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Mob-Girl – Chapter 13

Written by Dru1076 :: [Tuesday, 14 June 2005 11:08] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 19 June 2016 11:13]

Mob-Girl – Chapter 13

By Dru

Chapter 13

Emily couldn't help herself. The bullets felt so good she could feel her arousal growing. The gunmen faltered a little when they realised their target seemed to be massaging herself. Moments later a scent drifted to their noses that made them drop their guns. The scent grew stronger with each passing second, Emily's body releasing super-pheromones so powerful that even the ladies in the crowd were affected.

"Mmm, why have you stopped?"

Trying to get them shooting again, Emily resumed her slow steps toward the well armed men. But they just looked at her with aggressive lust in their eyes, and Emily could hear hearts racing. When one of them starting toward her unbuckling his belt, Emily understood what was going on.

"Come on then, fellas. Show me what a good time is like in China …"

The group attacked her, their lust for Emily making them forget how useless bullets had been. Relaxing her stance and spreading her legs a little, the twice enhanced supervillain let them have their way with her body. One of them ran his tongue up Emily's thigh, having snuck up between two of his crazed buddies.

Those with enough sense followed a barmaid to the back stairs and made their way to the only remaining exit. Emily spotted them, but felt she could let them go. She had enough toys to play with … willing toys.

"Is that it?" she asked, picking one of them and drawing his face up to hers. "Give us a kiss, big-guy." He leaned in and planted his tongue between her parted lips. Running it along her teeth. Emily held her tongue out of the way a moment, and then trapped him against the roof of her mouth. His tongue popped like a pimple, and he tried to pull away. Emily released her hold on him, but drew in a slow, cautious breath to lock their lips together. Snapping a few of teeth, she collapsed his lungs and let him fall away.

She was getting off on the idea of what was going on, but their physical abilities were so far removed from her own that they couldn't really do much at all. So Emily greedily brought herself toward an orgasm with a crowd of men and a few ladies hanging off her flawless body. They licked and kissed her everywhere while her own hands made far deeper impressions on her incredibly healthy flesh.

Just before Emily released herself fully, there was very arrogant voice behind her.

"Excuse me, Miss, but could have a word?"

Emily turned so suddenly to see who dared interrupt her that the men cramming against her were thrown aside.

"Who the fuck are you?" Emily asked, flashing to within a few feet of the new plaything she had discovered.

"Don't you recognise me, Emily? Your father would, but he doesn't seem to be here."

"Whoever you are, you just made a big mistake. Since you broke my mood, you're going to have to fix it."

"The power has already gone to your head, I see. Not surprising. What is surprising is the fact that you're killing so many people. I didn't think you had it in you."

"You'd be surprised what you can do when no-one can punish you for it. Are you going to come here, or am I going to have to …"

"You really should be more grateful to me, Emily," the suited bald guy continued. "After all, if I hadn't put that idea in Breaker's head, then you'd never have reached such dazzling heights in your chosen field."

"Quit being mysterious, before I …"

"It doesn't matter. Look you what you left in the warehouse."

Emily reacted instantly when the strange man revealed the chunk of kryptonite she had dropped to the floor back on that first day. But she cursed herself a moment later, finding that lightening reflexes weren't everything. Grabbing the rock from his hand, she cried in pain as her fingers cramped and closed on it. She struggled to release her grip, but could not control the muscles. The pain spread up her arm, but there seemed to be nothing she could do.

"I'm Lex Luthor, sweetheart. Daddy's friend from prison."

Before long, Emily found herself unable to breath and crumpling on the floor with a look of pain and horror.

"You probably want to know why I did that. Well, I think the answer's kind of obvious, don't you?"

Emily managed a strained whimper. Her last contact with kryptonite hadn't been like this, but she knew why. She had absorbed more of the stuff kryptonite reacts to.

"It was either you or me, kiddo." Lex looked around at the carnage. "Not bad. Couldn't do better myself … though I don't see where the profit is. You're not even taking their wallets. But listen Emily, here's my problem. You have far too much power for your own good. While you're around, I can't compete! The industry becomes a monopoly, and the best I can hope for is a job running a small country … on your behalf. I have far too much vision to be locked in that situation, so I decided to do something about it. I don't know if that kryptonite will kill you, so I've decided to take other steps to make sure I never have to deal with you again. See this?"

Luthor held up his wrist and pulled back the sleeve of his jacket.

"This is more than just a watch, Emily. This is a control device for something that makes me almost as powerful as you. Want to wear it? It's a very fashionable design you know." Luther reached down and put the watch on Emily's wrist. "It's a little loose, but it looks good on you." He started pushing a few buttons on the face. "This is how I got out of prison. It's a time machine. I just went back in time until the prison wasn't there. It's like a teleporter too. Unfortunately, there's only enough power in this one for a one-way trip. Sorry about that."

Emily squirmed as he reached forward one last time, but she couldn't move away. Luthor grinned and leisurely assumed a safe distance.

"Ever wondered what the Earth was like in twelve-thousand years BC?"

Emily had completely lost control of body, and could do nothing as the wristwatch buzzed into life. An energy field quite unlike the one she had subjected herself to earlier formed around her, and Emily felt a sudden lurch in stomach. Then she was gone, the space she had occupied now empty.

Luther laughed, and looked at the ruined men Emily had left behind. He started to get a whiff of the pheromones she had deployed, and started to make his way down the back and out the staff door. Retrieving his mobile phone, Lex called his driver.

