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The New Captain Marvel

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The New Captain Marvel


by Spunk



Georges Island, Boston, Massachusetts.


The Harbor Ferry had come to a dock on the old fortress island in Boston Harbor. It was bright April day and the Senior Class of Paradise, Massachusetts High School was disembarking to begin a self guided tour of the island and its Civil War era fortress. Among the students on board that day was Jackie Ryan. Jackie was a slender brunette girl, she ran track and was an honor student, she was hoping to attend Boston University in the fall and study Contemporary American History. Jackie was an avid history fan, especially the historic exploits of those who resided on this planet with powers and abilities far beyond those of ordinary human. Jackie was expert on all things superhero; in fact she kept track of who was active in the superhero world and who had vanished. At eighteen and a senior in high school she had written many a paper and report on the heroes of the day, in fact many of the local media often sought Jackie for information about the more obscure heroes or heroines that would appear. Jackie was also an expert on the super powered villains who brought terror upon our home land and many of the same media sources sought her for this information as well.


The students rushed off the ferry, and headed out among the caves and passages on the island. Jackie gathered her back pack and camera and started walking along a trail she checked her watch and noted the time, she had five hours to explore and take pictures, her history teacher, Mr. Wright, promised an A to the best historical report with media on the fortress. Jackie made her way down the trail when she encountered a familiar sight: Billy Stevens and Kimberly Parker, the inseparable King and Queen of the Prom, Jock and Cheerleader, and the Paradise High Favorite Couple. Jackie had her own little name for them. Billy was a nice guy, but a lamp post had a little more in the brains department, but he was an all-state athlete. Kimberly was beautiful, her brunette hair, ample bosom and slender figure made her the envy of every girl at Paradise High, but she was conceited and vicious. She wrapped Billy around her finger and most of the other kids at school. Jackie was just about to say high when Kimberly spoke: “Look Billy it’s little Miss Nerd”

Billy chuckled as Kimberly continued: “Why are you bothering with your back-pack and camera Nerd, don’t you know I’ll get the A in history from Mr. Wright, he likes my extra curricular activities Nerd.”

Jackie contemplated calling Kimberly a “slut” but took the higher ground and replied “Geez, Kimberly I’ll settle for the B, and at least I’ll know I did the work to earn it.”

Kimberly fumed “What do you mean by that Bitch?”

Jackie smiled and replied “You figure it out … See Ya” and Jackie walked off toward a fortress doorway. Jackie paused long enough to see Kimberly give her the finger and chuckle. Jackie then opened the fortress door way, it looked like it was stairways to a very deep subterranean level of the fort, the stairs didn’t have any lighting, Jackie dug through her back pack and took out her flashlight checked the beam and proceeded into door way.


Kimberly was fuming at the chuckle the little nerdy girl had given her. Kimberly was a beautiful girl on the outside but she was a bitter evil kid on the inside. She came from Paradise money. Her dad died when she was ten, leaving Kimberly’s mother with millions. She married her boyfriend, a wealthy real estate mogul, who became Kimberly’s step-dad. Since she was fifteen she began sleeping with her step-dad and getting everything she wanted: a new Mercedes, a boat, furs, you name it. Most of all the people she knew feared her, because of her wealth and who was Jackie – a nothing – to talk to her like that.

“Billy sweetie,” quipped Kimberly, “Honey, use those big strong muscles of yours to close that fortress door.”

Like a trained monkey Billy went and closed the door, “Now slide that metal bar sweetie.” commanded Kimberly.

“It stuck” said Billy as he pushed on the bar.

Kimberly smiled slyly and said “If you move that bar so he door won’t budge honey …” as she lifted her shirt to reveal two surgically perfect C cup breasts “You know what you’ll get.”

Billy wasn’t bright but sex was sex and a horny jock wants nothing else. Billy near gave himself a hernia as he slid the bar into place, the metal made a screeching noise as it bolted the door shut. Billy ran to Kimberly and they took off towards the cliffs for a little seclusion and recreation.

Kimberly chuckled to herself along the way, thinking all along that the little nerd would miss the ferry and spend the night on this island.

Jackie heard the door slam and metal screech and ran up the fifty or steps she had descended, the massive wrought iron door was closed, and it wouldn’t budge. “Pisser” thought Jackie. Nobody could hear her and she knew, just knew, that Kimberly had put Billy up to this. Jackie knew that the majority of the fortress was interconnected. She hoped this was one such section. Jackie headed down the stairs. Jackie continued her descent for twenty minutes and came to a tunnel, this section of the fortress looked as it had not seen a human presence in quite some time. Jackie became a little nervous, but knew there was no way out from where she had entered and made her way through the tunnel.


