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The Law of Fives

Written by Grayface :: [Monday, 10 April 2006 18:15] Last updated by :: [Friday, 26 July 2013 21:33]

The Law of Fives


by Grayface


Author's Disclaimer: Don't read this story if you are a minor, if your not sure if you'll be offended, because you will be, or if you have problems taking responsibility for your own actions.


I wrote this story because I enjoy and like reading this type of fiction if you do like this type of fiction or especially this story I'd like to hear from you or if you have any constructive criticisms that you think may enhance this or any future writings of mine let 'em rip, but be constructive and helpful. And lastly if anyone wants to offer to proofread and/or editing let me know, cuz grammar and spelling isn't my strong point. Thanks and enjoy.


Note: I hope no other writers/authors are offended because I have borrowed ideas and situations from other writers that I liked and I would hope you and they see this as flattery and not thievery. I like to read many forms of fetish erotica BE, Amazon, GTS, Mega GTS, Superwomen and a lots more.


"The Law of Fives states simply that: ALL THINGS HAPPEN IN FIVES, OR ARE DEVISIBLE BY OR ARE MULTIPLES OF FIVE, OR ARE SOMEHOW DIRECLY OR INDIRECLY APPROPRIATE TO 5. The Law of Fives is never wrong." – Principa Discordia



On May 23, 2003 at 2:35 pm. An unexplained phenomenon happened. All over the world certain females just gained an unbelievable amount of raw physical power, increased strength, dexterity, toughness and other superhuman abilities.


Thursday May 23, 2:35 pm.


"What do you mean I cant get my paycheck now, I know they're here." Katie was at her job as cashier in the local Super*MEGA*center. Currently she was trying to get her paycheck from her boss who was reviling in her supreme power over her today.


"No!" Mrs. Smithers nearly shouted back her head shaking in righteous indignation "You know the rules Katie. Just because the checks are here I don't have to give them out till Friday, and quite frankly I'm to busy right now." Then Mrs. Smithers turned her attention back to her computer screen.


Katie was furious the dam Payroll bag was sitting on top of her desk. She had had enough of this crap. Katie involuntarily slammed her hand against the metal doorframe as her anger got the better of her. There was a loud shriek and cracking sound as Katie's hand hit the steel doorframe and kept going through it smashing out a chunk of the cinderblock wall.


Mrs. Smithers slowly turned around in her chair to see Katie start growing from pretty but petite 5'5" 19 year old to a super voluptuous 6'10"sex goddess. Katie was standing in stunned silence as she felt power flood into her body filling every cell, she could feel the power in her stretching her causing her to grow more beautiful and powerful.


She closed her eyes and let the power flood through her it was a better feeling then she ever thought possible. Her bra was the first article to be shredded be her transforming body, because her breast was growing at a totally unproportional rate to her body.


Katie listened to the sounds of her clothing ripping with her eyes closed and embraced the power that flooded her body, it was better that when her boyfriend did that thing with his tongue that she liked so much, the feeling was total and complete rapture.


Mrs. Smithers just watched in awe as the young girl transformed right before her eyes. She watched in total awe as Katie's rapidly growing breast burst the tiny bra, her shirt and pants crept up her body, then a snap and pop and Katie's shoes gave way to her growing feet, then a rrrrippp could be herd simultaneously from her pants and shirt as the seams of both gave way to the young goddesses fabulous growing body.


Mrs. Smithers watched in shock as the scraps of Katie's clothing fluttered to the floor and her body now filled the entire doorframe from top to bottom and side to side, Katie's head reached the top of the doorframe and kept growing right through it, she didn't even open her eyes, it was as if she didn't even notice that she was growing through the wall.


Katie could feel the slight brush of the metal as the top of her head reached and pressed into the steel, the metal of the doorframe bent and bowed out slightly and cracks spread through the cinderblock wall where her head distorted the metal and pushed through the cement. Katie could hear the sounds as the wall cracked and crumpled about her. The only reason that she knew that her head was smashing into the wall was from the sound and the bits and pieces that were falling in her now massive cleavage, she couldn't feel any resistance from the doorframe and wall. In-fact she could hear many sounds now as the world seemed to open up to he senses now, but all that meant nothing to her right now as the power was still flooding into her body and that was all she currently cared about.


