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Starfall - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 - Hunt for revenge
Don Carlito sat behind his large oak desk. As usual, a big Cuban cigar was placed in the corner of his mouth and a glass of bourbon in his hand. Together with him in the small room stood his five closest henchmen, discussing the latest week’s business. The office was located a floor up, inside in a much bigger warehouse and even at this late hour the work in the warehouse could be heard through the thin office walls as a low humming.
Carlito was a big man, which was obvious even sitting, he was close to 6 foot 7 and hadn’t been under 200 lbs since puberty. During his climb in the organization it had mainly been muscle but since he got the top position the weight had gathered more around his gut.
Carlito had worked hard to earn his position, he was raised in a poor family only to be recruited to the organization when he was 16. At the time it was a small organization that only controlled the closest neighbourhoods underworld. As he worked his way up from an errand boy, the organization also slowly expanded. His first jobs were mainly collecting money and delivering mail, but as time went, it evolved to dealing with those who didn’t pay, whatever reason they had. A responsibility he quickly got because of his big frame.
He loved his work and did the jobs with such passion that he quickly got a feared reputation in Dystropia Bay’s underworld. His fast results, that came from his brutal nature, quickly advanced him within the organizations ranks. Initially it was many people to surpass, but in the rough environment many lost their positions from lead poisoning. Either from police, rival gangs or bad decisions that turned their own organization on them. Carlito and his friends worked hard to expanded the organization over the southern parts of Dystropia Bay and when he passed thirty the organization had a firm grip on nearly all the southern parts of the city. Around the same time he got the position of second in command, a rank he quickly surpassed when the leading don died under mysterious circumstances. Carlito didn’t waste any time and took the position he had aimed for since his first delivery as an errand boy, becoming the youngest don the organization had seen. His brutal reputation had everyone too scared to object.
Carlitos organization had since then worked nearly undisturbed in the south parts of the city, those who had interfered was either bribed or ended up at the bottom of lake Dystropia. His organization had thrived even more when the stock market crashed and the system started to crack at the edges. All had been good until the masked heroine Meteora had appeared. They had tried everything from bribes to elaborate assassination plans, without success. The only effect had been a decimation in their own ranks, as more and more people ended up in jail.
To survive the organization had been forced to shift focus. A big income was still collecting protection money from those who still were afraid, but since they decreased almost daily other illegitimate alternatives were tried. Two alternatives that had shown to be safer, meanwhile lucrative, were smuggling and loans. Especially loans with high interest and one month to pay back, most people paid since Carlito and his boys were people you didn’t want to pay late.
While they discussed their latest weeks business and upcoming jobs they heard a commotion rising down in the warehouse. First only shouts were heard but those quickly escalated to screams, ending the conversation in the small office. Suddenly the shouts silenced, but the calm moment didn’t last long as two quick bursts were heard from the ak-47:s located in the warehouse, only to be used in case of emergencies. Again the warehouse went completely silent, the commotion was over as fast as it had started.
An intense silence filled the office, five handguns were drawn and pointed towards the door. Each person could only hear their own heavy anticipating breaths. They all waited for whatever would come bursting through the closed door. As the seconds passed, beads of sweat started showing on each forehead and their guns started to lightly shake from the tension. Carlito sat calm behind his big oak desk still smoking his cigar, staring at the door as intensely as the rest.
What felt like an eternity for the henchmen was only a few tense seconds before the handle slowly turned. The door swung open and the mobsters couldn’t believe their eyes. The room remained silent as the men slowly looked at each other, not knowing what they would do to the small beautiful woman in tattered clothes that stood in the doorway. One of the henchmen lowered his gun and let out a carefree laugh in relief and the others soon followed. All but Carlito joined the laugh. He sat still, staring intensely into the women’s eyes who returned a malicious look.
