed at her sent a strong rush of fear through her body. All her instincts told her to run, screaming, from the spot. But she had her instructions and they clearly stated that she was not to move. Self-preservation was not her purpose. Serving Jarod was what she lived to do. So she stayed in place.

Her ears detected four clicks from the guns trained on her. Then one of those guns was fired. She saw the angry flames spitting from the end of the weapon and before her terror could take hold properly, she felt the stream of bullets hit her. It was strange. She could see the hail of bullets spraying off her stomach, her shirt being torn to shreds so that her bare abdomen was revealed as dozens of lumps of supersonic lead bounced off it. Yet, it didn’t even hurt. The supposedly deadly gunfire felt like raindrops to her. In fact, it felt quite nice.

Seeing the way her body shrugged off the shower of bullets excited her. It reminded her that she was powerful now. Really powerful. There was nothing left off the lower portion of her shirt now. A few stray shots had hit below the waistband of her cycle-shorts too, and there were three clearly visible holes in the material just above her groin. Absent-mindedly, she moved her hand to touch her exposed skin through one of those holes, and instantly felt a tingle of arousal. Her full lips parted sexily in response.

The noise of gun-fire increased and Lisa felt more of the “rain-drops” hitting her hand. A second shooter had joined in and his spray of fire was targeted right where she was touching herself. She moved her hand away and within seconds, the upper half of the front of her shorts was reduced to a few tatty strips of material as countless bullets tore into the fabric, only to hit the invulnerable skin beneath and ping away. The feel of her waistline being caressed by a machine-gun in this way was delicious to her.

She paid no mind to the fact that her modesty was being stripped away by the endless stream of bullets, and stood still, letting it undress her. Occasionally, one of the shots would strike her in a more intimate area, sending a fantastic ripple of pleasure through her being. More of the material of her shorts was destroyed until most of her pubic hair was visible. She threw her head back, her red hair flying through the air, and simply savoured the wonderful sensation of being shot at by two automatic weapons.

Soon enough, it became three weapons. The third gun was trained on her head and the rapid succession of hot lead pellets slamming into her face was no more painful that its counterparts on her stomach, hips and groin. It was just like being caught in a summer shower. She lowered her head so that she was eye-to-tip with the onrushing bullets, quickly becoming accustomed to the sight of the swarm of gunfire hitting and rebounding off her face. Her lips were still slightly open in her arousal, and some of the bullets actually hit her exposed front teeth but that caused her no discomfort whatsoever.

The feeling was great, but the constant stimulation of her belly was stirring powerful emotions within her. She was beginning to understand what it meant to be so powerful; to be so completely immune to automatic weapons. She wanted more; to feel the lovely touch of machine-gun on more of her body. She craved to caressed all over, to feel the intensity of hot lead on her skin and to watch as her flesh proved itself tougher – much, much tougher – that any bullet. And she wanted to use her new strength. To show the power of her indestructible body; to witness what it could.

Almost in answer to her prayers, the last of the men who had approached began to fire his weapon. She couldn’t help but let out a loud moan of ecstasy as the first shots reached her chest, tearing holes in her straining shirt but failing to do any more than excite the erotic, feminine flesh below. Soon enough, the top was reduced to just a couple of torn threads that fell across her shoulders, her big, proud breasts now completely exposed. Lisa looked down at her chest and saw her mounds vibrating very slightly as dozens of bullets bounced harmlessly from them every second. Her nipples, so aroused, started to grow. Whenever one of them was hit directly, she emitted a low growl of pleasure.

The constant tingling of her breasts drove her wild with lust. She brought up her hands, cupping them, her fingers digging far more deeply into the smooth flesh than any mere bullet ever could. A lot of the fire aimed at her chest hit the backs of her hands, but she didn’t mind; her hands were providing far more stimulation. She shut her eyes, massaging her perfect orbs more and more energetically, lost in sexual reverie as the constant assault of four machine-guns peppered the front of her body. A bullet became trapped between her palm and her left breast but Lisa ignored it, barely even aware as she crushed it against her womanly flesh until it turned to liquid and then squeezed it to nothingness between her hand and her stunning chest.

More shots became caught in her cleavage as she pressed her breasts together. Her eyes were closed now, the tip of her pink tongue licking her lips sensuously. The lead between her mounds was mashed together, flattened and compressed out of all existence by the incalculable pressure she created as she rubbed the sides of her two large breasts against each other. She yelled in delight, unable to contain the pleasure of the moment. She could feel herself moistening between her legs as her body became ever more aroused. Her left hand left her chest to seek out the source of that moisture but before she could touch herself, she was temporarily pulled out of her erotic trance by the sound of Jarod’s voice.


