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Mob-Girl: Through The Ages – Chapter 01-03

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Mob-Girl: Through the Ages – Chapter 01-03

by Dru

Chapter 1

The high seas rolled beneath a chaotic thunderstorm, a high noon sun unable to penetrate the dark anger of the clouds. Below the churning chaos of the storm, there was a more peaceful scene. The surface fish rode low, afraid of the lightning, and the larger creatures didn't seem hungry. Perhaps the rolling movement of the water unsettled their stomachs even at the depths they sought to escape it.

There was a burst of strange lightning that startled all the creatures into a new flurry of activity. They darted away from the purple flash, clearing the way as Emily Lahey materialised in the air and dropped into a steep wall of wind blasted water.

Still clutching the kryptonite in her hand, Emily drifted past the surface fish toward the murky depths beyond. Unconcerned by her environment, she was getting worried about how long she could handle the pain. Breaking a few pieces of rock as she touched down in total darkness, she opened her eyes to see where she was. Recognising the ocean floor, her anger at Lex Luthor doubled. He really wanted her dead and he may have succeeded. Trying to hold the rock harder, having obliterated much tougher looking stuff in her grip before, Emily attempted to crush it. But in her weakened state the rock cut into her fingers. Letting the pain fuel her anger into a blind, desperate rage, Emily summoned enough control to get her other hand into the equation. Still the stone resisted her efforts, but she could hear it straining and so continued surging the pressure.

Now Emily could see the watch, and to distract herself from the incredible pain, she read the face and took in the fact that the readout had a flashing red light next to three tiny letters and a full-stop. "B.lo".

But that seemed unimportant as she read the date and time beneath the location line. "12:23 06/03/12000 BCE".

Suddenly the Kryptonite exploded into a misty cloud, the boom hurting fish for miles around but only killing those unfortunate enough to be too close. Emily was free of most of the pain, but it took a while for it fully subside. Her cramped body relaxed and felt terrific again, and Emily stretched to enjoy the feeling of super-strength returning to her firm body. The cuts on her hand were soon forgotten, having healed and left no scar by the time she cleared the clouds.

Resetting the watch seemed to be enough to drain it. By the time Emily got around to the year, the red light became constant and the readout blank. As it turned out, Lex was covering all bases. As Emily started to think about her boggling situation, the watch exploded from her wrist. It didn't hurt much, in fact not at all, but the blast left her with no way home.

"Maybe it didn't work," she thought aloud, happy with the idea for a moment. "It was too small to be a time machine anyway." Flying low through the massive weather system, Emily enjoyed both the turbulence and the lightning bolts that struck her. She flew smoothly into clearer skies and saw the coast of America. It was a little different. The cities weren't there. The coastline was a little different too. The trees were massive, and Emily knew all too well what these things meant. She was in the past. She stopped and hovered above the ancient fauna.

She had been banished to a time far removed from her father.


And her way home was gone.


So Emily had two options. She could hover there and think up a way to get home. Or she could have a look around first.

Darting across the continent, Emily marvelled at the receding glaciers of the ice-age, and picked out herds of mammoths striding the vast plains of the tundra. Looking a little closer to home, Emily made her way toward Metropolis. As the terrain flashed past she counted hundreds of tribes of Indians. There even seemed to be a few battles going, thrilling Emily but not distracting her. She had to know what her home town looked like.

It wasn't what she expected. The area was all covered in dense forest. And there were no tribes here. Amazed by the wildlife for only a moment, Emily soared into orbit to take a look at the big picture. The planet below her was very different from the one she knew. There were no cities, no planes, and no big ships. But there were people, though not nearly so many. Emily didn't know that humanity had spread so far and wide so early in history, but she found humans on all continents.

As Europe rolled by far below, Emily was reminded how far back in time she had travelled. Most of the settlements she found were centred around caves, and the people were dressed in animal skins. But Emily got her biggest shock when she spotted a city. A small city, but the buildings were out of place on a globe covered by primitive man. They were stone, with slate roofing. When Emily saw a dark haired man walking about with several women tagging along behind him she gasped in surprise. He was Kryptonian. She explored the city and discovered that there were about twenty Kryptonians living it up among a population of far weaker Earthlings.