Katie let out a small whimper as the ebb of power slowed and then trickled to a stopped. She opened her eyes and was stunned to see the room around her was in shambles. Katie now realized several things: 1. She was huge 2. She was naked 3. People were staring at her. The store managers office was in the back stock room of the super*MEGA*center.


As Katie opened her eyes the first thing that she noticed was that her viewpoint had changed drastically and a whole lot of her was blocking the view immediately in front of herself, in-fact Katie guessed that her breast must stick out from her chest by well over two feet and at least a foot to either side of her.


Turning her head this way and that way, chunks of the cinder block wall fell into her massive rack and that was how she became aware that her head was IN the top of the doorframe and wall. Mrs. Smithers had Katie's paycheck in her hand and was sitting in her chair holding the check out to Katie hoping the towering girl wouldn't hurt her.


Katie saw the cowering lady holding the check. When she went to grab the check her arm pushed up her left breast casing it to smash some of the accumulated derbies to dust that was deep in her massive cleavage. Katie was shocked; she couldn't even feel the slightest bit of resistance from the hard cement.


Forgetting about the check for a moment Katie reached over to her left breast with her right hand to grab a fist size chunk of cement in her hand, to her surprise her hand closed around the chunk with a loud crack as some bit of the cement flew out of her hand and the rest that didn't escape her grip was squeezed with unearthly pressure in the young ladies hand.


Katie opened her hand all that was left was just a small amount of bubbling liquid. A smile spread across Katie's face as she closed her hand again this time squeezing for all she was worth. Katie heard a short sizzling sound then she opened her hand and to her amazement nothing was in her hand, she had squeezed the molten cement to nothingness. A bit of dust still cling to some parts of her palm and wrist.


Holding her right hand up like she was going to blow a kiss at her boss Katie then reached out with her left hand and took her paycheck then blew the dust from her palm. Now as you might of come to expect the wind storm generated by Katie's attempt to blow the dust from her hand was well beyond any thing that she could have expected.


To the poor frightened Mrs. Smithers, who had just witnessed this young goddess crush solid rock to nothingness in her bare hand, then she sees the goddess lean over slightly at the hips and reach for the check with her left hand and hold her right hand out, that had just crushed a rock to oblivion, then pucker her full lips and seemingly blow gently into the palm of her right hand. The blast of warm sweet smelling wind was many more times more powerful then the most extreme wind machine, it was as if a full category five hurricane was released in the small office. The wind was so powerful that the cement walls were cracked but before the walls could give the ceiling was blown off of a big part of the entire stock area, and poor Mrs. Smithers, who had just enough time to piss and shit all over her self was blown nearly 10,000 feet in the air by the super concentrated burst of wind.


Katie was shocked; she hadn't even blown hard at all. She wondered what would happen if she really put some lungpower into a breath.


You know its funny how the human mind works especially under severe pressure or stress, Katie who had just caused severe damage to her surroundings and even a death didn't even seem a bit worried about it, she just turned around from the doorway, knocking more of the office wall down in the process with just her massive jutting breast, then she calmly walked out of the back room into the sales floor as if she wasn't a 6'10" buck naked total mega sex goddess.


The customers of the super*MEGA*center were wondering what the hell was going on when the entire building shook and vibrated, it sounded as if an airplane was taking off somewhere in the store. Some of the people who were closest to the back room were knocked off their feet, and the general buzz amongst the people was of lawsuits and how much cash they were going to get from the rich company.


As Katie walked through the open area of the stock room the few people that were there and had witnessed what had happened just watched in stunned silence as brunette Amazon goddess calmly walked to the big double doors that opened up to the sales floor and with the slightest flick of the fingers of her right hand the industrial strength doors were ripped from the frame and shot over 200 feet across the sales floor landing with a loud crash in the toy section.


The people who were closest to the back room doors were shocked as the big doors exploded into the air rocketing overhead, those in the immediate area of the doors were knocked to the floor from the powerful rush of air as the door whizzed over head at just under the speed of sound.


Now some of the initial shock of the moment was wearing of and Katie realized that she could of hurt someone, also people were staring at her, although Katie had always been small and petite she did have a real cute face and a tight hard body and always dressed in as tight, skimpy clothing as she could get a way with, so the people staring at her didn't bother her in-fact she relished the attention.


