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Starhawk Chapter 1

Written by castor :: [Friday, 10 May 2013 03:43] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 21 May 2013 11:32]


Chapter 1:of Fire and Ice Cream


by Castor


When Starhawk flew through the sky, a radiant red spectre over the dim light of Chicago. She had been described as a god.

God had been described as love.

And so it was.

Even in a packed store, on a sweltering Tuesday evening, trying to decide what kind of barbeque sauce to buy she loved. She loved humanity, loved their city.

She loved barbeque sauce. Smoky, hot, with its subtle sweatness.Really among humanities creation it was among the tops. Which made choice difficult. But even as she looked at smokehouse, Heinz 57, chuck St Louis, she was filled with a thrill. Plenty, abundance-and boy was there that. She had read people critiquing America for its stuff, its mass it’s disparaging way of fat and sugar-but here she was thrilled.

Not that she was fat. She actually couldn't gain weight. She was 5'4 in this form, a slightly small body but apart from a c cup breasts (an indulgence), some slight weight to shape her ass, and a touch to flatten out her tummy, she was without fat cells. Her body consumed all its energy- it need to in this form. What was left went to her either.

This was compounded by her long red hair, her piercing green eye-her chin. It stood out in a way that looked like elfin magic (not the kind from Keeblers that was in her cart). It would have been smarter to take a drabber form of humanity-older perhaps, with flab or wrinkles. She said it was for convience-it did make the change easier-but really perhaps she loved the look of a woman in spring, the glances she got the occasional awkward…

"Can you move?”

Selma was broken from her revels to turn her glass-covered eyes (an in joke); to meet the glass-covered eyes of the woman looking at her. The figure was human. Despite seeing a million of them that was still her first thought. About 2 inches shorter, and 10 pounds heavier, with dark hair that may have been classified as black or brown depending on ones view of the subject. She wore the suit of a slightly tired businesswoman

"Sorry" the lady said " just that you have been standing there for a couple of minutes and:

"It’s been a long day,” Selma said. "I can relate"

And it had. There hadn't been any tidal waves, or volcanoes, or men with brain devices, but there had been a large truck accident in northern Michigan, a check store robbery (they had more money sometimes then banks), and a speech at a local university. The last had been hardest. For she had so little say. When they asked her earnest questions, she had little to answer. Starhawk was more powerful then a locomotive, stronger then steel, faster then 1000 miles per hour. She had decided to volunteer little beyond that so at some point there was awkward silence.

Like now.

However as she casually grabbed the first sauce she found (Steakhouse), and moved her cart she looked at the woman. She was attractive. That was the word. Not beautiful, not cute, not even precisely pretty. But there was something. She had scene more, saw more. Experienced more-but rarely had her eyes been this diverted.

It was awkward. For the woman did the same.

Eventually to break the silence they talked, and began shopping. Selma was almost finished, but lingered. Karen as she discovered was just beginning. Karen was an office manager at a local bank. One that she had been in three weeks ago professionally. It was awkward for a second she didn't remember her.

But more when she lied. Selma didn't have a job on earth. The money on her credit card came. But occasionally she needs to invent one. She was a tractor designer (what?) at a local factory. They where working on a new line. She created bogus details for a few minutes before turning to her new friend. And finding more.

Karen's humanity came out. She was single, living in the city. She had been born in Akron but had moved here out for college. She was bright, liked something called sleigh bells. Selma tried to make music with her, but found it awkward. Karen responded with notes of her own.

Selma wondered if she was a lesbian. For her the question was pointless. The sexual mores of her where neither good nor bad. They where. As was she. But she wondered, and perhaps for a second hoped. Selma LOVED sex. In the first few months she had it every night, sometimes twice with different partners. Races sexes, men women, and transvestites. Lately she had indulged in it only occasionally, to keep it a sweet peach. But she hungered. Her body had the power to release pheromones to make her already amazing body, more. However she didn't use them.

For some reason that felt wrong. Which she thought of.

Still by the time they had gotten to the checkout line, she had worked up to coffee after they got their groceries home (she had groceries). Selma smiled. They walked into the parking lot when her cellphone went off.

She picked it up. To the normal eye it was unextrodinary. Last years model. To the finest scientific minds of earth with the most sensitive instruments they might have noticed something strange. Still it made a generic ringtone. And Selma put it to her ear.

Karen looked. "Everything okay?"

Selma paused. "Yes" she lied "no. I have an emergency at work they want me to come in tonight"

Karen perked up. "At a tractor factory?"

"You would be surprised".

The lies sound lamer in her mouth the second time. "But I do want to get coffee definitely"

Karen nodded "Sure"

Selma paused and put her phone done. She had a cart of grocers in front of her. The call was urgent. Still the laws of society required her to go to the car- see Karen occasionally glancing as she moved to her car nearer the store. And put the grocies in. She cursed that the ice cream would probably be ruined. Hopefully not the milk.

Even as she did and as she did she started. It took a couple of minutes. A low buzz filled her ear. A feeling of movement in her stomachs an itch on her side. For now it was manageable. A weird sensation.

Then there was pain. There always was pain. She did not love that, but it was. Her body was changing-not in the scheme much. But it was. She put her glasses in a car, her phone and saw an alley across the parking lot. She walked … though walking was hard toward it. Trying to slow it perhaps. Already her muscles where tightening, throbbing. She could feel her clothing.