"Well how about that!"

Most of the Kryptonians she saw were males, though there were a few ladies hovering about the place. Focusing her hearing toward the surprising discovery, Emily listened in on a few conversations, not missing a word in any of them. They spoke English, and so did most of the civilians. She could not wait a moment longer, and dropped toward the largest building.

As the city grew to fill her vision she saw all the Kryptonians look up. She smiled and waved as she dropped behind the trees surrounding what Emily surmised to be the head-honcho's pad. There were ceremonial guards standing at the door. Emily expected them to look startled, but they had seen flying people before many times, and were not startled by her sudden appearance. She approached the heavily built warriors and stopped a few feet away.

"Who lives here?" she asked them, tilting her head and straightening her hair.

"This is the home of Zeus," one of them bellowed, "King of the Gods."

Emily nearly laughed, but managed to keep it down to a grin. "The King of the Gods, eh?" Piercing the walls with her handy visual talents, she sought out the Kryptonian who called this place home. He was splayed out beside a pool wearing odd white bathers. They looked like something out of the forties. She gasped when she saw his elite-athlete physique. "Ohh! Go get him for me."

"Who are you?"

"Never-mind. I'll go."

Leaping into the air, Emily left the guard and flew into the courtyard of Zeus's villa. The Kryptonian turned his head to look, but didn't get up as she came to a stop two feet above the water.

"Have you been sent by the Council?" he asked, closing his eyes again and seeming to focus on sunbathing as though it were very important and difficult. "Because if you were, the first thing I should say is 'Fuck off'."

Emily said nothing. She was checking him out, surprised to find that her eyes were powerful enough now to see through him. The realisation that she was twice as powerful as the thick-bodied Zeus gave her quite a thrill. She was, after all, comparing herself to an ancient god.

"We're not going back. The council can't make us, either. Because anyone they send here, like you, won't want to go back once they taste it." He leaned up on one elbow and stared into her eyes, using his enhanced speed in an attempt to impress her. "I see you've been flying. Did you like it?"

Emily beamed at him. "I love it."

"Have you seen all the other things you can do? The sun gives us …"

"I know."

He looked it at her strangely. "How long have you been here? No-one saw your ship."

"I was born here."

He laughed. "So you're going to stay, then?"

"What's so funny?" Emily demanded, not smiling anymore.

"Well … I mean … you are going to stay? Why go back to Krypton when there's so much we can do here?"

"I've never been to Krypton. How long have you been here?"

Zeus floated to his feet, clearly concerned. "If you were sent to take us home, you would know that. Who are you?"

"No-one sent me to fetch you, Kryptonian. I came here to fuck you."

"That's enough!"

"Hera!" Zeus turned to see another beautiful woman fly down over his pool.

"Who's this slut?" the new arrival demanded.

Emily hardly seemed to notice the woman, letting her rude question slide. She resumed her examination of Zeus. She bit her lip, and ran her hands over her own flawless curves. "You get me so hot, Zeus." She moved up to him, and felt his biceps. "You must be so strong …"

"Hey! That's my husband!"

"I don't see a wedding band," Emily told her, addressing Hera for the first time but not taking her eyes off Zeus, who seemed mesmerised.

It was the first time Emily had been hit by the full force of a Kryptonian. She had been so absorbed in Zeus and the feelings developing within her body she didn't realise Hera was going to strike. The jealous lover lashed out with a furious kick, intending to kill this stranger. While Emily soared several thousand feet in the air tumbling head over heels, Hera grabbed her sore foot in surprise. She had not felt pain since arriving on this planet. Emily corrected her flight and hovered back toward the ground. The blow may have sent her flying, but the dull thud she had felt was far from painful.

"What was that for?" she asked, floating down and stopping in front of Hera.

"You stay away from my man!"

Emily just smiled, looking at the cracked bone in Hera's foot.

"And what are you going to do about it?"

Hera forgot the pain in her foot, and lashed out with more anger than before. This time Emily was prepared, and held herself. She could feel the blows, and people could hear each impact for miles. But they didn't hurt much. When Hera scratched her face, digging the invulnerable fingernails of each hand in as deep as she could, Emily moved for the first time to defend herself. Grabbing both Hera's wrists firmly enough to draw a surprised gasp, Emily tightened hands a fraction more and stared coldly into the wriggling woman's eyes.