Bob didn't know what the heck was happening one minute he was looking a cheaply built lamp next second he was lying on the floor seeing stars, as the stars faded Bob opened his eye and saw a the most perfectly shaped and toned legs, they were so long and toned he thought they would go on for ever, then came the slim yet mega shapely hips flaring out and then curving inward to the thin yet ever so toned waist, as he followed the slightly ripped abs upward, he couldn't wait to see this ultimate sex goddesses face, as he looked upward he was stupefied. Even though She was standing a couple of feet in front of him all he could see now were her huge perfect breast that totally blocked the woman's face form his view.


Bob couldn't help it; it was like his own fantasy from when he was 13 years old come true. All most from the beginning he had a hard on that got harder as he visually climbed this goddess's body. Then the mega sexy lady started to walk, he breast jiggled ever so slightly and that pushed Bob over the edge and he lost it, he creamed in his pants.


Now that the immediate tension was gone Bob got scared because the goddess was walking right towards him and she obviously couldn't and didn't see Bob lying on the floor. He tried to get his voice to make a noise but try as he might nothing would come out. Bob saw the sexy leg and foot take one steep then another. He watched mesmerized by the slight jiggling of the bottom of her mammoth tits. The bottom of her tits filed his entire field of view. The Amazon goddess was now one steep away from planting her foot on Bob's head. He pissed him self and let out a barely audible whimper as he thought this was it, the end of the line.


Katie heard a whimper come from blow her. Looking down didn't work because all she could see was lots of her self, grinning like a fool she carefully backed up several steps and bent over at the hips, till she saw a man curled up before her in a ball of fear and lust.


Katie smiled warmly at the man. Looking in to his eyes she said "why didn't ya say any thing," then her smiled slid to one side of her mouth " I bet you're the kind of guy who likes it when a girl walks over him? Hmmm." Then she reached out with her left hand offering it to Bob to help him up.


Now Bob was really in a daze he saw and herd her but it never really registered because when she bent over Bob saw her face and it was infinitely better that his pitiful mind could imagine. Her eye were a deep forest green, her lip so pink, full and soft, even her nose was sexy, and the mass of wavy jet black hair framed her face, it all came together and the image was burned in to Bob's mind, that is till his eyes dropped slightly lower to her unbelievable cleavage.


Bob's mind was lost in the Amazon sex goddesses cleavage, the shallowest part of her cleavage must have been three or four inches deep and in the deepest part he could lose his arm up to his elbow. Then it started to get deeper!


Katie loved this; she followed the man's gaze from her face right down to her breast. Katie cupped her breast with her hands and pushed them together slowly. She watched Bob's face as his eyes got bigger and bigger and then his eyes seemed to momentarily get cloudy and a sigh of relief slipped from his lips. It took Katie a second to realize what had just happened. A broad smile spread as she reached for the man's hand, being as gentle as she could be she lifted him to his feet.


Bob never before felt so insignificant before in his life. This super goddess had him going from fearing for his life to having the best orgasm ever in less than five seconds, Then she reached out for his hand and he felt as if his hand was in a vice lined with the softest velvet as she griped his hand and literally yanked him to his feet like he weighed nothing. He was pulled up with enough force that once on his feet he kept going forward and fell onto her huge soft right breast. She keeps her tight grip on his hand not letting him bounce off and fall back down but steadying him before letting go of his hand.


Katie couldn't believe it. She had to pretend that she was holding a soap bubble so as to not crush his hand to past and she was further surprised that when she tried to help him up she didn't feel any resistance from his weight what so ever. Kate didn't think she use tiny fraction of an ounce of her strength to help him up, she really just thought that she was steadying the man and letting him pull him self up, but the man was practically thrown in to her breast as she straightened up.


To both Katie and Bob's relief He didn't splatter against her tit but bounced off and nearly fell back down if not for Katie's grip. Seeing that the man was ok Katie released her grip and continued on her way to the young women section.


Bob's head turned to follow Katie as she walked around him and now he got to see the rest of her, if any thing now that he was standing up she was even more impressive.


Bob was not a small man at six foot 270 lbs. this lady must have been closer to seven feet then six and the view from behind was every bit as impressive as the front, her ass was a firm hart shaped bubble, her back was like the rest of her body (except for her breast) tight and firm and totally sexy but the most outrageous part was sill her massive tits which stuck out over a foot on eater side. After a few seconds the reality of the situation came crashing around Bob's mind and he fainted where he stood.