Alice stood motionless in the doorway. She counted 6 men, all clad in suits, in the small room, two on her right and three on her left, with who she guessed was Carlito at the back, sitting behind the large desk, smoking a cigar. She wasn’t sure why the men standing in the room had started laughing, maybe they wanted to die happy...
The closest man, to Alice’s right, walked closer and laid a heavy hand on her right shoulder. "Honey, I think you might be lost! "
It was the last words that escaped his lips as Alice gripped his hand and twisted it, forcing the man to bend over in front of her. With her other hand she grabbed his waist and threw him to her left. It happened so fast not even a scream was heard as he flew into the wall hard enough to continue through.
It took a second for the surprised mobsters to process what had happened. When it finally had sunk in, they uniformly raised their guns and rained a barrage of bullets towards Alice. Alice knew the bullets wouldn’t hurt her and didn’t bother to duck away. The bullets rained on her invulnerable body, feeling lighter than a drizzle, but tearing big holes in her already tattered clothes. 
Alice quickly closed the distance to the next guy on her right side, moving so fast he hadn’t a chance to react. When within reach she gave him a powerful left backhand which sent him flying across the room. The flying mobster hit one of his confederates, sending both tumbling into the wall with a crushing sound, hard enough that neither of them got up again.
The two remaining men had emptied their magazines, and frantically tried to reload as fast as they could. Alice walked slowly across the room, towards the man that stood next to Carlito’s desk. He looked to be second in command, not only because of his position by Carlitos right side, but also his more elegant suit, which seemed to be tailored.
Alice slowly walked towards him, enjoying his frantic tries to reload as fast as possible. When she was within an arms reach he had finally managed to reload and quickly pointed the gun between Alice’s eyes. Alice stopped her advances and calmly said with a hint of playfulness. "Give me your best shot! "
She didn’t have to ask twice, he wasted no time and pressed the trigger. Alice tensed her body and felt time slow down around her. She stared intensely at the gun as his finger slowly pulled in the trigger, shortly after flames started to emerge from the pipe. Alice quickly grabbed the pipe before the bullet had exited and directed it towards the last henchman standing by the door. When she saw the bullet emerge from the flames she quickly turned back the pipe towards herself again.
No normal human could have seen Alice’s fast movement, so it came as a surprise when the henchman by the door dropped dead, with a bullet in his skull. Alice calmly smiled at the confused look on the man in front of her, as his gaze darted between his gun and his fallen comrade. With a smirk she defyingly said. "I guess you missed, want to try again? "
Not knowing what choice he had, he pulled the trigger again. Alice didn’t bother to slow down time, the bullet hit her eye from point blank range, not even making her blink. It slowly bounced back deformed and eventually hit the ground bouncing. In the silence after the shot, each bounce produced a clinging sound, which slowly died out as the mangled bullet eventually rolled to a rest. Alice’s smirk was now more of a malicious smile. "I bet that wasn’t what you hoped for…"
The mobster just stared at the invulnerable woman and his useless gun, not knowing what to do. He didn’t have to ponder for long as Alice grabbed the hand holding the gun and placed her other hand on his shoulder, forcing him down on his knees. She rotated around him while shifting her hold, so her hand ended up with a firm grip on his forehead while her shin and knee painfully pressed against his back. The mobsters right hand was stretched into the air, bending slightly backwards in an agonizing hold, threatening to break it.
Carlito broke the silence "I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure."
Alice looked into Carlito’s eyes while she increased the pressure on the henchman’s stretched arm. The elbow broke first, causing a roar of pain from the kneeling man. Alice quickly silenced the screams by twisting his head, breaking his neck. "The pleasure is all mine…" Alice said, while she let the limp body fall to the ground.
Carlito strangely remained calm, only slightly shifting his position behind the big oak desk. He studied Alice as she walked closer to his desk, stepping over his closest associate.