"Don't do that," she told her, "You'll break a nail."

"What are you?" Hera asked weakly, her situation dawning on her. This strange newcomer possessed strength Hera had never dreamed possible, even since her arrival on Earth.

Before Emily could formulate a witty reply, Zeus jumped her from behind and put her in a choke-hold.

"See that?" she asked, exerting herself only a little to prevent Zeus from pulling her off Hera. "He even wants me!"

The other Kryptonians posing on Earth as gods started to arrive. Most of them hovered well back from the action, but a few went to their commanders aid. Despite being twice as strong as any of them, Emily could see how the odds had changed and released Hera. Taking a breath, she accelerated her senses until the birds froze in mid-flight. The Kryptonians saw her become a blur and Emily could see them moving as fast they could. Playing with them for a moment, Emily flew around and demonstrated to them what super-speed was really all about.

Realising that they had no chance of laying a hand on her, Emily started laying them out with tight-fisted blows designed to drive them into the ground. Those watching were stunned as one by one the mightiest of the Kryptonians were slammed deep into the Earth. They all vanished except for Zeus. Emily flashed up to stand in front of him.

"I hope you Greek gods are better lovers than fighters," she whispered, aware that the rest of Zeus's cronies were sneaking up from behind. She reached for the frozen face of their paralysed leader, her other hand stroking her breast. But just as the closest Kryptonian tried to take her from behind she disappeared, leaving the brave alien to fall into Zeus taking both them into the pool.

"You fools have no idea what you're up against," Emily told them, lying on the edge of the pool as Zeus realised she had taken care of the others already.

Zeus glared angrily at her, his heat vision charring and melting the tiles beneath Emily's alluring curves. Basking in the pleasant warmth, Emily tilted her head and smiled at him.

"Thank you, baby. That's nice." Not surprised that his heat vision couldn't hurt her at all, Emily decided against giving him a taste of her own. She turned her head over her shoulder and looked at the villa Zeus had constructed. Closing a nostril with her finger, Emily blew through her nose. The palatial villa collapsed, and the debris was blasted through the city leaving little untouched.

"What are you?" Zeus demanded, horrified by the incredible demonstration of casual power.

Emily just smiled, floating out over the water toward him. "I'm hot for you, Zeus," she told him, aware and unconcerned by how slutty she sounded. This guys was a pushover compared to her, but she was excited by what he might be able to do for her. Before Zeus knew she had moved, Emily had her shapely legs around him, carrying him into the stratosphere.

"You just relax," she whispered, easily preventing his escape. Her pheromones reached him, and as her tongue entered his mouth and wrestled his to the side with frightening ease, Zeus stopped struggling to escape.

Chapter 2

Zeus sat in his opulent home, built for him by Emily's slaves, thinking of happier times when he had controlled his own destiny. Now it was out of his hands. His decision to remain on Earth had been based on ideals of freedom, and yet led to an imprisonment more complete than anything Zeus could imagine.

Only three of the original exploration team remained, the others having died over time in a variety of ways. That first day had seen the end of nearly half of them. Zeus had rested for weeks after that fateful day with Emily Lahey left him in a coma. Her uncompromising approach to sex had been the most common cause of death. Nightmares still haunted Zeus of the naked pleasure she expressed while those in her embrace cried out for entirely different reasons.

She had told him all about her history in the future problem, hoping that the technology of the Kryptonian race would provide a way for her to return home. When Zeus had told her time-machines were a concept not even thought of by his people, Emily had revealed her disappointment vehemently to all present.

Forbidden to leave the island, Zeus and his two fellow prisoners did not dare risk any further punishment. Zeus himself had nearly made it out of the solar-system once, only to be dragged back and toyed with for nearly a month solid. Emily made it clear, on many painful occasions, who was in charge now, and the rogue Kryptonian colony was unquestionably hers to do with as she desired.

