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Viona – Part 3

Written by aki_zz :: [Tuesday, 23 April 2013 17:47] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:37]

Viona, the Mayan Warrior of Beauty – Part 3

by Aki_zz

The voice continued “Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Calm down. You will feel all the noises and unpleasantness vanishes one by one.”

Fiona proceed to do as she had been told, and her world has become a lot calmer and quieter.

“You only need to do this once. After this you will only hear sounds that is relevant to you. You can manipulate your vision and control your perspiration.”

She finally got the hang of it, and opened her eyes. She looked around but found herself alone in the room.

“Where are you? How can you talk to me like this?”

“I can speak to you because I’m within you.” A figure materializes in front of her. She looks exactly like the statue that Fiona found at the Mayan temple. The figure is floating in front of her.

Fiona is surprised. She didn’t expect to see an “alive” version of the statue. “You look exactly like the statue. Who are you?”

“My name is Ixaera. I am the guardian spirit of the armor that you are wearing right now. I am inside the armor. When a mortal human wears the choker, she will be infused with me, molded, sculpted and empowered to transform into the warrior of beauty.”

“That explains all those hands,” Fiona thought to herself. She blushes when it reminded her of the pleasures and sensations.

“You shall be known as Viona, the warrior of beauty. It is your duty to fight the evil and protect the weak.” Ixaera declares.

“Wait. Me, a warrior? This must be a mistake.” Fiona is alarmed that things are moving really fast and she hasn’t fully sink it all in.

“Yes, you are. I chose you because you are worthy. I can sense your sincerity and your will is strong. You are capable of defeating evil. Gulora has been unleashed.”

Fiona is puzzled. “Gulora? Who is that?” She has a lot of questions to ask, because it is all too surreal for her.

The conversation is interrupted when someone knocks at the door. Fiona remembers she asked Nate to come by tonight. She wanted to show Nate the choker she had found and find out about it. It turns out things got interesting.

Nate is Fiona’s boyfriend. They knew each other since high school and confessed to each other when entering the university. They spend a lot of time together and have the same interest in archeology. He is in the same course as Fiona. He didn’t go to the site because he need to attend other extra classes and football practices.

“We will talk later.” She unhook the choker and feels the power leaving her. It is like a balloon deflating. Her body returns to normal with her clothes intact. She found out that her skin is smooth. “Nice, I don’t have to shave anymore,” smiling.

“Fiona, you can trust him. I can sense his good heart. We need all the help we can get. You will not fight alone.” Ixaera assures Fiona.

“You can still talk to me?”

“Yes, as long as you have the choker or near it.”

She opens the door and they hugged each other. “Glad you come by.”

“Of course I will come.” Nate notices something is different. They meet each other a lot but this time it feels a bit different. He ignores the thought and reacted like normal.

She locked the door and sit at the study table next to him. She took out the choker and show it to him.

“This is what I wanted to show you. Isn’t it beautiful?. I found this at the mayan site.”

Fiona hand it over to Nate and he take a good look. He has never seen one of a quality like this, like it’s made to last.

Fiona walked to her bookshelf and take out a book. The title is Mayan Myths and Legends.

“Have you ever heard about the legends of Mayan warrior? If I remember it’s in this book.”

“What is it about the legend? All researcher concludes it is really a legend,” Nate commented.

“Well lets read about it again.” Fiona insisted. “It tells the story about a warrior heroine taking care of the civilization. Then she is involved in a fight between an evil witch who wants to take the warrior power. The witch is sealed in a box and the warrior sacrifices herself. The warrior is called The warrior of beauty and the witch name is Gulora. Gulora?”

“Yes her name is Gulora. And?” Nate still clueless about the subject.

“You probably wouldn’t believe this, but this is the warrior choker. It has powers. I wore this before you arrived and it turns me into the warrior.” Fiona hope Nate believes her.

“Don’t try to pull my leg. Is this some kind of prank? April is months away.”

“I’ll show it to you. You probably will enjoy this. Your fantasy is coming true.”

Nate is bothered by the last sentence. Fiona knows what is his fantasy, about meeting a heroine, displaying their beauty and strength. Nate turns his chair to face the room. Fiona got up from the chair and move to the center of her room. She looks at Nate and smile to him.

The choker is positioned at her neck. “Watch.” She hooks the choker and the transformation begins. This time she is ready. There is no more bright light consuming her, instead a soft, white light illuminates, giving Nate a clear view. She close her eyes, enjoying the sensation, moaning and cooing in pleasure as the transformation complete.

