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Supers on a Plane

Written by CavemanNinjaJoe :: [Sunday, 14 April 2013 14:24] Last updated by :: [Monday, 15 April 2013 06:50]


Supers on a Plane

By Caveman Ninja Joe


Jerry sat in a cushy, business class window seat on a 747, flying high above Minnesota. His lovely wife, Karen, was leaning on his shoulder, lulled into a half sleep by the engine right outside the window. Most of the other passengers where slumbering as well.

A pretty, brunette stewardess in a prim and proper blue blazer and a bunched up yellow scarf wandered the aisles, lightly nudging the sleeping passengers as she passed. She seemed oddly familiar, but Jerry couldn't tell from where. As the stewardess gently nudged Karen back to the world of the living, he turned to her, “Excuse me, miss?”

The stewardess stopped, and leaned over to hear him better over the engine. Karen cringed: the woman's large bosoms hung mere inches from her nose. The name-tag perched on them read – 'Stacy'.

“Excuse me miss, will the flight be much longer?”

“No sir. We'll arrive in fifteen minutes, tops.”

“Thanks.” He put his belt on, ready for landing.

Stacy the stewardess smiled, and walked off. His eyes followed her to the rows behind them. He knew he'd been looking a little too long when he heard Karen harrumph beside him.

“See something you like?” she asked, with her arms folded and her foot tapping the floor.

Jerry chuckled, then leaned in to give her an apologetic peck on the cheek. “I'd much rather see you.”

She smirked. “Nice save.”

Suddenly, a massive gust of wind blew through the cabin. A horrible metal shriek reverberated through the plane, like a wailing banshee rushing up behind them. The blue curtains covering the door to economy class were flapping about wildly. Jerry's eyes went wide - he could see the destruction from here. The roof was trashed, ripped off like someone had peeled the plane with a giant can opener. Three whole rows of seats were missing. He couldn't see Stacy, but he could swear she'd gone back there....

“Oh, shit!” he yelled, “Karen, hold on!”

The captain got on the intercom, “Attention all passengers, this plane has sustained damage, and will be coming in for an emergency landing... please assume crash positions and follow all directions from...”

The other passengers weren't listening. Some tried, but they couldn't hear him over the roaring winds. Some were screaming. Some were praying. One tried to grab one of the stewardesses, and demanded to know what was happening. “Who was it! Was that a....”

“Sir... I don't know, please return to your seat and....”

Jerry and Karen went into the brace position. They could feel the plane plummeting from the sky. Jerry's eyes flitted left and right. As he looked out the window, he saw something he couldn't believe. Silhouetted against the night sky was a woman. She was flying level with the plane, apparently under her own power. As she got closer, he squinted.

“Stacy?!” he yelled in shock, just as she disappeared under the wing and out of sight. “Karen, did you see...!”

The whole plane lurched violently, like a great hand had snatched it in mid-air. Any passengers or crew without their seatbelts on were tossed about the cabin like ragdolls.

Karen included.

A desperate scream escaped Jerry. He watched, horrified, helpless, as his beloved wife was thrown from her seat towards the front of the plane. She sailed up, smacked her head on the luggage rack, and tumbled head over heels before coming to rest a few rows ahead of him. She was out cold. She might still be breathing: from back here, he couldn't tell.

He was so distraught, he didn't notice their descent had slowed to almost nothing.




After a bumpy ride, the stricken plane touched down in a grassy field. The stewardesses started shepherding people towards the exits. Jerry ignored them, he unbuckled himself, and raced over to Karen's side. In just a few minutes, the cabin had emptied, and Jerry and Karen were alone.

“It's okay, she's just knocked out,” said a familiar voice behind him.

Then, to Jerry's amazement, Stacy walked in through the curtains. Her hair was a mess, soaking wet and filled with twigs. She was covered in mud. Her uniform was torn and ripped all over. Anyone looking at her could see a sleek, shiny, bodyhugging spandex outfit under her clothes. Anyone could see the big blue letter stencilled on her chest – a very stretched out letter H.

“Stacy! You're... Hypergirl... I... what happened back there! Who was it...?”

He heard her mutter something about, “Bloody hayfever season...” as she straightened her clothes out, trying to look presentable, or at least cover the Hypergirl costume. It didn't work.

Jerry looked up at the 'H', down at Karen, and back up at Stacy. Twice. He didn't know what to say. He'd always wanted to meet Hypergirl, but....

Stacy looked Karen up and down, and then said, “She's coming around.”

“Augh... my head...”

Stacy rushed over, and knelt opposite Jerry. She cradled Karen's head as she tried, with great difficulty, to sit up.

“Easy there Karen. You took a nasty fall.” Stacy reached into her torn jacket, and pulled out a drink bottle. She lifted it to Karen's lips, and gave her a few sips.

Jerry grinned stupidly, “Welcome back honey. How do you feel?”

Karen blinked up at him. “I feel... I feel....”

Suddenly, her sleepy, pained eyes shot open. She felt like someone had pumped a thousand gallons of caffeine right into her veins.

“I feel INCREDIBLE!” she screamed. Suddenly, she shot up, rocketing off the floor and right through the roof of the plane.

Jerry looked up after her, stunned.

Stacy was as shocked as he was. Then, she looked at the bottle and up at Karen. She was muttering again.

“Right. Water bottle is in the left pocket....”


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