Venturing outside, Zeus wondered where on the globe his captor was playing today. Lately he had been troubled by how little Emily was showing signs of aging. While he and the others aged gracefully, their breathtakingly beautiful subjugator remained as youthful and vibrant as the day she had arrived and enslaved them. It had always been difficult to keep up with her, but as each decade rolled by Zeus found it harder still. At first it took days to recover from her energetic and selfish manipulations, but now it took weeks.

Hercules and Apollo were both in bed. Emily had visited only three days ago, leaving Zeus alone but mercilessly extracting her satisfaction from the others.

"Heartless bitch," Zeus observed, checking on his friends to see how their bones were healing.

"Careful, powder-puff."

Zeus jumped, whirling around to see the source of the familiar voice.

"Mistress!" He dropped to his knees. "I was not talking about you!"

Emily laughed hard enough to sway nearby trees. "Really?"

"The servant girl …"

"Oh stop it, you're not doing yourself any good."

Emily was instantly at his side, her arm around Zeus and her disturbingly clear eyes locked with his.

"And I let you off the other day. Was that heartless?" Drawing him around in front of her, Emily planted her tongue in his mouth and kissed him deeply and passionately. Zeus reacted as he had become trained to do, returning her passion as best he could. His lungs lost the battle, their contents drawn into hers and even his Kryptonian metabolism became starved. She broke off just before he blacked out, and head-butted him across the island into an already impact-scarred mountain.

As Zeus exhumed himself from the stone the scent of his invincible oppressor overwhelmed him, and the anger melted from his brow. When he flew at Emily and assaulted her with all his unearthly strength, killing and escaping her were the last things on Zeus's mind. The frustration returned, stronger than before, when Emily refused to move for him. Instead, she took his arms and with deliberately unhurried motion forced them away from her body.

"Sorry, sweet-thing, but you need to be punished." She let him go, and as he moved in to get close to her she slapped him into the ground. As he came back out of the hole she grabbed him with one hand and slammed him repeatedly into the surrounding rocks, finally cracking his head against her crotch holding him there. As he breathed in through her moistened pubic hair Zeus felt the pain vanish and his body fire up with lust. He started licking her, and Emily responded by pulling him away and holding him up.

"Let me show you what life would be like if I really was heartless."

Zeus found himself tumbling through the air, moving much faster than he could have managed on his own. His fall was broken by the villa Emily had allowed him to enjoy for so long, and the villa was broken by his fall. It took several minutes for Zeus to recover, only to feel Emily's ache-making grip on his shoulder.

"And if you rebuild it, Zeus, I will be very angry. From now on, you sleep outside." She shook him. "Understand?"



"I understand!" he cried, her grip grinding his tendons against the joint they operated.


Zeus's world became a blur, and he felt himself pass through one of the few remaining walls before hitting something much harder than his own Kryptonian flesh. Emily had flashed into his flight-path to prevent him from flying out over the ocean. He crumpled into her bared mid-drift, breaking three ribs and his left collarbone, before falling to a more forgiving impact with the coastal rocks.

He rose to a sitting position, clutching at his chest, and opened his eyes. The blue-sky was suddenly obscured by Emily's bare chest, and Zeus could feel her warm thighs on his.

"Now let me show you what sex would be like if I was the bitch you think I am."

Emily always enjoyed punishing her boys. When she hit them, she could feel it … which was very different from her experiences with the normal stone-age population. Rather than explode, her Kryptonian toys were still around for a second blow. And it seemed she could break almost every bone in their bodies and they still healed, ready again in just a few weeks for Emily's next game.

"Please, Mistress! I didn't …"

Emily closed his mouth with her hand, making him bite his tongue. "Will you shut up? It time for you to pay attention." A flick of her wrist slammed him down, and her hand fell on his chest to push him a little deeper into the rock.

Usually, Emily wouldn't engage in passion on the ground. She preferred to float through her orgasms in the stratosphere, where her releases caused no damage. But not today. Zeus had given her an excuse to try something different. Lifting herself up, she took him in without relaxing herself as she normally would. Zeus winced, and bit down on his scream.

Leaning over and letting her hair fall on his face, Emily watched his expression carefully as she clenched herself, lifting him with a movement of her hips and releasing him back to the ground. She bit her smirking lip and slid firmly back down, grasping him once more with learned self-control and lifted him again. He blinked when she dropped him, and winced when she bashed their hips together with exaggerated motion.

