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Viona – Part 5

Written by aki_zz :: [Tuesday, 23 April 2013 18:14] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:45]

Viona, the Mayan Warrior of Beauty – Part 5

by Aki_zz

Fiona is slowly regaining her senses. Her confidence is low following the defeat. Tears flowing from her eyes and hugging Nate as tight as she can. She is close to giving up when Nate speak to her.

“Come on my girl. Don’t give up yet. We still have hope. Just don’t give up.” Nate moves as fast as he can. Luckily Fiona didn’t lock the door when he left earlier. Carefully he put Fiona on her bed.

“Nate, thanks.” While lying on her bed, she thought about the battle. She is angry to herself for being too stupid. But Nate says there is hope. What hope?

Slowly she got out of her bed and notices Nate is arranging something. She recognize it.

“It’s the box! You’ve got it!” Fiona almost jumped out from her bed when she heard a voice echoing in her head. This time it’s not Ixaera.

“Hello Fiona. My name is Syphia. I am the guardian of the box. From what I can gather, Gulora have defeated you and Ixaera. But there is still hope.”

She appears in front of them. She wears the same armor as Ixaera, and she projects the strength and beauty only a guardian of the armor can.

“You mean we can still defeat Gulora?”

“Yes we can. Nate, please find the top cover of the box and smash it.”

“What?” Nate is taken aback by the request.

“Trust me.” Syphia assures him.

While Nate is unsure about the request, Fiona took action and throw the cover to the floor as hard as she can. The cover breaks, and inside it there is another choker. Fiona doesn’t believe what she saw.

“Another choker? I thought there are only one left.”

“At that time there were only two choker left. Me and Ixaera. This box is made to trap Gulora and to do that, there must be another choker to prevent her from escaping. My choker is used as the seal. Ixaera warrior fought well but at the cost of her life.”

Fiona is unsure right now. If the last warrior sacrifices her life and only managed to trap Gulora, what odds does she have to defeat Gulora now?

“As you should already know, Gulora have bonded with Ixaera. She is powerful than ever. How can we defeat her?”

Syphia stood there quietly. She closes her eyes for a while. She know there is a way but she needs to know to what extent Ixaera has guide Fiona.

“Ixaera, did she finishes her teachings?

“I’m afraid not. We haven’t finish it when we sense Gulora. You know what happens next.”

“Then you must have not heard about your ‘PEAK FORM’.”

Syphia proceeds to explain. “As you must have known your skin is sensitive to touch. Even the slightest touch can stimulates you. The warriors engages in a lot of battle. Whether they are fighting or helping people their skin will inevitably made contact with others. This in turn builds up excess energy inside. All warriors are trained to suppress the energy but eventually they must be released. Every few months they perform a bonding ritual with their male partner. Their partner role is to help them to release their energy. When the energy is released, the warriors will achieve their PEAK FORM. As a result their strength, speed, senses increases exponentially.”

“Wow, that is … cool. How long will it last? And why they can’t do it themselves?” Fiona, ever the inquisitive one never run out of questions.

“They can’t do it for themselves because their partner is like the key to unleashing the energy. There are warriors who refuses to do it because they have become arrogant due to their superiority and as a result, they disintergrates along with their armor as their body cannot hold the energy anymore. This is why there are only two choker left. The peak form depends on how much energy they have built up. Some takes days to diminish while there are some who lasts half a day.”

“They took a few months to build up, we can do it right now.” Fiona is determined to make up for her loss earlier. She looked at Nate and both of them suddenly blushes. They have been intimate before, but this time it is to save the world.

“Well we have 4 minutes to save the world,” Nate feeble attempt to make joke have no effect.

“Young man, it is your duty to stimulate her, builds up her energy so she can be at her best. I hope you are up for this.” Syphia is skeptical about Nates abilities.

“Challenge accepted.” He looked at Fiona and winked.

Both of them drew closer, holding hands.

“I want you to know I love you even before you have superpower.”

They proceed to a quick peck on their lips.