From the observation room, Pincott could not see the front of Lisa’s body but he could see the spray of bullets ricocheting from her. He could tell that she was touching herself and recalled the way he had seen her masturbating in the treatment room. Something about using her incredible new abilities aroused her sexually, he realized. He needed to exert his own control over her, before she lost herself completely in orgasmic pleasure. Speaking into the small box in his hand, he issued her with new instructions. It was time to test her ability to carry out his instructions, whatever those instructions might be. The Superior wanted to know if she could be trusted in a battle situation. He was about to find out.

Lisa, turn towards the leftmost of the men shooting you.” he ordered her. Immediately he saw the girl in the yard remove her hands from her body, adjusting her stance so that she faced the crouching man as he had asked. “Walk towards him.” Again, she obeyed without a pause, strolling in the direction of man firing at her head. All four guns continued to spit fire at her, but she seemed to pay it no mind as she followed her instructions. When she was within a few yards of her target, they ceased firing, fearful that a rebound from her beautiful body would prove fatal. Not fatal to the girl, of course, but fatal to the shooter.


The silence was sudden and eerie, but Lisa simply continued walking until she was standing over the left-most gunman. He looked up at her and she looked down at him, waiting for her next instruction. “Pick him up.” Pincott’s voice commanded. She bent down, grabbing hold of the man with a single hand under his left armpit and stood up straight, lifting him to his feet. They stood eye to eye for a moment, Lisa’s expression blank, the man’s slightly fearful. “Higher.” her master demanded. She stretched her arm upwards. The feet of the man she held lifted from the ground. He began to struggle as she raised him, but it was clear that he couldn’t remove her hand from his arm. He kicked out, his feet slamming into her bare shins and knees countless times, but if she noticed, she didn’t express it on her face.

Put your other hand around his neck.” the instruction was clear enough. She brought up her free hand and placed it where she had been told to. The man she was holding tried to pull his head away from her but she held him firm. “Now, crush his neck.” Lisa paused for an instant. She was fairly sure she had never killed a man before. Something told her that it was wrong, that she should not do it. But Jarod wanted her to do it. And her purpose was to serve him. She closed her fingers around the man. Her stare was intent but cold, her lips shut, her _expression devoid of emotion. The flesh beneath her fingers yielded. There was a crunch. The eyes of the man bulged and turned pink and then he went limp.

Lisa continued to hold the corpse, one hand around its neck, the other under one of its arms. Its feet dangled about a foot above the concrete. She stood perfectly still, the dead man hanging from her slender arms. She was aware of the three other men who had been shooting at her now regrouping, but she did nothing but wait for more orders. “Well done, Lisa.” Jarod praised her through her earpiece. She felt no remorse for the life she had taken, only pride that her master was pleased with her. “You can drop him now.” Instantly, she let go and the body fell to the ground by her bare feet. She didn’t move.

The three remaining men near her looked at each other for a moment and then turned their backs and started to run towards the four jeeps waiting at the far end of the yard. Lisa watched them sprinting, but remained rooted to the spot where she stood. “Chase after the middle runner.” Jarod ordered. “When you catch him, crush his neck.” This time, she didn’t hesitate. Her shapely legs moved too fast to see as she closed the gap between herself and the fleeing man in only seconds. As soon as she was in reach, her arm flashed out. A second later, he fell to the concrete, blood trickling from his mouth, his head at a strange angle to the rest of his body. Lisa had already stopped, her arms by her sides again, ready to carry out the next command.

Now go for the one on the right. Catch him but do not harm him.” She took off in pursuit. Although this latest target was much further from her than the last had been, her remarkable speed made light of the distance. She ran past him, the difference in the velocity of their movements so great, it looked like the man sprinting for all he was worth was standing still. Lisa stopped dead in her tracks, spun around and stuck out her hand. The man she had been chasing two seconds before ran straight into her outstretched palm, his chest hitting it hard enough to knock him to the ground. Before he could gather his legs to stand, she had reached down, grabbing hold of his left upper arm. She pulled him up onto his feet, the big man’s considerable weight utterly negligible to her.