"You like that?" she asked in a whisper, not breaking her steady rhythm. "Personally, I think we're going a little a slow."

Over the next few minutes, Emily increased the pace exponentially until Zeus could no longer see her clearly. The ground shook with enough force to produce a threatening rumble, the earthquake collapsing the rest of the island's buildings. But Zeus was hardly concerned by the destruction. While the first venereal movements Emily made on top of him squeezed Zeus painfully, they had been quite enjoyable. As she accelerated into her own state of awareness, however, without easing up her incredible grip, the Kryptonian was maliciously robbed of any pleasure. As the landscape began to change, and Emily blurred even more, Zeus began to cry out in a long unwavering declaration of agony.

"What's wrong, Zeus?" Emily asked, stopping to study his face. "This is the most fun I've had in decades. Stay with me, now!"

Emily resumed, starting off slow and speeding up until Zeus started screaming again. She kept going long after he stopped his unbroken cry, ceasing only to rouse him if he lost consciousness. Night fell, and still Emily pumped away. She was thrilled by the changes her energetic efforts with Zeus were making to her island. The mountain she had bounced her toys off of for nearly a century crumbled in one landslide after another, and no trees stood to see the sunset. But her thrill was paled into insignificance by the thousands of peaks she experienced.

Realising shortly after dawn that Zeus wasn't going to survive much longer unless she relented, Emily started building herself up toward a climax. As the ocean surrounding the island churned, and the island itself tore apart at the seams, Emily achieved her goal. The release of energy was astounding, and sent shockwaves tearing through the rubble. When Emily opened her eyes and wiped the sweat from above them, she looked around at the unrecognisable upturned earth of the surrounding environment and smiled.

"I think we'll do that again sometime," she told her semi-conscious love-toy. Hovering away from the molten stone and the half-dead Kryptonian, Emily sought out her other two playthings. They were encased deep in the rubble, but were otherwise alright so she left them there.

Flying out over the ocean Emily scanned the globe looking for something else to do. It never took long to find a new game, as Emily had more than enough toys to play with. The hard part was choosing. Today was no different. Ignoring the regions she had conquered recently, Emily flashed across the sky toward new grounds. She was pleasantly surprised to find a series of fortified towns, and after listening and watching for a few moments her lightning fast mind grasped their simple language. Choosing one of the larger settlements, Emily circled high overhead and made sure there were a few soldiers.

In need of clothes, Emily turned her piercing eyes toward the surrounding jungle. A tiger lay in wait near a waterhole, waiting for a thirsty animal. Emily took a liking to his stripes, and decided they would make a fabulous halter and skirt. Dropping toward the waterhole she let the soles of her feet disturb the still water.

The tiger didn't attack. The beast had seen many humans, but never humans that fell out of the sky like eagles. The big cat's senses warned him of danger, and Emily could see that she would have to provoke him.

Raising her chin. Emily blew into the forest canopy and destroyed the animal's hiding place. The cat fled through the forest, but Emily rose a few metres into the air and lit a fire in front of fast animal, running her eyes in a wide circle around him to trap him. She then flew slowly through the hot flames, letting the terrified and confused cat see the fire lick her body. With no other options available, the tiger leapt ferociously. Emily held her arms behind her back and lifted her head to give the experienced killing machine an open shot at her throat. Ploughing into her with all the momentum he could muster the tiger slashed at her with all four sets of claws. Normally his prey would fall, and the claws would draw massive amounts of blood as the tiger landed on top. But this time the prey didn't fall. In fact, the prey didn't budge even a fraction of an inch. And the claws found purchase only to be ripped out or snapped painfully away.

The terrible sound the animal made as it backed away filled Emily with pride. She never tired of winning every fight, whether her chosen foe was man or beast.

The cat could not escape, and instinctively went back on the offensive. This time when Emily presented her throat the beast went for it, running up and slashing his bleeding paw across it. The few claws remaining were gone as the cat limped back. He jumped again, his jaw closing on Emily's throat. Emily could feel the teeth applying an impressive, yet ignorable, amount of pressure as the animal kicked at her. She could hear the cracks in the animal's jaw. Before the teeth broke Emily brought one of her hands around from behind her back and grasped the tigers furry throat. She pushed her hand smoothly up and out, completing the destruction of his teeth and keeping the thrashing creature off the ground.

