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Shadowcat Power Up

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Shadowcat Power Up

By Max
Edited by Greinskyn


Kitty woke up in the infirmary. Her head was spinning and from somewhere the voice of Professor X tried to calm her down. “Easy Kitty. You have been involved in a terrible accident. Try to recall the last thing that you remember happening”.

“I remember that Rogue and I were training in the Danger Room when the alarms went crazy. The rest is too confusing” said Kitty rubbing her head.

“I know it’s an effort Kitty, but you must remember something more” Charles asked her.

“Wait!! I think I remember that one of the walls was destroyed from the outside, and … and … Juggernaut attacked us!!” said Kitty scared.

The memory made her rise from the bed into a sitting position. By doing that, the sound of metal twisting and tearing filled the room. The sound scared Kitty, but not more than the surprised expression on the face of Professor X. Or the menacing one on Cyclops’ who had his visor ready to fire at her.

“Why are you aiming me?” asked Kitty.

Xavier turned his stare to Scott and said “She hasn’t changed Scott. I can sense it. You can lower your guard.” Scott shut down the heat in his eyes and lowered his hands from the visor.

Kitty looked down and gasped. She was surprised to see that her upper body only moments ago had been tied to the bed with some light metal bars as her legs were now. She asked the professor why those bars were holding her if she was able to phase through them.

The professor told Kitty that she can’t phase through things anymore, but the most important thing was that those bars weren’t made of a light metal. They were the same material that Xavier used to create the chains on Juggernaut’s chamber. Each bar was heavier than a ton.

Kitty couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Especially since she couldn’t feel the weight of those bars. She thinks that the professor is joking. If she was held by six bars, that would mean that she had 6

tons over her and she didn’t feel it when she woke up. Now, she had 3 tons on her legs and also she can’t feel them.

Thinking that it had to be a joke, Kitty decided to prove the professor wrong. With a simple bend of her knee, the metal dented and deformed. The sound of metal crying really made Kitty think twice. “It can’t be possible!!” she said.

Intrigued, she raised her legs with force and the last metal bar tore off and launched upward against the ceiling. The impact made a hole and several pieces of debris from the upper floor fell into the infirmary, the metal bar among them.

Kitty covered herself, just as the noise ceased letting her knew that everything had ended. She opened her eyes and saw that Charles and Scott were protected under a mental shield. For a moment, she thought that she was protected also, since she didn’t feel anything, but the debris on top of her indicated that her body had been hit by the pieces despite the fact she couldn’t feel them.

When the professor lowered her mental shield, Scott pointed at her, muttering incoherent words. Kitty thought that he was indicating that she had something on her head. She swept her hair to clean off the dust and a metal bar fell into the ground. The loud sound as it hit proved to her the true weight of the bar.

Finally Scott managed to say “She is invulnerable!!” referring to the impression of Kitty’s silhouette in the bar. Kitty saw it too and grinned widely. With her hand she tore off the two remaining bars restraining her body like they were plastic bags. When she held the 5 twisted bars with one hand, she and the others were shocked by the great display of strength.

“Professor, what happened to me?” asked Kitty lifting the bars up and down with the effort of hoisting 5 pens. “I must be pretty strong, because I can’t feel their weight” she said dropping the bars onto the floor. The bars sunk into the floor creating a small earthquake that shook the Institute.

Kitty only smiled and stuck her tongue out in an innocent pose and said “Sorry”.

“You must be very careful from now on Kitty. Your life as you know it has changed radically” said Charles.

“Is my change somehow connected to Juggernaut’s attack?” asked Kitty.

“Yes. When he interrupted your training with Rogue, you two decided to face him. Rogue told you to remove his helmet so she would be able to touch him. You taunted Juggernaut making him run toward you. You then phased through him and quickly unhooked the helmet”.

“With the helmet off, Rogue proceeded to absorb his powers. When she touched him, you were still half inside him and the interaction of your powers ended with an unpredictable result” he said indicating the destroyed bars and then the hole in the ceiling.

“You’re saying that I possess Juggernaut’s powers!!” said Kitty excitedly.

“Not only that” he said moving his stare to the next room where Logan was laying on a bed. “When he lifted you to bring you here, he was shocked and fell to the floor. In that moment, his respiration and heartbeats became regular. That lead me to presume that you also have Rogue’s powers” sighed Charles.

“And what about my own power?” asked Kitty. “Why I can’t use it?”

“Because you don’t have it anymore. After Jean used her powers to lift and bring you here, she had a hard time with Rogue avoiding her from phasing to the center of the Earth” joked Xavier.

“Oh!” she gasped.

The conversation was interrupted when Storm spoke through the speakers. “Professor, the Brotherhood are using their powers to scare people in a local amusement park. We must stop them”.

Charles concentrated and mentally called to everyone “All the X-Men report immediately to the hangar. We a have a situation that needs to be contained”.

“Can I go too? I feel well enough” said Kitty embarrassed from where her health came.

“She can help us Professor. It will be good to have someone with Juggernaut’s strength on our side” said Scott.

“Alright, but you must watch out Kitty, the slightest touch to another team member will result in the absorption of his/hers powers” said Charles somberly.

“You don’t have to worry about the team Professor” said Kitty jumping off the bed. “I would be more worried about the Brotherhood instead. There are two surprises for them” grinned Kitty, flexing her thin arms. “They won’t be prepared for my strength, or …” she said moving her fingers in a threading way “… my absorption powers”.

The team gathered in the hangar where Nightcrawler had bad news. “Sorry my friends, but the mechanism to lift the Black Bird and turn it around is jammed” he said.