Jackie walked a good distance through the tunnel saving the battery and letting her eyes adjust to the low light of the tunnel, when she suddenly bumped into a protruding object from the wall of the tunnel. Quickly turning on her light she saw it was a statute carved into the wall, a statute of a man and woman going at it, oddly the woman looked a little like Kimberly thought Jackie. Jackie began to read the inscription on the wall below the carving it said “Lust.” Jackie found that odd, who would carve this in a Civil War fortress. Jackie proceeded about a hundred feet and found another carving this one was horrid and it said “Gluttony.” For the next hundred or so feet apart Jackie encountered all of them, all of the Seven Deadly Sins, in addition to Lust and Gluttony there was Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. The carvings were more and more disturbing as she went along. Jackie was fascinated. How did they get here, and why? Jackie became so engrossed she lost track of time and what seemed liked minutes was now hours. Jackie walked a few hundred feet more and the tunnel ended in a circular room. Grasping her light she noticed that there was writing etched onto the wall. Preceding the writing was a lightning bolt, the same size as the writing, it read: “Thou who has traversed these halls and made there way to this chamber can be only one who is purest of heart, to resist the temptation of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride is thou heart one of only a few who may enter this hallowed chambered.”

The writing had lightning bolts at it’s conclusion. On the wall at the ended of the writing was a torch, a torch that looked like it had not been lit in centuries. Jackie’s light began to flicker, “shit” she thought, fumbling through her back pack looking for spare batteries, but then only realizing that she had forgot to pack them. Jackie grabbed her bag and dumped the contents. Her thoughts began to race, she couldn’t get out the way she came and tunnel was a dead end, but to make matters worse, she could barely see. Jackie then though the torch, fumbling through her backpack contents she found it, a small tube it had a flare and some matches. Jackie didn’t want to light the flare, but could use the match to light the torch. Jackie felt along the wall for the base of the torch pillar and lit her match the chamber lit up, she placed the match to the dried cloth and the torch began to smoke and finally it lit. What happened next through Jackie back to the ground, the chamber began to rumble and spin and suddenly the wall she had just read began to crumble, it opened into a vault, a well lighted vault of gold.


The torch fell to the ground; Jackie grabbed it and entered the vault. In the center of the vault was a throne with two giant barrels on either side of the throne. Jackie was amazed, this would make a phenomenal report. Jackie approached the throne and at the base there was an inscription at it’s base, the inscription read “Whom ever lights these fires shall call forth the ancient wizard and receive the powers of the gods.”

Jackie figured she had nothing to lose taking her torch she lit the two barrels a flame, suddenly there was a crack of thunder and a bolt of lighting struck the throne, as the mystical smoke faded an apparition of bearded elderly man in a cloak appeared on the throne.

Jackie was stunned, she couldn’t believe what was happening, suddenly the man began to speak; “Who thou art summons Shazam?”

Meekly, Jackie replied “I.”

“Child, it has been quite sometime since I have been called upon, I am Shazam, Jacqueline.”

Jackie was amazed he knew her name, and to her further amazement he said: “Yes, child I can see your thoughts. You have entered the hallowed chamber, only one who is good and descent of kind heart may beckon me. Your world is devoid of my champions; a terrible fate befell them. You may know them as Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. they were slain in their mortal forms by Teth Adam who took my gifts for evil.”

Jackie knew of the Marvels they had not been seen since the 50’s, vanished without a trace.


Shazam began to speak “Child I see you are of the same fiber as the Marvels, will you serve your fellow man as my champion.”

Jackie without hesitation said “Yes.”

“Child I will bestow upon you powers that will make you the mightiest mortal, the powers of Solomon, Hercules, Achilles, Zeus, Atlas and Mercury.” Shazam continued “Child my time grows near on this plane, I need you to find me two more who will also accept the mantle I offer you, do you understand.”

Jackie replied yes, Shazam then commanded her “Speak my name, Jacqueline.”

Jackie without hesitation shouted “SHAZAM.”

There was a clap of thunder and a mystical bolt of lightning struck Jackie and she felt energies infuse her. Clothes began to fade away and were replaced by a royal blue mini dress with a golden bolt of lightning on her chest and a flowing white cape, golden sandals on her feet, and Jackie was filled with knowledge and power.