"Bad kitty."

Squeezing her tougher-than-titanium grip she felt and heard the giant cat's neck crack and shatter, the movement to escape becoming no more than involuntary twitches. Going into hyper-mode, Emily used the immeasurable strength in her fingers to remove dead tiger's skin. Practised use of her heat-vision tanned the hide without harming the all important fibres of hair. A moment later Emily flew clear of the forest fire she had callously created and landed not far from the well-defended town. Admiring the perfect fit of her clothes, glad there was enough of the hide left to make new ones after her game, she stepped out of the trees and strode toward the four men guarding the main gate.

Chapter 3

The scout returned just after breakfast.

"Well? Is there an army out there or not?"

"I found the men you sent last week, my King. They were dead. But I found no evidence of what attacked them."

"I will return to the castle," the King decided. The risk to his own life was too great to stay out here in the field. "I want you to take the army to the village and bring the serfs to the safety of Frey's Keep."

General Rendu took his helmet off and touched his brow in the peculiar custom of their military. "Rawson will accompany you, Your Majesty. I will see you in three days."

"Show these invaders the furious anger our people feel at their attacks!" The King called his personal guard around him, and rode toward the safety of home.

Emily was surprised by the number of men General Rendu commanded. Floating up a little higher she watched the King retreat to safety. He was defenceless against her destructive might no matter how thick or high his castle walls, so she let him go. One thing she had learnt over the last fifteen centuries of her life was not to rush things.

She landed on the far side of a hill in the path of the marching troops and waited as they approached. Watching them through the mound and listening to their banter, Emily awaited the coming battle with great anticipation. These warriors fought bravely, and more fiercely than any she had defeated before. Crushing them would be the most fun she'd had in years.

The first group crest the hill, proceeding without hesitation toward the oddly dressed young woman barring their path.

"Step aside, wench!" one of the better dressed officers ordered loudly as they drew ever closer. "The King's Army marches here!"

"To where does the King's Army march?"

"Off the road, woman!! Else feel the heels of two thousand men!"

"You're journey is at end, soldier-boy. I'm the enemy you seek."

"I have no time for this! We're on our way to war!"

"I am your war," Emily told him coldly, walking toward them and closing the shrinking gap.

The man she had been speaking to gestured to a few of his men.

"Remove the wench from our path!"

The four men ran forward and Emily smiled at them. They all grasped at her firm body, trying to pull her off the road. Emily just kept walking, shoving the men gently aside. Her gentle shoves sent them screaming over the tree-line one by one. The other soldiers were more than a little startled.

"Kill the witch!" the commander ordered, certain than the General would approve his command. The surprised soldiers drew their weapons and let out a fierce cry. Emily slapped her hands on her hips and waited for them to charge in. They soon had her surrounded, those who could get close enough to swing their swords and axes did so eagerly. Remaining otherwise perfectly still, Emily turned her head to watch the weapons clash with her tanned skin, amused by their surprised expressions as their most powerful efforts went wasted against her impenetrable flesh.

"I'm no witch," she declared, putting her hands on the men flanking and shoving them away, sending them and those behind them explosively into the trees beside the road. "I'm way more powerful than that."

The soldiers stopped, unsure of what they just saw. But their officer urged them forward, much to their foe's delight. The General crested the hill to see what the war cry was all about, and looked on in horror as his hardened warriors fell before the untrained blows of the most attractive woman he had ever seen. Rendu watched the lone, unarmed woman destroy a large piece of his army, and felt a growing sense of dread. He could see the determination of his men to slay the witch, their blows fast and furious. Their single opponent waded through them casually tapping and flicking the larger men into oblivion. Blow after heavy blow did nothing to stop her. The only time he saw her empty hands form fists their blows sent nearly two dozen men flying in all directions. The General felt a cold chill as he tried to comprehend the situation he faced.

"Fall back!" he called, and the remaining soldiers retreated from their clearly invincible enemy. Rendu was staring at his opponent, watching her laugh at his warriors as they fled up the hill. Then she was gone.

