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Viona – Part 4

Written by aki_zz :: [Tuesday, 23 April 2013 17:59] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:35]

Viona, the Mayan Warrior of Beauty – Part 4

by Aki_zz

Gulora is just thinking for ways to make the warrior of beauty to come to her when she saw a white light coming straight to her.

“Owh that’s great. I don’t have to do anything.” She spotted something behind the flying warrior. Cleverly she fired an energy bolt straight to Viona. Viona easily dodged the energy bolt and continues flying at a high speed towards Gulora.

Viona is charging towards Gulora. She really puts her mind into it and concentrates too much on the flying.

Ixaera interrupts “You are flying too fast!”

Viona concentration broke and suddenly she realizes she is too fast. She wobbled and panicked. Only seconds ago she learn how to fly and now her weakness shows.

Gulora see the warrior flying become erratic and took the opportunity to gain the upper hand. Calmly she waived her staff and a big fist as big as Viona appears. It punches Viona. Viona felt the big punch to her whole body. It causes her to fly at the opposite direction. She only stopped when she hit a big tree.

Gulora, seeing what had happen, is unimpressed. “Is this the true strength of the new warrior of beauty? Pathetic. You have no right to wear the choker.”

Viona is shocked. She never thought Gulora could be this strong. Ixaera tries to encourage her. “Don’t worry its just a minor setback. Show her the true power of the warrior of beauty.” Viona rises and release a powerful energy blast to Gulora. Again Gulora waived her staff and the energy blast bounces back to Viona. It happened so fast that Viona is unable to dodge and receive the full power of the blast. It knocks her out immediately.

“Just two moves and you’re knocked out? I haven’t fully recovered yet. What a forgettable bout.” Gulora commented. Clearly the difference in experience and lack of training, plus the overconfidence and recklessness of Viona backfires against the more seasoned Gulora. Even Ixaera guidance or rather lack of guidance didn’t help.

She goes to the side of the knocked out warrior of beauty and yanked out the choker. Viona quickly detransformed into Fiona. “You don’t deserve this choker. Only I has the right of it!”

Meanwhile, Nate is running as fast as he can. His first destination is the transport vehicle. At the back of his mind is filled with a lot of thought about what just happen. It seems to good to be true. The transformation and the kissing scene is still playing in his mind. He is actually glad that he is able to get out from that room. Inside there he just barely hanging on. The sight of Viona alone turns him on. Add the kiss and he could go crazy. Finding the box allows him to cool down and rearrange his thoughts.

He arrived at the transport vehicle. He looked around, opening cases, boxes and couldn’t find the box. “Next stop, the lab.”

He is running towards the lab when he saw a figure of a man running alongside him. He notices the figure is going to the same way. He quickly realizes that it is going for the same thing, the box. A while ago Gulora releases an energy bolt straight to Viona. Actually it wasn’t intended to hit Viona, just a disguise. She is sending her minions to find the box so that Viona will not be able to seal her back.

Nate tries to outrun the creature but the opposite happens. It left Nate behind. But Nate knows it cannot enter the lab without an ID, which Nate have. So he wasn’t concerned. He saw the creature going back and forth, trying to find a way in. Then suddenly, it smash through the window glass to get the box. Nate panicked. He saw the creature took the box and smiled to him.

“Oh no you don’t.” He jumps on the creature and the fight. Nate is fit as he is playing football but he gave all of his might to fight the creature. It proves useless as it simply shrugs him off and continue running towards Gulora and Viona. “I’m not gonna let you get away!” tired but not giving up he tries to catch up.

Gulora is happy. The choker is in her possession now and there are no one who can oppose her now. She is filled with anticipation about what will happen when she puts on the choker. The power it gives will make her unstoppable. She puts on the choker and the transformation of the evil witch begins.

Immediately the choker glows a golden light but then it turns to red and engulfes her. She is bathed in a sea of red light emitting from the choker and as a result all her costume vanished. Gulora feels waves after waves of energy entering her and it feels like a lot of hands caressing her body. Indeed it is as all the evil spirits that is trapped in her staff is released, taking advantage of the situation and at the same time Ixaera is infusing with her. Ixaera cannot control the infusion as the evil spirits is corrupting her, injecting evil essence in her. They are controlling her.

“Ohh wow. It feels so gooood.” Gulora cannot contain the pleasures anymore and moans in pleasure as she hits orgasm again and again. At the same time her body starts undergoing fantastic changes.