Nate cannot believe what he saw. Never in his wildest dreams that he expect it to come true. In front of him he watched his girlfriend clothes disappear and she floats in the air. He can see and hear her moaning as her body is changing, sculpted into a creature of unparalleled beauty. Now she is standing in front of him, in a power pose, displaying her beauty and strength. Her body glistens under the room light.

“I am Viona, the warrior of beauty.” She can see that Nate pays no attention to her. His mouth is open. His eyes are moving up and down looking at the sexy and alluring body, tracing every curve and outline. There is a bulge between his legs. Viona notices this, but let him enjoy the view. She stood there for a while until Ixaera appears. Nate almost jumped when he saw Ixaera.

“Hello Nate. My name is Ixaera. I am the guardian of the armor. When she wears the choker, I am infused with her, transforming her into the warrior of beauty.”

“Hi Ixaera. Nice to meet you.” Nate regains his composure and adjust his seating.

“So the legend is true?”

“Yes it is true, Viona. That is why we have to stop her.” confirms Ixaera.

“If you are a Mayan warrior, why do you look like an Amazon?” Viona hoped Ixaera can clear up the issue.

“A long time ago, the Amazon tribe have contacts with the Mayan people. They often seek our help when other enemy is threatening them. We have good relationship with the Mayans. To help them, we invited their best blacksmith to Amazon to create magical armor so that they can defend themselves when we are not around. The process is so hard that they only managed to make a few and even fewer qualified to wear it. Those few were able to defend their civilisation for a long time. Then came Gulora. She is a royal witch to the king. She wants the armor power to herself and become the ruler of the Mayans. The warrior that time fought hard and sacrifices herself but only just able to seal her. The losses are huge. Since then there are no more human worthy of wearing the armor, and the civilization collapsed.”

Viona is happy to hear the truth. “That is when the spanish came and usurped the Mayan. We finally know the real cause.”

Ixaera reminds them that there is no time to waste. She asked for Nate’s help to find the box. Viona cannot go because Ixaera wants to train and prepare her.

“It’s either at the transport vehicle or at the lab. I think prof will keep it at the lab. But please check the vehicle first.” Viona told Nate.

“Okay. Got it.” He got up and adjust his pants. Slowly he walks to the door when Viona called him.

“Nate, stop.” Sexily she walks towards Nate.

“Thank you,” and proceeded to kiss him. Nate is in bliss. The soft, sensuous lips against him and her pleasant smell, he really feels he is the luckiest guy that night.

After Nate left, Viona shift her attention to Ixaera. She says she wants to train her. Viona is also anxious about it.

“Viona, as you know by now, you have special abilities. Like an Amazon you also possess their legendary strength. Go try to lift the book case.”

“This looks like a few hundred pounds. Lets find out.” Easily she lifted the book case, hold it for a few seconds and put it back without losing breath.

“Wow, cool. But why is my skin feels so sensitive to touch? Even the slightest touch to my body drives me to the edge.” Viona remembers when she touches her inner thigh after her first transformation.

Ixaera, with a calm face, explains to Viona. “That is your weakness. Your skin is sensitive to touches. If anyone touches you, you can become overwhelmed by the sensation of pleasure it gives thus disabling you. These armor are naturally made for amazonians, and we have to alter its power in order for normal human to wear it. When you transform, it stretches your limit unlike amazonian who is naturally strong and a born warrior. If you made contact with people, like rescuing them and you need to carry them or anything, make sure you don’t indulge in the sensations and of course don’t let Gulora stimulates you.”

Viona nods, fully understood the explanation. Ixaera then explains that Viona don’t have to worry about knowing how to fight. Now that they are one, Ixaera knowledge in battle is absorbed by Viona so she automatically know it. She reminded Viona not to get overconfident, like all young warriors do.

“There are two ways to defeat Gulora. You can either seal her inside the box or destroy her heart. We only managed to seal her before. I hope this time she will be gone for good.”

Viona fully grasp the situation, and determined to finish Gulora. “I will not stop until Gulora is defeated.”

Ixaera reveals another surprise. “There is one more thing. You can fly.”

Viona doesn’t believe what she heard, but she concentrates and now she is floating. “This is exciting!”

Suddenly she sensed a dark power nearby. She traces it and using her sharpened eyes, saw Gulora in the middle of the park. “There she is.”

“I tought I can finish your lesson, but now time is short. Lets get to her.”

Slowly Viona glides to her window. She looked down and saw the ground is quite far down. Her room is at the 10th floor of the apartment.

“Lets hope for the best,” and fly straight to Gulora.

To be continued

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