"Nice army you have here," Emily told him, moving in beside the General so fast she seemed materialise out of thin air.

Kicking his horse in the flanks the General and his personal guard made a break for the marching troops. Emily stood there on top of the hill and watched him go. She listened in when he ordered the cavalry up the hill at her, and saw the two hundred horseback riders move out as that command was relayed through the column.

She stood her ground as the horses rumbled over the terrain toward her, and war cry went up among the riders. Emily crossed her arms and allowed the first riders to pass by, their weapons striking her in several places. One of them tried trampling over her, the poor horse breaking to an instant stop against Emily's powerful body. The rider was launched over his target's head, rolling to his feet only to be run over by his startled comrades. Emily lifted the dead horse and threw it at her attackers, taking down a considerable number of them.

For the next twenty minutes Emily was a blur to all observers. Sometimes she just appeared in the path of a galloping warhorse, letting the animal buckle against her flesh. Several times she landed behind a saddle to crush the horse with an easy flex of her long legs. Emily's gracefully annihilation of the cavalry took only a few minutes, leaving her toys with only injuries … a missing limb or a broken spine to remind them of their encounter with her incomprehensible might.

Throughout the exercise she could feel her arousal growing. Using the abundant power she possessed like this always got Emily very horny. Pushing the last mounted man through his horse and into the ground, she looked around at the horrific mess that had moments before been a horde of fearsome fighting machines.

Landing back on top of the hill Emily waited for Rendu's next move. She didn't wait long before his archers were called up and a hail of arrows fell, all within a few metres of her. Those that hit her face and shoulders fell to the ground with their shafts broken or shattered.

Emily picked a rock up as more and more arrows piled on the ground around her. She held the stone in front of her face and blew on it as she slowly crushed it in her fist. As the dust and fragments fell away they were caught by the jetstream she produced and turned into tiny missiles. More than a third of the archers were mowed down by the deadly projectiles Emily blasted at them.

"General! We must flee!"

"We cannot show her the way to Frey's Keep," Rendu told his man firmly. "This must end here."

With a mighty cry of bloodlust the infantry ran at their mighty enemy, the archers dropping their useless bows and joining the charge. The first few started swinging mighty blows with their axes while the rest formed a thick ring of warriors around their fearsome enemy.

Smiling at them, the inhumanly powerful young woman raised her hands to massage her hair. Their blows were not entirely wasted. Emily was beginning to get aroused, she felt the warmth of desire well within her and embraced it. As each soldier tired, they stepped aside to let a fresh warrior at her. The barrage continued unabated so Emily relaxed and enjoyed their confused battering.

Lowering her arms to her hips she smiled at another towering warrior swinging his axe at her. The others around him stepped back, and the wild-eyed berserker brought the axe down on her from just about every angle he could. Behind her, the mob continued to poke and hack at her with their own weapons. Ignoring them, Emily watched the big berserker slowly realise that his efforts were doing absolutely nothing. His fierce expression faded, and he moved away to let someone else in.

The scent she delivered into the air nagged at her fierce attackers for a moment, then became overwhelming to their senses. Emily grew more aroused as she watched the men falling one by one under the spell of her super-pheromones. In the length of two heartbeats the soldiers went from swinging their weapons with howls of rage, to dropping them with whimpers of lust. Their war cry went up again, with a clear note of hunger, and the mob surged into her.

Caressing herself a thousand times harder than the army managed with all their desperate attempts at rape, Emily quickly approached her first orgasm. Holding back her cry, she controlled her breath and watched the sexual energy discharge into the mass of men surrounding her. They yelped, struck to the ground as her carefully restrained orgasm whomped violently through them. Turned on by her own overwhelming abilities, Emily became a blur to their eyes as she worked herself up to another. This time she cried out as it hit, and as she started into her third none of the army remained. When she was finished, Emily hovered over a charred crater, the stones still smoking from the heat of her passion.

Remembering her Kryptonian slaves, she sighed with regret. Even though they had been so much weaker than her, they had been able to satisfy her in ways the men of this world could not. Leaving the desolate hole behind her, Emily soared into the upper atmosphere and streaked toward her island home.