Her matured face has been reversed in time. She looks younger and there is not a single wrinkles on her. She still retains her red eyes but now it shines like an emerald with a pair long eyelashes and purple eyeshadow. The eyebrow also looks like somebody had sculpted it to enhance her face. The cheekbone is now more prominent. Her lips is now fuller and sexier than ever before and also has a radiant emerald lipstick color on it. The long black hair that used to be on her head is no more. She is now a brunette with a modern style hair that only extends to her neck with a short bangs. Her squared jaw face is altered to an oval face. She is pretty before but the alterations just makes her beautiful.

Her previously skinny body is now a work in progress. Her pale skin changes to a smooth porcelain like complexion. She can feel her muscles expanding and tightening and all she wants to do is curl up but she is paralyzed and can only received all the sensations that is coming. She is floating in the air and in a spread eagle position as the evil spirits wanted. Her skinny arms is now expanding and packing up muscles while at the same time trimming it just right. Her bosom is now fuller from 32D to 36DD. It seems to defy gravity as it does not show any sign of sagging. Her flat midriff shrinks from 25 to 24 inches but her hips and thigh is much wider, firm and round from 36 to 37 inches. Her legs adjusted itself to the new butt and thigh dimensions to achieve the golden leg ratio. Her height is now 5’5”. Gulora’s voluptuous figure is a contrast to Viona hour-glass figure. She is pretty before but now she is drop dead gorgeous.

All these amazing transformations is done without Gulora’s input at all. It is all decided by what all the evil spirits had envisioned by controlling Ixaera and lending many hands. Before this they are trapped inside the staff away from Gulora’s body but now they are freed but still under the choker immense power so this is all they could do. They decided that they wanted to be as close as possible to Gulora’s body so when they feel horny they could ravage her. The skull staff now becomes the brand new powerful witch costume. The staff top which held the head skull positions itself at Gulora’s vagina. It changes to a flat, thin head skull and stick to her private parts. This means direct access for the evil spirits. The rest of the staff wraps itself under the crotch, going all the way up her back to her neck and combined with the choker. The choker itself is different now. It has a small skull head attached to it. Normally this is not the case but Ixaera the guardian is no more as she is an evil guardian having been corrupted by all the evil spirits. Now the staff that attached itself to Gulora sprouts out claw like rib bones and wrap itself at the side of the witch small waist and another clamps the glorious bosom making it looks like its bulging out. The evil spirits has literally wraps themselves around Gulora’s body. While she may have all the power, they have her body and Ixaera for their pleasure.

Not finished yet, a pair of rings with a skull on it appears and slide themselves on Gulora’s left and right middle finger. Then a pair of gold bracelets appears, one at her left arm, the other on her right wrist. Another pair of sexy stiletto platform heels emerges at Gulora’s feet, complimenting her sexy golden leg ratio voluptuous legs.

As the final push a burst of energy even higher than the one she is experiencing arrives. “oohh wooooaahhhh!” cries Gulora while releasing a powerful climax. “I feel so powerful … and horny!” she said afterward, basking in the afterglow and still floating.

Nate is still in pursuit of the creature when he saw Viona defeated. He also saw from far Gulora coming down to take the choker.

“No way!” he summon all his strength and managed to catch up and trip the creature. Fortunately for him the creature trips and landed face first inside a drainage.

Unfortunately this results in the box shattered to several pieces and Nate hastily collected it. A few moments later the creature recovers but this time Nate is prepared and give a few kicks on its face to make sure it stays down. It indeed worked as the creature lay motionless inside the drainage and Nate continues to pick up the pieces of the box. When he picked one particular panel of the box he heard a female voice.

“Quickly gather it all and then bring Fiona to safety.” Instructs the voice.

“Who are you?” asked a startled Nate.

“I am Syphia, the guardian of the box. Now please bring Fiona to safety first. I will talk to you both later.” Syphia introduces herself.

“Don’t worry that is what I intended to do right now.”

He doesn’t waste any time and running towards Fiona. During this time Gulora is just about to put on the choker.

Nate manages to get near Fiona when Gulora is occupied with the choker. Fiona lies motionless beside the tree that she hit during the battle. Luckily she hit the tree when she is Viona and there is no fatal injuries or any injuries at all. “Fiona! Fiona!” Nate tries to wake her up while checking her breathing and her physical condition.

“Gulora … She … is … too … powerful … Sorry … I’m … too … reckless” Fiona says weakly.

“Shhh don’t talk too much, I’m gonna get you to safety. There is a person you need to meet.” he carefully lifts fiona and carry her on his back.

All the commotion alerted people inside the campus and they all gathered to see Gulora transforming. Nate took this opportunity to disappear among the crowd. He brings Fiona to her room.

To be continued

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