Fiona, standing in front of Nate, clamps the choker to initiate the transformation. This time while enjoying the sensation, she can see Syphia slowly merging, infusing with her as their body becomes one, once again into the warrior of beauty.

They both take a long stares at each other. Her beautiful blue eyes goes deep into his eyes. As Nate kisses her neck, she can feel the arousal building. She bends her knee so that her mouth is the same level as Nate. They embrace into a long, passionate kiss, their tongue in sync with each other and squeezing each other tightly, pressing her magnificent bosom against his. He places his hands at her back, gently caressing her inner thigh and back while applying pressure to her firm rear.

“Aaaahhhh … .mmmm,” biting her lips, a loud moan escapes her mouth as she struggles for air.

She pulls back and Nate uses this opportunity to undress. He doesn’t need coercion as his member is already hard. The way she kisses him, the feeling of her chest against his and her firm buttock drives him wild. His fantasy is about to come true.

Viona slowly turns, moving sexily in a way that only a body like hers can at her back to Nate. She feels Nate moving closer from behind, locking his arms around her body, lightly tracing his hands and pressing against her private parts. In turn she grabs his member, slowly stroking it. The soft, smooth hands drives Nate to the edge.

“Ooooohhh … huuuh,” she sighs in pleasure as the feedback is like an electrical shock building up between her loins and travels along her spine. She is already wet but he is not done yet. Gently he move his hands feeling the thin waist and flat abs, all the way to crossing his arms, squeezing her defying gravity breasts.

“Owhhhh … yeeeaaahhhh,” alternating between her breathing.

Viona senses a pressure of energy is building up at her vagina. Every touches on her body feels like electrical current running towards her crotch. She breathes heavily to control the stimulation. Her mind is about to explode when Nate slowly doing circles around her nipple plates, teasing her before slowly removing it. The cold air that enters is unbearable. She bites her lips to stop screaming out loud. Instantly the nipple plates and her thong disappears, exposing her nipples and her already wet vagina to the atmosphere.

“Oooh … oooh … oooh … don’t … stop.” She turns her head to kiss Nate. At the same time Nate fingers is rubbing her clitoris, fingering her and gently squeezing her nipples, sending her into spasms.

Still locking lips, they headed to the bed, Viona lands herself on the bed, teasing Nate by criss crossing her legs, slowly spreading it wide. Nate positions his member and starts the penetration.

Viona gasps for air as Nate slowly works his way up and down. He feels like he is in heaven when he see Vionas breasts moving and jiggling in unison. Slowly controlling his rhythm to prolong the action and builds up the energy inside Viona.

She notices that the pressure of energy is increasing inside her bosom, like its pushing the wall of her skin. Its movement only increases the pressure.

After a while, Nate stops and Viona turns to her back. Nate puts his hands on her waist and slots his member, connecting with her from behind.

“Owh yes … owh wow,” her firm butt cushions his slamming against her. This time the pressure spreads to her legs, caressing them.

“Nate, we are almost there,” Viona shouts. Nate pulls out and lie down on the floor. Viona walks seductively, standing with Nate under her. She sits on top of Nate, inserting his throbbing member in a cowgirl position. They both know they are almost at the top.

Viona slowly move her hips up and down, building up speed and grinds Nate. Now the pressure in felt on her whole body, like she was to explode. At the same time Nate also is getting there.

“Yes! I … aaaahhhh!!!” Viona screams in pleasure. Like a bomb, she can feel the pressure is exploding inside her. They both reach their peak. She floats in the air.

As soon as she arrived, she enters her peak form, reshaping her body. Her armor vanishes, and Viona felt like someone is squeezing her body. She shrinks a bit. The energy release causes her 36DD breasts to reduce to 34dd. Her waist is even slimmer, from 24 to 23 inches as well as her hips, down from 36 to 35 inches. Before this she is five foot ten, now she is five foot six inches, smaller, lighter and leaner . Her armor also changed. The crown on her forehead now has a beautiful diamond embedded on it. Her choker now is gold with diamond decoration on it. The nipple plates has been replaced with a single gold plate that clamps from her back to the front that pushes and squeezes her lovely breast together. The belt and the thong armor now combined to create a sexy g-string plate that cuts high at the waist and a low teardrop shape at the vagina. The stiletto heels changed to a pair of strappy platform heels. It is secured by a pair of plates above the ankle that clamps on it. Finally a pair of bracelets appears on her thighs, arms and wrists. Her face and makeup remains the same as well as her smooth, shiny skin.

