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Viona – Part 1

Written by aki_zz :: [Friday, 19 April 2013 14:59] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:40]

Viona, the Mayan Warrior of Beauty – Part 1

by Aki_zz

Author’s Note: I love reading all the stories here, so I decided to make one too. I hope it fits well with the site theme and hopefully approved. Please bear with the title.

It is noon. The sun is shining high in the sky. In the tropics of central America, this means hot and humid. The state of the lost civilization on maya reflects this cycle of hot and cold. All the wear and tear are testaments of natures work against human creation.

Today is the final day of the expedition. Attempts to extend their stay proved futile as the government of Mexico refuses their application for an extension. They are busy packing up their equipment as they need to clear the place before dark. Sweat and smelly shirts are the byproducts of working in the heat which doesn’t help Fiona. Fiona is an ordinary university student majoring in archeology. She is a small, petite girl with a height of 5 foot 2, black hair, wearing glasses and skinny. This is a trip that she really looking forward to, and she enjoyed every minute of it. Her interest in history and archeology is what keeps her going. She shrugs off the heat and continues her task of carrying all the equipment back to the transport vehicle. After a quick lunch, she continues.

It was already 4pm when they finish packing. Fiona ran some final inventory checks with the checklist. This includes a mysterious box that they found. The small, square box is only approximately 1 foot in height, length and wide. It was wrapped with a lot of rope that almost looked like preventing anyone from opening it. Although many expeditions have been here they never found this box. Miraculously the local authority allowed the team to bring the box back to their university for further study. Even if it only for a short time perhaps to make up for the refusal of extension. She found out that they left a light stand at one of the temples. It is on the far site of the place.

“Crap, one stuff left, and it is on the other site. It’s ok I’ll go get it.” She volunteered.

“Please hurry we don’t have much time.” Her professor urges.

She ran across the complex. The distance is quite far that when she arrived she was breathless and took some time to catch her breath. She saw the light stand in front of the temple entrance. Lucky for her it is at the bottom not way up at the peak. It will take her forever to climb those stairs.

As she packs the light the sun rays shine straight at the entrance and reveals a statue. Fiona is stunned when she looked at it. The statue shape is not like anything at the temple. It is shaped like a woman, tall and slender. She stand proud, legs opened slightly. Her hands placed on her waist. Her back arched forward displaying her large, firm bosom. She radiates strength and power. Her beautiful face completes it all.

“Wow, so … beautiful.” She muttered.

The beautiful statue is equipped with what looks like an armor set. It is complemented with accessories and made of gold. It shines brightly as it deflects the sun rays. At the head there is a crown that wraps the statue forehead. The crown is beautifully made with patterns similar to mayan arts. It is complemented with a pair of earrings that hangs on the statue ears. At the neck there is a choker with similar patterns as the crown. The statue ample bosom is decorated with a pair of nipple plates that is connected with a chain. There are bracelets at both arms and wrists, not to forget a two rings on each side of the hand. A thin belt wraps around the statue thin waist and a thong that sports a deep V-shape rises high above the hips to form a deep plunge at the back to display a pair of round buttocks. Nothing much at the legs as it displays the long, shapely slender legs with only ankle bracelets at each of the statue legs. All of them are decorated with beautiful mayan arts pattern.

Fiona continues to examine the statue and comes up with a conclusion. “This is not a typical mayan products. How can it be so different? It almost looks like an Amazon.”

She proceeds to the statue and as she touches the choker, a bright light shines and engulf her. For a few seconds she is blinded and after regaining sight, the statue has vanished. All that’s left is the choker which she touched earlier.

“Where did it go?” She looked around to find the statue. She is unaware that she is holding the choker. Suddenly she is startled by a voice from far.

“Fiona, hurry up lets go!” Her colleagues went to find her. She quickly went to grab the light stand and noticed the choker is in her hand.

“This is the choker! How did it end up here?” She put the choker in her pocket, pack up everything and leave. The trip back is uneventful but the team is excited to bring back an archeology piece from the site, even if its only temporary. It is a huge coup for the university but for Fiona, she has only one thing on her mind, the statue. She reaches down her pocket and retrieve the choker to examine it. The choker is well made, with beautiful mayan patterns and pure gold. She quickly hid it when her friends come closer. She realizes that now is not a good time to do it.

When they arrived at their university, she quickly took her leave and headed straight to the her room. She wanted to run but restrain and remind herself not to get too excited. She enters her room and placed all her bags to the side. Taking a deep breath, she took out the choker and began taking a closer look.