“OK team, we will have to use the van. Everybody to the …” Cyclops became silent as a powerful sound filled the room.

All the X-Men gasped when they saw that the sound was coming from the Black Bird. To be exact from under it. Shadowcat was effortlessly holding the ship with one arm and spinning it to face the exit of the hangar.

A skinny teenager girl holding more than 12 tons of metal above her head and with only one hand stopped everyone in their tracks. All were hypnotized, trying to understand the great power that little Kitty now possessed.

“Don’t keep looking me like that” said Shadowcat. “This is no heavier than my science book” smiled Shadowcat placing the ship down.

“Move up!!” said Cyclops bringing the rest of the team back to reality. Inside the Black Bird, Shadowcat and Rogue decided to talk about their ex-powers and how to control them. Rogue gave Shadowcat her gloves for protection. She didn’t need them anymore.

Even Rogue was happy to be able to touch everybody without blacking he/she out, Shadowcat’s excitement of her new strength, immediately disappeared as she realized that having Rogue’s powers carried the curse as well.

The Black Bird descended near the amusment park where Avalanche, Quicksilver, Blob and Frog were having some fun. The Brotherhood, aware of the X-Men’s presence, decided to let them join the party.

Cyclops was about to give the order to attack when Shadowcat stepped forward patting Cyclops’s chest saying “Let me handle them this time. I want to test my new powers”.

“OK” Cyclops managed to gasp as the little pat was strong enough to take the air out from his lungs.

Shadowcat moved daringly forward removing her gloves in the process. “Don’t force me to do this Kitty. I don’t want to hurt you” warned Avalanche.

“Don’t worry about me Lance. You are the one in trouble” menaced Shadowcat.

Without a second thought, Avalanche stomped the ground and sent shock waves hurtling toward Shadowcat.

“Ah! I can do it one better” said Shadowcat hitting the ground with her hand. The pressure of the impact broke a rift in the earth that began to crack a line toward the Brotherhood. Avalanche’s waves were destroyed by the rift and they had to jump aside to avoid falling into the deep canyon Shadowcat formed.

“She can’t do that!!” said Frog scared.

“I can now, and much, much more” she grinned. “I have super strength” Shadowcat said enthusiastically.

“Let’s see how strong you are” said Blob ripping the carrousel from its foundations and threw it toward Shadowcat.

Scott’s instincts almost made him blow up the flying structure, but since Kitty easily managed the 12 tons of Black Bird, the 5 ton game would be nothing.

As he thought, Shadowcat caught the structure with no problems. “I think you need a demonstration of my true strength” she said as with her bare hands she began to compress the structure.

Her feminine hands applied a power that was beyond measure. Even Blob wasn’t able to compress metal like she was doing. As if it was a piece of paper, Shadowcat formed a ball of hard metal. Twisting the steal under her will and enjoying the crying sound.

“This is power!!” said Shadowcat dropping the ball to the ground and making a deep whole with it.

Quicksilver decided to attack and hoped that his speed could confuse Shadowcat. He quickly ran around her, creating a dust tornado.

“Not so fast” said Shadowcat blowing all the air in her lungs forcing Quicksilver to swallow the sand rising from the ground. As he was coughing, she got close enough to touch him. He gasped as his powers were drained from him. “You would’nt mind sharing your speed with me, would you?” she smiled leaving him to fall to the ground unconscious.

In a blink of the eye, Shadowcat stood in front of Blob. “You are causing too many problems with your strength. It will be better if I keep it away from you” she grinned placing her hand on his arm.

Thing’s eyes went blank and he also fell unconscious to the ground. “Uhm! I feel so strong!!” moaned Shadowcat delighted with her new powers.

“I’m getting out of here” said Toad jumping away. Kitty put her glove on and ran in front of him. He didn’t see her and slammed against her body. For Toad, it was like hitting a stone. Kitty didn’t even feel the impact.

She grabbed Toad by his suit and raised him to her face level. “It was rude that you try to run away from me. I will have to teach you a lesson” said Shadowcat. Toad simply passed out.

“I love being powerful” said Shadowcat in her innocent voice as she ran at blinding speed to pick up Quicksilver. She placed him with Frog on top of Blob. “Now that everything is under control, I will enjoy what’s left of the amusing park with Lance” Shadowcat said to Scott.

Still amazed by how easily Kitty had handled the situation, Scott only replied “OK”.

The Black Bird rose into the sky and returned to the Mansion, while Lance felt he was in real trouble as Kitty was looking at him lustfully. “So big guy. Want to spend the rest of the day with me?” said Kitty.

“Sure Kitty. Anything you want?” said Lance, a bit of the fear creeping into his voice …

“Good” she smiled. “And remember, don’t try to have a feel or you could end up like them” joked Kitty pointing at the rest of the gang.

Next day, Kitty was dressed with her normal outfit ready to go to school when she met Logan at the entry of the Mansion. “Where do you think you are going dressed like that young lady. A mere rub and you can send several people into a coma” said Logan.

“Rogue’s clothes are too boring for me” said Kitty. “Besides I will be extra careful”.

“That’s not good enough kid. If you don’t change your clothes, you can’t go out through this door” said Logan.

Grinning, Kitty said “OK”.

Moments later, the mansion had a new door. The hole from where Kitty stepped out of the Mansion. “Sorry for that, but I don’t have my phasing powers anymore. I had to improvise” laughed Kitty as she left Logan with his jaw on the floor.

“Oh yes. I love being super too” Kitty purred.

The End.

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