She stood, holding the man fast whilst he let fly with a flurry of punches against her naked belly. Soon enough though, he stopped hitting her, crying out in pain. She could see that his knuckles had been badly bruised against her abdomen, although she hadn’t really felt his blows. He kicked out at her, with no effect. She merely continued to hold him by his arm, her face displaying no indication of any feeling or emotion. After about ten seconds, Jarod spoke in her ear once more. “Let him go.” Immediately, she opened her fingers, releasing her prisoner. He needed no second invitation and began running from her.

Catch him again.” In less than half a dozen strides she caught up with the fleeing man, grabbing with an arm around his waist from behind. And then she stood still, holding him immovably in place until her master told her “Kill him.” She pulled him to her, tightening her slender arm around his middle until she heard a crunching sound and he went limp. “Drop him.” She removed her arm and he collapsed in a useless heap. She stood perfectly still, letting her arms hang free, showing no trace of emotion on her features.

The sound of engines being started made her look up in the direction of its source, but she did not move her feet. She was waiting for Jarod’s next instruction.


Pincott turned to Jericho and shouted “What are those men in the jeeps doing? Didn’t you give them orders not to move until later?”

What do you expect them to do, Picott?” Jericho shouted back. “Stand still waiting for your zombie centrefold to pick them off?”

Lisa is a perfect warrior!” He was upset at the slandering of his experiment. “Call the jeeps off, now!”

You call your monster off!”

Monster? How dare you! Get out of here!” Jericho didn’t move. He stared angrily into Pincott’s eyes. “I said, get out!” Pincott screamed. Jericho held his stare for a few more seconds and then walked, silently, from the room.

Pincott looked out of the window. Two of the jeeps were moving, against his instructions. The last remaining man on foot had disappeared from view. Perhaps he was hiding behind one of the other vehicles. Taking a couple of moments to let his fury die down, Pincott studied the situation out in the yard and then spoke into his transmitter. “Chase after the jeep to your right.” he ordered. He watched as the redhead set off after the fleeing vehicle. It was nearing its top speed, but she was running nearly twice as fast. When she had all but closed the gap, he commanded her “Grab hold of the back of it and make it stop.”


Lisa reached out, hooking the fingers of her right hand over the back of the jeep and stopped still. She felt the vehicle pulling against her arm for a split-second. She enjoyed the way her arm quickly overpowered the tug of the wheels. Her fingertips dug into the steel frame as she held it firmly in place with just that single, slender limb. The two men in the jeep were thrown forwards by their momentum as their ride came to a sudden halt. They tumbled through the air for about ten yards before crashing down to the concrete and rolling for a further twenty feet. Neither moved after that. The vehicle’s engine was still running, but with no-one to step on the accelerator, the wheels were stationary.

Let go.” Her master instructed. She removed her hand. “Now bend down and lift up the back of it.” She crouched, placing her hands under the rear of the jeep and straightened up again, bringing the back of the jeep up with her as though it weighed no more than a deck of playing cards. As she raised her hands, the vehicle pivoted on its front wheels, its chassis moaning as she tilted it to an unnatural forty-five degree angle.

Remove your right hand.” She let her arm fall to her side, holding the end of the jeep up with just her left hand. She hardly noticed the redistribution of its weight. “Now use your right hand to lift the whole jeep over your head.” Her free arm reached up towards the underside of the vehicle, her palm pressing into it. The thing was not well-balanced above her, and she had to compensate for that with her left hand, but nonetheless she managed to carry out the order with little difficulty.

She stood in the yard, the last few tatters of her clothes hanging off her glorious body, the unmanned jeep entirely supported on by her petite hands as she held it above her head. “Very good, Lisa.” She was glad her master was pleased. After all, pleasing him was her only purpose. “Now turn around.” She moved one foot then the other so that she faced in the opposite direction, the jeep she was lifting turning in an identical semi-circle above her. She could see the three other jeeps now. Two were parked as they had been when she first saw them, but the third, was speeding past her, about ten yards to the left.

The man in the back of the jeep turned the huge, fixed automatic weapon towards her and opened fire as he flashed by. The bullets it spat out were much bigger than those of the hand-held weapons she’d experienced before. These new, steel-tipped ones felt much better as they struck her. As her chest was hit by a burst of the powerful shots, she was instantly reminded of the wonderful feelings she’d enjoyed before. She closed her eyes, loving the way the hot metal caressed her. She would have used her hands to add to the sensations, but that was out of the question as she knew Jarod wanted her to hold the other jeep over her head with both hands.