“You are no longer Jacqueline Ryan.” Shazam Spoke “You are now Captain Marvel.”

Jackie knew all her abilities as if a gift of the transformation, the knowledge was phenomenal.

“Go child, serve man, you may summons me again when needed,” said Shazam as his apparition faded.

Jackie looked over herself, she was now Captain Marvel, and as if being born with the knowledge of how to do it Jackie floated off the floor of the chamber and began to fly through the tunnel.


Jackie rapidly flew through the tunnel, smashing the iron door as if it were putty and into the sky over Boston Harbor. Jackie could see the Ferry almost at the Paradise Dock; she circled over Paradise and landed behind the ship house at the dock. Capt. Marvel then spoke “Shazam” and was again greeted by the thunder and lightning, but this time when the smoke faded Jackie Ryan stood in her place. The students were now exiting the docking ferry. Jackie saw Kimberly and Billy in the crowd, walking off the dock and came up behind them, slyly saying “Hey Guys” and smiling as she passed them.

The look on Kimberlys’ face betrayed her; she then smacked Billy and called him “Stupid.”

Kimberly wondered how she got off the island or on the ferry; as she thought I’ll get you bitch.



That very night Jackie waited until her parents were fast asleep, she went into her yard and called out the wizard's name and became Capt. Marvel. Jackie explored all of her powers strength, flight, and wisdom. Jackie soared into the heavens and headed west across the states in minutes she was over the Midwest and, in less than twenty, she was in Arizona. She settled down at an airplane graveyard in Marana. Strewn all around her were mammoths of aviation that had outlived their economy. Jackie walked over to a 747, instinctively she knew she could lift it, she settled under the massive jet and float gently up to it’s belly. Jackie then began to push and fly at once, in an instant the jet rose up with her. It was not very heavy to her and soon the airliner was floating a thousand feet up with Jackie holding it a loft. Gently, she lowered the behemoth to the ground, satisfied with her little test she leapt into the air and headed home to Paradise.



The next day


History Class was the last period of the day. The class was interesting, Mr. Wright asked questions about the trip to the island, and had a great discussion about the fort and it’s future uses. Suddenly, Mr. Hollander, the Principal, entered the class room. “Mr. Wright would you put the television on Fox has breaking news from Boston about a terrorist attacking the Federal Reserve Bank.”

Mr. Wright tuned the TV to Fox. Fox newscaster Laurie Dhue was broadcasting about how a super villain was attacking the Bank and how nobody knew who this villain was. Images showed a Middle Eastern man in an all black body suit, with a gold lightening bolt on the front smashing the walls of the bank with his bare hands, flying above the police as their bullets bounced off him. Jackie thought to herself, “Teth.”

Jackie knew this was a job for Capt. Marvel, as she watched the screen and heard the reporter wondered where Superman or Wonder Woman might be, or even the Justice League. Jackie got up and started for the class room door. “Ms. Ryan” spoke Mr. Wright “Where are you headed?”

Quickly, Jackie replied: “Bathroom. I am feeling sick.”

Nodding approval Mr. Wright watched Jackie exit the class room.

Kimberly Parker thought it funny that little miss goody would miss this. Kimberly watched the TV secretly cheering the super villain on. Kimberly wished she had powers like that, and was angry that the villain wasn’t just wiping them out. As Kimberly watched, Jackie headed for an exit, the doors opened to the loading dock of the school. Quickly looking about to ensure she was alone, Jackie called out the wizard’s name, the clap of thunder and lightning responded and before the smoke could fade Jackie was soaring into the air as Capt. Marvel.


The flight took Boston took seconds. Jackie called out “Teth.”

The black clad villain responded by hurling a police car into the air at her. If she didn’t catch the cruiser it would fly into the building behind her.

Jackie felt the force of the car impact her it knocked her back towards the skyscraper near the building. Jackie realized that Teth’s powers would rival, if not surpass, her own. She slowed her flight and shot the car into the ocean.

Teth was slugging it out with the cops as a diversion. His minions were in the bank loading up hundreds of gold plates into a van, and driving off. “Are you Shazam’s new play thing?” Quipped Teth.

“I am Captain Marvel” replied Jackie.

Laughing Teth replied “Another one to kill. When will he learn?” With that Teth flew into Jackie at full speed, tearing through the building behind them and exiting the other side.