Now Katie was moving to the woman's department because she realized that the young woman's department wouldn't have anything that could remotely fit her. As she walked she started noticing how people were reacting and what they were saying. As she passed one particular knot of fat ugly housewives she heard them muter to them selves that she was all silicon and plastic and how funny she would look when she got older and certain parts of her drooped and other parts didn't. Obviously Katie wasn't suppose to hear their comments, so the ugly hens were surprised when Katie turned in there direction letting her gaze pass over each ones eye. Katie then lifted her right leg up completely over her head till it was nearly pointing at the ceiling.


Everyone that could see Katie gasped as they saw this unearthly display of dexterity and agility. Then she bent her leg at the knee and brought her leg down till her foot came to rest on a mettle clothing rack, making sure she had the attention of the fat housewives she slowly brought her foot down crushing the metal rack into a "V" shape. Then she stepped off it and grabbed the corner with her left hand, letting her fingers sink into the metal, she lifted the deformed rack over bust and took hold of the other end of the rack and crumpled the rack clothing and all in to a approximate ball shape about the size of a basket ball and in classic form held the "ball" like she was going for a free-throw and swish the "ball" in one of the snider ladies shopping basket.


Katie looked at the stable of mean jealous wives took a few steps till she was practically towering over them, leaning over at the hips slightly she pushed her breast together with her arms and said, "Now, I don't know where you get off bad mouthing me, I mean just because you are all," curling her lip slightly letting plenty of scorn in her voice "Fat, flabby, and just plain unattractive, because you all just refuse to take care of your bodies is no reason to try and knock someone who does care about her appearance."


The leader of the group tried to get all huffy and puffy but the other ladies having been put in there place wouldn't back her and with out her mob her huffing faltered.


"You all are pitiful." Replied Katie and just before turning around she gave one last decisive "Hmmp" and the resulting gust of wind sent sweet warm air gusting hard enough to nock down the group of house wives like they were dried leaves and sent clothing fluttering into the air all around the women.


Now Katie noticed that it was very quite in the store she made it to the women section and started looking through all the racks of cheaply made clothing. She also noticed that now most people gave her a wide birth and when she looked in someone's direction the tried to pretend that they were

not just staring at her.


Katie loved shopping and took her time picking out just the right outfits for herself, her major problem was two fold, first of course was getting anything to fit over her massive breast, and second Katie was very partial to tight fitting clothing and when she tried to shimmy in to some bottoms they would fall apart in her hands, it was kind of like trying to dress in tight clothing made out of cheep one ply toilet paper that was wet!


After a few minutes of searching and then trial and error of dressing Katie put together a nice outfit that she was pleased with and managed not to shred and she also put together several outfits for the road.


Katie looked her self over in one of the full-length mirrors. She had on a pair of low waist denim shorts that looked like they were painted on her, she had to admit she looked so very hot in them, the bottom of her butt cheeks could be seen peeking out of the legs when she walked, Though the top was her favorite. She had to look in the fat woman's section because no normal top would fit her incredible bust. The top she did find was a lose fitting, even on her, tube top with thin spaghetti straps, it was a nice pattern of pink, purple, orange, and yellow lines forming squares that were filled in with light blue, it reached over and half way under her breast so that the bottom of the shirt was still over a foot away from her stomach and if she raised her hands over her head the bottom third of her breast could be seen, but Katie thought to herself "Sometimes sacrifices had to be made

for fashion."


The only real problem she had with the top was that it covered up over three quarters of her cleavage. Now this still meant she had more cleavage showing then most other women could ever dream of. But to Kate's mind it wasn't enough, to her it was like buying a convertible and driving around with the to up all the time.


Looking at the top shirt on top of her breast she could see exactly what and how much material needed to go.


Katie got an idea, and taking her fingertip she lightly pressed down on a section of the cloth pressing the cloth between her finger and her boob, the cloth was vaporized. A smile of satisfaction spread across her face as she deftly ran her finger along the shirt reviling a mind boggling amount of breast flesh and cleavage, when Katie was done almost the entire top and sides of her breast could be seen. Checking her self once more in the mirror something just wasn't right then she figured it out and using her new technique for cutting the fabric she cut a skinny "V" down the front of the shirt so that the bottom of the collar was only four inches from the bottom of the shirt. A person could now see from the tops of her breast to almost the undersides of her massive rack.