“How come we didn’t found you before?” She walk to the front of a mirror and tried the choker. She fastened it around her neck and turn side to side to see it. It fits her snugly.

Then the choker glows brightly. “What is happening?”

Terrified, she struggles to unhook the choker but to no avail. A bright light shines, engulfing her. Her clothes and hairs around her body all burned by the light. Her skin now perfectly smooth with no imperfections. She feels a pleasant sensation of power entering all over her body. Starting with her face now has been changed and enhanced to a heart shape. She has beautiful large blue eyes with thick, long eyelashes that no mascara or fake eyelashes can compare complete with a pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows. Her eyesight and hearing is improved as well. Her chiseled cheekbones sits at the perfect height, along with a beautiful straight edged narrow pointed nose and a full, pouty and luscious lips. Her teeth is perfectly aligned, with a narrow, tapering chin that completes the transformation of her face.

Her hair has grown long and straight and at the same time, changes color to golden blonde. It stops growing when it reaches the lower part of her shoulder.

“Wow, feels … so … good,” Fiona moans in pleasure as another wave of power enters her body.

She can feel her shoulder expanded and at the same time her breasts is filled with power. It swelled from 32A cup to 36DD. “Oohhh,” She basks in the pleasure as her breasts inflates and firming up defying gravity.

Her body also grows. Now her arms also stretches to match the changes around her body and all her nails looks like it has been manicured. She recognizes the sensation of her waist now tightening and toning, no longer shapeless 28 inch but is displaying a thin waist and a sexy, 24 inch flatboard abs.

“Its happening there. Oh wooahhh!!” She screams in orgasm when the third wave arrives and it hits her private parts. Her vagina has been tastefully enhanced that no cosmetic surgery can match. All the excess skin, abnormal shape has been removed and corrected accordingly. It becomes more sensitive and tight. Her drooping butt is no longer 33 inch but now grows to a perky, firm and solid round 36 inch.

Her hips and legs were not forgotten. “Don’t stop,” She feels the power filled her legs, stretching and shaping them to a pair of long, slender and beautiful legs. Her height is increased to 5 foot 10 inches.

It doesn’t stop there. Now her whole body is involved, she can feel her muscle tightening and filling up all over her body, resulting in perfectly toned feminine physique but none of the muscle bulges, only hints of it.

During the transformation process she felt like a few invisible hands stretching, squeezing, putting all the right contours and shaping her body to a perfection. The sensations are nothing like she ever felt. It touches her at the right places making her feel satisfied.

Then the final wave of power arrives. This time all the golden armor appears. The crown, earrings, arm and wrist bracelets including the rings, the nipple plates, belt and thong are all in place. The ankle bracelets undergoes a change. It is now attached to a pair of 5 inch stiletto heels. The bracelets now strecthes to become a thin wires that snakes up her shin. Her flawless skin now has a light tan and it seems to be covered with baby oil, making her looks shiny to show her sexy feminine body. Her face is now coated with a light makeup that covered her lips with a soft pink as well as her eyeshadow. “I. Am. Cumming!!!” The transformation finally complete and she lets out a powerful climax and simultaneously the bright light disappears.

She stands still in front of her full mirror. Her arms are at her thin waist, her legs slightly opened and her back arched displaying the firm round breasts. There she was, 5’10”, 36DD-24-36 in her full glory. It is a far cry from her frail 5’2”, 32A-28-33 body. “Wow, is that me?” She stares at the mirror for a while to take all these new information and how beautiful she really is. She places her hands in her inner thigh and almost overtaken by the sensations of the sensitive, smooth skin. She realizes that all her senses have been enhanced.

Then she turn around to see her back and she was amazed at how sexy her back now. “Wow, now that is booty.” During that time she didn’t miss the way her new bosom moves and jiggles. It looks like there is air inside but when she cups them it firms up and end up making her filled with pleasure.” I love them!”

Her hands now tracing the outline of her thin waist and she giggled at how thin and flat it looks. Finally she takes a good look of her flawless face and notices her cheek has turned red, blushing. “Nobody can say no to that face,” she smiled.

She looks around her place and amazed how clear everything is. She can hear the sound of the people at the university cafeteria, focus her vision outside her window to the very end of the university and smell a lot of different aroma around her. “Surely there must be a way for me to control this. If not I’m gonna be drowned by all of the sensations,” she thought to herself.

“Well my dear, there is a way.” Suddenly a mysterious female voice echoes inside her head.

To be continued

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