"Who are you and what do you want? " Carlito said, with a slight hint of panic ringing through his voice as Alice placed her hands on his desk. Slightly leaning over the desk Alice discarded the first question. "Who I am isn’t important." Staring into Carlito’s dark soul she leaned closer and added. "What I want is revenge! "
Carlito had witnessed Alice’s fury and knew he was in a really bad situation, in a try to save himself he uttered with fake confident. "It must clearly be some kind of misunderstanding! "
"There is no misunderstanding. A month ago a man took a loan here and earlier today I found him badly beaten."
"What makes you think we were responsible? "
"I know it was you, who else? "
Carlito felt this path didn’t help his cause and changed tactic. "Well, we have a pretty strict one month policy"
Alice snarled. "Don’t try to justify yourself, I didn’t sign up for this and now I want whoever responsible! "
"We have quite many who take loans, how should I know who he was? "
Alice applied a bit more pressure to the table, making the old wood loudly crack. "Try a bit harder…"
Intimidated Carlito stuttered out. "I might remember him, what was his name, Darren?  David? "
"Daniel! " Alice gritted out.
"Ah right, yeah I remember him, not much to the world, I wonder how he could end up with someone as astonishing as you! "
"Don’t you dare speak bad of him, for your information it was never about his looks. He had charm and could always make me laugh" Alice growled.
Carlito lightly laughed. "I guess he isn’t so funny now, is he? "
Alice snapped, she tore the desk apart, sending splinters flying across the room while the two desk halves skid in different directions. Carlito jumped startled in his chair, while Alice took a few quick steps towards him. She placed her right foot on the chair, between Carlitos legs, and pressed the chair, with Carlito sitting, into the wall. The chair’s steel structure groaned from the pressure. Alice leaned forward and said with a dominant whisper. "Neither am I! "
She added commanding. "Now I want whoever is responsible…"
Carlito wasn’t afraid to die, a condition he had been near many times, he had countless scars proving that. This was still the most scared he remember he had ever been. Despite the fact that he was intimidated he still managed to speak with some dignity. "Since the day I got this position I knew it was until my death. I have woken up for over 25 years wondering if today would be my last."
He took a deep breath before continuing. "I’m not afraid to die, I made my peace long ago."
Alice gripped his chin, staring into his dark soul. "You are mistaken, this isn’t about if I will kill you or not…You should worry about how long I keep you alive…"
Alice swept her free arm over the room, showing her previous destruction while she added. "As you have seen, this bitch’s bite is worse then her bark! " 
Carlito stammered out, first real sign of breaking. "I’m sorry but I really can’t help you! "
Alice sighed, slightly straightening her back. "Do you have any idea how many bones you have in your body? "
Carlito slightly shook his head, not sure what to respond. Alice continued. "I do, what I now tend to find out is how many I can break before you pass out…"
With that Alice quickly grabbed his left underarm and twisted it slightly, enough to completely break it. Carlito screamed as the pain shoot up through his arm.
"One! " Alice counted, while she reached for the next.
Carlito quickly decided there was no need to prolong the suffering. "Ok, Ok, I might know who did it. We have two hotheads who might be responsible, usually we only lightly rough someone up after a month and then gradually increase the pressure. This is bad for us too since we wont get back the money. But I don’t know where they are since you threw out their boss a moment ago! "
Carlito clenched his teeth, biting through another pain peak before he continued to tell an address and added. "Look for the name Henderson."
Alice once again took a firm grip around his chin, looking into his eyes. "I really hope you don’t lie to me"
She bent open his jaw as she added. "I have decided to let you live for now, but I really can’t have you talking…"
Alice reached into his mouth and grabbed Carlito’s tongue. She pulled it out, stretching it as far as it reached before she forced his mouth shut. Alice took a step back, letting go of Carlito, everything except his tongue which she still held in her hand.
Carlito fell forward onto his knees, spitting blood from his mouth together with unhearable profanities.
Alice forced Carlito down on his stomach against the floor. "I said I won’t kill you, but you wont be able to hurt anyone again."