Watching the monitors, none of the Kryptonians were prepared for what they saw unfold.

"We must hurry."

"The ship cannot travel any faster."

"We're almost there, General. Just a few more minutes."

"Wake the telepaths, I want them ready."

Landing in the north tower, Emily removed her war-torn clothes, and tossed them into the fireplace. Taking the outfit she had been wearing the day Luther banished her to the past she got dressed and went out to her rail-less balcony. Stepping off the edge, she floated down over her castle's magnificent courtyard and into her thrown room.

"Welcome back, my Queen!"

Looking around, she waved at her large audience. The throng of her devoted subjects hailed her arrival with a cheer, but Emily felt some of them were not being very enthusiastic about it. Flying the length of the hall Emily landed comfortably on her high thrown, which was perched atop a ten foot column of gem encrusted white gold.

"Enough!" she commanded, dismissing the cheers with a short wave.

"My Queen, there is a messenger from Europe."

"What do they want?"

"He claims that a feud between the clans of his people may get out of hand. He requests an audience with you."

"In a minute. Right now I need to talk to you all about your attitude." Emily leaned back and got comfortable. "Some of you don't seem to appreciate me. Now I go out and work hard at having a good time so I don't get bored around here. You all know what happens when I get bored, don't you? So out of the goodness of my heart and generosity of my spirit, I take myself to other places and make my kingdom bigger. And all for you, my loyal subjects. So when I come home, I would like to see some fucking appreciation!"

"But, Great Superior One, I don't understand … we all cheered for you! And later, when you go, everyone has flowers to throw in the air so you may float through them!"

"That's very nice, but when I flew in here just now I heard a few cheers that weren't really that impressive. When you cheer for me, I want your whole heart in it. Remember: Even though I am a god I still need your love. Now then, where's this European guy?"

Her master of ceremonies bowed so deeply his chin nearly hit the floor. He moved away and gestured to a man Emily recognised as being German from his large build and odd clothes.

"What do you want, German?"

"Our people need help. Long have we paid tribute to The Queen of the World. Long have we sent our strongest warriors to your service, and now our people face a threat from our neighbours."

"What are you talking about?"

"There are tribes in the north of our lands who no longer have belief in you, my Queen. Their leaders do not remember you. They are attacking our villages, and killing your most loyal subjects."

Thinking about it a moment Emily realised she hadn't been to inspect her oldest conquests in a very long time. She had planned to just stay home for a while and relax in her palace. But the idea of crushing power-hungry tribesmen appealed to her.

"Then they need reminding of just who's in charge, don't they." Floating up Emily landed in front of the large German. "Name the worst tribe."

"They are led by a man who calls himself the Great Bear."

"Wait here. I'll be back."

Emily callously left with too much haste, her rapid passage from the hall leaving everyone in it sprawled on the floor, the flowers they had planned to toss in the air still in their hands. Looking back she laughed at them as her island disappeared beyond the horizon.

Reaching the area of Europe that would one day become Germany, Emily scanned the region with her ears until she heard people talking about the Great Bear. Just as she heard the name, Emily felt something she had not experienced since the day she had been banished into the past by Luther. She felt pain.

It gripped her from behind her eyes, and she found herself incapacitated and tumbling toward a forest far below. As she fell she saw something streaking toward her. Several somethings. Missiles. Someone was shooting missiles at her. Through the pain she sought their source and discovered something she had never seen before. A spaceship. The missiles impacted, but did not hurt her. The pain inside her head was far worse. The last missile engulfed her in flame just as she ploughed in the earth.

Emily's state of confusion was further increased as her own hands started to attack her. Her fingers wrapped themselves around her neck, and started to squeeze. This frightened her more than the sudden pain, more than discovering the spaceship, and far more than the missiles. For the only hands she knew could possible choke the life out of her irrationally strong body were own. The only fingers capable of stopping the vital blood-flow to her brain were now doing just that, and Emily wasn't controlling them …

"The telepaths attack is working, General. The renegade has no idea what's going on."

The General turned to look at the circle of telepaths displayed in his monitor.

"Is the landing team ready?"

"Yes, General."

"Send them down."


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