Then he stopped dead in his tracks. The car was right in front of him. So was the driver. But there was little remaining of either one. If it wasn't for the bumper bar resting on the ground beside it, the bowling-ball of scrap metal would hardly have warranted his attention. The cap that the Cadillac ball was wearing made Lex remember the other watch he was carrying. But as he drew it from his pocket there was a flash and it exploded in his fingers.

Luther ran, but a state of emergency had been declared and the army was on their way. In the meantime, police officers were holding back traffic five blocks away, so Lex knew he couldn't make it for a taxi. He had a pistol, but he knew that would be useless too and didn't even pull it out. He stopped running, realising it was just making him look stupid. The sniper who shot his watch could more easily shoot his head, he thought.

"It wasn't a sniper, Lex."

Recognising the voice, Luther turned in fear.

"How did you …"

"Read your mind?" Emily hovered smugly toward Luthor, who didn't bother trying to evade her. "Superman never mastered the art, but he had the ability. I myself only discovered it by accident about two thousand years after you dumped me in the Pacific."

Luthor gaped at her. It wasn't possible. He had sent her back in time fourteen thousand years. He had thought that had been more than enough of a buffer …

"But you were wrong, weren't Lex." Her lips didn't move.

"Get out of my head."

"Oh, Lex. We're going to have some fun."

He cried out as she hoisted him into the air with just the tendrils of her thoughts. "What are you doing!"

"You put me in great agony, Lex. Do you know how long I held that fucking rock? Kryptonite is tough stuff, Lex. It didn't crumble to dust for nearly twenty minutes!"

"How did you get back?"

"I didn't Lex. I was just patient."

Looking at her youthful features, Luthor doubted her very much.

"You haven't aged a day."

"Funny that, isn't? I found it quite perplexing, but after the first four thousand years I never really gave it much thought." Towing him behind her, Emily arced up into the clouds. "For the first thousand years I waited for old age. For the next three after that I waited for my fingernails to grow. They don't. Either does my hair. I think it has something to do with operating your time machine on a Kryptonian like myself."

"Put me down, and lets talk."

"We're talking now. But only because I'm taking my time with this, Lex. You're still a young man. And I, it seems, have all the time in world."

They stopped over the mountains.

"I have been keeping out of Earth's affairs. Well, mostly anyway. It's too tempting sometimes. But I don't think anyone will notice a missing army here or there." Emily moved Lex around in front of her, and brought him in close. "Do you like the way my thoughts feel?" she asked seductively, massaging him in a way Luthor had only dreamed about. "I've been thinking about you a lot, Lex. And you know something? You make me horny."

Lex could smell the scent he had escaped from back at the club, and could see she seemed to be genuinely aroused.

"I can't believe a mere mortal like you would dare to challenge a girl so powerful as I am." She massaged herself. "You really are a brave man, Lex. Not nearly so smart as you think you are, but brave nonetheless. Before we start with business, I think we can indulge in a little pleasure."

Millennia of practise allowed Emily to control Luthor's body completely, keeping him at the edge of ejaculation for nearly three hours while she fluttered through an endless loop of orgasms, building into quite a frenzy.

"Here comes the big one," she breathed, moaning with such power the Luthor was sent tumbling through the clouds and people throughout Metropolis stopped in their tracks. The moan tore though Luthor's body and vibrated every atom. He came in a giant bursts as he tumbled through the sky. Emily disappeared from the atmosphere, blasting out past the moon to release herself fully. As gravity took hold on Luthor, he saw a brilliant flash light up the world beneath him and wondered what it was when there was another, and he was nearly blinded by the reflection of the landscape growing beneath him.

A moment after the glow faded, Emily was back.

"Thanks, Lex. You didn't do a thing, but thanks for being there. And thanks for sending back in time! History lessons were never like that! But there are a few things I'm pissed off with you for." She began circling him, making Lex turn to watch her 'pacing' around him. "You gave me time to develop my abilities and reach my full potential. But too much time, Lex. I could have got it all done in two thousand years. Why fourteen? Normal Kryptonians only reach the mid-centuries before they die. And, let's not forget, the kryptonite. That fucking kryptonite nearly killed me, Lex. Not that it seems possible for me to die anymore."

"What are you going to with me?"

"I'm going to enjoy you, for a while. I want you to wait here for me, okay?"

Emily looked down at the mountains, and Lex trembled as she began levelling a mountain with distant gestures. Thousands of tonnes of rubble were swept away as Emily sheared the rock and made a neat plateau without even touching anything. Her eyes narrowed, and the plateau rose noisily until rested under Luthor's feet. Released from her mental grasp, Luthor fell to crouch and took in his precarious position.

"I'll be back. I'll bring some furniture and, if you don't get blown off by the winds or die of altitude sickness, you might enjoy the food. I've got an appointment that's long overdue with Bin Laden, so I gotta rush off."

Lex couldn't stand up, the winds up here were blasting away at him, and he knew the over-polished smooth surface he felt with his hands wouldn't grip well with the best rubber sole. Cursing his own genius once again, Luthor wondered what else this new form of Mob-Girl had in store for him. It was too hard to believe she had survived without aging a day for fourteen thousand years. But he had used the time travel device to escape prison and rebuild his fortune so he knew the thing worked. Lex turned his thoughts from she was going to do, to what she had done to keep herself amused for all that time.

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