As the transformation is complete, she landed on her floor. She looked at the mirror and noticed the significant difference from her non peak form. She feels lighter and springier.

“Does everybody shrinks when they are in their peak form?”

“No, each warrior has a different peak form.”

“Mine is small and cute.” She giggled.

Gulora is happy. Her body now oozes power. There is a faint glow of red light all around her body. As with the warrior, she now have the enhanced senses. Her strength also increases, as well as her magic power.

She looks down and see many people are gathering around her. Most of them brought out their cell phones and camera to record the events. They didn’t know what danger lies for them. Because her eyes now enhanced, combined with her magic powers, she can literally see all of their souls. Souls that will be her food. Gently she waves her hand. Out of it comes what like a fairy dust, spreading all over those lookers. They cheered as they thought it is a magic show, but it is anything but.

Gulora sees all of their souls being pulled from their bodies, screaming while being sucked by her. Their physical bodies just become deadweight and dropped to the ground. Those souls turned into spirits move straight to her head skull now positioned at her privates, and she can feel waves of pleasant sensation as they entered the skull.

“Ha ha ha! That was pleasant! But I want more!” She feels more powerful, but empty and lacking. What she really needs are dark souls, souls of the people does bad things for a living, souls of criminals.

Using her enhanced eyesight, she scanned the whole area. Not just the university area, but the entire city. She missed detecting Viona because her power is cleverly masked by Syphia. After looking around, she found what she is looking for, the maximum security prison.

“Now that’s what I call nutritious meal.” [yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!-sorry can help it]

The prison is located on an island. It hosts the city if not the states most dangerous criminals. She can see a lot of dark souls trapped inside.

Almost nonchalantly she flew there slowly until she reached the prison. She hovers high and stops when she is at the center of the prison. This alerted the prison guards, which in turn siren the emergency alarm, causing the prison to a lockdown.

“Looks like they are celebrating my arrival.” She stood there, silently waiting for the prison guards to react. Indeed they reacted. They bring out their snipers, aiming at her. The sniper got her in their crosshair, and one of the unfortunate ones saw Gulora see straight at him.

“Hello.” Instantly he is dead. This sparks a panic among them and with that they release their firepower upon her. She closes her eyes and stay there motionless.

After minutes of intense firing, it stopped. They have ran out of bullets. Finally she reacted.

“Okay boys, my turn.” She spreads her hands, and turns around. One by one their souls are being sucked and they can do nothing.

“Done entree, now the main course.” Just like before, she sucked those criminals souls one by one, devouring them ruthlessly. This almost makes her lost her concentration because of the waves of pleasure she felt overwhelms her. She is satisfied, for now.

Meanwhile at the apartment, Viona looks at Nate, lying on the floor, literally spent. After giving him a quick kiss, she is ready to go. For the first time in her peak form, she is flying.

“I feel so light! And i can turn sharper!”

“That is the benefit of the peak form. Everything is enhanced.”

At the park, Gulora is not there. Viona uses her enhanced super sight and hearing, and she found Gulora busy devouring souls.

“It’s my turn this time!” Viona is determined to pay back what Gulora did to her. She straightens her body, putting out both her hands to punch Gulora. Gulora haven’t got time to react because she just finished devouring, but manages to dodge the bullet like Viona.

“You! How did you?” Gulora is shocked to see Viona. She thought has no competition anymore, and then she remembers the box.

“I see you have the box, and you are in peak mode? Lets see how long you can last.” Gulora knows that Viona in peak mode is a threat to her, so she need to stall long enough for the peak mode to pass.

“I’m gonna finish this quick! And take revenge for Ixaera!” She realises her time is short, and she hope she can do it before it runs out.