She reached the alley and started to run. She took off her shoes. Those would hurt most if she didn't. Her legs where growing longer-muscles, bone, ligaments and blood changed, and expanded filling her calves out. Extending to her knees. It felt. Her thighs blossomed turning from sticks to stones of muscles. Meaty pushes. The fat on her ass dissipated, releasing semi globes of tight muscle. For a second she felt it-that part, when her clit expanded and rubbed against her panties slightly. It was a moment of heaven in a second of shock. But then the pain continued.

She doubled over. The movements caused her pants to rip shred around her legs torching out but not to fall off. The waist around her stomach stood, even as it filled out with muscle as her abdomen, expanded to eight to 12. Her obloquies pointing out as she turned into female muscle. she touched her feet and felt her breasts expand aganist her knees growing from C to E filling out and covering her chest, and discovering that they to could defy what gravity there was. her hair lost it slight gloss and turned into a mane of red crimson. almost fire. Her eyes glowed.

And stage 1 was done.

She stood 5'10 inches covered in muscle of a bodybuilder of an amazon. sleek lines moved from head to toe. But she wasn't finished … her eyes said.

And in a second as she moved her biceps up to cut through what remained of her shirt it happened in a flash.

She was Starhawk champion of earth, covered in red armor that looked almost organic-for it was organic. It flowed around her body slightly orange like fire that seemed to change as she did meld to her perfect curves like a glove. A stylized hawk was on her chest. Her lips where red with lipstick. She was.

Late for one thing. She jumped into the air and flew off.




The captain had given orders to his men to get in the lifeboats. As they floated through the through the cold waters of lake Michigan there was little else they could do. On board the fire was still raging. There was little to do. He counted two fewer crewmen. The names he did not know, but nothing could be done for them.

He sighed. What caused it? One moment they had bee fine-then boom. He had heard it far across the ship. Sent fireman to deal with it but it was helpless growing. Yes in water fire grew. Yes in water an inferno.

He sighed. What could he do? In a couple of minutes (if he had been more clearheaded he could have known exactly. He had been to school). The fire would reach the main oil tank-which would spill-not to badly. Then reach the fertilizer he carried in the hold. Which would be considerably worse.

He rushed his boat away, hoping he could get away. Hoping the blaze would burn out and not drip the toxic substance into the water..hoping.

Then hope.

A crimson angel flew through the sky towards his ship at a thousand miles an hour. A blur past the sound barrier. Then she was there

And the angel hoped her vanity had not caused her be too late. She could have left the cart...left her Karen. But the thought was abhorrent. Even as she flew into the fire to see what was the mater her mind turned to her. In her super powered form her thoughts where both simpler and more complex.and her passions stronger and muted.

But to work. Major electrical fire. About to hit the main oil line. Water would do nothing. Cold would do nothing. She expanded her senses. One was dead. One was alive, but barely. She did her math. If a number had been changed it would have changed but she had just enough time.

She flew through a steel balk head barely noticing to see the man-on the toilet. This was very undignified. He had hit his head in the blast. She picked him up out of the mess-for he was a mess, and pushing with her back to cause no more damage flew out the back of the ship.

It caused it to sink, but she paid no notice. She saw a small ship. Lifeboat. She remembered lifeboats. She flew to it and put the man down, not carrying for his comfort-in her haste she broke his arm awkwardly. He wouldn't know that. In fact he would go on to praise her immensely to the press even as his arm was in an akward sling.

Then she flew back. An electrical fire couldn't really be put out with water. You needed alkaline. Base. None was present.

But one thing did all fires.

She flew under water and put her hand under the ship. And lifted.

It weighed 123,564 pounds. And three ounces. She lifted. It required all of her energy to push into strength, to power, to might to move it. But she did. This was the hard part, and something like pain entered her-not wariness at a tired at the subtle inhuman sugars in her body pushed forward. And she lifted.

And in a second she moved.

That was the hard part. An object at rest. But soon she was in motion. A 100 miles, then 200 hundred. Up. Space.. Vacuum.

It would be wrong to say she went to outer space-flew to the moon or any such nonsense. That wasn't necessary. What she did do was fly high enough into the atmosphere that there was no oxygen, for the fire to burn. It took a few minutes to sputter as she held it. She looked down at earth again seeing it with brightness.

With love …

But then the fire died. And there was no reason.

She carried it down much easier but much more gently. She found a field next to the lake and put it down. She looked at what she had done. Some fertilizer had spilled into the lake but not much. Some oil to, but acceptable. A man was dead, but as she looked it had been instant. Even she was next to him when it happened there had been nothing she could have done. It relived her guilt.

She looked a few minutes. Crews of people special teams would come but she spent a few minutes simply looking at what caused this. She was no expert but …

It wasn't a bomb. But her senses found a small box. With a smiling cats head attached to a panel. A bomb had explosives this had not. But looking at it did have energy. A very efficient reactor of some kind that converted energy into electricity-which going through all metal ship.

She wasn't an expert.

And she had groceries in the car.




The pain coming back was if anything worse then coming in. but she needed it.

It was nearly an hour after it started before she got back to her car. She kept in her glove compartment an emergency pair of pants and shirt; found her shoes, her needless glasses. And paused. The ice cream was ruined. Ah well. She thought about getting more, but no. the milk okay. Eggs.

She remembered. a beep came from her cellphone. It beeped.

A text message- hope work isn't too hectic. Know how its hard keep sane

Then another:

Looking forward to that coffee

Selma brushed hair out of her eyes, and typed"

So am I. Not to hectic. But the kind of hectic that makes you want coffee

A reply came as she was driving home.

Know the feeling

Selma smiled. She thought about sending another message, but realized not much more needed said.

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