Jackie gripped Teth’s throat and two super powered beings soared into the heavens. Trading super powered jabs and blows as they ascended into the heavens.


Meanwhile in Paradise, Kimberly and the rest of Mr. Wright’s history class were watching the super powered slug fest as the bell rang for dismissal. Kimberly wanted to head home she was bored, her maid would do her homework, and her mother was in Palm Beach for the month snorting coke and spending the family fortune. Kimberly was happy because it meant she could have a pretty good sex session with her step dad Miles. Kimberly went to her Mercedes coupe and headed home to the ocean front estate. Kimberly entered the palatial compound and found Miles in the foyer. “Waiting for me?” Kimberly asked.

Sadly, Miles responded “No” as he explained a business partner was on his way and he could not indulge in the over sexed eighteen year old like wanted to. But this associate brought the one thing Miles wanted more than Kimberly, money and lots of it.

Kimberly angrily went to her room, flipped on the TV and looked out her deck on to the ocean.


Jackie was high above the ocean battling with Teth, when suddenly he saw an advantage. A jet was flying to the west of the super powered duo and, with one mighty push, he sent Jackie on a collision course with the jet. Sensing the danger, Jackie struggled to control her flight. She wasn’t certain if she was weaker than Teth or less experienced but, if she couldn’t gain control of her trajectory, she would take out that plane. Suddenly the wisdom of Solomon was in her head and she could slow and roll her flight around the jet. As she did this she floated in mid air but Teth was gone, long gone.


Teth Adam flew towards, Paradise he had to meet Miles Cain at his mansion. Slowing his flight he found the manse and landed on a balcony by the ocean. Calling out he said, “By the power of Set.”

Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck the villain and he appeared in a black Nehru suit. But something else greeted him besides the mystical lightning, a stunned Kimberly.

Seeing Teth Kimberly was in awe. This was the villain that clobbered the cops at the bank. Kimberly fell to her knees. If by instinct Teth knew that Kimberly was unique: she was as evil and power hungry as he. “Rise Child.” he commanded.


Kimberly was naked in seconds.

“Will you serve me child?” asked Teth.

“Yes” Kimberly affirmatively said.

Teth needed a powered ally to deal with this Capt. Marvel and he had the willing subject before him. Teth stared at Kimberly and formed a telepathic link, he showed her the evil he was betraying Shazam thousands of years ago, becoming the embodiment of Set and slaughtering thousands in his wake. In her mind she saw the power he possessed and she desired to share in it, in fact she would do anything for it. Teth chuckled she was perhaps as evil as he. Teth spoke: “Call out to the power of your new father.”

Kimberly then said “By the power of Set.” Suddenly there was clap of thunder and lightning and when it faded Kimberly was transformed, into a female version of Teth. Clad in black thigh-high boots and a one piece body suit with a bolt of lightning, she looked sexier and nastier than ever. Her hair was jet black and her body was rippled with muscle.

Teth commanded her to transform back. She did and again the lightning came forth and Kimberly returned. Kimberly’s mind was filled with evil power and knowledge. Together they went out of her to meet Miles.


Miles was stunned to see Teth with Kimberly. “Kimberly what are you doing with him?” asked Miles.

Before she could answer Teth spoke. “Actually Miles it is what I am doing with her … Kimberly.”

With a curt nod, she looked at Teth and in unison they both shouted “By the power of Set.”

The room was filled with magic lightning and misting energy.

Miles witnesses the most amazing thing he would ever see, Kimberly and Teth had both transformed into powerful evil beings. Miles knew his life was at its end.

Laughing Kimberly walked over to Miles; grabbing him by his shirt she dragged him towards the terrace doors and stepped back. She said “Bye.” as she gave him a powerful kick that sent him soaring into the heavens. Kimberly and Teth laughed, as Teth spoke, “I think your mother and you have a new boyfriend … finish him child.”

With that Kimberly took a running leap and soared into the heavens. Kimberly could see where Miles had flown and she flew after him, she was consumed by this evil power and loved it she flew to him.

“How?” was all he could mouth.

Laughing Kimberly asked “Would you like to see the Moon?”

Miles stared at her as she pulled him by his arm into the heavens evilly laughing into the heavens. He lost consciousness before he hit the upper atmosphere and by the time she was in space he had disintegrated from the speed of her flight.

Kimberly entered the vacuum of space and circled the Earth, chuckling she thought this planet will soon be hers.

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