Soon enough, the racing vehicle carried its gun out of range of her. The man in the back stopped firing and the tingling in her body began to subside. She watched the jeep receding, patiently waiting for her master’s command. It came soon afterwards. “Lisa, throw the jeep you are holding at the one driving away from you.” It seemed like an impossible thing. Her, a slim girl, being asked to throw a military vehicle at another some thirty yards away. But Jarod wanted her to do it, so it was her duty to try. She drew her arms back, the jeep above her moving with them, and then thrust them forwards, releasing her hold on the chassis.

The jeep rocketed through the air, parallel with the ground until it slammed into the back of the escaping vehicle. The front end of the grounded machine started to rise up as so much weight fell on its rear, but before it could tip up completely, the other jeep’s fuel tank burst and the fuel within it ignited. Instantly, both vehicles exploded, a huge ball of orange and yellow flames erupting from the crash, black smoke billowing out into the sky. Lisa stood staring at the devastation she had caused. She was pleased that she had been able to fulfil her master’s latest order.

The two remaining jeeps immediately fired up their engines and accelerated towards her. Both gunners manned their weapons and began to shoot long before they were close enough for their bullets to strike. Lisa desperately wanted to move into the path of those bullets. To enjoy them as they stroked her body. But she held still. Jarod would tell her to move if he wanted her to. Soon enough, he did. “Move into the path of the jeep on the left.” She obeyed immediately, secretly delighted that he wished her to be in the line of fire once more.

Finally, the thing got within shooting range of her. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, thrusting out her wonderful chest to get the most possible benefit from the high-powered steel massage. “Mmmm” she moaned as she allowed the fantastic feeling to wash over her. Without thinking her hands came to her breasts and she started to squeeze, each of her fingers digging deeper into her flesh than any of the bullets that struck.

She opened her eyes and saw that the jeep was bearing down on her, the front of it no more than twelve yards away. From this range, the bullets felt even better. She moved her hands to the side so that the shots could have unimpaired access to her chest. Her mouth fell open and her breath came in thick pants. The sight of countless supposedly deadly pieces of metal bouncing from her breasts having failed so completely even to scratch her beautiful skin filled her with a sense of her power, a power that ignited passions deep within her.

But the jeep was so close to her now. Shouldn’t she move out of its way? The voice in her ear made it clear that her master didn’t want that. “Stay still, Lisa. Don’t move!” Despite her doubts, she did what she was told. A second later, the front of the jeep slammed into her thighs. She wasn’t thrown into the air by the collision, however. She wasn’t pushed back. Her feet remained planted on the concrete ground, exactly where they were. She did not yield at all. Instead, the front of the vehicle gave way to her. The steel simply folded around her legs, the metal folding and piling up against her, spreading over her middle, pressing against her groin.

She shut her eyes, another cry of physical delight leaving her lips as the jeep’s momentum carried it forward to compress against her slim body. She didn’t see the driver being impaled on the steering column nor did she see the gunner being thrown from the back seat to fly over her head and crash down onto the hard ground behind her where he eventually rolled to a stop. He would never move again. Lisa didn’t notice him, however. The solid steel block that was the jeep’s engine was now pressing up against her groin. The warm metal stimulated her anew.

Aaahhh” she yelled, breathing heavily so that her naked breasts heaved. She cupped them once more, pinching her swollen nipples as a column of steam escaped from the crushed vehicle wrapped around her hips and legs. Not thinking, she began grinding her pelvis into the mangled mess of the former jeep, her intimate parts crushing and bending the steel as she sought to provide her hungry body with the ever stronger sensations that it craved. “Yessss!” she pushed her hips harder into the twisted metal, crushing it everywhere she touched it.


Pincott watched the girl beginning to pleasure herself with the remains of the jeep that had slammed into her. She truly was an awesome creation. And she was completely under his command. Totally his. As long as he could keep her from becoming distracted by the arousal her power caused. He would have to tell her to step away from the ruined vehicle before she lost all control. He brought his transmitter up to his lips and pressed the button to talk to her.

At that precise instant, the girl’s continuing attack on the machine finally took its toll. Something, maybe a spark, ignited the gasoline tank. With a “whumpf!” she and the jeep disappeared from view inside an eruption of flames. The blast caused the window in front of Pincott to rattle briefly. Something – probably a piece of vehicle – crashed to the ground, still in flames, on the other side of the yard. Thick smoke filled the air as the fire began to die down slowly and it was nearly a minute before he could see any details from the area of the explosion.