Now Katie decided to head on home she couldn't wait to see what her parents were going to say.


As Katie walked to the cash register of the super*MEGA*center all eyes were glued on her. Now that she had some clothes on she felt even sexier. Her older sister, who was an exotic dancer, had always said that the strategic use of clothing could be much sexier than total nudity. Katie had to agree at this point.


Katie saw that her friend was on one of the registers and went to that one. Her body radiated an aura of supreme confidence and power and people moved out of the huge woman's way instinctively. A few people were either to slow or just to stunned to get of her way, with just a nudge of her foot one such shopping basket was launched at about five hundred miles an hour through the ceiling, the cart and all it contents landed nearly a two thousand miles away. That customer was lucky, she had a lose grip on the basket and only had her finger broken.


Ralph, a huge redneck of 6'7" over 300 pounds of fat and flab, saw the mega goddess walking in his direction and let rip with his best cat call "Yo' BABY WHY DON'T CHA' SET THEM BIG OL' KNOCKERS ON MY FACE."


Katie looked the imposing redneck up and down and although she was revolted by the sight of him she was content to just pass him by with out any trouble but just as she was going to pass by he pushed his cart in her path he pushed his cart in her way.


There was a collective gasp from all the on lookers. The big hick yelled "YO SWEETS I'M TALKIN' TO YA'"


Katie stopped beside the cart smirking and said in a voice dripping of honey "So you think your man enough for me," shaking her chest slightly from side to side. Most all the men who could hear her voice instantly shot their loads in their pants, those that could see Kate's mammoth chest jiggling had multiple orgasms in rapid succession.


Ralph's eyes went wide as his small prick stiffened in his pants. He reached out to grab one of the huge booby's in a greasy sweaty hand.


There was a loud cracking and meaty slap, Ralph was howling in pain looking at his hand, it was totally limp like a Jell-O filed bag, and the skin was turning purplish black. Everyone who could see what was happening had a look of shock and surprise, even Katie, who had only meant to knock the offending hand away.


Ralph had felt lots of different pain before but noting like this. Ralph's body released it's full supply of Adrenalin and in one smooth motion Ralph flicked out his nine inch buck knife and went to slice the dumb bitch.


Katie was about to apologies when she saw the repulsive man pull out a bid knife and make to slash her, all feeling of sorrow drained from her and faster than any of people watching could follow she grabbed the mans knife hand in hers. Looking down into the man's eyes Katie said, "You shouldn't have done that," her voice was low and menacing as she started to squeeze the hand slowly she felt the bones of the hand crumble and shatter.Ralph's eyes had goon as big as saucers and the color drained from his face as her felt the excruciating pain and heard the bones being crushed in her grip.


People watched in shock and horror as the goddess easily manhandled the big man like he was a rag doll. Everyone just stood in their spot to shocked to move and no one had the slightest thought or inclination to help.


Katie glared deep in to the man's eyes and kept on applying presser to the man's hand ever so slightly. His fingers were bulging black and blood was dribbling from his fingernails. She now could feel the handle of the knife give to her unrelenting grip. His hand was k now fusing with the knife. Katie released her grip and the man stood looking at the mangled mass of flesh, bone, and steal. His mouth opened and closed but no words came out. But Katie wasn't done yet.


She picked the man up by his color and none to gently dropped him ass first in the partly filled shopping basket then with just the tiniest flick of her wrist she sent the shopping cart speeding across the store. It was a straight shot out to the gardening department, which was out side, and surrounded by a tall wrought iron fence which Ralph was sent hurtling in to at speeds approaching mach 1. All that was left of Ralph was a gory spray of blood and bits of assorted auto parts that were in his cart.


"Well now," Katie said "anyone else want a ride?" She had had enough of the stupid store waking up to the cashier Kate slipped her paycheck and the price tags from the clothe she was wearing from inside of her huge rack and let them fluttered down on the register.


The poor casher looked Katie up and down then picked up the check reading the name she nearly chocked "K-Kait-Katie?"


Katie smiled and side "in the flesh." Then looking around she said "just keep it," pointing to the check and started to walk towards and with just a wave of her arm like she was moving a curtain aside she knocked the wall down and exited the store.