Carlito tried to stand but was easily held in place as Alice traced her fingers along his spine, until she found the right vertebra and crushed it between her fingers. Carlito felt himself loose control of his body as it fell limp. Alice leaned forward and she whispered into his ear. "I broke your spine, you should be able to breathe, but you will be paralysed from your neck and down. You should hope someone finds you within an hour, else you might drown from your own blood…" With that Alice left the warehouse.
Alice walked down the street with the address she got fresh in mind. Once she left the warehouse she managed to calm her breathing and her adrenaline rush started to subside. She fought to suppress the images of the mess she had left and the thought that she might have overreacted slightly.
As she walked down the street she caught a glimpse of herself in a store window. She stopped and looked at her thorn outfit, especially her shirt, which had gone from a garment to looking more like cloth shreds that hung from her small frame. Her hair was in a mess from her ventures and a small coat of dust covered her face. She started to wonder where she could find new clothes, definitely a problem as early as it was. She hadn’t wondered for long when a dim light caught her eye in the window she stood in front. A couple of clothes racks could be seen within, with a shadow that seemed to move around in the back. Alice took a step back and looked along the buildings wall, quickly locating the entrance. She hurried over and knocked. After a few seconds without reaction Alice got impatient and knocked a little harder, rattling the door. This time the shadow from inside moved towards the door.
Becky Leary had just passed thirty and was the store manager, she was often in the store before opening to check the inventory, something her structured lifestyle almost demanded for her to feel comfortable through the day. She was slightly distracted when sorting through a clothes rack when she heard a strange noise but disregarded that to her imagination. When a second louder knock rang through the empty store she quickly moved towards the entrance to see what the commotion was about.
Becky wore her usual work outfit which was a navy blue business jacket over a white blouse and a skirt in the same navy blue colour that ended just above her knees. Her high heels echoed against the hard wooden floor as she walked towards the entrance. When she got closer to the door she saw the small woman through the glass. The woman outside looked ragged, holding her hands across her chest to keep the tattered clothes together and her shaggy hair was in a mess. Becky quickly unlocked the door and greeted the women with a worrying. "Oh my god, you poor thing, what have happened to you? "
Alice was still a bit absent in her own thoughts and got unsure on how she should respond. But she managed to blurt out something about some bad guys and a rough night. Becky couldn’t really hear what the woman had murmured but quickly invited her inside. "Come inside and lets get you cleaned up."
When Alice entered the store, Becky spotted the fresh blood stains and blurted out. "Oh my god, are you bleeding? "
Alice looked herself over, seeing the stains Becky had spotted, before answering calmly in a low slightly abashed voice. "I don’t think that is mine."
Becky wasn’t really sure what she would think, but assumed Alice had been raped or in a fight, the latter wasn’t far from the truth, Becky had just wrongly assumed who the victim was. Anyhow she quickly led Alice through the dark store. Alice let Becky know that she hadn’t any money on her but got a "don’t want to hear" wave as the walk continued in silence. As Alice closely followed. she noted that the racks they passed were filled with four digit price tags. Nicer clothes than she ever worn, or at least more expensive. Alice was led into a bathroom fit for a castle, with a size that could rival small apartments. 
Placed in the middle along the left wall stood a toilet that more looked like a throne, further in a massage shower stood, beside a rack filled with fresh towels. The wall across from the shower and toilet featured a special designed washbasin placed in front of a mirror wall. Becky excused herself to go find some new clothes. Alice didn’t waste any time and quickly ripped of her clothes before she jumped into the shower. She let the thin streams wash over her while she tried to let the water wash away her thoughts. The thoughts of Daniel’s mangled body and what her rage had made her do. The scene at the warehouse gnawed on her mind. The shower had some effect as it let her clear up her mind and push the pain filled thoughts deeper, focusing more on the present. However good the shower had felt it was cut short when Alice heard Becky returning.