Lisa was still there. He saw that pretty quickly. The heat had burnt off all the remaining scraps of her clothing, and her skin was covered in smudges of black soot. Her hair was tussled. But she was still standing, completely unhurt. Nothing remained of the jeep except for a few jet-black chunks of debris, spread all around her. Pincott noticed that one of her hands was working furiously between her legs. He spoke into the transmitter. “Stop touching yourself.” he ordered.

There was no reaction from the girl. “Lisa, stop touching yourself.” Still she continued her frantic fingering, her head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open. “Lisa!” Pincott screamed into the microphone. “This is your master! Stop it! Stop it now!”


Lisa was utterly lost in the eroticism of her power. She had been caught in the middle of an explosion and had seen fire and sharp metal leave her perfect skin unharmed. She had felt the intense heat warm her delightfully, and enjoyed the caresses of a thousand pieces of shrapnel. And now she wanted more. More sensations, more intensity. And her fingers provided it. She screamed uncontrollably as her orgasm broke, the most powerful of her life. Her whole body shook violently as she let the ecstatic release fill her being. She certainly didn’t notice the blob of molten, blackened plastic that had once been a radio receiver falling from her right ear.

Panting, her body coated now in a sheen of sweat, she opened her eyes. She saw the devastation all around in the yard; blackened, smoking ruins of vehicles and bodies. And she saw the last, jeep, driving around the far perimeter of the enclosure, as if desperately seeking an exit. Someone, she realised, had sealed off the area. Maybe Jarod had done it, to make sure that she could destroy all the jeeps. But if that was what her master wanted, why wasn’t he telling her to do it? She lifted her finger to her right ear and felt only her skin. The little earpiece was gone. It must’ve been destroyed in the explosion.

Without Jarod’s instructions, she had no purpose. Lisa was torn; she wanted to serve her master, but she had no way of knowing what he wanted. She took a decision. She justified it to herself by reasoning that as Jarod had already ordered her to demolish three of the vehicles, he must have been intending the same thing for the fourth. In truth, it was her libido making the choice. It craved more of the extreme sensations it had already experienced. She needed to use her strength, to see her body defeating whatever it encountered, to witness its power.

Lisa started to run towards the last jeep. Seeing her approach, the driver steered a jerky course, trying to maintain some distance between himself and the naked girl charging towards him. The gunner at the back opened fire, showering her with the familiar, delightful rain of steel-tipped high-calibre machine-gun fire. She paused for a moment, letting the wonderful feeling grow, thrusting out her chest to maximise the number of bullets that could caress her breasts. She threw her head back, moaning. Soon enough, her hands rose to her mounds to provide the strong stimulation that the military hardware just could not deliver.

The driver used her distraction as an opportunity to steer wide of her and drive towards the opposite end of the yard. She noticed that the volume of delicious gunfire stroking her was diminishing and, opening her eyes, spotted the escaping vehicle. Without thinking, she gave chase. The jeep swerved violently to try and get away, but she was far more agile, and many times faster, and she continued to get nearer. Realising he was about to get trapped near yet another blocked exit, the driver threw the thing into reverse, crunching the gears in his haste to manoeuvre away from her.

Lisa simply side-stepped into the path of the reversing jeep, and held out her hand. The back of the vehicle smacked into her palm with a clang, and she held her arm firm, stopping the jeep in its tracks. The driver gunned the engine, making it roar and the tires spun frantically. But her arm was much stronger. The vehicle didn’t move. Smoke rose from each of the tires until, one by one, the heat of friction made them burst. Then, as the metal wheel-hubs touched the concrete, sparks began to fly. With a bang, and a cloud of steam rising from its hood, the jeep simply gave up.

She was thrilled with the way she had beaten the engine. Infused with a sense of her unstoppable power, Lisa calmly bent down, placing her hands fairly far apart underneath the back of the jeep and lifted it into the air. The driver, panicked, dived out of the front of the vehicle and ran from her. The gunner had a much more difficult task as the back of the vehicle was raised about six feet from the ground, but he, too, took the escape option, leaping out of the side and sprinting from the scene.

Lisa ignored the two men running and looked up at the jeep she was holding partially aloft. Something within her made her yearn to destroy the thing with her strength. She began to pull her hands apart, the steel chassis at first resisting her. With a groan, she increased her effort, fresh sweat appearing all over her naked body, the jeep’s defiance exciting her, turning her on, drawing fresh waves of strength from within her.