Katie looked around outside it was a beautiful day the sun was out and birds were chirping. She couldn't wait to get home and show off to her sister and parents. She was in such a rush that she didn't even bother to look before crossing the parking lot and a car was speeding right towards her.


Katie heard the blare of the horn, turning her head to see the oncoming car her first thought was that her new outfit was going to get ruined. Suddenly the car was moving at a slow walk. Something wasn't right Katie looked around puzzled and that the people in the parking lot were just barely moving at all and idea formed in her mind. She moved out of the cars way and now that the car wasn't going to hit her she relaxed and every thing speed up.


The driver of the car saw a tall sex goddess of a woman and by the time things had registered in his brain and he slammed on the brakes, he was only a few feet away from her, although sudden the sex bomb moved in a burst of speed that was astonishing.


Katie wanted to know exactly what had just happened so she waited patently as the car skidded to a stop.


The driver was just sitting there staring at the tall goddess wondering if he was hallucinating. When she walked the few feet to the car and ripped the door off with one hand and just held to her side and chuckled to her self. The driver was knocked from his thoughts by the loud crunching of metal and glass as he saw his car door slowly being balled up. The door was crushed smaller and smaller till she squeezed it to nothingness in the palm of one hand. Now that the door was out of his attention it hit him that he still couldn't sew the uber goddesses face because her breast were blocking his view.


Katie was astounded as she ripped the car door from its mountings she had only meant to open the door for the driver because he had looked so shaken up. Still testing her strength she crumpled the car door trying to feel the slightest bit of resistance to her powerful body. Holding the ball in her left hand she gently placed the tip of her finger on the metal ball, there she could feel it that was it, it was so faint like the touch of a ghost but she could feel the point just before the metal would start to deform, she wouldn't call it any thing like resistance because with just the slightest twitch of her fingers she could crush the metal out of existence, which is what she did.


As Katie turned her attention back to the driver she looked down only to see more than a few feet of her own cleavage. She started to Squat down on her heals so she could see the face of the person she was try to talk to, but as she was lowering herself down she herd the crunching of metal and the cracking of glass, stopping all her movement she felt for the ghost like feeling of the car against her breast, it was there she could feel it, the tiniest sensation touching against her skin. Satisfied with her self she took a half step back and continued to squat down.


The driver was staring at a ceiling of titty flesh that that extended over his car roof by a good amount and the rest of the goddesses body was still two feet from him. Then with out warning the woman started to kneel but her breast pressed agents the car roof and incredibly it wasn't her flesh which gave way to the steal of the car, the roof crumpled downward several inches for just over six inches of the edge and for over three feet wide, then the windshield cracked the driver had to duck his head or have it caved in by the immense bossism of this superhuman woman. Then just before he thought that was the end it stopped.


Katie didn't think that she had done as much damage to the roof of the car as she did. Looking at her breast she thought 'silly girl you breast aren't just long and wide but deep too.' Finally resting on her heals the bottom of her massive breast were resting on her knees and were now pushed up so that they swelled to the bottom of her chin, her large nipples were easily seen poking through the fabric and each one was touching either side of frame of the car.


The driver's gaze, even sitting at the uncomfortable angel that he was, was locked firmly on to the gargantuan breast, never having considered himself a tit man he now wondered why?


Katie now Kate needed to get his attention because his eyes were staring unwaveringly at her breast. She tried clearing her through, no response. She tried a "yoo-hoo," still no response. A polite "Excuse meeee," nothing. Getting a tad bit frustrated Kate unthinkingly placed a finger under his chin and lifted it up, she cringed when realized what she just did she, but his head didn't come flying off, she could feel his chin the warmth of his body. Now she realized that just like that she could now interact with people and not have to fear hurting them, accidentally.


Katie was very excited about her new discovery and forgot about her old question now she just wanted to be sure that the man was ok "Excuse me sir," she said, "Are you ok in there?"


Shocked from his gawking by the softest, most gentle touch he had ever felt against his own body he stammered a reply at the same time he blew his load. "Ahhhhh, -uh I I, yha but I think I'm stuck in hear."


"Ok," replied Katie then she stood up and swiveling her chest to the right side so she could see the top of the car she carefully tore the metal easier the a person could rip a sheet of tissue paper. Now she had the driver exposed she plucked apart the sat belt and steeped back to give the driver some room to get out of his mangled car.