When Alice exited the shower Becky stormed in with her hands full with clothes and a first aid kit. Becky stopped in her tracks, dropping everything she carried when she saw the naked Alice exiting the shower. Becky couldn’t have imagined the perfection that had hid under the trashed clothes. Alice casually walked across the room towards Becky, unaware of her reaction. She naturally swayed her hips with each stride, while she dried her hair with a small towel. Alice looked up at Becky who stood frozen with her mouth agape, for the first time noticing that Becky was enchanted by her naked body. Alice closed in and stopped near enough for Becky to feel the warmth of each breath wash over her neck, causing her to snap out of her trance. Becky loudly swallowed and manage to fumble out her cellphone while stammering out. "Maybe we should call the police…"
Alice hushed her by gently placing her left index finger over Becky’s mouth while she reached for the phone, without breaking their locked eyes. Becky was so lost in Alice’s amber eyes that she didn’t even notice when Alice gently bent the phone from her grip and crumbled the cellphone into pieces. Becky had never considered herself lesbian, not even bisexual. But she could feel a warmth fill her as she stared at the beauty in front of her. She let her eyes wander over Alice’s athletic body, her long toned legs led up to wide hips that narrowed into a slim waist. Her taut stomach sported a clearly showing six pack. Letting her eyes continue upwards she got stuck at Alice’s perky C-cup breast. Alice loved the attention and could sense Becky’s arousal. Alice cleared her throat, reminding Becky. "Eyes up here."
Becky’s cheeks reddened in shame, as she once again looked into Alice’s sweet amber eyes. Alice seductively bit her lower lip and started to caress Becky’s body. Becky was unable to move as Alice traced her fingers from Becky’s neck downwards. She slid them inside the business jacket, making each button pop away as her fingers slowly continued downwards. When Becky’s jacket was open Alice caressed her body, slowly moving her hand upwards over her tummy before fondling Becky’s big breasts, lightly playing with her aroused nipples between her fingers. Alice moved behind Becky without loosing her touch. Hugging her from behind she slid her other hand downwards over Becky’s stomach while she temptingly whispered into Becky’s ear. "I’m really grateful for your help and really want to repay the favour."
A moan escaped Becky’s lips as Alice hand slid down the waistband of her skirt. Becky couldn’t hold back her climax any longer as she loudly came. Her legs gave away, only to be caught in Alice’s strong grip. Alice slowly lowered Becky towards the floor as she seductively whispered a "Shhh…" as she kept stroking her body, which once again pushed Becky into another shuddering orgasm.
Alice helped the shuddering Becky sink down into a sitting position, leaning against the doorway. She still lightly shook as Alice directed her attention towards the clothes pile Becky had brought. She found a black thong laying on top that she firstly slipped on. Alice also picked up a matching lace bra but threw it away laughing when she saw how little effect it had on her firm breasts. Next she squeezed into a pair of black, skin hugging, low cut jeans, that showed every curve of her long legs. For her upper body she found a dark purple top that sported a deep v-neck that showed a mesmerizing amount of cleavage, she lastly added a light coloured business jacket in a try to not draw too much attention to her. After a short twirl in front of the mirror Alice decided that Becky had an excellent taste and had found a great set of clothes which fit her perfectly.
Alice stepped over the still slightly shaking Becky as she headed towards the exit. Alice quickly knelt and stroke Becky’s cheek adding a quick, "Thank you! " in her sultry voice and planted a sweet kiss on her mouth. Forcing another groan to escape Becky’s lips. Alice left the whimpering store attendant as she walked out, grabbing a pair of black stilettos by the door.
Alice found the building in the outskirts of the city, it was an old four story building located by a three way intersection. The building was cramped between two newer and higher buildings and looked a bit misplaced where it stood. A five step stone staircase led up to the old wooden door. To the right of the door, a thin glass strip offered a small view of the dark interior. Alice gave it a quick glance while she gently tugged on the doorknob. The entrance wasn’t locked to Alice’s surprise, she opened the creaking oak door and casually walked inside. The lobby was a dark narrow hallway, where half of it was occupied by a staircase leading upward. She glanced over the mailboxes in the lobby, which listed apartment numbers and last names. Henderson was listed in apartment 203.