In an instant Viona is in front of Gulora and tries to land punches. Gulora, suprised by the speed reacted fast enough to defend herself. They traded blows for a while until Gulora manages to land a scissor kick against Viona. Viona dropped to the ground and Gulora fires a few energy bolts to her.

Viona hits the ground, then followed by a few energy bolts. She can only shield herself and at the same time collecting injuries.

“I’m not gonna fail this time.” Without a break she got up and flew zig-zag towards Gulora. Gulora fails to keep track of her. She appears behind Gulora and tried to pull the choker. To her horror, the choker has no more hook.

“No way!”

“Why, cannot find the key?” She turns around with her hands glowing, punches Viona who froze when she fails to remove the choker.

Viona again uses her arms to shield her from the blast. She is pushed several feet behind and damaged her arm again. But she is not giving up.

“Viona, the only way to weaken her is to destroy the head skull. If the skull is destroyed, she will lose control of her spirits. That is the time to take the choker back.”

Viona charges again. She tries to aim for the head skull but Gulora deflects her attack. She manages to punch Gulora at the chest, and she crashed down to earth. Viona continues her attack by flying towards Gulora but is hampered by Gulora magic shield. Gulora uses this opportunity to unleash a barrage of energy bolts to Viona.

The attack is too quick. She can barely do anything but receiving the barrage of attacks. She lies on the ground, recovering. But now she can’t move. Gulora uses her evil spirits to hold Viona still. Viona can see Gulora gliding towards her.

“That was an epic fight. But in the end, only I prevail!” Gulora is going to take the choker from Viona.

Viona realizes she cannot sustain her peak form any longer.

“I’m … not … gonna … let … you … win!” With one mighty effort, she summons all her remaining strength to move. Her muscles tense, showing beneath her skin. She succeeded in moving her knee towards Gulora crotch. It hits dead center at the head skull. It shatters to pieces, and Viona is free from the evil spirits. Gulora has lost control of them.

“No! What have you done!” Gulora can feel her body weakening. Her magic is leaving her body. Her armor shattered, thus unlocking the choker she stole from Viona.

Viona grab the choker and yanked it out from Guloras neck. This causes her neck to bleed profusely. Instantly her transformation is reversed. She returned back to her old self. In Viona’s hands, the choker transformed into a bow.

“Thank you for releasing me from the evil power. Please allow me to finish her.” Ixaera is glad she is free. Now she wanted to redeem herself.

Viona aimed the magical bow and released an energy arrow toward Gulora. It flew straight through Gulora’s heart. “Curse you warrior! This is not the end!” Gulora exploded and a splash of red energy scatters in the sky.

“Thank you, warrior.” the bow turns to dust and disappears into the thin air.

Viona stood still, relieved that she wins. And shortly after that, her peak form ended. Finally she is able to sit down.

“We did it Syphia, we did it! But Ixaera …”

“Viona, she died honorably. That is how a guardian should die.”

Syphia is concerned. The red energy that scatters in not a good thing.

“Those red energy you saw is the fragments of Gulora’s evil spirits. They are scattered all over the world. They will find many evil humans in the world and imbue them with power. But not to worry as they are scattered. Eventually they will come here as they are attracted to the choker and along their wake they will create problems.”

“Are they as powerful as Gulora?”

“No they are not. But be careful and don’t underestimate them.”

“As long as you’re my guardian, I’m sure I will be fine.”

Viona smiled, and looking at the stars.

It has been a few months. Fiona and Nate are closer than ever. Due to her “knowledge and findings”, Fiona helped a lot of research on Mayan civilization. Prof Figgins is amazed by the amount of knowledge she has.

Over the few months a few evil entity appeared and Fiona dispatched them. Today it is no different. Both of them has just finished watching a movie and on the way back when the choker suddenly vibrates and glows.

“Well it’s that time again,” Fiona smiled and look at Nate.

“You know I will never get tired of watching you transform.”

They ran to hide behind a building and Fiona brings out the choker and wear it in front of Nate.

“I enjoyed it too. So just sit back and relax.” She locks the choker and the amazing transformation begins …


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