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A Night To Remember

Written by pansardum :: [Sunday, 14 April 2013 20:37] Last updated by :: [Monday, 15 April 2013 06:50]


With a light kick the hotel suite’s door swung open. I stood still in the doorway for a second, smiling down on the bride in my arms. My joy reflected back in her beautiful smile. Alone at last.
I carefully stepped into the dimly lit room and with a pirouette carried her towards the bed. Her laughter still echoed, as I gently placed her down on the sheet of rose petals. The candlelight played over her body, as she spread her arms over the bed - like a child making an angel in the first snow - savouring the feeling as the petals flowed over her bare skin.
I knelt over her and leaned closer. Her hand had caught a petal, which she brought to her face. With her eyes closed, she held it under her nose. We both inhaled its heavenly smell. She opened her eyes and pulled me in for a kiss. My hand travelled up her thigh, forcing her tightly-fitting, white dress upwards. Her free leg brushed along my side.
Before I knew, I was on my back, with her straddling me. Our lips still lovingly locked. Her hands danced over my body, searching their way to my shoulders. With a light push, she rose from my fumbling arms with a playful smile. She slid her leg off me and rolled off the bed. I laid, dumbfounded, wondering what she had in mind. My eyes travelled over her dress, enjoying each small movement, as she walked across the room. It closely resembled the luxurious gown she wore when she said "I do! ", but for practical reasons this had been the choice for the reception. The knee high dress had turned heads whenever she entered a room. Keeping her at the centre of everyone’s attention. Letting no one forget it was her day.
She walked with determined steps through the room, to the red chair that stood in the corner. When she turned around, she held a square package, shoulder wide but only an inch or two thick, decorated with a big red bowknot on the top.
I eagerly sat up as she placed the gift in my lap. Without hiding my excitement, I quickly, but gently, removed the lid; revealing the white piece of cloth inside. I looked quizzically at my better half, as I pulled the clothing from the box. "I don’t think this will fit me…" I said, as I held up the white, almost shining, Power Girl costume.
She punched me lightly on the arm. "It’s for me silly. I know how much you fantasise about it..."
She pulled the costume from my grip and walked towards the bathroom. "Just lay back and make yourself comfortable."
I wasn’t going to argue with that, but my curiosity got the best of me. I turned my attention to the box. As I lifted the lid a note fell down besides me. It was a short note that read: "Congratulations to your purchase!  - DressMaker7" I didn’t think more about it and looked into the box. Instantly noticing the blue boots that still rested at the bottom. There they could remain, for now. The costume wasn’t meant to stay on for long and I certainly didn’t want anything hiding her long, smooth legs.
I woke from my daydreaming, as the partly closed bathroom door creaked. Instantly drawing my attention towards it. My heart skipped a beat, as her naked leg extended from behind the door. She let her foot slide along its side, first down then slowly rising, holding it still for a second before she retracted it behind the door again. I could hear my heart race in anticipation as the door slowly swung open, revealing her in all her glory. She held her hands on her hips and stood with her feet shoulder-wide. The tailored suit clung to her figure as a second skin, accentuating every curve. Revealing a definition I didn’t knew existed. I sat stunned, stuck with a stupid grin.
She smiled at my speechlessness and bit her lower lip. Her hips sultry swayed, as she made her way closer; stopping just out of reach. Her hands traced their way over her figure, "Like what you see? " 
Her finger searched its way along her cleavage and tugged it slightly down, revealing even more. "Maybe you want to see more? " she asked, as she let go of the costume. It regained its former shape with a plop. I could only respond by a begging nod.
She let her hand slowly caress its way upwards, placing her finger between her teeth and slowly tugged off her glove. She turned around and took a few steps, her red cape swung from side to side with each stride, only briefly revealing her backside with each swing.
She pretended to drop her glove and stopped. With her legs slightly parted, she bent over at the waist. Taking her time, she picked up the glove and threw her shoulder long, blond, hair back as she slowly straightened her back. 
Standing again, she turned around and gently kissed the glove. With her red lips pouted, she blew the kiss towards me. A torrent of wind escaped her lips. I tried to struggle against it, but was forcefully pressed down. I could only hold on, as I felt how the heavy bed started sliding along the floor.
Above me, the gust burst the wall outwards. Luckily, she had aimed high. I didn’t dare imagine what would have happened if it had hit me, full force. The wind died down and I managed to sit up again. There she stood: my Power Girl. Covering her mouth with her hands, as debris slowly descended around her, looking as flabbergasted as me. But contrary to mine, her surprise was only temporary. She lowered her hands and revealed her beautiful smile and, before I knew, I soared out through the hole into the dark night, carried in her close embrace. 

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