Alice walked up the stairs and quickly found the right number on the second floor, which wasn’t hard since it only were four apartments per floor. She determinedly walked to the door and knocked, not really knowing if she had been fooled by Carlito. When nobody answered Alice knocked harder, the wall slightly shook.
The distinct sound of a door being unlocked rang loud with Alice’s enhanced hearing, the clear click when a chain being unhooked and the groan as the handle slowly turned. She clearly heard a door open, but she still stared at a closed one before her. An elderly lady stuck out her head down the hall, wondering with a old, cracked voice what the commotion was about. Alice asked while pointing at the door. "Hello, excuse me but I’m looking for the residents of this apartment, do you know where I could find them? "
The old lady squinted behind her huge round glasses, slightly turning her head offering Alice her good ear. "What? "
Alice sighed, and with a bit more force yelled. "The people living here, where are they? "
The old lady didn’t seem any wiser, cupping her hand behind her ear. "Child, my hearing isn’t what it used to be, you have to speak up! "
Alice yelled, shaking the windows in the old house. "Where are the people living here? "
The old lady slowly blinked, while lowering her hand. "No need to be rude, child. They are seldom here at this time, they usually disappears with the sun and returns around lunch."
The old lady turned and closed the door while Alice still stood dumbfounded, blurting out at the closing door. "OK, thank you. I’ll check in later."
Alice walked out of the building still slightly shaking her head at the bizarre encounter with the old woman. The street outside was still calm, but soon an increasing amount of people would starts their commutes to their jobs. Not knowing how long she would have to wait Alice decided she needed a stakeout location. She started scanning the left street, without seeing any point of interest. But almost immediately as she let her eyes wander down the middle road the huge neon sign that spelled "MOTEL" filled her view. The motel was located about a quarter mile from the apartment, with what looked to be a few rooms with a clear view of the apartment entrance. The short walk along the empty street was done in a jiffy, but before she headed to the check in, Alice wandered by the interesting rooms, noting which seemed occupied and memorising the numbers of those that weren’t.
As she entered the lobby she was greeted by a light interior which mainly consisted of a few minimalistic sofas scattered around the room with a check-in desk straight in. A young guy stood half asleep behind the counter, instantly awake when his gaze fell upon Alice. His eyes followed each step Alice took towards the counter. Alice leaned over the counter showing her deep cleavage. She cleared her throat which caused the young guy’s gaze to rise from her bosom meeting her eyes. "I would like a room."
The guy, slightly embarrassed, quickly reached behind him and took one of the keys hanging on the wall. He placed the key on the counter. "Sure thing, It costs 30 bucks a night."
Alice looked at the key, not satisfied with the number. She pointed behind him. "I would rather have room 231" 
"Uh, sure if it is available" He replied unsure.
Alice waited while he once again reached behind him, this time it took a while before he found the right key despite Alice’s pointing. Once again he placed the key on the counter. As he reached forward with the key Alice also leaned further over the counter, which ended with their faces only inches apart. The guy lost his train of thought as he got caught by Alice’s ember eyes. He stared mesmerized as she stroke her index finger down along his cheek, placing it under his jaw. She said with her sultry voice "Would you really want to take money from little me? "
She slightly straightened her back, somewhat lifting the guy over the counter. He was so lost in her eyes that he would have done anything she asked. He could only slightly shake his head. When Alice saw that, she carelessly dropped him while she snatched the key from the counter. He could only watch, laying spread across the counter as Alice’s swaying ass exited the lobby. Not really sure what had just happened.