The metal began to groan. Lisa could feel it starting to give, felt the process of the individual molecules of the metal being overpowered by her body. Then with a scream that was almost human, the back of the jeep split in half down the middle. “Aaahhhh!” she yelled as she pulled the two halves apart with ever more strength, the steel’s resistance only temporary as she found more and more power surging through her body.

She closed her eyes, and let the mightiest orgasm she’d ever known thunder through her as her slender arms pulled with astronomical force, ripping the entire jeep lengthways down the middle. She shuddered violently with her release, the cry on her lips one of sexual ecstasy and triumph. With a screech, the vehicle gave way completely, breaking into two separate halves. She supported the weight of one end of each of these in a single hand, screaming as her internal eruption peaked.

Pincott was not accustomed to running, but he tore down the three flights of stairs to the ground floor, sprinting through corridors until he came to the door through which Lisa had entered the yard. Punching a code into a numeric keypad, he waited for the door to slide open and then ran out into the battle-field itself. He saw her, still holding the two pieces of jeep aloft, breathing heavily, her body coated with a thin film of sweat, glorious breasts heaving dramatically. “Lisa!” he shouted, sprinting towards her.

As soon as she heard his voice, she let go of the vehicle-halves, letting them crash, noisily, down to the concrete and turned to face him. “Lisa!” he panted, “The … test … is … over …” He stopped, and placed his hands on his knees, trying to get his breath back. It took him nearly a minute. All the while, she stood right where she was, waiting patiently for him. Finally, he stood up straight, still a little short of wind. “Come with me now, Lisa.” Dutifully, she followed him back inside the building.

10 minutes earlier

Chris leaned back against the wall behind him and took a couple of deep breaths. He was exasperated. For twenty minutes, he’d been running down identical-looking corridors, desperately seeking an exit. It was strange; any door that wasn’t locked seemed to lead him back to somewhere he’d already been. The locked doors would not open, no matter how much force he tried to apply. The doors were all made of metal. There was no point running the risk of detection and wasting a precious bullet by firing his stolen pistol at one of them.

He checked both ways along the corridor where he was resting, in case someone was approaching. But there was no-one. In fact, he hadn’t seen another human being since he overpowered the guard outside his cell. He listened out for the slightest sound of movement. His only hope of progress – of finding Lisa or even Christina, if she was indeed here, or of escaping from the building – was to wait. To wait until someone opened a door somewhere. And to be ready, with his gun, when they did.

20 minutes later

Pincott was summoned into the Superior’s office. He approached the huge desk but did not sit down. The Superior was sitting in his leather chair, staring out of the window which overlooked the courtyard below. Already, a team of his men was at work, clearing away the evidence of the battle that had raged out there. The bodies had been taken away and now the job of removing the burnt and mangled jeeps had begun. The man in the blue suit swivelled his chair away from the view to face his subordinate.

I see that the battle test was a partial success.” He intoned.

Partial?” Enquired Pincott, who had been expecting praise.

You lost control of her for a while at the end, did you not?”

That was due to her receiver being destroyed,” the scientist defended himself, “in future we will use a more robust -.”

In future?” the Superior interrupted him. “How much damage might she have caused whilst you were unable to issue her instructions? She could have ruined our entire operation!”

Sir, she would not do that, she’s completely loyal to me.”

Ah yes … Her loyalty. You may be convinced of it, Pincott, but I need to be absolutely certain. You see, it has come to my attention, based on a number of reports being carried in the news media, that your first subject, Miss McAllister, is currently on her way here. When she arrives, we will need Flessenger ready to follow our commands impeccably. With that in mind, I suggest one final test of her total obedience.”

Creedence?” Pincott attempted to anticipate.

Exactly. Her former friend, Chris Creedence. Currently, we have him trapped like a rat somewhere in the corridors of the East Wing. I think it would be a valuable exercise if young Lisa is charged with seeking him out and destroying him. If she shows that she can take the life of her former friend then we can assume she is ready to face McAllister.”

I’m sure Flessenger will meet your expectations.” Pincott said.

You had better be certain that she does, Pincott. We may not have much time before McAllister arrives. Begin the hunt immediately.”

Yes, sir.” Pincott said, leaving the room.

The Superior sat back in his chair. Everything seemed to be back on track once again. The world was closer than ever to being his.

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