The driver got out of his car and his mouth fell open in shock and anger as he saw what had become of his car, as quickly as he got angry he got over real fast when he realize just how she had mangled his car.


For the first time to day Katie honestly felt bad about destroying this guys car as she saw his face drop when he looked over hi car. She looked sheepishly at the driver and in her smallest most sorriest voice said "Sorry 'bout your car." And looked quite ashamed of herself. "Oh, by the way I'm Katie." And she held out her hand.


Richard like any red-blooded male saw Katie looking all sorry and ashamed felt bad that he had would cause this stunning sex bomb any unpleasant feelings, so lying through his teeth he said, "hay don't feel bad or worry about it I, um, was gonna get a new car soon any way," then forced a smile on his face before remembering that he didn't introduce his self "Ahh by the way I'm Richard." And he excepted her hand and now felt the ultimate warm velvety soft skin also he could feel the power of her grip she wasn't hurting him but her grip was solid and he couldn't brake the grip off, even if he had wanted to.


Katie could see that Richard was trying not to show that he was really pissed about his car, she could even notice how his hart beat speed up as he said how he didn't really mind. She thought that was really sweet of him, but right now she really wanted to get home. Katie had all ways bin a bit impulsive and deciding that she liked Richard enough to gout with him but seeing that he was knot any where near asking her out she decided to take the initiative and ask him.


In her sweetest voice she asked "Richard do you think I'm attractive?" she batted her eyelashes a few times and leaned over to expose the max amount of cleavage. Using her supersensitive hearing she listened to Richard's 's body and many other bodies of men and women all around her that were watching the entire proceedings.


Richard's, like most of the other men watching, heart rate speed way up he was starting to sweat and his breathing was getting shallow. Katie was grinning big time she had always dreamed of having this type of effect on people, just never so much of it so to speak.


Looking at Richard she said "I'll take that as a yes."


Richard didn't know what exactly she was talking about, but he managed to regain some of his motor skills and bobbed his head up and down and squeaked out "sure."


Katie decided not to make it any harder on the poor fellow "Do you have a pen a piece of paper?" giving him a sideways glance to see if he would pick up on what she was getting to.


As most men Richard was oblivious, he couldn't remember if he had a pen or not all he knew was that he had to find one so as not to let the goddess down.


Katie giggled to her self as Richard was franticly trying to find a pen. Finally!


Katie turned to the crowd that had gathered and asked "Does anyone have a pen I could use?" a police officer that had arrived a few minutes earlier, and had a great big wet spot on the front of his pans was the first to offer her one.


Taking the offered pen Katie turned back to Richard saying, "Give me you hand."


Richard held out his hand Katie took it and lay it palm down on the middle of her left tit. Instantly Richard came again just from contact with her huge silky smooth breast the she began carefully write her phone number on the top of his hand, and in her most sexy bedroom voice she said "Call me tonight at nine, ok?"


Richard couldn't even nod his head her voice got so low and sexy that again for the third time he, and most all the other men in ear shot, orgasm just from the super sex bombs voice.


And with that Katie turned on her heals and started to walk home picking up speed till she estimated that she was moving at about 35-40 miles an hour, and she had to actually concentrate on not going any faster because her body instinctively wanted to run much, much faster bur Katie didn't want to ruin her clothes.


Katie caused a more than a few accidents on her way home, not her personally but from people staring at her and not the road. Since she wasn't directly responsible for the crashes and fender-benders she dint feel obliged to stop. At the speed she was moving at it took her about ten minutes to get to her parents home.


No one was home yet and Katie wanted to get inside as quick as possible. She had lost her purse at work and didn't have the key so gently she twisted the doorknob and pushed on the door trying not to cause too much damage to the house. The other small problem was that her now gigantic rack was just a couple of inches wider then the doorway. Thinking how cool it would be to just plow through the doorframe with just her breast smashing it apart she didn't do it because it was her parents' house and she had already messed up the door enough.


Using her hands and arms Katie squeezed her breast together and carefully ducked and shimmied in to the house shutting the door and going up to her room was harder than it seemed because she had to hold her boobs in again because again they were wider than the hall.


Finally Katie made it into her room she shut the door a breathed a big sigh of relief, incidentally crating a small wind storm in her room, she took off her clothes so she wouldn't accidentally rip them slid back the covers from her bed and took a nice restful nap.



More to come.

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