Alice entered her room on the second floor. It was a crude interior which consisted of a simple armchair, a TV bench and a twin bed. But most importantly a perfect view over the apartment entrance. Alice immediately moved the TV besides the window and placed the armchair so she had a perfect view over the street. she sat down and started the TV, not knowing how long she would be there she needed something to pass the time. The TV hadn’t been needed, her full attention was directed out the window, while she mindlessly occasionally switched the channel, only changing the background noise.
After an hour and a half, two figures walked down the street that caught her eye. She recognized them from somewhere but couldn’t pin point from where. Her mind went into overdrive as it looked like they were walking towards the old building. When they reached the stone staircase Alice rose from her chair, crushing the remote. It was the guys she had seen from outside her and Daniel’s apartment, just before she had found Daniel’s battered body.
Alice saw the two figures walk into the entrance as she exited the motel room. She took her time walking down the now crowded city block. With each step more rage filled her mind as she contemplated what punishment she would bestow upon them. She walked determined up the stone stairs, entered the building and soon stood outside their door. This time she didn’t knock. The door flew off it’s hinges and wedged itself into a wall further in. Alice quickly followed after, she saw one of the guys rising from a sofa to her right. Alice quickly moved into arm reach and threw him against the wall, he bounced off the wall and fell over the TV, dragging it with him onto the floor.
Alice followed after, flipping him over to his back demanding to know. "Where is your friend? "
He was still groggy from the impact and hadn’t time to answer before the bathroom door burst open. In the doorway stood his friend sporting a .45 revolver. Alice stood up over his fallen comrade. The first bullet swished by just above her shoulder before it stuck in the wall behind her. Alice took a step towards the bathroom as the second bullet hit her left arm. Alice fell over the laying man as an intense pain shoot up from the arm. As she regained her senses she looked towards the hole in her jacket and saw blood dripping. She managed to raise herself into a kneeling position, letting her left arm hang along her side. She took a hold of the laying man and tugged on his clothes, feeling that she still had enough power to lift him.
Without wasting any time, Alice hoisted him towards the bathroom, knocking both men into the bathtub. Before they managed to stir to life again Alice grabbed the sofa and threw it against the façade. The sofa burst through the wall, which sent debris flying across the intersection. Alice jumped after through the hole, landing on the side-walk below. The intersection was still covered by the lingering dust cloud, efficiently covering her escape. Alice retreated towards the motel, while she held a firm grip around the bullet wound, trying to slow down the bleeding. Nobody noticed the injured woman as everyone’s attention were fully directed towards the recent explosion that had created a big hole in the old façade.
She faltered along the side walk, feeling dizzy. Her blurry vision caused her to occasionally brush against the buildings that lay along the side walk, brushing off small chunks of concrete. Alice dropped down on her knees crying, still holding her arm, as her thoughts again filled with the images from earlier. What she had done against the police officers, the bloody scene at her apartment and how she just had left Daniel injured in the hospital. She vomited as she recalled the scene at the warehouse, and how she relentlessly had tortured and killed human beings. Alice gripped a nearby lamppost to steady herself, the tube slightly deformed under her grip as she stood up. The lamppost fell over, crushing a parked car, as she pushed herself on towards the motel.
As Alice staggered into her motel room her super strength had completely left her. With her vision clouded by her tear filled eyes she headed towards the bathroom. She ripped off her bloody jacket to assess her wound. As she started to wash away the dried blood on her arm she was surprised to find that the wound had closed. Still the pain from the shot lingered. Alice felt anger well up again. Not towards anyone other than herself. She picked up the pill jar from her pocket and threw it out the doorway. Shortly after she burst out of the bathroom and picked up a thin floor lamp by the door. In an outburst of rage she started swinging it against all she could find. The TV, the bathroom mirror and even the walls got their fair share. Her self resentment left the room in a complete mess. Without her superpowers her strength was quickly drained, causing her to crying collapse onto the bed. Curled together on top of the covers she soon fell asleep.
A hard knock woke Alice from her deep sleep. She had barely opened her eyes when the door was kicked in and two big police officers entered.

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